Apartment Wrestling Match No. 58 Sierra versus Sofia

This is the fifty-eighth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in New York.  The participants are:

Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) lives near Miami.  She currently works as a yoga instructor for a local studio.  In her high school and college days she participated in field hockey and spent some time on the ice as a figure skater.  Sierra remains in great shape while currently active in Crossfit, and her boyfriend is a mixed martial artist.  Sierra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m the perfect mix to be an Apartment fighter.  I love to compete and I love winning even more.  Combine my athleticism, gracefulness, fierceness, and sexy femininity and you have the perfect apartment wrestler.  I love kicking ass and looking good doing it.  This is my world!!”  Sierra has won both of her fights so far defeating Suzette and Tisha.


Sofia (5’5 119 pounds 19 y/o) lives in Rome.  Sofia is a full-time student at the University.  She is studying in an art program.  Sofia comes from a relatively affluent family.  She spends her free time traveling and partying.  Sofia’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I want to succeed and win.  I always get what I want and this will be no exception.  I will train hard and make my enemies suffer.”  Sofia has lost all of her fights so far including fights against Emma, Sara and Lisa.


Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Sierra is shown to her room to prepare for the match.  Sierra comes into this fight with two very convincing wins over top rated opponents.  The Club has her ranked highly and she is all but guaranteed a spot in the world championship tournament.  Tonight gives her an opportunity to bolster her position in the rankings.  After arriving, Sierra takes her time as she unpacks her materials and changes clothing.  She has chosen a very small bikini that barely covers her body.  Her bikini is a bright metallic looking turquoise suit that shimmers in the light.  Her bikini fits her body perfectly showing off her figure.  The bottoms, while not a thong, provide plenty of visibility to her well-toned and firm ass.  As she prepares to leave the changing room, Sierra quickly pulls her hair back into a pony tail high on the back of her head.

Just prior to heading into the main room, Sierra is asked to comment on her opponent and the upcoming fight.  “Sofia hasn’t had the best outcomes so far.  She has a great body and has shown some flashes of skill so she shouldn’t be taken lightly.  She’s probably upset after her last loss and looking for someone to redeem herself.  I don’t intend to be that redemption she is chasing.  I don’t take any opponent lightly.  Every time I fight it’s a championship match.”

Sofia arrives and immediately heads to her changing room.  All three of her fights so far have been disappointing for her.  Her last loss was particularly hard as she didn’t even really compete with Lisa.  After losing two close fights, the last loss has really motivated her.  She has been working extra hard in the gym and plans to use tonight as a springboard to some wins.

As she prepares for the fight, she changes into her black snake skin print bikini.  As always, her nicely toned body is shown off by her choice of bikini.  She pulls her thick dark hair back into a pony tail and begins to stretch and prepare for the fight.  Just as she prepares to head to the fight room, she provides a short comment.  “Last time you saw me was a fluke.  That wasn’t real.  Tonight you will see I am a great fighter.  This girl Sierra needs to be taught a lesson.  I will abuse and humiliate her.  She thinks she is special, but she is nothing.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Sierra and Sofia.  “No question in my mind tonight — Sierra is gonna crush poor Sofia.  Someone must like to see Sofia lose because this match-up is just plain unfair.  With that said, I will enjoy watching the show.”  The second commentator begins  “I have to agree with you there.  Sofia isn’t in Sierra’s league.  This might just be another quick fight for Sofia.  I hope she does well, but I just don’t see it happening.  I’m starting to wonder if the European Club can compete on the world stage.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Sofia nods confidently.  “Ready to go” she snaps out.  Sierra bounces a bit from foot to foot and doesn’t respond at first.  Letting the long pause draw in the crowd’s full attention.  “Oh you bet I’m ready” she finally chirps out confidently.  As Sofia starts to turn to head back across the room Sierra says very flatly.  “You remember that girl that kicked your ass last time?”  Sofia slowly turns back glaring at Sierra, but before she can respond Sierra continues.  “She was my student.  I trained her for that fight” purrs out Sierra.  Sofia glares angrily at Sierra and snaps out “She was lucky.  I will crush you tonight for my revenge then!!!”  Sierra winks at Sofia “I don’t think it works that way.  You just think about how Lisa owned you for a minute and let what I’m about to do sink into your little brain!!!” Sierra mockingly taunts.  Sofia says nothing and strides angrily towards her side of the room.  “FUCK YOU BITCH!!!” Sofia screams out as she turns back waiting for the announcement to start.  Sierra smiles and winks as the officiator steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to fight given, both girls begin to move forward.  After a couple of steps Sierra begins to rush across the carpet towards Sofia.  Sofia reacts by launching a sudden rush forward as Sierra starts to close on her.  Sierra suddenly stops as her initial rush was simply a feint, but she is slow to realize that Sofia is rushing quickly at her.

Sierra’s initial attack approach was to stop and drop low and sweep Sofia’s legs out from under her.  Before Sierra can initiate her leg sweep move, Sofia collides with her with a THUMP as their bodies slam together.  Standing face to face now with Sofia having momentum, Sierra is forced to react to Sofia’s move as the Italian steals the initiative in the battle for the moment.

