Apartment Wrestling Match No. 54 Tracey versus Wendy

This is the fifty-fourth in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in New Orleans and continues the series of matches where the East Coast Club and West Coast Club are going to fight each other from bragging rights in the United States.  The participants are:

Tracey (5’3 110 pounds 22 y/o) lives in Honolulu.  Tracey is a student and works as a bartender in a downtown night club.  She is a big water sports fan and spends quite a bit of what free time she has on the water.  Rumor has it that she is a pretty good surfer and has won some local contests.  Tracey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I grew up with several brothers at home and I had to be tough.  I’m may not look big but I am strong.  I won’t give up easy so I will be able to tough out fights where others will just quit.”  She has lost both her fights for the Club and her opponents have included Hailey and Rebecca.


Wendy (5’3 104 pounds 22 y/o) is originally from South Carolina and now lives in Jacksonville.  A recent graduate she works as a marketing assistant in a large company in the area.  Wendy was big in theatre before going to college and hopes to re-enter the acting realm someday again.  Wendy’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “It’s the size of the fight in the dawg not the size of the dawg that makes the difference.  I can’t wait to own my opponent.”  Wendy has lost every fight she has had for the Club.  Her opponents have included: Melinda, Sadie, Tisha, and Selena.


The fight is scheduled to take place in an old plantation style mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Wendy is getting set for the fight and knows she needs to perform well tonight as her future as an Apartment Wrestler could be in jeopardy.  Having lost every fight she has participated in so far, Wendy knows tonight is her best opportunity for a win as she takes on another girl that has struggled.  Wendy pulls her brown hair up into a simple pony tail and applies some very light makeup.  She changes into her green bikini top with a floral trim that barely covers her small breasts and then slips into her floral bikini bottoms with green trim to match her bikini top.  After some light stretching she proceeds to be interviewed in advance of the fight.  “I think I have a good shot to get a win tonight.  Tracey isn’t very big and has been beaten up by her opponents so far.  I’m tough and tonight I will prove it.  I know my Club needs a win so I plan to deliver for them.  I can and will beat her.”

Tracey arrives at the fight location appearing confident.  She smiles and waves at some fans as she heads to her changing room.  She has chosen to wear the same pink striped bikini top along with a matching tie-side bikini bottom that she wore last time out.  She received a lot of compliments on the choice.  The bikini provides a nice contrast to her skin tone.  Her small breasts fit nicely into the bikini top.  She has colored her jet black hair with a small amount of red tint again for this fight.  “I’m going to whip this scrawny little bitch badly.  I have had to take on much bigger and stronger girls, and tonight I’m the stronger fighter.  I’ll embarrass her and end her career in the Club.  She can’t handle me!!!”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Tracey and Wendy.  “This is going to be a good night for one of these two little fighters.  They have been the victims and now one of them gets to come out on top.  Both have a shot, but I’m going with Tracey tonight.  She just seems tougher to me.”  The second commentator begins “Those are all great points.  I think the winner is going to take out so very serious frustration on the poor loser tonight.  I think you have it right.  Tracey just seems to me to be the tougher of the two.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

The officiator introduces both fighters to the crowd and then begins to lay out the rules for the fight.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”  Wendy nods as a nasty smile creeps across her face.  Tracey nods her agreement and winks at the officiator.  The officiator sends the girls back to their sides of the room and then backs away and puts a hand up in the air.  The officiator pauses and then pulls the hand down and says “Fight!”

The two girls go directly at each other as soon as the command to begin is given.  Tracey lashes out landing a hard slap to Wendy’s head as she lands the blow and grabs her by the hair.  Wendy mirrors Tracey’s attack as she lands a slap to the side of Tracey’s head at the same time.  Both girls going for the same approach as they sink both hands into their opponent’s hair and work for a solid grip.

The grunts and little gasps of pain begin immediately as they each try to control the other through rough hair pulling.  Both shuffle their feet around as they try to find good leverage to win the hair pulling war.  Tracey yanks hard to the side in an attempt to topple Wendy to the floor.  Wendy reacts quickly to the attempt shuffling her feet to keep her balance.  She returns the favor yanking forward, but Tracey avoids being pulled off balance as well.

The cries and moans of pains picking up in intensity as the prolonged ripping at the hair is taking its toll on each of them.  “Get off my fucking hair!!!” screams out Wendy as the fight swirls in a wild and violent circle on the rug.

