Apartment Wrestling Match No. 32 Callie versus Rebecca Title Match

This is the thirty-second fight in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Los Angeles.  The participants are:

Rebecca (5’6 135 pounds 23 y/o) is a recent graduate of the U of A.  She moved to southern California to take a job as a nurse in a local hospital.  She lives a somewhat active lifestyle.  Played sports in high school, but not at the college level.  She believes she is strong and has been working on her cardio in anticipation of participating in the Club’s fight scene.  So far Rebecca seems to be a fighter that likes to brawl a bit.  She is starting to be known for her confident attitude and intensity in a fight.  Rebecca’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong and have been an athlete all my life.  I have never backed down to a challenge in my life and I don’t expect to start now.”  So far Rebecca has beaten Raine and Tracey and lost to Callie.


Callie (5’4 125 pounds 26 y/o) is from northern California.  She works as a middle school teacher and coaches the girls track team.  She has been a runner all her life and runs marathons as a hobby (26 miles).  One of her strengths appears to be her confidence in herself and her ability to compete in the Apartment Wrestling scene.  Callie has shown a real mean streak as a fighter and enjoys hurting and humiliating her opponents.  The rules don’t seem to matter anytime Callie is involved in a match.  Callie’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I have great stamina.  I can outlast anyone I face.  I don’t lose.  I do whatever it takes to win.  I will be the winner.”  So far Callie has beaten Rebecca, Summer and Suzette.  Callie is currently the West Coast Club Champion.


The fight tonight has been widely anticipated in the Apartment Wrestling Club fan base.  Following their fight (the first ever Club match), both girls have gone on to be very successful in their matches.  Rebecca’s only loss in Club matches has come at the hands of Callie during that first fight.  Callie is currently 3-0 and the West Coast Club Champion and Rebecca is 2-1.  The match tonight will be for the title and will be Callie’s first defense of the title after having won it.  The fight will have absolutely no rules and will be a best of 3 falls match unless one fighter is knocked out or simply quits the fight early.

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s prior fights, measurements, their opponent going through a short series of stretches along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Rebecca changes into her green bikini for the fight and pulls her long dark hair back into a pony tail and carefully adjusts her headband just above her forehead to keep any stray hair out of her way.  Rebecca spends a few minutes stretching and generally loosening up.  Her body language showing she is worked up and excited about the match.  After stretching, Rebecca paces the room appearing to burn off some nervous energy.  After some time, she is called to another room for a short interview.  Before the camera crew can even start the interview, Rebecca snarls “Fuck that bitch.  Tonight is the end of her.  I’ve been waiting to get this rematch and she has avoided me too long already.  She cheated during our first match and that’s the only reason she was able to win.  No rules tonight.  No chance she gets over again.  I whipped her ass good in the hallway a few weeks ago and she needed to be saved from me that night.  Tonight no one can save that bitch.  She is getting what’s coming to her now.”

In a room separated from Rebecca, Callie is changing into her yellow thong and black bikini top.  Callie pulls her long dirty blond hair into a simple pony tail as she prepares for the fight.  The camera picks up on Callie’s facial expressions and she appears intense and angry.  After getting her hair and bikini taken care of, Callie begins a detailed set of stretches and warm-up moves for the match.  Her body appears to be in great shape as she works across the room.  She is called out for an interview and forces the camera crew to wait while she completes her warm-up routine.  “I kicked her ass last time we fought in a match.  Tonight is going to be more of the same.  Her whining and crying shouldn’t make it so she gets to fight me again.  And that bullshit of attacking me in the hallway is crap.  She is getting hurt tonight.  It’s payback time.  No way she gets my title.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Rebecca and Callie.  “Now this is going to be a classic.  Rebecca really has wanted a shot at Callie again ever since that first ever fight.  And after that little ambush in Vegas its mutual.  Someone is going to get their ass kicked tonight.  And to top all that off — a title is on the line.  I’m going with Callie tonight, but it will be a hell of a fight I think.”  The second commentator begins “Oh hell  yeah!!!  This is epic.  Rematch.  Title.  Hate and anger.  Humiliation.  This is what the Club is meant to be.  The intensity is incredible.  I think Rebecca makes a statement tonight and gets her revenge.  And the bonus is the West Coast Title.  We are all winners tonight.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight other than when a fall ends there will be a one minute rest period.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you submits two falls,  says you are done for the night, or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue or the situation is prolonged too far after a fall that occurs before the end of the fight.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.  Remember, you must follow my instructions during the fight.  If you don’t, I will end it immediately.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  “Shall we begin?”  Callie hisses “Your damn right I’m ready to crush this whore!!!”  Rebecca not to be outdone yells out “You just bring it bitch.  Tonight you get what’s coming to you!!”  The officiator of the match deciding they will hurl insults all night long simply steps back and calls out “FIGHT” as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

