Apartment Wrestling Match No. 64 Sara versus Belinda

This match is the sixty-fourth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Chicago where the winner advances to the next round of the championship tournament and the loser is eliminated.  The participants are:

Sara (5’6 120 lbs 23 y/o) lives in Romania on the Black Sea coast.  Sara is a part-time student and is about to complete her education.  She sometimes helps out in her family’s business.  She usually finds time to work out almost every day and enjoys spending time with friends at the clubs in town.  Sara loves to win at everything she does and doesn’t intend to allow anyone to embarrass her.  Sara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitive person!  I am quick and in good shape.  I will train hard and make my opponents admit in the end that I’m the better woman.”  Sara has won fights with Sofia and Sasha and lost to Analise.


Belinda (5’8 128 pounds 30 y/o) lives in Phoenix area.  Belinda works as a mid-level executive in a large company.  She is married and stays very busy with her job.  Belinda was the social leader for her sorority in college and is a fan of having a good time.  She is dedicated to being the best at everything she does.  Belinda’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I have a lot of life experiences.  I always find a way to win at whatever I choose to do.  This is no exception.  I’m competitive and can be a little nasty with my competitive nature.  I don’t like to lose and I don’t like girl drama.   All those things will make me good at Apartment fighting.” Belinda has won fights against Summer and Selena and lost to Suzette, Raine and Bailey.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a downtown penthouse apartment in Chicago as part of a multi-fight weekend event.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Both fighters arrive at the fight location in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, any prior fights of their opponent, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Belinda heads into her changing room and prepares for the fight.  She changes into her green bikini with the print top.  It is one of her favorite bikinis and she is confident it highlights her skin tone and blonde hair.  The bottoms are a pair of very form fitting full booty shorts and the top provides great support to her large and soft breasts.  Belinda pulls her hair back into a braid to reduce the opportunities for her opponent to pull her hair.  Belinda spends some time quietly concentrating on a bed in the room as she thinks about her strategy for the fight with Sara.  After her quiet time, she heads to the interview room.  “My last fight was hard to take.  I’m still disappointed by what happened with Bailey.  Getting a good win in the tournament tonight is going to feel great.  I’m older, wiser and just a better fighter than this girl.  This fight is mine.  This Eurotrash girl is going home crying.”

Sara arrives at the fight location and also begins to prepare for the fight.  Sara dresses for tonight’s fight in an all black bikini.  The bottoms have a tie side and the top pushes up her good sized breasts showing them off.  Sara has been hitting the gym at every opportunity to get into the best shape of her life.  Sara is confident her conditioning and workout schedule will be an advantage for her against Belinda.  Sara pulls her hair back into a ponytail as she is called for the fight.  “I’m confident tonight and focused.  Beating this girl and moving on to the next round is my most important job.  I have been working hard to get ready and after losing to Analise I have learned a few things.  I’m going to hurt that old hag Belinda any way I can tonight until she quits.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Belinda and Sara.  “I love it.  Two girls coming in tonight with something to prove after disappointing losses.  This is a tough one to pick.  Both girls have lacked that mean thing which has cost them in fights.  The one who finds her mean tonight will win it.  I think Sara is more likely to discover what she needs to win.”  The second commentator begins  “Sara surprised me when she struggled against Analise.  I think Belinda might be the same girl minus the nastiness.  Who knows though, those tough losses may have helped Belinda find that nasty.  I agree its going to be a close one though.  I’m taking Belinda tonight.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Belinda smiles and waves to the crowd generating a loud series of cheers from her fans.  Sara smiles at the crowd as well and turns slowly in a circle wiggling her hips as the fans cheer equally as loud for her.  The atmosphere in the room goes quiet as both fighters stay focused and prepared to fight.  The stakes tonight are high for both of them and it shows as they both move from foot to foot bleeding off nervous energy.  The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to fight given, both Sara and Belinda move toward the center of the room.  As the two close in on one another they begin to circle one another.  Each assuming a fighting stance as they lower their bodies and push their hands out in front of themselves.

After a short circling movement, Sara lashes out with a kick at Belinda’s lower body.  Unable to react quickly enough, Belinda absorbs the sharp kick on her left calf and cringes from the impact of the blow.  Belinda lets out a quiet grunt and Sara’s fan base cheers her on.

