Apartment Wrestling Match No. 55 Rebecca versus Jenny

This is the fifty-fifth in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in New Orleans and continues the series of matches where the East Coast Club and West Coast Club are going to fight each other from bragging rights in the United States.  The participants are:

Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) is from a very small farming community in the midwest.  She currently lives a few hours from Chicago.  Jenny works in a small bank and is recently married.  Her and her husband are both excited about seeing how she competes.  Jenny has fought a number of times in her life and claims to have won them all.  She grew up on a farm and is strong.  Jenny’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a country girl and we all know country girls kick ass!!! Ain’t no bitch from the city gonna be able to stand up to me.”  So far Jenny has gotten a reputation for doing about anything need to win.  In her fights she has shown a tendency to engage in any dirty tactic necessary to come out on top.  At this point, she has beaten Monique, Molly and Bailey and lost to Denise and Molly in her most recent match when she lost the East Coast Club Title.  Jenny has been extremely upset by her losses and is excited about the opportunity to get back on the rug.


Rebecca (5’6 135 pounds 23 y/o) is a recent graduate of the U of A.  She moved to southern California to take a job as a nurse in a local hospital.  She lives a somewhat active lifestyle.  Played sports in high school, but not at the college level.  She believes she is strong and has been working on her cardio in anticipation of participating in the Club’s fight scene.  So far Rebecca seems to be a fighter that likes to brawl a bit.  She is starting to be known for her confident attitude and intensity in a fight.  Rebecca’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong and have been an athlete all my life.  I have never backed down to a challenge in my life and I don’t expect to start now.”  So far Rebecca has beaten Raine and Tracey and lost to Callie twice.  Rebecca is coming off of a tough loss to Callie and is looking for the chance to make a statement.


The fight is scheduled to take place in an old plantation style mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Rebecca changes into her green bikini for the fight and pulls her long dark hair back into a pony tail and carefully adjusts her headband just above her forehead to keep any stray hair out of her way.  Rebecca spends a few minutes stretching and generally loosening up.  Her body language showing she is worked up and excited about the match.  Rebecca has been hitting the gym hard in advance of tonight’s fight.  She knows the importance of getting a win as the Club begins to sort out who will be invited to the world title tournament.  A win over Jenny will be a strong statement for her and she is prepared for tonight.  Rebecca sits down to be interviewed ahead of the fight.  “I think Jenny is a tough one.  I won’t be looking past her or underestimating her one bit.  I hope she thinks I will be an easy win.”  Rebecca giggles a little bit at the thought of that before continuing.  “I will bring home the East versus West challenge title to my Club tonight and leave that redhead broken on the floor.”

Jenny is in a room nearby getting ready for the fight.  She is worked up and can’t sit still.  Tonight’s fight means a lot to her after losing the last two matches.  She has been able to work out a little more before this fight in an attempt to be ready for Rebecca.  She changes into a skimpy and very sexy lime green string bikini and thong.  Her red hair and freckled features accentuate the color choice for her bikini.  Her large breasts barely contained by the fabric of her top.  She pulls her fire red hair up into a pony tail holder and does some light stretching before being interviewed.  “My last two fights haven’t gone as I hoped.  Tonight that changes.  Rebecca will be my bitch before the night ends.  I’ll crush her body and her spirit and end her.  Then I’m going to go get my fucking title back from Molly.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Jenny and Rebecca.  “Oh my.  This may just be a fight to punch a ticket to the world title tournament.  Rebecca and Jenny are both great fighters.  This is going to be awesome.  I have no idea who wins it tonight, but I know it will end ugly for one of them.  It’s a toss up and I’ll take Jenny.”  The second commentator begins “You are so right.  Both these girls are nasty.  Both know how to take it to an opponent.  I think Rebecca has a little better stamina and that might be the difference.  I expect to see Rebecca standing over Jenny when it ends, but who knows.  Wow this will be great.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

The officiator introduces both fighters to the crowd and then begins to lay out the rules for the fight.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”

Rebecca nods her head and smiles.  “Damn right she will be subjected to being humiliated!!” she calls out for the crowd’s benefit.  The crowd begins to cheer before Jenny has a chance to comment.  Jenny waits a moment for the crowd to quiet down as Rebecca continues to smile and play to the crowd.  Finally it quiets down enough for Jenny to be able to respond.  “Didn’t you get enough humiliation from Callie.  I would’ve thought you would have quit by now in shame!!!” responds Jenny.  The crowd lets out a loud collective whhhhoooooaaaaa sound at the comments as Rebecca’s smile turns to a snarl.  The officiator knows the fight is about to start as the crowd buzzes with excitement and energy knowing tonight will be a classic bitch battle.  With the fighters still standing within about 10 feet of one another the officiator quickly steps back and says “Fight!”

