Apartment Wrestling Match No. 44 Yuki versus Charlotte

This poll is the forty-fourth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Singapore.  The participants are:

Yuki (5’3 110 pounds 26 y/o) lives outside of Tokyo.  Yuki is a software engineer at a manufacturing company.  In her spare time, Yuki takes courses in self-defense and plays video games.  Yuki is finds the idea of moving from fighting games to fighting other women to be incredibly exciting.  Yuki’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “The fighting game is an exciting one and I am dedicated to mastering it.  I have studied the sport and can apply my precision skill to making sure I am the one that wins the fights.”  Yuki lost her first fight in a close battle with Bao.


Charlotte (5’6 130 pounds 22 y/o) lives near Auckland, New Zealand.  Charlotte works in the health care field while she continues to go to school for an advanced degree in the field.  She has very little spare time due to work and her studies.  She enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities when she has the time.  She hits the gym on occasion, but doesn’t have enough time to be a regular.  Charlotte’s interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I know my way around a fight.  I grew up with older siblings and they weren’t the kindest.  Everything I have in my life I have worked hard to get.  I love to compete and love the attention being a great Apartment fighter will bring.”  Charlotte won her first fight in dominating fashion over Sukara.


Both girls arrive at the club’s fight location in Singapore in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, prior matches and  along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Charlotte is placed in her room and she quickly changes into her floral print bikini top and bottoms.  Her wavy red hair and bikini highlight her skin tone and facial features which including her glowing green eyes.  For this fight, Charlotte pulls her hair up into a messy bun atop her head.  After her dominating win in her match with Sukara, there has been talk that Charlotte might be considered for a fight with Bao for the Pacific Club title.  Charlotte knows a dominating performance tonight might just get her that opportunity and she intends to destroy her Japanese opponent to ensure she does her part.  She heads to the interview room to watch Yuki’s video which happens to be a good match with her fighting Bao.  “Interesting video.  First off, tonight is going to be no problem.  And after watching Bao fight, I’m also sure that I will be the Club champion as soon as someone decides to give me a shot at her.  I wasn’t impressed with her fighting skills and will crush and humiliate her when I take the title.”

Yuki changes into her light blue bikini top and bottoms.  She looks great in her bikini as it shows off her small yet gorgeous frame.  She is a bit nervous as she gets ready to fight.  She has been hearing the concerns from the Japanese sponsorship group about the performance in the Club so far.  Even though her last loss was a very close one, she knows she needs a win tonight to quiet down the talk.   After getting dressed, she spends a few minutes stretching and warming up before she goes to give her interview and to watch the video materials for Charlotte.  “She is big, but I can handle big.  I have been working out and doing some classes.  I just might be able to use her size against her if she isn’t careful.  I will make her the loser tonight.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Charlotte and Yuki.  “I want to start with Yuki.  I think all the talk in Japan is bunk.  She is a good fighter and gave the club champion a heck of a fight.  She is talented and should not be criticized.  And tonight isn’t going to help on that front.  Charlotte!!! Wow.  She is tough.  I think Yuki is way overmatched and will get a serious beating tonight.”  The second commentator begins “Charlotte is going to cruise through this fight.  The one thing that might be a problem for her is overlooking Yuki.  If she isn’t careful, Yuki will sneak up on her and finish her before she realizes what happened.  So Charlotte needs to stay focused on Yuki tonight.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a large open space for the fighters with some chairs along the outer edges of the room.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Yuki has a serious look on her face and simply nods to the officiator.  Charlotte on the other hand is all smiles as she interacts with a few members of the crowd.  Finally, she focuses on Yuki and laughs.  “This won’t take long.  I’m perfectly ready to kick this runt’s ass.”  The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd buzzing with excitement as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

At the command to begin, both fighters slowly approach the other.  As they near one another, Charlotte motions with her hands for Yuki to come on as she laughs again.  Yuki again shows no reaction as Charlotte starts the match itself off taunting her opponent.  The crowd laughs as Charlotte seems to be having fun at Yuki’s expense.

Charlotte finally lunges at Yuki grabbing for her hands.  Yuki shoves her hands up to meet Charlotte’s and at the same time she also launches her knee up into Charlotte landing her strike solidly on Charlotte’s hip.  The bigger redhead lets out a grunt as the knee impacts her body.  Her hands now tangled with Yuki’s she has no choice but to try and overpower her opponent.  Charlotte staggers a bit and plows her body into Yuki’s trying to overwhelm her with her size and strength.

Yuki holds the bigger girl off and manages to land yet another knee to Charlotte’s hip area as she continues to outmaneuver the bigger girl.  Again Charlotte lets out a grunt and her facial expression communicates her frustration with having taken yet another knee to the body.  With a growling roar sound Charlotte shoves her body into Yuki’s slamming bodies together.  Both Yuki and Charlotte let out a grunt of pain from their bodies slapping together.