Surprisingly neither fighter reacts much to the command to begin the fight.  The crowd on its feet expecting a crazed and wild melee to break out begins to murmur as both girls slowly move towards the other.  The cautious approaches of both only adding to the tension of the moment.

“Your ass is done for!!” snarls Callie as they circle each other.  Rebecca hisses back at her “Bring it whore!!!”  The circle tightening as the two get closer to one another.  Finally, Callie lunges toward Rebecca and both shoot their hands up into the others as their bodies smash together.  With hands locked together, both fighters push into the other trying to overpower their opponent.

Several moments pass with both girls grunting and straining against the other as they fight for control.  The slightly larger Rebecca tries to use her size advantage to gain control of the early struggle, but Callie is able to hold her own.  With their bodies pressed tightly together and neither able to win this early test of strength, both appear to get angrier.

Callie suddenly reverses and creates a small amount of separation between their bodies, and Rebecca tries to immediately close the gap and plow into Callie again.  Callie’s effort is designed to allow her to lift a knee into Rebecca and as she steps back Callie begins to launch the knee.  Rebecca presses ahead not anticipating the attack and Callie manages to get her knee into Rebecca’s thigh rather than a more direct hit on her crotch or belly area.

The knee to the thigh causes Rebecca to grunt and stagger, but her momentum is already pushing forward as she presses into Callie.  Callie, now caught off balance from her knee strike at Rebecca is pushed over by Rebecca’s sudden plowing attack.  As Callie goes down to the floor on her back, Rebecca comes down atop her as the land in a heap.  Callie gasps out as Rebecca’s body weight mashes into her on contact with the floor.  Both fighters seemed surprised by the sudden turn of events.  Hands locked together again a short and intense struggle develops on the floor for control as Rebecca tries to stay atop Callie.

The struggle lasting only seconds as a short of breath Callie is quickly overpowered by Rebecca.  Rebecca presses her body down atop Callie’s and shoves her arms out and to the floor pinning her down in a full body pin.  Rebecca tries to lock her legs onto Callie’s to prevent her from pushing out of the pin, but Callie is already thrusting with her legs and hips trying to buck Rebecca off of her body.  The crowd on its feet with the fans of each fighter loudly cheering on their favorite.

Rebecca’s attempt to thwart Callie’s bucking move coming too late as Callie shoves hard off the floor with both feet and twists her hips.  Rebecca is quickly tossed to the side as her lower body slides off of Callie’s.  Rebecca tries to quickly slide her lower body back atop Callie’s as they struggle on the floor.  Callie is able to break her arm free of Rebecca’s grip and grab Rebecca by the hair pulling hard as they end up lying side to side on the floor now with neither atop the other.

Rebecca ignores the hair pulling and grunts out from the pain of Callie’s attack.  Rebecca instead shoves her now free hand into Callie’s face pushing back hard on her head trying to bend her neck backward.  Callie groans out in pain as her head is forced backward by Rebecca’s attack.  The move causing Callie to be rolled to her back as Rebecca immediately rolls back into her blonde adversary.  Rebecca struggles hard through Callie’s hair pull as she tries to get her whole body back atop Callie’s.

Callie, now forced to her back on the floor, pulls her legs up and around the sides of Rebecca locking them on her hips as Rebecca tries to slide her body further forward atop Callie’s.  Rebecca is now stuck with Callie’s legs draped around her hips as the fight stalemates.  The fight now reaching about 8 minutes in length as neither fighter is able to break the prolonged dead lock.

“Give up” grunts out Callie from the bottom knowing there is no way Rebecca will give up, but still hoping to rattle her with the command as she keeps her legs clasped on her hips preventing her from making any further progress.  “Fuck off!!!” pants out Rebecca as she hovers over Callie, but is unable to really take control.  The stalemate perfectly fine with Callie as they keep their hands locked and struggle for control of the fight.