“You really want this fight old bitch!!  Going to hurt you all . . .” hisses out Sara just as Belinda strikes out with a quick slap at her face.  In the midst of taunting Belinda, Sara is unprepared and Belinda’s hand slashes through landing on Sara’s cheeks with a loud WHACK sound as it slightly turns Sara’s head to the left before she can finish her sentence.

“Shut up and fight!” growls back Belinda as she puts her hands in a defensive position and starts to circle Sara again.  “Or I’ll just continue slapping you stupider than you already are!!” continues Belinda as both girls glare at one another.  Sara feels the stinging of her skin from the slap and mirrors Belinda as she circles with her.

Both fighters wanting to make sure they take control of the fight are cautious.  Sara feints a couple times appearing as if she is going to lash out with a kick and Belinda reacts to defend her lower body.  Sara, intently studying Belinda’s reactions, feints a third time and as Belinda reacts to defend Sara drives forward lashing out to grip Belinda’s hair.

Belinda reacts quickly and shoots her hands up and the two fighters lock hands as their arms are pushed upright with their bodies mashing into one another.  Both grunt out from the impact as they crash chest to chest.  Sara has the advantage as her momentum forward drives Belinda back several steps as she tries to steady herself from the impact.

“Who’s stronger huh bitch!!!” hisses Sara as she uses her momentum to push Belinda the short distance to the wall putting Belinda’s back to the wall.  Belinda grunts out in frustration as her opponent overpowers her for the moment.

Sara yanks her right hand free of Belinda’s grip and immediately grabs hold of Belinda’s blonde hair as she reaches behind her head gripping Belinda’s braid.  Belinda reacts by grabbing for Sara’s hair, but before she can land a grip Sara pulls her head to the side and down as she steps back.  Pushing her body against Belinda’s, Sara uses the braid to pull Belinda bent over at the waist and presses her into the wall.

UNNHHH grunts out Belinda as she loses her grip on Sara’s left hand in the process of her head being twisted and pulled down.  With her body mashed against Belinda’s upper body trapping her against the wall, Sara curls her left fist into a ball and swings several quick jabbing punches up and under Belinda’s upper body landing the punches on her opponent’s chest or belly area.

“I’ll mash those saggy tits!!!”yells out Sara as she continues to verbally attack Belinda trying to physically and emotionally break her down.  With each of the several punches Belinda grunts and groans as she tries to position her hands to protect her body.  Belinda also tries to push her shoulder into Sara to force her back and free herself from the wall.  Belinda staggers a bit as she tries to work her feet to slip free while Sara uses her braid to control her upper body.

Sara pulls Belinda a small distance off the wall and shoves her body into her banging her into the wall with a THUMP sound.  The force of the impact isn’t very hard, but the crowd cheers as Sara seems to be solidly taking control of the fight.

After being mashed into the wall, Belinda drops her hands down low and wraps up Sara’s left leg.  In the process, Belinda digs her nails into the soft skin of Sara’s inner thigh generating a short yelp of pain from Sara.

“Bitch!!” grunts out Sara as Belinda pulls at her left leg bringing it off the floor and forcing her to try and maintain her balance on one leg.  Sara pushes her left hand that had been landing some punches into the middle of Belinda’s back to try and shove downward to force her lower to the floor.

With one leg coming off the floor, Sara is forced to stand more upright and loses her ability to keep Belinda bent at the waist.  As Belinda comes up with Sara’s leg in her grasp she is able to upend Sara and send her toppling to the floor on her ass.

Losing her grip on Belinda’s hair as she goes to the floor, Sara grunts out as her ass lands with a solid thump.  Belinda, maintaining her grip on Sara’s left leg, comes fully upright and slides her feet to move slightly to the side of Sara.

“FUCK YOU!!!” screams out Belinda as she targets Sara’s long leg that she has in her grasp.  Lifting a foot off the floor, Belinda lashes out with a sudden stomp to outer side of Sara’s thigh.  The Belinda fans in the room cheer out for their fighter encouraging her to destroy her opponent.

Belinda lashes out again with a stomping kick to Sara’s left leg generating another cry of pain from Sara as her leg is battered.  With things going her way, Belinda steps across Sara’s body using her leg to drag her over to her belly as she works to fold Sara’s leg over.

