Apartment Wrestling Match No. 53 Tisha versus Suzette

This is the fifty-third match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in New Orleans and continues the series of matches where the East Coast Club and West Coast Club are going to fight each other from bragging rights in the United States.  The participants are:

Suzette (5’6 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives in the Dallas area.  She used to be a dancer on a local dance team before meeting her current boyfriend (a married executive at a local company).  She does not work at the present time and views Apartment Wrestling as another fun diversion.  Suzette’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “These legs are deadly.  I work out regularly and I will dominate my opponents.  Look at me.  I AM the complete package.”  Suzette has had an impressive career in the Club so far beating both Hailey and Belinda on her way to an appearance in the West Coast title fight where she lost to Callie.  In her last match, Suzette was beaten badly by Sierra.  Tonight she looks to bounce back from that loss and state her claim to be a top contender in the AWC.


Tisha (5’2 122 pounds 20 y/o) is from the Atlanta area.  She recently quit school and works as a waitress to make ends meet.  She is drawn to Apartment Wrestling by the promise of fame/money in the hopes it will help her obtain a career in modeling someday.  Tisha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I need to win.  I want to win more than any other girl you will find.  That’s why I can’t be beaten!” So far Tisha has easily beaten Melinda and Wendy and lost badly to Bailey.  In her last match, Tisha was beaten by Suzette in a hard fight.  Like Suzette, Tisha needs a win tonight to regain a position in the upper tier of the AWC.


The fight is scheduled to take place in an old plantation style mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Suzette arrives early at the fight venue to be able to avoid the crowd as it comes into the home.  She quietly goes to her changing room and unpacks her bag taking plenty of time to relax and mentally prepare for her fight tonight.  Her last loss to Sierra was extremely disappointing for her and she has renewed her efforts to prepare for her fight tonight.  She feels she took her last match too lightly and paid for her overconfidence.  Suzette plans never to enter another fight assuming she will dominate her opponent.  For tonight’s fight she has chosen a metallic silver bikini top which shows off her smaller breasts.  She slips into a matching bikini bottom that is a boy short design that hugs  her powerful ass muscles showing off her tone and power.  She has worked hard after her loss to Suzette and her dancer’s legs and ass are in perfect form.  She pulls her hair up into a simple pony tail to keep it out of her way as she mentally prepares for her fight.  “I have been overconfident and arrogant and it has cost me.  Not this time.  I am ready for Tisha and I expect a hard fight tonight.  I will go the extra distance to win it though.  No way I submit to her.  My new winning streak has to start tonight on this rug.”

Tisha is settled into her own room across the home from Suzette.  She relaxes and reads a magazine while she waits for it to get closer to fight time.  She knows tonight’s fight is important for both her and Suzette.  She has spent all of her free time working out and trying to make sure she is in great shape.  As fight time draws near, she changes out of her sweat pants and t-shirt into her bikini.  She has chose to wear a black bikini top that shows off her large and soft breasts along with a hot pink bikini bottom.  The bikini shows off her figure and her ass and legs look amazing in her suit.  Tisha pulls her hair into two pig tails on each side of her head thinking maybe the look will unnerve Suzette a bit.  She smiles as she looks in the mirror as she finalizes her hair.  With Molly winning the East Coast title, Tisha needs a win tonight to have a home of getting a shot at Bailey and then Molly.  Tisha is dying to get a second shot at Bailey and views Suzette as standing in her way of that chance.  “Suzette is a nasty bitch.  No question about it.  I expect her to fight dirty, nasty and desperate tonight.  I’m just going to go out there and hurt her as much as I can all night long until she gives in.  It will be a war and I’m prepared for it.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Suzette and Tisha.  “Oh my.  Oh my.  I don’t know what to think tonight.  This is going to be one hell of a battle.  They both need a win.  They both are good enough to win.  One girl is going to leave tonight absolutely devastated.  I have no idea who it will be.”  The second commentator begins “Very funny.  You aren’t choosing a winner.  Figures.  I agree that it is going to be a battle and picking a winner is almost impossible, but I’m not bailing out on my job.  I’m taking Tisha.  I don’t know why though.  Just a hunch.  Look for that nice big bubble butt to land on Suzette late in the fight and crush the last of her will to continue.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a large open space for the fighters with some limited seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the both Tisha and Suzette are highly regarded in the Club.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Tisha smiles and growls out “Bitch is mine!!!.”  Suzette smiles back “Oh you’ll get all of me you want!!!”  The crowd cheers as the girls exchange the pre-fight verbal jabs.  Neither seem bothered by the comments and dance nervously from foot to foot as they wait for the fight to begin.  The crowd is on its feet and fully engaged as the start of the fight grows near.