Callie wiggles her lower body trying to get her legs worked higher onto Rebecca’s side to get them on her ribs instead of her hips.  The effort by Callie an attempt to go from a defensive position to one that is more offensive.  The crowd watching the fight calling out support for their fighter.  The fans getting the impression that Callie is about to submit Rebecca with the scissors.

Rebecca grunts and strains as she keeps Callie pinned to the floor.  Having overpowered Callie, Rebecca feels pretty good about the current state of affairs.  As she keeps the top position, her mind races as she works to figure out a strategy to break free of Callie’s legs and really take charge of the fight.  Knowing this prolonged stalemate isn’t doing her any favors she prepares to try an attack to break things up.

Laying under Rebecca, Callie is starting to feel frustration.  Her hated rival effectively overpowering her and pinning her to the floor taking its toll on her mental state.  Callie hisses out angrily “get your fat ass the fuck off me!!” as she strains to adjust her legs a bit more.  A smile creeps across Rebecca’s face as she hears the anger and frustration in Callie’s voice “why don’t you make me then” she growls.  The pace of the fight seemingly slow, however, both girls are perspiring heavily from the intense body to body struggled they have been engaged in for the last several minutes.

Feeling Callie trying to work her legs higher up her body, Rebecca decides is time to make her move before Callie is able to turn the tide.  As Callie wiggles her legs again, Rebecca pushes her feet off the floor causing her lower body to rise up and lift Callie’s ass off the floor about 6 or 8 inches.  Using the momentum of the movement, Rebecca drives back downward and pushes her knees towards Callie’s ass.  The force of the movement knocks Callie’s left leg free of the hip and Rebecca slides her right leg over the top of the upper thigh keeping Callie from being able to reapply the defensive scissor hold.

At the same time she gets her leg over the top of Callie’s, Rebecca rips her right hand free of Callie’s and shoots a hard slap directly to Callie’s face.  Callie screams out in pain from the sharp stinging slap as the sound of the hand on Callie’s flesh echoes through the room.  Callie tries to retaliate, but the angle from underneath Rebecca only allows her hand to slap Rebecca in the upper body as the sound of flesh being slapped reverberates through the crowd.

The sudden flash of action ignites the crowd into a frenzy of cheering as Rebecca releases Callie’s other hand and starts swinging hard slaps with both hands.  Callie does the same as the two land multiple slaps on the other.  The sounds of flesh being slapped and yelps of pain from both girls fills the room as the pace and intensity ratchets up.  “You whore” screams Callie as they slap away at each other.  Rebecca responds with “you’re fucking done for bitch!!!”

The pace of the action causing both fighters to gasp for air as they fight like wildcats.  They both are taking some serious pain as neither takes the time or effort to defend themselves.   The wild skirmish lasting for over a minute as Callie seems to be getting the worst of things do to her position under Rebecca.

After landing a slap, Callie grabs Rebecca’s hair and yanks to her left as she pushes off with her right foot on the floor.  The sudden twist and yank causes Rebecca to fall off her right as she lands off to the left of Callie and rolls over from the momentum.  Instead of following her, Callie rolls the opposite direction creating separation between the two of them.

Taking advantage of the separation, both fighters make their way to their feet.  The excited crowd quieting down a bit as both girls get to their feet and face the other.  The fight having been going for about 13 minutes now so both girls are looking a little ragged.  Neither are in a big hurry to re-engage the other at this point.

Callie standing in the middle of the room, adjusts her bikini top and resituates her firm and full breasts.  Her body glistening with a light coating of perspiration and her hair slightly damp and out of sorts from the action.  Reaching up and pulling on the ponytail, she tightens up her hair and gets things more or less back into place.  All the while she breathes deeply and steadily as she gets her breath fully under control.  Her workouts and running helping her greatly in this regard.  Her body showing the effects of the fight so far as she appears to have gotten the worst of the fight to this point.  The good news for Callie is that nothing so far has been designed to force a submission.

