Apartment Wrestling Match No. 46 Summer versus Melinda

This poll is the forty-sixth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series. This fight is being held in Omaha and is the second in a series of matches where the East Coast Club and West Coast Club are going to fight each other from bragging rights in the United States.  This fight takes place the night following the Monique versus Raine fight.  The participants are:

Summer (5’9 135 pounds 25 y/o) lives in Las Vegas.  Summer is a showgirl and dancer.  She does some modeling work on the side.  She is in great shape with a well-toned body.  She is considering a move to LA to try and get an acting career started.  Summer’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Nothing will surprise me.  I have dealt with plenty of jealous bitches in my line of work.  If it isn’t your fellow dancer, it’s some jealous wife or girlfriend.  I have been in plenty of fights.  This should be easy enough.”  Summer lost her first fight to Belinda and then was dominated by Callie.  In her last fight against Hiyoko, Summer dominated the fight winning convincingly.


Melinda (5’5 115 pounds 19 y/o) is from South Florida.  She is currently a college student and a member of the school’s cheer squad.  Her goal is to become a physical trainer.  She is strong for her size and very flexible.  Melinda’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Girls always see my beauty and forget how strong physically and mentally I really am.  They will take me for granted and end up beaten.”  Melinda has lost fights against Tisha and Drury and won a fight with Wendy.  She comes into this fight following her loss to Drury.


Both girls arrive at the club’s fight location in Omaha in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Both are excited and ready to go and have heard the reports of Raine’s victory over Monique the night before.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches along with copies of their opponents prior matches and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Summer begins to prepare for the fight in her private dressing area.  She unpacks her clothing items and decides to go with her purple bikini for the fight.  The bikini bottoms have tie sides and fit her nicely.  The choice of bottoms is a good one for Summer as they highlight her curves and well-defined ass.  The bikini top shows off her full breasts as she adds some additional glitter spray to her chest area.  Summer pulls her hair into a long singular braid to hopefully minimize her opponent’s opportunity to use her hair against her.  She comes into this fight having won her last match.  She feels relaxed and prepared for the match.  She has been working out religiously since her last fight and remains in great condition.  Her dancing job and her workout routine have her body ready.  She has also secretly taken some kick boxing classes to help improve her foot and hand quickness as well as help her to anticipate and react to opponent’s punches or slaps.  She steps into the interview room and comments on the upcoming fight.  “I have watched all of her fights carefully.  The only time she was able to win was against a smaller opponent.  If I am careful and don’t make stupid mistakes, I will win this fight easily.  Our Club is ahead and I want to really put us up over the bimbos from the East.”

Melinda also takes her time getting dressed and prepared for the fight.  She changes into the same light blue floral print bikini she wore in her prior fights.  The bikini top is a halter which makes her already adequate breasts look even bigger.  Melinda knowing a lot of fighters in the Club have larger breasts wants to enhances her C cups as much as possible.  Her tanned body looks particularly dark against the light backdrop of her bikini.  She leaves her wavy and curly shoulder length hair down for the fight.  She is anxious to get the fight started.  Her last match was a loss to a very rough and mean opponent.  Melinda has viewed Summer’s fights and doesn’t see her as that type of fighter.  Tonight is her chance to even things up for her Club and get back to winning.  She has been staying in shape and working hard in advance of the match.  She is in prime condition and is ready to go.  She provides a short interview before heading to the fight room.  “We need this win to even things up.  Summer is a skank stripper.  She doesn’t know what a fight is all about.  She is pampered.  I’m going to break her physically and emotionally tonight.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Melinda and Summer.  “So with one fight in the challenge down, we have another one here in Omaha.  I love this matchup.  Cheerleader versus stripper/dancer.  Melinda is at a pretty big disadvantage giving up size to Summer, but she is strong, flexible and agile.  Summer has a very fit looking body as well.  I expect a hard fought close match.  The winner will be the viewer in this one.  I’m going with Summer’s size because I have to pick a winner.  This one is a coin toss.”  The second commentator begins “Wow was I ever wrong last match.  And it doesn’t get easier to try and pick this one.  I think you are on target with everything you pointed out.  Both girls have faced defeats and enjoyed victory.  They should both have pretty good stamina.  Summer is fit, but in a different way than a college cheerleader.  Melinda is strong and fit.  That will erase that size advantage.  You haven’t given enough credit to the agility and flexibility Melinda can show at times.  I think good fight, but I see Melinda winning it.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a large open space for the fighters with some couches and chairs along the outer edges of the room.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”  After pausing, the officiator continues “AND TONIGHT IS THE SECOND EAST VERSUS WEST CHALLENGE MATCH.  CAN MELINDA GET THE EAST EVEN OR DOES SUMMER STRETCH THE WEST’S LEAD OUT TO 2-0.  WHICH CLUB PREVAILS IN THIS FIGHT!!!!”  The crowd cheers loudly as the officiator finishes the announcements.

