AWC Social Media Postings

Welcome to the AWC Social Media Hub.  AWC officials and fighters are free to post messages here to the fan base and communicate whatever is on their minds.  The most recent posts will always be at the top.  If someone posts a reply later it will be in red or bolded text making it easier to follow.

109 – Posting by AWC/ICC — The first match-up for the AWC/ICC events will feature Zarah taking on Misty. Misty is the ICC lightweight champion and Zarah was a top contender for the AWC lightweight title. The match will be held in the ICC Cage Arena!!

Reply by Zarah — So looking forward to kicking some ICC ass!!!

Reply by Misty — Poor Zarah doesn’t stand a chance against me. She is nothing but a gym warrior. Can’t wait!!!

Reply by Zarah — You will beg for mercy when we meet up in the cage!!!

108 – Posting by AWC — I am hearing rumors of an upcoming underground event that involves some of the AWC fighters meeting up in private events. Wishing the AWC ladies the best of luck in these rumored events!!! Also hearing about some challenges being made by the ICC fighters to our ladies. The ICC is weak just like their fighters. Maybe they should just join the AWC instead of trying to challenge us!!!

Reply by Misty — We are going to find out soon enough!!! I think some AWC fighters will be eating your words!!!

107 – Posting by AWC — Congratulations to the West Coast Club getting the overall win in the East versus West Challenge event. There were plenty of great matches. The challenge was exciting and had its fair share of controversy.

106 – Posting by AWC — Tag team title tournament is happening!!! 6 teams will compete to join Peyton and Chloe in the final four. Expect to see the following teams: Suzette/Belle versus Anushka/Peyat, Catrin/Shayla versus Katya/Soo Min and Luisa/Nissa versus Lenore/Misty (ICC).

105- Posting by Belle — Congratulations on your win, Lena, but you didn’t exactly beat one of our better fighters. It was not my advice that was bad but Dena’s inability to execute the plan. You did, however, make another mental error. I’d like to ask you if you are adopted. Because the next time that you use my name in a disparaging way, I will beat you like a red-headed stepchild. Now off to take care of Lisa and fix this score!!!

104 – Posting by AWC — Look for the number one contenders to be determined soon for the World titles. Looking forward to seeing our new champions defending those titles!!! #defendingthegold

Reply by Fan — Who cares about Alessandra!!! Booooo. Bring on the new European talent to challenge for the title!!!

103 – Posting by AWC — The East versus West Challenge match-ups are all coming together. Here are the matches we expect to see: Summer versus Hannah; Lena versus Dena; Belle versus Lisa; Rebecca versus Viv; and a tag team match featuring Jayla and Bailey taking on Peyton and Chloe.

Reply by Lena — I don’t see that loser Kelcie on the list to show up!!! #alldone

Reply by Viv — She knows better than to show her face there because if she does her man will dump her for a hotter chick!!! #yourmanismyman

Reply by Jayla — Our team is going to demolish Chloe and Peyton. I know Bailey can handle Chloe and I will destroy that blonde bimbo Peyton. She will learn who the alpha cat is when we meet.

102 – Posting by AWC — We are getting closer to finalizing the matches for the East versus West challenge night!!! Stay tuned!!! It should be an awesome night of fights!!!

101 – Posting by Viv — Coffee and a kiss!!! Now that should shut that bimbo Kelcie’s mouth!!! #asswhipped

Reply by Belle — I have a little poem for Kelcie!!!
Viv kicked your ass and gave you a loss;
She really showed you just who was the boss.
Losing to Viv must have really stung;
Now come and see me, and get your Belle rung!

Reply by Kelcie — Don’t ever put your hands on my man again!

100 – Posting by AWC — Now that we have completed our championship matches next up will be Kelcie and Viv as they sort out their hard feelings on the rug!!!! Should be a good one from our beautiful championship venue. Good luck to both of you!!!

Reply by Lena – Wish I could be there to kick her ass instead of Viv!!! Get her Viv I’m pulling for you all the way.

Reply by Viv — Looking soooooo forward to teaching this mouthy bitch a lesson!!! I’m gonna beat the arrogance right out her tomorrow!!!

