Apartment Wrestling Match No. 21 – East Coast Title Jenny versus Bailey

This is the twenty-first in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  Tonight’s fight is a special matchup to crown the East Coast Club Champion.  It will also follow a slightly different set of rules since it is a title fight.  The match will have absolutely no rules and will be a best of 3 falls match unless one fighter is knocked out or simply quits the fight early.  It will be part of a special night with the West Coast Title fight held just prior to the match.  The fights will be held in Kansas City.  The participants are:

Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) is from a very small farming community in the midwest.  She currently lives a few hours from Chicago.  Jenny works in a small bank and is recently married.  Her and her husband are both excited about seeing how she competes.  Jenny has fought a number of times in her life and claims to have won them all.  She grew up on a farm and is strong.  Jenny’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a country girl and we all know country girls kick ass!!! Ain’t no bitch from the city gonna be able to stand up to me.”  So far Jenny has beaten Monique and Molly in close fights.  In fact, the fight with Molly was quite controversial and almost resulted in a disqualification for Jenny.


Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) lives in the Boston area.  She is currently a student at a major university in the area.  She plays on the lacrosse team and is majoring in exercise science.  Bailey loves the outdoors and in her free time volunteers at a local children’s hospital.  She is in great shape and works out daily to stay in shape for the team.  Bailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t know.  I guess we will find out what makes me good when I get into the arena with someone.  I play a pretty tough game and I don’t back down to anyone.” So far Bailey has beaten Hannah and Tisha in fairly one-sided battles.


The fight is scheduled to take place in the home of an extremely wealthy business owner in the Kansas City area.  Both girls boasting undefeated records arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Both are utilizing a bedroom suite on the property.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.  The other unique thing about the championship series fights tonight is the West Coast fighters Callie and Suzette will be in attendance watching the fights in separate rooms via a close circuit television system just like how Jenny and Bailey watched their fight.

Bailey arrives appearing confident and relaxed.  She heads into her changing room to relax and she enjoys the excitement.  She has plenty of time to relax and prepare as she watches the Callie versus Suzette fight play out on a large video screen in the room.  Between falls, she quickly changes into her pink and white trimmed bikini top and bottoms she wore the last two times she fought.  The bottoms are a boy short style and provide good coverage to her body.  She decides to go with her hair up in a pair of pig tails.  During the long second fall she does some light stretching.  Her athletic body firm and fit as she shows off for the camera stationed in her dressing room.  In the days prior to the fight she watched all of the interviews and fights involving Jenny.  As the third fall comes to a close she intently watches Callie strip and humiliate a beaten Suzette and is a bit surprised by the ferocity displayed by Callie.  “She sure is something else isn’t she” quips Bailey as she prepares to head to the interview room.  “So it looks to me like Jenny is a good sized girl and she fights to win at all costs.  I know what to expect from her.  It’s going to be just like fighting Tisha but a bigger version.  I’m just going right at her and being aggressive tonight.  I don’t think she will be able to last in a hard fight.  Her stamina will fail and when it does I’ll crush her.”  In her usual fashion, Bailey winks at the camera and then flashes a big smile for the camera operator as she leaves the room for the fighting area.

Jenny relaxes in her room watching the Callie/Suzette fight on the large video monitor.  She slowly gets changed into a skimpy and very sexy lime green string bikini and thong.  Her large breasts stretching the fabric of her top showing off her assets.  She is confident and all smiles as she finishes getting dressed and prepares for her fight.  Her fiery red hair wavy and curly hanging down to her shoulders and beyond.  As the fight enters the late stages, Jenny takes a few moments to stretch and loosen up.  She casually watches as Callie humiliates Suzette in the final moments of the fight.  Having spent a good chunk of time watching Bailey’s prior fights she begins to comment “Bailey handles herself pretty well, but she hasn’t fought someone my size before.  I have about 20 pounds on her and she is going to struggle to deal with me.  This isn’t going to take long.  Look for an early KO to end this fight.  She doesn’t have any idea what she is getting herself into tonight.  And I’ve had enough whining about my fight with Molly.  I’m going to make a statement when I destroy Bailey and take the title!”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Jenny and Bailey.  “Another awesome fight is on tap for us here.  Bailey is such a competitor and Jenny is just plain tough.  I know Bailey has really cruised in her two wins.  We get to see how she handles a tough fight.  Jenny will give her all she wants.  I think that weight difference will be an issue for Bailey.  Look for Jenny to win tonight.”  The second commentator begins “I think you have it right tonight.  I really love to watch Bailey and think she is a great fighter.  That isn’t going to help her out much when she runs into the fiery redhead.  I think Jenny is going to be too much for her.  The only way Bailey can win this is if the fight goes long and Jenny wears down. ”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout having a large wide open space for the fighters with a long bar on one end of the room.  On the opposite side the main room is separated from the adjoining space by a low wall.  On the other side is living space with couches and chairs.  The space for the spectators lines the two outer walls and is occupied by a number of recliners and couches.  There is an open balcony surrounding the room giving it a wide open space since the 2nd floor above is open.  The balcony is also lined with spectators as well.  The crowd is buzzing with excitement and energy after having watched the Callie/Suzette fight.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight other than when a fall ends there will be a one minute rest period.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you submits two falls,  says you are done for the night, or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue or the situation is prolonged too far after a fall that occurs before the end of the fight.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  Jenny and Bailey both smile for the crowd and waves their hands hoping to score some points.  The crowd cheers as both fighters begin dancing in place getting ready to start the fight.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.  The crowd cheers with excitement as the East Coast Title fight gets started.

