Apartment Wrestling Match No. 100 – AWC World Title Match Callie versus Sierra

Both fighters enter this battle for the AWC World Title with unbeaten records. This promises to be an epic battle between two of the best the AWC has to offer. The fans will be the real winner, as only one of them remains unbeaten after this one.

Callie (5’4 125 pounds 26 y/o) is from San Francisco.  She works as a middle school teacher and coaches the girls track team.  She has been a runner all her life and runs marathons as a hobby (26 miles).  One of her strengths appears to be her confidence in herself and her ability to compete in the Apartment Wrestling scene.  Callie’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I have great stamina.  I can outlast anyone I face.  I don’t lose.  I do whatever it takes to win.  I will be the winner.”

Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) lives near Miami.  She currently works as a yoga instructor for a local studio.  In her high school and college days she participated in field hockey and spent some time on the ice as a figure skater.  Sierra remains in great shape while currently active in Crossfit, and her boyfriend is a mixed martial artist.  Sierra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m the perfect mix to be an Apartment fighter.  I love to compete and I love winning even more.  Combine my athleticism, gracefulness, fierceness, and sexy femininity and you have the perfect apartment wrestler.  I love kicking ass and looking good doing it.  This is my world!!”


Welcome back to Night of the Champions. Our final match up of the night brings us to our battle for the AWC’s World Championship. It has been a long and grueling tournament and we are finally to the final collision to decide it all. Our first contender, Callie, enters this match undefeated after accumulating 6 wins so far in the AWC. Her opponent tonight, Sierra, is undefeated as well with a total of 7 wins in the AWC. The clash of the AWC titans is about to occur when these two undefeated stars battle it out to be crowned the first ever AWC World Champion.

There is no doubt that Callie and Sierra have loads of talent and loads of experience fighting in the AWC. They have been challenged and tested in their matchups by some of the best competition in the AWC. At the end of the day, here they stand ready to go to war to be the champion. There is no way the outcome tonight can be predicted. Either one of these fighters is more than capable of defeating the other. It will be a new experience for one of them tonight when she is forced to surrender a match. It’s just impossible to tell which one it will be that ends up suffering that fate.

Let’s head to the apartment now as the officiator has just finished introducing the fighters and presenting the two fighters with the rules.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends the officiator will call for a break and the match will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed.

The fighters having entered the apartment after waiting all evening for their match time and both looking ready to go for this big match. Callie and Sierra are introduced and the crowd seems fired up still from the prior matches. Its very loud in the apartment as the Sierra and Callie exchange comments with one another. While the fighters can’t be heard over the loud crowd they exchange fist bumps so it seems the pre-match exchange is pleasant enough. The officiator waits for the room to quiet down a bit as both fighters anticipate the start of the match. Once things settle in, the officiator calls out “Good luck tonight ladies. This fight for the AWC World Championship will begin NOW. FIGHT LADIES FIGHT!!!”
Callie and Sierra move quickly towards one another and immediately grab hold of one another. The fighters both begin to grunt and strain as they attempt to overpower the other to gain an early advantage. “Come on!!!” grunts Sierra as she tries to pull Callie off balance. The blonde responds with a grunt as she shuffles her feet to avoid Sierra’s attempt.
Sierra twists her body and breaks free of Callie’s grasp as she seizes control in the early moments of the round. With both hands in Callie’s blonde hair, Sierra yanks her forward and pulls down on her hair as she attempts to bring the blonde off balance to set herself up to apply a hold on her opponent.
“Got ya” hisses Sierra as she bends her opponent over at the waist and tries to yank her into a headlock. Callie resists Sierra’s attempt as she grunts out in pain from the hairpull. “Noooo” grunts out Callie as she slips her arm behind Callie and grabs hold of her backside. The two again reach a stalemate as Sierra fails to pull Callie into the headlock she initially wanted to apply.
Callie manages to kick her foot into Sierra’s lower leg forcing Sierra to stumble off balance. Using that to her advantage, Callie is able to bring Sierra down to her knees and slips behind wrapping her opponent up and partially apply a full nelson hold as she tries to gain control of Sierra who is trying to escape the blonde’s grasp.
After several moments of grappling for control, Callie forces Sierra to the floor on her belly and tries to slide atop her back. “Got ya!!” grunts out Callie as she grabs hold of Sierra’s arms looking to bend them behind her and increase the pressure on her body. The crowd cheers on their favorite fighter and the room seems to be fairly evenly divided in their support in the early moments of the fight.
“Get off me!!!” snaps out Sierra as she powers out of the hold tossing Callie off her back and rolling to her side. Callie, however, stays right with her much to Sierra’s surprise as the blonde mounts Sierra from the side. After another several moments of grappling for control, Callie slides her legs around Sierra.
With Sierra trapped in her grasp, Callie slips her arms up and around Sierra’s neck trying to cut off her air supply or get her in a simple sleeper hold. The blonde’s grip isn’t particularly great, but it serves the purpose of continuing to wear down Sierra in the first round. The constant pressure of the later half of the round has Sierra panting and her chest heaving up and down as Callie clings to her grip all the way to the end of the round.