As the struggle continues, Tracey pushes in closer to Wendy and shoots a knee up trying to catch Wendy with a hard knee strike.  Wendy, reacting to Tracey pushing in close, twists her body slightly as she works to yank Tracey into a headlock.  The slight twist of Wendy’s body thwarts Tracey’s attempt to land a hard shot on her body.

Caught off balance, Tracey is yanked into Wendy’s grasp as she turns and applies a very basic head lock on Tracey.  The move turns their bodies facing away from the officiator as Tracey is pulled into a the head lock.  With one arm wrapped around Tracey’s head, Wendy slides her other hand in the direction of other arm appearing to be locking on the head lock.  Tracey puts both hands on Wendy’s hips preparing to push off to try and yank her head free of Wendy’s grasp.

AAAIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!! flies from Tracey’s mouth as the loud and pained scream echoes throughout the room.  Rather than secure a tight two-handed grip for the head lock, Wendy took advantage of the blocked views to slide her hand down and jab Tracey in the face with a short jabbing punch.  As soon as the blow lands on Tracey, Wendy opens her hand and claws into Tracey’s face ripping at her nose and eyes area as she pulls her hand across.

Tracey’s push off of Wendy’s hips combined with Wendy simply letting her head go allows Tracey to push free and stagger a step or two away from Wendy.  The momentum of the escape turns Tracey away from Wendy allowing her opponent the opportunity to add some more punishment to the prior attack.

With Tracey facing away and her hand on her face, Wendy lunges forward slamming her fist into Tracey’s back with a THUD sound.  Tracey lets out a loud groan as the blow lands on her back forcing her another step or two forward.  Tracey, expecting Wendy to continue her attack, ignores the burning pain from her face being mauled and tries to spin around with her elbow extended.

Wendy continues pressing ahead with her attack looking for the opportunity to punish Tracey while she has her in trouble.  Tracey attempt to land the elbow on Wendy fails as her opponent is already on her before she is able to launch the attack.  Driving in close, Wendy grabs Tracey by the hair and lands several quick punches to her low back as she continues driving Tracey’s body forward.

The force of the attack causes Tracey to stagger forward as Wendy keeps the grip on her hair and the pressure on as she follows.  With Tracey off balance, Wendy is able to push forward and drive Tracey into the wall.  Tracey manages to push her hands up to take most of the force of the blow on her arms and body and avoids taking the blow to her face and head.

“BITCH!!!!” screams out Wendy as she continues her attack on Tracey.  The impact with the wall forces a groan from Tracey as she feels Wendy’s body weight press into her from behind as she meets the wall.  Tracey, knowing she has to do something fast, struggles to turn again and tries to shove an elbow into Wendy’s body to facilitate the turn.

Wendy quickly lets go of Tracey’s hair as she presses her body firmly against her opponent pinning her to the wall.  Tracey’s attempt to land an elbow on Wendy fails as Tracey’s arm flails looking for a target.  Wendy slips her arm under Tracey’s and starts to hook her arm in a half nelson type hold.

Tracey pushes off the wall with her free hand as Wendy works to secure the half nelson hold and secure her other arm.  The push causes Wendy to rotate with Tracey in her grasp as she rolls down the wall a few feet pulling Tracey off the wall and in front of her as Wendy leans into the wall.  Reaching around with her free hand, Wendy grabs hold of Tracey’s bikini top and yanks it up exposing her opponent’s small breasts to the crowd.

Tracey pulls her body slightly forward and shoves her ass back hard into her opponent as she mashes Wendy into the wall at this point.  Wendy lets out a groan as Tracey’s effort pays off for her.  Wendy tries to use her second hand to secure the half nelson hold, but the momentary lapse concentration caused by Tracey’s attack causes her to lose her grip on Tracey’s arm.

The moment Tracey slips her arm out of the beginnings of the half nelson hold, she spins her body to face Wendy and shoves her fist into Wendy’s exposed belly.  OOOOOOOFFFFF flies from Wendy’s mouth as Tracey sinks her fist into her opponent’s body.

Wendy fights off the pain of the shot to her belly and fires back a punch at her opponent landing her fist directly on Tracey’s chest mashing her firm breast under her knuckles.  The sudden impact of the shot causes Tracey to yelp out in pain as both fighters now stand toe to toe trying to punch their opponent.

The pace of the fight suddenly accelerates as the two being firing punches at the other’s body as each tries to knock the will to fight out of the other.  The sound of grunts, gasps, and cries of pain come from both Tracey and Wendy as each blocks some of the blows and absorbs others.