With the command to begin given, both fighters move across the room towards the middle of the floor.  Both circle and then begin to throw jabs in the direction of their opponent.  Neither one is able to land a blow on the other, but both show caution as they get started.  Jenny launches herself at Bailey trying to tackle her to the floor.  The crowd cheering as both groups of fans support their favorite as the room seems more or less evenly divided in their support.

Bailey pushes her hands down at the lunging Jenny as she puts a shoulder into Bailey’s midsection.  The push down trying to deflect the tackle attempt coming too late as Jenny wraps her arms around Bailey and takes her to the floor in a heap.  Bailey wraps her legs the best she can around Jenny’s lower body as she struggles to keep Jenny low on her body.  Jenny continues trying to push her way up Bailey’s  body as the blonde gasps for breath under the redhead.

Bailey grabs Jenny by the hair and locks her arms straight trying to hold Jenny in place.  Jenny moves her hands into Bailey’s body and begins digging and clawing with her fingers into Bailey’s belly and ribcage as she rakes and claws at her.  Bailey’s eyes light up showing the pain as she suddenly screams out from Jenny’s attack.  “FUCK!!!!!” she screams out dropping the hair and trying to swing punches of any sort she can at Jenny’s upper body.

Jenny is ready for the shift in position and presses forward driving her body further up and fully atop Bailey now as she moves her hands to capture Bailey’s flailing punches and slaps.  Jenny lands her body weight atop Bailey driving the air from her again as she mashes the smaller blonde.   Bailey unwraps her legs and plants both feet on the ground thrusting up and to the side as she bucks hard trying to roll Jenny off before she is able to firmly get atop her.

The first shove fails to get her off, but the second is enough to roll her to the side.  With hands gripping hands the two fight on the floor side to side as they struggle for control.  Bailey pushes atop Jenny only to be rolled back to her side as they fight back and forth.

The struggle on the floor continuing as both scramble for position to get atop the other.  Bailey attempts to push atop Jenny again, but just as she moves over the top of Jenny her head is pulled down and tucked in under Jenny’s arm.

Jenny locks on a choke hold as Bailey ends up slightly atop Jenny with her head down in the choke.  Bailey tries to push free and reverse course but Jenny quickly wraps her legs on her leg trapping her in position.  Bailey pushes her hands on the arm trying to pull free of the grip as Jenny locks her hands tightly around Bailey.  Jenny maintains the grip for several minutes while Bailey struggles to break the grip.

“Not so fucking smart are you bitch!” snarls Jenny as she keeps Bailey in a difficult spot.  Bailey’s body turning red from the exertion and lack of air as Jenny throttles her.  The crowd strains to see the action as it appears Bailey is on top, but it is Jenny that has the advantage.  As suddenly as Jenny trapped Bailey’s head she releases her allowing her to pop her head up.  As soon as she does, Jenny grabs the hair flipping Bailey over to her back rolling atop her.

Bailey’s face is bright red and her mouth hangs open from being choked for a prolonged period of time.  Bailey pushes her hands up to try and fight back and Jenny swats them quickly aside as she sits atop Bailey’s chest.  Jenny pulls Bailey’s hands under her legs and traps her in a school girl pin.  Securing the hands, Jenny wraps both hands around Bailey’s neck and begins choking.  Bailey lets out a gasp ACKKKKKKKK as she struggles to breath.  She tries to buck her legs but can’t manage to move the large redhead.

“This is too easy!” yells out Jenny as she punishes Bailey with the chokehold.  Bailey croaks out “give” and Jenny bears down on the hold another few seconds before letting go and sitting on Bailey’s chest.

“Enjoy that minute and then I’ll be right back!” taunts Jenny as she then climbs up and struts to the side of the room.  Bailey lays on the floor trying to catch her breath.  The officiator steps in “A submission by Bailey.  One fall to zero in favor of Jenny.  You have one minute.”

