Apartment Wrestling Match No. 52 Bailey versus Belinda

This is the fifty-second match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Dallas and continues the series of matches where the East Coast Club and West Coast Club are going to fight each other from bragging rights in the United States.  The participants are:

Belinda (5’8 128 pounds 30 y/o) lives in Phoenix area.  Belinda works as a mid-level executive in a large company.  She is married and stays very busy with her job.  Belinda was the social leader for her sorority in college and is a fan of having a good time.  She is dedicated to being the best at everything she does.  Belinda’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I have a lot of life experiences.  I always find a way to win at whatever I choose to do.  This is no exception.  I’m competitive and can be a little nasty with my competitive nature.  I don’t like to lose and I don’t like girl drama.   All those things will make me good at Apartment fighting.” Belinda has won fights against Summer and Selena and lost to Suzette and Raine.  She enters this fight after winning her last match with Selena.


Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) lives in the Boston area.  She is currently a student at a major university in the area.  She plays on the lacrosse team and is majoring in exercise science.  Bailey loves the outdoors and in her free time volunteers at a local children’s hospital.  She is in great shape and works out daily to stay in shape for the team.  Bailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t know.  I guess we will find out what makes me good when I get into the arena with someone.  I play a pretty tough game and I don’t back down to anyone.” So far Bailey has beaten Hannah, Tisha, and Karin in fairly one-sided battles and lost a tough battle with Jenny.  Bailey comes into this match off of her win over Karin and intends to continue that trend.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a private home in the Dallas area.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Bailey arrives appearing relaxed as usual.  She knows tonight’s fight is important both to the East Coast Club because they are falling behind in the challenge and to her personally as the championship tournament will be limited to a small number of girls and a win here will help cement her position as one of those girls.  She heads into her changing room to prepare for the fight and unpacks her small bag.  She changes into her pink and white trimmed bikini top and bottoms she has worn for each of her prior fights.  The bottoms are a boy short style and provide good coverage to her body.  She decides to go with her hair up and pulls it into a simple pony tail.  She does some stretching and warm-up exercises showing off her tight and firm athletic body.  “I need this win tonight to help out the team.  Plus I want to make sure I get picked to go to the big tournament.  I know Belinda is going to be tough, but I think I will be just too physical for her to handle.  Plus I can be a bit unpredictable too.”  Bailey quickly moves out of the interview area as she wants to focus on the task at hand of fighting Belinda.

Belinda heads into her changing room and prepares for the fight.  She changes into her green bikini with the print top.  It is one of her favorite bikinis and she is confident it highlights her skin tone and blonde hair.  The bottoms are a pair of very form fitting full booty shorts and the top provides great support to her large and soft breasts.  Belinda pulls her hair back and puts it into a pony tail high on her head as she finalizes her preparations.  After dressing and warming up, Belinda spends some time quietly meditating in a chair with her eyes closed as she focuses on the upcoming fight.  After her quiet time, she heads to the interview room.  “This is a big chance for me tonight.  It will be a big win and that is just what I need to get myself back where I want to be in the Club.  She is tough, but so am I.  I think she will end up surprised by how hard this fight is going to be and I will prevail.  I plan to use my size advantage to its fullest to get the win.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Belinda and Bailey.  “Bailey is just plain tough.  I wouldn’t want to fight her.  On the other hands, Belinda has been pretty darn good herself.  Belinda is a bit bigger and that could be the difference.  Bailey struggled against Jenny because of the size difference.  I’m going with Belinda because of that slight edge.”  The second commentator begins “Bailey wants to make a statement and that makes her dangerous.  Belinda seems to have the same thing in mind.  I think Bailey is going to prove to be way to tough for Belinda to conquer.  Size isn’t the only thing that matters in a fight.  Belinda is going to learn that lesson the hard way tonight.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout having a large wide open space for the fighters with plenty of seating lined up along the outer walls.  The seating mainly consists of simple chairs for the spectators and they line the outer walls of the space.  The crowd in the room is milling around visiting when the fighters start to appear in the room.

After the two are introduced to the small crowd the officiator begins to set out the rules.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other saying nothing as they try to intimidate their opponent via stare down.  Finally, both nod their heads to show they are ready to fight.  The silence and intensity has the crowd’s attention.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

Belinda moves across the room in a direct line for Bailey.  Bailey guesses that she intends to try and overwhelm her with her size early so she moves out directly towards her as well.  Knowing one of Belinda’s strengths is going to be her legs, Bailey waits until Belinda closes into range and then lashes out with a kick at Belinda’s lower leg.

