Apartment Wrestling Match No. 28 – Molly versus Monique

This is the twenty-eighth in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in St. Louis.  The participants are:

Molly (5’10 138 pounds 19 y/o) is from a small town in Indiana.  She is going to college in the Chicago area and plays volleyball.  Her friends convinced her to participate in a fundraiser oil wrestling match and she caught the bug.  Her competitive nature drives her to be a winner.  Molly’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Look at me!  I’m in great shape.  I’m strong from my legs to my core to my arms.  I will dominate the Apartment scene!”  Beat Hannah and then lost to Jenny.


Monique (5’7 135 pounds 27 y/o) lives just outside of New York City.  Monique manages a small retail business .  During her days in college she played on the basketball team before hurting her knee seriously enough she had to give up the game.   She is solidly built but is softer now than when she was younger.  Monique’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I go all out in everything I do.  I have always been a winner and this won’t be any different for me.”  Lost last fight to Jenny.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a spacious living area in a local area residents home.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Monique is preparing for the fight in her own room nearby.  She changes into her animal print bikini which she things highlights her coloring and physique.  Monique’s hair is kinky and wild as the tight curls make her hair stand out.  She is a bit nervous knowing that she needs to have a better outcome for this match up.  She heads over to be interviewed and watches the materials on Molly.  “I like my chances tonight.  She is tall and skinny.  I will push her around and overwhelm her.  Tonight you get to see what I can really do.”

Molly changes into a pink string bikini which stands out in a nice contrast to her naturally pale skin color.  As she prepares for the fight, Molly appears to be very intense and serious.  She works hard to stretch and warm up prior to her interview.  Molly gives off the appearance that she has been hitting the gym hard.  Her auburn hair hanging loose as it dangles down her back and over the tops of her chest.  She heads off to be interviewed and watches the video of Monique.  “Just seeing Jenny pisses me off.  I’m going to crush this girl so I can get that rematch.  Jenny is a bitch and she is going to pay.  So I’ll be pretending Monique is Jenny just to make sure I get that chance.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Molly and Monique.  “Tonigh’t match is brought to us by the letter M.  I do love M.  On a serious note, this should be entertaining.  I think Monique is better than people give her credit for.  I also think Molly is on a mission.  I give her the advantage.  I do think it will be a good match though.”  The second commentator begins “I hope you’re right.  The last few matches have turned out to be total mismatches.  They have been fun to watch, but just a bit too one-sided.  I think Molly wins, but she is going to have to earn it.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a large open space for the fighters with some limited seating along the outer edges of the room.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Molly simply nods.  Her face expressionless as she waits for the match to start.  Monique equally silent.  Her eyes locked on Molly’s as they stare each other down.  The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to begin given, both fighters move across the room towards the middle of the floor.  Both looking serious as they approach the other.

Molly reaches out with a quick flick of her hand and grabs Monique by the wrist.  Monique steps forward and goes to grab Molly’s hair with the other arm.  Just as she gets her hand up onto Molly’s head, Molly drives her free hand into Monique’s belly with a hard punch.  Monique grunts and pulls down on Molly’s hair trying to force her downwards.  Molly lands a second punch to Monique’s body and she immediately releases the hair and grabs for Molly’s arm.  Monique’s mouth open as she gasps showing the effect of the two hard body shots she took from Molly.

The two fighters standing body to body as they struggle for control.  Their arms moving side to side and finally up into the air as they go over their heads while each works to overpower the other.  Monique holding her own, but appearing to be losing the test of strength to Molly as they shuffle their feet and push and pull the other.  As Monqiue gives a bit of ground, Molly suddenly stops pushing and steps back just enough to create separation to allow her to lift her leg up and jam her knee into Monique’s belly.  OOOOOOHHHHH comes flying out of Monique’s mouth as she takes yet another shot to her body.

Molly yanks hard on the arms flinging Monique to the floor as she gasps from the shot to her body.  “Get up and fight me!” Molly screams at her as she goes down.  With one hand clutching her belly, Monique pushes up to her knees getting up off the floor as Molly circles her.  “That’s right you can do it just get up!” taunts Molly.  Monique gets to her feet and steps back making sure there is separation between her and Molly.  The look on Monique’s face showing anger and frustration as Molly is trying to embarrass her.

Monique suddenly rushes at Molly and launches a flurry of punches at Molly.  Molly responds with a flurry of punches of her own rather than try to block Monique’s efforts.  The wild exchange lasts for about 30 seconds with both fighters landing punches on the other fighters’ body.  Monique lands several punches on Molly’s chest mashing her large soft breasts as Molly mainly lands her punches on Monqiue’s belly and ribs as she slowly tries to pound the breath out of her opponent.  The flurry of punching ends up with both fighters almost body to body and Monique reaches out grabbing Molly and pulling her in close enough neither can effectively punch the other.

Molly wraps her arms around Monique as well and both squeeze the other in a form of clinch that looks like a very rudimentary bear hug.  Monique is breathing hard as they each try now to crush the other.  After a couple short moments, the taller Molly is able to push with her legs forcing Monique to stagger back.  With their bodies locked together, Monique is unable to keep her footing in the process and goes over backwards with Molly coming down atop her.  The fighter’s hit the floor hard and Monique is flattened out as Molly lands atop her.  Monique’s arms flop back to the floor and Molly lays atop her in a simple pin as she is a bit surprised by the turn of events.

Monique moaning out in pain weakly pushes her feet trying to roll Molly off of her as Molly goes back to work pinning Monique’s arms before she can try and escape her.  Molly quickly slides her body up Monique’s and sits right atop Monique’s chest locking her head between her thighs as she puts Monique into a tight face sit.  “I’m having fun are you having fun Monique” hisses Molly.  Monique doesn’t answer and Molly bounces on her chest using her ass to flatten Monique.  “Huh what was that” Molly snaps as Monique groans out with each bounce.

Molly suddenly grabs Monique’s hair and roll to the side dragging Monique with her and changes the face sit into a crushing head scissors.  As soon as Molly tightens her legs and flexes her strong thighs Monique lets out a loud wailing scream.  “Oh know that hurts doesn’t it” smirks Molly.  Molly lightens the pressure and gives a short break from the pain and then suddenly tightens a second time.  The result is the same as Monique screams out in pain.  Letting of the pressure again Molly laughs out “strong aren’t they!!”  After a very short break from the pain, Molly cranks the pressure down on her again and this time Monique screams out “GIIIVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!!” as Molly crushes her head.

Molly lets the scissor hold go and shoves Monique over onto her back.  Molly rolls atop her and pins her to the floor.  “Who is better me or Jenny???”  Monique looking up at her gets a puzzled look on her face as she seems confused by the question.  Molly smiles and lunges down shoving both her large tits over Monique’s face and smothers her beaten foe.  Shaking a bit side to side Molly then raises up over her again.  Monique gasps for air as she is freed from the smother.  “Focus now.  Who is the better fighter me or Jenny??”  Monique now ready quickly gasps out “You!!”  Molly shoves her chest down again onto Monique’s face cutting off her air as she smothers her again.  After a few seconds she raises up.  “Good answer!!”

Molly pushes off of Monique leaving her on her back on the floor.  “I want a rematch with Jenny immediately” she screams out to the crowd.  Rather than remain in the room, Molly strides immediately out to her changing room leaving the crowd buzzing about how she quickly devastated Monique.