Sierra is able to maintain her balance as Sofia crashes into her.  Staggered slightly, Sierra focuses on maintaining her balance.  Sofia, trying to overwhelm Sierra, quickly grabs her opponent by the hair and yanks her head side to side as Sierra tries to react to the turn of events.  Sierra grunts out loudly from the hair pull and pushes her hands towards Sofia.

As Sofia tries to use her grip on Sierra’s hair to  yank her off balance, Sierra lifts a knee up into Sofia.  The knee come up and catches Sofia in the knee causing her to grunt in pain from the impact.  At the same time, Sierra grunts out from having her hair yanked and her neck turned sideways by Sofia’s effort.

“Bitch” grunts out Sofia as she struggles with Sierra.  Sofia now pushed up close to Sierra as she uses her hair pulling advantage to twist Sierra’s neck and force her to abandon her knee striking attempts for fear of losing her balance.  Sierra shoves one hand up and grabs for Sofia’s hair as the Italian seems to be getting the better of her in the early exchange.

The pace of the struggle quickens as Sofia gives a hard yank side to side on Sierra’s hair forcing a grunt from her opponent.  Sierra quickly shoves both hands in Sierra’s hair working her fingers into the dark mane as she tightens up a firm grip on her opponent.  Sierra gives a hard yank forcing a groan of pain from Sofia as Sierra evens things up a bit.

Just as Sierra sinks her hands into Sofia’s hair, Sofia slides a hand down and tries to jab a punch into Sierra’s body.  The blow shoots harmlessly by as she is pulled slightly off balance by Sierra’s yank on her hair.  Sierra starts to twist her body as she yanks, but Sofia is able to push a leg forward cutting off Sierra’s momentum thwarting her attempt to turn and drag Sofia down.

Sofia shoves her free hand out again jabbing a punch into Sierra’s side eliciting a grunt from her opponent as she lands the punch.  Sierra growls out loudly and shoves her body forward and then pivots with both hands wrapped in Sofia’s hair.  Before Sofia can react, Sierra turns and drags the Italian over her hip by her hair and slams her body to the floor with a loud THUD.

A loud groan flies from Sofia’s mouth as she hits the floor flat on her back.  She moans out looking straight up as the crowd lets out a cheer.  Sofia may have thwarted some of Sierra’s early attempts to take control, but her luck just ran out as she is roughly hauled over Sierra’s hip and slammed to the floor.

The loud crash of Sofia hitting the floor is followed by the loud groan as the air rushes from Sofia’s body.  Sierra stands directly above her head as Sofia is layed out flat on her back in front of her staring up at the ceiling.  Before Sofia can react, Sierra drops straight down grabbing Sofia by the arms as she drops her knees down to the floor.

Sofia finds her arms quickly pulled under Sierra’s knees before she is able to recover enough to react.  Sofia lets out a cry of pain and frustration as she finds herself trapped.  Sofia gives a quick push with her feet as she tries to bridge out of the pin position.

Her attempt is a complete failure.  With Sofia’s back arched and her body bridging up, she is exposed.  Sierra takes advantage of Sofia’s mistake and hammers her fist into Sofia’s belly.  Sofia lets out a loud gasp as the fist thumps into her body dropping her back to the rug.  Sierra, keeping Sofia’s arms pinned to the floor lands several more hard punches to Sofia’s belly and breast area as Sofia squirms underneath her.

Sofia attempts to wiggle her body and free her arms from underneath Sierra’s knees, but her opponent has too solid of a position for Sofia to be able to slide free.  Sofia pays for the effort by taking several more thumping punches to her chest and belly as she struggles.

As the punishment mounts on Sofia, she becomes desperate to shake Sierra off of her.  In a high risk attempt to break free, Sofia shoves her feet up off the floor trying to swing them up and hook Sierra’s upper body.  Sierra, though, is perfectly ready for the move.  As Sofia tenses her abs and yanks her feet off the floor, Sierra swings her arms into position to catch Sofia’s legs and shifts her weight slightly to allow her to lean back.

Sofia flings her feet up and in a flash Sierra snags both legs pulling them into her body.  Sofia tenses up and attempts to yank Sierra forward and back down to the floor, but instead finds her legs securely hooked as Sierra leans back trapping her.

Sofia screams out in frustration as she finds herself trapped.  Her legs now hooked and secured by Sierra and Sierra’s ass planted just below her head with her arms pinned under Sierra’s legs.  “GET OFF ME!!!” screams out Sofia as Sierra wiggles her ass closer to her face.

Sofia grunts and pulls with her legs again and Sierra wobbles slightly as she is almost pulled forward.  Struggling for a moment, Sierra regains her balance and presses her ass down harder as she slides even more onto Sofia’s face.  Not quite a full reverse face sitting position at this point, but inching closer to sliding into position to smother Sofia.

“OFF!!!” groans out Sofia as she turns her head to the side to try and avoid what she fears is about to happen.  Sierra continues to maintain her grip as Sofia’s legs are tucked tightly under her arms as she holds Sofia all rolled up and mashed under her.