“Callie and Sierra put on a clinic in that first round. Neither fighter was able to gain a decisive advantage as they thwarted their opponent’s efforts to lock on a solid submission hold. I think that round goes to Callie though as she really seemed to have Sierra fighting on the defensive most of the round once the action got going. Sierra was breathing heavily there and if she isn’t careful her stamina may be an issue for her. Sierra needs to keep Callie off her body and her neck so that her air supply isn’t under attack in this upcoming round. Let’s go back to our officiator as the second round is about to get underway.”

With both fighters ready to get things underway in the 2nd round, the officiator calls out “BEGIN — FIGHT!!” The two cautiously circle one another and throw slapping feints at one another as each tests their opponent’s reactions and defenses. Neither fighter seems to be in a hurry to engage as the round gets underway.
With a sudden dip and drop to her knees Sierra goes low and suddenly captures Callie’s left leg. Yanking it up and forcing the blonde off balance and suddenly teetering on the edge of crashing down to the floor. Sierra pulls upward as Callie tries to avoid being thrown down. AAAHHHHHH yells out Callie as she struggles to maintain her footing.
Unable to pull her leg free, Callie ultimately is pulled to the floor. Fortunately for the blonde, she manages to avoid being thrown to the hard floor with force. She still hits the floor and groans out from the pain in her back from coming down. Sierra moves in to mount the blonde, but Callie pulls her legs up slowing Sierra’s advance. “You can’t get away!!!” hisses out Sierra as the crowd cheers her on in her advances.
Sierra turns and hooks Callie’s leg as she pulls her opponent into a leg hold. Sierra tries to bend Callie’s low leg and pressure her opponent’s knee as she keeps Callie trapped on the floor. “Give it up!!!” grunts out Sierra as she applies more pressure to the hold. UNNNHHHH groans out Callie as she adds “NO WAY” through her teeth clenched from the pain of the hold. Callie works her arms around Sierra’s left foot and begins to tug ang twist slightly returning the favor to her opponent.
Callie uses the leverage of the hold on Sierra’s leg along with pushing off with her leg to twist and roll Sierra to the floor beside her. UNNNHHHH grunts out Sierra as she tries to maintain her grip on Callie’s leg. “Now who is in trouble!!!” grunts out Callie as she tries to secure Sierra.
“NNNNGGOOOOO!!!” grunts out Sierra as she loses her grip on her opponent and finds Callie’s leg working around her head and neck area as she starts to get the beginnings of a leg scissor hold on Sierra. Callie hooks Sierra’s leg and tugs up on it as she keeps her opponent trapped on her back and in her clutches.
“Submit it!!!” hisses Callie as she gets her legs around Sierra’s neck and begins to squeeze her opponent. Now stretched out and wrapping up Sierra’s leg, Callie asserts control and pours on the pressure with her legs. The crowd cheers loudly as they spur on their favorite fighter to either break free or to finish her in equal numbers.
Sierra struggles and tries to roll free, but Callie maintains the hold on her neck and head and lets out a loud yell AAARRGGHHHHHH as she squeezes down on Sierra. The hard squeeze forces a follow-up loud cry of pain and anguish from Sierra as her neck is bend and crushed by Callie’s strong legs.
Sierra rolls to her stomach and Callie stays with her rolling atop her back and continuing to squeeze Sierra’s head between her legs. Sierra’s struggles slow considerably as she fails to break free and escape with Callie’s weight pressed down on her back and her head mashed between her legs. “SUBMIT NOW!!!” yells out Callie as she senses Sierra is really being hurt by the long scissor hold.
The officiator calls for time to bring the 2nd round to a close. Callie releases her hold on Sierra and springs to her feet. Sierra makes her way to her hands and knees and gasps for air as she reaches up and massages her neck. The brutal scissor hold and the struggle to break free from it really took its toll on Sierra in the later part of the round. Callie stands close by awaiting the start of the 3rd round.

