Apartment Wrestling Match No. 57 Analise versus Sara

This is the fifty-seventh in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in Madrid.  The participants are:

Sara (5’6 120 lbs 23 y/o) lives in Romania on the Black Sea coast.  Sara is a part-time student and is about to complete her education.  She sometimes helps out in her family’s business.  She usually finds time to work out almost every day and enjoys spending time with friends at the clubs in town.  Sara loves to win at everything she does and doesn’t intend to allow anyone to embarrass her.  Sara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitive person!  I am quick and in good shape.  I will train hard and make my opponents admit in the end that I’m the better woman.”  Sara has won fights with Sofia and Sasha.


Analise (5’8 135 pounds 28 y/o) lives on the outskirts of Paris.  Analise works in a financial services firm.  In her free time she travels and hits the gym.  She has done some competitive swimming in her teens and early 20’s and still swims on a regular basis.  Analise’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am big and I am strong.  I have no competition that can beat me.  French makes better lovers and better fighters.  So far Analise has dominated Rachel and then lost badly to Alessandra.  In her last fight, Analise defeated Sasha.


Both girls arrive in Madrid several days in advance of the scheduled fight.  The fighters have both been informed that the winner of this match gets the opportunity to fight Alessandra for the European Club Title in the near future.  With the match being a number one contender for the title type of fight, there is quite a bit of hype surrounding the upcoming match.  Most of the sponsors across Europe are in Madrid for the fight and there are numerous parties taking place in the days prior to the fight.

The day before the fight, the girls are both present at a lunch party to honor the fighters and to allow the various sponsors and wealthy spectators to mingle with the fighters and their peers.  Both Sara and Analise are spending time visiting with the guests and working the room.  Several other fighters and potential fighters are at the event doing the same.

Even though great efforts were made to keep the fighters in separate parts of the event, Sara and Analise find themselves standing in a small grouping of Club members near the front of the room.  “I don’t understand how this works, she isn’t even officially a part of the Club here.  Why do they think that little bitch deserves a chance at the title.” purrs Analise to a small group of party goers.  She calls it out loudly enough for Sara to hear the comments.

Sara’s face flushes a bit with anger, but she tries to avoid commenting as the group with Analise giggles.  “She hasn’t faced any real competition either.  She must be fucking someone!!” taunts Analise knowing that Sara can hear every word.  The last insult is enough to push Sara past her inhibitions and she steps around several guests to where she is plainly visible to Analise.

“You fat cow!  Who are you to talk about not deserving an opportunity.  Alessandra beat your ass badly when you showed up in the same room with her.  And no I didn’t say when you fought her because what you did was just get your ass handed to you!!!”  Sara now firing back full bore at Analise as a small part of the larger crowd starts to migrate around the two of them.

“I’ll beat your big mouth little ass right here and now!!” yells out Analise as she kicks off her heels and starts moving towards Sara.  Sara kicks off her heels as well and starts to move towards Analise as several Club sponsors and members step between them.  “Bring it on bitch!!!” screams out Sara as she is unable to make her way through the wall of bodies now separating them.

A loud voice calls out “Save it for tomorrow night ladies!!!!” which seems to cool the tempers of both fighters.  Several Club members lead the two fighters to opposite sides of the room for the remainder of the party in order to avoid a fight in advance of the big event the next night.

Both fighters arrive at the fight location in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The fighters have both been informed that the winner of this match gets the opportunity to fight Alessandra for the European Club Title in the near future.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, any prior fights of their opponent, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Analise is excited about the opportunity for a shot at the European Club Title as well as a chance to get revenge from Alessandra for losing to her.  Analise has studied Sara’s video footage and worked out faithfully to get herself ready for tonight.  Analise pulls on her light blue bikini and tucks her long dark hair into a simple ponytail high on her head.  The bikini highlights her gorgeous figure.  She runs through a warm-up routine and looks to be in great physical condition.  Her body tight and firm and her muscles well-defined.  She appears serious about tonight and is intensely focused all throughout the warm-up period in her room.  “It’s my title match.  I own it.  I will own Sara.  This little girl hasn’t seen a real opponent yet.  I’ll make short work of her and humiliate that bitch for even thinking to try and fight in the European Club.  She will beg me to have mercy.”