With Sara on her belly trying to squirm and push free, Belinda stomps down again this time landing a hard heel into Sara’s left hamstring right by where it connects to her ass.  Feeling like she can now finish the move, Belinda drops down folding Sara’s left leg over as Belinda shoves her ass down atop Sara’s ass pinning her to the floor.

“I’ll break your fucking leg Eurowhore!!!” growls out Belinda as she now seems to have taken up Sara’s verbal needling tactic.  Sara groans out as her body is pinned to the floor under Belinda.  Belinda gathers her grip as Sara tries to push her lower body off the floor and manages to ride out Sara’s effort to push free.  The Belinda fans call out their support and one in particular yells out “Break her Belinda — Break HER!!!”

Gripping the lower part of Sara’s left leg as she folds it over,  Belinda twists the foot to the side generating a loud screech of pain from Sara as she continues to work over Sara’s left leg.  Belinda growls out an angry growl as she takes the foot and gives it another turn which causes yet another screech of pain from Sara.

“Give up before I break it off!!!” screams out Belinda.  Sara responds by pushing her lower body off the floor slightly as she tries to push Belinda directly off of her ass.  Belinda feels the push coming though and shoves her own ass hard into Sara’s as she forces her lighter opponent back to the floor.

“Fuck off!!!” screams out Sara clearly not in the mood to surrender at this juncture.  Belinda, growing impatient of waiting, drops Sara’s foot and jabs a punch down at Sara’s lower ass trying to land a punch in Sara’s crotch area.  The punch misses the target and lands on Sara’s upper thigh and lower ass area.  The punch gets Sara’s attention quickly as she realizes what Belinda has in mind.

Leaning forward a bit to allow her to reach her hand between Sara’s legs, Belinda fails to notice Sara shoving her ass off the floor again.  This time Sara is able to push off the floor and drive Belinda forward since her body weight was shifted towards Sara’s feet.

Belinda is shoved forward and sprawls out atop Sara’s lower legs and feet as the two fighters now struggle for control.  Sara attempting to roll Belinda to the side and Belinda trying to find a way to push back atop Sara’s lower body and resume her attack.

“Get the fuck off me!!!” screams out Sara as a bit of a wild scramble breaks out between the two fighters.  Sara pushes her body off the floor again and slides Belinda a bit further out of position after several moments.

Belinda, unable to get herself back into a controlling position decides to scramble clear of the tangle rather than continue the struggle from a bad position.  From her position, Sara can’t prevent Belinda from scrambling free and both girls end up pushing up off the floor and getting to their feet several feet away from the other.

With both girls on their feet, Sara looks to be favoring her left leg a bit showing the signs of Belinda’s concentrated effort to get a submission through the leg attack.  The crowd calling out support for their favorite fighter seems to be almost evenly split at this point in the fight.

“Not so talkative now are you Eurotrash??” chirps Belinda.  “Looks like that leg might be hurting a bit” she continues.  Sara tries to ignore the chatter as she prepares to attack Belinda.  Before Sara can strike, Belinda darts in toward her and goes low for the left leg.  Sara fully expecting this type of attack, pivots on her right leg and drags her left leg out of reach of Belinda.

In addition to darting out of Belinda’s reach, Sara pushes both hands down and shoves Belinda towards the floor which forces her charging opponent to lose her balance and hit the floor on her hands and knees directly next to Sara.

“Too slow Bunica!!” hisses out Sara as she references Belinda’s age in her native tongue.  At the same time, Sara swings a leg over Belinda’s back and snags her head pulling her chin back in rough chin lock hold.  The sudden yank on the chin upwards brings Belinda off her hands and knees and pulls her upright on her knees in front of Sara as she uses her left hand to secure the chin lock.

Continuing to move quickly before Belinda can mount a counter attack, Sara swings her right hand slapping Belinda on her right breast.  Belinda groans and then yelps out as the sudden slap lands on her chest.  Sara drops down behind Belinda pulling her over to her back and bending her over the top of her legs as Sara straightens and snaps her own long legs around Belinda’s ribs.  Sara completes the hold by pulling Belinda back and atop her body.

