Apartment Wrestling Match No. 48 Sasha versus Sara

This poll is the forty-eighth in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in Warsaw.  The participants are:

Sara (5’6 110 lbs 23 y/o) lives in Romania on the Black Sea coast.  Sara is a full-time student and is about to complete her education.  She sometimes helps out in her family’s business.  She usually finds time to work out a couple of times a week and enjoys spending time with friends at the clubs in town.  Sara loves to win at everything she does and doesn’t intend to allow anyone to embarrass her.  Sara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitive person!  I am quick and in good shape.  I will train hard and make my opponents admit in the end that I’m the better woman.”  Sara won her a hard fought battle with Sofia and wants to show she is for real by winning convincingly this time around.

And more Sara

Sasha (5’7 126 pounds 23 y/o) lives outside of Moscow.  Sasha is the young mistress of a wealthy oil executive.  She lives a jet setting lifestyle and travels the globe.  She works out regularly and keeps in tip top condition.  Recently the oil executive decided he wanted Sasha to dominate the Club scene.  She has spent a good amount of time practicing wrestling and boxing techniques in preparation for fighting in the Club.  Sasha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My love wants to see me dominate other women physically.  It is a huge excitement for me to do that as well.  The idea of another woman powerless against me is amazing.  I will crush my opponents and be the one everyone adores.”  Sasha lost her last fight to Analise and really wants to get things turned around in her second fight.


Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and happen to show up at the exact same time.  Sasha, dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt, sees Sara coming across the parking lot and waits an extra moment for her to come closer.  Sara is wearing a short red dress that barely covers her figure and that has caught Sasha’s attention.

“This isn’t a nightclub bitttchhhh!” hisses out Sasha as Sara approaches.  Sara is a little taken aback by the tall blonde’s nasty comment and pauses for a moment.  “I come here to fight not sell my body” continues Sasha.  Sara’s face turns to a tight frown as she steps closer to Sasha.

“Why don’t you shut your mouth?  Just because you don’t understand fashion is no reason to be hateful!!” responds Sara.  Sasha immediately reaches out shoving both hands into Sara’s chest knocking her back several steps.  With a loud yell Sara leaps at Sasha and grabs for her hair.  The skirmish is short-lived as the Club’s security quickly separates the two women.  In the process, Sasha grabs hold of Sara’s dress and as they are pulled apart the dress rips open in the front exposing Sara’s black lace bra.

“My dress you stupid slut!!!” screams Sara appearing wild with rage.  “I’ll kill you!!!” she screams out as Sasha smirks at her.  “Ugly bitch and ugly dress.  I destroy you now like your dress” yells Sasha as she disappears into the house.

After getting things settled down, both fighters are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Sara quickly changes into her bikini for the fight.  She wears a green bikini bottom and a white strapless bikini top from her last fight.  The choice of colors suits her well as it highlights her skin tone.  Sara is fuming mad and paces the room.  She inspects her dress several times and determines that Sasha has ruined it.  Before she knows it, the time to be interviewed and fight is upon her.  She leaves her hair down as her preoccupation with the dress causes her to forget to prepare it for the fight.  She watches the video of Sasha intently and curses to herself a number of times.  “I will wreck her.  This Russian princess has gone too far tearing my new dress.  I will rip her hair and crush her body.  Her bikini will be mine to repay me for the dress she ruined.”

Sasha immediately heads to her changing room after being separated from Sara.  She quickly dresses in her yellow bikini.  After watching the video of her own match, she is convinced the bikini shows off her tanned and sexy figure.  She isn’t nearly upset as Sara is about the pre-fight encounter outside.  She stretches a bit and then pulls her hair up into a high pony tail.  Sasha is confidence and a bit arrogant.  She is in great physical shape for and has been hitting the gym hard after her loss to Analise.  She wants to win tonight to prove she is a good fighter.  “Wearing a cheap looking dress to the fight club.  What a stupid bimbo.  I did her a favor.  Maybe I will send her a nice dress after I have kicked her little ass.  Tonight I show the Club just how tough I am.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Sasha and Sara.  “Sara won a close fight over a girl that hasn’t been much of a fighter in the Club.  That doesn’t tell us much about her.  Sasha on the other hand gave a good fighter a heck of a fight.  And a rough one at that.  We saw how Sasha handled a rough fight, but not Sara.  I think Sasha is going to rough up the smaller girl and have her way.”  The second commentator begins “You obviously didn’t catch the pre-fight parking lot situation.  I think Sasha may have poked Sara into being mean enough to outfight her.  I think it will be wild and rough.  Someone, and maybe both of them, will be getting hurt tonight.  When it’s all over I think Sara will be the one taking it to Sasha.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding a limited number of spectators.  The rest of the crowd is forced to stand to watch.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  As Sara walks through the room, she hands her torn dress to a spectator.  “Please hold this she says quietly” as she passes by.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”  Throughout the announcement Sara is glaring at Sasha who ignores her opponent and smiles to the crowd.