Sara is her room as well preparing for the fight.  She arrived plenty early and is relaxing as she waits.  As the time draws near for the fight, Sara slowly and methodically gets dressed.  She pulls on her pure white bikini bottoms and top as she carefully secures her clothing.  Having watched the footage of Analise’s fights, Sara fully expects Analise to fight dirty and attempt to remove her bikini.  She secures the clasps tightly to make her task as difficult as possible.  Now that Sara has finished most of her school obligations, she has been able to work out every day in anticipation of this opportunity.  She is in great condition and has focused heavily on her cardio routines.  Sara is confident her conditioning will be an advantage if the fight goes long.  Sara pulls her hair back into a ponytail high atop her head as she is called for the fight.  “Analise is a little plump if you ask me.  I see fat and not muscle when I look at her.  She has bullied around some lesser fighters.  When she fought a real fighter, she got her ass kicked.  I’m a real fighter and I’m kicking her ass.  The title fight is mine.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Analise and Sara.  “This one is almost impossible to call.  It is a fight of contrasts.  Analise has a size advantage, but that might not amount to much on the rug.  If Analise can get Sara down and trapped she should be able to win.  If the fight stays on their feet, Sara should have the edge because she looks quicker to me.  I think Sara is the one to fight Alessandra.  I look for her to shock Analise tonight.”  The second commentator begins  “I’m still not an Analise fan.  She has beaten a couple of mediocre opponents so far.  Sara won’t be an easy fight.  Sara really wants that title and she sees Analise as just another step to the top.  I think Sara will win, but I expect it to be a good fight.  Analise will have the size advantage and that will make it harder for Sara.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding a limited number of spectators.  In one of the large chairs at the end of the room, Alessandra is relaxing as she watches the two fighters enter the room.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  After their introductions, the officiator announces Alessandra’s presence at the fight.  “The stakes tonight are high.  The winner of this match will face Alessandra for a shot at the European Club title.  Alessandra is here tonight to watch her next opponent fight.”

The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Analise nods trying to maintain her focus on the upcoming fight.  Her heart is racing and Alessandra’s presence has rattled her nerves a bit in advance of this big fight.  Sara smiles at her opponent “Too bad you won’t get a second chance to fight her!”  Analise refocuses her attention on Sara and smiles.  “We will see skinny bitch!”  The atmosphere now quiet and intense as both fighters stay focused and prepared to fight.  The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to fight given, both Sara and Analise move toward the center of the room.  The confrontation from the prior day fresh on each girl’s mind as they quickly approach the other.  No question about it, both Analise and Sara want to seize control of the battle quickly and humiliate the other in front of the large crowd and Alessandra.

The clash begins quickly with a flurry of slaps thrown by both fighters at their opponent.  Both Analise and Sara land several hard slaps to the others head and body.  Following a hard slap to the Sara’s upper body, Analise pushes her hand into her opponent’s hair grabbing hold which triggers an in kind response from Sara.

Grunts, gasps, and cries of pain escape the lips of both fighters as they yank and tug at the other’s hair trying to force her opponent into a bad position.  After several moments, Analise is able to pull Sara forward by the hair bending her body at the waist as she struggles to keep her balance and her grip on her opponent.

“Get down bitch!!” hisses out Analise as she leans in pressing down with both hands pulling Sara by the hair.  Sara lets out a cry of pain and is forced to drop to her knees in front of Analise as the French girl uses Sara’s hair to leverage her to the rug.

Suffering at the hands of Analise, Sara swings a punch blindly at where she thinks Analise will be standing as she forces her to the rug.  The wide arching punch lands on the outside of Analise’s thigh generating a grunt from the French girl.

“You want to punch!!!” screams out Analise as she drops a hand off of Sara’s hair and slams her fist into the upper back of her kneeling and leaning forward opponent.  Sara grunts out loudly as the punch lands on her back with a THUD.  The crowd roars with excitement as Sara takes the brutal shot to her back and drops to her hands and knees.

Analise tries to take advantage of her downed opponent as she grips Sara’s hair tightly and steps close working to pull Sara’s head between her knees as Sara kneels on the rug.  Sara shoves both hands against Analise’s knees and pushes back preventing Analise from securing the hold on Sara.

