Apartment Wrestling Match No. 60 Alessandra versus Analise European Club Title Match

This match is the sixtieth in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  Tonight’s fight is a special matchup to crown the European Club Champion.  It will also follow a slightly different set of rules since it is a title fight.  The match will have absolutely no rules and will be a best of 3 falls match unless one fighter is knocked out or simply quits the fight early.  The fight will be held in Rome.

The participants are:

Alessandra (5’8 135 pounds 24 y/o) lives near Madrid.  Alessandra works as a marketing consultant for an international business with offices around the world.  She frequently travels for work.  She is a former soccer player and spends a considerable amount of time in the gym working out, particularly when she travels.  Alessandra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Domination.  I have dominated opponents in sports and in my job.  I always play to win and refuse to lose.”  Alessandra remains unbeaten with wins over Analise, Rachel and Shayla.


Analise (5’8 135 pounds 28 y/o) lives on the outskirts of Paris.  Analise works in a financial services firm.  In her free time she travels and hits the gym.  She has done some competitive swimming in her teens and early 20’s and still swims on a regular basis.  Analise’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am big and I am strong.  I have no competition that can beat me.  French makes better lovers and better fighters.  I will win.”  Analise’s only loss came against Alessandra and she has defeated Sara, Sasha and Rachel.


Both girls arrive at the fight location an hour in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight; and the footage of all her opponent’s prior matches.

Alessandra slowly dresses in her simple black bikini.  The simplicity of the suit adding to the impressiveness of the image Alessandra displays as the bikini fits her perfectly toned and tanned body.  She has spent plenty of time in the gym and is ready for the fight.  She has her long jet black hair loose and flowing as she prepares for the battle with Analise.  Alessandra is confident after having defeated Analise once before.  Alessandra takes her time preparing for the fight as she stretches and loosens up her tight and toned body.  She watches the video of Analise although having fought her once before and having watched her last match against Sara, Alessandra has seen most of the footage.  “I am the champion here for a reason.  I have beaten everyone I have faced.  Last time I fought Analise I beat her good.  Tonight will be the same and then I want to be World Champion.”

Analise is preparing for the fight at the same time in a small room near Alessandra.  She pulls on her light blue bikini and arranges her long dark hair into a pony tail high atop her head.  The pain of having lost to Alessandra brought back to her by the video footage now raw.  Alessandra treated her roughly after her submissions and Analise wants payback.  Analise is confident and prepared to for the fight.  She has no intention of losing twice to the Spaniard.  She goes through a warm-up routine which shows off her strength and conditioning.  Her workout routine and swimming has her body tight and firm.  “Tonight will be different.  Last time was a close fight.  She just thinks she dominated the fight.  I owe her big time and will be paying back tonight.  The Title and her pride will be mine when we are done!!!”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming rematch between Analise and Alessandra.  “So last time I had it all wrong.  I picked Analise and she managed to lose the fight.  Alessandra is definitely tough.  I just don’t know that the European Club has put forward a real challenger for her yet.  I think Analise wins the rematch.  I don’t know why, but I will stick with my original prediction.”  The second commentator begins “This should be a great fight.  After the disappointing fight with Bao and Charlotte we need a great fight and I think we will get it tonight.  I will stick with my prediction last time and pick Alessandra.  She has proven she can handle Analise and I don’t think anything I have seen since that night changes my view.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding a limited number of spectators.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  This title fight will not be a complete no holds barred fight.  There will be no punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  “I’m leaving with that belt tonight bitch!!!” hisses out Analise as they face off in the center of the room.  Alessandra smiles “Just like last time — you lose to me!!!”  The crowd cheers as the two fighters exchange words and the officiator sends them to their sides of the room.  Both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

As the fight begins, each fighter shoves their hands out in front and drop into a crouching ready position and begin to circle.  Neither Analise nor Alessandra seem to be in a hurry to engage the other as each flicks a hand out and back several times as they feel out their opponent.  After circling several times, Alessandra hisses out “You fight or dance bitch!!!”  As if on cue, Analise launches forward and both grab hold of the others hands as they push their body into their opponents.

