Apartment Wrestling Match No. 22 – Britta versus Sukara

This is the twenty-second match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Manilla.  The participants are:

Sukara (5’5 121 pounds 21 y/o) lives in Singapore.  Sukara works as a masseuse at a prominent club that caters to the wealthy.  She is also rumored to be the girlfriend (mistress) of a very wealthy business figure in Singapore.  Sukara has very strong hands thanks to her career and spends a significant amount of time in the gym at the club ensuring she stays in good shape.  Sukara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I must win to keep my status at the club.  It is very important to me that nothing stand in my way.  No one will take away what I have.”


Britta (5’8 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives a few hours from Brisbane Australia on the coast.  Britta is a social worker working for a charitable organization.  She is a big surfer and outdoors fanatic.  She hikes, bikes, and gets her exercise outside.  Britta’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My conditioning is great.  I’m strong and athletic.  I won’t tolerate another woman thinking she is better than me.   I am a mean fighter and this won’t be the first time I have fought another woman to show who is dominant.”


Both girls arrive at the club’s fight location in Manilla in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Britta changes into her hot pink bikini top and bottoms which provides a nice contrast with her nicely tanned complexion.  Her beautiful blue eyes and dirty blonde hair highlight her appearance as she prepares for the fight.  Britta is in great condition and she is confident as she prepares to battle the slightly smaller Asian girl.  At the signal, she heads to the interview room to watch Sukara’s interview video.  “Did they bring me a prostitute to fight tonight?  I’m ready for her.  I expect nothing less than a nasty bitch fight with her.  She is going to see just how nasty of a bitch I really am.”

Sukara changes into her blue and white striped bikini which shows off her full breasts. Her light toned skin blending with the tones of her bikini raising questions about the wisdom of the particular color choice she made.  As Sukara prepares for the fight, the strength in her body evident.  She is full figured and stronger than most give her credit.  She has been working out in anticipation of taking on the Australian beauty.  She watches the video of Britta and frowns deeply.  “I don’t like her.  She is over the top full of herself.  Girls like her are always trying to take what is mine.  Does she think life in my home is soft?  I will show her what mean really is before this all finished tonight.  No one takes from me.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Britta and Sukara.  “My oh my this is going to be awesome tonight.  They both seem very angry and willing to really hurt each other.  I would normally go with the girl with the rougher background in a mean ass bitch fight.  But something about Britta draws me to her tonight.  I think this one is a short fight and I think Britta comes out the winner.  But I expect her to take some punishment doing so.”  The second commentator begins “I can’t agree with you on this one tonight.  Sukara looks strong and she looks nasty.  I think Britta is going to learn all about what happens when you take on a mean and nasty girl.  I look for Britta to get her ass handed to her tonight.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a large open space for the fighters with some chairs along the outer edges of the room.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both wearing grim expressions simply nod their head in agreement and say nothing.  The atmosphere quiet and intense as both fighters stare at the other.  The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

At the command to begin, both fighters rush the other and they collide like two trains in the middle of the room.  Sukara going straight for Britta’s face with both hands grabbing for her.  Britta’s hands going for Sukara’s hands trying to tie them up.

The two crash together and Britta grabs one of Sukara’s hands as they collide and at the same time launches a knee to the body of Sukara.  The other of Sukara’s hands lands squarely on Britta’s face and Sukara grips Britta’s face in a claw hold shoving her hand straight forward.  The knee causes Sukara to groan out, but Britta is unable to follow up as the hand to the face works like a straight arm driving her off balance.

Britta, with her knee in the air and her upper body pushed back is unable to keep her balance and she immediately falls off balance to the floor.  Her hand on Sukara’s one arm gripping tightly and she pulls Sukara with her to the floor pulling her down atop her knee as they crash down to the floor.  Both let out a large gasp as Britta lands on her back and Sukara takes another knee to her body as she lands on Britta.  Britta’s leg is pushed aside as Sukara lays atop her with her one hand still on Britta’s face.