Using her free hand, Analise lands a hard slap to the side of Sara’s head as she yanks her head up by the hair and then tries again to shove her head between her knees to lock her legs on Sara’s head.  Sara cries out in pain from the slap and she loses contact with Analise’s knees.

Analise’s persistence pays off as she is able to shove Sara’s head between her knees and secure a standing scissor hold on Sara.  Sara grunts in pain from the hold as Analise leans forward and grabs hold of Sara’s bikini strap in the middle of her back.  Holding Sara in the standing head scissor and by the bikini strap, Analise lands a hard slap to Sara’s exposed lower back.  The sound of flesh on flesh echoes through the room with a loud WHACK sound.

Sara reaches around Analise’s legs and secures a tight grip on her opponent’s legs as she suddenly pushes hard with both feet off the floor.  The hard driving move essentially allows Sara to tackle Analise to the floor and onto her back as she is able to pull her head free of Analise’s legs.

Analise grunts on impact as she flops back to the floor.  As Sara’s head pops free, she grabs hold of Analise’s foot and tries to twist her leg.  Sara, intent on causing Analise pain, wildly yanks Analise’s leg causing a cry of pain from Analise.  Not wanting to allow Sara an opportunity to take control, Analise yanks on her leg trying to free herself from Sara’s grip.  Her effort fails as Sara twists her ankle forcing yet another scream from Analise.

“Now what bitch now what!!!!” yells Sara as she causes Analise some serious discomfort finally.  Sara emboldened by the cries of pain fails to see Analise coiling her second foot to strike as she continues yanking and twisting the foot.  Analise unloads her other leg with a hard thrusting kick that lands squarely on Sara’s chest sending her reeling several feet back as she crashes down onto the rug on her ass.

Sara, while shocked by the blow, is able to quickly get to her feet as Analise climbs to her feet several steps away.  Both girls put their hands out and begin to circle the other.  The early stages of the fight seemingly going Analise’s way as they prepare to engage again.

Alessandra sits quietly watching Sara and Analise as she notes the intensity of the struggle to this point in the match.  As a fighter, Alessandra knows exactly the emotions both girls are experiencing on the rug at this very moment.  While she has maintained a fairly emotionless gaze throughout the early goings of the fight, she seems to be favoring Analise at this point of the fight.  The rumor is that Alessandra wants a second fight with Analise because she has already defeated her and expects it to be an easier fight than facing an unknown opponent like Sara.

The crowd is not so emotionless after the wild and furious early stages of the fight.  The room seems to favor Analise a bit more, or the crowd members cheering her on are just a bit louder than those supporting Sara.  Either way, members of the crowd are loudly calling out support to the fighters.

Again the two fighters begin to close on one another.  Analise going right back after Sara’s hair after successfully using hair pulling to control Sara in the last exchange.  As Analise goes high for the hair, Sara ignores the grasping hands and fingers of her opponent and tries to drive a series of punches low into Analise’s body.

Sara manages to land a combination of a left and right to Analise’s body as she closes in grabbing Sara by the hair.  The punches force an audible grunt from Analise, but don’t have enough force to stop Analise from pressing into Sara and yanking her head to the side with a vicious hair pull.

While Analise tries to use the hair pulling to gain control, Sara is able to separate their bodies enough to land a couple more shots to Analise’s body causing her to continue to grunt.  The look on Analise’s face showing this second set of punches took a toll on her as she gasps a bit for breath.

Not wanting to allow any further free shots to the body, Analise drops Sara’s hair and instead swings a powerful slap at her head trying to catch Sara with her hands low.  Before Analise can land the big slap, Sara steps forward dipping her shoulder and throwing her entire force behind another punch directed right at Analise’s belly button.  The punch lands driving a loud WOOOOFFFFF sound from Analise forcing her to double over and immediately drop to her knees on the floor hand across her belly.

Sara reacts quickly as Analise drops to her knees.  Rather than continue the punishment, Sara takes a short moment to swing herself around Analise to position herself behind her opponent as she grabs hold of her long dark hair.  With a sudden yank, Sara rips Analise upright on her knees and drives her knee into her opponent’s back with a THUMP and then proceeds to grind the knee in as she pulls back on Analise’s hair to pressure the spine.

