Apartment Wrestling Match No. 42 Shayla versus Alessandra European Title Fight

This poll is the forty-second in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  Tonight’s fight is a special matchup to crown the European Club Champion.  It will also follow a slightly different set of rules since it is a title fight.  The match will have absolutely no rules and will be a best of 3 falls match unless one fighter is knocked out or simply quits the fight early.  The fight will be held in Paris.  The participants are:

Shayla (5’3 125 pounds 22 y/o) lives near Berlin.  Shayla is a student at University studying to be in the medical field.  She loves to party and have a good time.  She works out from time to time, but is not a big fan of the gym.  Growing up she liked to ski and ice skate.  Shayla’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I am a winner.  My legs are very powerful and will make my opponent suffer.  I will be mean to whoever fights me.”  Shayla won her first fight over Emma convincingly.


Alessandra (5’8 135 pounds 24 y/o) lives near Madrid.  Alessandra works as a marketing consultant for an international business with offices around the world.  She frequently travels for work.  She is a former soccer player and spends a considerable amount of time in the gym working out, particularly when she travels.  Alessandra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Domination.  I have dominated opponents in sports and in my job.  I always play to win and refuse to lose.”  Alessandra won both her fights over Analise and Rachel in dominating fashion.


The fight is scheduled to take place in at the country estate near Paris.  The atmosphere in the week leading up to the fight is electric as large quantities of potential fighters and sponsors from all over Europe and the Middle East are in the area for the fight.  There are rumors of a number of private fights taking place throughout the days leading up to the match.

Both girls have undefeated records coming into the title fight.  They both arrive at the fight location considerably in advance of the fight to avoid the distractions of all the excitement surrounding the fight.  They are both provided a small suite to utilize and both choose to stay on the property throughout the day of the fight relaxing and staying out of the limelight.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, the opponent’s prior fights along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Shayla prepares for the fight as evening begins to settle in.  Shayla wears the same simple tie sided orange bikini she wore for her first battle with Emma.  Her extremely large breasts are barely contained by her bikini top as she moves around the room in advance of the fight.  She is still maintaining her incredible dark tan which highlights her body in the brightly colored bikini.  She pulls her blonde hair up into a simple pony tail as she gets ready to stretch and begin her final preparations for the fight.   After a relaxing stretching session and light warm-up, Shayla considers herself fully prepared for her fight.  She is aware of the rule differences between her last fight and this one considering it is a championship match.  She fully intends to approach the fight with the goal of knocking Alessandra out in the first fall.  After watching her opponents prior fights, she expects a difficult and strong opponent.  “Tonight is super cool.  It will be a good fight.  I think this girl won’t be able to respond to an opponent that will actually fight her like I will do.  She talks about domination, but she won’t like being dominated.  This is my title and my night.”

Alessandra prepares for the fight in a similar suite on another part of the large property.  She too chooses to wear the simple black bikini she has worn in both of  her prior fights for the Club.  Just as before, the bikini accentuates her perfect figure and looks.  No matter what happens in the fight, Alessandra will definitely turn heads as usual.  Her body remains well toned and tanned and her conditioning for the fight is superb.  She has worked out in advance of the fight to make sure she will have all the stamina she needs for this new opponent.  She leaves her long black hair loose as it hangs down her back.  After getting dressed and ready, Alessandra goes through a very detailed stretching and preparation routine to prepare for the fight.  “I will be the European champion.  I said that before and I meant it.  No one stands in my path.  I intend to dominate this German girl just like I dominated the last two girls I fought.  I will not tolerate anything but overwhelming success.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Alessandra and Shayla.  “I know Alessandra deserves to be here tonight.  I’m just not sure that Shayla has proven that she deserves the title shot.  I know some others think she is not the right choice.  That means to me that she will be out to prove something to everyone tonight.  It will be a great fight if you ask me.  Alessandra is going to win it, but it won’t be easy.”  The second commentator begins “These two make a great matchup.  Alessandra is taller, but Shayla is solid.  I don’t see any size advantage for either girl.  Both have handled themselves well against tough opponents.  Both seem confident.  I’m interested to see how Alessandra handles it when she meets someone else truly mean.  Shayla sounds mean and looks mean.  For her sake, she better be mean on the rug.  I think she will be and that is why I think Shayla shocks her critics and wins tonight.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main area where the fight will be held.  The room has a wide open floor area for the fighters with absolutely no furniture in the area.  There are large glass walls on three sides where the spectators can watch from behind the glass.  The room is like a large cage made of glass walls.  So far, this room is a novelty in the Apartment Wrestling Club world and will be as interesting as the fight itself.  As one might expect, the crowd is full of excitement and energy as they wait for the fight to being.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight other than when a fall ends there will be a one minute rest period.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you submits two falls,  says you are done for the night, or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue or the situation is prolonged too far after a fall that occurs before the end of the fight.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Shayla yells out “Damn right I’m ready to go.  This bitch should quit now!!!”  Alessandra smiles at her cocky opponent and hisses back “You’ll regret running your fat mouth you fat ass!!!”  The crowd cheers as both fighters seem angry before the fight has even begun.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.  The crowd cheers with excitement as the title fight gets started.

