Apartment Wrestling Match No. 20 – West Coast Title Callie versus Suzette

This is the twentieth in the new Apartment Wrestling Club series.  Tonight’s fight is a special matchup to crown the West Coast Club Champion.  It will also follow a slightly different set of rules since it is a title fight.  The match will have absolutely no rules and will be a best of 3 falls match unless one fighter is knocked out or simply quits the fight early.  It will be part of a special night with more than one fight on the schedule and will be held in Kansas City.  The participants are:

Callie (5’4 125 pounds 26 y/o) is from northern California.  She works as a middle school teacher and coaches the girls track team.  She has been a runner all her life and runs marathons as a hobby (26 miles).  One of her strengths appears to be her confidence in herself and her ability to compete in the Apartment Wrestling scene.  Callie’s response — “I have great stamina.  I can outlast anyone I face.  I don’t lose.  I do whatever it takes to win.  I will be the winner.”  So far Callie has beaten Rebecca in a close fight and dominated Summer in a one-sided beating.


Suzette (5’6 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives in the Dallas area.  She used to be a dancer on a local dance team before meeting her current boyfriend (a married executive at a local company).  She does not work at the present time and views Apartment Wrestling as another fun diversion.  Suzette’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “These legs are deadly.  I work out regularly and I will dominate my opponents.  Look at me.  I AM the complete package.”  So far Suzette has fought Hailey and won the fight fairly handily and then won a very hard fought victory over Belinda with a last minute reversal to secure the victory.


The fight is scheduled to take place in the home of an extremely wealthy business owner in the Kansas City area.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Both are utilizing a bedroom suite on the property.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.  The other unique thing about the championship series fights tonight is the East Coast contenders will be in attendance watching the fights in separate rooms via a close circuit television system.  Just as Suzette and Callie will be watching their fight which is scheduled for later in the evening.

Callie settles into her changing room and enjoys the incredible atmosphere and comfort while she prepares herself for the upcoming fight.  She concentrates hard on working through her mental game plan and then changes into her bikini.  For this special night she has chosen to wear the same bright red bikini she wore in her last fight.  The top provides her with minimal coverage for her large breasts.  Slipping into her bright red thong her perfectly manicured and equally bright red nails are on display as well.  Callie’s blond hair perfectly framing her features before she pulls it up into a tight ponytail riding high on her head.  After her last fight, Callie is confident that she will be the first ever West Coast champion.  Before heading to the interview room, Callie takes a small amount of oil and rubs it on her shoulders, arms and neck areas to make it difficult for Suzette to find a good grip.  Considering that tonight’s fight has no rules she fully intends to take advantage of the situation to give herself every little edge she can find.  At the signal, she heads to the interview room and watches Suzette’s interview and prior fights.  She has already studied the videos of her opponent at length in preparation for tonight.  “Finally I’m going to be matched with someone that might be as tough as I am.  This is going to be great.  There will be no doubts after tonight that I am the best in the Club.  I don’t just plan to win tonight . . .  I plan to dominate and destroy what everyone thinks is a good fighter.”