The sudden start surprises the crowd and catches the girls off guard.  Jenny quickly lunges at Rebecca who is adjusting her bikini bottoms before preparing to head back to her side of the room.  Rebecca pulls her hands up, but is too late to catch Jenny’s hands as her opponent shoves a hand into Rebecca’s hair and another into her face.

“Fuckin destroy ya!!!” screams Jenny as she tears into Rebecca taking advantage of catching Rebecca unprepared for the start of the fight.  Rebecca pushes her hands towards Jenny’s hair as she finds herself suddenly gripped by the redhead.  Before she can land a good grip on Jenny’s hair, Rebecca screams out as Jenny’s fingers dig into her face just before Jenny’s body crashes into Rebecca’s.

“AAIIEEEEYOOWWW BITCH!!!” screams out Rebecca as she reacts to the pain of the hand in her face yanking her hands to Jenny’s wrist to break it free from her face.  The force of their bodies pressing together causes Rebecca to give some ground as she keeps her feet under her while working to get the hand out of her face.

Jenny slides her probing fingers around Rebecca’s head and finds the pony tail and secures a grip on it like it’s a handle.  As Jenny is finding a solid grip on the pony tail, Rebecca pulls the hand off her face with both of her hands securing a tight grip on Jenny’s wrist and forearm.

“Cheating slut!!” hisses out Rebecca as she pulls the hand free and tries to get control of Jenny.  As Rebecca struggles to pull the arm around and try to secure an arm hold, Jenny yanks on the hair and turns Rebecca’s head to the side.  Rebecca’s nails now digging into Jenny’s wrist and forearm causing the redhead to grimace from the sharp pain.  At the same time, Rebecca grunts in pain as her hair is yanked and her neck slightly turned to the side.

“Break you bitch” grunts out Jenny as they continue to struggle for control.  At this point neither wanting to give up her grip on the other and trying to secure the advantage.  Rebecca clenches her jaw tightly and fights through the pain of the hair pulling and bends Jenny’s wrist back as she forces the arm up in the air.

Bodies pressed tightly together as they stand toe to toe and Jenny cries out from the sharp pain of the bending back of her wrist.  OOOWWW OWWW OWWWW she cries out as she tries to get that arm free to no avail.  Quickly abandoning the hair pulling, Jenny grabs at Rebecca’s hand trying to stop the bending of her wrist.

“I’ll break something” grunts out Rebecca as she tries to use the pressure on the wrist to force Jenny downwards.  Jenny resists and yanks at the hand bending the wrist as they struggle.  Rebecca yells out a loud scream of anger YYYAHHHHHHH as she works to force Jenny to her will.  Rebecca’s grip on the wrist too tight for Jenny as she can’t pry the hand off of her own hand.  The angle awkward as Rebecca has the hand slightly behind Jenny’s shoulder.

“FUCCCKKKKKK!!!!” cries out Jenny as the pain continues to mount.  Finally being forced to relent, Jenny’s knees buckle and Rebecca forces her to both knees on the carpet.  Forced to her knees directly in front of Rebecca with only a small bit of separation between them, Jenny balls up her fist and strikes out aiming a punch directly for the triangle of Rebecca’s bikini bottoms.  Just as she unloads the blow, Rebecca pivots back slightly forcing the punch off target as it glances off of Rebecca’s right thigh.

With a sudden pivot back the other way, Rebecca hammers her knee directly into Jenny’s chest mashing her large soft breast flat as a pancake.  Jenny lets out a loud OOOOMMMPPHHHH as the knee lands solidly on her body.  The force of the blow drives Jenny over backwards onto her back on the floor as Rebecca lets go of her arm letting her collapse to the carpet.

Jenny lets out a low moan as she appears dazed from the hard knee.  Her legs are buckled at a funny angle under her as she ends up on her back looking up at the ceiling.  She works to uncoil her tangled legs wondering where Rebecca went.  Suddenly a dark shadow crosses over the top of her as Rebecca steps around her body.

“Missed didn’t ya slut!!!”

