Apartment Wrestling Match No. 31 Bao versus Yuki

This is the thirty-first fight in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Seoul.  The participants are:

Yuki (5’3 110 pounds 26 y/o) lives outside of Tokyo.  Yuki is a software engineer at a manufacturing company.  In her spare time, Yuki takes courses in self-defense and plays video games.  Yuki is finds the idea of moving from fighting games to fighting other women to be incredibly exciting.  Yuki’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “The fighting game is an exciting one and I am dedicated to mastering it.  I have studied the sport and can apply my precision skill to making sure I am the one that wins the fights.”  This is her first fight.


Bao (5’3 109 pounds 25 y/o) lives near Hong Kong.  Bao is a former gymnast and currently is the wife of a Chinese government official.  She loves to compete still and works out regularly in her studio.  She is extremely strong and well-conditioned.  Bao’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My body is just as strong now as it ever was.  I work hard at staying flexible and powerful.  I will crush opponents in a fight like I crushed opponents in competitions when I was younger.”  Bao won her first fight with Glenna.


Both girls arrive at the club’s fight location in Seoul in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements, their opponent going through a short series of stretches, and footage of their prior fights along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Yuki changes into her light blue bikini top and bottoms.  The bikini giving her good coverage of her body and providing a nice contrast to her light toned complexion.  She is confident as she gets ready to fight her opponent from China.  Tonight is her first match, but she isn’t showing any signs of nervousness or anxiety.  After getting dressed she goes to give her interview and to watch the video materials about Bao.  “This will be exciting.  She will be a good opponent.  I like how she is able to fight.  My skills will be too much for her.  I will be stronger and more capable.  She will be the loser.  No way she can win over me.”

Bao changes into a green bikini which shows off her full breasts.  She has continued to work out and stay in great shape after her match with Glenna.  As she stretches and prepares her muscle tone is shown off nicely.  She watches the video of Yuki’s interview segment and smiles broadly.  “This girl thinks that Apartment Wrestling is a science.  That’s very funny.  Just because she likes to do math problems doesn’t make her a fighter.  She will be finished quickly and painfully.  I can’t wait to beat and embarass.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Bao and Yuki.  “This is a tough one to predict.  I like the mannerisms and attitude of Yuki.  At the same time, Bao has proven she can win on the rug.  I’m going with her experience to be the difference tonight.  Bao wins, but it could go either way.”  The second commentator begins “New girl to win it tonight.  Yuki has the it factor.  Bao is strong, but she won a fight with a girl that has lost a couple times now.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a an open space for the fighters with a couch and some chairs scattered in various places in the room.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  ” We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Bao simply nods her head yes and stares at Yuki with a blank emotionless stare.  Yuki winks at Bao before saying “yes I am ready to get my first victory with the Club.”  The crowd is mostly on its feet as they all try to get a good look at the stare down in the center of the room.  Everyone knows that a win for Bao puts her in a good spot to fight for the championship of the Pacific.  The officiator sends them both to the sides of the room and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

At the command to begin both girls slowly approach the center of the room.  Neither seems to be in a big hurry to rush into a fight with the other.  Once they get within reach of the other, Yuki reaches out trying to convince Bao to engage her in a test of strength.  Yuki with one hand extended calls out “come on what are you afraid of” as Bao hesitates to grip the hand.  Bao after a slight hesitation extends her one hand out reaching for Yuki’s extended hand.

Just as Bao reaches out Yuki strikes shooting her other hand across and grabbing Bao’s one arm with both of hers and immediately twists Bao’s wrist and spins to the side twisting the whole arm as well.  Bao grunts out in pain as she is forced to lean over slightly to ease the pain of the hold.  “Cheat” hisses out Bao as she is momentarily controlled by Yuki.

Yuki, showing that she has studied some wrestling skills, turns and rolls the arm up behind Bao switching the hold to a crude hammerlock as she shoves the hand up Bao’s back.  Bao is pulled upright and grunts again as Yuki is so far making her look bad in the early moments.  Before Bao can respond to the shift of position, Yuki drops a hand down Bao’s back and grabs her bikini bottoms and yanks up sharply driving a wedgie into Bao.  Bao lets out a yelp of pain as the fabric of her bikini bottoms suddenly turns into a thong instead.

Yuki’s wedgie attack allows Bao to twist her body and pull her arm free of Yuki’s grip breaking the arm hold.  As Bao pulls away, Yuki is forced to release her hold on the bikini bottoms causing the material to snap back into Bao generating a short yelp of pain from being snapped by her own fabric.

Bao’s next move after stepping forward and away is to spin and drive in towards Yuki.  The sudden attack catching Yuki off guard as Bao bangs into Yuki body to body and grabs her by the hair.  Yuki reacts and reaches for Bao’s hair, but she is too slow as Bao yanks her forward pulling her into a quick face lock type hold.  Using Yuki’s hair, Bao pulls her head into her side and wraps her arm around her neck squeezing tightly.

Yuki thrashes her in her grip as it appears Bao might even have a bit of a choke hold on Yuki at this juncture.  Yuki grabs Bao around the upper legs and tries to push herself free of the hold to no avail at first.  Bao, able to look right down Yuki’s back quickly pulls a hand free of Yuki’s neck and swings an arching slap landing the blow right on Yuki’s lower back and upper ass.  The slap landing hard on flesh echoes WHACK!!! throughout the room and Yuki lets out a muffled yelp of pain.

Bao isn’t done yet though as she then grabs the bikini bottoms and yanks on them pulling a wedgie up into Yuki as she returns the favor.  Bao’s efforts with her one hand on the bikini bottoms leaves her unable to hold onto her face lock hold.