The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

As soon as the command to begin is given the two start to move across the floor.  Neither in a big hurry to engage the other as they start to circle a bit and keeping a bit of distance between them.  “I’ll break you bitch!!” snarls Suzette as she wave her hands in a circle.  “Fucking try whore” snaps out Tisha as she returns fire in the verbal battle.

After circling a bit closer, Suzette lashes out trying to land a punch on Tisha’s upper body as they circle.  Tisha is prepared for the strike and flicks a hand up deflecting the punch to the side as she lunges toward Suzette.  The deflection of the punch leaves Suzette exposed as Tisha drives her body in crashing into Suzette with a loud WHAP sound as their bodies collide.

Suzette gasps out as Tisha’s body impacts hers and Tisha is all over her.  The more compact fighter shoots one hand into Suzette’s hair and quickly secures a tight grip and with her other hand grabs Suzette’s bikini top.  Suzette wraps her arms around her opponent grabbing for anything she can find as she tries to defend herself.

Yanking hard on Suzette’s hair, Tisha pushes her arm straight ahead and through Suzette using the leverage of Suzette’s  head being bent back to continue driving forward.  Suzette is forced to stagger back to keep from being driven to the floor.  Suzette’s attempt to wrap up Tisha and twist her to the floor fails miserably as Tisha is a step ahead of her forcing the fight the direction she wants at this juncture.

Fortunately for Suzette, the wall is a bit of distance away and she is able to slightly recover her footing and slow Tisha’s progress before being driven into the wall.  With all her efforts, Suzette is able to avoid being smashed to the wall, but Tisha is still able to drive her up against the wall and mash into her.  Suzette lets out a grunt and slips her hands up to Tisha’s hair trying to secure a grip on her opponent.

“Fuck” grunts out Suzette as Tisha’s early control has her frustrated.  Tisha pushes herself back a slight bit and then rams her body into Suzette’s mashing her to the wall.  The force of her body mashing into Suzette forces a groan from Suzette.  Tisha yelps out in pain as Suzette’s fingers curl into her hair and yank down on her hair pulling her head back slightly as Suzette tries to force Tisha to pull back from her body.

“YAAAHHHHH!!!!” screams out Tisha as she steps back easing the pressure on the hair pull and yanks Suzette by her hair and bikini top forward.   Tisha tries to swivel her hips and fling Suzette across her hip and to the floor.  The attempt fails miserably as Suzette uses Tisha’s hair to pull her body tightly into Tisha.  In the process, Tisha rips Suzette’s bikini top violently from her body as she turns.

“BITCH!!!!” screams out Suzette as she avoids being flung to the ground and is now pressed up against Tisha’s back as she yanks Tisha’s hair back and up dragging her tightly against her body.  With her free hand Suzette swings a wild punch around Tisha’s body and lands it directly on her chest violently mashing her breast.  AAIIIEEEEE screams out Tisha as the pain shoots through her body.

With Suzette’s bare chest pressed to her back, Tisha struggles to pull forward and spin herself to face Suzette as her opponent yanks on the hair trying to prevent Tisha from escaping what could be a precarious position.  While she struggles to escape Suzette’s grasp, Tisha takes a hard slap to the face from Suzette’s arm curling around her body.  The blow landing squarely on her face causing her to involuntarily cry out in pain.

Before Suzette can land a second shot, Tisha is able to get her body turned as she twists around to more or less face Suzette.  Suzette yanks at her hair trying to pull Tisha off balance to maintain control as she yells out in anger.  “My fucking top you slut!!!”

As Suzette tries to yank and fling Tisha forward, Tisha pushes her legs hard shoving her body towards Suzette as she tries to wrap her arms around Suzette’s body.  Before Suzette can yank her past her and to the floor, Tisha is able to lower her shoulder and jam it into Suzette’s ribs as she grabs hold.   With Tisha now ducked below Suzette’s chest level, her bare breasts come into open view for the crowd which generates murmurs of excitement from the group.

