This is the place for you to leave comments for the AWC.


15 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Hi everyone… I like so much female fight and like too speak and change videos and pictures with new friend here. I’m a Brazilian and if someone like to speak about send me a message on whatsapp: +55(11)973933230


  2. I am going to the very top of AWC and right now Keisha, you are just someone in my path. I intend not just to win, but to make a strong statement to all of the other women as to just what will happen to them should they be foolish enough to face me. You, Keisha, are simply the first.


  3. Who do you think you are, Kelcey, in challenging me? You haven’t really fought anyone yet and here you are so full of yourself. You beat 0-4 Rachel and little Marie. Now you think you’re in my class? Wake up and smell the coffee and welcome to the big leagues. I guess some people just need to learn things the hard way.


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