The closeness of their bodies now eliminates Yuki’s ability to use her knee effectively and she is forced to grapple with her larger opponent.  Charlotte pulls an arm free of Yuki and wraps it around her opponent’s head and begins to crush her head into her chest.  The hold not really a head lock, just a squeeze of her opponent.  The crudely applied hold not nearly as effective as a true head lock, however, effective enough to force a grunt from Yuki as she struggles in Charlotte’s grasp.

With her hand free of Charlotte’s, Yuki slips her hand down into Charlotte’s body and begins to claw and squeeze at the flesh along the ribs of the arm wrapped around her head.  Charlotte grunts out in pain at the attack and tries to ignore the sharp stinging pain.  Intent on depriving Yuki of air for the moment, Charlotte is focused on hurting Yuki more than avoiding the pain she is experiencing.

Yuki continues to dig at Charlotte’s body as she feels the power in Charlotte’s arms and upper body.  Yuki tries to wiggle back a bit to create some extra breathing space and Charlotte counters the attempt by holding on tight and wiggling her body forward to keep in close contact with her opponent.  The crowd seeing this isn’t likely to be a one-sided battle begins to cheer for their favorite.  A surprising number of them rooting for Yuki as she struggles to avoid being overwhelmed by the big red head from New Zealand.

Both fighters stubbornly hold onto their advantage at this point trying to hurt their opponent while absorbing her attempt to inflict pain at the same time.  Charlotte grunting and moaning out as Yuki’s nails and fingers dig into her flesh.  Yuki struggling to breath as the large-chested Charlotte in effect smother’s her opponent.

“FUCK!!!!” yells out Charlotte as Yuki’s fingers continue to take a toll on her body.  Pushing forward, Charlotte slips her leg into Yuki’s and tries to trip her opponent.  The effort fails as Yuki nimbly moves her feet around to avoid being toppled.  The effort by Charlotte creates a slight bit of separation allowing Yuki to get some much needed relief from the smother.

Charlotte pulls her arm back slightly and grabs Yuki by the hair rather than attempt to maintain the headlock hold and Yuki takes the same opportunity to slide her hand up higher and grab Charlotte by her hair.  The two stagger a few steps as each tugs and yanks on the opponent’s hair.  Both scream out in pain as their hair is sharply pulled and yanked.

For the second time, Charlotte slips her foot into Yuki’s with the intent of tripping her opponent up.  This time she slams the foot in and catches Yuki with a fairly solid kick to the ankle causing Yuki to lose her balance and topple to the floor.

As Yuki goes to the floor, both fighter lose their grip on their opponent’s hair.  Yuki goes down to the floor, but manages to avoid taking a hard fall.  Suddenly finding herself standing next to a downed opponent, Charlotte lashes out trying to kick her opponent.  She manages to land a foot on Yuki’s hip, but the Japanese girl is able to roll into the feet of Charlotte and return the favor as she trips Charlotte.

Charlotte lets out a yell WHHHOOOOAAAAAAA!!!! as the smaller girl crashes into her feet and upends her.  The move causing the redhead to fall to the floor as she goes over the top of Yuki.  Charlotte pushes her hands out in front of her to break the fall as she goes down and avoids a painful collision with the carpet.  Yuki continues rolling through the legs and past Charlotte as she crashes down over the top of Yuki.

Pushing off the floor to her hands and knees, Charlotte is angry about the way Yuki was able to upend her.  Yuki, however, has rolled to her knees behind Charlotte showing off her nimbleness.  As Charlotte pushes off her hands and knees to get to her feet, Yuki leaps on her back wrapping her arms around the bigger girls neck.

AACCKKKKKK!!! gasps out a surprised Charlotte as Yuki goes on the attack.  Reaching up with both hands, Charlotte grips the arm wrapped under chin that is strangling her as she is caught on her knees.  Yuki pulls up stretching the big redhead’s back upwards as she pulls her body while choking the breath from Charlotte.

“You all talk bishhhh!!!” screams out Yuki as she tries to choke her opponent into submission.  The tugging at her arm not having much impact as Charlotte struggles to break her determined opponent’s grip.

Charlotte struggles to pull forward caught in the grasp of her smaller opponent as Yuki pulls her over to the back.  Dragging the big red head over, Yuki falls to the floor intentionally yanking Charlotte with her.  Gagging and gasping Charlotte is pulled down atop Yuki.  Yuki, underneath her opponent, quickly flings her legs out and around Charlotte snapping them shut in a scissor hold to go along with the choke hold.  Charlotte tries to slide a leg out to block the attempt, but Yuki is much quicker and makes the attempted defense looked awkward and weak.

The crowd cheers for Yuki as she has her tough opponent caught in a bad spot.  Charlotte begins to groan and gasp for air as Yuki locks on tight.  The Japanese fighter answering the doubters at home as she has Charlotte on the ropes and in big trouble.  The red head gasps and gags as Yuki chokes and scissors her on the floor.