Suzette grunts out from the impact and reacts immediately.  As Tisha wraps her arms around Suzette’s body and prepares to lift her off the floor, Suzette lets go of her hair and drives down with both elbows into Tisha’s body.  Tisha take the shots to her upper back/shoulder blade area as the sound of the impact rings out THUD.  Tisha cries out and tries to ignore the pain and continue on with her attempt to secure a bear hug on Suzette.

Suzette growls out and drives a punch down into Tisha’s upper back as she stubbornly tries to secure a bear hug hold.  The punch lands solidly and knocks Tisha to the floor on her hands and knees.  Her grip around Suzette’s body broken by the force of the blow.  The crowd groans out as the impact of the hard punch registers with the spectators.

Tisha feeling the force of the blows to her back is groaning out in pain as she is driven to her hands and knees in front of Suzette.  Her fans continue to cheer her on and she stubbornly continues to try and attack Suzette not wanting to give her any advantage at all.

As soon as Tisha hits her hands and knees, Suzette decides to drop down with her and comes down driving her elbows into both of her shoulders as she drops to her knees.  Tisha starts to push her body forward in an attempt to tackle Suzette at the knees, but instead finds herself smashed face down to the floor with a sudden blow.

Tisha feeling like she was just hit in the shoulders with a sledge hammer groans out as she is mashed face down to the carpet.  Not wanting to give Suzette any opportunity to continue to punish her, Tisha wills herself to try and quickly slide her body back and away from Suzette as quickly as possible.

Before she can slide back and get off of her belly, Suzette grabs her upper body and mashes down as she slips her body forward dropping her catching Tisha’s head between her legs as she kneels in front of Tisha.  Unable to apply any pressure with a scissors, Suzette simply uses the position to hold Tisha in place and then jabs a couple more punches into her upper back.  Each blow generating grunts of pain from Tisha.

“Come on bitch scream for me!!!” hisses out Suzette as she adds verbal abuse atop the physical punishment she is delivering.  Suzette knows Tisha is a dangerous opponent and she remains focused on controlling and punishing her body as she tries to wear her down.

Tisha’s mind racing as she struggles to figure out an escape from her predicament.  The last few minutes of the match having gone horribly wrong for her as she continues to absorb punishment from Suzette.  Knowing she won’t win the fight if something doesn’t change she puts both hands on Suzette’s thighs and attempts to push off and propel her opponent back to create some space.

Suzette reaches down and grabs Tisha’s bikini top and digs her nails into Tisha’s back while ripping the top open in the back.  “Let’s even things upppppp!!” snarls out Suzette just as Tisha pushes on her thighs causing Suzette’s voice to trail off as Tisha is able to push her opponent back slightly and free her head.  Tisha screams out in pain as the movement in concert with Suzette’s efforts to remove her top caused Suzette’s claws to rip into Tisha’s back.

Tisha’s sudden movement catching Suzette by surprise as her opponent popped upright forcing her hands off of her body.  Tisha’s top, torn apart in the back, now hanging loosely as it dangles from her neck partially exposing her breasts to view.

As Tisha begins rising up in front of her, Suzette grabs for her hair hoping to retain control of the fight.  Tisha is moving quickly though and shoves her body forward grabbing for Suzette’s hair at the same time.  Both girls finding their opponent’s hair at about the same time as Tisha shoves her body into Suzette’s.  The two fighters now body to body as they kneel on the floor struggling to take control of the other.  Yanking at their opponent’s hair trying to win this face off for control.

Each grunting and panting as they exert themselves, Tisha growling out “I’ll fucking crush you whore!!!” as she pushes hard trying to throw Suzette off balance.  “Fuck you!!!” grunts out Suzette as she meets the effort with an equal effort of her own holding things even as they struggle.  Finally, Suzette is able to push off with her legs and use her extra length to overpower Tisha and drive her to the floor on her back as she comes down atop her lying chest to chest as Suzette flattens Tisha under her.

Tisha goes to shove her feet hard and twist her hips to roll Suzette to the side before she has a chance to solidify her position on top.  Suzette spreads her feet a bit wider as she also moves quickly wanting to make sure she stays on top of Tisha.  Before Tisha can gather enough power to thrust her feet and lower body off the floor, Suzette is able to slide her legs outside and overcome Tisha’s lower body effort.

