Apartment Wrestling Match no. 101- Kelcie versus Viv

This match comes on the heels of a lot of angry talk about the East Coast being inferior to the West Coast and emotions are running high. On top of all that, these two had a nasty encounter in the facility during the Night of Champions event. They really don’t seem to like each other much. During that encounter it looked like Viv might have been on the verge of just beating Kelcie senseless in what turned into a fist fight. That fight was stopped and the two have been exchanging words through social media and texts to one another ever since. Now they can bring some closure to that unfinished business yesterday as they meet up in a one fall match on the rug. Will Kelcie continue with her string of wins over East Coast Club fighters or or will Viv pick up where she left off yesterday and gain some revenge for the East Coast Club? 

Viv (5’2 125 pounds 24 y/o) lives in South Florida.  Viv is currently completing her studies in a medical field.  Viv is a fun loving girl that likes to party and dance.  She has a short fuse and a nasty temper.  Viv played some soccer in her earlier years and has a powerful lower body she has maintained in the gym.  Viv’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t take shit from anyone.  If you cross me I will take you apart and make you beg me.  I won’t be upstaged by any bitch.”


Kelcie (5’3 126lbs 24 y/o) lives near Austin, TX.  She is newly married and works as a manager of a small coffee shop.  Her ambition is to own her own the shop and she sees Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to get the money to fulfill that goal.  She hits the gym a few times a week and mainly sticks to cardio related classes.  Kelcie’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I love the idea of dominating another athletic girl.  My husband will enjoy watching me show off on some other girl that thinks she is something.  I’m in great shape and I’m hot as hell.”


Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Neither fighter has lost a match in the AWC and neither of them plan on this being the moment for that first loss. Tensions are running high after the unofficial fight yesterday and both fighters are ready to make a statement at the other’s expense. A short interview of each fighter is conducted and played on the screen for the fans to enjoy as they await the start of the fight.

Kelcie’s face fills the screen first and she quickly jumps right into her comments for the upcoming fight. “This is going to be great tonight. That bitch jumped me when I wasn’t ready yesterday. Tonight she will pay for her actions. I expect nothing more than cheap fighting tactics like that from a cheap slut like Viv. Her first fight in the AWC was with a girl that wanted to get revenge for Viv messing with her man. So we all know what Viv is about. I’m going to make her beg me and I plan to humiliate her before the night is over. Payback for her dirty tricks is going to be a serious bitch for her tonight.”

Viv’s face fills the screen after Kelcie fades off the screen. “That bitch is a joke. She runs around here yapping away and I meant to shut her up yesterday. It just seems like she didn’t learn anything from that little meeting. So tonight I will shut her whiny little brat mouth. She has done nothing so far other than cheat and try to act like she is something special. I’m going to humiliate and embarrass her before the night is over. All this talk of being better than the East Coast ends with her on her back wishing she hadn’t talked shit around me.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Kelcie and Viv.  “Kelcie sure is a big talker. She better hope she can back that up tonight. Viv has only fought once, but she looks like a scrapper to me. There has been a lot of hostility, anger, and flat out trash talking.  Both fighters wanting to prove a point tonight at the other fighter’s expense. This is hard one to predict, but I am going with Kelcie. She seems to have a way of sneaking into a win on the rug and probably does so again tonight.”  The second commentator chimes in “I think this is going to be a war. Both of these girls are mad. Both of these girls are just chomping at the bit to kick the others ass. Someone is going to have to eat crow after all the talk that has been flying around. After seeing the photos and the witness story about the fight yesterday I think there is no other outcome possible tonight other than Viv teaching Kelcie a hard lesson.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout consists of a wide open space for the fighters.  The crowd is buzzing with excitement and energy as they wait for the fighters to appear.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “There are no rules for tonight’s fight other than no blows to the head other than an open-handed slap.  The match will consist of one single fall by submission or knockout. The match will start when I say so and will not end until we have a submission.”