Sara is now lying on the floor on her back with one hand wrapped around Belinda’s chin and the other gripping Belinda’s bikini top while she locks a scissor on Belinda’s ribs.  Belinda reaches up grabbing hold of both hands as she tries to free herself from Sara’s grasp.  At the same time, Belinda struggles to pull her legs out from under her own lower body as she struggles to find leverage to push up out of the hold.

“Hard to breath isn’t it!!” taunts Sara.  “Your fat ass is out of shape!!!  You can quit now” she grunts out as she squeezes as hard as she can.  With each squeeze Sara feels the tightness and pain in her left leg from Belinda’s earlier attack.  Sara is able to avoid having her hands pulled free of Belinda’s body as Belinda struggles to escape.

“Fuck you!!” grunts out Belinda as she manages to finally pull her legs out from under her body.  Belinda’s breathing is labored as the half chin lock and half choke being applied in combination with the scissor hold is making things uncomfortable for Belinda.

“Give up submit to me” hisses out Sara as Belinda pushes her legs off the floor bridging up and down trying to shake herself free of Sara’s legs.  At the same time, Belinda pulls Sara’s hand off her breast making sure Sara can’t mount any further attacks on her breast.  In the process, Sara pulls Belinda’s top free of Belinda’s breasts.

“Noooo” grunts out Belinda not wanting to give one inch to Sara.  Belinda’s top remains attached to Belinda’s body but is now located above her large breasts as they both slip free of the fabric holding them in place.  The  crowd lets out a cheer as Sara strips Belinda’s top free.

“Those saggy lard bags are nothing to cheer about!!” yells out Sara as she continues to work on Belinda’s air supply with the scissor hold and the half choking hold.  Belinda begins to buck wildly with her legs which causes her to push down and bounce slightly on Sara’s body as Sara struggles to maintain her hold.  After several moments of struggling, Belinda is able to force Sara’s legs open.

Sara immediately tries to reapply the scissor hold, but Belinda smartly shoots a leg over the top of Sara’s to prevent just that type of move by Sara.  With one arm still half around Belinda’s neck, Sara struggles to keep her opponent trapped.  Belinda has other ideas and pushes with her leg allowing her to slide off to the side of Sara’s lower body.

Belinda twists her body and breaks free of Sara’s grasp rolling over atop Sara keeping Sara pinned to the ground on her back.  Both girls grab hold of the other as Belinda grinds an elbow down into Sara’s chest mashing it into her breast as they struggle.

UNNHHHHFFF moans out Sara as the point of Belinda’s elbow digs into her breast mashing it into her body.  Belinda struggles to try and get herself into a position to apply a cross body pin on Sara, but Sara grips her hair and squirms enough to block Belinda’s attempt.

“Gonna make you beg you loser whore” grunts out Belinda as the struggle continues on the floor.  Just as Belinda seems to be getting into position to pin Sara, her opponent pulls hard on her hair and twists her lower body off the floor.  Sara’s effort pays off as she rolls Belinda over the top of her body and manages to wiggle her arms around her head to apply a head lock on Belinda.

Sara now rolled to her side with her arms snaked around Belinda’s head applying a headlock to her opponent as she tries to crush her head in her arms.  Belinda’s upper body draped over the top of Sara’s side as her body is curled over Sara as she wiggles her knees under her butt and snugs them up against Sara’s back.  The crowd cheers on their favorite as the two fighters struggle.

“You’re not doing shit!!” growls Sara as she tries to sneak her arm tighter around Belinda’s neck to do some more choking.  Belinda works her chin lower to her chest to block the effort as she pulls her that is lower on Sara’s body up in the air and slams the elbow down into Sara.  Even though Belinda can’t see her target, she knows where Sara’s body should be located.

OOOHHHHHFFFF gasps out Sara as the elbow lands on her belly with enough force to make Sara gasp for breath.  Sara, knowing she doesn’t want to absorb any more of those elbows, pulls the underneath arm off of the head lock and pushes her hand into Belinda’s face where the officiator and the crowd can’t really see what is happening.  Before Belinda can strike again, Sara digs her nails into Belinda’s face thinking this attack might be enough to force her to quit.  Sara beings clawing at Belinda’s nose, mouth and eye area looking to find any sensitive target she can with her nails.