As Tisha struggles to use her body to roll Suzette off, Suzette yanks her head off the rug by the hair and shoves it back down hard again banging it off the floor.  Now able to consolidate her position a bit, Suzette slides her hair grip to Tisha pig tails grabbing hold of them firmly and yanking on them.

“Trying to be fucking cute with the hair . . . gonna rip them out!!!” growls Suzette as she hovers over Tisha.  Tisha now abandoning her grip on Suzette’s hair shoves her hands into Suzette’s body and tries to shove Suzette off to the side with her arms.

Suzette draws an arm off of Tisha’s hair and prepares to slap Tisha, but Tisha’s shove to her body forces her to abandon her attempt to slap Tisha.  Suzette is pushed up and she bends her body back from the pressure of the shove.  The hair grip no longer serving any purpose for her, Suzette lets go and drags her hand down to Tisha’s chest and grips the bikini top pulling it up Tisha’s chest as her second hand slides in and grips the other side of the top.

Tisha realizing that Suzette is going to use her top to choke her slides her hands towards Suzette’s exposed breasts intent on using them to lever Suzette off of her body.  Both fighters achieve their goal at about the same time.  Tisha gasps out and makes a choking sound AKKKKKKKK as Suzette pulls her bikini top over her neck.  At the same time, Suzette screams out in pain as Tisha clamps her hands down on her exposed breasts and begins to squeeze and shove at her body to push her off the top of her.

The crowd on its feet cheering wildly as the two fighters struggle desperately on the floor.  Both suffering at the hands of their opponent, but unwilling to relinquish their hold to escape the damage being inflicted by their opponent.

Tisha gags and gasps under the pressure of the bikini top pressing down across her neck and she thrashes her legs under Suzette trying to wiggle her legs free.  Suzette cries out in pain and clenches her teeth as Tisha continues to maul her exposed breasts.  Tisha tries pulling Suzette to the side using her grip on her chest as she tries to roll her hips.

Suzette continues to cry and moan as Tisha mercilessly claws and mashes her breasts.  Tisha, knowing she can’t last much longer, twists and rolls her hips trying to twist Suzette off to the side.  She knows if she can roll them to the side, Suzette won’t have the leverage to continue the choke hold.  Suzette shifts her lower body and twists her hips as their lower bodies battle for position and leverage.  Suzette manages to keep Tisha’s under her for the moment as they battle.

“LET FUCKING GO!!!!” growls out Suzette trying to intimidate Tisha into releasing her chest.  After several moments, Suzette finally releases the choke on Tisha and leans back shoving her hands up to pry at Tisha’s wrist.  The pain finally forcing her to seek relief as Tisha gasps for air.  The bikini top still laying across her neck as she tries to yank her legs up and catch Suzette’s body.

Suzette manages to pry Tisha’s hands off her chest and leans forward enough to avoid Tisha legs as they push up trying to capture her body.  Suzette, more or less straddling Tisha, tries to push Tisha’s hands to the rug as they struggle for control.  Both feeling the effects of the fight to this point.

“Nice tits!!” croaks out Tisha as she pokes at Suzette trying to get into her head and disrupt her ability to effectively carry forward with the fight.  Suzette yells out “BITCH” in an angry and emotional tone and drops one of Tisha’s hands and prepares to launch a nasty face slap at Tisha.  Suzette never gets the opportunity to land the slap as Tisha shoves her free hand straight at Suzette’s face causing her to reflexively lean to avoid the hand to the face.

That is exactly what Tisha expected Suzette to do and as soon as Suzette shifted her body weight, Tisha rolled her hips and shoved off the floor with both feet.  The move sent Suzette rolling off to the side no longer mounted atop Tisha.  With the fighters separated by the move, Tisha rolls away from Suzette and climbs to her feet several feet away.  Suzette takes the same opportunity as she rolls the opposite direction and gets to her feet.

With the short pause in the action, both fighters take stock of the situation.  Tisha quickly reaches up and yanks her tattered top off of her shoulders and tosses it down on the floor.  Her face is still red from the effects of the choking and her body is sore from the punches she took from Suzette.  Her pigtails are now a faded memory as her hair is a mess from all the hair pulling and struggling.  She takes several deep breaths of air as she waits for Suzette to re-engage.

Suzette reaches down and checks her breasts feeling the torn skin from where Tisha had clawed into her.  She runs her hand over both breasts and grimaces in pain from the mauling delivered by Tisha.  She takes slow and deep breaths as she tries to calm her emotions.  She looks somewhat on edge as she prepares to resume the fight.

