Apartment Wrestling Match No. 47 Jenny versus Molly – East Coast Title Fight

This poll is the forty-seventh in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  Tonight’s fight is a special matchup with the reigning East Coast Club Champion Jenny defending her title against Molly.  Since it is a title fight, the match will have absolutely no rules and will be a best of 3 falls match unless one fighter is knocked out or simply quits the fight early.  The fight will be held in Chicago.  The participants are:

Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) is from a very small farming community in the midwest.  She currently lives a few hours from Chicago.  Jenny works in a small bank and is recently married.  Her and her husband are both excited about seeing how she competes.  Jenny has fought a number of times in her life and claims to have won them all.  She grew up on a farm and is strong.  Jenny’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a country girl and we all know country girls kick ass!!! Ain’t no bitch from the city gonna be able to stand up to me.”  So far Jenny has gotten a reputation for doing about anything need to win.  In her fights she has shown a tendency to engage in any dirty tactic necessary to come out on top.  At this point, she has beaten Monique, Molly and Bailey and is the reigning East Coast Club Champion.  The one blemish on her record so far has been the private fight that very few fans have gotten to see where the word is that Denise dominated and humiliated Jenny.


Molly (5’10 138 pounds 19 y/o) is from a small town in Indiana.  She is going to college in the Chicago area and plays volleyball.  Her friends convinced her to participate in a fundraiser oil wrestling match and she caught the bug.  Her competitive nature drives her to be a winner.  Molly’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Look at me!  I’m in great shape.  I’m strong from my legs to my core to my arms.  I will dominate the Apartment scene!”  At this point, Molly has beaten Hannah and Monique and lost to Jenny in a controversial fight where Jenny was almost disqualified afterwards.  Following her controversial loss to Jenny, Molly has vowed to get revenged and tonight will be her opportunity.


The fight is scheduled to take place in the penthouse apartment of extremely wealthy individual in Chicago’s downtown.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Both are utilizing a bedroom suite on the property.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.  These materials are not nearly as useful to Jenny and Molly because they have already fought one another.

Molly changes into her favorite pink string bikini which stands out in a nice contrast to her naturally pale skin color.  As she prepares for the fight, Molly shows her intense and serious nature tonight.  She attacks her stretching and warm up with passion.  Molly gives off the appearance that she has been hitting the gym hard in preparation for this rematch tonight.  After her loss to Jenny last time, Molly has worked hard for this night and wants nothing more than to utterly destroy her hated rival.  Her auburn hair pulled back into a tight ponytail as she prepares for tonight’s fight.  She heads off to be interviewed prior to the fight.  “Oh my I have been waiting for this for so long.  That title belongs to me and the cheating bitch Jenny stole my opportunity.  When I’m done tonight it will be mine and she will be broken.  I plan to hurt Jenny and humiliate her like nothing ever seen before.  She deserves this and its gonna be great.”

Jenny relaxes in advance of the fight.  She knows that tonight’s fight means a lot to Molly and she is fully prepared for this to be a rough and nasty encounter.  After going down to Florida and being abused by Denise, Jenny has been hitting the gym a little harder than before.  She changes into a skimpy and very sexy lime green string bikini and thong.  Her red hair and freckled features accentuate the color choice for her bikini.  Her large breasts barely contained by the fabric of her top.  She leaves her bright red hair wavy and curly hanging down to her shoulders and beyond.  After loosening up with some light stretching, Jenny provides the Club with an interview.  “I have listened to plenty of crap about the last time I fought Molly.  She cried and whined about how I cheated and it wasn’t fair.  Well boo fucking hoo.  It’s a fight.  She lost plain and simple.  I am the champion now and she isn’t.  So tonight will be about making sure the Club and the world knows one thing — I am the better woman.  When I’m done tonight she will be telling you the same thing.  Trust me she will be screaming it for all to hear.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Jenny and Molly.  “This is golden.  A classic.  We all love a title fight.  And a nasty rematch between two girls that seem to hate each other — even better.  I think Molly is the real deal and Jenny is going to learn the hard way tonight.  With no rules there won’t be any mistakes about what is allowed or not allowed.”  The second commentator begins “I think you have it right tonight.  Jenny is the champion, but I think she has been sliding by on dirty tactics and some luck.  Denise dominated her.  And I think with no rules or notions of fairness, Molly will do the same thing tonight.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout having a large wide open space for the fighters with a long bar on one end of the room.  The space for the spectators lines the outer walls and is occupied by a number of recliners and couches.  There is an open balcony surrounding the room giving it a wide open feel.  The crowd is buzzing with excitement and energy knowing tonight will be a classic bitch battle.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight other than when a fall ends there will be a one minute rest period.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you submits two falls,  says you are done for the night, or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue or the situation is prolonged too far after a fall that occurs before the end of the fight.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  Jenny smiles and lifts her middle finger to Molly as she leans a bit and wiggles her ass.  Molly rolls her eyes.  “You pig!!” hisses Molly.  The crowd cheers as both fighters begin dancing in place getting ready to start the fight.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.  The crowd cheers with excitement as the East Coast Title fight gets started.