Bailey gets to her knees working to catch her breath as the crowd murmurs amongst itself.  Bailey had gotten off to a good start, but was overpowered by Jenny in surprising fashion.  After about 45 seconds Jenny yells out “Let’s GO!  Come on and let’s finish this!”  Bailey says nothing taking every moment she can.  The officiator checks his timer and waits before calling out “ROUND 2 — FIGHT!!!”

Bailey climbs to her feet just as the call of FIGHT echoes through the room.  Jenny immediately moves directly towards Bailey looking to jump right on her as the 2nd fall gets underway.  Bailey, expecting just this type of approach, stands waiting for Jenny to close the distance.  Jenny, confident that Bailey is still hurt from the first fall, closes on her and starts to reach out for her hair.  Bailey pivots slightly and snaps a kick out just as Jenny reaches for her and lands the kick directly on Jenny’s right knee.  Jenny screams out and spins to the side dropping to the floor from the kick.

Bailey steps close snapping another kick into Jenny’s low back forcing her to roll over to her belly from the impact.  Jenny yelps out again in pain from the second kick as Bailey drops down slamming a knee into the back of Jenny’s left leg.  Sliding on over the top of Jenny’s legs, Bailey hooks the right leg in her grip and starts twisting the leg putting more pressure on Jenny’s knee.  The yanking is met with screams of pain from Jenny as her leg is mauled.

“You wanted to GO!!” screams out Bailey as she twists and yanks the leg getting more screams from Jenny as she lays face down arms splayed out in front of her as she tries to push off the carpeted floor.  The Bailey fans in the crowd immediately start cheering for her as she is now in control of the fight and making a strong comeback in the second fall.  Jenny continues trying to push her hands into the floor to bridge herself up trying to escape the leg hold that Bailey has locked onto her tightly.

After several moments of struggling to push free, Jenny collapses to her chest on the floor and cries out in pain again as Bailey twists her leg yet again.  Bailey slides back slightly higher pinning Jenny’s low back to the floor and with one hand pulls the leg back controlling it and then raking the nails of her free hand across the inner thigh of Jenny generating another loud scream as Jenny’s sensitive skin is ripped.  Bailey snarls ”

Hurts doesn’t it bitch!!!  Give up or I will tear you apart!!!”  Jenny decides to take the better path and try to avoid further damage to her knee and her sensitive skin and cries out “I GIVE!!!”  Bailey lets the leg go and slaps her hand down on Jenny’s ass cheek with a loud WHACK sound.

“Damn right you give!!”  Bailey slides quickly to the side of the room and takes a break wanting to recover as much as possible before starting the final fall.  The officiator steps in calling out “2nd fall to Bailey by submission.  The match is now tied at one fall apiece.  The last fall will decide our East Coast Club Champion.”

Jenny rolls over and sits up and massages her knee.  After a few moments she climbs to her feet and tests the knee putting her weight on it.  She limps around a bit as she appears to be feeling the effects of the events during the 2nd fall.  The two fighters eye one another as the rest period begins to wind down.  Several people in the crowd begin chanting “BAILEY BAILEY BAILEY” and a second group begins chanting equally forcefully “JENNY JENNY JENNY”.  The crowd knowing the champion is about to be crowned and the excitement builds.  Both fighters pick up on the energy of the crowd and wave to the fans.

The officiator lets the rest period go slightly long as the crowd is working itself up.  Finally, the officiator calls out “THIRD FALL — FIGHT!!!”  Neither fighter is in a hurry to go after the other as the fall gets underway.  Both cautious now knowing one wrong move can spell the end.  Bailey eyes each movement from Jenny as she tries to assess the condition of her knee.  The two end up getting close enough that Bailey reaches out grabbing Jenny by the arm and they immediately lock hands and being to grapple.  “You’re mine” Bailey hisses out and Jenny responds “I’ll crush you bitch” as they struggle for control.

The two fighters stagger a bit as they push and pull at their opponent engaged in a dance as they struggle for control of the other.  The fight moves across the floor with neither able to assert themselves over the other.  Bailey pushing hard hoping Jenny’s sore knee will allow her the edge she needs to take control.  Jenny’s mouth open wide as she sucks air in and out while they carry on.  Her conditioning potentially becoming an issue as Bailey is clearly in better cardiovascular shape than her opponent.

The struggle continuing for several minutes before Jenny makes a sudden move yanking free and sliding back only to then launch several punches at Bailey trying to catch her off guard.  The fight now turning to something of a boxing match as each surveys the other and throws punches looking for openings.  Jenny’s first punch lands on Bailey’s right tit mashing it and getting a yelp of pain.  Bailey backs away and the look on her face clearly shows how hard she was hit.

