Apartment Wrestling Match No. 49 Annie versus Lola

This poll is the forty-ninth fight in the Apartment Wrestling Club series. This fight is taking place in Miami.  The participants are:

Lola (5’4 124 lbs 18 y/o) lives in a small community outside Portland.  She is currently a student at Portland State taking her basic general education requirements.  When she isn’t in class, she works a part-time job as a hostess at a local restaurant.  She loves outdoor activities and ran track in high school.  She is in great shape and hopes to make some extra money for college by fighting in the Club.  In high school, Lola dated a member of the wrestling team and they used to spar for fun.  Lola’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m pretty tough.  I wrestled a lot with my boyfriend and I had some fights in high school.  I didn’t lose so that has to count for something.  If you cross me I will beat your ass.  I have a dominant personality and I love new adventures.”


Annie (5’4 120lbs 18 y/o) lives in the Northeast U.S.  Annie is a waitress in a nationally known restaurant and has just finished high school.  She is taking off a year to think about whether she wants to attend college or not.  She loves to hit the clubs and have fun when she has time and gets to the gym several times a week.  Annie’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I would be hard to beat.  I can be a little psycho sometimes and in a fight my wild side would for sure come out.  I’ll do whatever it takes to win and assert my dominance over another girl.  Nothing pisses me off more than some bitch that thinks she is better than she really is.  Nothing better to me than teaching a hard lesson to a deserving bitch.”  Annie lost her first fight against Nissa badly and is looking for an opportunity against a new fighter to get her first win.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a penthouse apartment in the South Beach area.  The room prepared for the fight is large and contains a number of couches and chairs for the guests in attendance.  Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Lola, not sure what to expect, arrives early for the fight.  She is show into her room to prepare and await fight time.  She unpacks her bag and pulls out her bikini laying it out on the bed.  She pulls off her street clothes and performs a light yoga session in the nude to warm up and prepare for the fight.  After loosening her muscles up, she slips on her pink Ed Hardy style bikini.  It looks amazing against her dark tanned skin and shows off her curves.  She looks to be in great shape and her body looks toned and ready.  She puts a light bit of oil on her shoulders and neck area as she prepares for the fight.  She chooses to leave her blonde hair down as it frames her face.  After a long preparation, she is called to the interview.  “I saw how Nissa took her apart and I will do the exact same thing.  She is soft and no match for what I will do to her tonight.  I don’t lose fights and I don’t plan to start tonight against this bimbo.”

Annie arrives after Lola and makes her way to her changing room.  After her last appearance for the Club where she was dominated by her opponent, Annie wants to show she has talent.  She has tried to get to the gym a little more frequently and has been lifting a bit more to work on her strength.  She changes into the same pink bikini top and black bottoms she wore for her first fight.  She always receives plenty of compliments when she wears it and she wants to look nice tonight.  She pulls her wavy and curly hair into a pony tail and puts on a simple headband just like last time to make sure to keep her hair under control and out of the way for the fight.  As the time for the fight draws closer she begins to get nervous and ends up doing some extra stretching and pacing the room a bit.  Just prior to heading to the fight room she slips in to give her thoughts on the match.  “I learned a lot from my loss to that bitch from Peru.  Tonight I will show what I can really do.  This new girl thinks she is bad ass and I love to take down girls like her.  I plan to make her beg me for mercy.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Lola and Annie.  “I love it when new girls fight.  They are exciting to watch and they don’t always know what to expect.  Annie never really had a chance to show her stuff last fight so maybe tonight we can see a bit more of her.  I think Lola looks like a mean one.  Expect Lola to crush Annie tonight.”  The second commentator begins “Lola all the way.  Annie doesn’t strike me as a fighter.  Lola does.  She is better conditioned and just looks stronger.  I’ll be pulling for Annie, but my head says all Lola.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding a large group of spectators.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  “Your mine bitch” snarls Annie as they face off in the center of the room.  Lola responds, “you just keep convincing yourself that you have a chance bitch.  We know it’s not the case though!!”  The officiator steps in and sends them to their sides of the room.  The crowd is on its feet and excited as the pre-match gives the appearance this one is going to be fast and rough.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to begin given, both fighters move quickly across the room towards the middle of the floor.  Lola, not quite sure what to expect out of Annie, pulls her hands up as if to engage in a fist fight with her opponent.  As Annie closes in on her, Lola notices she isn’t slowing her movement and she throws a punch at Annie’s chest hoping to slow her rush.