“Dirty whore.  I’ll rip both your tits off your body for what you did!!!” calls out Suzette as she starts to move towards Tisha.  Knowing that Suzette can be volatile, Tisha refuses to back down and calls out “Come on over here and I’ll teach you some manners!!”

“Fuck off!” snaps Suzette as her mind races trying to sort out how to handle Tisha.  She is frustrated by the fact that she hasn’t been able to finish Tisha off after delivering a good amount of punishment.  Tisha sensing Suzette is a bit shaken smiles at her “Come on over here or are you scared of me??” she calls out.  Tisha knowing that every second she can get exchanging verbal shots is helpful as her body is still short on air and hurting.

Having heard enough of Tisha, Suzette moves forward ready to engage.  This time around Suzette reaches out and both girls grip the others hand as they begin to struggle for control.  As they grapple, their bodies move in close to the others and eventually they are pressed chest to chest.  Tisha gives a little ground as Suzette’s height advantage allows her to leverage her strength.

Suzette gives a push into Tisha and as the move drives her back a bit, Suzette steps back and jams her knee upward knowing that Tisha’s pushing back will propel her right into her attack.  Tisha, caught up in pushing hard to avoid being overwhelmed, can’t react quickly enough to Suzette’s change of direction and takes the knee in her belly as she comes forward.

Tisha’s mouth opens as breath rushes from her body from the force of the blow.  The crowd hears a loud OOOOHHHHHFFFFFFF sound just after the sound of the knee thumping into Tisha’s body.  Tisha drops to the floor on both knees as Suzette maintains her grip on her hands though Tisha is no longer effectively struggling with her arms.

“That shit hurt didn’t it!!!” hisses Suzette as she steps around to the side of Tisha to finish getting behind her opponent.  Tisha is unable to avoid Suzette’s next move as she struggles to breathe on her knees.  Suzette, still holding Tisha’s arms, pulls them both behind her back as she stands behind her.  Lifting one foot off the ground, Suzette shoves it into Tisha’s back and stretches out both arms as she balances herself.

Tisha groans out in pain as her shoulders and back are stretched by the hold.  Her chest is forced forward and her bare breasts are thrust up on full display in all their glory for the crowd.  They bounce slightly up and down as Suzette works the hold stretching her back and shoulders.

“You’re all done!!” growls Suzette as she continues to force Tisha’s arms back causing her to feel the intense pain in her shoulders.  Tisha moans out in pain unable to find a way to escape Suzette’s grip at this juncture.  After maintaining the hold for a few more moments, Suzette drops the arms and uses her foot to shove Tisha forward causing her to fall to her hands and knees.

Tisha’s head hanging down as she maintains her position on all fours.  Her hair flows around her face and hangs to the floor as her back tosses up and down as she takes deep breathes.  Tisha’s body has taken a beating and she knows she has very little opportunity left to win this fight.

Suzette, standing behind a kneeling Tisha, surveys her opponent and the crowd.  Knowing she has Tisha just about finished off, she takes her time as she circles around her and towards her side.  She raises her arm above her head waving it to the crowd as she lines up preparing to slap Tisha’s ass.

Tisha tries to crawl forward to move away from Suzette as she stalks her.  Taking every opportunity to gather herself to make a final attack on her bitch opponent.  Tisha waits for her opponent to come close expecting her to come around towards her head.  Instead, Suzette comes up to her side and leans over swinging her upraised hand and landing a hard slap on Tisha’s ass.

AAAIIOOOWWW screams out Tisha as the hand lands on bare flesh with a WHACK sounding resounding throughout the room.  The crowd cheers as they enjoy seeing Suzette spank Tisha’s full and firm ass.  The slap forces Tisha to move a little faster as she tries to scurry away from Suzette.  What feels like moving quickly to Tisha is actually a fairly slow paced crawl as her body is about finished for the night.

Suzette strides the step or two to Tisha and grabs her by her ratty and unkempt hair and yanks Tisha up off all fours to her knees.  Suzette pauses to show off Tisha to the crowd and the camera as she holds her upright.  Tisha throws an elbow back hitting Suzette in her thigh just above the knee.  Suzette grimaces as the point of Tisha’s elbow digs into her leg muscle.