Reply by Kelcie – OMG!!! Always somebody talking shit! After you jumped me you deserve the beatdown I’m fixin to give you. Coffee Grinder coming right up with a dash of Viv begging for mercy!!!

99 – Posting by AWC — Congratulations to our newly crowned World Championship title holders. Nice work Callie for becoming the AWC World Champion and same to Bailey for becoming the AWC Lightweight World Champion!!!!

Our new World Champion claiming her title!!!
Our new World Lightweight Champion claiming her title!!!

Reply by Belle — Congratulations Callie on becoming the first AWC Champion. Well done and way to represent the West Coast Club!

Reply by Molly — Congrats girl!! Hope your title reign is long unless you face me soon!!!

Reply by Rebecca — Way to bring the title home to the West Coast!!!

Reply by Raine — Yay Callie!! Congrats from one champion to another!!!

Reply by Tisha — How pathetic!!! You don’t deserve to hold my title!!! Whenever you are ready for another beat down put that title on the line!! I have a snapshot you might enjoy while we wait!!

Me humiliating and demolishing the so-called champion!

98 – Posting by Belle — The officiating in the AWC is terrible. Why does that cheating scum Kelcie seem to be able to get away with anything she does? It sure seems rigged. I would love to see Viv give her what she deserves. I know I sure would!!! #beatdownplease

Reply by Viv — Preach!!!

Reply by Kelcie — Get in line loser!!!! When I finish with Viv you can get your “beatdown” too!!!

Reply by Belle — We will see. You seem to have someone paid off in some way. Maybe I will join the AWC just to put you in your place!!!

Reply by Viv — There will be a finish all right!!! I think it will be a blonde bimbo all “ground up” by the better woman!!!

97- Posting by AWC — Following the conclusion of the Night of Champions two one-fall matches between the East Coast Club and West Coast Club will take place. Viv and Kelcie will get their wish and Belinda will take on Jayla. There will also be a special challenge between the Clubs in the near future. #ClubChallenge2

Reply by Fan — Jayla is impressive and has a very imposing presence. She seems to know how to fight and is tough as nails. She has put the AWC on notice after her destruction of Camilla. Love her skills. Love her look. Love her attitude. #SuperFan

96 – Posting by Wendy — Looks like the West Coast isn’t doing so well at Night of Champions. East Coast is officially 1-0 and Viv beat Kelcie’s ass in an unofficial fight!!! #westcoastlosers

Reply by Peyton — Enough talk!!! #ClubChallenge2

95 – Posting by Viv — I accept that offer of anytime and want it now as soon as the event ends.

Reply by Kelcie — You dirty whore!!! Jump me when I’m not ready!!! I demand this match happen now!!! You’re gonna pay!!

Reply by AWC — This will happen. And we will have a second East Coast versus West Coast match as well. Stay tuned for more information on these matches!!!

94 – Posting by Kelcie — Just in case you are counting West Coast is 9-1 in the last 10 matches versus the East Coast!!! Now that is what I call domination if you ask me!!! #WestownsEast

Reply by Jayla — And you, Kelcie, have never beaten anyone with a winning record, and yet you are asking for title fights. The only thing you have proven is that you have a big mouth. #KelcieSux

Reply by Viv — You’re all mouth bitch!!! And I’ll shut it for you!!

Reply by Kelcie — Anytime fat ass!!!

Reply by AWC Fan — Holy wow!!! I just saw Viv and Kelcie have a nasty argument in the workout room!!! I can’t believe I got to see it and got a few pics of the fight!!!

Reply by AWC Times — Get us the pics and we will get them out through the feed to all the fans!!! #luckyfan

93 – Posting by AWC — Fight Night is upon us!!! Be looking for some interviews as the AWC fighters show up throughout the course of the event.

92 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions AWC World Champion Title Fight will feature Callie and Sierra!!! Who will be the first ever AWC World Champion!!!

91 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions Lightweight Title Fight will feature Zarah and Bailey on the rug to be crowned the first ever AWC Lightweight Champion!!!

Reply by Zarah – Much respect to Bailey . . . too bad I have to whip her ass to get the title!

90 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions West Coast Title or No. 1 Contender Fight!!! This match will feature Suzette and Raine and the winner is the No. Contender if Callie loses. If Callie wins the AWC World Title, this is the West Coast Championship Fight!!!