The fighters both move quickly across the room towards their opponent.  As they approach one another both go straight in at the other launching punches at their opponent.  Shayla slides her body slightly and Alessandra’s punch crashes into Shayla’s shoulder missing its target.  The shift causes Shayla’s punch to go wide of its target and she misses Alessandra completely.

The wild punches put both fighters right on top of each other and Shayla grabs hold of Alessanda pulling her in closer.  Alessandra reciprocates and the two begin wrestling for control of the fight.  Shayla gets her hand into Alessandra’s flowing dark hair and yanks hard eliciting a yelp of pain from her opponent.  Alessandra wraps her hand underneath Shayla’s arm and hooks her hand around gripping Shayla’s pony tail and pulling down.

The two fighters stagger off balance as each uses the hair to try and pull their opponent around and to the floor.  Shayla widens her stance a bit to avoid being pulled down and Alessandra does the same.  Both hiss and snarl at the other as they stand toe to toe yanking and twisting their opponent’s hair, head and neck.

After several moments of struggling Shayla lets out a cry of pain and frustration as Alessandra uses her slight height advantage to wrench her opponent’s neck sharply.  Letting go of Alessandra’s hair, Shayla tries to wrap her arms around her opponent and get her in a bear hug or some sort of tackle type hold.  Alessandra defeats that effort by twisting and pushing down on Shayla’s head forcing her opponent to bend over at the waist making her unable to wrap her opponent up.

The two struggle for several moments as Alessandra uses the hair to hold Shayla bent at the waist while Shayla tries to find a way to get close to Alessandra to break the grip.  After a prolonged struggled, Alessandra maneuvers Shayla to the floor taking her down to her knees as she forces her head to the carpet.  Carefully controlling the blonde with her hair, Alessandra swivels around and swings her legs over the top of Shayla mounting her back as she kneels on the floor.

Alessandra first tries to force Shayla down into a camel clutch hold, but Shayla fights off her attempt trying to squirm out from under Alessandra.  “Hold still!!!” growls out Alessandra as she tries to secure her hold on her slippery opponent.  Shayla manages to push up off the floor coming off her hands and knees to just her knees and reaches back grabbing Alessandra by the hair trying to drag her forward.  Alessandra lets out a grunt of pain as her hair is ripped forward by Shayla.

Seeing her opportunity, Alessandra throws her body back going to her back on the floor and dragging an unprepared Shayla with her.  As she pulls the blonde over backwards and atop her body she swings  her legs suddenly around Shayla’s body and locks on a brutal scissor hold.

YAAAHHHHH!!!! screams out Shayla as the legs suddenly crush her exposed ribs.  Shayla immediately screams out “I GIVE I GIVE” as Alessandra crushes her body.  The sudden move catching the crowd by surprise as well as they are stunned by the sudden submission.  Alessndra hold onto the scissors for an extra moment applying a little more pressure to leave Shayla hurting before releasing the hold and shoving her opponent to the side.

Shayla rolls to her side and clutches her ribs as Alessandra climbs to her feet to the cheers of the crowd.  The officiator steps in calling out the submission to Alessandra.  “One fall now for Alessandra and zero falls for Shayla.  We will now take our 1 minute break before we resume the fight.”

Shayla climbs slowly to her feet.  Her face showing  her frustration with having lost the first fall to Alessandra.  She appears to have shaken off the pain from the scissor hold and is ready to start the next fall.  Shayla stands ready near the middle of the room.  Alessandra, near the outer edge of the room celebrates near the audience members on the other side of the wall before turning back to look to the officiator.

The officiator carefully monitoring the time of the break calls appears ready to communicate to the fighters and the crowd.  As the officiator begins to speak, Shayla moves closer to Alessandra wanting to take the fight to her as soon as the break ends.  Shayla also wanting to use the smaller space near the glass walls to limit Alessandra’s ability to attack her.

The officiator calls out “The break is now expiring.  You may now fight!” and then steps to the side of the room out of the way.  As soon as the command to fight is given Alessandra turns her focus to Shayla, but her moments of inattention cost her as Shayla is on her before she can react.  The blonde drives her fist deep into Alessandra’s belly forcing her to gasp out HUUUNNHHHHFFFF loudly as she is immediately doubled over.

Shayla shoves Alessandra back into the cold glass wall banging her body into the surface.  Using the opportunity presented, Shayla continues her attack pounding her fist into Alessandra’s body as the Spaniard tries to fight back.  Alessandra’s attempts to clinch and grapple with Shayla are unsuccessful as Shayla continues landing blows to Alessandra’s body.  Eventually, Alessandra manages to tie up Shayla’s arms to prevent continued punches to her body.

Undeterred by the action, Shayla switches her approach and lifts her knee up into Alessandra’s body.  Shayla, now breathing heavily from the wild attack, continues working to control Alessandra up against the glass wall.  Alessandra, having taken a bit of a beating in the early stages of the fall, tries her best to protect herself while she tries to find a way out of her predicament.