Suzette settles into her changing room and unpacks her bag.  For tonight’s fight she has chosen a dark pink metallic bikini top with a cup enhancing top.  After her last match, she realized the cup enhancement made her breasts look particularly large and firm.  The shiny fabric and color standing out perfectly against her dark and tan skin tone.  She slips into a matching bikini bottom that is a thong design which highlights her firm and muscular legs and ass.  She decides tonight to leave her hair down as she has been told how much sexier she looks with her hair whipping around as she fights.  At the signal, she heads to the interview room and watches the materials about Callie.  “She’s going to be a tough matchup.  I’m impressed by how she destroyed Summer.  This is going to be the first time i have run into a girl in the Club that likes to fight mean and dirty.  This will be a blast.  I know she thinks she is the top bitch here and I’m going to break her tonight and crush her spirit.  Then I’m going to humiliate the fuck out of her.  I can’t wait to make her beg me for mercy.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Callie and Suzette.  “Oh My GOD.  This is going to be amazing.  Both of these girls are just nasty fighters.  Callie comes in after destroying her last opponent and that has to make her super confident.  Suzette showed toughness beyond belief which has to leave her feeling invincible too.  It doesn’t get any better than having these two fighting for the West Coast Championship Title.  I don’t know who is going to win tonight.  But I know it will be an awesome fight as we wait to find out.  If I have to pick someone to win I think I’m going with Suzette.  That confidence may get the best of Callie.”  The second commentator begins “You are right about a lot of that.  It’s gonig to be a great fight.  And then we get to see the East Coast match afterwards.  A great night to be a fan of the sport.  I picked against Callie last time and she destroyed Summer.  I won’t be doing that again.  That girl can fight.  And I think Callie is going to put Suzette away in a lopsided victory.  Suzette might be tough, but she isn’t Callie tough.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout having a large wide open space for the fighters with a long bar on one end of the room.  On the opposite side the main room is separated from the adjoining space by a low wall.  On the other side is living space with couches and chairs.  The space for the spectators lines the two outer walls and is occupied by a number of recliners and couches.  There is an open balcony surrounding the room giving it a wide open space since the 2nd floor above is open.  The balcony is also lined with spectators as well.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight other than when a fall ends there will be a one minute rest period.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you submits two falls,  says you are done for the night, or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue or the situation is prolonged too far after a fall that occurs before the end of the fight.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  “Shall we begin?”  Callie smiles for the crowd and waves her hands hoping to score some points as she then bounces up and down several times her top barely containing her breasts.  The crowd cheers as she does so and Suzette dances around in a tight circle showing off her ass as she gyrates for the crowd.  The crowd cheers again.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to begin given, both fighters move across the room towards the middle of the floor.  “That title belongs to me bitch” Callie snarls as they close in on each other.  Suzette smiles and calls out casually “then you just come right over her and get it.”  Both circle cautiously neither wanting to make the first move as they feint and flick their hands at each other testing the other’s reactions.  The crowd continues cheering on their favorite as the room seems more or less evenly divided in their support.

With a sudden lunge, Suzette goes at Callie and they collide hands groping as they look for a grip on their opponent.  Callie wraps her hand into Suzette loose hair trying to corral a good grip on her dark hair as Suzette grips her other wrist immobilizing it momentarily as they struggle.  Suzette’s free hand reaches straight into Callie grabbing at her small bikini top grabbing hold of it and pulling forward attempting to use it for leverage as she tries to pull Callie into her control.  With Suzette yanking on her top, Callie continues getting a good grip on her intending to twist and yank her off balance by the hair.  As Callie’s top gives way, Suzette tries to snap a knee up into Callie’s body.  Her crotch being the actual target as Suzette lifts the leg.  Callie twists slightly and the knee fails to hit its intended target and instead glances off of Callie’s thigh.  With her foot off the floor and Callie giving her hair a hard yank to the side and down, Suzette is unable to maintain her footing and is pulled off balance and to the floor landing on her knee as Callie leans down trying to force her to the floor by her hair.  Suzette’s hand loses its grip on Callie’s wrist from a combination of the light coat of oil and from losing her balance.  Suzette’s other hand remains wrapped around Callie’s top as it is ripped free from her chest and the tie around her neck strains.  The tugging on the top forces Callie’s head down a bit more as Suzette pulls.  The angle of her upper body preventing her from being able to lift her knee into the exposed Suzette.  With her other hand now free, Callie continues to pull Suzette’s head down and to the side and she swings a hard open handed slap across her exposed cheek landing it with a loud WHACK sound echoing through the room.  The crowd cheers loudly as both fighters are going at it hard.  On top of that, seeing Callie’s tits pop free of their top really gets things going.  Suzette lets out a loud yelp after the slap and brings her other free hand up grabbing Callie by the front of her thong.  As her fingers sink in, Callie yells out angrily “get the fuck off my bikini you slut!!!”