The kick misses its mark as Belinda side steps the effort and then lunges into Bailey grabbing for her arm and hair.  Bailey is able to recover her balance as she gives ground for a couple steps to keep herself from falling.  The effort required to keep her balance prevents her from being able to effectively counter Belinda’s attack as Bailey finds her wrist solidly gripped and Belinda starting to yank at her hair and pulling her to the side.

Bailey knows she needs to do something quick to prevent herself from being overwhelmed by her larger opponent.  Using her free hand she lashes out with a punch at Belinda’s ribs.  Belinda though is moving quickly and uses her hair pull to yank Bailey forward causing her punch to never fully get effectively launched.  Bailey yelps out in pain as her hair is viciously pulled forcing her to bend at the waist as Belinda brings her off balance.

Belinda able to get Bailey positioned right where she wants lifts her knee trying to drive it into any part of Bailey’s upper body that she can effectively hit.  Bailey, knowing exactly what Belinda is going to do, shoves her free hand out to defend herself and drives forward with her feet causing her body to close in tight to Belinda’s.

The knee never really materializing for Belinda as Bailey’s position makes it almost impossible for her to effectively land the blow.  Caught off balance as Bailey pushes into her, Belinda struggles to maintain her grip on Bailey.  Belinda drops her grip on Bailey’s wrist and pulls her arm up to drive a shot down into Bailey’s back as she presses into her.

With her other hand suddenly freed up, Bailey wraps her arms around Belinda’s upper thighs and shoves into her.  Before she can complete the move, Belinda yells out and drives her elbow down landing it on Bailey’s shoulder.  Bailey lets out a groan as the blow lands solidly with a THUMP on her body.  The elbow though not enough to stop the inevitable for Belinda as she starts going over with Bailey tackling her to the floor.

Belinda reaches down letting go of Bailey’s hair and one hand grabs Bailey’s bikini bottoms and the other grabs her back as the two go to the floor.  The grips on Bailey prevent Belinda from being taken over to her back.  Instead she goes down on her ass with a THUD and remains seated with her legs extended in front of her.  Bailey with her shoulder in the midsection of Belinda ends up on her knees straddling Belinda’s legs with her arms wrapped around her body.

Both fighters aggressively fight for control as a mad scramble begins.  Bailey attempting to use her legs and upper body to drive Belinda to her back and Belinda trying to reach down and hook Bailey’s head in a sort of face lock hold.  At first neither fighter is able to succeed as the mad scrambling for control results in grunting and gasping and growling from both fighters.

After almost 30 seconds of intense struggle, Bailey is able to position her leg and get enough leverage to push her body shoulder higher and force Belinda to her back on the floor.  Belinda’s attempt to hook Bailey’s head in a face lock finally failing as Bailey is able to force her opponent to her back.  Belinda instead wraps her arms around Bailey’s head and begins squeezing it in an effort to inflict any damage on Bailey that she can.  The squeezing hold simply holds Bailey’s head to her chest as she no longer has the angle to apply the face lock.

Bailey’s hands down lower on their bodies unwrap from her grip around Belinda’s middle and Bailey starts working the hands up Belinda’s body looking for an opening.  With her head mashed into Belinda’s shoulder area and her body sprawled over Belinda’s in a full body pin, the most immediate target of opportunity is Belinda’s large breasts.

Sliding her hands up between their bodies, Bailey begins to claw at Belinda’s chest with generates an immediate scream of pain from her as she feels her skin burning from the raking.  Belinda plants her feet firmly on the carpet and shoves up trying to bridge Bailey off to the side with a roll.  The attempt fails as Bailey slides her legs up the side of Belinda’s and manages to get them up to about the level of Belinda’s hips as she straddles her lower body.

So far unable to pull her head free, Bailey absorbs the minor punishment being delivered and continues working her hands into the bikini top of Belinda.  With her body lifting a bit higher, Bailey has more room and freedom to work with and is able to get one hand on each breast.  Now able to work the attack, Bailey begins to dig in deeper with her fingers as she squeezes and claws her opponent.  Belinda screams out in pain her face showing the intense agony of the hold as she tries to resist the pain and find a way to reverse the situation.

Belinda digs in with her feet again and bucks hard as she tries to flip Bailey off to the side.  Bailey is forced to ride up with Belinda’s effort as she lifts her lower body off the ground.  Bailey growls out loudly and clamps down as tightly as possible on Belinda’s body with her hands.

“Stay down bitch” growls Bailey as she is forced to put a foot on the ground and come up off the floor with Belinda’s pushing and bucking.  Bailey sensing she might be in danger of losing her position atop Belinda releases a hand from her breast attack and jams a fist into Belinda’s ribs with a couple quick jab punches.  The angle isn’t great, but the combination of all her efforts pay off as Bailey is able to ride out Belinda’s thrashing.