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other and Sasha quickly raises her middle finger to Sara.  Sara is still extremely angry about her dress and has to be stopped as she almost starts the fight before the announcement to fight.  “You’re dead bitch!!!” screams Sara as she turns and strides angrily back to her side of the room.  The atmosphere now quiet and intense as both fighters stay focused and prepared to fight.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to begin given, both fighters move across the room towards the middle of the floor.  Sara motions as if to move in towards Sasha to test her reactions and Sasha immediately jabs a punch at her.  Sara feints a second time and gets the same reaction from Sasha as they circle one another.

Sara, counting on the same reaction from Sasha, feints and awaits the punch and as soon as Sasha jabs the fist at her she slides outside the punch and drives herself into Sasha closing the distance in a flash.  Sasha is caught off guard by the sudden move and is caught flat footed.

In close, Sara throws a hand up to keep Sasha’s punching arm from recoiling back into her and then shoots a quick jab into Sasha’s exposed ribcage.  Sasha lets out a loud grunt of pain from the fist to the ribs.  Sara tries to take advantage of her opportunity and slide around Sasha to get to her back.  Sasha reacts twisting her body and attempting to hook Sara’s head as she turns.  Both girls struggle for a moment as they each try to assert control over the other.

“Bitch” hisses out Sara as they struggle.  “Whore!!!” screams out Sasha.  As they struggle for position, they move in a circle feet taking short choppy steps as they struggle wildly.  Sara slaps a hand on Sasha’s breast and takes advantage of her good fortune as she closes her hand squeezing.  The sudden pain surprises Sasha and she yells out in pain.  YYYYYAAAAGGHHHH!!!

The breast slap and squeeze giving Sara the opportunity she needs as Sasha cries out in pain.  With Sasha distracted Sara swings herself around to the back of Sasha and slides her arm under Sasha’s neck securing her in a chokehold from behind.  Sasha immediately tries to step forward to avoid Sara’s grip, but Sara is too quick for her.  Sasha lets out a gasp as she feels her throat being squeezed in the bend of Sara’s elbow.

Sasha tries to respond with a quick elbow, but Sara anticipates her attempt as she slides her body to the side making it impossible for the elbow to land on her body.  As she twists to the side, Sara pulls back and down on Sasha’s neck pulling her slightly off balance.  Sasha choking and teetering struggles to maintain her balance.

Sara pulls hard as she levels out her hips and lower back and drags Sasha off her feet and onto her back.  With her arm wrapped around Sasha’s throat, Sara momentarily balances the taller Russian on her back as they are positioned back to back.  The dangling allows Sara to really tighten her choke hold as Sasha gasps out ACCKKKKAGHHHH and tries to slide her lower body off of Sara.

Sara, knowing Sasha will try to wiggle off her body and go to the floor, stays one step ahead of her opponent.  After a momentary pause to tighten the choke hold that looks like a reverse side headlock, Sara twists and drags Sasha over her hip and slams her chest first into the floor.  The loud crash of her body hitting the floor causes the crowd to gasp out in surprise.  Sasha tries to pull her arms up to escape Sara, but her whole body seems to have been paralyzed.  Her mind slow to comprehend what just happened to her as she struggles for breath.