Analise cries out in pain and reaches up grabbing for Sara’s hand in her hair.  Sara tries to consolidate her position and work the knee into Analise’s back.  Before she can make much progress, Analise grips her wrist and lower arm with both her hands and yanks Sara forward.  The momentum of the tug pulls Sara’s hand free from Analise’s hair and allows Analise to drag her over the top of her shoulder and to the floor in front of her.

Sara hits the floor in front of Analise and Analise releases her arm and lunges out over the top of Sara in an attempt come down atop her body.  Sara attempts to roll to the side, but the big French girl lands squarely atop her before she can move aside.  Sara lets out a groan as Analise smashes down atop her on the floor.  Sara’s head is mashed under Analise’s low belly as the French girl tries to work her body into position to lock her legs onto Sara’s head.

With Sara underneath her, Analise struggles wildly to keep her there and to put her into a scissor hold.  Sara, not one to lie still for an opponent is wiggling frantically and trying to apply her own head scissors to Analise as her opponent’s head hovers just over her belly button.

The intense struggle continues for several moments with neither fighter able to outmaneuver her opponent.  The end result of the skirmish is that each girl manages to find a way to lock her legs on her opponent’s head as they apply a head scissor to one another and begin to squeeze down hard.

The impact of the head scissors is immediate on both fighters as they start to whimper and moan out while at the same time punishing their opponent as the battle of wills goes into overdrive.  Both girls wrap their arms around their opponent’s lower body and grip tightly trying to squeeze and tug at their opponent’s legs looking for a way to get their head free.

Sara, being mauled and screaming in pain from the ass clawing and raking by Analise, struggles to hold onto her head scissors.  At the same time Sara works to maintain her hold, she returns the favor clawing at Analise’s ass ripping at her bikini bottoms forcing screams from Analise as well.

The struggle continues for a short period of time with Analise maintaining her position atop Sara which adds to Sara discomfort having Analise’s weight pressing down into her body.  Finally Sara is forced to release her hold as she wails out in pain.  Analise pulls her head back and slides her scissor off of Sara pushing herself more up into a reverse facesit as she maintains a crotch claw on Sara while using her other hand to keep Sara’s legs at bay.  Her ass pressed down and mashing Sara’s face trapping her arms in the tangle of the facesit as Sara struggles to break free.

“You give to me now you whore!!!” screams out Analise as she mauls Sara’s exposed crotch.  Sara lets out a muffled scream of pain from the attack as she frantically tries to work her arms out from under Analise’s ass as Analise mashes her ass down on Sara’s face.  With Analise cruelly working her fingers into Sara’s crotch area and clawing at her exposed body, Sara cries and kicks desperately.

After several moments of painful torture, Sara is able to pull an arm free of Analise’s ass and legs as Analise continues the reverse face sitting on Sara.  Analise, doing more than simply trying to smother Sara, as she bounces her ass up and down slightly mashing down on Sara with each drop of the ass.

Letting go of the crotch attack, Analise starts jabbing punches down into Sara’s breasts and belly as Sara snakes her free arm up Analise’s back grabbing for her hair.  Sara grunting and groaning as the punches land on her body with THUMPS and THUDS.  Sara’s body taking a pounding while she is trapped under Analise.  Finally, Sara is able to get a solid grip on Analise’s hair and pull back and down the best she can from her position trapped under Analise.

Analise grunts out in pain from her hair and neck being pulled backward by Sara as the stubborn Romanian tries to stay in the fight.  The hair pulling not enough to dislodge Analise at this juncture, but it is enough to cause Analise to stop her pounding on Sara’s body.

The big French girl comes off of her face sitting position and twists her body atop Sara.  Sara attempts to use the opportunity to break free of Analise, but the tangle of bodies prevents her from sliding free.  Sara maintains her hair pull as Analise rolls over and now is laying across Sara’s chest as Sara pulls at her hair with both hands now.

“Let go bitch!!” grunts Analise as Sara’s hair pulling seems to irritate her.  Sara hangs on for dear life as she tries to keep Analise from regaining a dominant position atop her.  Analise draws her fist back and starts jabbing Sara in the belly again as she lays at an angle across her chest.  Sara gasps and groans out as Analise continues the assault on her body.