With Suzette pulling at her bikini with both hands, Callie lashes out again with a yank of the hair and a punch to the side of Suzette’s head.  Suzette groans out from the punch as it hits her with a THUMP sound.  Fortunately for her, the blow isn’t a solid shot since Callie is hunched over slightly from Suzette pulling on her bikini top and she can’t get good leverage.  Suzette gives another hard tug on both the top and bottoms and the yank pulls Callie forward into Suzette causing Callie to trip up and fall to the floor off balance as she loses her grip on Suzette’s hair.  Callie lands awkwardly on her left shoulder as she topples over the top of Suzette knocking her to the floor on her back as Callie falls across and away from her.  Suzette scrambles to get a grip on Callie’s legs as she lays sprawled on her chest with her legs across Suzette’s chest.  Callie’s bikini top now almost fully removed from her body as it hangs untied completely from her shoulder area.  Callie works to roll a bit to the side and twists back to grab for Suzette’s hair to potentially drag her into a scissors.  Both fighters work hard trying to seize the advantage in this fast paced fight as the large crowd is on its feet cheering on both fighters in almost equal numbers.  After a couple moments of both girls trying to get the other into a hold, Callie is able to grind a knee into Suzette’s chest getting a scream of pain from her.  The moment of pain allows Callie to yank the hair and roll her lower body out of Suzette’s grasp and get her legs more or less around Suzette’s head and upper body as she pulls the hair.  Suzette struggles wildly not wanting to allow Callie to get her legs locked as they continue to struggle.  After several moments, Callie is able to close her legs and lock her ankles around Suzette’s upper body and one of Suzette’s arms.  Callie’s body is rolled to her side with her ass facing towards Suzette’s feet with both hands pulling hard on Suzette’s hair twisting and stretching Suzette’s neck and causing her serious pain in her scalp.  Suzette screams out from the hairpulling and returns her hand outside of the scissors to pulling on Callie’s bikini bottom driving the fabric into her body trying to use a wedgie to force her way free.  With her other arm she continues to force it into position to keep Callie from really locking the scissors onto her chest and keeps the pressure somewhat down.  Callie screams out “you fucking bitch get off my bikini!!!”  Suzette’s tactics clearly frustrating Callie.  The crowd remains on its feet excited by the prospect of more clothing coming off or even possibly of Suzette being forced to submit.

Callie lets go of Suzette’s hair with one hand and maintains a controlling style grip on the  hair with her other and reaches the free hand back grabbing for Suzette’s hand on her bikini bottom.  She struggles with Suzette’s hand working to force her to break her grip on her thong.  In the process Suzette is able to twist her body to the side a bit more freeing the arm that is held in the scissor with her upper body.  Suzette uses that hand to rake her nails into Callie’s thigh forcing a yelp of pain from Callie.  The red track marks clearly visible now as Suzette continues raking at Callie’s legs.  Callie grunts in pain and squeezes with her legs trying to crush Suzette.  The squeezing causing Suzette to moan out UHHHHNNNNNN loudly as her mouth opens widely.  The pain registering on both girls face as they struggle.  The battle over the bikini bottom ends suddenly as Suzette releases her grip yanking her arm free of Callie’s hand and then she uses it to slap Callie on her exposed ass cheek.  WHHHAAAPPPP resonates through the room from the slap and Callie yelps out again.  Callie yanks the hair hard and suddenly opens her legs catching Suzette off guard.  Pulling her top leg off of Suzette, Callie drives it down heel first into Suzette’s chest mashing her breast under it causing a cry of pain from Suzette as she pulls her hands to her chest trying to fend off Callie’s foot.  Callie pulls the foot off and shoves hard rolling Suzette off her other leg and to her side as she maintains the hand on her hair.  Pulling the leg back, Callie slams the heel straight into Suzette’s back as she yanks the hair.  Suzette is unable to avoid the kick to the back and again cries out in pain as she tries to roll to her stomach to break free.  Callie is all over her at this point punishing her with every attempt she makes to free herself.  With Suzette rolling to her belly Callie releases the hair and springs after her.  Before Suzette can roll free Callie lunges atop her back jamming an elbow into her back.  Suzette is mashed face down and Callie quickly straddles her grabbing her by the hair slamming her face to the floor several times in quick succession.  Suzette tries to buck free but each head slam to the floor knocks a little more fight out of her.  Callie snakes her arm around a weakened Suzette’s neck and locks on a rear chokehold.  Suzette taps the floor looking to give up, but Callie releases the choke only to drive a hard punch to the side of Suzette’s head knocking her head sideways as she moans out.  “That’s right bitch tap the fuck out” Callie snarls as she slides up sitting on Suzette’s shoulders pinning her arms flat and grabs her hair pulling her neck up between her thighs.  Hooking her fingers in Suzette’s nose, she rips at the flesh getting another scream from Suzette.  “I fucking give up. . .  get the fuck off me!!!” she cries out.  Callie slaps her head one more time then climbs off of her.  Leaving her face down on the floor as the one minute rest break begins.  Callie pulls the bikini top back into place and ties things back in place during the break.  Suzette spends the first 30 seconds simply lying on her belly trying to recover before pushing to her feet and glaring at Callie.  “You fucking bitch” Suzette snaps.  “I’m gonna fuck you up now!!”  Callie smiles at her.  “Bring it on you cheap whore!!!  You shouldn’t be saying shit since you’re the one that was begging to be let free.” As the clock runs out on the rest period the officiator announces the start of the 2nd fall.  “It is now one fall to zero in favor of Callie.  FIGHT!!!” he calls out as both girls move back towards the other ready to engage for the 2nd fall.