Jenny tries to turn her body, but Rebecca has already launched her foot as she lifts it and mashes it down into Jenny’s side.  Jenny groans out in pain as the foot mashes down on her body.  She tries to roll her body to minimize the impact of the attack and is able to avoid some of the force, but not nearly enough of it.

“Not so tough now are you bitch!!!” yells out Rebecca as she reaches down and grabs Jenny by the leg that she is able to get untangled.  Rebecca yanks the leg up pulling it out straight and shoots a kick into the exposed hamstring driving her heel into her opponent’s leg.

Jenny lets out a cry of pain as she tries to get her other leg into position to kick out at Rebecca.  Jenny now getting a bit desperate to fight her way free of her current predicament.  Rebecca pulls the leg outward and steps around into position to drive her foot into Jenny’s exposed crotch.  Jenny knowing exactly what Rebecca is about to do tries to lash out with her free foot to drive Rebecca back.

Just as Rebecca goes to drive her foot in Jenny’s foot makes contact with her midsection catching her in the low stomach.  OOOOOHHHHH moans out Rebecca as Jenny’s foot mashes into her body.  Rebecca drops Jenny’s foot and staggers back a couple steps clutching at her body as the blow takes its toll on her.

Jenny, having narrowly avoided a devastating kick to her crotch rolls away from Rebecca and starts to get up off the floor.  Rebecca seeing Jenny trying to get back to her feet rushes at Jenny as she fights through the pain of the shot to her belly.  Jenny feeling Rebecca’s attack, tries to pivot and launch an elbow at Rebecca’s body as Rebecca raises her arms to drive a blow down on Jenny.

This time Rebecca’s blow strikes first as she hammers down her fist and forearm into Jenny’s upper back and neck area.  The blow lands with a loud THUD and drives Jenny to the floor in a heap.  Jenny’s attempt to nail Rebecca in the midsection fails miserably as she finds herself face down on the floor with her head spinning from Rebecca’s hard blow.

“You’re gonna pay for that” growls out Rebecca as she lunges down to the floor trying to land atop Jenny’s back.  Jenny attempts to roll herself to her back to avoid having Rebecca get to her back, but again Rebecca is one step ahead of the red head.  Jenny groans out as Rebecca drives her body weight down atop her opponent’s back.

Jenny struggles desperately to force Rebecca off of her back as she pushes her knees up underneath her body as Rebecca grabs Jenny by the hair and twists her head to the side.  Jenny cries out in pain as she bridges up with her arms trying to force Rebecca off to the side.

Rebecca slides her arms around Jenny’s body and up under Jenny’s arms as she tries to push up off the floor.  Jenny fails to appreciate Rebecca’s strategy with the movement until it’s too late.  As Jenny pushes up off the floor, Rebecca skillfully maneuvers her arms into position and secures a full nelson hold on Jenny as she pulls Jenny up onto her knees on the floor.

Jenny’s face shows her disappointment at being trapped in the full nelson as she struggles against Rebecca’s strong body.  The hold not particularly painful, but effective as Rebecca traps Jenny in a position where she can’t fight free.

“FUCCKKK!!!” yells out Jenny in frustration as Rebecca holds on tight and shakes her slightly side to side to send the message to Jenny that she is trapped.  The crowd intently watching as Rebecca seems to be taking firm control of the battle.  The Jenny fans in the group cheering on their fighter and imploring her to break free.

“What’s wrong sweetie??? Are you trapped???” teases Rebecca as she maintains her grip on Jenny.  The teasing having the intended effect on Jenny as she growls out in anger and frustration and struggles hard to try and break free.  Pulling down on her arms in an attempt to break free, Jenny growls out loudly with the effort.  The attempt fails as Rebecca holds on tight.

Rebecca leans forward and slowly pushes her feet under her as she bends Jenny forward.  Jenny tries to break free of Rebecca’s grip again, but her effort fails as Rebecca has a tight grip on the full nelson.  “Get the hell off” groans out Jenny in frustration as Rebecca controls her.  Rebecca knows the full nelson is frustrating for Jenny and might be tiring her out, but it isn’t inflicting any real pain of significance on Jenny.

After getting her body over the top of Jenny, Rebecca slowly raises up moving to her feet as she drags Jenny up while maintaining the full nelson hold on her.  Jenny struggles and almost slips her arm free, but Rebecca is able to maintain her hold as she gets Jenny pulled to her feet.