Britta gripping the one arm tightly holding it back as she slaps with the other hand landing the hand on Sukara’s upper back.  Sukara squeezes Britta’s face again getting a scream from Britta.  Britta continues slapping with her free hand landing blows to the back and head of Sukara as Sukara continues mauling Britta’s face.  Finally, Britta screams out again and grabs for the hand on her face squeezing the wrist as she succumbs to the pain of the clawing of her face.

Britta is able to pull the hand off her face and twists her body sliding Sukara to the side.  Now Sukara’s lower body covers Britta’s legs but her upper body is pulled to the side and off balance.  The struggle for control intensifies as Britta tries to fully slide Sukara to her belly to get to her back and Sukara trying to fight back atop Britta’s upper body to pin her to the floor.  The camera catches the claw marks on Britta’s face and then shows the red marks across Sukara’s back from the slaps.   The  crowd wildly cheering as the two fight violently and at a fast and furious pace on the floor.  Both grunting and growling loudly as they struggle to gain control.

Their bodies awkwardly splayed out on the floor as their hands remain locked together in struggle.  Britta can’t get her fully rolled off of her lower body to get her next to her on her belly.  Sukara struggling hard but not making much progress at getting her upper body slid back atop Britta.

The stalemate lasts for several moments as they struggle.  Sukara maneuvers her arm near her chin and as she gets the arms close quickly dips her head down and bites Britta on the forearm.  “Bloody hell!!!!” screams out Britta as she immediately lets go of Sukara’s hand in shock from the bite to her arm.  Sukara getting the effect she wants swings that hand and lands a nasty open faced slap right to Britta’s face.

WHAAPPP!!!  The surprise of it all giving Sukara exactly what she needed to overpower and slip atop Britta now body on body as she traps the Aussie under her body.  Britta reaches up with her free hand and grabs Sukara long silky black hair and pulls down and away trying to dislodge her to the opposite side.

Sukara keeping the one arm pinned to the floor uses her free hand sliding it up and shoving it under Britta’s chin into a choke position.  As Britta pulls the hair Sukara rolls with the pull slightly and buries her shoulder over the top of the arm pulling her hair effectively pinning it to the floor with her body.  Britta quickly realizes the error of her move as Sukara locks her strong fingers on her neck and begins to squeeze throttling her opponent.  Britta tries to kick her feet and push up off the floor and Sukara is able to initially ride out the first set of thrashing shoves while firmly squeezing Britta’s throat.

ACKKKKKKK flies out of Britta’s open mouth as Sukara punishes her for the moment.  Britta’s thrashing finally allows her to twist her lower body and roll Sukara off to her side now freeing up her arm pinned under Sukara’s shoulder.  Sukara tries to maintain the choke hold on Britta while Britta pulls her now free hand off of Sukara’s hair and jabs her open hand into Sukara’s face shoving her head and neck back bending it.  The pressure on her neck finally forces Sukara to let go of the choke.  As she does Britta lets go and suddenly rolls free moving to her knees facing Sukara.  Sukara springs to her knees and both fighters grab the others hands and begin shoving and pulling trying to gain control of the fight.

The hand fighting on their knees turns into both fighters chest to chest mashed into one another as the battle turns to a test of strength.  Britta pulls a hand free and grabs Sukara’s  hair from the back trying to pull down and use the hair to leverage a win in the test of strength.  Sukara’s one hand now also free and she hooks the arm out to the side and then jams a punch into Britta’s ribcage right under the arm she is using to pull on Sukara’s hair.  The punch doesn’t have much force and Sukara’s head is slowly pulled back as Britta gains ground using the hair pulling to work towards overtaking the Malaysian girl.

The camera zooms in to view Sukara’s facial expression as she scrunches her face into a portrait of pain and anger as Britta grinds at her hair.  Panning to Britta shows an intense and focused face as her lips are tightly pressed together as she pours on as much pressure as she can.  Britta sensing that she is about to take Sukara to her back yells out

“YYYYAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!”  The final shove allowing Britta to force Sukara over to the floor on her back.  The pressure of the hair pulling now ceasing as Sukara’s head is flat on the floor and no longer subject to being bent back.  Body to body now with Britta atop Sukara.  Sukara pulls her legs around one of Britta’s to immobilize her and prevent Britta from getting atop her any further.  Both girls have the one hand firmly locked on their opponents hand.  Sukara’s free hand now switches to reaching under Britta outstretched arm and finds her armpit.