With the command to begin given, both fighters move across the room towards the middle of the floor.  Molly expecting a wild rush from Jenny to start things off is watching for any sign of such a move and wants to land a hard kick on Jenny if she tries.  Jenny senses Molly’s lack of aggression and circles with her rather than wildly attack.

“What’s the matter twig bitch??? You still thinking about my ass planted on your face last time we fought!!” snarls Jenny as she tries to get in Molly’s head early.  Molly lets the comment roll off as she simply smiles back at Jenny while they circle each other.  “You’ll be begging tonight bitch” snaps back Molly.

Jenny lunges forward as the two get close to one another shooting out a jab directly at Molly’s face.  Molly shifts her body slightly trying to avoid the punch and shoots both hands out to catch the arm once she dodges the punch.  Jenny sees the body shift and alters the direction of her punch at the last moment and lands a solid shot directly on Molly’s mouth.  Molly’s gripping hands miss Jenny’s fist as it shoots in and shoots back out.  Her head snaps back slightly from the impact and it’s clear that punch landed solidly and hurt like hell.

Fortunately for Molly, Jenny was ducking in and out trying to avoid being grappled so she is unable to follow up the blow immediately with another.  Molly takes a couple steps back and the two circle again.  Jenny smiles as they circle “Not talking so much now that you’ve been popped in the mouth!!”

Molly doesn’t respond verbally, instead she pivots slightly and shoots a kick at Jenny’s body.  At the same time Jenny is moving in towards Molly leading with another punch.  Jenny doesn’t see the kick coming and before she can react to the blow, Molly’s foot lands solidly on her hip with a WHACKKK sound as flesh contacts flesh.  The kick knocks Jenny off her trajectory her punch misses wide of its target as Molly recovers her footing.

Jenny staggers a couple steps off course and catches her balance as her body is turned slightly away from Molly.  Molly lunges forward trying to position herself behind Jenny before she can recover.  Jenny fully expecting Molly’s attack tries to spin into her launching a hard punch at where she expects Molly to be coming.  Jenny’s off balance stagger is just enough to slow her down allowing Molly to duck in behind her.  Jenny’s punch misses the target as Molly closes much quicker than Jenny is able to react.  Molly slips her arms around Jenny’s body trying to wrap her up for a bear hug.

Jenny grunts and tries to squirm to turn as she feels Molly’s body press up tightly against her back.  Before she can get twisted around or move away Molly slips her arms around Jenny’s body and circles then around her chest as she grips her hands together.  Jenny reacts quickly slipping her hands down and tightly gripping Molly’s wrist and forearm.  Molly starts to squeeze down generating a grunt from Jenny as her lungs are compressed and her large breasts are mashed.

With a sudden reaction, Jenny lifts her right foot and stomps her heel down quickly and violently.  Her heel lands solidly atop Molly’s foot and Molly screams out in pain from the attack.  The shock of the blow causes Molly to open her hands as she shuffles her foot back recoiling from the stomp.

Jenny keeps her grip on the one arm and tries to turn into Molly and at the same time Molly reaches up with her free hand grabbing Jenny’s hair.  Unable to yank her second hand free, Molly is only able to partially yank Jenny’s head around to the side.  Neither girl really accomplishing their objective as their opponent thwarts their plan.