The blow lands on Annie’s chest and she yells out YAAAAAAAAA as she leaps forward into Lola.  The punch to the chest not having nearly the impact Lola expected as Annie wildly attacks her.  Annie’s lunging leap allows her to drive her shoulders into Lola’s chest.

UNNNNFFFF grunts out Lola from the impact of Annie’s body crashing into hers.  Lola knows there is no way she can maintain her footing and tries to twist and use Annie’s momentum to slam her to the floor.  Annie wraps up Lola just like a football player would do as she drives through Lola.  The twist effort fails as Annie overwhelms Lola and drives her to the floor on her back.

Annie landing atop Lola grunts out from the impact as well.  Annie immediately pushes both hands up going for Lola’s hair intent on slamming her head off the floor before Lola can react.  Annie doing everything she can to wildly overwhelm her opponent.

Lola though has wrestled plenty with her larger boyfriend and reacts before Annie can have her way.  Pushing her hip off the floor and shoving an arm under Annie’s armpit, Lola is able to quickly roll Annie off to the side.  An immediate struggle for control breaks out as Annie tries to roll back atop Lola before she suffers the same fate.

Lola quickly defeats Annie’s attempt to get back to the upper position and rolls her to her back pinning her to the floor.  Annie still has her hands buried in Lola’s hair as she yanks and tugs trying to push Lola off.  Lola uses her knee and elbow as she grinds both of them into Annie’s body while she works her pin position.

Annie yelps out in pain as Lola’s knee grinds into her thigh and her elbow grinds into her chest catching one of her large breasts as Lola uses the point to cause Annie pain.  Annie attempts to twist and pull Lola off of her and seems to have some success as Lola’s lower body slides to the side.  Annie realizes too late that she isn’t dislodging Lola as much as Lola is repositioning her body across Annie’s.

Before Annie can react, Lola grabs her one arm with both hands and shoves it hard to the floor pinning it firmly to the ground.  Lola slides her hip up and into Annie’s chin area as she grinds Annie into the floor.  UNNNHHHHH groans out Annie as she finds it difficult to breath with Lola’s body pressing down tightly on her chest.

Annie’s other hand pushes at Lola’s thigh trying to prevent Lola from sliding her legs over her other arm. Pushing both feet hard on the rug, Annie tries to buck Lola off from atop her body.  Her effort fails as Lola maintains her position atop her chest in a cross body pin position.  Lola pulls one arm off of pinning Annie’s to the floor and jabs an elbow at Annie’s ribcage.

The elbow doesn’t land where Lola wants, but it still has an impact as Annie grunts out from the elbow catching her close to her hip.  Knowing she is in a bad spot, Annie yells out loudly and shoves with her feet trying again to dislodge Lola.  At the same time she pulls her free hand over the top of Lola’s hip feeling for her bikini bottoms.

As Lola digs her feet in to shove off hard, Lola swings the elbow back at Annie’s ribcage a second time.  This time the shot hits right on the intended target with a THUD sound as it lands on Annie’s ribs.  Agggghhh cries out Annie as she shoves with her feet.

Lola is caught in the midst of raising up to reload the elbow and Annie’s thrust causes her to flip off of Annie’s chest and roll to her back on the rug just above Annie’s head.  Annie tries to roll away towards the direction where Lola’s head should be knowing she wants to avoid rolling in the direction of Lola’s legs.

“Get back here” snaps out Lola as Annie makes her move.  Annie rolls over twice as she tries to make her escape, but Lola is quick as well and rolled up to her knees catching Annie by the hair as she tries to get away.  The hair grip putting a sudden stop to Annie’s rolling as her head is yanked hard by the hair stopping her on her belly.