As Britta pulls her hair, Sukara suddenly digs her fingers into the exposed armpit of Britta and clutches tightly on the edge of her muscle.  Her strong fingers tearing into the tensed muscle and ripping at it as Britta suddenly screams out in agony as she lets go of Sukara’s hair and pulls the arm downward trying to force Sukara to lose her grip on the muscle under her arm.

Britta’s sudden pulling of her arm downward allows Sukara to push hard and roll towards that arm and she rolls Britta off of her and to her side.  Pushing again, Sukara rolls herself atop Britta as she lets go of the grip on Britta’s muscle.  The hold having had Britta yelping in pain as they switch positions on the floor.

Sukara keeps her grip on the one arm and immediately grabs Britta’s other arm as she pins both arms to the floor.  Britta squirms under her but her efforts get her nowhere as she is being overpowered by her Asian foe.

“You mine now!!” Sukara hisses as she pins Britta to the floor.  Britta starts to pant out a response but Sukara lifts her body up and drops herself back down onto Britta causing her response to be cut off and turned into a HHHHUNNNHHH sounds as Sukara drives the wind from Britta.  The Aussie now looking a bit out of sorts as Sukara continues lifting and dropping her body weight down atop her.

“You all done!!!” Sukara snarls after dropping herself into Britta four or five times in succession.  Britta gasping and moaning as she can’t escape Sukara’s pin hold and is taking a pounding.  Sukara slides her legs to the side and swings them over Britta’s arm trapping it with her legs as she swivels into a cross body pin hold on Britta.  Now Sukara has Britta’s one arm trapped by her legs and the other trapped with her one hand.  The pin hold leaving Sukara a free hand and she uses it to reach down and start grabbing and mashing Britta’s small breasts.  Britta screams out in pain as Sukara mercilessly mauls her chest.

“Who is a mean bitch now?  Huh bitch?  Who you calling a prostitute?  Huh?  You pay now!!!” Sukara spits out in a stream of angry jabs at Britta as she works over her chest.  Britta is absolutely stuck in Sukara’s pin hold and is helpless to protect herself.  The fight totally drained from her now Britta is simply being tortured by Sukara.

Britta mumbles out “please…please stop” as Sukara uses her strong hand to squeeze and mash Britta’s chest.  “What you say?  You want me to not hurt you any more?” hisses out Sukara as she lets go of Britta’s chest and then starts raking her nails across Britta’s belly leaving claw marks across her smooth skin.  AAAIIIEEEEOOOWWWW screams out Britta.

“I give please please stop I give” she pleads.  Sukara laughs now at the helpless Britta as she pleads for Sukara to stop.  “I don’t hear the same tough talk now do I bitch!” Sukara growls.  Sukara switches arms and swivels her body weight so she can use the other hand now as she mashes Britta’s face between her fingers.

“You need me to fix your pretty face for you?” Sukara taunts as she generates another series of screams from Britta.  “please no please stop whatever you want anything just please stop” screams out Britta.  Tears running freely down her face now as she is totally broken now.  Her will to fight gone.  Her dignity having slipped away.  Britta is reduced to a sobbing and begging mess as Sukara tortures her body.

The officiator recognizing the fight is going too far steps forward and taps on Sukara’s shoulder.  “THE WINNER —- SUKARA!!!” The officiator pauses a brief moment then pulls Sukara off of Britta.  “It’s over now.”  Sukara raises her hands as Britta lies in a ball on the floor.  Before strutting out of the room, Sukara lashes back with her foot kicking Britta in the back.

“You worthless bitch!!!” she screams as she departs.  Britta lies on the floor crying as she curls up into a ball.  She is escorted to her changing room by the officiator of the fight as the room darkens.