AAAIIOOWWW screams out Belinda in pain.  “You dirty slut!!!” she screams out and then starts wildly slamming her elbow down at Sara’s body.  Sara’s plan backfiring on her now that Belinda goes wild throwing shots at her unprotected belly landing several elbows on Sara.

OOHHHHFFFF UNNNFFFF moans out Sara as she is forced to release her grip on Belinda’s head and try to roll over to escape Belinda’s attack.  The elbows to her exposed belly taking a toll as she gasps for breath.  With her head free, Belinda pops her head up and the crowd can see the marks on her face where Sara dug her claws into her skin.  Belinda’s face a mask of rage as she prepares to continue her attack.  The crowd cheers wildly in expectation that the fight might be nearing its final stages.

“YAAAAAAA You stupid slut!!!” screams out Belinda as she shoves both hands down at Sara’s back.  Sara gasping for air after taking the elbow shots to her belly tries to roll toward Belinda and get her back on the floor as she reaches up for Belinda’s hair or body.  Belinda quickly deflects Sara’s reaching hand and shoves Sara onto her belly face down on the floor before she can roll to her backside.

UHHNNNNN grunts out Sara as she is roughly rolled face down by Belinda.  A loud male voice calls out from the crowd, “FINISH HER BABY YOU GOT HER NOW!!!” as Belinda continues her assault.  Fully intent now on finishing off Sara, Belinda lunges forward mashing her body down onto Sara’s back in a full body pin from the back side.

OOOHHHHFFFF moans out Sara as the full force of Belinda’s body comes down atop her.  With Belinda’s body now fully mashed down atop her opponent her hard nipples push firmly into Sara’s back.  Excited by the prospect of finishing off Sara and humiliating her, Belinda feels a renewed surge of energy as her second wind comes through.  Having taken quite a bit of punishment to her body, Belinda wants to end the fight immediately.

“Make you my bitch now” hisses  Belinda into Sara’s ear as she presses down on her back with her body weight.  Sara feels Belinda’s hot breath on her neck as Belinda issues a serious warning of the humiliation that is about to come.  Sara’s mind races as she tries to formulate a plan to escape.  Sara’s leg still throbbing and weak from Belinda’s earlier attack and now winded from the attacks to her belly she feels the urgent need to escape before her opponent can do any further damage.

“Off me” grunts Sara as she reaches up over her head and grabs for Belinda’s hair.  Belinda, surprised by the move fails to avoid the grasp as Sara digs both hands into her hair and pulls forward.  Belinda lets out a cry of pain, but rather than grab for Sara’s hands she wraps her hands around Sara’s head from behind and digs her claws into Sara’s face returning the favor she received earlier in the fight.  AAIIYOOW screams out Sara as Belinda digs her fingers into her face and claws into the skin of her face.

“Payback slut!!!! SUBMIT TO ME NOW!!!” Belinda screams at Sara as she hears the cries of pain from her opponent.  Sara releases her grip on Belinda’s hair and pulls her hands down to protect her face from Belinda’s attack.  Belinda uses the opportunity to slide her knees outside of Sara’s body and straddle her opponent with her lower body as her upper body remains pressed tightly against Sara’s back.

Pulling her hands free of Sara’s face and hands, Belinda puts both hands on Sara’s back and pushes herself upright as she straddles Sara’s back.  OOOHHHHHHFFFF groans out Sara as she is mashed to the floor by the pressing down.  The crowd cheers as Belinda sits up putting her body on display again.

Not giving Sara any opportunity to try to escape or counter attack, Belinda grabs two handfuls of Sara’s hair and yanks her up hard in a camel clutch hold bending her back sharply.  UUUNNNHHHHH moans out Sara as the pain in her scalp and back suddenly increases.  She is forced to push both hands down on the floor to try and ease the pressure on her back and head.

“I SAID SUBMIT TO ME!!!” screams out Belinda as the crowd cheers her on.  Sara’s face shows the marks from Belinda’s sharp nails as well as the exhaustion and the pain she is feeling from the hair pulling camel clutch hold she is trapped in.

“Noooo” grunts out Sara through clenched teeth as she refuses Belinda’s demand.  Belinda reaches down with one hand while holding Sara upright by her hair and grabs her bikini top  yanking it up causing Sara’s breasts to fall free of her top.  The crowd cheers out encouragement for both fighters now as both fight on.