Standing about 15 feet away and closer to the wall, Rebecca takes a similar moment to gather herself.  Just like her opponent, Rebecca is damp from the effort of the fight so far.  She quickly adjusts her pony tail and her headband as she sees her opponent doing the same.  Her breaths coming rapidly and shallowly as she is clearly winded from the fast pace of the fight.  Rebecca knows that the longer the fight goes the more it helps Callie.  Her mind starts racing as she tries to decide how best to get her bitch opponent to submit the fight.

Callie starts slowly moving towards Rebecca as she calls out “you look tired.  Can you hang with me whore!!!”  Rebecca ignores the comment as she continues working to get her breathing under control.  Callie closes a little bit more as she works through how best to finish wearing Rebecca down.  “You wanna give up now bitch!!” Callie taunts as the distance closes just a bit more.  Rebecca moves sideways as she buys just a little more time to  catch her breath.  “You’re the one getting her ass kicked so far!!” hisses out Rebecca as she prepares for the next stage of the fight.

Callie quickly starts to close the distance and Rebecca moves toward her now knowing the short break is over.  Rather than attempt to wrestle with the bigger girl, Callie opts to start throwing punches at her opponent.  Rebecca, seeing the direction Callie is headed with things, has no choice but to start throwing punches as well.  The two close in tightly as each throws several wild blows.  This time around both girls are trying to punch and defend and the first series of punches land on arms and shoulders rather than making solid contact with their opponent.

After about 8 or 10 punches from each girl, Callie slips sideways and darts back creating a small amount of separation.  Callie is breathing heavily and Rebecca is gasping and panting from the effort.  Callie’s move out is short lived as she darts back in a second time.  This time she catches Rebecca slightly off guard and is able to drive a hard punch into Rebecca’s belly causing her to gasp and lean into Callie as she slightly doubles over.

Rather than throw punches, Rebecca simply grabs Callie by the hair and wraps and arm around her shoulders as she tries to pull her in tight in a clinch style hold.  Callie has her one arm up high so she grabs Rebecca by the hair returning the hair pulling.  With her other hand caught down low and now unable to punch, Callie wraps it around Rebecca’s waist holding tight as the two struggle.

“You’re fading bitch I can feel it!” hisses Callie as she is up close to her ear.  The comment more of an attack on Rebecca’s mental state than anything else as Callie tries to break her opponent down any way she can at this point.  “Fuck you!” gasps out Rebecca in response as the two remain tightly locked up pulling and tugging at their opponent for an advantage.  Callie pulls her lower arm across Rebecca’s hip and low back digging her nails in as she rakes them across and down until finding the tops of Rebecca’s bikini bottoms.  The yelp of pain from Rebecca loud as she feels the burning sensation of the nails across her body.

Rebecca moves her feet and tries to twist her hips to keep Callie from continuing the clawing as she pulls at Callie’s hair and keeps a tight grip on her upper back to keep her pulled in close.  Callie’s hand finds the bikini bottoms and grabs hold of them and then yanks them up as much as she can manage.  The tugging pulls the bottoms up causing a wedgie for Rebecca.  Again Rebecca lets out a yelp of pain from Callie’s efforts as her bottoms are forcefully turned into a thong.

Rebecca’s efforts to twist into more of a headlock position are thwarted by Callie’s grip and pull on the bikini bottoms.  Rebecca yells out “FUCKKK!!!” as her frustration with the current state of the fight shows.  Unable to get Callie into a headlock while at the same time suffering at Callie’s hand has Rebecca seriously pissed at the state of affairs.  Callie continues tugging at the bottoms as Rebecca continues trying to shuffle her feet and turn her body to break the hold.  “Nice thong whore.” hisses Callie into Rebecca’s ear as she continues to pick at Rebecca’s emotions.

Rebecca twists and tries to move her feet to position her lower body to avoid the continuation of the wedgie attack as her own suit bites into her body.  Callie expecting her to do so immediately drives forward causing Rebecca to give ground to avoid being knocked over.  The wall comes up quickly and Callie drives Rebecca into the wall with a THUD.

UNNNNHHHFFFFF flies out of Rebecca’s mouth as her body is mashed to the wall with pretty good force.  Rebecca lets go of the hair and puts that hand on Callie’s shoulder and tries to push her away.  Callie lets go of Rebecca’s new thong and brings the hand into position and drives a hard jabbing punch into Rebecca’s belly.  OOOOOHHHHHFFFFF flies from Rebecca’s mouth as it hangs open.  The punch having had a significant impact on Rebecca as she tries to suck in air.  Rather than push on the shoulder Rebecca wraps the arm over the top of Rebecca’s shoulder and hangs on trying to hug Callie tight to her.