Sara lets go of the hair with one hand and starts swinging her other hand landing punches on Analise’s upper back.  Analise quickly swings her lower body and hooks a leg over the top of Sara’s waist and slides her body atop Sara.  At the same time, Analise stops punching Sara and grabs hold of Sara’s arm that she is using to land punches on Analise.

In an instant, Analise is able to overpower the weakened and battered Sara as she pushes the one arm to the rug pinning it.  Sara continues to pull at Analise’s hair as the big French girl straddles her body.  Analise sits upright to the extent she can with Sara’s hand in her hair and shoves her free hand into Sara’s face and applies a claw hold to her face.

Sara screams out in agony and releases Analise’s hair pulling that hand down and grasping at Analise’s wrist.  Analise releases the claw hold and captures Sara’s other hand now pinning both hands to the rug.  Before Sara can react to her predicament, Analise bounces her ass up and slams her weight down on Sara’s chest.

OOOOOOOOF gasps out Sara as she takes the brunt of the body weight dropping on her chest.  Analise slides her body higher and works both of Sara’s arms under her knees pinning her to the floor with authority.  With her hands now free, Analise begins to slap Sara in the face repeatedly.

“SURRENDER TO ME NOW!!!!” screams Analise as she lands several slaps to her defenseless opponent’s face.  Sara no longer resisting much as she appears completely out of steam.  With her arms trapped under Analise, Sara is in big trouble and Analise takes full advantage of Sara’s inability to defend herself landing several more hard slaps to Sara’s face and the grabbing her hair and pulling it hard at its roots.  Sara screams out in pain from the attacks, but she is unable to dislodge Analise.

Using the hair, Analise pulls Sara’s face up tight between her legs as she pulls her face towards the triangle of her bikini bottoms.  “YOU SAY IT!!!” demands Analise as she wiggles her ass further forward clearly positioning for a smothering facesit atop Sara.  “Stop” gasps out Sara “you win.”

Analise raises her arms over her head and yells out WOOOOOOO as Alessandra sits watching without any reaction.  Analise climbs to her feet and steps around Sara grabbing her by the hair.  “Come on little girlie!!” she hisses out as she grabs her opponent by the hair yanking her to her hands and knees.

Taking several steps across the floor as she tugs at Sara’s hair, Analise half drags and half forces a battered Sara to make her way on her hands and knees across the rug.  “This is what happens when you challenge me!!!” screams out Analise.

Pulling Sara to within a few feet of where Alessandra sits emotionlessly watching the action, Analise holds her opponent in place by the hair and then swings around and starts spanking Sara’s exposed ass cheeks.  Each slap landing with a WHACK as Sara cries out in pain from the punishment Analise is heaping on her following her submission.

Sara grits her teeth and takes the abuse not wanting to give Analise the satisfaction of begging for the punishment to stop.  After landing a number of slaps, Analise swings her leg over the top of Sara and straddles her back holding her by the hair.  Analise slowly lowers down using the pressure to force Sara down to her belly on the rug.

Straddling her prone opponent, Analise pulls her bikini top free and tosses it to Alessandra.  “Here bitch hold onto this for me.  I’ll come get it and my title belt.” hisses out Analise as Alessandra smiles and winks at the French girl.

Analise climbs to her feet and shoves her foot down on the back of Sara’s head forcing her face down to the rug as she flexes her bicep posing over her beaten opponent.  Sara lays quietly on the floor, her anger building as she knows she had a great chance to win the fight tonight, but failed to get the job done.  While Analise thinks she has broken Sara’s spirit in this fight, she has actually created an angry opponent that will be looking for revenge.

After several moments, Analise pulls her arm down and steps away from Sara.  She lifts her middle finger to Alessandra and strides out of the room.  Alessandra steps forward and returns Sara’s bikini top to her.  “You’ll take her when I send her back defeated soon” purrs Alessandra as she tries to comfort Sara before leaving the room herself.

Sara pushes up off the floor and puts her bikini top back on as she slowly gets up and heads for her own changing room.  The crowd continues to mill around in the room engaging in small talk as the excitement starts to fade out in the aftermath of the fight.