Reply by Rebecca – How the hell did Raine get this fight?

Reply by Kelcie – Not worthy of fighting for what will be my title!!

Reply by Suzette – When I’m done with Raine you can get in line to challenge me!!!

89 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions East Coast Title Fight!!! Who takes on Molly for the title?

Reply by AWC — It’s official!!! Molly will take on Drury at Night of the Champions!!!

88 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions Pacific Club Title Fight!! Who takes on Bao for the title?

Reply by AWC — It’s official!!! Bao will take on Peyat at Night of the Champions!!!

Reply by Anushka – This should be my title shot!!!

87 – Posting by Sara — Oh goodie good good!!! I challenge that washed up loser Alessandra for the European Club Title!!! We need a real champion not a fraud!!! Just as Sasha and Scarlett found out that I am the best to challenge Alessandra!!! #sarachampion #nodefense

Reply by Sasha – Shut your mouth you bitch!

Reply by Scarlett – Luck is not same as talent!

Reply by Shayla – I think I should have the title shot!

Reply by Zora – Piss off Shayla you already had your ass handed to you by Alessandra! Clearly it is me!!!

Reply by Alessandra – I think my title will be just fine staying with me. Thank you for all your kind offers!!

Reply by Sara – I have something for you just . . . you like this position ex-champ!!! Seems like you were crushed by your last opponent and now I will bring you the same fate!!! #formerchamp

Reply by Alessandra — I’m going to crush you!!! Give her the title shot because she deserves to be destroyed!!! #beaten #demolished #begme

Reply by Sara — Looks like you need me to shut your mouth!!! I know just the trick to take care of mouthy bitches like you!!! #smotheredsubmission #kissmyass

Reply by Alessandra – Is this what you have in mind Sara???

Reply by Sara — You will beg me for mercy!!!

86 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions Undercard Match 3 Tracey versus Wendy

Posting by Tracey – I’ll have my revenge when you beg me for mercy!!!! #revenge

Posting by Wendy – Not a chance!! #repeat

85 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions Undercard Match 2 Lola versus Luisa

Posting by Luisa – I should be in a title fight! Rigged!!! Cheating!!! Afraid???

Posting by Tisha – Get in line loser!!!

Posting by Lola – You won’t get past me to find a place in line!!! #uppitymuch

Posting by Luisa – I’m going to demolish this blond whore!!!

84 – Posting by AWC — Night of the Champions Undercard Match 1 Britta versus Keisha!!!

83 – Posting by Kelcie — Just finished wiping the floor and cleaning up the apartment!!! I’ll post some pics for my fans soon!!! XOXOXOXO!!! #rematch #revenge #foolish

Reply by Kelcie — I kinda liked this one where she surrendered the fight rather than keep getting destroyed!!!! #loser #eastcoastisweak

Reply by AWC Fan — Valentine’s Day love going out to Lena. She may have lost her match and suffered a great humiliation, but she is still #1 in many of our hearts. Rest up and recover, babe. We know you will be back and competing again as soon as you’re able. #goodalwayswins

Reply by Lisa — You run your mouth too much!! The East Coast is just as good as the West Coast!!!

Reply by Chloe — Ummm. Not exactly!!!

82 – Posting by AWC – The matchups for Night of the Champions are starting to fall into place!!! Should be incredible!!! #Title #Champions #Heartbreak

81 – Posting by Zarah – This is when she knew she was no match for me!!! Do you see that sense of defeat in her eyes!!! I read your post and now you know who is the whore!!! #next

80 – Posting by AWC — Welcome to new fighter Jayla!!! She will have her first match soon. Best of luck!!! #NewGirl #RookieBattler

Reply by Jayla – Super excited to compete!!! My only question — who will be my first victim…I mean opponent? Who is brave enough to step up and face me in my inaugural match?

Reply by Viv – Better just get ready and shut your zero matches won mouth!!

Reply by AWC — It’s official!!! Jayla will face Camilla a she visits the U.S.

79 – Posting by AWC — Bailey and Selena will meet as the AWC looks to crown a lightweight champion!!! Good luck to both of these fabulous competitors in their upcoming match!! #SmallandMighty #Champion

Bailey and Selena prepare to meet in the lightweight tournament.