“Come on tough girl what’s wrong?” Callie taunts as she drives another hard shot to Rebecca’s exposed belly which generates another loud OOOOHHFFFFFF from Rebecca as she gasps and chokes trying to breath.  Callie wraps her hand tightly in Rebecca’s hair and pivots slightly off of Rebecca creating a bit of space between them to allow her right arm more room to swing and she pulls back launching a brutal shot to Rebecca’s exposed stomach.  As she delivers the blow Callie yells out HHHRRRRRGHHHHHH and the punch lands right on Rebecca’s belly button.  OOOOHHHHHHHNNNFFFF groans out Rebecca as her legs buckle and she tries to double over.

“Where you goin?”taunts Callie as the hand in Rebecca’s hair keeps her from doubling over.  Rebecca’s legs buckle and she drops to her knees as she is held upright.  Her face up as Callie holds her in position.  The camera gets a good shot of Rebecca’s face mouth open gasping and eyes closed as her face is contorted in pain.  Callie takes the opportunity to jab another punch into Rebecca this time into her large soft breast.  “Oh fuck!!!” moans out Rebecca as Callie grinds the fist into her flattening her breast out.

Being a smart fighter, Callie doesn’t want Rebecca to submit yet so she halts the punching and steps around behind Rebecca.  Continuing to grip Rebecca’s hair to keep her firmly in place with one hand, Callie reaches down grabbing Rebecca’s bikini top yanking it up over her chest and pulling it up onto her neck.  Rebecca reaches up trying to grab the bikini top but her reactions are slow and weak.  The crowd seeing the recent turn of events is going wild cheering on their favorite girl.  There is little doubt that Callie is going to get a submission soon and none of those in attendance want to miss it.

With the top yanked up to Rebecca’s neck, Callie begins to strangle her opponent.  Callie knows one of Rebecca’s weaknesses is her fitness level and she wants to really work over her oxygen supply now which will wear her down for later.  “How’s that feel?” Callie screams at Rebecca as she twists her hand in the hair and twists her hand holding the bikini top tightening the grip on her neck.  Rebecca weakly tries to get her hands on Callie’s to break the holds, but can’t seem to pull them off of her.

“Boy you’re fucking quiet now bitch!!!!” screams Callie as Rebecca gags and chokes in her grasp.  ACCCKKKKK AGHHHHHHHGGGGG are all the sounds coming from Rebecca as Callie throttles her.  Rebecca stops trying to pull free and starts tapping her hand on Callie’s leg.  “What’s that bitch are you trying to tell me something!!!” screams out Callie as she chokes her for another 10 seconds or so while she taps at her leg wildly.  Suddenly releasing the bikini top and pulling it free of Rebecca, Callie steps back and brings a knee up driving it into Rebecca’s back as she lets go of the hair sending Rebecca flying forward onto her face.

UHHHHHHNNNNN is the only sound that comes from Rebecca as she lies face down on the rug.  Callie strides over to her and kneels down putting a knee on the back of her neck.  “Did you need to tell us all something whore?”  Callie hisses.  “Give” croaks out Rebecca.  Callie slides her knee off and pulls her up by the hair so her face is pointing up.  The camera right there to catch a close up shot.  “Tell them what you wanted to say!!!”  Rebecca moans and says “I give up.”

Callie shoves her face down and rubs it side to side briefly before standing over Rebecca.  “Fuck yeah she gives up.  Just wait this next fall this bitch is going to pay for that bullshit in Vegas.”  Callie walks back to the side of the room and drops Rebecca’s bikini top on the arm of a chair.

The clock is stopped at 18 minutes and 22 seconds as the officiator steps into the middle of the floor.  Rebecca is still lying there sprawled out on her stomach.  “The break between falls will begin now and will last for 1 minute.  I will give the command to resume once the break time expires.  It is now 1 fall to 0 in favor of Callie.”