“You give!!!” hisses out an excited Yuki as Charlotte paws at her arms desperate to find some more breathing room.  Leaning forward with her head up close to Charlotte’s ear, Yuki hisses “You mine!!!”  as Charlotte tried to pull the arm down.  With the hiss in her ear, Charlotte shoots a hand up jabbing it back over her shoulder to where she senses Yuki’s face must be after feeling the warm breath on her ear.

The hand makes solid contact with Yuki’s face as it jabs back landing directly in the middle of her face.  Yuki screeches out and drops the arms off of Charlotte’s neck and goes for the hand wanting to avoid any further punishment.  With her neck free, Charlotte gasps out loudly drawing in as much air as she can even though Yuki’s legs are still wrapped around her body.

Yuki’s attempt to secure the hand exposes her to Charlotte’s next move in the process.  The red head pulls her other arm down and shoots the elbow back and it lands solidly in Yuki’s midsection.  OOOOHHHHHHH moans out Yuki from the blow as Charlotte grinds the elbow into her body.  Yuki’s sponsor yells out in Japanese what sounds like don’t let go as Yuki’s mouth hangs open gasping from the elbow.

Charlotte’s counter attack continues as she twists her upper body slightly and yanks the hand that jabbed at Yuki’s face down and around shooting that elbow back and catching Yuki a second time.  The slight twist of the body lining up the second elbow as Yuki gasps out again OOOHHHHHHHFFFFFF.  The second elbow does the trick for Charlotte as Yuki’s legs open and slide off of her body.  Charlotte still lying more or less atop Yuki quickly rolls and spins herself over to face her tormentor.

With Yuki on her back, Charlotte pushes up and simply drops her full body down in a splash move atop Yuki.  HUUNNNHHHHFFFFF flies out of Charlotte’s mouth from the impact and Yuki moans out oOOOOOFFFHHHHHHHNNNGGGHHHH as she gets flattened.  Charlotte following up on her advantage quickly shoots her knees up alongside to straddle Yuki as she grabs the gasping girls arms pushing them to the floor.

“FUCK YOU BITCH!!!” snarls Charlotte as she pins the Japanese fighter under her from her straddle.  Lifting her ass up, Charlotte drives down slamming it to Yuki’s belly as she continues her assault on her opponents air supply.  NNNGGGHHHH moans out a helpless Yuki.  Sliding her body higher, Charlotte sits down atop Yuki’s chest and pins her arms to the floor with her knees.  Yuki squirms and wiggles trying to escape, but she is short of breath and weakened from the rough attack.

Charlotte grabs Yuki by the air pulling her head tightly up between her thighs as she sits on her chest.  “YOU LIKE TO CHOKE DO YOU!!!” taunts Charlotte as she holds Yuki still and slides back slightly to make room for one of her hands to slide in and start choking Yuki.  AGGGGHHH GGGACCCKKKK gasps out Yuki as Charlotte applies the choke.  Powerless to get free of Charlotte’s gasp, Yuki is forced to absorb the punishment.

Charlotte’s fans in the crowd are now cheering her on as they expect victory at any moment.  The red head pulls the hand not choking Yuki up in the air and waves at the fans as she throttles Yuki.   Continuing to try to force Charlotte off her, Yuki pushes her feet against the floor desperate to move Charlotte off of her body.  Charlotte is barely moved by Yuki’s efforts as she continues to sit atop Yuki choking her with one hand.

Yuki’s struggles to push Charlotte off slow as she continues to choke and gag and make funny noises under Charlotte’s attack.  ACCCCKKKAGGHHHHGACKKK!!!  The crowd now fully on its feet cheering on their favorite.  Very few calls of encouragement can be heard now for Yuki as it is obvious to the crowd the fight is over.

“Not so fun to choke now is it bitch???” teases Charlotte as she pulls her hand off of Yuki’s neck.  Yuki gasps for air now that her airway is unrestricted and Charlotte adjusts her leg positioning a bit.  “OK its time for you to submit to me!!! Do you give???” snaps Charlotte.  Yuki gasps out “yes yes” not wanting any further punishment.  Charlotte laughs at the submission and hisses “oh one more thing I wanted to show Bao” as she grabs Yuki’s hair with both hands.

With a sudden roll to the side and a yank on Yuki’s hair, Charlotte goes to the side and snaps her thighs shut around Yuki’s head.  With a sudden squeeze of her thighs, Yuki screams out.  GIVEEEEE!!!!! PLEEEEZZZZEEE!!!!  Charlotte squeezes one more time and then opens her legs shoving Yuki’s head to the floor.

Charlotte climbs to her feet as the officiator comes out and raises her hand.  YOUR WINNER — CHARLOTTE cries out the officiator.  Charlotte starts to walk out of the room and then turns back to Yuki who has rolled to her side and curled up clutching her head and neck.  “I’ll take that!!” snaps Charlotte as she reaches down and rips Yuki’s bikini top off her claiming it as a trophy of the fight.  “I love to add to my collection!!!” she calls out to the crowd as she waves the bikini top over her head while walking out of the room.