Callie and Suzette circle each other hands up and ready as each warily prepares to resume the fight.  Suzette not wanting to give Callie another opportunity to trap her and Callie not wanting to let Suzette back into the fight.  As Callie dances in towards Suzette and then back away from her, Suzette times her attack and as Callie moves forward Suzette launches a sudden kick to Callie’s legs.  The top of Suzette’s foot lands hard on Callie’s thigh with a loud THUMP sound.  Callie staggers backwards letting out a cry of pain as the kick knocks her off balance.  Suzette expecting just that outcome pursues Callie coming at her from the side as Callie is turned by the kick.  Callie tries to turn to meet her but the kick has her off balance and struggling to keep her feet.  Suzette drives into Callie forcing her to bend over at the waist as she drives her into the wall.  Callie crashes into the wall taking the brunt of the impact on her head and shoulder.  Not wanting Suzette to have the opportunity to continue the attack, Callie wraps her arms around Suzette’s body in an effort to slow her attack down and to take the fight to a wrestling struggle.  Suzette ignores the grasp of Callie and brings her elbow down into Callie’s back driving her to the floor next to the wall.  Callie cries out in pain as she collapses to the floor.  Suzette’s fans begin screaming wildly as their favorite is on the attack and really taking it to Callie at this point.  Callie in a heap on the floor against the wall groggily tries to fight back as she tries to kick out at Suzette.  The move causes Suzette to abandon her idea of stomping on Callie from a standing position and instead she moves to drive down into Callie with a knee.  Callie is able to avoid the knee to her body as Suzette comes to the floor.  Callie now rolled with her back to the wall reaches out grabbing for Suzette’s hands to block her attempts to grab hold of her body.  Suzette deflects the hands and grabs Callie by the hair banging her head off the wall at short range.  Suzette not able to fully attack the downed Callie as the wall interferes with her ability to mount the blonde.  Being unable to engage Suzette’s hands, Callie pushes them into Suzette’s chest and grabs hold of both her breasts and squeezes hard.  Suzette screams out in pain and releases Callie’s hair.  Rather than go for Callie’s hands, Suzette grabs hold of Callie’s chest ripping at her top and her flesh as she returns the favor.  Now it’s Callie’s turn to scream out in pain as they both stubbornly mash the other’s chest trying to win the battle of wills.

Suzette, hovering over Callie as they both put on the pressure with the mutual breast attack, decides to lean in and try to drop her body down atop Callie.  As Suzette pushes into Callie it forces both girls to abandon the breast mashing as they now are chest to chest with Suzette partially atop Callie.  The wall preventing her from getting fully atop Callie because of the angle.  Callie moves her hands directly to Suzette’s hair yanking back and to the side on it trying to leverage her off of her body.  Suzette grabs Callie by the hair as well yanking hard trying to twist her neck towards the wall to reinforce her control of the battle.  Both grunting and letting out short cries of pain from the intensity of the fight.  The crowd again on its feet cheering on their favorite.  The crowd is divided but Callie seems to have a few more fans in attendance as her crowd seems a bit louder.  Suzette screams out after a few moments of struggling “You fucking bitch I’m gonna crush you!!!”  The struggle on the floor for control seeming to go on for several minutes as the hair on both fighters has turned to a matted and sweaty mess.  Callie’s ponytail now undone as her hair hangs long like Suzette’s.  Suddenly Callie lets out a loud yell “HHHHHNNGGHHHHH” as she pushes her foot against the wall and shoves off rolling up and over the top of a surprised Suzette.  A sudden scramble takes place as Callie rotates her lower body and presses her upper body across the head and chest of Suzette.  Her chest mashed down right over the top of Suzette’s face as she grabs her head and pulls her in tight in a rudimentary smother hold.  Suzette pulls and yanks the hair of Callie violently and her feet kick and buck her lower body as she tries to escape.  Callie’s sudden reversal sends the crowd wild again as she takes charge of Suzette.