Reply by Selena – Easy win baby!!! E – Z WIN!!!

Reply by Jayla – I’m supporting you, Bailey, in your match vs. Selina. I believe in you and know that you will come out on top. Fight hard like I know you can and show her how it’s done!!!

Reply by Bailey – See you in the Apartment!!! #LessTalk #MoreAction

78 – Posting by AWC — Nissa and Zarah will meet as the AWC looks to crown a lightweight champion!!! Good luck to both of these fabulous competitors in their upcoming match!! #SmallandMighty #Champion

Nissa and Zarah prepare to meet in the lightweight championship tournament.

Reply by Zarah – Another bitch to walk all over on the way to claiming my title!!!

Reply by Nissa – Vete a la mierda puta!!!

Reply by Chloe – Rematch time cheating bitch!

Reply by AWC Fan – I sense a nasty little fight coming. #fansdream #asskicking

77 – Posting by AWC — Looks like Lena is going to get her rematch!!!!

Kelcie and Lena

Reply by Lena – Super excited that the AWC is making this fraud face me again!!! #Justice #RematchRevenge

Reply by Kelcie – Undeserved!!! Unfair!!! Where is my title fight??? #Yawn #EasyWin

Reply by AWCFan – You got this Lena!!! Make her pay!!! #KelcieSux

76 – Posting by AWC Fan — OMG!!!

Reply by Lisa – Poor Drury I am so sad for that bitch!!!  Nice work Callie!!!

Reply by Callie – Taking out the trash!!!

Reply by Tisha – Waiting for you to come for that revenge – LOSER!!!

Reply by Callie – Yawn! #soreloser

75 Posting by AWC — Sierra and Suzette!!!! You know the deal.  Who will win it?


Reply by Fan – I think we are the winners!!!

Reply by Suzette – As if there is any question here!! #AllMe #RematchRevenge

74 Posting by AWC — Callie and Drury!!!  Who will win it?

12 - Drury and Callie

Reply by Callie — I am predicting a win for Callie!!!  Drury is tough, but I am tougher.  When it’s all over I will be headed on to the championship match.  #Prediction

Reply by Drury — No surprise that is your pick!  Sad for you that it is just wishful thinking.  Tisha finished you off last round and you were lucky to get that win somehow.  I won’t make her mistake.  Quick win and on my way to collect my AWC Championship Title!!! 

Reply by Luisa — The best fighters did not even get a chance to compete in your staged and fake tournament.  #Number1Contender

Reply by Drury — I will be right here waiting for you to challenge me for my title @Luisa!!!


73  Posting by Kelcie — Who are these losers getting all the press?  #washedup

Reply by Lena — How about you agree to a rematch and let’s see who’s the loser!!! #RematchRevenge

Reply by Kelcie — Maybe after you get a little better you can try again!!! #notready 

Reply by Fan — So Lena accepted a challenge from Kelcie with no notice after a grueling match, where Kelcie needed to deliver an illegal blow to win, but will not accept a challenge for a rematch where both fighters can start fresh? #RunningScared #KelcieCopOut


72 Posting by Suzette — The sweet beauty of a rematch.  This is going to be awesome.  I get to beat the Sierra and then get the AWC World Title.  It doesn’t get any better.  #Rematch Revenge

Reply by Sierra — Funny girl with  big plans!!! #instantreplay #buhbye

71 Posting by Drury — Looking forward to finishing off my friendly AWC doormat on my way to the title fight!!!  This will be two in a row where Callie will have to beg for mercy!!! #WestCoastSubmissions

Reply by Callie — Guess we are gonna see who cries out for mercy.  Bout time for you to get your ass kicked.  #AllMouth

Reply by Drury — How do you want me to finish this bitch off????  Taking requests!!!  I’m gonna own your worthless ass!! #fanpoll

70 Posting by AWC:  Sara and a newcomer to met up recently to sort through some differences.  Word has it that the newcomer has some connection with one of Sara’s victims here in the AWC.  Here are a couple of sneak peeks from that match.



Special thanks to Sara for her work on this match.