“WHORE!!!” screams out Molly as she tries to yank Jenny’s head around and pull her to the floor.  Her one hand in the hair not having nearly the effect she was aiming for as Jenny keeps her other arm tightly secured in both her hands.  Jenny yells out from the pain of the hair pull hold and turns into Molly somewhat aided by Molly’s failed attempt to drag her to the floor by her hair.

As Jenny is turning into Molly to face her, she yanks on the arm she has secured pulling Molly towards her instead of allowing her to fade away and drag  her to the floor by the hair.  With Molly yanked towards her, Jenny lifts her knee and drives it into Molly’s belly.  Molly lets out a load OOOMMFFFFFF sound as she takes the knee directly in her belly and unprepared for the blow.

The crowd lets out a loud cheer as Jenny’s knee lands square on Molly.  The crowd so far seeming to be very supportive of the champion as she defends her title.  The blow causes Molly to double up and bend over at the waist her hand falling out of Jenny’s hair as she gasps out.  Jenny keeping a grip on Molly’s arm as she bends her opponent at the waist, pulls the arm upward raising it above Molly’s body exposing her breast and ribcage area as she prepares to strike again.

Molly, seeing Jenny’s belly directly in front of her, lashes out shooting a fist at Jenny’s crotch area trying to land it directly on the triangle of her bikini bottoms.  The punch misses its target hitting Jenny on her hip area instead without much force.

Holding the arm up high, Jenny twists and launches another knee directly into Molly’s exposed chest.  The knee lands hard on her large soft breast mashing it flat.  Molly lets out another loud scream of pain and drops to her knees in front of Jenny.  Molly instantly clutches her chest with her one free hand.  The brutal impact of the knee causing her significant pain as she continues to moan out loudly after her scream.

“That’s right scream for them!!!” yells out Jenny as she now seems to be in control of the fight.  Jenny steps back and yanks on the arm intending to pull Molly from her knees to the floor on her belly.  As she steps back and yanks, Molly’s arm slips out of her grasp.  Molly falls forward to her hands and knees from being tugged off balance and Jenny staggers several steps as she struggles to keep her balance.  The loss of her grip on Molly’s arm making it difficult for her to keep her footing.

Molly starts to raise up off the floor and Jenny catches her balance turning back towards Molly.  Jenny rushes right at her opponent wanting to keep her down while she has her hurt and out of sorts.  Molly isn’t nearly as hurt as Jenny thinks and Jenny pays the price for her miscalculation.

With Jenny rushing at her, Molly times a lunge perfectly and drives her body off the rug and buries her shoulder in her charging opponents belly.  OOOOOOOOFFFFFF gasps out Jenny as Molly drives through her in a tackle move that would make a football player proud.  Jenny’s body curls over Molly’s shoulder and then her upper body recoils back as Molly takes her directly to the floor with a crash.

Jenny’s arms fly up over her head and crash to the floor above her head a she is laid out on her back on the floor.  Jenny lets out a loud moan as she hits the floor with Molly atop her.  Seizing what might be a golden opportunity, Molly tries to pull her knees under her and scramble on atop Jenny to mount her.

While Jenny tries to shake off the tackle and subsequent collision with the carpet, Molly gets her knees under her and slides her body up to a straddle position over Jenny’s mid-section.  Molly jams her ass down into Jenny getting yet another gasp NNNFFFFFFF as she continues to attack Jenny’s air supply.  Jenny pulls her arms up and reaches out towards Molly wanting to slow her progress up her body.

“Mine now!!!” grunts out Molly as she reaches out and grabs Jenny’s arms.  A struggle ensues as Molly tries to pin the arms to the floor and Jenny desperately tries to shake Molly off of her before she fully pins her to the floor.   Molly is too quick and too strong for Jenny’s weak efforts and she quickly shoves the arms to the floor and slides her body higher.

The Molly fans in the crowd now calling out encourage to their fighter to dish out some punishment as she has Jenny trapped under her.  As Molly slides higher, she is able to get her knees over the top of Jenny’s arms and apply a tight school girl pin.  Molly drops her ass down atop Jenny’s chest mashing her breasts under her as she locks Jenny’s arms to the floor.

