Apartment Wrestling Match No. 63 Tisha versus Raine

This match is the sixty-third match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Chicago where the winner advances to the next round of the championship tournament and the loser is elimated.  The participants are:

Raine (5’9 135 pounds 22 y/o) lives in the Seattle area.  She is an aspiring musician and can be seen in clubs around the city.  She is an outdoor enthusiast and lives a very active lifestyle.  When she isn’t singing, working out, or just outdoors Raine works for a small technology company.  Raine’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I live my life to the fullest.  I embrace opportunity and I love coming out on top.”  Raine lost her first fight to Rebecca and then won a very close fight with Belinda and notched a strong win over Monique.


Tisha (5’2 122 pounds 20 y/o) is from the Atlanta area.  She recently quit school and works as a waitress to make ends meet.  She is drawn to Apartment Wrestling by the promise of fame/money in the hopes it will help her obtain a career in modeling someday.  Tisha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I need to win.  I want to win more than any other girl you will find.  That’s why I can’t be beaten!” So far Tisha has easily beaten Melinda and Wendy and lost to Sierra and Bailey.  In her last match, Tisha was beaten by Suzette in a hard fight.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a downtown penthouse apartment in Chicago as part of a multi-fight weekend event.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Raine arrives at the fight venue after a number of the guests for the fight are already arriving for the pre-fight party.  She takes a few minutes to mingle with the crowd before heading back to her dressing room to prepare for the match.  For tonight’s fight she has chosen to wear the same multi-colored patterned bikini she has worn in her prior fights.  The choice is a great one for her as the color pattern accentuates her light toned skin.  She pulls her hair up into a simple pony tail as she wraps her getting dressed.  Following her win over Monique, Raine has worked hard hiking in the high elevation as a means to improve her overall conditioning.  She feels lean and in great shape coming into the fight.  “I’m feeling good about tonight.  Tisha is definitely a good opponent for me.  I can handle her.  My size advantage will help and I expect to outlast  her.  I’m in great shape.”

Tisha arrives shortly after Raine and does her best to slip into the dressing room without much attention.  She is forced to acknowledge a few well wishers but manages to quickly get to her dressing room.  Tisha immediately begins to dress for the fight.  She has decided to wear her usual black bikini top that shows off her large and soft breasts along with a hot pink bikini bottom.  The bikini shows off her figure.  As she stretches and prepares the strength in her lower body is on display.  She pulls her hair up into a simple bun atop her head trying to keep in out of the way.  “Raine is a skinny bitch.  She might look bigger than me, but that’s all height.  I know I have way more power.  I’m going to hurt her and force her to submit to me as fast as possible.  This is my time to shine.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Raine and Tisha.  “This is going to be super exciting.  I know Tisha has had some tough losses, but that isn’t going to help Raine tonight.  I think Raine has beaten some lesser talent and Tisha is much tougher than any opponent she has seen so far.  I expect Raine to put up a fight, but I see Tisha walking out with the win.”  The second commentator begins “I like Raine.  Just not against Tisha.  I see the same winner, but I don’t see Raine putting up much of a fight.  I think Tisha will just simply run over her.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Tisha smiles simply nods her head and stares intently at Raine.  The tension in the air is thick as Raine returns the icy glare and simply nods her head as well.  Neither fighter talking as they engage in a heated stare down.  The crowd begins to buzz with excitement as the intensity of the fighters is clear to everyone in attendance.

The officiator sends the girls to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

As soon as the command to begin is given the two start to move across the floor.  The two begin to move slowly in a circle as they wait to engage the other.  After circling a bit closer, Tisha darts in closer and Raine immediately pushes her hands out catching Tisha and they begin to grapple for control of the fight.  Tisha grunts out as she tries to power through Raine, but the taller girl holds off Tisha’s initial effort.

With the struggle for control locked in a temporary stalemate, both girls grunt and strain as they move their bodies trying to get enough leverage to overcome the other.  Raine pushes her hands upwards using her height advantage to create additional leverage as Tisha tries to maintain the struggle.  With their hands going higher, Raine is able to break contact and slip her arm around Tisha’s head.  Before Tisha can avoid the outcome, Raine is able to pull her arm around and trap Tisha in a head lock as Raine twists her body pulling Tisha’s face into her ribcage.  The Raine fans in attendance let out cries of support for their fighter as she takes the early control over Tisha.