Bailey now wanting to solidify her position releases the breast attack and grabs hold of both of Belinda’s arms.  With a sudden yank, she is able to wiggle her head free and shove Belinda’s arms to the floor.  Now straddling Belinda, Bailey quickly shoves up and slams her ass into Belinda’s body causing her to gasp out as she struggles to breath.

“Fu…ck you” gasps out Belinda as she is frustrated with Bailey being able to remain atop her body at this juncture.  Belinda gives a hard shove off the floor as she struggles wildly to break free of Bailey’s pin hold.  All the effort of trying to break free of Bailey’s pin is rapidly depleting Belinda’s energy as she is gasping and panting for air.

Bailey content to let her struggle maintains her pin hold as she slides her lower body even higher atop Belinda so she can push both arms over Belinda’s head and pin them to the floor.  The series of wild struggles fails to free Belinda as Bailey grinds her ass down into Belinda’s belly and low chest.

“Geh off!!!” pants out Belinda as Bailey controls her.  Bailey smirks and bangs her hands on the floor to demonstrate she is completely pinned and controlled by Bailey.  The move more of a show for the crowd and an attack on Belinda’s mental and emotional state at this juncture.

“What’s wrong tough girl?” teases Bailey as she slides her hips a bit higher.  Now her ass firmly riding over the tops of Belinda’s breasts as she mashes down on her opponent’s already sore body.  Bailey now getting dangerously close to sliding her thighs alongside Belinda’s head and locking in a face sit on her struggling opponent.

Belinda showing her frustration at not being able to kick her way free of Bailey’s pin as her fans cheer for her and cry out their support urging her to get free.  Belinda struggles wildly again, but to no avail as Bailey simply slides her body forward and across Belinda’s chest landing both knees past Belinda’s head.

“Gotcha!!!” smirks Bailey as she pushes herself forward enough that her thighs slide along both sides of Belinda’s head and the triangle of her bikini bottoms snuggles up tightly against Belinda’s chin.  Bailey now riding high on Belinda’s chest as she moves into a face sitting position.  She continues to lean forward as Belinda kicks her feet up off the floor struggling to kick Bailey or hook her upper body with her legs.

Belinda screams out in frustration AGHHHHHHH as Bailey holds her firmly in place.  Bailey using the hold now to drain the fight from Belinda as her frustrated opponent continues to struggle against her grip and failing to succeed.

“Poor little Belinda!!” teases Bailey as she fuels the frustration in hopes that Belinda will continue to struggle and burn up what energy she has left.  Belinda does exactly as Bailey hopes and continues to struggle in the pin hold.

After several minutes of Bailey riding up her body and pinning her to the floor, Belinda finally stops thrashing around.  Bailey smiles for the camera knowing that Belinda is just about finished at this point.

“Get off!” grunts out Belinda and Bailey closes her legs tight to the sides of her face and mashes her head.

“Be a polite loser!” snaps Bailey as Belinda groans out in pain and frustration.  Trapping Belinda’s hands under her knees firmly, Bailey pushes her hand over Belinda’s nose and mouth as she begins to smother Belinda.

Mmmpphhhh sputters out Belinda as her eyes widen in panic.  Belinda completely unable to defend herself and fully worn down by Bailey’s prolonged pin mumbles out something unintelligible to the camera or the crowd.

“You have something to say” taunts Bailey as she pulls her hands back off of her opponent to allow her to communicate.  Her face is red from lack of air and probably a bit from the embarrassment and frustration of being demolished by Bailey.

“You win.  I give up.” gasps out Belinda in matter of fact tone as Bailey keeps her trapped on the floor.  Bailey smiles at the surrender and raises her hands over her head to signify her victory over Belinda.

“I know I win!!!” smirks Bailey as she slides her body forward over the top of Belinda’s face now going to a full face sitting hold as Belinda’s face disappears under Bailey’s ass.  “Now be quiet while I enjoy my win!!”

Bailey with her hands in the air pumps her hips forward and backward dragging her crotch and ass over Belinda’s face in both directions.  Belinda left with no choice but to accept her humiliation as Bailey shows off for the camera and the crowd.  After a few moments of showing off at Belinda’s expense, Bailey slides forward and climbs to her feet.

“Push over” calls out Bailey as she struts around the room to accept the congratulations of the crowd as the officiator steps out near Belinda.  “Your winner tonight — BAILEY!!!!  That brings the overall score to 2 wins each for the Clubs.”

As the officiator wraps up the announcements Bailey makes her way down the hallway and exits the fight room as she heads to her changing room. Belinda pushes off the floor, appearing frustrated and upset, and heads off towards her own changing room.