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Melinda nods her head with a serious expression on her face.  She is clearly mentally focused on Summer and the upcoming fight.  Summer smiles to the crowd raising her arm above her head and gives a little bounce and turn as she plays to the crowd a moment before nodding her readiness.  The officiator sends them both to their sides of the room as they await the start of the fight.  The crowd now begins to get louder as the anticipation level goes up as the start of the fight nears.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

Both girls start across the room towards the other and as they begin to close Summer slows and starts moving to circle.  Melinda moves directly at Summer appearing to try and close on her opponent.  Summer launches a hard overhand slap right at Melinda as she presses forward.  The slap lands directly on the side of Melinda’s head as she presses forward.  Melinda ignoring the pain from the slap gets in closer to Summer and launches a punch at her ribs landing it with a solid THUMP as Summer groans from the impact.

Ignoring the punch Summer swings her other hand landing a second hard slap on Melinda just as the punch lands on her ribs.  Each fighter dishing out punishment as things get underway.  Summer back pedals working to fight off Melinda’s push to stay in tight against her.  As she backs away Melinda tries to pursue.  Melinda’s pursuit costs her as a Summer lands a hard body shot right to Melinda’s chest mashing her breast as she backs away.  Melinda gasps out from the punch and tries to retaliate.  Her punch misses the mark as Summer is able to get some separation and deflects the blow.

After deflecting the blow, Summer lashes out with a hard slap to the upper back and shoulder area which she lands with a loud WHAAPPP sound as she keeps her distance from Melinda and manages to inflict more punishment.  Melinda tries to pursue and close on Summer again as Summer keeps moving to the side and away from Melinda.  The shift in direction after the slap leaves her with open floor to work with as she uses her feet to keep the distance.

Summer lands yet another slap to the side of Melinda’s head as she tries to close in.  Melinda’s body is pushed to the side from the shot as Summer moves away.  Melinda pauses and allows some distance to develop between them as Summer slides off.

“You gonna fight me or keep running” snaps Melinda.  The pace of the fight so far having been fairly up tempo as Summer keeps the fight moving to ensure Melinda can’t get inside her reach.  The crowd shouting out encouragement to their favorite and appears to be somewhat evenly split at this juncture.  The short pause in the action gives each a chance to prepare for the next wave of action.  Melinda so far having gotten the worst of the exchanges as Summer has effectively fought off her advances.

Melinda moves slowly towards Summer as both eye the other carefully.  As Melinda gets within 10 feet of Summer she accelerates and rushes at Summer trying to crash into her and drive her to the floor.  Summer reacts as soon as she launches towards her and lifts her leg up landing a knee into Melinda’s body as she closes in.  Melinda lets out a groan as the knee lands on her body.  Fortunately for Melinda, the knee doesn’t land solidly or it could have put her on the floor.

Summer grabs for Melinda’s hair as she lets out the groan from the knee as she tries to twist her body to avoid Melinda’s attempts to grab hold of her.  Melinda thrown off by the knee, tries to recover and grab hold of Summer’s shoulder and arm.  Summer pivots before Melinda can effectively grip her and drags Melinda on past her off balance.  Using the grip on Melinda’s hair, Summer flings her on by and throws her to the floor.  Melinda, unbalanced, crashes to the ground and rolls several times as she blows past Summer.

Summer chooses not to purse Melinda as she rolls away and slides fairly smoothly up to one knee to face Summer.  Summer calls out to the crowd playing her advantage a bit “looks like cheer girl is a clumsy one” she taunts.  The words an attempt to get under Melinda’s skin and maybe cause her to something else rash.  Melinda slowly rises up to her feet, her hair a bit askew and out of place from the yank Summer delivered.