“Stupid move bitch . .  . STUPID!!!” screams out Suzette as she yanks Tisha’s head side to side.  Tisha tries to rise off her knees to turn into her opponent as her head is whipped side to side.  Tisha, knowing it’s now or never, screams out as she tries to power up and break free of Suzette’s grip.

Suzette, realizing Tisha isn’t as finished as she thought, struggles intently to keep Tisha under control so she can break her once and for all.  Tisha reaches around and tries to hook Suzette’s leg intending to pull her leg out from under her and topple her to the floor.  Suzette is able to brace herself as Tisha yanks on Suzette’s leg.

Tisha pays for her effort as Suzette yanks her head back and to the side by her hair exposing her face to a direct hit from a hard slap with her other hand.  The shock of the blow forces a cry of pain from Tisha as she pulls her hands off the leg and tries to cover her face.

“You want some more of that huh!!!” screams out an angry Suzette as she powers through Tisha’s efforts to protect her face and hammers her with a second brutal slap to the face.  Tisha cries out again as Suzette shakes her head side to side.  “Shoulda quit when you had a chance!!!” yells out Suzette again as she drops to a seated position behind Tisha pulling her to a seated position as well.

With Tisha facing away from her, Suzette slides her legs forward and closes them on Tisha’s middle.  Locking on the body scissors from behind, Suzette pulls Tisha’s head back by her hair and snakes her free arm around her neck.  With the scissor and choke combo hold in place, Suzette squeezes down on her helpless prey.

Tisha gasps and moans out trying to catch a breath through the two different holds cutting her off from the air.  Too weak to fight free, Tisha is forced to suffer in Suzette’s grasp as she punishes her body.  “I bet you thought you had stronger legs than me didn’t you bitch???” hisses out Suzette.  “Mine are stronger aren’t they” grunts Suzette as she squeezes hard again.

OOOHHHHNNNNN moans out Tisha as her body is squeezed mercilessly by Suzette.  Suzette leaves the hold on for what must’ve felt like forever to Tisha.  In reality, Suzette relaxed the scissors and slid her hand off Tisha’s neck within 30 seconds or so of applying the hold.  Wanting to make sure she had a bit more of an opportunity to show off on Tisha, Suzette didn’t want Tisha passing out from her hold.

With her long legs simply wrapped around Tisha to hold her in place now, Suzette releases her hair and slides both hands around Tisha’s body and begins to squeeze and maul her bare chest.  Tisha lays her head back on Suzette’s chest/shoulder area and moans and cries out in pain.  Her arms dangling limply by her side no longer able to fight back as she is mauled by Suzette.

“Payback by a superior bitch is a real bitch isn’t it whore????” taunts Suzette as she mauls Tisha’s exposed breast in pay back for Tisha’s earlier attacks on her body.  With Suzette’s fingers digging into her chest, Tisha screams out in agony as her flesh is raked and mashed by Suzette.

“Please you win no more!!!” cries out Tisha as she tries to surrender to Suzette.  “Oh I know I win” snarls Suzette as she continues to mash and claw into Tisha.  Her efforts are rewarded by Tisha wailing out in pain as the officiator hovers nearby.

Sensing that she is going to be stopped soon, Suzette lets go of Tisha’s breasts and grabs her by the hair again.  Suzette leans back and lowers herself to her back and yanks her legs up and around Tisha’s head now as she uses the grip on her hair to position her head just right.  Now snapping her legs together tightly, Suzette mashes down with a brutal head scissors causing Tisha to moan and cry in pain.

The officiator calls out “YOUR WINNER SUZETTE” in an attempt to signal to Suzette to release the hold.  “A victory for the West Coast as they now lead the series 3-2!!!”  Suzette ignores the officiator and continues to squeeze and mash Tisha’s head as her opponent cries out in pain.  Tisha’s face bright red as her head is mashed between Suzette’s rock hard thighs.

“ENOUGH” yells out the officiator and Suzette fearing a disqualification pops her legs open.  In one continuous motion, Suzette yanks Tisha by the hair flinging her body off her legs and to the side leaving her on her side on the floor as she rolls to her feet.

Suzette throws her arms in the air and begins to strut around the room as the crowd cheers wildly for her following her victory.  Tisha remains in a heap on the floor as Suzette celebrates her win before Suzette slips out of the room.  The officiator assists Tisha in getting to her feet and back to her room as well.