“Strip you GASP and drag your GASP naked ass around GASP the room slut” pants out Belinda in several halting statements as she breathes heavily.  After a second hard tug Belinda pulls Sara’s bikini top completely free of her body and tosses it on the floor.  The task of yanking Sara back by the hair, while hurting Sara, is also taking its toll on Belinda as her arm trembles a bit from the effort.  Recognizing her arm wearing out, Belinda shoves Sara’s face to the carpet and holds it down by the back of her head.

“SAY IT” snarls Belinda angrily as her chest heaves up and down from the effort of breathing.  Sara, her face shoved to the carpet floor groans out in pain from having her body mashed into the carpet.  The officiator stands close by watching intently for any sign of a submission or the risk of a serious injury now that the fighters are reaching the stage of full exhaustion at this late stage of the fight.

Frustrated by the lack of a submission, Belinda screams out again “FUCKING SAY IT BITCH!!!” as she pulls Sara’s  head by the hair turning it sideways.  Someone in the crowd yells out “Break her!!!” which is followed by someone else shouting “Hurt her!!!” and then “Fuck her up” as the crowd is loud and overly excited by the prospect of a winner.

“NOOOOOOO” cries out a frustrated and hurting Sara as she refuses to submit.  Belinda pushes off her knees and pulls Sara up by the hair dragging her off the floor to her hands and knees.  Belinda steps forward giving Sara’s hair a hard tug as she starts forward.  Sara moans out in pain as her hair is yanked by Belinda.

“Looks like you need convincing” hisses out Belinda as she gives Sara’s hair a second tug.  Belinda reaches back and slaps her hand down hard on Sara’s ass with a loud WHACK sound that generates a cry of pain from Sara.  Belinda, confident she has the fight won at this point, pulls Sara off her hands and knees by the hair pulling her upright on her knees.

“Get up here so I can teach you a lesson bitch!!!” grunts out Belinda as she pulls Sara up on her knees.  Sara leaves her arms at her side as Belinda holds Sara upright with one arm and reaches up pulling at her own bikini top that still hangs around her neck.  Belinda clearly intending to use her own top as a weapon as the crowd cheers out in anticipation of what is to come.  “Choke her ass out!!!” yells out the male voice from earlier in the fight.

Standing directly in front of Sara, Belinda starts to move to the side as she begins to work her way around Sara.  Sara has other plans though as she isn’t quite as done for as Belinda believes.  As Belinda begins to slide around to the side, Sara shoots her hands up and hooks Belinda’s leg and yanks hard.  Belinda, caught by surprise, is unable to maintain her balance and immediately falls to the side losing her grip on Sara’s hair as she crashes to the floor in a heap with a loud THUD.

Sara moves to crawl atop Belinda and roll her to her belly as she hits the floor on her side.  Belinda groans out loudly from the impact and tries to roll to her back to avoid allowing Sara to get to her backside.  A short struggle takes place as each girl tries to prevent the other from gaining the upper hand.  Belinda now struggling against fatigue as the fight continues on.

“You’re done now old bitch” grunts out Sara as they struggle trying to intimidate Belinda into giving up the fight.  The Sara fans, after having gotten quiet, are now back loudly calling out their support for their girl as the two exhausted and battered girls struggle to finish the other.

“No chance” gasps out Belinda as she is finally able to roll to her back narrowly avoiding having Sara force her way onto her back.  While Belinda feels like she won the battle, she ends up on her back with Sara pressing down atop her.  Belinda continues to struggle against Sara, but her efforts fail to produce the results she expects.  Sara quickly pushes Belinda’s arms over her head as she uses the leverage of being on top and takes advantage of Belinda’s apparent exhaustion.  After a brief struggle, Sara presses Belinda’s arms out over her head and forces them to the carpet as she pins her to the floor.

“Now who’s the bitch” growls Sara as she has Belinda pinned to the floor.  The tall blonde struggles wildly to fight free of the pin, but Sara manages to hold the upper position and keep Belinda’s arms pinned above her head.  The thrashing and bucking causing Belinda to pant and gasp for breath.  The loud male voice calls out “Get out of there don’t let her pin you!!”