“You’re dead now!!!” screams Molly as she takes her free hand and grabs Jenny by the neck and immediately starts to choke her.  Jenny pushes her feet off the floor trying to buck Molly off, but Molly is able to ride out the effort while keeping her choke hold locked tightly on her opponent.

Jenny, making gasping and gagging sounds, struggles to free her arms.  Molly’s knees are firmly planted over them making it nearly impossible to wiggle an arm free.  Jenny begins to feel the room spin as the prolonged attack on her air supply continues.  Knowing she is in danger of being choked out, Jenny croaks and gasps “GIVE GIVE” as Molly throttles her.

The officiator, hearing the submission steps in and demands an immediate break in the choke.  Molly quickly complies as she releases the choke hold, but then grabs Jenny by the hair.  Giving her hair a firm yank, Molly pulls her face up into the triangle of her bikini bottoms.

“Get a good look bitch you will be seeing a lot more of me sitting on your ugly face before this fight is finished!!!” snaps Molly in a firm and angry tone.  The crowd seeing the surrender is already excited by the turn of events.  Molly’s post-submission move stirs them up even more as they loudly support her first fall victory.

The officiator loudly announces “1 fall to 0 in favor of Molly.  There will now be a one minute rest period before we resume with the 2nd fall.”

Molly drops the hair and climbs off Jenny and walks to her side of the room.  She has taken a good amount of punishment, but feels good about getting the first fall.  She uses the rest period to recharge and prepare herself for the next fall.

Jenny rolls to her belly and pushes off the floor to a kneeling position and sits back on her ankles.  She slowly massages her neck and takes the opportunity to catch her breath.  Molly’s sudden reversal catching Jenny unprepared and she is now frustrated at losing the fall.  She is able to catch her breath during the rest period and feels ready for the next fall.

As the rest period draws to a close, both girls stand on their respective sides of the room ready to resume the fight.  The officiator steps to the side and calls out “The rest period is now over.  You may now FIGHT!!!!”

As the command to fight is given, both fighters cautiously approach the other.  Molly still feeling some of the effects of Jenny’s punishment in the first fall doesn’t want to allow Jenny an opportunity to land any more big hits on her body.  Jenny, knowing that she is down now, wants to take advantage of any opening presented to try and end the fight quickly.

The two close into striking range and begin to circle each other.  Jenny feints a couple times drawing a defensive reaction from Molly.  The lack of any offensive move causes Jenny to become more bold and she lunges in towards Molly throwing jabs at her opponent as she closes in. Molly deflects the first punch and fails to grip Jenny’s arm as she tries to secure an arm lock on Jenny.

The attempt at Jenny leaves Molly exposed and Jenny takes advantage of the opportunity as she shoots a hard jab straight at Molly’s face.  The blow, almost identical to the one at the start of the fight, lands solidly on Molly’s face mashing her nose and mouth.  The blow staggers Molly as she tries to shake off the hard punch.

This time around Jenny is following her blow and is able to take advantage of landing the hard punch.  Molly pushes her hands up as she tries to keep her balance and avoid becoming a punching bag.  Jenny wades into her throwing wild blows at her head and upper body not really caring where they land as long as they land.  Molly hands and forearms deflect some of the power from Jenny’s punches as she lands another punch to the side of Molly’s head and two more on her shoulder and upper chest just above her breast.

OOOOOHHH NNNGGGGG groans out Molly as she absorbs the blows taking even more punishment from Jenny.  The crowd on its feet cheering on their favorites excited by the wild attack being carried out by Jenny.  Jenny is obviously trying to knock Molly out of the fight at this point as she throws hard, but wild punches.

Molly starts giving ground trying to move away from Jenny to avoid the attacks as Jenny pursues and continues to throw punches.  Most of the punches miss the intended target, either due to a block by Molly or by Molly’s footwork as she is constantly moving away from Jenny.

Knowing she is going to get pinned by the wall at some point soon, Molly tries to grab hold of Jenny and wrap her up to stop the punching attack.  Jenny shrugs off the effort landing a couple more punches to Molly’s body as she punishes her for her failed attempt to wrap her up.