With bodies mashed together, both fighters grunt as they each try to overpower the other.  As Alessandra bangs her body into Analise she forces her opponent to stagger back slightly off balance.  Alessandra tries to follow-up her advantage as she rips her hand free of Analise’s and grabs for her opponent’s hair.  With Alessandra gripping her hair, Analise reacts quickly shoving her now free hand out and thrusting her open palm into Alessandra’s breast causing her to gasp out in surprise.

Analise’s hair now frazzled a bit from Alessandra getting a grip and a tug on the hair.  While Alessandra was on the right track, Analise’s quick response prevented things from getting out of control for her early.  The move to defend herself is enough to free Analise as Alessandra releases the hair and pulls the hand down to defend herself.  The girls again lock hands as they continue the hard struggle to gain control of the fight.

Both fighters now grunting and struggling as they continue to wrestle for control.  Each now starting to show a bit of anger as neither has been able to gain an edge over the other.  Analise shoves her leg into Alessandra’s in an attempt to hook the leg and go for a trip move.  Alessandra is unprepared for the move and staggers a bit as she tries to avoid falling over the top of Analise’s leg.

Analise pushes in hard trying to follow up on what she perceives is an opening.  Alessandra, knowing she is likely to go to the floor, twists her body and yanks hard on Analise’s arm.  As Alessandra goes to the floor she pulls Analise along and slings her hard onto the floor on her back.  The sudden move actually working out for Alessandra even though it appeared she might be in trouble.

The crowd cheers as Alessandra drags the French girl to the floor with a bang.  The crowd clearly favoring Alessandra by a wide margin.  With Analise now flat on her back and Alessandra lying next to her rolled onto her side and gripping Analise’s arm, the fight continues.  Alessandra takes advantage of her opportunity and yanks hard on Analise’s arm as she pivots her body attempting to stretch the arm out.

AAAIYYYYYEEE!!!!  Analise lets out a cry of pain as Alessandra wrenches on her arm pulling hard as she gains and holds onto control of the match at this juncture.  Analise tries to roll her body towards Alessandra to ease the pain.  Her plan backfires on her as Alessandra finishes pivoting her lower body and jams her foot into Analise’s chest shoving her roughly to her back again on the floor.

UNNNNHHHHH groans out Analise as Alessandra’s foot mashes her breast while forcing her back onto the floor.  Using the momentum of her assault, Alessandra shoves her leg across Analise’s chest as she slides her ass closer to Analise’s shoulder.  With Analise’s arm trapped in her grip she pulls it back through her legs and shoves her hips up off the floor forcing the arm to bend awkwardly at the elbow.

AIIIYYYOOWWW screams out Analise as her arm is being mangled by Alessandra.  Analise tries to push the leg off her chest with her free arm, but Alessandra completes the hold by suddenly driving the other leg down and across Analise’s face as she keeps the arm trapped.

“My arm….my fucking arm!!!” screams out Analise as Alessandra grinds away on the hold.  Each leg mashing down hard onto Analise.  One leg mashing her chest and the other mashing down over her face as Alessandra pushes her hips up off the floor wrenching the arm.

“You’re breaking it —- you’re breaking my arm!!!” screams out Analise as she breaks down in the hold.  “I give I give!!!” screams out Analise as the pain overwhelms her.

“That’s right bitch you do give up don’t you!!!” hisses Alessandra as she wrenches the arm one last time before letting go.  As soon as the arm is free, Analise pulls it across her chest clutching it with her free hand and tries to roll away.  Alessandra though still has trapped under her legs.  Lifting the legs slightly, Alessandra allows her opponent to roll to her side somewhat and then plants the foot on her back shoving hard.

The extra shot to the back forces Analise over to her stomach as Alessandra rolls up off the floor raising her arm over her head in victory.  The officiator calls out “1 fall to 0 in favor of Alessandra with just over 6 minutes of fighting.  We will have a short break and the fight will resume in one minute. ”  Taking the opportunity to play to the friendly crowd, Alessandra adjusts her top as she cups her own breasts.  The crowd cheers as she circles around and struts to her side of the room.

Analise slowly gets to her feet shaking her arm as she tries to get feeling back in the mangled limb.  Her face is twisted up in an angry snarl as she stalks to her side of the room.  Analise can be heard quietly muttering to herself “I’ll get that bitch!!!” as she heads to the wall.