“GET UP SLUT!!!” yells Rebecca as she gets Jenny to her feet.  The words more for show than anything else as Rebecca appreciates the hold is incredibly frustrating for her opponent.  As Rebecca gets Jenny to her feet, Jenny lifts her leg and shoves it down grinding her heel down on Rebecca’s toes.  Rebecca lets out a yelp of pain as Jenny’s desperate attempt to do something finally pays off.

With Rebecca’s yelp of pain Jenny wiggles her body to break free and manages to loosen Rebecca’s grip.  Rebecca sensing Jenny’s attempt to escape her clutches drives her body forward shoving Jenny into the wall.  Without much to cushion the blow, Jenny crashes into the wall chest and face first with a THUMP sound.  Jenny lets out a moan and tries to turn into Rebecca as the impact with the wall finally allows Jenny to slip free of Rebecca’s grasp.

Rebecca is all over Jenny at this point as she presses her body against Jenny’s back trapping her against the wall.  Not content to simply trap her opponent, Rebecca jams several hard punches into Jenny’s low back and kidneys as she holds her in place.

Crying out in pain, Jenny’s legs buckle as her head rolls back onto Rebecca’s shoulder.  The pained expression on her face telling the tale of the effectiveness of Rebecca’s attacks.  In a desperation move, Jenny flings her arms up over her head and grabs for Rebecca’s face hoping to rake her nails across whatever vulnerable target she can find.

Rebecca, too focused on her attacks on Jenny’s low back, fails to see Jenny’s attack.  With a sudden violent move, Jenny shove her hands over her shoulders and straight in Rebecca’s face.  Her claws digging into her opponent as she rakes outward with both hands.    Rebecca lets out a scream of agony and pulls both hands to her face as she staggers back several steps.

YAHHHHHHH!!!!! screams out Jenny as she turns and wildly attacks Rebecca.  Jenny is slowed by her battered condition and Rebecca covers up her body and takes the first couple of punches on her arms before she tries to return fire with punches of her own.

The fight now turning into a sluggish and reckless punch fest as the girls begin to throw body punches at one another.  The sound of fists landing on arms, shoulders, and bodies ring out THUD, THUMP, WHOMP and mix in with grunts and groans as both girls take and receive punches.  The crowd cheering wildly as the fight turns into a wild brawl.

After several moments of brawling the tide of the battle appears to be shifting Jenny’s way as she starts to land more blows on Rebecca than her opponent is able to land.  The grunting and gasping continuing as both fighters stubbornly stand in and try to batter the other.  Rebecca’s efforts seem to be fading out somewhat as Jenny takes control and her punches start to penetrate Rebecca’s defenses.

OOOOOHHHHHHH flies from Rebecca’s mouth as her face contorts in pain and she gasps out for breathe after Jenny lands a punch squarely on her breast mashing it flat.  Jenny follows up the punch with a second shot into Rebecca’s belly landing it directly on her belly button.  After gasp of pain flies from Rebecca’s mouth as she tries to stagger back and away from Jenny while trying to protect her body from any further punches.

Rebecca staggering away from her catches Jenny off guard and she reacts late in her attempt to pursue her advantage.  By the time Jenny tries to close on Rebecca she has recovered and puts her fists up to defend herself.  Jenny decides to circle back and catch her breath rather than rush head long into another exchange with a prepared opponent.

“You wanna submit to me” grunts out Jenny as she backs away and takes several deep breathes in an attempt to slow her breathing and regain her composure.  Rebecca is perfectly content with the short breather as she readjusts her bikini top following the hard punch to her breast.  “Screw you whore” she replies to the grunted demand to surrender.

The crowd seeing the fight is close to over renews their effort to spur on their favorite.  At this point, the crowd seems fairly evenly divided as they cheer on their favorite.  Jenny puts her hands up in the air and motions at Rebecca calling out “Come on over here bitch so I can finish you off!!!!”

Rebecca says nothing and slowly closes the distance remaining cautious as she starts to close.  After having taken the worst of the mini boxing phase of the fight, Rebecca is intent on closing in on Jenny and wrestling her to the floor.  Jenny, expecting Rebecca to want to close in tight, waits for her movement fully intending to launch a knee at her body as she rushes in.  Both girls are experienced and capable fighters and know this very well could be the final exchange of the fight.