69 Posting by AWC:  The AWC championship series is coming closer to the final match to crown the AWC’s first champion.  Callie and Drury are set to face off in a semi-final match and Suzette awaits the winner of the Sierra versus Bao match.  Here are a couple sneak peeks from the Sierra versus Bao match.

9 - Bao Tries to Choke Sierra
Bao slips behind Sierra and attempts to lock on a choke hold.

2 - Bao trapped in a punishing arm lock
Sierra working on Bao’s arm.

68 Posting by AWC:  The review of the footage of the Kelcie versus Lena match does not provide a clear view of a closed fist punch to the back of the head.  The hand was open and it is unclear as to whether it was a grab for the hair or a potential blow.  The match results will stand and the fighters are welcome to request another match.

Reply by ANGRYFAN:  The officials review called it a hair grab?  Didn’t look like Lena’s hair was grabbed to me?  Was there money exchanged, or did Kelcie do the officiator a “favor?”  The result of both the match and the officiator’s review are nothing short of a travesty.  And the best of three falls — was that rigged to give Kelcie an edge?  

Reply by Lena:  You are so right on target #ANGRYFAN!!!  No way she beats me without having the match rigged and her cheating tolerated!!!

67 Posting by Kelcie:  Lena you got yours bitch!!!!  How did that feel???  Smile for the camera jobber!!!

20 - Kelcie and Lynn

Reply by Lena:  You’re a filthy cheater! 

Reply by AWC:  The officiator missed a very questionable blow to the back of Lena’s head that was clearly noted in the video.  Kelcie’s status as an AWC fighter is under review.

Reply by Kelcie: OMG!!! Cry me a river.  My hand was open and I wasn’t trying to hit her with it.  I was reaching for her hair and she moved.  Lena lost fair and square!

66 Posting by AWC:  New girl fight night shaping up to be a wild one.  Great matches and an extra bonus fight as two of the girls sorted out some minor disagreements.  Here are a few preview pics of the action.

04 - Peyton and Nikki

02 - Kelcie and Marie

01 - Lynn and Keisha

00 - Kelcie and Lynn

65 Posting by Kelcie:  I’ll own new girl fight night!!  The coffee grinder finisher is gonna leave Marie begging for mercy!!

0 - Kelcie and Marie

Reply by Lena:  When I’m done with Keisha I’ll give you a beating you will never forget @kelcieawc

Reply by Kelcie:  Bitch you are all mouth!

Reply by Lena:  Skinny blonde bimbo!  You are just a fresh jobber girl for the AWC 

64 Posting by Lena:  @keishaawc you’re no match for me.  If you think your last match was tough — just wait.  Gonna introduce you to the end of your AWC career.  And for all you fans better plan to see a new champion starting a career.

0 - Lynn and Keisha
Lena and Keisha pre-match

Reply by Kelcie:  That’s pretty funny.  For someone with zero wins you like to talk a lot.  Don’t worry I won’t hurt you — I’ll just kick Marie’s ass and pretend it’s you. Yeah that’s right slut Lena I heard about you running your big mouth about me.  

Reply by Lena:  Anywhere and ANYTIME!!!

63 Posting by AWC:  Matchups are set.  Lena versus Keisha.  Marie versus Kelcie.  Nikki versus Peyton.  Gonna be exciting

62 Posting by AWC:  New fighter night coming soon.  Tune in as some of the newer fighters in the AWC meet up and battle it out.

Rookie Night Lineup
Lena, Nikki, Marie, Peyton, Kelcie, and Keisha all ready to battle it out for new girl fight night.

61  Posting by Zarah: That was super fun!!! Next!!!

07 Chloe and Zarah
This is my favorite part of the match!!  They had to stop the fight and then the dumb bitch cried about not having submitted.  Bet she regretted that move afterwards!!!

60 Posting by AWC:  Two girls with a score to settle are set to do battle in the AWC.  Maybe a couple of promising rookies if they both survive the match.

00 - Viv and Sarra
Sarra and Viv

Reply by Sarra:  Viv won’t last long before she is crying for help.

Reply by Viv:  I’ll beat that bitch so bad she won’t fight again in the AWC!!