Both girls taking the opportunity to catch a breather and get a quick drink of water as the officiator watches the clock.  The officiator steps back into the center of the room and calls out “the rest period is now over.  You may now FIGHT!!!”

At the command to fight, both fighters begin to circle again.  This time around Analise wastes no time as she throws a hard overhand slap at Alessandra’s face.  Her opponent pushes a hand up in an attempt to block the slap, but she is late.  The hand shoots past Alessandra’s defenses and lands with a solid WHACK sound as the open handed blow turns Alessandra’s head sharply.

Analise launches forward unleashing several more wild and powerful slaps at Alessandra.  This time though Alessandra is able to cover up and protect herself from the blows.  After deflecting several slap attempts, Alessandra fires back with a sharp punch directly into Analise’s chest catching the French girl right in the breast mashing it under her knuckles.

OOOOHHHHH groans out Analise showing the effect of the punch as her chest mushrooms out around the fist.  Analise instinctively tries to grab hold of Alessandra to prevent any further punches as the Spanish fighter continues to try and jab more punches at Analise’s soft middle.

UNNNHHH grunts out Analise as Alessandra lands another blow to her belly.  Analise continues pressing forward through the blow and is able to wrap her arms around Alessandra.  With her arms trapped low, Alessandra finds herself wrapped up in a very rudimentary bear hug type hold.

OOOHHHHHH moans out Alessandra now as her upper body is mashed in Analise’s grip as she pulls her opponent to her chest to chest.  Analise’s hands clasp in the middle of Alessandra’s upper back as she grinds her fist against Alessandra’s spine.  The pressure of the hold mounting as Alessandra’s face shows the pain.  With her mouth open and gasping, Alessandra continues to struggle to breath in the hold.

“You give now!!!” grunts Analise as she maintains the hold on Alessandra.  With her arms trapped low, Alessandra begins to dig her nails into Alessandra’s hips and belly area as she desperately tries to force her way free.  The crowd cheers for Alessandra to escape the hold with a small minority cheering on Analise to finish her.

Analise grimaces as the nails digging into her flesh get her attention.  She continues to try to crush the fight from Alessandra as she maintains the bear hug and ignore the painful clawing to her body.  Alessandra continues to grunt and moan out in pain as her body is mashed by her opponent.  As Analise squeezes her arms tight around Alessandra’s chest and back, Alessandra continues working her legs trying to find a way to use them to break free of Analise’s strong grip.

Frustrated the Alessandra won’t submit and feeling Alessandra wiggling and thrashing, Analise worries that she might actually escape her grip.  In response, Analise shoves forward staggering several steps and bangs into the wall smashing Alessandra between her and the hard surface.  Alessandra lets out a groan as the French girl mashes her.  Feeling the impact of the blow on her back and shoulders, Alessandra struggles to shake off the pain.  While the punishment delivered by Analise hurt, the one positive for Alessandra at this point is Analise releasing the bear hug.

Gasping and trying to catch some air, Alessandra tries to work her hands up to grab Analise by the hair.  Just as Alessandra manages to work her hands up to Analise’s hair, she lets out a loud scream AAYYYYYAAAHHHHGGGGG and rolls her head to the side.  The camera zooms in on Analise’s hand down low hooked into the front of Alessandra’s bikini bottoms as she applies a claw hold directly on the triangle of Alessandra’s bikini bottoms.

“Give up or I destroy you!!!” yells out Analise as she applies the claw hold to Alessandra.  Alessandra automatically goes to her tip toes trying to wiggle her body out of the grasp of Analise.  The slight shift of her body temporarily gives Alessandra relief, but Analise pulls her hand upward continuing to close her grip down on Alessandra which generates yet another loud scream of pain AAAAIIIEEYYYYYEEEE.

Analise’s dirty tactics appearing to be very effective as Alessandra squirms and struggles to find a way free.  Keeping the pressure on her opponent, Analise shoves her body in tightly against Alessandra’s as she keeps her pinned to the wall.  Alessandra’s hands tug at Analise’s hair to no avail as the big French girl continues to dig her fingers into her opponent’s bikini bottoms generating repeated screams of pain.