With Shayla lifting her leg to try and drive a knee into Alessandra, she exposes herself to a counter-attack from Alessandra.  The raven haired fighter, after managing to grapple and secure a grip on Shayla, waits for the next knee attempt and when it comes she twists her body.  The move catches Shayla off balance and she is turned and immediately slammed back first into the glass wall.

Now its Shayla’s body that is pressed to the glass and on display for the lucky fans observing in that location.  Alessandra pushes her body in tightly mashing Shayla to the glass.  The reversal surprising Shayla as she finds herself mashed to the glass by her taller opponent.  The two wrestle hard against the glass wall with Shayla desperately struggling to get free of Alessandra’s grasp.

Shayla manages to pull an arm free and quickly swings it up trying to snag Alessandra in a head lock type hold as she tries to push off the wall.  Alessandra quickly pushes the arm upward to avoid Shayla from being able to loop it around her neck.  With Shayla turned slightly sideways and her arm being pushed up and out of the way, Alessandra seizes the opportunity to spin Shayla around.  As soon as she spins Shayla, Alessandra drives her body into the glass wall.

Her body hitting the wall with a THUD, Shayla groans out giving a great view of her pained face to those on the other side of the glass.  Shayla’s beautiful body now mashed face first to the wall as she turns her face pressing her cheek to the glass.  Her breasts mashed inside of her bikini top as they press hard to the glass wall.  Alessandra now having her back immediately launches an offensive.

Alessandra begins slamming quick punches into Shayla’s low back as she traps her against the wall.  The blonde cries out in pain as her  body takes an immediate pounding from Alessandra.  With her body pressed to the hard glass, the crowd gets a perfect view of Shayla as she is worked over by Alessandra.  Alessandra’s head appears over Shayla’s shoulder each time she delivers a blow to Shayla.  Her face showing her focus as she punishes the blonde.

After a long series of punches to the body, Alessandra steps back and unpins Shayla from the glass wall.  She immediately yanks the blonde off the wall and then slams her back forward into the hard surface.  Shayla lets out a cry of pain as she is once again mashed to the surface.  The crowd now calling out encouragement for their favorite as Alessandra now has the fight firmly in her control again.

“You dare challenge me!!!” screams out Alessandra as she senses she has Shayla in deep trouble at this juncture.  Shayla screams out in pain as Alessandra yanks her by the hair pulling her back off the wall.  Shayla’s legs buckle and she staggers a couple steps from being tugged away from the wall.  Rather than slam her back to the wall as the crowd expects, Alessandra yanks Shayla off balance and to the floor.

Dragging the blonde over to the her belly on the floor, Alessandra plops down on her back and throws her hands in the air for the crowd’s benefit.  The face down Shayla tries to push her arms under her and Alessandra responds with a hard punch between the shoulder blades driving Shayla face down yet again.  Leaning forward a bit, Alessandra pushes down on Shayla pinning her to the floor with one hand and then rakes her nails down her back with the other.

Shayla lets out a loud scream of pain as the nails dig into her unprotected flesh.  Alessandra now simply torturing her opponent at will.  “My back!!!” wails out Shayla as Alessandra gives her a second raking with her nails.  As she drags her nails down her opponent, Alessandra hooks the bikini tie and yanks it free.

“Now you’re going to admit I am the champion!!!” yells out Alessandra as she grabs two handfuls of hair and yanks up on Shayla pulling her up into a modified camel clutch hold by using her hair.  Shayla’s bikini top hangs free now and her breasts are partially exposed to the view of the crowd just on the other side of the glass wall.  A cheer goes up as Shayla is put on display and she lets out a loud wail of agony from her hair and back being tortured.

“I GIVE!!!” screams out Shayla wanting to end the pain.  Alessandra ignores her plea as she uses one hand on the hair and with the other moves Shayla’s arms over her knees to prop her body up on display.  Getting her opponent settled into position, Alessandra yanks on her hair getting yet another scream of pain.

“Not good enough!!” growls out Alessandra.  Giving another yank on her opponent’s hair as she keeps her in the camel clutch hold.  AIIIEEEEE!!!! screams out Shayla as she is trapped and tortured by Alessandra.  Refusing at this point to give Alessandra what she wants, Shayla suffers in the hold.

Alessandra’s patience wearing thin now as Shayla refuses to say what she demands.  Holding the hair with one hand, Alessandra reaches around with her other hand and squeezes Shayla’s dangling breast.  Shayla screams out as the nails dig into her flesh while Alessandra mashes her breast.  “SAY IT!!!” growls out Alessandra menacingly.

“YOU ARE THE CHAMPION!!!!” wails out Shayla as she bursts into tears from the pain and frustration of having been beaten by Alessandra.  “That’s better” hisses Alessandra right before she lets go and shoves Shayla face down to the floor.

The officiator quickly swoops in raising Alessandra’s hand over her head as she stands over the battered German.  “YOUR EUROPEAN CHAMPION — ALESSANDRA!!!”  The crowd cheers for her as the door is opened to the glass cage area and Alessandra makes her way through the crowd taking in the congratulations and adoration of the fans present.