Tisha grunts loudly as her opponent traps her head and squeezes down on her.  Tisha pushes her arms around Raine’s body gripping her tightly at the hips.  Her strategy pays off as her grip arrives just before Raine attempts to twist and toss Tisha over her hip.  Tisha’s grip on Raine’s hips prevents Raine from carrying out her plan so instead she maintains the headlock as she squeezes Tisha’s head.

With the attempted hip toss blocked, Tisha slides her hand to the arm wrapped around and under her head as she grips Raine’s wrist working to break her hands apart.  Raine struggles to maintain her grip and tries to twist and shake Tisha’s head to limit her ability to break the headlock hold.  The wrenching and twisting causes Tisha to moan out in pain as her head is turned and yanked back and forth.

“HYYYAHHHH!!!” cries out Raine as she continues working on Tisha’s head and neck.  Tisha wraps her hand around Raine’s body and slides her fingers up her ribcage until she finds Raine’s bikini top.  Rather than attempt to pull or grip the bikini top, Tisha quickly slips her hand over the top of the fabric protecting Raine’s chest and grips her full breast before suddenly closing her fingers in an attempt to mash Raine’s breast.

“YOOOOWWWWW!!!!” cries out Raine as Tisha closes her grip.  The sudden pain forces Raine to release the headlock and grab for the hand looking to break Tisha’s contact with her breast.  Raine’s quick reaction allows her to quickly push Tisha’s hand free of her chest, but just as she shoves the hand free Tisha lands a punch with her other hand right into Raine’s kidney area.  The blow lands with a THUMP sound and drives Raine forward several steps from the force of the shot.

Raine lets out a loud grunt of pain as the Tisha fans in the crowd now become vocal cheering on their fighter.  After staggering several steps forwards, Raine spins back around to face the expected next attack from Tisha.  Not to disappoint, Tisha is already moving forward after her punch lands on Raine’s kidney.  This time around Tisha throws an open handed slap targeting Raine’s face.  The slap narrowly misses as Raine slips her head back to avoid the blow.

With Tisha off balance and overextended, Raine puts a hand on Tisha’s shoulder and uses her momentum from the slap to continue turning Tisha to the side to provide access to her back side.  With Tisha being turned, Raine shoves her other hand into Tisha’s hair grabbing hold and yanking her head back sharply.  Tisha lets out a loud cry of pain as her hair and then her neck are yanked roughly back.

Following up on her advantage, Raine slips her other arm around Tisha’s body and locks a chokehold on from the rear as her hairpull has Tisha’s head pulled back and Tisha’s neck exposed.  The arm across Tisha’s neck causes her to gag and choke for air as she suddenly finds her access to oxygen cut off by her opponent.  A loud voice in the crowd yells out “CHOKE HER OUT!!! END IT!!!”

Tisha immediately begins to thrash her body trying to break free of Raine’s grasp.  The choking sensation putting a sense of urgency into the shorter girl as she finds herself in danger of being choked out or just worn down and rendered helpless to defend herself.  Raine pulls Tisha back close to her body as she works to keep Tisha’s supply of air cut.

“GIVE UP!!!” snarls Raine as she tries to intimidate Tisha into giving up the fight.  Tisha responds with a gasping, wheezing choking sound as she shoves her elbow into Raine’s ribs.  The elbow lands a glancing blow on Raine as Tisha continues to squirm in her opponent’s grasp.  Twisting her body slightly, Tisha shoots another elbow back at Raine and this time she lands the point of her elbow directly into Raine’s belly.

OOOOOOHHHHFFFF gasps out Raine as she releases the chokehold and leans over clutching her belly.  The elbow landing directly on target as Raine now gasps for air from the impact of the shot to her belly.  Tisha gasps and sucks in air as she spins to face a doubled over Raine.   Rather than take a breather, Tisha raises her arms up and slams a doubled handed blow into Raine’s upper back.

The hard blow lands on Raine’s back with a dull thumping sound.   The impact immediately drives Raine to her hands and knees as she goes down to the floor.  The sudden swing in momentum to Tisha generates a series of cheers from Tisha’s fan base in the room as she stands in front of her downed opponent.

Tisha reaches down grabbing Raine by the hair yanking her head up as she slides forward and applies a standing head scissor as Raine moans out in pain.  Tisha stands upright and flexes her leg muscles putting pressure on Raine’s head as Tisha tries to catch her breath.  Raine moans out grabbing hold of Tisha’s legs as she tries to push her body forward to unbalance her opponent.