“Stop stop I give up I give up!!!” wails out Alessandra as she reaches the point of being unable to tolerate the pain.  Analise steps back allowing Alessandra to slump down the wall to her bottom.  Before the officiator can step between them, Analise shoves  her knee roughly into Alessandra’s chest mashing her large firm breast flat.  AAIIYEEEEOOOWWWW screams out Alessandra.

The officiator steps in shoving Analise back.  “That is a submission.  It is now 1 fall each and there will be a deciding third fall to determine the winner of the match.  You will now take a 1 minute break before resuming the fight.”

Analise steps back towards her side of the room as the officiator forces her away from Alessandra.  After sitting several moments, Alessandra works herself to her feet.  The look on her face showing the impact of the crotch claw applied by Analise.   Alessandra leans over with her hands on her knees as she tries to refocus and prepare.

“That title is mine now you slut!!!” screams Analise from across the room as she waits for the third fall to begin.  As the rest period expires, the officiator steps aside calling out — FIGHT!!!!  At the command to fight, Alessandra straightens her body upright remaining near the wall and preparing for Analise to approach.

“You dirty bitch — you’ll pay!!!” snaps Alessandra.  Analise keeps coming across the floor as the crowd starts to cheer on their favorite fighter.  A confident Analise picks up her momentum as she gets closer to Alessandra and yells out YYAAAAHHHHH as she intends to plow into her opponent.  Throwing her hands out in front of her Analise grabs for Alessandra who shoves her hands up to catch her opponent’s as they come together.

Both fighters let out a loud grunt as their bodies come together with a THUMP sound.  Analise, expecting to plow Alessandra back into the wall, is surprised as her opponent shifts her body as they make contact.  The slight shift back combined with a pivot causes Analise to struggle to maintain control over her body and its direction.

With a sudden spin, Alessandra uses Analise’s momentum and aggression against her as she twists mashing Analise into the wall.  With the sudden reversal, Analise is caught out of position and pinned to the wall by the quick moving Alessandra.  Alessandra presses both of Analise’s arms to the wall effectively pinning her before she can shove her way free.

Both fighters grunt and strain against the other, but Alessandra has the leverage keeping her opponent pinned to the wall.  Shifting her lower body back, Alessandra lifts her knee into Analise jamming it into her leg several times.  Each strike to the leg causes Analise to cry out in pain.

“Bitch!!!” growls Alessandra as she punishes Analise’s lower body.  Analise manages to keep her lower body turned slightly to prevent any of the knees from landing in a more vulnerable spot, but she pays the price as her leg takes a beating from the strikes.

Alessandra’s efforts to punish Analise’s lower body cause her to lose her grip on one of Analise’s arms allowing Analise to get a hand into Alessandra’s hair.  Analise uses the hair pull to force Alessandra slightly off of her and a bit off balance.  The hair pull brings the knees to the leg to an end as Alessandra is forced to concentrate on trying to contain Analise.

The hair pull gives Analise enough leverage to force Alessandra to rotate her body back and to the right allowing Analise to push herself off the wall.  Alessandra lets out a yell AAYYYYAAAAHHHH and twists spinning Analise around with her causing them both to topple to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs.  The two immediately begin to struggle for control on the floor as they roll and twist grunting and struggling.  They roll several times as they move from the vicinity of the wall towards the open floor with neither being able to assert control over the other.

After several moments Analise ends up on top of Alessandra and lets go of her hair with one hand and begins slapping at her body.  Alessandra lets out a yelp of pain and twists her body attempting to roll Analise off to the side.  Her attempt fails to get Analise fully rolled off, but is enough to push her slightly off to the side.  Analise ignores the attempt and continues to swing slaps moving the target up to Alessandra’s face.

WHAP WHACK Analise powers through Alessandra’s attempts to block her slaps landing a couple more slaps to her upper shoulder and face.  While Analise is focusing her efforts on landing blows on Alessandra, the champion is able to wiggle her lower body into position to swing her legs around Analise’s waist.  After taking several slaps, Alessandra locks her legs onto Analise causing the French girl to groan out in pain.

Alessandra takes advantage of Analise’s hesitation as she is caught off guard by the leg scissors and grabs a handful of her hair pulling her down atop her so she can hook her head.  With her legs wrapped around Analise’s midsection and her head pulled down and hooked by her arm, Alessandra brings her opponent’s ability to land slaps to a close.