Molly’s mouth hangs open as she tries to catch her breath.  The hard punches to her body sapping her strength and making it difficult for her to breath effectively.  Jenny’s attack is starting to take a heavy toll on Molly as she can’t seem to shake free of the attack.  Jenny is also breathing heavily as the constant movement of the fall so far is testing her stamina.

The crowd cheering on their favorite loudly and wildly as Jenny is using Molly like a punching bag at this point.  Molly realizing that her attempts to grab hold of Jenny and tie her up are failing miserably shifts directions trying to start punching back.  Jenny ignores the Molly’s attempt at offense and continues her attack landing a few more shots to Molly’s body.

Molly’s strong abs help her to absorb some of the blows, but the volume of shots she has taken is past that point.  Now each shot generates a gasp and groan as the punches are starting to really hurt Molly.  The attempt to land a punch or two of her own falls short as her punches miss Jenny’s head and shoulders area.  Jenny’s punches causing Molly to miss the target.

“I’ll beat your ass to death” screams Jenny as she lands another brutal punch to Molly’s belly causing her to let out a loud gasp as the wind is driven from her body.  Molly’s knees buckle and she drops down on both knees in front of Jenny.  Jenny quickly grabs her by the hair and yanks her head down securing it between her legs as she drops down to her knees.

Molly’s head is trapped between Jenny’s thighs as Jenny kneels in front of her.  With Molly’s head down, Jenny towers over her from her knees as she holds her head firmly with her thighs.  Molly groans out as she pushes her hands around Jenny’s legs.

“Submit to me!!!” yells out Jenny as she holds Molly in place.  Molly stubbornly moans out “noooooo” as she struggles to get free.  Jenny smirks at Molly’s pride getting the way of the smart move knowing she can now deliver some more punishment.  Sliding her hands out, Jenny slams her fists into Molly’s ribs first on the left and then on the right.

The punches land on Molly with a loud THUMP as she groans out in pain and tries to pull her arms back to defend herself.  Seeing Molly’s reaction Jenny assumes she will resist some more and quickly slides her hands around and under Molly’s body as she keeps the head trapped between her legs.

“You think I fight dirty do you bitch???” taunts Jenny as she grabs hold of both of Molly’s breasts and yanks outward.  Molly screams in agony from underneath.  “I GIVE I GIVE!!!!” as Jenny rips at her large breasts.

“I bet you do bitch!!!” snarls Jenny as she gives them another hard squeeze and yank before pulling her hands away and holding them up in the air.  As the officiator comes in “That’s a submission you need to let go!!!”  Jenny clenches her thighs again as she shows her hands as if she has let go and the officiator sees her holding onto the scissors.

“RIGHT NOW LET GO OR THE FIGHT IS OVER!!”  Jenny lets her head go and quickly rises to her feet as Molly drops to the floor and lays flat out on her belly.  Jenny slowly walks to her side of the room showing off to the crowd after dominating the second fall.  Meanwhile Molly remains face down trying to recover.

“The fight is now tied at 1 fall apiece with the final fall to decide the title fight set to begin after a 1 minute rest period” announces the officiator as the crowd watches Molly intently.  Molly may have won the first fall, but she took more punishment than Jenny.  And then the one-sided second fall saw Molly take a significant chunk of punishment from a nasty and dominating Jenny.  Several of Molly’s fans call out encouragement to her telling her she can do it.

The officiator calls out “10 seconds left in the break” to prepare both fighters for the upcoming start of the 3rd fall.  Molly slowly pushes off the carpet knowing that once the officiator calls for the fight to resume Jenny will be coming right after her.  As she gets up off the floor she is located at the opposite side of the room from Jenny.  She takes a couple of deep breaths as she sees the officiator ready to announce the resumption of the fight.

“You should have stayed down you dumb whore!!!” yells out Jenny from across the room.  “The break is over — FIGHT!!!” calls out the officiator.  Molly looking pretty worn down stands in place watching as Jenny starts moving across the room towards her.  Jenny is in no hurry at this point as she is confident it is only a matter of moments before she has the fight finished.