While the break ticks away, Callie stands at the side of the room with her hands on her hips resting.  Her body glistening with perspiration as she waits patiently for the break to expire.  She turns to a fan standing nearby and gives him a fist bump.  “Make her pay Callie.” the fan calls out.  Callie smiles and doesn’t respond as she breathes in deeply and steadily trying to relax and prepare for the 2nd fall.

Rebecca continues to lay on the floor flat on her stomach.  Using every bit of break time possible to try and recover for the 2nd fall.  The officiator calls out 15 seconds remaining and Rebecca pushes up off her belly and gets to her knees.  Her bare breasts still heaving up and down as she tries to get her breathing steady.  Rebecca reaches behind her and adjusts her bikini bottoms getting them realigned.  Rebecca’s body glistens as well and her ponytail is almost falling out of her hair.  She ignores the hair as the break time is set to expire.

Rebecca slowly rises to her feet as the officiator calls out “The break is now over.  FIGHT!!!!”  As soon as the break expires, Callie begins moving swiftly towards Rebecca.  Callie is feeling the effects of the long first fall, but she knows her advantage is her better conditioning.  Rebecca is visually showing the signs of fatigue as she waits for Callie rather than moving toward her.  Rebecca knows she needs to take control immediately and finish Callie quickly to have a shot at winning the match.

As Callie closes in, Rebecca pulls her hands up ready to fight and pushes out with a fake jab to show Callie she is ready to fight.  The feint stops Callie in her tracks as she wants to make sure she doesn’t charge into a punch.  Callie drops her hips a bit and settles into a fighting stance and starts to circle around Rebecca.  Callie’s movements at this point more crisp than those of Rebecca, but Rebecca appears ready to fight still.

Callie throws a couple cautious jabs at Rebecca to test her reflexes and defenses and Rebecca easily moves a hand out to push the blows away as she steps to avoid Callie.  Not wanting to turn this into a boxing match, Callie throws a fist high to pull Rebecca’s hands up and then drops her body low and charges  into Rebecca closing the distance in a flash.  Rebecca is unable to throw a punch and instead is forced to grab hold of Callie as their bodies mash together.

Callie gets one hand on Rebecca’s matted and damp hair and digs in yanking her head sharply.  Rebecca finds Callie’s pony tail and uses it as a handle as she twists and rips at Callie’s hair.  Their other hands lock together as they try to overpower their opponent.  Grunting and gasping as they struggle for control.

“You’re fucking mine now!!!”Callie hisses out as she tries to rip Rebecca’s hair out of her head.  The grunts and gasps are mixed in with short yelps of pain from both girls as their hair takes a serious mauling at this point.

“Fuck you bitch I’m kicking your ass tonight!” Rebecca grunts out as the hair tie in Callie’s hair breaks allowing her damp hair to fall free.  Rebecca buries her hand even deeper in Callie’s hair as she pulls hard twisting Callie’s head to the side.  Both girls staggering as they try to keep their balance and at the same time try to topple their opponent to the floor.

The struggle continuing for about 60 seconds as Callie keeps the pressure on Rebecca simply trying to outlast her.  Rebecca pulls and twists Callie’s hair and gets a scream of pain from Callie in the process.  In keeping up her attack, Rebecca fails to pick up Callie’s foot movement as Callie tangles her leg with Rebecca’s leg.  The move allowing Callie to trip Rebecca as she pulls on her hair guiding her in the direction she wants Rebecca to go.

Suddenly losing her balance and her grip on Callie, Rebecca is toppled to the floor.  Callie lets go of her letting her fall to her ass with a THUD as she goes down.  Landing on her ass first and then the momentum of the move carries Rebecca on down and to her back on the floor.  The sudden move surprising Rebecca, gives Callie the split second opportunity to lash out with a swift kick which catches Rebecca in the ribs.  The kick lands with a loud THUMP sound and Rebecca cries out in agony as she immediately rolls to her side and curls up in pain.

The crowd on its feet more or less quiet as they intently watch what could be the final moments of the fight.  The history between Callie and Rebecca having led to this eagerly anticipated rematch and what may be a humiliating ending for one of them.  The clock just passing through the 22 minute mark as it appears the fight stage of things might be coming to an abrupt end.