With the tables now turned, Analise struggles to find a way out of Alessandra’s grasp as the champion bears down with her scissor hold squeezing Analise’s ribs.  The scissor hold having a definite impact as Analise can be heard grunting and gasping as she is trapped in the face lock and scissors combination hold.

Struggling to get free, Analise slides her hands between her body and Alessandra’s body and begins to claw at Alessandra.  As Analise works her fingers up closer to Alessandra’s breast area, the champion releases the face lock hold on Analise.  Analise immediately raises her upper body and head up only to find Alessandra waiting.

Just as Analise pops her head up, Alessandra catches her with a hard slap to the face.  The impact resounding throughout the Apartment with a loud WHHHAPPP sound as the crowd cheers at the sudden uptick in the pace of the fight.  The hard slap forces Analise to twist her upper body and Alessandra uses the opportunity to topple Analise to the floor on her face as she turns the scissors from around the waist area to across her ribcage from the side.

Analise lets out a loud cry of pain as she is toppled over and caught in a vicious scissor hold.  Her arms and legs splayed out as she is forced to the rug, Analise struggles in her opponent’s grasp.  Alessandra takes advantage of her opportunity and flexes her leg muscles as she cranks up the pressure on Analise.  UUUNNNHHHHHH groans out Analise as her body is crushed between Alessandra’s legs.

“Not so tough now are you bitch!!” grunts out Alessandra as she grabs hold of Analise’s arm closest to her body to ensure her opponent cannot use it to try and escape the hold.  Analise tries to push her knees up underneath her as Alessandra continues to squeeze her ribs and belly with her scissor hold.  Analise’s effort to move her legs is stopped quickly as her legs slide out from under her again.  Analise lets out a gasping cough sound as she struggles to breath in Alessandra’s grasp.

“Give up or I’ll break your ribs” snarls Alessandra as the crowd cheers loudly in the background.  “Noooo” groans out Analise as she tries to pull her arm free of Alessandra’s tight grip.  In response to the refusal to surrender, Alessandra grunts out as she tightens her leg muscles again squeezing down on Analise.

AGHGHHHHHHHH groans out Analise as her head turns to the side her mouth open and tears starting to roll down her face.  “Give Give” she gasps out hoarsely as Alessandra continues to punish her body.  Hearing the submission, Alessandra releases the side scissor hold and immediately rolls to the side and mounts Analise’s back keeping her pinned to the floor on her belly.

“Who has the title???” snaps out Alessandra as she proceeds to untie Analise’s bikini top.  Analise laying flat on her stomach moans out as Alessandra presses her ass down on her low back mashing her underneath her on the rug.  Pulling the bikini top free, Alessandra tosses it aside and then grabs hold of Analise’s hair pulling her up in a sort of camel clutch position showing her bare chest off to the crowd.  The move draws cheers of approval from the crowd as a beaten Analise dangles in Alessandra’s grasp.

“You like to fight cheap do you????” yells out Alessandra as she slides her knees up underneath Analise’s arms holding her in place as her head dangles.  “Please no” moans out Analise as the champion tortures her back.  With her hands free now, Alessandra slides her hands around and cups Analise’s large soft breasts and digs her nails into the flesh as she squeezes and mashes them.

AAIIOOOEEEEEEEOOOOWWWW screams out Analise as she feels the pain in her body from the camel clutch position and now the breast mauling.  “That’s right bitch scream!!!!  You like it dirty you pay!!!” yells out Alessandra as the crowd cheers her on.  Alessandra now clearly intent on paying back Analise for her earlier crotch and breast attacks.

After several moments of raking and mashing Analise’s chest, Alessandra shoves her off her knees and back to the floor on her face.  Swiftly standing, Alessandra mashes her foot down on the back of Analise’s head as she puts her hands in the air.  The officiator swiftly steps forward calling out “THE WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION —- ALESSANDRA!!!!”

The crowd cheers as Alessandra slowly walks the room receiving congratulations while Analise was left sprawled out in the middle of the room.  After several minutes of working the crowd, a tired Alessandra slips out of the room leaving the officiator to tend to Analise’s battered body.