Moving quickly, Annie pushes off the rug with both hands and then lunges in towards Lola who is fully upright on both knees.  Annie intends to tackle Lola as she drives toward her.  Lola is in the process of yanking Annie towards her to apply a hold to her head and neck area and as Annie pushes toward her, Lola shoves downward with both hands forcing Annie’s lunge to fail as she is pushed head down and butt up at Lola’s knees.

Lola tries to take advantage of the sudden opportunity to pull Annie’s head between her thighs, but Annie pushes up again and catches Lola off guard as she is trying to secure Annie’s head.  Annie pops upright on her knees in front of Lola and a brief struggle breaks out for control as they grip hands and lean into one another.

“No match for me” grunts Annie as they lean into one another struggling.  Lola is able to prevent Annie from making any progress as they struggle for control.  Lola, holding onto Annie’s arm pushes the arm high and starts to slowly turn Annie off balance to one side appearing to be starting to overpower Annie.

After several more moments of struggling, Lola twists Annie around in her grasp overpowering her and spinning her to the floor onto her back.  With Annie laying directly at her knees with her shoulders next to Lola’s knees, Lola tries to take advantage of her exposed position before Annie can react.

Lola immediately drops her body down atop Annie’s exposed body driving her elbows into Annie’s belly as she crashes down atop her.  Her lunge landing just as Annie begins to curl her knees up to pull her feet up to lash out at Lola.  Annie’s idea a good one, but her timing off as she pays the price.

With both elbows landing hard, Annie lets out a loud gasp just before Lola’s belly crashes down atop her face mashing her to the floor and partially smothering her as she tries to recover from the hard shot to her belly.  Annie gasping for breath knows she is in trouble if she doesn’t do something fast.   Her mind clouded from lack of air now races as she searches for a plan.

Annie tries to pull her legs up where she things Lola’s head might be located in an effort to catch her between her thighs.  Being unable to see and short of breath makes the task a difficult one for Annie at this juncture.  Lola bounces her body slightly atop Annie mashing her face with her belly as she continues to smother and make life unpleasant for Annie.

The legs push up off the floor and flail at air as Lola’s upper body is too low and too far back for the legs to hook her head.  Lola mashes Annie to the floor and then pushes her upper body slightly up as she prepares to shift positions atop Annie.  Her belly area still in contact as it mashes Annie’s head.

Lola now intending to push higher up and bounce her lower body forward to land in a reverse face sit atop Annie.  As she makes her move, Annie swings her legs up again and this time catches Lola just as she prepares to pull her lower body over Annie.  Both legs swing up and lock on Lola’s head stopping her lower body move before she can get started.

“What the hell!!!” gasps out a shocked Lola as Annie finds her way back into the fight by using her legs.  Lola grabs Annie by the legs just as Annie grunts out and tries to pull Lola off balance using the scissor hold.  Lola is able to prevent her body being drug off balance by the move and the struggle intensifies.  Annie trying desperately to pull Lola off balance and Lola trying to avoid that outcome and pull her head free.  With both hands on Annie’s legs, Lola digs her fingers into the muscles trying to force Annie to give up her hold.

Annie tenses her core and tries to pull Lola over and off balance again.  HUUUNHHHHGGGG grunts out a determined Annie loudly as she tries to pull her legs down with Lola’s head in tow.  Lola survives this second big attempt to pull her off balance and gives her head a yank finally pulling herself free of the scissor hold driving Annie’s legs back to the floor.

With Annie’s legs shoved to the floor, Lola is free to drive her fist into Annie’s exposed belly as she slams her fist down.   The punch lands solidly on Annie’s exposed belly button and she lets out a loud gasp as the shot appears to have really hurt.  Annie tries to kick her feet up again, but this time Lola is ready for them and deflects them away.

Placing both hands roughly down on Annie’s chest, Lola mashes both breasts as she uses them to push down and spring her ass up and directly onto Annie’s face.  Annie lets out a cry of pain that suddenly is muffled by Lola’s ass landing atop her.  YYYOOOWW MMPPPPP is all the crowd hears as Lola takes it to Annie.