Callie twists and struggles to stay atop the wildly thrashing Suzette.  Callie smartly knows that each moment of her chest and torso mashed into Suzette’s face robs her of air and forces her to struggle violently which Callie hopes robs Suzette of her ability to fight back long-term in the match.  As an added bonus, the controlling position gives Callie a moment of recovery time considering Suzette’s aggressive and rough start to the 2nd fall.  Just as suddenly as Callie was able to reverse positions and get atop Suzette, Callie screams out as Suzette goes on the attack again.  Callie’s upper body pressed to Suzette’s face exposing her to a bite which is exactly what a desperate Suzette decided to do.  “Fucking whore!!!!” screams out Callie as she pulls her body up breaking the hold of Suzette’s head and pushing off of her face.  The bite mark on Callie’s torso just below her breasts visible to the crowd as Callie raises up.  Suzette releases the grip on Callie’s hair as Callie pushes up off of her face and shoves her hands into Callie’s body trying to roll her off and to the side.

Callie, surprised by the bite isn’t prepared for Suzette’s sudden movement to try and twist free.  Callie is suddenly dislodged and Suzette rises up to her knees to meet her as Callie comes back at Suzette again.  They immediately lock hands and their bodies mash together as they struggle for control.  Suzette growls “You can’t take me!” as she pushes against Callie.  Neither able to overpower the other as they fight for control again.  Callie now struggling as the stubborn Suzette keeps coming at her no matter what.  The tough fight frustrating Callie who wants to finish Suzette off in two straight falls.  “Give up” grunts Callie.  After several moments of struggling Callie pushes Suzette over to the side and they go to the floor again.  Before Callie can roll atop her, Suzette plants a foot and rolls Callie right on over to the other side.  The fight again nearing the wall as they struggle on the floor.  Suzette trying to roll atop Callie but Callie quickly pushes up towards Suzette thwarting the effort as both lay side by side.  Suzette shoots a leg out and drapes it over the top of Callie’s lower body to help keep Callie pinned on the floor and unable to roll atop Suzette.  The struggle goes nowhere for several minutes as both try to gain control.  Finally, Suzette rips the top hand free and starts punching at Callie’s body.  Callie returns the punches and they go blow for blow landing blows on the side of each other’s body.  Neither getting much force because of the angle, but the blows having an effect as the match goes past the 20 minute mark.  Both are panting and gasping from the effort of the second fall, but neither have been able to take control.  Suzette’s fans now cheering her on and yelling encouragement as their fighter comes back into potentially taking control.   Her leg draped over Callie, Suzette is able to finally pull herself over the top of Callie in a full body on body pin.  Suzette’s legs over the top of Callie’s with hands now interlocked.  Suzette pushes Callie’s arms down over her head and uses her body weight to help her get them both pinned.  As they lay body to body grunting and struggling Callie stops thrashing as her mind races looking for a plan.  Suzette takes advantage by pulling her head up and banging her forehead down into Callie’s face.  “Oh fuck!!!” Callie cries out from the head to the face and she tries to thrash her way free of Suzette.  Suzette holds on tight trying to ride out the effort and snarls “Give it up before I break your pretty little nose!!!”