59 Posting by AWC:  Lightweight tournament is coming soon!!!!

Reply by Zarah:  Best lightweight on the West Coast.  That title will be mine soon! #LCW

Reply by Chloe:  Who are you @Zarah?  Never heard of you! #noname

Reply by Zarah:  I’ll make you cry out my name as you beg for mercy slut!!! #LCW

Reply by Lysa:  Seems like you forgot me.  I’m the best West Coast LW!!

Reply by Selena:  Who cares about the West Coast!!!!

58 Posting by Drury: @callieAWC your run is over!!!  Just ask eurotrash how bad I can hurt a bitch!!

Reply by Callie:  I’ll see you on the rug!!! #TalkIsCheap

Reply by Zora:  Come visit us and get sent home on a stretcher bitch!!!  #Karma #MouthyBitch

57 Posting by Fan: OMG!!! Did that really happen? No way!

Reply by Drury:  Was there any doubt! #Eurotrash #worldchampDrury

56 Posting by AWC:  The last two tournament battles for this round feature Drury taking on Alessandra and Sierra fighting against Bao.  Will the champions of their clubs prevail?  Who moves on to the final four of the tournament?

55 Posting by AWC:  Here is a little teaser from the tournament fights.  Looks like scissor holds were popular in these battles.

11 - Suzette Finding a Way Out
Scissoring action from Molly and Suzette.

Scissor Holds
The theme of the day — Scissor holds as Callie and Tisha battle.

54 Posting by AWC:  Sneak peek coming!!! #epicbattle

53 Posting by Callie:  Sad to have to end your run @TishaAWC. Anybody that humiliates that bitch @RebeccaAWC is a friend of mine!! #worldchampCallie

52 Posting by AWC:  Second tourney battle will feature Callie taking on Tisha.  #worldchamp

51 Posting by AWC:  First battle of the round of eight in the tournament is set.  Molly takes on Suzette for a pass to the final four!! #worldchamp

50 Posting by Fan:  All these new girls to the European Club are exciting!!!  Maybe they can help improve respect for Europe on the world stage!!  #newtalent #raisingthebar

Reply by Drury:  I hope they can improve things because I’m going to demolish their champion in our tournament fight!!!  #Eurotrash #worldchampDrury

49 Posting by AWC:  Emma versus Nikki featured a new girl versus a struggling veteran.  Emma’s career to date has been a disappointment.  Nikki appears to be a promising newcomer on the scene.  Will Emma be victimized or will the rookie learn a hard lesson about just how tough it is to succeed in the AWC?

0 - Before the Fight Emma and Nikki

48 Posting by AWC:  Rachel has struggled so far in the AWC and remains winless.  Shayla, after a promising start to her AWC career has lost her last two fights.  This could be Rachel’s chance to get her first win.  Or will Shayla rebound with a victory over the English fighter?

0 - Before the Fight

47 Posting by Molly:  Looking forward to my tournament match up!!!  Time to advance to the next round!!!  #eastcoastchampion #worldchampion

@SuzetteAWC:  Nothing to look forward to unless you like looking into my ass when I sit on your face to claim my victory!!! #championofwat #worldchampion

@MollyAWC: You talk to much bitch!!  I can’t wait to hear you screaming for mercy!! #scissorqueen

46 Posting by AWC: Analise came into this match with two straight losses to very good AWC fighters.  In her last battle she was dominated by Peyat.  Catrin enters  the AWC a bit of an unknown as she takes part in her first match.   Analise was confident she would get the win over the rookie.  Catrin vowed to get her AWC career started off with a win.  Only one of them was right.  Did the hard hitting French fighter overwhelm Catrin?  Or did the rookie defeat the mean French girl?

0 - Catrin and Analise Face Off

@AnaliseAWC:  Going to demolish a new girl!!! #dominate

45 Posting by AWC:  Next round of tournament fights is coming up and lots of speculating over the matchups.  The champions all fight this round should be exciting!!! I’m hearing gossip that Molly is matched up with Suzette to start things off!!!  #worldchamp

44 Posting by Catrin:  Can’t wait for my first match!!! #onmyway

43 Posting by Sasha:  So delicious an opportunity for me to prevail over that bitch @saraAWC!!!  She will suffer at my hands!!! Bitch tell me do you want stakes?? #myslave #revenge

42 Posting by Drury:  made quick work of @baileyAWC!!!  Hope I get Callie next!!  That overrated tramp is no match for me!!  #overrated #worldchamp #domination

41 Posting by AWC:  European fight night is coming up soon.  The Club has set up a series of exciting matches for the event.  Right now expect to see Sara versus Sasha; Analise versus Catrin; Shayla versus Rachel; Emma verus Nikki; Inga versus Sofia; and Milena versus Zora.