Going to the floor with her opponent, Sara maintains the choke hold as she lays across Sasha’s upper back.  With a twist, she wrenches Sasha’s neck off the floor and increases the pressure of the choke.  Sasha gasps out for breath as her smaller opponent dominates the early going of the fight.  With Sasha’s face pulled up off the floor she is forced to stare into the camera which captures the fear in her eyes and the bright red color of her face.  Her mouth is wide open as she struggles for air that isn’t making its way into her lungs.

“Tear my dress bitch you pay” snarls out Sara as she keeps the pressure on her opponent.  Sasha lifts her arms off the floor trying to grab Sara by the hair or claw at her face.  They flail helplessly in the air unable to find a target as Sara mercilessly chokes her.  Sasha’s legs push weakly at the floor trying anything to force Sara off the choke and off her back.

“You want to quit don’t you” snaps Sara as she drains the life from Sasha.  Sasha gags and gasps in her grasp as she has the choke locked in tightly.  Sara expecting Sasha to be finished slips her arm off her throat and swings her legs over her back to a straddle position with her upper body facing Sasha’s legs.  Sasha gasps for air now that her throat has been released as Sara obtains the position atop her back.

“Now you pay the price for my dress!!!” hisses out a still angry Sara.  Sasha pushes her knees under her and tries to buck Sara off of her back.  Sara, seeing the legs slide under Sasha leans that direction and slaps her hands down hard on Sasha’s ass.  “Stay still” snaps out Sara as she momentarily focuses on Sasha lower body.

Sasha then pushes both hands off the floor in a sudden thrust up as she rocks her upper body towards her feet.  Sara is caught unprepared by Sasha’s resilience and efforts to buck her off her back.  Sara loses her balance with the effort and starts to slide to the side.  With a twist, Sasha rolls Sara off her back to the side.

Sara reacts to the effort as she tries to snap her legs shut on Sasha’s body.  The effort fails as Sasha’s hand and arm are able to deflect the scissor attempt.  As soon as the leg is deflected, Sasha scrambles on all fours away from Sasha.

The separation between them is more than enough to allow Sasha to push up off the floor and get to her feet.  As Sasha scampers away, Sara climbs to her feet.  She quietly mutters something showing her frustration with Sasha having gotten away.  Sasha, on her feet, turns to face Sara.  Her hair is no longer in the pony tail as it hangs long.  Her face is bright red and she is visibly winded.

Sara intent on not allowing Sasha a break immediately starts moving towards her like a lioness stalking her prey.  Sasha pulls her hands up ready to defend herself as Sara closes in on her.  Sara doesn’t waste any time with a feint as she simply plows ahead closing in on Sasha.  Sasha throws a punch at her chest and lands it solidly on Sara’s chest mashing her breast flat with the impact.

The punch doesn’t slow Sara as she grunts from the pain and plows on into Sasha grabbing her by the hair and the arm. Sasha struggles with Sara’s one arm and her fist that impacted Sara’s chest is caught between their bodies and temporarily trapped.

Sara quickly wraps her fingers tightly in Sasha’s hair and yanks her head side to side generating a cry of pain from Sasha.  The Russian tries to shove Sara back with her hand between their bodies which seems to work extremely well for her.  In reality Sara, starts to shift back as Sasha pushes against her and at the same time uses her grip on the hair to yank Sasha’s head downward by the hair.

With a sudden twist, Sara launches a hard knee driving it into Sasha’s chest as she is pulled into a doubled over position.  Keeping her grip on Sasha’s arm and hair, Sara shoots a second knee into her opponent, but Sasha catches the knee this time securing the leg with her one hand and lunges her body forward into Sara.

The force of the move in combination with Sara’s one leg being trapped allows Sasha to drive her backwards and slam her to the floor as Sasha comes down atop her.  Sara hits the floor with a loud thud as she goes down on her back hard.  Sasha landing atop her legs with the one leg secured in her one hand lets out a groan as well from the impact with Sara’s body.

Sasha shoves the leg aside and lunges forward going for a fully body pin atop her smaller opponent.  Sara tries to slow her lunge and swing her legs around Sasha, but her reaction isn’t quite quick enough.  Sasha is able to pass through her legs and drop her full body weight down atop Sara.  Both fighters let out a grunt from body to body impact.