Suzette manages to remain atop Callie as she uses her weight to assist her in keeping Callie’s arms pinned to the floor.  Callie grunts out trying to twist free but fails.  Suzette pushes her head down again driving her forehead into Callie’s face.  Fortunately for Callie she isn’t able to get much force as she pushes her head down, but nevertheless the head butt hurts as Callie takes the blow to her unprotected face.  Callie decides rather than to continue exerting energy trying to escape the pin to give up and get back into the fight in the third fall.  She stops fighting back and hisses out “I give up.  Get off me” to Suzette.  A smile creeps across Suzette’s face as she hears Callie giving up the fall.  “You ready to give up the whole match bitch” Suzette pants out to Callie.  “Get off me” hisses Callie.  Suzette lets the arms go and snaps a hard slap across Callie’s face.  “Don’t tell me what to do bitch!!!” she screams at Callie as the slap lands with a loud WHACCKKKK sound turning Callie’s head to the side sharply.  Callie pulls her hands up to defend herself as Suzette starts to climb off of her.  Seeing the hands come up, Suzette pushes her knee into Callie’s ribs as she starts up off of her and grinds it in hard.  “You’re so fucking done for” pants out Suzette as she slaps Callie’s hands away deflecting them.  Callie lets out a moan as the knee digs into her body.  The officiator steps forward “It is now one fall apiece.  The next fall will decide the match and determine the West Coast Champion.  You have a one minute break.”  Suzette climbs to her feet clearly winded and tired.  She goes over to the long bar counter and finds a bottle of water to drink.  Callie rolls to her feet and heads the same direction for a drink as well.  Suzette leans over the counter top and puts her head down.  Callie finishes a long drink from her water bottle and sees Suzette’s head down resting.  “You might as well quit now” she quips in a smart ass voice tone.  Suzette raises up and turns to face Callie and replies “I’ve beaten tougher bitches than you.  I don’t see you walking out of here with my title tonight.”  Callie’s face tightens and her neck muscles tense up.  “I’m going to humiliate your arrogant ass right here and you’re going to beg me to stop.  Fucking BEG ME!!!”  Suzette lunges forward grabbing Callie by the hair and Callie responds by doing the same.  The officiator yells out “The 3rd fall is now underway” and lets the fight continue.  Both shake the others head side to side as both scream out in pain and rage.  As they pull and shake each other’s head their bodies bump into the bar counter area repeatedly scattering the half drank water bottles to the floor.  Callie twists her body and pulls Suzette into the bar again and then swivels her body trapping Suzette against the bar surface.  Leaning in Callie bends her over using her hair to get her back bent on the surface.  Suzette lets go of Callie’s hair with one hand and grabs Callie by the bikini top ripping at her flesh and the top trying to expose her chest again.  Callie is not distracted by the effort and keeps the pressure on Suzette’s back using the bar surface as a weapon.  Pulling a hand off of the hair, Callie jabs a punch into Suzette’s belly trying to wind her even more than she is already winded.  Suzette gasps out and rips the bikini top free of Callie’s chest.  In the process taking another punch or two to the belly.  Callie continues to focus her attack and Suzette now grabs the bare breast clawing into her getting a scream from Callie.  The camera catches a shot of Suzette’s face distorted in pain from her body being bent over the bar top and her mouth open trying to find air as her belly is pounded.  The camera shifts angles to show Callie’s face and it’s a blend of anger and pain as Suzette’s fingers tear at her exposed chest.  The crowd excited by the incredibly fast start to the third fall knowing a champion will be crowned shortly.