Kelcie and Viv are introduced to the crowd. As they await the start of the match they exchange glares and dirty looks from across the floor. The crowd is buzzing with energy as this grudge match inches closer to getting underway.
The officiator calls out “YOU MAY FIGHT!!!” At the command to begin, both fighters move quickly to close the ground to their opponent. Each reaches out and they quickly lock hands as they attempt to overpower their opponent. As their bodies close in on one another, they both growl and snarl at their opponent as they struggle. “Fuck you bitch!!! snaps out Viv as she tries to twist Kelcie in a circle as they struggle. With their arms overhead, Viv quickly strikes out yanking a hand free and delivering a stinging overhand slap to Kelcie face turning the blonde’s head to the side. WHHHHAPPPPP!!!!!
UNNNHHHH grunts out Kelcie as the impact of the slap momentarily stuns the blonde. Viv takes advantage of her opportunity and spins around behind Kelcie. With the blonde unprepared for her assault, Viv yanks back on Kelcie’s chin as she drives her knee into her opponent’s ass. “Get free!!” yells out a man in the crowd as Kelcie stumbles forward from the impact of the blow. “You’re all mine now!!!” yells out Viv as she continues her attack.
Kelcie takes advantage of the separation to spin towards her opponent. Expecting Viv to come after her aggressively, Kelcie raises a knee as she turns into her opponent. Viv charging at Kelcie with her arm raised to deliver a hammering blow to her opponent is caught directly in the groin area. OOOOHHHHHHFFFFF gasps out Viv as the blow connects solidly with her body stopping her assault in its tracks. “Now what….huh now what!!” yells out Kelcie as she also lands a slap to Viv’s undefended face.
Viv grimaces in pain and immediately clutches at her body. The impact of Kelcie’s blow visibly demonstrated by Viv’s complete shock and defenselessness. Kelcie slips behind her opponent and takes advantage of the moment as she knocks a staggered Viv’s feet out from her to force her down. “You thought you could just beat me up??? Huh bitch huh where is that talk now!!!” hisses out Kelcie as she prepares Viv for her next attack.
With Viv down on her knees, Kelcie grabs her by the arm and yanks it back wrenching her opponent’s shoulder roughly. YAAGGGHHHH yelps out Viv as she feels the sharp pain just as Kelcie plants a knee into her back with a THUMP sound. “Get down there!!!” snarls out Kelcie as she forces Viv forward towards the floor. “YOU GOT HER HON!!!” yells out a loud male voice in the crowd as the rest of the crowd calls out encouragement to both fighters.
Kelcie drives Viv down to the floor twisting her arm back as she works to mount her struggling opponent’s backside. “It’s time to grind out that submission!!!” Kelcie taunts as Viv grunts out in pain as she tries to shake Kelcie off of her back. “Get the fuck off me!!!” yells out Viv in frustration as the blonde taunts her and mounts her back.
With a couple quick bucking movements up Viv is able to unseat Kelcie before she can fully get herself into position to lock on her coffee grinder hold. “Bitch hold still!!!!” grunts out Kelcie as she is eventually tossed off of Viv’s back. Viv is able to slip out from under Kelcie and ends up behind her opponent and quickly leaps onto Kelcie’s back wrapping her up and grabbing her by the hair before she can scramble free after being tossed off of Viv’s back. “My turn whore!!!” snarls Viv as she yanks back on Kelcie’s hair and chin forcing a groan from Kelcie.
Using her grip on Kelcie’s hair and chin, Viv drags the blond over backwards and wraps her legs around her body trapping her in grasp. Kelcie fights hard to avoid behind secured in a choke hold, but that allows Viv to grind her heel into Kelcie’s crotch area a she repays the blonde for her earlier attack. “You aren’t going anywhere!!!” hisses out Viv as she fights the flailing Kelcie to maintain control.
After several moments Kelcie manages to break free of Viv’s grip and turn herself over. Viv manages to pull her legs up and block Kelcie’s attempt to mount her on the floor as Kelcie flails away at Viv trying to slap and punch at her body. “You fucking bitch!!! I’ll break you!!!” yells out Kelcie as she wildly attacks her opponent. “Not a chance slut” yells back Viv as she lands some slaps and jabs to Kelcie’s chest from the bottom. Viv finally pulls a foot up into Kelcie’s hip and roughly shoves the blonde back with her foot.
Both fighters spring to their knees and reengage almost immediately as each hopes to take control of what they believe to be a fading opponent. Neither are correct as each delivers hard punches to the other’s body as the fight for control. The match now turning a bit rougher as both seem intent on destroying the other at this stage. The two grunt and groan as they land and receive blows and the intense struggle brings the crowd noise even louder. After a long exchange of body shots and slaps Viv is able to deflect a wild punch and land a particularly punish shot directly on Kelcie’s breast flattening it and causing the blonde to yelp out loudly in intense pain.
With Kelcie seeming to have taken the worst of the long series, Viv pushes into Kelcie and drives her to her back. As she tries to climb atop Kelcie, the blonde fights off Viv’s attack and tries to roll Viv to the side. “Oh no you don’t!!!” yells out Viv as she twists her body trying to work her way around Kelcie’s defenses and avoid allowing the blonde to escape.
Viv’s efforts pay off as she is able to twist around Kelcie’s legs and she drops her weight down with her elbow across the blonde’s chest. HMMMMPHHHH groans out Kelcie as the air is forced from her body by Viv’s weight smashing down onto her.