40  Repost by Tisha:  next time @rebeccaAWC you should avoid your big mouth getting you in trouble #facesittingabitch

14 Posting by Rebecca: @tishaAWC I’m going to own you and make you beg me for mercy #youremybitch #facesitting

@callieAWC too funny

39 Posting by Charlotte:  Too funny mates!!!  Big and bad Nissa got dominated , stripped nude and humiliated for everyone to see!!!  Karma is a bitch!!! #nissaisaloser

38 Posting by Suzette:  I got your speed bump @nissaAWC!!!  Looked more like a pothole!!!  Thanks for being my little bitch!!! #Nissaismybitch #dominated

37 Posting by Fan:  OMG!!!  Nissa got killed!!!

36 Posting by Peyton:  First match was a blast!!!  Can’t wait to go again!!!  #firstwin #aptfight

35 Posting by AWC:  Ouch!!!  Jenny took a hard loss in the second fall.  That had to hurt!!!

34 Posting by Lola:  Who wants next?  West coast club is mine!!!

33 Posting by Sara:  Rematch anytime @sashaAWC

@sashaAWC Revenge will be sweet!!!  You will eat your words plus some!!!

@saraAWC Hey bimbo!!  Let’s see if you are woman enough talk trash to my face! I’ll teach you another lesson you loser, but this time with stakes!!  I’m going to make you my little bitch again!

32 Posting by Tracy:  Im calling you out Wendy. #rematch #youwillbeg

@wendyAWC Didn’t you get enough last time!!! Happy to get another easy win!!! #Tracysux

31 Posting by AWC:  Since the fans liked the round robin format so well . . . next one is set up and on the schedule.  Look for Hailey, Luisa and Milena to tangle for the round robin tourney title.  #AWC #brightfuture

@luisaAWC no question who wins this tourney

@milenaAWC I dominate you all!!!

30 Posting by Fan:  No way Sierra loses to Jenny.  First fall a lucky break for Jenny.

29 Posting by Chloe:  What happened @LisaAWC???  Your big mouth got owned.  #eaturwords #rrchamp

@druryAWC Lisa is pathetic piece of trash for a fighter

@Sierra AWC:  @druryAWC Oh good, you just gave me an idea for what Ill make you admit when we “get together” #intervention #talkshitgethit #apartmentwrestling #catfight #awc
@LisaAWC:  rematch bitch #revenge #luckyfirsttime

28 Posting by AWC:  Tough break for Nissa in the first fall.  Hope she isn’t injured  #toughbreak

27 Posting by Ivette:  My first match is soon.  Will dominate!!!  #kickingass

26 Posting by AWC:  Round robin event is over.  Some great fighting action.  I think the fans are gonna love the fights.  Dena also returned to take on Lola in a match.

@selenaAWC nothing here impressed me

@chloeAWC anytime bitch

25 Fan Posting:  Be a long night for Bailey.  Drury is owning her! #drurydominates

24 Posting by AWC:  Just coordinated a round robin tournament.  Chloe, Lisa, and Glenna will meet up and battle it out soon.  #AWC #brightfuture

@chloeAWC Super pumped to fight these two.  Tourney win coming soon

@lisaAWC I’ll make you beg new girl!!! #domination

23 Posting by AWC:  Love all these possible match-ups.  #AWC #brightfuture

22 Posting by Peyat:  @DruryAWC I want a rematch you bitch!!! #rematch

@lisaAWC replied to @peyatAWC get in line I got first dibs

21 Fan Posting:  Woo hoo!!! Great win in the first fall for Rebecca.  She’s going all the way to the championship

20 Posting by Sierra:  Great interviews.  respect from @tishaAWC but didnt expect it from @rebeccaAWC. ty. hmm maybe I need to reassess my opinion of that one. Everyone watch this match! #hotone #awc #apartmentwrestling