Sara seeing Belinda gasping for breath seizes the opportunity to wear down her opponent and presses her chest forward towards Belinda’s face.  Pushing down hard to keep Belinda’s arms pinned to the floor, Sara lowers her chest down and mashes it into Belinda’s face.  The very rudimentary smother doing the job as Belinda struggles to get her face free of Sara’s chest.

“Fuck you bitch” snaps out Sara as she maintains her position atop Belinda.  The breast smother doing an effective job of making it difficult for Belinda to effectively breath as the air flow to her body is limited by the hold.  After a few moments, Sara pushes both of Belinda’s hands together and pins them with only one of her hands.

With a free arm, Sara raises up slightly and slides her forearm under Belinda’s chin and presses it down across her throat and begins to choke Belinda with the hold.  ACCCCKKKK coughs and gags Belinda as what was once a slightly effective breast smother turns into a strangling choke hold as Sara presses down on Belinda’s throat.

“You’re gonna be the one begging now” grunts out Sara as she bears down on her opponent.  Belinda thrashes and struggles against Sara, but fails to make any progress on breaking the choke hold or freeing her arms.  Her will to fight still strong, but her body now failing her as she tries to fight on.

Not taking any chances with her opponent, Sara maintains the choke hold as she keeps her body pressed down atop Belinda and her arms pinned above her head.  The crowd cheering on Sara now as she has taken control of the battle.  Gagging and gasping sounds can be heard coming from Belinda as she weakly struggles against Sara.  Sara’s hair, matted and tangled, now hangs down somewhat shrouding Belinda’s face from view.

The officiator standing close by watching intently to ensure that Belinda is still conscious as Sara throttles her.  As Belinda’s thrashing and resisting slows Sara pulls her arm off of her throat allowing her to breathe.  Belinda moans weakly as Sara slides upright straddling her body.  Sara, looking tired and battered, releases Belinda’s arms as she sits up and grips Belinda by the hair digging in a solid grip.

“You ready to beg me for mercy” pants out Sara as she sits atop Belinda.  Belinda gasps out a weak “fuck off” in response to Sara’s demand.   Sara lips curl into a smile at Belinda’s refusal as she yanks her by the hair pulling her head slightly off the floor and the lands a hard slap with her other hand.  Belinda cries out in pain and tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

Sara lands two hard slaps on Belinda as she reinforces to her opponent she is now in charge of the fight.  Remembering the vocal male supporter in the crowd, Sara climbs to her feet and stands over Belinda.  Not wanting to make the same mistake Belinda made, Sara pulls her foot up and jams it down into Belinda’s belly.  The foot to the belly forces Belinda to make an involuntary gagging sound as Sara drives what little air she has in her body right back out.

The force of the kick causes Belinda to roll to the side and curl her body up as she tries to breathe after having the wind knocked out of her.  Sara reaches down and scoops up Belinda’s bikini top from the floor and drops down next to her opponent.  Grabbing Belinda’s arms, Sara pulls them together and begins tying her hands with the bikini top.

“I’m glad you’re stubborn you old bitch” hisses Sara as she completes the task of tying her hands together.  Sara stand back up surveying Belinda’s prone body as her chest heaves up and down as she tries to catch her breath.

Sara smiles and stalks around her victim grabbing her by the feet pulling both up off the floor and yanking them open.  With Belinda’s legs spread Sara steps in close and pushes her foot atop Belinda’s crotch area and rubs her foot across in a back and forth motion.

“Please” gasps out Belinda as she anticipates Sara’s plans for her.  Sara smiles again.  “Now I think we are getting somewhere” she calls out loudly.  Rather than heed the request, Sara slides her heel directly into place and mashes down putting a significant amount of pressure on Belinda.  Sara’s effort forces a low moaning sounds from Belinda as the tears continue to roll down her face.  Belinda’s makeup now running and streaking across her cheeks.

Sara steps back taking her foot off of Belinda and drags her by her ankles across the carpet.  After several steps Belinda cries out in pain as the heat and burning in her back and shoulders intensifies.  Belinda’s arms are laid out over her head with her hands still tightly tied together with her own bikini top.