The jabbing and punching picking up pace as both try to inflict pain on the other.  Bailey lands a hard punch on Jenny’s ribs in one exchange that forces Jenny to double over slightly.   Before Bailey can take advantage Jenny is able to slide back a bit and get her defenses back up.  After several minutes of fighting the two separate a bit with both looking a bit winded.

Jenny barks out “Give up you skinny bitch before I break you!”  Bailey laughs at her “You look tired slob.  You’re not gonna make it the distance!”

Bailey decides to up the pace now and try to finish off Jenny with a flurry of activity.  She closes the distance and starts throwing punches at Jenny.  Jenny responds by deflecting most of the punches rather than trying to attack Bailey.  A hard punch hits Jenny in the belly again causing her to double up.

Bailey steps in close and before she can slam a shot to the back of her opponent, Jenny takes advantage of Bailey’s proximity and jabs a punch into Bailey’s crotch.  Bailey’s hands drop onto Jenny’s back and her mouth opens.  The look of shock and pain on her face clear for the camera as she leans over the top of Jenny now grabbing hold.

Jenny follows up the first punch by reaching around Bailey’s hips and holding on tightly and then slamming another punch to Bailey’s exposed crotch before she can react.  Bailey screams out in pain and Jenny wraps her arms around her lifting up hoisting Bailey onto her shoulder with her ass pointed up into the air.  Bailey’s leaning over Jenny conveniently setting up the lift.

Bailey reaches down and grabs Jenny by the bikini bottoms as she is held over Jenny’s back.  Jenny doesn’t hold her there for long as she suddenly lunges backward her body crashing down to the floor driving Bailey into the floor under her.  They hit the floor with a huge CRASH as Bailey takes the full force of the fall on her back.  She lays motionless under Jenny as Jenny sits up and pulls her leg across Bailey’s body to sit atop her chest.

Bailey’s legs move slowly as her head rolls to the side.  Jenny raises both hands over her head in a victory pose as she sits atop Bailey’s chest.  “She’s done!” Jenny calls out.  The officiator looks in and sees Bailey is still conscious and calls out “Fight on!” as the crowd is in an uproar over the wild turn of events in the 3rd fall.

Rather than ask Bailey to submit, Jenny reaches back and snaps her bikini top off exposing her bare breasts to the crowd and the camera.  Bailey looks to be out of it as she doesn’t even respond to Jenny’s efforts.  Jenny starts bouncing up and down driving her ass into Bailey’s chest with each shove downward.

“You done yet bitch!” she screams and Bailey doesn’t respond other than to moan out loudly and gasp in pain with each ass slam to her body.  Jenny stops her bouncing, obviously winded, and takes a moment to catch her breath.

Bailey continues to moan out in pain and Jenny snarls “You gotta say it!” and then snaps off a hard slap to Bailey’s face.  UNNNHHHH is the only response to the slap.  Bailey’s lack of response frustrates Jenny and she climbs up dragging Bailey by her hair across the floor several feet before flinging her into the wall.  Bailey crashes down in a heap face to the floor.  Jenny hooks both her arms pulling them over her head as she kneels jamming a knee into the back of Bailey’s neck trapping her to the floor.

“This shit is fucking over!” Jenny yells out as she starts using Bailey’s top to tie her hands together.  “You need to just say it!” she growls angrily not getting a response from Bailey.  Bailey doesn’t resist as her hands are tied together with her own bikini top.  Jenny drags her up off the floor and pins her to the wall holding her two hands with one of her own as Bailey is helpless to resist.

Jenny starts slamming punches into Bailey’s chest and belly one after the other.  Each getting a loud OOOOHHFFFFF or groan from Bailey.  Her head slumped as she is propped up by Jenny, Bailey finally groans out “no more” as Jenny holds her up.  Jenny punches her again in the chest mashing her tit flat getting a scream from Bailey.

“What was that bitch?” she demands.  Bailey moans out “you win no more” as her head hangs.  A tired Jenny raises her knee into Bailey’s crotch in one last shot as she lets her go allowing Bailey to crash to the ground.  Her hands tied together she is unable to break her fall as she collapses to the floor on her face.

The officiator steps in announcing “the winner of the 3rd and final fall is Jennyyyyyy!!!! The new East Coast Club Champion.”  Jenny raises her hands over her head in celebration at winning the East Coast Club Champion title and slowly walks to her changing room.  The fight having exhausted her.  For several long moments Bailey remained flat on the floor unmoving.  The officiator steps over to her and unties her hands checking her to see if she was conscious.  He motions for help to come out to the floor and two Club staff members carry Bailey off to her dressing room to be checked by the Club’s physician.