“Screw you” calls out Melinda as she adjusts her bikini and prepares to resume the fight.

As they get a bit closer, Melinda tries to outfox Summer and launches a heavy feint to give Summer the appearance she is coming at her again.  As expected, Summer reacted to the move by fading to the side and launching a punch at where Melinda’s body would be had she truly launched the attack.  Melinda shot her hands out trying to catch Summer’s arm, but Summer reacts quickly and pulls the punch back avoiding Melinda’s grab attempt.

Melinda, seeing Summer off guard a bit and maybe exposed, pursues aggressively trying to grab hold of Summer.  The fight swirls across the floor and begins to near the wall area as Summer tries to keep the distance and continue with her strategy of landing blows and avoiding Melinda.  Summer’s tactics to avoid close in fighting with Melinda continue to work for her as she keeps moving back and away from Melinda.

Summer throws a hard slap and Melinda’s head to try and force her to pull away and Melinda is able to easily dodge the blow.  The wild slap leaves Summer a bit out of balance and Melinda drives straight in at her.  This time Summer is unable to avoid the attack and instead grabs hold of Melinda as she comes into her body.  Melinda grabs hold of Summer’s arm and shoulder and tries to shove her into the nearby wall.  Summer grunts out as she catches the smaller girl and digs her feet into the rug to avoid being pushed back.

Both girls mash their bodies tightly into the others as they begin to struggle for control.  Grunts can be heard from both girls as they try to take control of their opponent.  Summer manages to wrap her arm around Melinda’s shoulders and pulls her into a head lock as she turns her body and controls Melinda.  With her head pressed tightly into Summer’s side, Melinda grabs hold of Summer’s arm and tugs downward to try and break the grip as she grabs the opposite hip with her other hand and begins to work to get free.

Before Summer can get her head lock cinched on tightly, Melinda is able to pull the one arm down slightly and with a shove against the hip is able to pull her head free.  As her head comes free, Melinda gives Summer a shove towards the wall as she lets go of Summer’s arm.  Melinda follows her in as she pulls her fist back intending to mash Summer into the wall and drive a punch to the kidneys.

Just as suddenly as Melinda pulled free, Summer spun an elbow around and before Melinda can get her pushed into the wall or land her punch the elbow slams into her body with a loud THUMP sound.  Melinda is knocked to the side and staggers a step or two as Summer’s momentum carries her around to face her opponent.  Seeing an opportunity Summer lunges at Melinda expecting her to be shocked from the hard elbow.

Melinda pushes her hands up and resists Summer’s efforts to grab and shove her into the wall and a short struggle breaks out as each tries to control the other.  After a few moments of struggling Summer is able to turn her body and move around Melinda and get her back turned towards the wall.  Now seeming to be overpowering Melinda, Summer pushes her back against the wall as Melinda resists.

“You’re not as tough as you think!!!” grunts out Summer as she overpowers Melinda pinning her back to the wall.  Following up on her position, Summer yanks her knee up slamming it into Melinda’s body catching her unprepared and Melinda gasps out in pain as she tries to fight back.

Melinda tries to push back against Summer, but with their hands locked and Summer leaned in against her she is unable to push free.  Summer using her body to pin Melinda to the wall with her arms pressed out and over her head.  Taking advantage of the opportunity to inflict some more pain on her opponent, Summer lifts another knee into Melinda’s body landing another solid shot generating a gasp and cry of pain from Melinda.

The East Coast fans in the crowd know their girl is in trouble at this juncture.  She has taken way more punishment than she has been able to deliver and Summer has her in a bad spot forcing her to absorb more blows.  Melinda hears the fans and desperately struggles to escape her predicament.

Summer grinds her body against Melinda keeping her trapped for what is starting to seem like a prolonged period as Melinda strains to escape her clutches.  The energy being expended starting to take its toll on Melinda as her mouth hangs open while she pants.  Summer, pleased with how the fight has gone so far, continues to work Melinda’s body as she pulls back slightly and then smashes in driving Melinda into the wall as Summer’s body bangs into Melinda.

“F….ckkkk” moans out Melinda as the air continues to be driven from her body.  Summer drops a hand off Melinda’s arm releasing it as she grabs Melinda by the hair and yanks downward.  Pulling back slightly from the wall, Summer attempts to pull Melinda into a bent over position and lift a knee into her, Melinda shoves off the wall attacking Summer.