Coming across the room, Jenny puts her fists up and goes right back to the tactics that have served her devastatingly well throughout the fight.  She launches toward Molly shooting a hard punch to her face.  Molly is still hurting from the prior fall, but she is also ready for Jenny’s repeated punching attacks.  Molly avoids the punch and lands a stinging counter-punch on Jenny’s mouth as the big red head grunts her displeasure.

Jenny continues to stand in and try to throw punches at Molly assuming she might take a few shots, but will be better able to win a back and forth punching duel at this stage of the fight.  Jenny punches low landing a couple of shots on Molly’s body as they both try to punish the other.  Molly fights back sinking a fist into Jenny’s breast mashing it.  Both girls grunt and gasp in pain.

“You’re done for bitch” hisses out Jenny as she tries to drive another fist into Molly.  This time Molly steps into Jenny and grabs hold of her arms preventing her from landing any further punches.  Jenny pushes into Molly driving her back several steps up against the wall.  Both continue to grunt and gasp as they try to seize control of the other.

Jenny pulls back on Molly trying to separate her from the wall intending to then slam her back into the wall.  Molly goes forward into Jenny as she comes off the wall, but twists her body turning Jenny to the side with the sudden yank using Jenny’s momentum against her.   The wall now pressed to the sides of the two fighters as they struggle for control.

The two grind together with neither able to take control of the fight.  The struggle intensifies as Jenny starts to slowly turn Molly back towards the wall.  With Jenny starting to slowly overpower her and turn her Molly pulls her head back and slams it forward delivering a head butt to Jenny.  The heads banging together with a loud THUD sound.

The force of the impact causes both fighters to stagger a bit as they continue to hold the other tightly.  Jenny seemed to have taken the worst of the heads crashing together as she struggles to maintain her focus.

Molly digs deep and grunts as she pushes the arms up in an effort to lengthen out Jenny’s body as she tries to lift a knee up into Jenny.  Just as Molly attempts to bring her knee up Jenny twists her body yanking on Molly trying to sling her around to the wall again.  The timing is horrible for Molly as she is quickly yanked off balance and goes to her knees in front of Jenny.

Jenny seeing an opportunity to finish the fight with one big shot slips her knee back as she grabs Molly by the hair with both hands.  Molly on her knees lashes out in desperation trying to drive a fist into Jenny as she aims for the triangle of Jenny’s bikini bottoms.

Molly’s punch misses the intended target by inches as Jenny pulls her knee back to deliver her blow and then twists her body as she sees the punch coming.  The punch glances off of Jenny’s thigh instead of landing squarely on target.  Jenny tries to unload her knee into Molly’s face, but the punch attempt causes her to have to reload the knee and re-establish her balance.

Now knowing what is coming, Molly shoots her other hand into Jenny’s plant leg and as she lifts her knee.  Molly’s well-timed attack not having much impact other than causing Jenny to lose her balance.  Jenny grunts out as she comes down to the floor on her knees in front of Molly.  Both girls looking pretty worn down as the length of the fight by itself is starting to negatively impact Jenny.  Jenny’s grip on Molly’s hair allows Jenny to drop straight down on her knees in front of Molly.  With both hands deeply buried in Molly’s hair she gives a yank as she comes to the floor.

Just as suddenly as Molly took Jenny off balance dropping her to her knees, Jenny lunges forward driving her body into Molly.  Molly tries to resist the sudden move, but Jenny is able to plow right through Molly knocking her to her back on the rug.  Molly’s body hitting the floor generates a loud THUD sound and Molly lets out a loud grunt as Jenny comes down atop her body.  Molly manages to get her hands into Jenny’s hair and yanks hard to the side causing Jenny to gasp out in pain.

Molly and Jenny now laying body to body with Jenny atop Molly.  They both scramble to shift the position in their favor.  Jenny working to slide her legs outside of Molly’s and effectively take her legs out of the action.  At the same time, Molly pushes her feet on the floor and tries to twist her hips to the side to roll Jenny off of her.

After a short skirmish, Jenny slides her legs over Molly’s trapping them on the floor as she gets her legs into a straddle position over Molly’s lower body.  Molly’s efforts to roll Jenny to the side failing miserably as she finds herself pinned under Jenny’s lower body.  Molly yanks on Jenny’s hair pulling her head to the side forcing a scream of pain from Jenny as Molly twists her neck.