Sara grabs Sasha by the hair and one arm and pushes her leg hard off the floor as she yanks and twists Sasha to the left.  The sudden twist coming before Sasha is able to secure the pin causes her to be rolled to the side as the two end up struggling side by side both trying to roll themselves atop their opponent.

“Fucking whore” gasps out a winded Sasha as she struggles to control her opponent.  With a loud cry and a shove, Sasha rolls herself back atop Sara as she grips Sara by the hair as well.  Sara reacts trying to thrust and roll Sasha off, but this time Sasha is able to maintain her position atop Sara.

“Get off me bitch” grunts Sara as she struggles trying to free herself.  Sasha snarls and shoves her body up and drops herself into Sara.  Unnnhhhh groans out Sara as the impact of Sasha’s weight takes its toll on her body.  Sasha sensing the success of the move, lifts her body and drops her weight into Sara a second time as the smaller girl gasps out in pain from the impact.

Sara lets out a groan as the full body of weight of Sasha crashing down into her is taking its toll on her.  Sasha pushes down with her arms and starts to slide her body up to a straddle position atop Sara.  Knowing if she lets the bigger girl get her pinned that way it might be all over, Sara goes wild shoving her feet hard off the floor and bucking.

Sasha tries to ride out the effort, but after a couple hard tosses is rolled off to the side as the two fighters end up side by side again on the floor.  Both immediately try to get the top position again as they struggle grunting and gasping with the effort.

Initially, Sara pushes off hard rolling herself atop Sasha.  As Sara scrambles to straddle Sasha, the Russian yells out angrily YAAAHHHH and shoves her hands forcibly into Sara’s chest.  Before Sara can react to stop her, Sasha grabs both of Sara’s breasts and squeezes then as she shoves her arms out to full extension pushing Sara’s upper body back.

Sara yelps out in pain from Sasha’s grip and squeeze and she shoots her hands to grab Sasha’s wrists.  With Sara pushed back and leaning, Sasha yanks both knees up off the floor and jams then into Sara’s back with a THUMP.  Sara groans out in pain as suddenly the top position isn’t nearly as advantageous as she thought it might be.

With Sasha’s wrist gripped tightly, Sara digs her nails into her opponent’s flesh in an attempt to pry them off of her body.  At the same time, Sara is painfully aware of Sasha’s legs and doesn’t want to get caught by them again.  She grits her teeth and leans hard into the pushing hands and takes the pain in her chest to force her upper body more forward to hopefully avoid Sasha’s legs.

The lean forward comes at a price in pain as Sara cries out loudly.  The crowd is on its feet cheering on their favorite as the fight appears to be nearing its conclusion.  Sasha’s legs swing up in the air and flail in an attempt to hook Sara’s upper body in a scissor hold.  The lean forward turning out to be a smart move at a critical time.

Finally succumbing to the pain in her wrists, Sasha lets her grip on Sara’s breasts go as Sara pulls her hands off of her body.  Sara’s bikini top now hanging loosely from her shoulders as the strap around her chest unties from the pressure of Sasha’s hands being pulled away.  The bikini top no longer covering Sara’s breasts as they are displayed to the crowd.  The red marks from Sasha’s clawing showing clearly against Sara’s skin.

In an instant Sara is able to overpower Sasha’s arms slamming them hard to the floor above her opponent’s head.  Sasha cries out more in frustration at being easily overpowered than in pain.  Sara takes care of that for Sasha by immediately slamming her ass into Sasha’s belly using her hips to drive her ass down.

OOOOOOOFFFFFF gasps out Sasha as the blow catches her unprepared.  Her mouth opens wide as she gasps for air after having the wind practically knocked out of her body.  Sara holds her hands down firmly as she smiles an evil smile.

“I got you now!!!” hisses out Sara as she pops her lower body higher landing atop Sasha’s chest mashing her small breasts under her ass.  With her body higher up on Sasha, Sara is now able to slide her knees over the top of one of Sasha’s arms to reinforce her hands holding her down.  The positioning allows Sara to slide her thigh up closer to Sasha’s head on the one side.

Before Sara can secure the other arm, Sasha kicks wildly and twists tossing Sara off balance.  Sara struggles to keep her grip on Sasha’s arms and stay atop her not wanting to allow her golden opportunity to pin Sasha to pass her by.