Leaning over Tisha puts both her hands on Raine’s back to help her try and maintain her balance as she squeezes her opponent’s head.  As Tisha leans over, her muscular legs and ass are on full display to the fans watching from behind Tisha.  The crowd shows their appreciation with a number of calls of support for Tisha.

With Raine still struggling to find a way out of Tisha’s standing head scissor hold, Tisha pulls a hand up and lands an open handed slap on Raine’s back.  The loud sound of flesh on flesh rings out and Raine cries out in pain.  The slap not doing much damage physically, but Tisha’s goal is met as it takes an emotional toll on Raine as her flesh stings from the insulting slap.

Tisha’s hand now resting on Raine’s lower back after delivering the slap curls into a claw position as she digs her nails into her opponent’s skin and rakes them up Raine’s back.  Raine screams out in pain again as Tisha torments her while holding her head in the standing head scissor position.

“Now who needs to GIVE UP” yells Tisha as she controls and torments Raine.  Through the pain, Raine continues working her arms around Tisha’s legs as she secures a solid grip on Tisha.  Letting out a loud roar of effort “YYYAHHHHHHHH!!!!” Raine shoves her shoulders forward again and pulls on Tisha’s legs.

In an instant Tisha is dumped to her ass with a THUD as she loses both her balance and her scissor hold on Raine’s head.  With Tisha sitting flat on her ass and her legs extended out in front of her, both wrapped up tightly by Rain as her upper body lies atop the lower legs of Tisha.  Raine shifts her grip and pushes herself up to her knees and yanks both of Tisha’s feet upwards with her.

The sudden yanking up forces Tisha to roll her upper body back to the rug as she is now flat on her back with her legs pushed upright by the now kneeling Raine.  Tisha tries to yank her legs free, but Raine has them tightly secured as she continues pushing herself upward off of her knees to her feet.

“Get the fuck off my legs” yells out Tisha in frustration as Raine pulls them up with her keeping Tisha flat on her back.  The Raine fans cheer for her as she seems to have re-taken control of the fight for the moment.  Raine moves quickly before Tisha can pull her legs free or fight out of her current predicament.  With a quick yank, Raine opens Tisha’s feet and jams her foot into the triangle of Tisha’s bikini bottoms.

AAIIIEEOOWOWWWWW screeches out Tisha as she suddenly finds Raine grinding her foot down on her crotch.  The pain shoots through her body and forces every muscle to tense up in reaction.  Tisha’s mind now races as she searches for a solution to the current situation.

“You wanna play rough bitch!!!” snarls Raine as she continues to move her body forward and apply pressure to the foot grinding down on Tisha’s crotch area.  The second thrust of pressure forces yet another loud cry of pain from Tisha as Raine continues the attack.

Just as suddenly as Raine’s attack, Tisha manages to pull a foot free of Raine’s grasp and lashes out.  The foot lands squarely on Raine’s belly button as she stands in place to continue her crotch attack.  OOOOOOHHHFFFF gasps out Raine as the foot drives into her solidly.  Raine immediately drops Tisha’s other legs as the blow sends her staggering back and gasping for breath.

The loud sounds of Raine wheezing can be heard as her fans suddenly become silent.  For the second time in the fight Tisha has landed a hard attack on Raine’s belly and Raine is obviously feeling its effects as she gasps trying to draw in air.

Luckily for Raine, Tisha rolls over and doesn’t pursue Raine.  She slowly makes her way to her feet as she shows the after effects of the attacks to her crotch.  Both fighters looking a bit battered and worn now at this stage of the fight.

The fans begin calling out support for their favorite fighter as both appear to need encouraging.  The crowd seems to be slightly favoring Raine at this point, but the Tisha fans are loud enough it is hard for the crowd or the fighters to tell which way the crowd is leaning.

After several moments of pause, both fighters refocus their attention on hurting their opponent.  Each circles the other in a slow measured pace.  Raine pushes out a couple of jab/slap type feints at Tisha in an attempt to unbalance her opponent and test her ability to continue to fight.

“Come on bitch let’s finish this shit!!” growls out Tisha as she continues to circle with her hands out in front ready to fight.

“Then quit running from me you chicken!” hisses out Raine in response.  Expecting Tisha to attack after her comment Raine prepares to drive a knee into her when she attacks.  To Raine’s surprise the expected attack doesn’t materialize as Tisha laughs at her insult and maintains her position continuing to circle.  The crowd shouting out encouragement to their favorite with both fighters having taken some punishment and looking a little worn.  With the fight now having gone well past the 15 minute mark the fans know the end could be nearing.