The sudden attack catches Summer unprepared as she thought Melinda was out of steam.  Melinda shoves the free hand into Summer’s body and drives her hand into Summer’s chest.  Summer lets out a yelp of pain and tries to pull Melinda off balance using the hair pulling.  Melinda fights through the yank on her hair and tries to get her hand atop Summer’s full breast.  Summer twists and fights to avoid the breast clawing hold and Melinda fails to secure a grip on her.

The struggling continues as Summer pushes into Melinda trying to force her back towards the wall.  Melinda finds the breast she was trying to grab and closes her hand as she starts to work over Summer.  Summer maintains the hair pulling hold and yanks and jerks Melinda’s head side to side with her grip.  Both fighters scream out in pain as they focus on hurting their opponent at this stage.  Neither fighter trying at this stage to defend themselves as they work to maintain their hold and force their opponent to release her grip.

Summer lets go of her grip on Melinda’s other hand and grabs at the wrist of the hand on her chest as she cries out in pain from Melinda’s attack.  Summer’s yanking on the hair stops as she seems a bit out of sorts from her breast being attacked.  Melinda takes advantage of having her hand free and quickly snatches Summer by the hair.

“Now who’s hurting bitch!!” Melinda hisses as she uses the grip on Summer’s hair to rotate her body around as she switches positions with Summer.  Summer focuses intently on getting Melinda’s hand off of her chest and Melinda uses that distraction to her advantage again as she drives Summer back into the wall with a loud THUD.

Immediately, Melinda yanks Summer’s head forward and bounces it off the wall a 2nd time as Summer moans out in pain.  After several moments of struggling, Summer is able to use both of her hands and peel Melinda’s hand off of her chest.  In the struggle, Summer’s top is yanked free in the back as the tie gives way leaving her bikini top hanging off of her neck and her breasts free of the fabric.

Melinda keeps Summer pinned to the wall with her body and her grip on Summer’s hair.  Summer holds tight to Melinda’s other hand after finally getting it pulled free of her chest.  Melinda knows that her banging Summer’s head off the wall is taking its toll continues her attack.  Yanking the hair forward and then quickly back, Melinda whips the neck forward before banging her head off the wall yet again.  The impact generating another loud THUD.  At the same time, Summer drops one hand off of Melinda’s and tries to jam a punch into her body.  The closeness of their bodies forces the arm out at a bad angle and the punch lands without any real force behind it.

Melinda shifts her body and starts to slide back from Summer as she yanks the hair forward.  Summer comes off the wall with the yank and she pulls hard at Melinda’s arm to keep their bodies close.  Melinda attempts a knee lift, but the close proximity of their bodies prevents it from getting anywhere close to hurting Summer.

Summer wraps her other arm around Melinda as they now struggle just off of the wall.  Melinda’s attempt to put Summer down with a big knee lift is thwarted by Summer as both fighters wrap up on the other.  The fight having been raging for quite some time now as both fighters are feeling the impact.  Both are breathing hard and hurting.  The crowd continues cheering for its favorite and Melinda seems to have a bigger fan base in the room than Summer.

With her arm wrapped around Melinda’s neck, Summer holds her in close to prevent any further punches or knees.  The struggle intensifies as both want to gain control of the battle as they shuffle their feet a couple steps while tugging at the other.  The hair pull having less effect on Summer now as Melinda has a hard time getting enough leverage to pull the head down.  Summer slides the arm wrapped around Melinda upward and grabs her hair before pulling down and away.

Melinda lets out a cry of pain as her neck is pulled to the side.  The sudden yanking causes Melinda to stagger to the side a bit and Summer follows with her staying close and trying to use the hair pull along with pushing the other arm higher to be able to drive Melinda to her knees.  Melinda struggles to keep her footing as both continue to grunt and pant from the effort.

As Summer uses her leverage to force Melinda off balance, Melinda sees an opportunity.  Instead of fighting to stay on her feet, Melinda drops to one knee and slams her fist into Summer’s exposed belly right at the belly button.  OOOOOOOFFFFFF gasps out Summer as her mouth opens up and she struggles to breath.  She immediately doubles over and lets go of Melinda as she clutches her belly.