“Give up bitch!!!” snaps out Viv as she hooks Kelcie’s leg and yanks it up putting pressure on her leg and low back. UNNNNHHH grunts Kelcie as she grabs hold of Viv’s right breast and digs her claws into her trying desperately to break free of Viv’s grasp. “Noooooo!!!” grunts out Kelcie as Viv yelps from the pain generated by Kelcie’s attack.
Viv rolls free and to her knees as Kelcie rises off the floor. Viv is several beats faster and as the blonde rises to her knees Viv meets her with a driving punch to her body catching her right in the belly. OOOOOFFFFFFFF gasps out Kelcie as Viv continues to hammer away at her body and her ability to get air. “Fight her babe” yells out the loud male voice from the crowd, but Viv continues her offensive on the hapless blonde. Kelcie puts up little resistance as Viv hammers another hard punch to Kelcie’s ribs and then her chest driving her back and onto the bench behind her. UNNHHHH “FUUUHHHHCCKKK” gasps out Kelcie as she is laid back over the bench.
Kelcie tries to rebound up off the bench, but Viv is on her before she can escape. Viv pushes down on Kelcie’s chest forcing her back and off balance over the bench again. “Oh now its payback time!!!” hisses Viv as she takes advantage of Kelcie being sprawled back and defenseless. Viv leans in pressing Kelcie to the bench and then drives home a series of several knees to her exposed and undefended crotch. AAAAAEEEEIIIII AGGHHHHH OHHHHHHHH cries out Kelcie as Viv slams home the attacks. “Come on babe fight her!!!” yells out the male voice again from the crowd.
Viv rolls a fading Kelcie over to her knees and smashes her down face first onto the padded bench with a THUD. Looking in the mirror, Viv makes eye contact with the male cheerleader and teases him as well. “Awww look at you all concerned as ride your pretty little pony!!!” quips Viv before returning her attention to her opponent. Kelcie lets out a groan as Viv bangs her head down a couple more times for added effect. THUMP THUD. “Where’s all that tough talk now bitch!!!” yells Viv menacingly as Kelcie slumps onto the bench trapped under Viv. Viv grabs Kelcie by the chin and holds her head upright forcing her to look into the mirror to see what is happening. “Look at you bitch . . . You’re all wiped out!!!” taunts Viv as she delivers several open handed smacks to the side of Kelcie’s head forcing her to cry out in pain and unable to force her way from under Viv.
Another view of Kelcie slumped over the bench being forced to look in the mirror as Viv dominates her with repeated slaps and knees to the ribs as she rides her back and mauls Kelcie.
Viv rolls Kelcie off the bench and slams her to the floor with a loud THUMP. UNNNHHHH moans out a battered and dazed Kelcie. The situation now pretty clear as Kelcie is no longer really fighting back. Viv has beaten the resistance right out of her opponent and now drops her ass down on her back. UNNNHHHHHH spits out Kelcie as she feels the weight of her opponent sink down onto her. Hooking an arm Viv bends it back. ” You ready to quit yet!!!” hisses out Viv. UNNNNGGGHHHH moans out Kelcie. “That’s not the answer I’m looking for!!!” snarls Viv as she reaches back and yanks a leg. “Guess you need to percolate a bit!!!’ teases Viv.
Pulling both the arm and the leg, Viv places a knee onto the back of Kelcie’s head grinding her face to the floor. “Stop Stop” cries out Kelcie as the pain jolts through her body. “Oh you don’t like the coffee grinder!!!’ teases Viv as she cranks on the pressure. “AAAAH please please stop!!!” cries out Kelcie from under Viv. “That’s so nice say it again. . . BEG BITCH!!!” screams Viv over the cries of pain coming from Kelcie. Immediately Kelcie cries out “please please mercy . . . no more . . . you win . . . you are the better fighter . .. oh please please please” screams out Kelcie. Viv laughs and drops the hold. “Wow that didn’t take much to get you started!!!”
Viv releases her pleading opponent and rotates around pressing her firmly down to the floor on her chest. “Now that’s what I wanted to hear!!!’ teases Viv. After firmly trapping Kelcie on the floor, Viv begins to deliver an open handed spanking on Kelcie unprotected backside. WHAP WHAP WHAP echoes through the room as Viv delivers repeated slaps to Kelcie’s ass. AAAAIIIEEE AIIIYOOWWWW STOP STOP pleads Kelcie as Viv torments her with the spanking. Viv points to the man in the crowd, who is now quiet, “this one is for you” she teases then WHAAAAPPP delivers a stinging slap.
Viv turns back around and sits on Kelcie’s back and slowly unhooks and removes her top. “And now this is for the rest of you to enjoy since this bitch likes to torment and humiliate others!!!” With that, Viv tosses Kelcie’s top aside and grabs her by the hair and arm. “Please don’t!!!’ pleads Kelcie just before Viv yanks back on her displaying her bare chest for the fans in the room. The crowd cheers loudly as Kelcie is displayed to them.
After several moments of displaying Kelcie, Viv rises up and rolls Kelcie over before sitting down on her chest. Snugging Kelcie’s face into her bikini area, Viv raises her arm to celebrate. “Look who had to beg for my mercy coffee girl!!!’ teases Viv as she slowly pushes her crotch closer and closer to Kelcie’s face. “Next time this bitch will watch her mouth and mind her manners I bet!!!” yells out Viv before she climbs off Kelcie and moves through the room.

Viv wastes no time as she rises off the rug leaving Kelcie topless and laid out flat on her back battered and beaten. Viv makes a straight line for the male in the crowd calling out support and walks directly to him. She presses her body up against him and calls out loudly “I bet you want a real woman and not that beaten little girl over there!!!” Before the man can respond, Viv plants a hard kiss on his lips and then turns away and calls out “your man is happy to see me loser!!!” as she heads out of the room and towards her changing room.