“Get the fuck off” screams Sasha as she thrashes wildly under Sara.  The wild thrashing almost unseating Sara as she works hard to maintain her position.  Keeping the one arm under her knee, Sara shoots that now free hand out slapping Sasha across the face.  WHACK resonates throughout the room as Sasha screams out and momentarily stops resisting.  The slap appearing to have shocked her for the moment.

Sara seizes the opportunity and drops her ass down hard on Sasha’s chest mashing her breasts under her and at the same time locking her other knee over Sasha’s second arm.  With both arms pinned tightly under her knees, Sara slides the triangle of her bikini bottoms right up to Sasha’s chin.

“Now I have you!!!” yells out Sara as she slides one of her hands over Sasha’s mouth and nose to partially smother her opponent.  Sasha immediately kicks and thrashes with everything she has left trying to dislodge Sara from atop her chest.  Her arms pinned under Sara’s knees leaves her with few options to escape.

Sasha manages to wiggle an arm free, but before she can do anything productive with it Sara quickly grabs her by the wrist forcing the arm back to the carpet.  With the smother momentarily released, Sasha screams out in frustration and panic.  “Get off me bitch get off me!!!”  Sara shoves the arm back under her knee as the kicking and thrashing appears to be over for Sasha.

“Awww poor baby — maybe you shouldn’t have torn my dress bitch!!!” snaps out Sara as she sits atop Sasha’s chest.  Rather than resume the hand smother, Sara slides forward pushing her lower body right over the top of Sasha’s face.

MMMPPHHHHHH moans out Sasha as she is no longer able to fight back at this point.  Sara grinds her lower body over the top of Sasha’s face as she arches her back slightly.  “Mmmmm good girl” teases Sara as she grinds on Sasha’s face rubbing in the situation.

Sara’s bikini top still hanging loosely around her neck leaving her breasts exposed to view as they bounce and sway with her movements.  Her nipples appearing to be rock hard as the top slides back and forth covering and uncovering her breasts.

After what seemed like forever to Sasha, Sara slides her body back uncovering Sasha’s bright red face.  Sasha gasps for breath now that her face is fully uncovered.  The crowd cheering Sara’s name at this point as its clear the fight is over.

“You have something to say??” prods Sara as Sasha continues to gasp.  With no immediate response, Sara raises her ass off Sasha’s chest and drops back down causing a loud HHHUNNNFFFF sound to come from Sasha.

“I give I’m done” pants out Sasha as Sara sits atop her menacingly.  Sara immediately throws her arms up in the air “YEESSSSSS!!!” she exclaims loudly as she rises to her feet.  “But I’m not done” she growls out to Sasha as she grabs her by the hair.

“Come with me NOW!!!” snaps Sara as she drags her opponent off the floor by her hair.  Sasha moans out in pain from the hair pull as she is forced off the floor.  Her body language shows she is truly beaten at this point as she struggles to comply with Sara’s orders.

Sara drags Sasha about four steps before forcing her back down to her hands and knees.  Holding her by the hair, Sara swings her leg over her body straddling her as she keeps her head help up staring out at the crowd.  Sara reaches down and unties the bikini top and yanks it up around Sasha’s neck.  As she does so, Sasha’s breasts dangle under her body.

With the bikini top around Sasha’s neck, Sara grips it tightly with one hand while gripping her hair with the other.  Sara is intent on humiliating Sasha for her behavior prior to the fight and ripping one of her favorite dresses.

“Go forward!!!” Sara barks out forcing Sasha to start slowly crawling across the room.  Each time Sasha’s head dips she feels the strain on her hair and the tightness around her neck and is forced to keep her head up staring into the camera and the crowd.  After several feet of crawling, tears start to slowly roll down Sasha’s face as her sponsor comes into her view.  She knows she has disappointed tonight and now being embarrassed on top of simply losing the fight.

“Good girl keep going” teases Sara as she Sasha closes in on what is now clearly her destination.  Sara is guiding her to the love seat containing the person holding the red dress for Sara.  Sasha sees the dress lying on the edge of the love seat and she hesitates drawing a heel to her belly as Sara curls the foot up.