Melinda grabs Summer by the hair and yanks down as she tries to pull her roughly to the floor and slam her face down.  Summer is able to get her hands out and prevent the hard landing as she is drug to the floor by Melinda landing on her hands and knees.  With Summer on all fours and Melinda kneeling at her head, Summer tries to drive her body into Melinda’s and tackle her to the floor.

Melinda grunts as she catches Summer trying to push into her body and take her over to the floor.  Summer wraps her arms around Melinda’s midsection and tries to push off hard with her legs and take her to the floor.  Melinda meets the effort and slides her legs back some and avoids being taken over to her back on the floor.

As Summer pushed in, Melinda jammed an elbow trying to catch Summer in neck and drop her to her belly.  The blow lands on the shoulder instead and lacks real force as Melinda is forced to go defensive to avoid being taken over to her back.  After a short scramble, Melinda swings her arm around Summer’s upper body as she keeps her body over the top of Summer’s and lands a weak punch on Summer’s dangling breast.

With Summer attempting to go low and now unable to tackle Melinda to the floor, Melinda is able to wrap her arms around Summer’s upper body and force her down to her face on the floor.  With her knees under her and her upper body shoved down, Melinda is able to grab and squeeze both of Summer’s breasts as she wraps her arms around her and rides her down.

As soon as Melinda grabs and squeezes, Summer screams out in agony from the tight hold.  Her grip around Melinda’s body broken as she is ridden to the floor, Summer is caught in a bad spot.  Unable to use her legs to push Melinda over to her back, she is trapped under Melinda and being mauled by her tenacious opponent.  Summer puts her hands on the floor and tries to push her upper body off the rug to allow her to force Melinda off of her backside.

“You’re done bitch” snarls Melinda a she is able to thwart Summer’s attempt to push her upper body off the floor.  Taking the opportunity to punish and wear Summer down, Melinda continues to squeeze Summer’s upper body in her arms while punishing her breasts.  Melinda is rewarded with another series of screams from an obviously hurting Summer.

With Summer continuing to struggle under her to push up off the floor, Melinda slides her legs a bit hoping to trap Summer’s head as she tries to push off the floor.  Summer, desperate to toss Melinda off of her back, fails to see the scissor attempt coming and Melinda hooks her head between her upper thighs and shoves her legs closed.  MMMHHHHGNNNNN groans out Summer as Melinda begins to pressure her head.

Melinda now kneeling over Summer with her legs around her head lets go of Summer’s breasts and wraps her arms into a sort of reverse bear hug.  A trapped Summer struggles as she slowly sinks back to the rug with her knees under her body and her ass somewhat pushed up.  Her head being crushed and her body squeezed she struggles to breath.

“SUBMIT TO ME!!!” screams Melinda as she keeps the pressure on Summer.  Summer grunts out “NOOO” as she stubbornly refuses to give up.  She tries again to force her way out of her predicament, but her arms and legs are failing her at this point.  Her attempts to escape fail as she slowly sinks down towards the floor.

Melinda recognizing the weakening struggles knows the fight is just about finished.  She lets go of her bear hug hold and grabs hold of Summer’s bikini bottoms and pulls them up into her body in a nasty wedgie.  Summer cries out in pain.  The crowd sensing the end is near cheering loudly as Melinda enjoys what seems to be her victory.  Summer’s hands go to the floor and she stops trying to break free as Melinda keeps up the pressure on her head.

“SAY IT” snarls Melinda “OR I’LL KEEP CRUSHING YOU!!” Summer moans in pain and finally cries out her submission.  “Give Give” she wails out to Melinda.  Melinda keeps the pressure on her head for a moment longer as she slowly sits more upright before releasing the pressure.

Melinda rises to her feet standing over Summer who’s knees are still under her body as she lays face down on the floor.  Melinda grabs hold of her hair and pulls her upper body off the carpet forcing her to a kneeling position next to her.  Grabbing hold of the bikini top that broke free earlier, Melinda pulls it up around the neck of her opponent.

Wrapping the bikini on the neck, Melinda stands pulling Summer upright and displaying her beaten opponent by using the bikini top like a leash.  Pulling her other arm up, Melinda flexes her bicep and smiles to the camera and the crowd.  After several moments of displaying her beaten opponent, Melinda drops the bikini top letting Summer fall back to the rug.  Melinda slowly walks out of the room and to her changing room.  Her walk out of the room clearly showing she was hurting and worn out, but was able to outlast Summer to get the hard fought win.