“That was a tough round there. Sierra got off to a great start and looked like she might trap Callie in a submission hold to end things early. Unfortunately for Sierra, Callie displayed why she is undefeated and the West Coast Champion by using her wrestling skills to escape Sierra’s hold and the turn the tables. And turn the tables she did when she caught Sierra between her powerful thighs. That prolonged scissor hold really appears to have Sierra hurt. That series of events was just what Sierra needed to avoid coming out of that first round where her neck and air supply was under attack. Don’t count out Sierra though. She is undefeated as well and their is a reason for that. Let’s see if she can turn things around in the 3rd round as we go back to our officiator with the action about to get underway.”

As the 3rd round is preparing to start Sierra gets to her feet and readies herself for the round. The officiator call out “Round 3 — FIGHT!!!” and the crowd lets out a series of cheers as the action resumes. Callie steps forward quickly and jabs both palms into Sierra before she can react forcing her back and off balance. NNNNGGGGHHH grunts out Sierra as both of her breasts are temporarily flattened by Callie’s shove.
With Sierra off balance, Callie pursues her and grabs for her hair as she unloads a series a quick punches to Sierra’s body. OOOOOOFFFFFF UNNNHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHH grunts and gasps Sierra as she tries unsuccessfully to block the hard body shots being delivered by Callie. The blonde continues her aggressive attack as she has Sierra on the defensive in the early moments of the round.
Callie twists Sierra around and slides behind her as she kicks her legs out from under her forcing her to a seated position on the floor. Callie slips behind Sierra and snakes her arms around Sierra’s neck and begins to apply a chokehold/sleeper style hold on Sierra to cut off her access to air. “Surrender to me!!!” hisses out Callie as Sierra struggles to pull Callie’s arm off of her throat. NNNGGGHHH ACCCKKKKK sounds come from Sierra as she battles to get free.
After several long moments trapped in the choke hold, Callie shifts her position and drags Sierra down and secures her arms with her legs trapping her opponent. Callie grabs Sierra by the head and twists her head to force her to look directly at Callie. “Surrender to me now . . . you know it’s over!!!” Sierra gasps out NOOOOO and Callie drops a hand down and begins to choke Sierra with one hand while holding her head steady by gripping her hair with the other one. Sierra struggles to break free, but Callie has her thoroughly trapped in her grasp.
With the chokehold draining the last of Sierra’s ability to resist Callie, her legs drop to the floor and her struggles slow down. Callie releases the choke hold and pushes Sierra’s head back bending her neck roughly back. “SAY IT!!!” she demands as she begins to punch Callie in the belly and chest in an effort to force the submission from her stubborn opponent.
Sierra finally gasps out in a hoarse voice “I give” and Callie raises her arm up in celebration of her win. Callie slowly untangles her grip on Sierra and eases her to the floor. She leans down and whispers something quietly to Sierra as she climbs to her feet and enjoys the cheers of her fans in the crowd.

“All I can say is what a great match up between two of the best fighters in the AWC. What an epic battle between two undefeated fighters. Congratulations to Callie for being crowed the first ever AWC World Champion. And congratulations to Sierra for a great match tonight. I’m sure we will see more of her soon when she gets recovered. I have to wonder if she carried some nagging injuries from her match with Suzette into tonight’s match. It looks like Callie is pretty thrilled to be the Champion. That will bring the Championship matches to a close for the night. Stay tuned and join us for the extra matches that were added to this weekend’s events.”