“What was all that about crushing somebody?  Huh what was that?” Sierra taunts as she rides her opponent and keeps her trapped underneath her on the rug.  Sofia tenses up trying to pull Sierra off of her but her effort isn’t enough to fight her way free.  Sierra grunts as she resists the effort and the crowd cheers for Sierra.  Any Sofia supporter in the crowd has now gone silent as the Italian fighter is in a bad spot.

Sierra slides her hand down and grabs hold of Sofia’s hair as she squirms and attempts to keep her head turned to the side.  “NNNGGGGGG NOOOOO!!!” groans out Sofia as her hair is tightly gripped and her face pulled around and into position to allow Sierra to finish sliding her ass over the top of her face.  Sofia’s squirming and wiggling fails to get her free of Sierra’s grasp as she slowly pulls her head around and slides her ass back fully over the Italian girl’s face to complete her reverse face sitting position.

“Funny — I don’t hear you talking so much now that my ass is planted on your face!!!” calls our Sierra loudly for the benefit of the crowd.  A number of laughs and claps erupt around the room as Sierra taunts and humiliates a trapped Sofia.

MMPPPHHH!!! MPPPPMMHHHPPP!!! comes from under Sierra’s ass as she slides her hands along Sofia’s legs gripping her ankles tightly with her hands as she slips Sofia’s legs out from under her arms.  With the tight grip on the ankles, Sierra pushes down on the legs mashing both feet to the floor as she leans back further on Sofia.

MPPPHMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!! erupts again from under Sierra as she stretches both legs putting Sofia under not only a nasty face sit, but also a tight pin hold with her body rolled up and stretched out.  The crowd now cheering on Sierra as any Sofia fan has either switched sides or simply shut up.

With her arms trapped under Sierra’s legs, Sofia has very little ability to move.  She wiggles her arms and moves her hands in a weak tapping motion.  Sierra either doesn’t notice the weak tap or ignores the submission as she leans back and continues to pressure Sofia.  The officiator steps close “that’s a submission” she calls out as she sees the hand weakly tapping.

Sierra lets go of Sofia’s legs and tosses them aside allowing them to spring back to the floor.  Still remaining firmly atop Sofia’s face, Sierra adjusts her bikini top and her hair before sliding slightly forward.

“Nope — I don’t think so!!! That’s not gonna be good enough for me!!!!  I want to hear you say it!!!’ growls Sierra as she climbs to her feet standing over Sofia.  Now that she has been released from the face sit, Sofia gasps and pants trying to catch her breath.

Before Sofia can respond, Sierra grabs her by the hair and drags her roughly up to her hands and knees.  Sofia cries out in pain as her the rough yank of the hair generates a nasty reminder that the fight isn’t quite done yet.  “NOOOOO!!!!” moans out Sofia as she is roughly pulled into position.

“Come on!!!” taunts Sierra as she pulls Sofia around and into position facing the bulk of the audience.  With Sofia on her hands and knees, Sierra keeps her grip on her hair and swings her legs over her shoulders pulling Sofia into a standing head scissors hold.  Now in position facing the audience and with Sofia’s head trapped between her legs with Sofia also facing the audience, Sierra pulls her hair forcing her to look up.

“Come on, you like to talk so much!!!!! This is your chance!!! Let’s here you tell them all I SUBMIT TO SIERRA!!!!”  Sofia tries to drop her head to look to the floor and Sierra yanks on her hair to force her to look at the audience members.  Just to be sure everyone can see clearly, Sierra reaches down with her other hand cupping Sofia’s chin and pulls up to make sure Sofia sees the crowd and more importantly the crowd sees Sofia’s face.

“I SUBMIT TO SIERRA!!!! I SUBMIT!!!!” cries out Sofia as a tear runs down her cheek.  Sofia’s plans of rehabilitating her reputation by beating a ranked fighter in ruins just like her body.  Sierra releases her chin and shoves that hand over her own head as she signals her victory over Sofia.

Sierra shoves Sofia back to the floor and starts to walk away.  After two or three steps she sees several audience members taking photos with their cell phones.  She pauses and laughs a bit and then points at the person taking photos.  “Bring me your phone!!!” she purrs.  As you might expect, the fan is quick to come forward with the phone handing it to Sierra.

Sierra stands over the top of Sofia and raises the phone above her head as she shoots several selfies of herself posing over her victim.  After taking several shots, Sierra drops to her knees beside Sofia.  Sierra pulls Sofia’s head onto her lap and leans over her smiling as she takes several more shots with the phone.

“Oh these are nice” Sierra taunts as she plays to the crowd.  “You might be a loser, but you are pretty hot though!!!  Maybe you can be a model instead of an Apartment Wrestler!!”  Sierra continues.  The crowd laughs and claps as Sierra leans over and puckers her lips up making a duck face as she snaps off several more photos.

Dropping Sofia’s head off her lap to the floor, Sierra climbs to her feet and hands the phone back to its owner.  “Those will be nice reminders” she chirps as she turns and strolls out of the room leaving a beaten Sofia on the rug.