After several moments of throwing punches at one another and slugging it out, Wendy backs away a few steps causing a brief pause in the fight.  “Are you ready to quit yet” grunts out Wendy as she adjusts her bikini top and bottoms after the wild action.  “Fuck you whore” spits out Tracey as she starts to adjust her bikini top but quickly realizes Wendy’s earlier attack has mangled the top enough it is useless to cover her breasts at this point.

“Fine then” snaps Wendy as she lunges toward Tracey.  Tracey pushes her hands out and lunges forward as the two collide in the middle of the room.  Both girls grab the others hands and they begin trying to overpower the other.  After a couple of moments, they end up with their hands pushed upward and their bodies mashed together as they struggle for control.

Wendy pivots her hips slightly to open up a bit of room between them and shoots her knee up catching Tracey squarely on the triangle of her bikini bottoms.  Tracey lets out a wail of pain and Wendy immediately overpowers her as she twists flinging Tracey to the floor.  Tracey lands in a heap on the rug her hand going to her lower body as she covers herself.

Wendy quickly strides around Tracey’s body as she lies on the floor moaning and clutching herself.  With Tracey unable to defend herself, Wendy unleashes several quick kicks to her upper and lower back.  Each one landing with a THUMP as Tracey cries out in pain.

“Shoulda quit when you had the chance slut!!!” snaps out Wendy as she grabs Tracey by the hair yanking her up to a seated position on her ass.  Tracey reaches up trying to pull Wendy’s hand out of her hair, but instead Wendy slides to a knee and shoves her other knee into Tracey’s back while snagging both of Tracey’s arms.  With a sudden yank, Wendy pulls her arms back and forces her knee into her back.

With her chest thrust forward and her back savagely stretched by Wendy, Tracey lets out a loud scream as her head hangs forward to her chest.  The body language now clear to the crowd as Tracey’s body slumps in her opponent’s grasp.  Tracey fans no longer call out encouragement to their favorite as the Wendy fans in the crowd cheer her on as she seems positioned to secure the win.

“Say it bitch . . . I want to hear you say it NOW!!!” yells out Wendy as she continues to pour on the pressure stretching Tracey’s back and core muscles as she grinds her knee into Tracey’s back.  Tracey lets out another scream of pain before finally crying out “I GIVE!!! PLEASE NO MORE!!!”

“FUCK YEAH!!!!” yells out Wendy as she hears Tracey submit the fight to her.  Wendy releases the grip on Tracey’s arms allowing her to slump forward still seated on her ass in front of Wendy.  Before Tracey can collapse to the carpet, Wendy grabs her hair and yanks her over to the floor on her back.  Wendy now kneeling just above Tracey’s head.

Wendy reaches down and grabs Tracey’s legs one at a time and pulls them up to her chest and then over her head.  Lowering herself down over Tracey’s calves, Wendy has her rolled up in a tight pin hold with her ass protruding up in the air and on display for the crowd.

“Look at my little bitch!!!” calls out Wendy as she celebrates her victory and humiliates Tracey.  Wendy reaches out with her open hand and slaps Tracey on the ass generating a cry of pain from Tracey.  WHACK WHACK WHACK sounds out through the room as Wendy enjoys being able to torture Tracey as she has her trapped helpless under her.

“Please stop” whines out Tracey as Wendy plays to the crowd.  WHACK responds Wendy to Tracey’s plea for mercy.

“I’ll stop when I’m done with you slut!!!” snarls Wendy as she bounces a bit on Tracey’s legs mashing them into her body.  Tracey moans out in pain from Wendy’s effort as Wendy raises her arms over her head flexing her small biceps for the crowd.

Wendy reaches down and grabs hold of Tracey’s bikini bottoms and gives them a sharp tug.  The tug forces the bikini bottom to stretch and snap back.  “Please don’t” pleads Tracey as Wendy gives the bikini bottoms a second tug.

“Awww poor baby” teases Wendy now really getting into the fact that she has the opportunity to humiliate an opponent.  Something about losing all the prior matches has set off a nasty streak in Wendy that she is able to take out on Tracey.

“Tell them who the loser is here!!!” hisses out Wendy.  Tracey immediately cries out “Im a loser Im a loser.  Wendy is queen.  Please please stop!!!”  Wendy giggles as Tracey compliantly cries out as commanded.

Wendy starts to push off of Tracey and pauses.  She reaches down and grabs the bottoms once again and yanks on them as she rises to her feet.  The tie sides give way and Tracey’s bikini bottoms rip free with Wendy who holds them up to the wild cheers of the crowd.  Wendy takes two or three steps and then pivots and slings the bottoms to the crowd.