Annie’s manages to get her hands between her face and Lola’s ass and pushes her hands up hard trying to keep Lola from engulfing her face.  Annie’s struggles now desperate to get Lola off of her as she tries to kick her feet and push with her hands to dislodge her opponent.  Her efforts have no effect as Lola has firmly planted herself atop Annie.

“Your done for now!!” snarls out Lola.  Her ass planted firmly on Annie’s upper body she is free to use her hands to do damage to Annie and she goes right to work.  Driving her fist down hard to Annie’s exposed belly, Lola starts to work on breaking Annie down for good.  THUMP THUMP echoes out as Lola pounds Annie’s tummy.

The crowd seems to be turning to Lola’s camp now as she is really taking the attack to Annie.  The thrashing and pushing having some effect as Lola slows her punches to make sure she doesn’t lose her position atop Annie.  If nothing else, Annie’s effort delays what might be the inevitable for her.

“You better give up NOW!!!” hisses Lola trying to intimidate Annie as she presses her ass down hard mashing Annie’s arm into her own face.  Annie moans out as Lola continues her attack by driving another set of hard punches to her chest.  This time her fists mashing Annie’s soft and full breasts.

“GIVE UP!!!” snaps Lola.  “Noooooo” moans out Annie as she stubbornly holds on trying to kick her way free of Lola.  Her body taking a lot of punishment now as she exerts all the energy she has left trying to get free of her predicament.

“Ok have it your way then bitch” taunts Lola as she delivers two more hard punches to Annie’s body generating loud gasps and moans with each belly punch she hammers home.  Annie’s legs, now with much less kick to them, thrash around on the carpet trying to find traction to shove Lola off of her.

Lola stops pounding on Annie’s torso and sits up a bit more leaning back and reaching around gripping Annie by the hair.  Annie takes this as an opportunity to kick free and gives a hard shove off the floor with her feet, but is unable to move Lola.

Laughing a bit at Annie’s effort, Lola uses the grip on Annie’s hair to pull her head up tight into her thighs as she slides her lower body down and outward extending her legs.  Suddenly Annie finds herself in a super tight reverse head scissors as Lola clamps down crushing her head.  The muscles in Lola’s legs and ass are put on display as she crushes down on Annie.

Annie lets out a scream of pain as Lola crushes her head.  Her face immediately turning bright red as Lola squeezes with all her strength.  Annie refuses to give up and tries to wrap her hands around Lola’s waist clutching at her ass trying to claw into her opponent.

“Stubborn little bitch aren’t ya!!!” grunts out Lola as she relaxes for a moment and then tightens up again flexing her strength causing Annie to moan out in agony from the scissor hold.  Annie amazingly refusing to give up digs her nails into Lola’s ass trying to claw her enough to force her to open her legs.  Lola lets out a little yelp as her flesh stings from Annie’s clawing.

Lola lowers her upper body and reaches her hand down grabbing Annie by the bikini bottoms and gives them a sharp tug causing them to cut into Annie’s body.  Annie lets out a cry of pain.  Her body barely able to continue the fight as her feet no longer kicking off the floor.  Only her hands are working to free her from the brutally draining head scissor hold.

“Give — I give up” gasps out Annie finally unable to take the abuse any longer.  Lola smirks and releases the scissor hold easing the pressure on Annie’s head.  Lola sits up and plants her ass atop Annie’s face again as she straddles her head.

“Kiss it and I’ll stop” demands Lola.  The crowd cheering for her after Annie submits gets even louder when she demands Annie kiss her ass.  The camera comes in close to catch a good shot as Annie doesn’t even hesitate to pucker up and plant a kiss on Lola’s ass cheek.  Annie is painfully aware that she is done for and doesn’t relish the idea of giving Lola any excuses to put her back in a scissor hold.

Lola laughs out and rises up off of Annie.  “Nice try bitch, but no one here is good enough to handle me” chirps Lola as she walks around the room accepting congratulations from the crowd before heading to her changing room.  Annie rolls over and lays on her belly for a long period of time before finally pushing herself off the floor and making her way slowly to her changing room.