“No fucking mercy tonight” Callie hisses loudly as she steps around Rebecca’s curled up body.  Rebecca, not wanting to lose the fight, tries to roll to her stomach to push off the floor.  Callie lashes out again stomping her foot down on Rebecca’s low back keeping Rebecca on the floor as she moans out in pain from the attack.

“Stupid move attacking me in the hallway!!!” Callie screams as she shoves her foot down again on Rebecca’s lower back.  Rebecca lets out a muffled scream as she puts her face to the rug trying to hide her screams of pain.  Callie circles around and kneels by Rebecca’s head pulling both of her arms out over her head and then sitting atop Rebecca’s neck to crush her face down into the floor while pinning both arms.

“Now you’re in real trouble!!” Callie smirks and calls out mainly for the benefit of the crowd and the camera since Rebecca’s hearing probably isn’t so good with her head trapped under Callie’s ass.  Using her open hand, Callie starts landing slaps on Rebecca’s upper and lower back.  Each slap landing with a loud WHACK sound of flesh on flesh.  Each time a slap lands a muffled cry of pain can be heard from Rebecca.  Landing slap after slap on Rebecca’s bare flesh, Callie laughs at her rival’s predicament.

“I bet that really hurts doesn’t it???” Callie teases.  After a good minute of slapping Rebecca’s back, Callie stops and holds her hands up as the camera gets a good shot of the red splotched flesh that is Rebecca’s hurting back.  Rebecca unable to escape makes some muffled sounds as Callie’s ass and the floor blot out any chance Rebecca has of communicating.

“Let’s see how you like this one!!!” Callie snarls as she reaches down and starts raking her nails across Rebecca’s exposed back.  The muffled noises spike in intensity again as Rebecca appears to be screaming out in pain under Callie.  First raking one hand and then the other, Callie leaves red claw marks all across Rebecca’s back.  After leaving numerous trails in Rebecca’s skin, Callie sits up and takes a short rest break as she keeps Rebecca pinned to the floor.

The officiator watches intently, but doesn’t make any attempt to stop the fight since Callie isn’t doing anything that could seriously injure Rebecca.  It is obvious that Callie thought very carefully about her plan for the end of the match so she could ensure Rebecca suffered the most possible pain.

Callie climbs to her feet and quickly steps around to Rebecca’s feet.  Grabbing both ankles, Callie starts to drag the face down Rebecca towards the couch sitting about 15 feet away where she took her break between falls.  After being drug several steps, Rebecca lets out a cry of pain as the heat from being drug across the rug builds on her chest and belly.  She tries turning her head from one side to the other as her cheek is getting some of the same effect as well.

As Callie arrives at the couch she drops Rebecca’s feet and turns picking up Rebecca’s bikini top off the couch.  She lets it dangle in her hand as she slowly struts around toward Rebecca’s head.  Rebecca lays there face down with her arms and legs splayed out from her body.  As Callie moves around her body, the camera pans down to Rebecca’s backside again where the red marks from the slapping and the tracks in her skin from Callie’s nails is evident.

“Please — no more.  You win” gasps out Rebecca quietly.  Callie pauses and then raises her arm up and slings the bikini top around in a circle.  “Oh damn right I win!!!” Callie yells out before finishing her sentence “But now you have to pay for being a mouthy treacherous slut!!”  The crowd still more or less quiet as they watch the proceedings.  MAKE HER PAY!!! is yelled from another part of the room as Callie drops down to her knees.

Grabbing hold of Rebecca’s upper body, Callie suddenly and swiftly flips Rebecca over onto her back.  Rebecca pushes her hands up trying to fend off Callie, but she quickly slides a leg over and sits atop Rebecca’s upper chest and shoves the hands to the floor.  “You better hold still slut!!” Callie growls out and slaps Rebecca’s face to reinforce the message.  “Please don’t” whines out Rebecca.  The camera getting a good look at the red marks on her legs, belly and face from being drug across the floor as Callie slides down into a facesit position and holds both of Rebecca’s hands together using her legs to pin them down firmly.

Callie begins to slowly and tightly wrap the bikini top around Rebecca’s hands to ensure no Rebecca is completely trapped.  Rebecca whines out “please no more please” and Callie ignores her cries as she gets her hands tied nice and snug.  “You’re gonna learn tonight just how nasty I can” Callie snaps before sliding up and twisting around planting her ass on Rebecca’s head as she turns around to face Rebecca’s body.  As she gets the reverse facesit firmly planted, Callie wiggles her hips mashing and sliding her ass around on Rebecca’s head.  “How’s that?? You all comfy down there” Callie giggles out as Rebecca moans out “get off please get off!”