Jenny’s pushes her arms out pinning Molly’s head to the carpet as she pulls on her hair.  Molly grunts from the effort of the struggle, but the hair pull doesn’t have the right angle on it to really have an impact on Molly.

“I have you now!!!” grunts out Jenny as she is in position to fully envelope Molly with her body and turn things into a fully body pin.  Molly yanks the hair pulling Jenny’s head down and then quickly snakes her arms over and around Jenny’s head putting her in a sort of headlock or head smashing hold.  Fortunately for Jenny, Molly has no leverage to actually apply a choke hold from her current positioning.  Molly is able to pull the head into her chest and apply a very basic smother type hold.

Jenny lets go of the hair and grabs hold of Molly’s wrist with one hand and shoves her other hand into Molly’s face.  Jenny tugs at the hand trying to loosen Molly’s grip on her head as she tries to turn her head to the side to be able to breathe better.  The other hand making things suddenly uncomfortable for Molly.  The crowd gets excited again as the fighters have both slowed the tempo a bit and appearing to be getting close to a finish as they struggle on the floor.

Jenny pulls one of Molly’s arms down off of her head leaving Molly only one arm to hold her in place.  Molly yelps out in pain as Jenny manages to slap her hand up and down several times over the top of her face hitting her with very weak slaps.

Molly turns her head to the side and thrashes her shoulders side to side a bit to avoid the continuing attempts to slap her face.  Jenny’s grip on Molly’s wrist slips free and Molly shoots her hands back in securing Jenny’s head with both hands as she continues trying to find a way to choke Jenny.  Jenny take the hand she was slapping at Molly’s face with and swings it out trying to punch Molly in the ribs.

Both fighters wearing down now — Molly from the larger volume of punishment she has taken and Jenny from her lesser level of conditioning.  Jenny’s punch attempt landing weakly on Molly’s lower rib area as she can’t find a good angle to swing the punch and she is tired from the long fight.  Molly keeps both arms wrapped around Jenny’s head again and squeezes as hard as she can generating a groan from Jenny as Jenny tries unsuccessfully to pull an arm off of her head.

Jenny realizing she has to get free of Molly’s grip on her head stops trying to punch and pulls both hands to Molly’s arms grabbing hold and pulling on them.  Both fighters grunt and strain to have their way at this point and Molly is able to keep her arms wrapped around Jenny’s head as she holds on for dear life.

“Fuck you bitch!!!!” screams Molly as she holds on tight.  MMPPPPHHH comes from Jenny as she tries to respond, but her words are muffled by Molly’s arms and chest as they block most of her mouth.  The little of Jenny’s face visible to the camera shows her turning red from exhaustion and lack of air.

Jenny starts to move her knees a bit working to slide her lower body a bit higher hoping to force her head free of Molly’s grasp.  As she moves higher Molly is able to push her feet off the floor and roll Jenny off of her to the side.  In the process of rolling Jenny off to the side, Molly loses her grip on her head allowing Jenny to slip free.

Gasping for breath, Jenny tries to roll away from Molly.  The move to escape catches Molly off guard as she expected Jenny to come right back into her to fight from control.  Molly rolls to her hands and knees as Jenny rolls quickly away from her.  Molly goes in pursuit as Jenny rolls away and pushes up to her knees again.

“Stop running you cow….OOOFFFFFF” flies from Molly’s mouth.  Molly pursuing Jenny thinking she is trying escape turns out to be a critical error as Jenny is coming up onto her knees and trying to turn into Molly just as Molly arrives to her backside.  Molly tries to shove Jenny back to the floor on all fours from behind, but Jenny’s turning motion delivers an elbow to Molly’s belly.

The elbow causes Molly to lean over a bit and push her head against Jenny’s upper back.  Molly trying to stay behind Jenny and control her tries to work her arms around Jenny’s body.  Jenny, twisting at the waist, grabs Molly by the hair and yanks her head into her side.  Before Molly can get her arms into place, Jenny is able to secure a side headlock on Molly from their kneeling positions.