Callie reacts immediately when Suzette grabs at her chest.  The pain sending her over the edge as she steps back ripping Suzette forward by the hair and throws her to the floor before Suzette can react.  Suzette rolls trying to get away but the wall of the bar limits her range.  Callie drops down shoving a knee to her chest getting a loud gasp of pain from Suzette.  Callie’s face a mask of rage as Suzette tries to fight back shoving her hands at Callie’s upper body trying to push her aside.  Callie ignore the hands and drives down with her body weight her elbow and forearm slams right into Suzette’s head.  With Suzette’s hands trapped by Callie’s upper body, Callie slips her other hand up and mashes and claws Suzette’s breasts.  The two-pronged attack causes Suzette to let out an extremely loud scream of agony as the forearm to the head shocks her then the breast mauling takes effect.  After a short moment, Suzette is able to pull her hands free of their bodies and she grabs for the hand on her chest in an attempt to stop the pain.  Callie lets her pull the hand free with both of her hands as Suzette is purely defending herself now no longer attacking.  While Suzette blunts the attack on her breasts, Callie raises up again and swings a hard punch with her free hand into the side of Suzette’s head with a loud THUD sound.  Suzette’s head rolls to the side and she moans out loudly.  She  tries to roll with the head to escape Callie’s attack and turns away from Callie and ends up rolling into the wall.  Callie follows up pushing her over to her belly and kneels next to her.  With Suzette in a bad spot, Callie slams several punches into her back each one landing with a loud THUMP sound.  Suzette cries out in pain with each punch and tries to roll away.  She rolls and ends up on her side with her back to the wall unable to continue to roll.  Suzette now desperate to escape as Callie is all over her.  The crowd is cheering wildly sensing the battle is about to come to an end.  Callie kneeling next to her slides forward and pushes her hip against Suzette’s head and upper body pinning her to the wall and then starts to slam the punches into Suzette’s belly.  Suzette takes several hard punches as Callie controls the battle.  All that can be heard from her is OOOOOOOFFFF!!!! OOOOFFFFF!!!  Suzette’s one hand claws at Callie’s ass and hip area trying desperately to force her way free and with her other she swings wild punch/slaps at Callie’s upper body or head since she is unable to see where she is swinging.  Those wild blows land on Callie but don’t have a lot of force.  Callie ignores them and continues punching away at Suzette’s body alternating between her chest and her belly.  Callie snarls “Stop fucking clawing me you bitch!!!”  The clawing of her ass and hip area showing as red tracks appear in her flesh from Suzette’s efforts.  While Suzette’s efforts have an effect, Callie doesn’t want to relent because she knows the hard body punches are crushing Suzette’s ability to fight.  MMMPPHHHHH!!!!! OHHHNNNNNFFFF!!!  Suzette’s attempts to fight free slow to a standstill as she can’t catch her breath.  Remembering Suzette’s earlier efforts, Callie reaches down and grabs Suzette’s bikini bottom yanking it hard causing it to cut into her body in a nasty wedgie.  Suzette screams in pain and is not longer fighting back.  Callie smiles with the realization that she has her beaten.  The Callie fans now loud again as it looks like their girl has things in control.  Suzette’s fans pleading for her to fight free of the position and Callie’s wanting her to finish Suzette off and take the title. With Suzette pinned to the wall and unable to fight free, Callie snaps out “You ready to beg me whore!” as she grinds her body against Suzette’s keeping her trapped as she pulls the bikini bottoms hard again.  Suzette screams out in pain unable to fight free now.  The will to fight now gone by all appearances as Suzette heads to a place she has yet to experience in the Club.  Callie pulls hard again finally snapping the thin strap of the thong tearing the bottoms right off of Suzette.  Her naked bottom on display for the camera as the crowd goes crazy.  “Stop please stop!!!”cries out Suzette hoping to end things.  Callie rises up off the floor with the ripped bikini in hand spinning it in the air “Wooohoooo” she yells out stirring up the crowd.  Callie grabs Suzette by the hair with her other hand yanking her off the floor and dragging the battered girl to her knees in front of her.  Holding the hair and displaying Suzette to the crowd and camera, Callie demands “Who’s title is it???” and Suzette is forced to answer “yours”.  Callie isn’t satisfied though as she holds the hair tight forcing Suzette to follow along crawling across the floor or be drug by the hair.  “Damn right it’s my title” Callie calls out “and you won’t ever want to fight me again will you” she hisses.  Suzette is pulled to the open floor and her head is yanked back and faced upwards.  “Tell me who the Queen Bitch is around here” Callie demands.  “You are — You are” gasps out Suzette knowing she is completely at Callie’s mercy.  Callie’s chest bare from Suzette ripping her top free displaying  her firm nipples showing off her excitement at finishing off and dominating Suzette now.  “Beg me to stop.  I want to hear it” Callie demands.  Suzette moans out “please you win.  Please no more.  No more.”  Callie smiles at the weak moans and grips the hair tightly.  “Open your mouth” Callie demands and Suzette refuses to obey.  Callie immediately rips her by the hair flinging her to her back on the floor and drops her ass down sitting on her chest pinning Suzette’s arms.  “Stop stop” Suzette groans out as Callie traps her.  Callie grabs Suzette by the mouth and starts squeezing and after a few short moments forces Suzette’s mouth open against her will.  With her other hand, Callie quickly shoves Suzette’s own thong into her open mouth and then mashes her mouth shut causing Suzette to moan MMGHHHHPPHHGGHHH as the bikini bottom shuts her up.  The officiator steps in and pulls Callie up by the arm holding it over her head.  “The winner tonight and our first ever West Coast Champion — Callieeeee!!!”  The crowd continuing to cheer for Callie as she stands over a beaten Suzette.  Callie enjoying her moment for several minutes as she takes congratulatory pats on the back from audience members.  Callie then heads off to her dressing room.  Even though she is excited about her win, she can feel the punishment from the long, hard fight.  Suzette is covered with a towel since her bikini bottom was ripped and then helped to her own dressing room.