Raine launches herself towards Tisha now throwing hard slaps at Tisha’s head.  Tisha back pedals to try and avoid the heavy shots and gets her hands up to defend herself.  Tisha is able to avoid the first barrage of slaps, but has to give up ground in doing so.  Knowing she is nearing some fans on a long couch behind her, Tisha ducks in and drives toward Raine wanting to get in close to her opponent.

Raine sees the move coming as Tisha steps toward her and the only option she has is to shoot both hands out and shove at Tisha as she comes closer.  Tisha’s attempt is stopped cold as Raine plants both hands on Tisha’s upper body and shoves her away.

Tisha staggers back and trips up as the couch hits her in the back of the legs.  The effect of the trip causes Tisha to simply sit down on the couch like she was taking a seat.  Unfortunately for Tisha, Raine is not quite ready to show her much hospitality as Raine lunges in crashing into Tisha and driving her solidly into the couch.

With Raine standing at the couch in front of Tisha, Raine grabs hold of Tisha’s hair and leans in mashing Tisha to the back of the couch.  Raine lets fly with her free hand landing a couple hard slaps on Tisha’s head and face area as she presses in trying to overwhelm Tisha.

Initially, Tisha pushes her  hands at Raine’s hips trying to force her back and to create separation.  The effort fails as Raine is leaning in with her body weight shifted forward.  Tisha realizes the error of trying to shove Raine off when Raine lands the first undefended slap to the side of her head and face.  The open handed shot lands squarely on Tisha’s ear causing it to ring from the force of the slap.

After the first slap lands on Tisha’s head, Raine pulls back and launches another brutally hard shot.  Tisha, still somewhat stunned from the first slap, doesn’t react in time to protect herself and the next shot lands across her cheek and nose as Raine turns Tisha’s head sharply to the side.

Not wanting to allow Raine to continue her attacks, Tisha switches from shoving at Raine’s body to pushing short chopping punches at Raine’s belly and ribs.  The two trade several blows as Raine holds Tisha’s head by the hair and slaps her face while Tisha shoots punches at Raine’s body.  The hard slaps forcing Tisha’s eyes to water as tears roll down her cheeks.  The crowd now cheering wildly as the fight’s intensity and action level increase.

Tisha, suffering quite a bit of pain from the hard slaps, switches tactics to try and force Raine to give up her offensive.  Instead of trying to punch Raine, Tisha shoves her hands up into Raine’s bikini top and begins to mash and claw Raine’s breasts.  Raine lets out a loud scream as Tisha’s attack hits home.

Raine now feeling a bit threatened by Tisha’s breast attack, shoves her body forward more fully onto the couch shoving her body directly into Tisha’s to block her attack.  With her higher position, Raine presses her chest right into Tisha’s head and face area as she uses her body to force Tisha’s hands into an awkward position between her chest and Tisha’s face.

Reaching down with the hand she was using to slap Tisha, Raine grabs hold of one of Tisha’s wrists and forces the hand above her head pinning it to the top of the couch.  While Raine struggles to get the other hand in her grasp, Tisha recognizes the smother attack that Raine is trying to establish and pulls her foot up bending her leg to wiggle her foot towards Raine’s body.

The twisting and turning of the hips causes both fighters to slide to the side as Tisha rolls to the side and to her back on the couch seat area.  The roll causes Raine to slide down as well as she comes down atop Tisha continuing to try to get her arms under control as they lie full length on the sofa.  Raine finally pushes one of Tisha’s hands over her head as she wrestles for control of the other hand.

“Fuck you slut!!!” Raine grunts as her chest hovers just above Tisha’s head.  Clearly Raine is trying to wrestle the shorter girl into control and smother her out.  The Raine fans keep calling out for Raine to finish her as Tisha’s fans cry for her to get out from under Raine.  While the wrestling for control continues, Tisha keeps thrashing her legs and hips trying to wiggle out from under her opponent.

After several moments of wrestling for control on the couch, Raine appears close to getting both of Tisha’s hands trapped.  Tisha gets her leg against the back edge of the couch finding a solid surface between the bottom cushion and the back cushion.  Using the solid frame, Tisha pushes hard with her leg.  The shove immediately rolls both girls toward the front edge of the couch and over the side.