The distraction allows Yuki to suddenly pull her head free and lunge upward breaking Bao’s grip on her bikini bottoms.  Bao’s one arm is draped over the shoulder of Yuki and out of play now as Yuki is up under Bao’s defenses.  As she rises up Yuki jabs several quick and hard punches into Bao’s ribcage.  The punches land with solid THUMP sounds as Bao wraps her arm around Yuki’s head grabbing her by her silky hair.  Yuki continues trying to keep her head down and tucked in close to Bao’s body, but the hair grip allows Bao to pull her head back forcing her to look up somewhat.

Yuki jabs her fingers into Bao’s armpit raking at her soft skin which generates a loud scream of pain from Bao.  Bao ignores the attacks and shoves her other hand into Yuki’s face mashing her hand into Yuki as she claws Yuki’s exposed face.  The clawing generates a scream of pain from Yuki as Bao mauls her face.

The hand in the face forces Yuki to drop her hand off of the attack on Bao and grab for Bao’s hand on her face.  The shift by Yuki allows her to momentarily pull the hand off her face, but she is forced to use both hands to protect herself.  Bao steps into Yuki using her body to shove her at the same time she yanks down on the hair.

The move by Bao takes Yuki to the ground as Bao lets go of the hair as she tosses her opponent to the floor.  Yuki is unable to break her fall and hits the floor hard landing on her back with a loud THUD.  Bao immediately follows up her advantage with the partly stunned Yuki by dropping down and planting a knee right in Yuki’s chest.  Yuki lets out a groan as the wind is forced from her by the hard knee to the chest not to mention how it mashes it small right breast flat.

Bao slides her knee up into the upper chest/neck area pinning one of Yuki’s arms and her body to the floor.  With Yuki struggling for air and pinned down, Bao slams her fist into Yuki’s belly several times with each blow causing Yuki to gasp out in pain.  “You ready to give up now?” snarls Bao as she controls Yuki for the moment.

Yuki reaches up and grabs Bao by the hair with both hands and yanks her head downward pulling her off balance.  The tug effectively toppling Bao off of Yuki and to the floor.  With Bao caught out of position, Yuki is able to yank her to the floor and end up behind her as both lay on their sides on the floor.  Yuki quickly slips her arms around Bao’s neck and begins to choke her.

Bao’s first reaction is to reach up and try to pull the arm from around her neck as she gasps and chokes for air.  Digging her nails into Yuki’s arm, Bao claws and pulls trying to free her neck.  Yuki grunts from the pain of the clawing of her arm, but stubbornly holds onto the choke hold.

Using just one hand to choke Bao, Yuki reaches around and rakes her nails across Bao’s chest.  Having learned now from Bao that it isn’t just about locking on a good hold, Yuki goes for some extra pain infliction as her claws dig into Bao.  Yuki’s move gets a scream of pain from Bao, but also costs her the choke hold as Bao is able to pull the arm off her neck.

With Bao’s neck freed from the choke, Yuki quickly grabs her around the chest holding on with one hand and the other ends up in Bao’s hair.  The goal for Yuki is to make sure Bao doesn’t slip away and to stay on her backside.  Bao instead goes the other way and rolls Yuki to her back as she lays atop her on her back facing up.  Yuki struggles to find a good grip as Bao is now laying atop her rather than beside her.  Bao tries to twist but the grip around her chest and on her hair prevents her from spinning atop Yuki.

For the moment, Yuki manages to keep Bao from turning over atop her.  With her hand around Bao’s chest, Yuki grips onto the only thing she can to keep control of Bao which is her bikini top.  At the same time, Bao changes her approach and lifts her ass off of Yuki and drops back down into the Japanese girl’s body.  Yuki lets out a groan as Bao drops her weight onto her.  Yuki pulls trying to twist Bao to the side and stay behind her but only manages to rip her bikini top off of her body instead of moving the whole package.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Bao shoves up with her feet and crashes back down again into Yuki with even more force than the first time.  Yuki gasps out from the impact as she paws at Bao’s body with the free arm.  The shots to her body taking the steam out of her efforts.  Bao rolls slightly to the side as she spins her body around to go face to face with Yuki who is still sprawled out on her back on the floor.  Yuki, gasping for breath, tries to shove Bao to the side to prevent her from pinning her to the floor.  The effort fails as Bao gets turned into Yuki and drives her body down pinning her opponent.

Yuki moans out as Bao grabs both arms and shoves them roughly to the floor.  Yuki’s resistance now minimal as she struggles to breath underneath Bao.  Showing off her quickness, Bao pushes her body up and in an instant straddles Yuki sliding her body up and atop Yuki’s chest.  Getting herself firmly atop Yuki, Bao slips the arms under her knees before Yuki can react or try to force her way free.

With both arms pinned under her knees, Bao begins to mercilessly slap Yuki’s face repeatedly.  “You fucking give now don’t  you!!” screams Bao as she punishes Yuki.  Yuki tries to kick free, but her body doesn’t have the strength at this point to move Bao off of her chest.  The effort does cause Bao to stop slapping Yuki as she uses her arms to avoid being toppled off of Yuki.

Sliding her body all the way up Yuki’s Bao slips her legs around Yuki’s head putting her in a tight face sitting hold as Yuki’s legs thrash behind Bao.  “Give up to me NOW!!!” screams Bao as she rides atop Yuki.  Realizing that she can’t force Bao off of her, Yuki screams out “I GIVE!!!”

Bao raises her ass slightly and drops it down onto Yuki’s chest forcing her to groan out UHHNNNNN.  Bao slips to her feet grabbing Yuki’s bikini top and ripping it off of her as she lays there on the floor gasping and panting for air.  “That evens things up now bitch!!” snaps Bao as she shoves her foot into Yuki’s face before walking off the mat holding Yuki’s top up for the crowd to view.