“That’s right bitch keep going.  You know what’s coming don’t you” hisses out Sara.  As she arrives next to the love seat Sara climbs off her back and yanks her onto the seat on her belly.  Using Sasha’s hair, Sara drags Sasha over the arm of the love seat to the point the arm rest is pressing firmly against her breasts and her head and arms dangle over the seat.

Sara slowly pulls the bikini top free of Sasha’s body and lays it on the floor below Sasha’s head and grabs the torn red dress.  Sara pulls along the tear line causing the dress to rip even more.  The process lengthening the dress slightly.  Sara kneels down and grabs Sasha by the hair.

“I love this dress and you ruined it.  That’s a horrible bad girl” teases Sara as she drops the head and grabs Sasha’s arm.  Quickly wrapping and end of the dress around the arm, Sara ties it to Sasha’s wrist and then grabs the other arm.  Repeating the process, Sara has both of Sasha’s hands bound to the ends of the torn red dress.

Dropping the loop between Sasha’s arms to the floor, Sara steps forward and puts both feet of the dress.  The short length of the dress now pulled tight preventing Sasha from being able to lift her arms more than a few inches.

“Now it’s time to be punished” Sara taunts.  “No please no I’m sorry sorry sorry” gasps out Sasha.  “Oh I know you are and will be even more so soon” snaps Sara.  Grabbing Sasha by the hair, Sara pulls her head between her thighs as she slides up to the edge of the arm of the seat.  With Sasha’s head and arms trapped firmly, Sara leans out over her body.

“Bad girl!!” she teases as she smiles and slaps her on her bikini covered bottom.  Sasha yelps out in pain from the slap and Sara repeats the process delivering about six or eight slaps.  With each slap Sasha cries out in pain.

“Let’s do this right” calls out Sara as she hooks  her fingers in both of the tie sides of Sasha’s bikini slowly pulling the strings.  The crowd seeing what is coming cheers loudly for Sara to make her pay as the strings come untied.  Once the strings are untied, Sara pulls the bikini bottoms off of Sasha leaving her perfect ass face up and showing to the crowd.

Sara reaches down putting her hand over one cheek and giving it a playful squeeze.  “Nice and firm just how it should be” chirps Sara pausing before continuing “but not the right color!”  She punctuates her sentence by quickly raising her hand and delivering a sharp slap to Sasha’s bare ass.  The sound of flesh on flesh rings out in the room as well as Sasha’s cry of pain.  WHACK.

Sara repeats the process slapping both bare cheeks multiple times.  WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK.  The sound echoing through the room as Sasha screams in pain and sobs.  After delivering multiple slaps, Sara finishes her spanking session.

“Perfect now bitch — nice and shiny red!!!” Sara calls out as she steps off the dress and releases Sasha’s head from her thighs where she was held tight.  Sara grabs Sasha’s hair and rolls her off the couch roughly bouncing her to a seating position on the floor.  Using the hair, Sara pulls her head up so the crowd and camera get a good view.

Sasha’s now a mess.  Her face is red.  Her hair is a tangled mess.  She is sobbing almost uncontrollably and has snot running down her face.  As she is pulled into position and forced to stare at the spectators, Sasha closes her eyes.

“Do you want to apologize now OR do you need MORE!!!” hisses out Sara.  Sasha immediately gasps out “Sss..Sorry” uhh uhhh “Sorry”.  Sara shoves her roughly to the floor leaving her hands tied up in the dress.  The crowd is cheering for her and calling out congratulations to her as she slowly sashays over to the bikini top and bottom she stripped off of Sasha.

” I’ll be keeping these for my collection.  They can go right next to the ones I took from Sofia.”  Sara struts around a bit as she makes her way towards her dressing room absorbing the congratulations from those in attendance.  The officiator finally calls out “Your obvious winner — SARA!!!!” as she continues toward the dressing room.

“Oh and you can keep the dress once you untie yourself bitch!!!” Sara calls out over her shoulder.  “And anytime you think you want to try again you just let someone know.”  With that Sara slips out of the room leaving a nude, sobbing and disheveled Sasha on the floor.  After Sara is gone the officiator quietly kneels next to her and unties the dress from her hands and covers her with a small robe.