With Raine being in the top position, she suddenly finds herself rolling towards the edge.  With both hands tangled with Tisha, Raine is unable to stop the inevitable and the two fighters roll over the edge of the couch.  Raine hits the floor first directly on her back and Tisha comes down directly atop her.  Tisha lands hard atop Raine crashing down into her as Raine lands on her back.  A loud THUMP sounds throughout the room from the contact with the floor.

Raine moans out as the room spins and she feels incredible pressure in her chest as what little breath she had left is driven from her body.  Her eyes close and open blinking as she tries to focus on the face above her.  Tisha grunts out loudly as well from the impact, but her fall to the floor was cushioned in large part by Raine.

The Raine fans suddenly go quiet as the situation changes.  Tisha reacts to her new found advantage and shoves her body upward to straddle her opponent.  Raine puts up almost no resistance as she tries to refocus and clear her head from the fall to the floor.  As Tisha pushes up off the floor and comes upright on  her knees sliding to the side of Raine, the crowd and the camera get a quick glimpse of her face.  Gasping and panting while she moves, Tisha appears tired and battered.

Taking advantage of Raine’s lack of resistance, Tisha draws back and jams her fist into Raine’s belly.  The blow draws a loud OOHHHHHMMMMFFFFF from Raine as she appears dazed and breathless on her back.  Tisha jams a second punch into Raine’s soft breast mashing it flat under her fist which generates a pained whimpering sound from Raine.

“You’re over bitch” pants out Tisha as she grabs Raine by the hair and rises to her feet pulling Raine slighly off the floor.  Raine lets out a moaning sound as Tisha pulls her by the hair.  Tisha shoves her foot into Raine’s belly in a half kick and half stomp type of move as she steps around Raine.

Raine lets out a gasping sounds as Tisha continues to punish her.  The larger portion of the crowd supporting Raine is now more or less quiet.  A few small cheers of support can be heard for Tisha from her supporters, but they too are mostly quiet as the match appears to be turning one-sided.  A low moaning and gasping “Nooooooo” slides from Raine as Tisha finishes crossing over and yanks Raine upright to a seated position by the hair.

Pulling Raine around in a half-circle, Tisha drops onto the seat of the couch and yanks Raine’s head between her legs as she drapes her legs over Raine.  Raine pushes her hands up, but is completely ineffective in her attempt to avoid the legs coming around her head.

Tisha, now seated on the couch with Raine seated in front of her on the floor, closes her legs down on Raine’s head and squeezes hard.  Tisha’s head rolls back as she grunts out focusing her full attention on crushing Raine into submission.  The red-head moans and gasps in pain as her head is crushed between Tisha’s legs.

Raine now fully understands she is finished.  The hard fall from the couch taking its toll and allowing Tisha to trap her at this late stage of the fight.  Without enough energy and strength left to break free, Raine has only one choice left.

“Give” gasps out Raine as Tisha pauses and then squeezes again on the scissor hold.  Tisha hearing the submission stops squeezing with her legs and unlocks the head scissor.  Putting a foot on Raine’s shoulder, Tisha shoves Raine forward driving her to the floor on her side in front of the couch.

Rising to her feet and looking a bit wobbly and worn down, Tisha pushes a hand in the air in a clenched fist as a tired smile creeps onto her face.  She immediately pushes Raine over to her back with her foot and sits down fully on Raine’s chest.

“I give I give!!!” Raine cries out as Tisha plops down atop her.  The officiator moving close, but allowing Tisha room to see what she has planned.   A Raine fan cries out “Leave her alone” and a large number of Tisha fans are celebrating her win and chanting “TISHA TISHA TISHA” as she sits down.

“Wanted to smother bitch” pants Tisha “then we will!!!” she finishes with a gasping panted voice.  Sliding forward Tisha puts Raine in a face sit.  With Raine trapped under her, Tisha wiggles her hips slightly as she mashes Raine’s head under her firm ass.

“FUCK YEAH!!!!” cries out Tisha as she quickly stands up after a very short moment.  Clearly tired, Tisha wants to celebrate her victory as the officiator pushes her hand into the air.  “YOUR WINNER — TISHA!!!!”

Tisha smiles and waves her hand turning in a circle and then drops down on the couch and kicks back.  Her fans surround her and give her congratulations as Raine is helped quietly from the room.  After an extended break on the couch holding court, Tisha finally slides to her feet moving slowly out of the room.