The match officiator continues to watch closely to make sure Callie isn’t trying to injure Rebecca.  Callie starts off by reaching down and gently slapping her hands down on Rebecca’s bare chest.  Her large soft breasts sway with each gentle slap.  “Maybe I’ll start here” Callie taunts as Rebecca again pleads “stop leave me alone.”  Tiring of hearing Rebecca’s mouth, Callie slides a little further up onto the head more or less mashing Rebecca into silence.

With a quick movement Callie swings her hand up over her head and slaps it down full force with an open hand landing on Rebecca’s belly button. WHACK sounds loudly through the room and a muffled cry comes up from Rebecca as the slap lands home.  Callie repeats the process four more times as she tortures Rebecca.  The muffled cries continue with each slap and then Callie rises her ass up a bit to make sure Rebecca can get air.  As she rises up, Rebecca cries out “please Im begging you please mercy please please mercy you win” in a babbling attempt to get Callie off of her.

“Shut your mouth!” Callie snaps as she lowers back down on her with the facesit to cut off her babbling.  Now moving her attention to Rebecca’s chest, Callie starts twisting and pulling on Rebecca’s nipples.  More muffled cries come from Rebecca as her face is mashed under Callie gorgeous ass.  Callie continues the punishment by slapping and then raking her nails on Rebecca’s breasts.  Someone yells out LET HER GO from the crowd as Callie continues delivering the pain and humiliation to her hated rival.

Callie finally stops and stands up over Rebecca.  As she climbs off, Rebecca is now crying as tears flow down her face.  Her mascara is smeared and running down her cheeks.  “Please Im done” she calls out to Callie.  With a laugh Callie calls out “but I’m not” as she grabs Rebecca by the hair and drags her over to the couch.  With some effort, Callie pulls her up and drapes Rebecca over the arm of the couch putting her head on the end of the couch and dangling her lower body over the arm.  Positioning Rebecca over the arm of the couch with her ass up in the air, Callie barks out “NOW STAY RIGHT THERE” as she grabs Rebecca’s bikini bottoms and tugs them down.

Rebecca with her hands tied together follows the order just hoping Callie finishes her punishment.  Her pleading getting her nowhere she just remains quiet.  Callie finishes yanking the bottoms off of Rebecca and tosses them onto the couch near Rebecca.  She puts a hand on Rebecca’s back to keep her in position as her bare ass sticks up.  WOOOO NICE ASS gets yelled out from the crowd right before Callie swings a hard slap to Rebecca’s bare ass.  WHACK.

“You’re my little bitch again aren’t you” Callie demands as she spanks her ass again.  Rebecca cries out in pain the tears continuing to pour down her face.  “Say it!” Callie demands as she slaps her a third time.  “Aiiiowww — I’m your bitch” cries out Rebecca.  WHACK Callie delivers a fourth slap.  “I’m sorry for Vegas” demands Callie.  WHACK.  “Yooowwwww — Sorry for Vegas” cries out Rebecca.  WHACK.  “I’m no match for you” WHACK.  “Eeeeoowww — No match for you” flies from Rebecca.  WHACK WHACK WHACK.  With each slap Rebecca yelps out in pain.

Callie stops spanking Rebecca and grabs her by the hair rolling her off the couch and to the floor.  Grabbing the bikini bottoms, Callie drops them on Rebecca’s face as she stands over her crushed rival.  “The title belongs to me.  This bitch belongs to me.  No one can take it and if they try let this be a warning to them all.”  Callie raises both arms over her head and turns strutting across the room and out to her changing room.

Rebecca lays battered and destroyed on the floor next to the couch.  The officiator steps in as Callie struts away.  “Obviously Callie is your winner 2 falls to none and remains the West Coast Champion.”  He quickly kneels down and pulls the bottoms off of Rebecca’s face and covers her with a blanket as she lays on the floor.  The crowd mills around a bit talking amongst themselves as Rebecca lays next to the couch.  After a long period of time, Rebecca finally gets to her feet and is helped out of the room to her dressing area.