“I’m not” UHHHH “going anywhere!!” grunts out Jenny as she gasps for breath in the middle of her phrase.  Molly gasps for breath as the head lock is dangerously close to a choke hold.  Jenny grunts and tries to turn and drag Molly across her hip and roll her to the floor.  Molly is able to wrap her arms around Jenny and avoid being pulled to the floor.  Molly’s pressure from behind forces Jenny to lean forward as Molly comes up off her knees to ride up Jenny’s back.

Jenny being leaned forward is caught in a bad spot since she can’t roll Molly to her side.  She is forced to continue trying to work her arm under Molly’s chin and find a way to choke her opponent.  Molly, now in a better position, slides her arms up and grabs Jenny’s hair and rips her head back.  Jenny lets out a scream from the shock of the hair pull.  Her neck being wrenched causes her to release the headlock as a reflex action.

Molly slides her body keeping a grip on Jenny’s hair as she pulls her up from her hunched over position to an upright position.  As she gets her to her knees, Molly tries to work her legs around her and roll back to put her in a scissor hold.  Jenny shoves her hands down on Molly’s legs as she rolls to her back pulling Jenny atop her lying facing up.  Jenny’s shove prevents Molly from wrapping her legs around her body and Jenny pulls a foot over Molly’s leg blocking the scissor as she lays atop her.

Molly roughly yanks back on Jenny’s hair as she goes back and Molly lets out a cry of pain.  With her hands down blocking the leg scissors, Jenny cannot do anything about Molly Molly snaking her other arm around Jenny’s neck.  Using the hair pull to expose her neck, Molly secures a tight choke on Jenny before she can respond.

Jenny lets out a gag sound ACCCCCKKKK as Molly begins to choke her.  With her leg in place to block the scissors, Jenny reaches up grabbing at Molly’s arm trying to wiggle some space to allow her to breathe.  Molly lets go of Jenny’s hair and reaches around grabbing hold of one of Jenny’s wrists as she struggles to keep her secured.

“Now what bitch NOW FUCKING WHAT!!!” screams Molly as she tightens her grip on Jenny.  Jenny is gagging and trying to breathe as she pulls desperately at Molly’s arm.  Molly pulls the one arm up and secures it leaving Jenny with only one arm.

The long fight having taken a toll on both fighters, but now Jenny is struggling to remain in the fight.  Her face is bright red as she can’t get enough oxygen into her body.  Molly is determined to hold on knowing this might be her last chance to win the fight.  Her body hurting as she clings to her choke hold.

Jenny’s legs thrash as she tries to fight free of the choke.  As she uses her legs to try and push out of the choke hold, she loses control of Molly’s legs.  Feeling Jenny’s legs break contact with hers, Molly takes he opportunity to pull her legs up around Molly’s body as a means to hold her in place.  She isn’t able to use them as much of a scissors, but they hold Jenny’s body in place.

“Just give up” grunts Molly.  Jenny makes a gagging noise and continues to try and fight her way free of the choke.  Jenny’s efforts send a clear message that she is not submitting.  Her hand pulls at Molly’s arm, but makes no progress.  Jenny is out of gas and the choke hold is having a major effect on her ability to continue fighting.

Jenny stops resisting as she goes limp atop Molly.  Molly holds on for dear life as she cries out “GIVE UP!!!”  The officiator steps in and calls out “JENNY IS OUT!!!! LET HER GO!!!!” as the crowd cheers for Molly.  Molly not realizing that she has just choked Jenny out cold is slow to react and then she realizes the fight is over.

Molly pulls her arm of Jenny’s neck and leaves her legs around her body just in case she is playing possum.  The officiator repeats “LET HER GO MOLLY” as Molly realizes she has just won the fight.  She opens her legs and lays her body back under Jenny.  Molly is battered and worn out.  The officiator slowly pulls Jenny to the side to allow Molly to get up.

After several moments sprawled on the floor, Molly slowly rises to her feet on unsteady legs.  The officiator raises her hand over her head.  “WINNER AND NEW EAST COAST CLUB CHAMPION — MOLLLLLYYYY!!!!”  The crowd cheers for Molly as she puts a tired smile on her face and begins to slowly walk toward her dressing room leaving an out cold Jenny behind her on the floor.