19 Posting by Melinda:  how bout we see which cheerleader is better @chloeAWC #cheerrumble

@raineAWC replied to @melindaAWC Cheerleaders don’t impress me much would be a waste of a match #dontsavethecheerleader #chokeonapompom

18 Repost by Sasha of Posting by Nissa:  Title belongs to me.  This is waiting for you @suzetteAWC.  You a speed bump on my road puta. #imthechamp #crushingher


@saraAWC getting what she deserved.  Go Nissa spank that bitch!!! #karmaisabitch #rematch

17 Posting by Luisa: @kelcieAWC happy to beat your ass if selena doesn’t have time #rulingTexas

@raineAWC replied to @luisaAWC I have time for either one of you!!! #welcomewagon

16 Posting by Suzette: @nissaAWC you’re bout to get whooped #humiliation #knowyourplace

@sierraAWC replied to @suzetteAWC never thought id be cheering for @suzetteAWC but she has earned my respect. @nissaAWC is too mouthy for her own good suzette=dangerous #upset #butisitreally #awc #apartmentwrestling

15 Fan Post:  Super pumped for to see @tishaAWC fighting @rebeccaAWC!!!!  Sit on that face @tishaAWC #facesitting

14 Posting by Rebecca: @tishaAWC I’m going to own you and make you beg me for mercy #youremybitch #facesitting

13 Posting by Anushka: @shriyaAWC Know your place bitch!!! #learningthehardway

@peyatAWC replied to @anushkaAWC Damn right!! I got something for @shriyaAWC

@charlotteAWC replied to @anushkaAWC Get in line.  I got first dibs on her big mouth!!! #shuttingherup

12 Posting by Jenny:  @sierraAWC Not a chance slut!!! #getabodybag

11 Posting by Sara:  @nissaAWC next time you get to kiss my hot ass!!! I’m ready for my next fight.  Been hitting the gym and training.  #kissit #nextwin


@fanpost Awesome look @saraAWC

@analiseAWC replied to @saraAWC Do you need another humiliating lesson from me???

10 Posting by Denise: Lots of tough talk out there @sierraAWC @lisaAWC @nissaAWC @rebeccaAWC better back it all up when it’s time #awc #enforcer

9 Posting by Bailey:  Got this for you @lisaAWC and good luck to the East Coast girls fighting this round @tishaAWC @jennyAWC #tourneyfun #awc

@druryAWC replied to @baileyAWC only thing you might get is your ass whipped #awc #domination

8 Posting by Sierra: @callieAWC girl, idk how this will end up, but would be HONORED to fight you for the title. #epic #somedaysoon #itsadate #apartmentwrestling #catfight #awc

7 Posting by Rebecca: @callieAWC it won’t be long until we meet again.  Dying to put you in your place. #revenge #awc

@tishaAWC replied to @rebeccaAWC you wont be getting past me so it won’t matter #cockybitch #ownabitch

6 Posting by Sierra: @jennyAWC Keep chirping big bird, while you can. It’ll be hard to when my ass is on your face! #doingtheworldafavor #apartmentwrestling #catfight #awc

5 Posting by Lisa:  I’m a huge @baileyAWC fan.  Destroy @druryAWC!!!!  But leave something for me when you’re done. #rivalgoingdown

@sierraAWC replied to @lisaAWC …leave something for *us* #tagteam #hi5

4 Posting by Callie:  Loving the tournament.  Can’t wait to see the next round and find out who my opponent is going to be.  Shout out to @tishaAWC.  Kick that slut @rebeccaAWC fat ass.  #slutgettingbeat #tourneyfun

@sierraAWC likes CallieAWC’s post.

3 Posting by Nissa:  Title belongs to me.  This is waiting for you @suzetteAWC.  You a speed bump on my road puta. #imthechamp #crushingher


2  Posting by Kelcie:  Can’t wait for my next opportunity to be in the Apartment.  How bout you come on up here to Texas and I kick your ass good @selenaAWC.  I don’t think your so tough. #Texasrules

1  Posting by Hannah:  Had a great time whipping @keishaAWC ass.  Good luck to all the East Coast Club girls fighting in the tourney fights coming up. #rookieloser