“No more please no more” cries out Belinda as Sara pulls her the 10-15 feet down to where Sara remembers the male voice originating.  “Who’s nasty whore is this!!” yells out Sara to the area in the crowd where she thinks Belinda’s husband or boyfriend might be located.

The question is met with silence as the rest of the crowd quiets down to make sure they can hear what is happening.  Sara drops Belinda’s legs and walks around to her side and kneels beside her.  Belinda turns her head away from Sara trying to avoid her as she kneels.  Sara grabs her by the hair and yanks her head back around forcing her to look at Sara’s face.

“Look at me bitch.  None of these people want you!!!” she screams in her opponent’s face.  Sara slides her knee atop Belinda’s arms that are stretched out above her head and then reaches over and slaps her hand down on Belinda’s breast.  The slap generates a cry of pain from Belinda as she experiences the sharp pain from Sara’s attack.

“Let her go” calls out a male voice as a man steps forward into sight in the crowd.  Sara squeezes her hand shut mauling Belinda’s breast forcing her to cry out in agony as Sara’s nails and strong hand dig into her chest.  The officiator watches intently to make sure nothing inappropriate takes place with the man in the crowd stepping forward.

“Well is this your skanky old whore or not???” asks Sara.  “She’s done just let her go” responds the man as he engages with Sara.  Belinda cries out again as Sara opens and then recloses her fingers tearing into Belinda’s breast as she continues the mauling.

“Please you win” cries out Belinda “please no more!!!”  Sara smiles at the man in the crowd staring at her as the rest of the spectators watch quietly.  “Not until he answers my question” hisses out Sara.  The man realizing Sara is going to continue brutalizing Belinda finally snaps out “I’m with Belinda.”  Sara relaxes her grip on the battered breast and simple leaves her hand atop Belinda’s chest.

“Tell him who is better slut” snaps Sara.  Belinda knowing she has no choice eagerly acknowledges the situation.  “Sara is better than me.  I’m not good enough.” spits out Belinda in hopes of appeasing Sara and putting an end to the punishment.

“That’s great” smiles Sara.  She looks at the man and smiles.  “Now let her know how much sexier than her I am and how much you enjoyed watching me beat her ass.”  The man grimaces and shakes his head no.  Sara smiles at him and raises her hand off the battered breast and slaps it down firmly on the other  breast.  Before the man can react, Sara immediately squeezes her fingers and nails down on the breast forcing a loud cry of agony from Belinda.  The man turns his head and then looks back at Sara as she relaxes her grip.

“Sara is incredibly sexy.  I love watching her fight and kick your ass” the man says quickly in hopes that Sara will leave Belinda alone.  Sara smiles at the man and relaxes her fingers leaving her hand in place.  After a short pause, Sara orders the man “come over here and take off her bikini bottoms!!!”  Without hesitation the man approaches and slides Belinda’s bottoms down her legs and over her feet and hands them promptly to Belinda.

“Who was going to be stripped??” Sara demands as she looks down at Belinda.  “Me.  I’m so sorry please no more please just let it be over.” pleads Belinda in a whining and weak voice.  Sara enjoying the opportunity to repay Belinda and make her eat her words is also tired and knows she needs to finish up while she still has the strength to walk out of the room.

Sara climbs to her feet and pulls Belinda up to a sitting position on her ass.  Her naked body on full display for the crowd with her bound hands in front of her body in her lap.  Sara takes the bikini bottoms and pulls them over the top of Belinda’s head covering her face.

“No one wants to see this worthless old hag” Sara teases as she drops her back to the floor on her back.  With her hands bound and her face covered by her own bikini bottoms the crowd is unable to see Belinda’s face.  She is obviously sobbing as her chest heaves up and down and sounds of the sobs can be heard from under the bottoms.

Sara puts her foot atop Belinda’s chest and raises her arms in a victory pose.  The officiator steps forward and holds Sara’s arm in the air.  “Your winner and moving on in the tournament — SARA!!!”  The crowd cheers for Sara as she slowly walks from the room.   Clearly tired and battered after the fight she moves slowly as she exits.

The man quickly moves to Belinda taking off his shirt and covering her naked body with his own clothing.  He removes the bottoms from her head and slowly unties her hands to free her.  As soon as her hands are free, Belinda puts both of them over her face and continues to quietly cry.