Rebecca feints at Jenny and Jenny identifies it immediately as a feint and puts a hand up towards her own face to draw Rebecca’s follow on lunge into her.  Rebecca, seeing the hand come up, lunges in grabbing for the wrist to attempt an arm hold.  With both her hands going high, Rebecca is exposed to the knee shooting up from Jenny that she lunges directly into as she attacks.

OOOOHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!!!! groans out Rebecca as the knee hammers into her low belly causing her to immediately lean into Jenny as she gasps for air.  Jenny maintains her balance after driving the knee into her opponent and grabs Rebecca by the hair and by her bikini top strap across her back as Rebecca leans over grasping at her belly.

Gripping Rebecca tightly with both hands, Jenny flings her to the floor as she pivots her body sideways.  Rebecca stumbles several steps and collapses to the floor on her belly and moans out as her bikini top is ripped open in the back.  Jenny turns and wipes her matted and damp hair back out of her face and moves toward Rebecca.

Rebecca pushes up off the floor and starts to crawl away as Jenny moves closer.  Both girls looking worn down at this point.  The crowd cheering on their favorite as they try to implore their girl to finish off her opponent.  As Rebecca crawls several steps, Jenny shoves her foot into her ass knocking her back to her belly.

“Stay the fuck down!!” growls Jenny as she moves over Rebecca.  Before Jenny can lower down on Rebecca’s backside, Rebecca is able to roll over and meet Jenny as she comes down to straddle her grabbing both her hands.  Rebecca’s rolling over surprises Jenny as she suddenly finds her hands grabbed by Rebecca rather than being able to sit down and bury her hands in Rebecca’s hair.

Rebecca pushes up off the rug and twists rolling Jenny to her side as they now lay side by side wrestling for control of the battle.  A sudden test of strength breaks out as both girls try to overpower the other without much success.  As they grapple with hands locked together, both attempt to use their legs to gain control over the other as they tangle their bodies together groaning and grunting as they battle.

Jenny lets out a loud moan as Rebecca slowly forces her to her back and is able to work a leg over the top of Jenny’s and pull herself atop her opponent.  The struggle continues with Jenny lying on her back and Rebecca sprawled out over the top of her in a full on body to body pin type of position.

“Get the fuck off me” moans out Jenny as she struggles to roll Rebecca off to the side.  Rebecca bears down pushing both of Jenny’s arms above her head as she solidifies her pin on Jenny.  With Jenny’s arms under her control, Rebecca is able to slide her legs to the side of Jenny’s body and firmly straddle her with her thighs locked to her sides to make sure she has a firm grip on Jenny.

“Make me” pants out a tired, but now firmly in control Rebecca.  Before Jenny can respond, Rebecca slides her legs higher up and is able to lift her ass and cram it down into Jenny’s belly.  OOOOFFFFFF gasps out Jenny as Rebecca continues to batter her worn down body.

Jenny pushes her feet down and tries to push up off the floor, but her drained and weakened body barely responds to her mind’s commands.  Rebecca easily rides out the minor effort and slides her lower body higher up as she pulls Jenny’s arms under her legs in a tight school girl pin.

Helplessly trapped under Rebecca’s ass and legs, Jenny stops resisting and simply lies there with the fight drained out of her.  Rebecca feels Jenny go limp under her and smiles a tired and worn out smile.  She reaches up with her now free hands and pushes her hair back out of her face.  She pulls her dangling top from her neck since Jenny ripped the clasp free in the back and tosses it aside.

“Say it to me!” hisses Rebecca as she simply sits atop Jenny.  Knowing she is finished, Jenny turns her head slightly and spits out “I give up”.  Rebecca, too tired to really punish her opponent much further, simply shoves her crotch even closer to Jenny’s chin as she sits atop her.

“Fuck yeah” grunts out Rebecca as she raises her hands over her head for the crowd’s benefit.  The Rebecca fans go wild cheering for her as she finishes off Jenny to secure a 4-3 win in the East versus West challenge.

Before climbing off of Jenny, Rebecca slides more forward and plops her ass over the top of Jenny’s face as she slides off of her opponent.  Then Rebecca slowly climbs to her feet holding her hands over her head.  Jenny rolls over to her belly and lies on the floor totally spent and unable to get up.

Rebecca walks very slowly towards her dressing room door as she shows off the best she can after her win.  The officiator steps into the middle of the room.  “YOUR WINNER — REBECCA and the winner of the challenge — THE WEST COAST CLUB!!!!”  As the officiator finishes the announcement, Rebecca exits the room.