Apartment Wrestling Match No. 65 Camilla versus Anuska

This match is the sixty-fifth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in New York where the winner advances to the next round of the championship tournament and the loser is eliminated.  The participants are:

Anushka (5’9 133 pounds 29 y/o) lives in Mumbai India.  Anushka is an actress and professional dancer in India.  When she isn’t busy performing, she spends time traveling.  She works out on a regular basis to stay fit and ready for performing.  Anushka’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a tigress.  I don’t take no for an answer and I have never met another woman that was better than me at anything.  I will rule Apartment Wrestling like I rule everything else in my life.”  Anushka won her first fight against Glenna and her second match with Hiyoko.  While the fight with Glenna was hard fought, Anushka dominated Hiyoko in her last fight.  In her last match, Anushka lost to Bao.


Camilla (5’10 127lbs 23 y/o) lives in Buenos Aires.  She is from a wealthy family and currently a university student.  Camilla spends most of her time shopping and staying fit as she is a beach volleyball player.  She views apartment wrestling as just another venue to exert her dominance over other women.  Camilla’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am beautiful.  I am smart.  I dominate other women in every aspect of my life.  I love for men to watch me as I dominate other women.”  Camilla defeated Heather in her first fight and dominated Emma in her second fight.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a large private penthouse in Manhattan.  The fight is part of a multi-fight weekend event.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in bedrooms off of the main living area where the fight is set to take place.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Anushka arrives in advance of the fight.  She appears intense and focused as she makes her way to the bedroom she will use for the night.  She immediately changes into her blue Puma boy short and blue/white halter top.  She pulls her long dark hair back into a simple pony tail as she wastes little time on her appearance.  She has been working out in preparation of this fight and is eager to show her loss to Bao was simply a fluke.  Losing out on the Pacific Title has caused her to focus more energy on her Apartment Wrestling career.  With her outfit ready, she moves through the bedroom stretching and warming up in anticipation of the fight.  Her body looks toned and ready for tonight’s fight.  Prior to entering the main room she is interviewed.  “I am THE tiger.  I do not lose.  Tonight I destroy Camilla.  I want my shot at the title and hope to get my revenge on Bao as part of the process.  I promise to end Camilla.  She doesn’t belong in this tournament.  I will devastate her.”

Camilla arrives at the location and makes her way to the bedroom.  She smiles for those already at the home and even spends a few minutes taking selfies with some of her fans in attendance.  After taking a few moments to unpack and relax, Camilla pulls out her bikini for tonight.  She has chose to wear her signature light purple bikini for the fight.  Her tall and lanky figure looks firm and toned as she begins to warm-up.  She chooses again to leave her hair long as if frames her face enhancing her natural beauty.  She appears calm and relaxed as she waits for fight time.  “Anushka is interesting.  I don’t think much of Indian girls.  I expect she will fight very mad.  She lost her last fight and that will be in her mind.  When I start to take control she will be devastated.  Her confidence will crumble.  She will submit to me.  I will enjoy dominating and destroying her will to fight me.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Camilla and Anushka.  “That last tournament fight will be hard to top, but I see this fight as very intriguing.  My gut tells me Anushka is going to come out early and simply dominate this fight.  What I also see though is if she fail to have early success with Camilla she might end up being the one dominated as her confidence and mental state implode.  So hard to pick, but I think Anushka wins big. The second commentator begins  “I hate to say I agree with you on anything, but I do.  Where I don’t agree is that I think Anushka struggles to dominate Camilla.  Camilla is tough enough to put up a great fight.  Considering where Anushka is emotionally, I think Camilla ends up crushing her after a close fight early.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a large open space with massive full length windows on two of the surrounding walls for the fight area.  The room is setup so that the fighters are in a lower area with a six foot high wall surrounding the other two sides of the area.  Above those walls are sitting areas for the spectators to look down into the fight area.

The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Anushka nods angrily at the officiator and says nothing as she continues to glare at Camilla attempting to intimidate her opponent.  Camilla smiles back at Anushka hoping to irritate her right before the fight gets underway.  The crowd fairly quiet as they watch the two girls preparing to engage in combat.  The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to fight given, Anushka slowly moves toward the center of the fight area.  Camilla reaches up behind her back and loosens her bikini top before pulling it off and putting her small breasts on display.  Camilla tosses the suit to the floor and prepares to meet Anushka as she approaches.  Anushka appears to be unfazed by Camilla’s move as the fans cheer out for Camilla after she made herself topless.

Camilla puts her hands in the air and calls out “come on and fight me like a real woman” as she gestures at her opponent.  Anushka puts her hands up like she is going to reach around and unhook her bikini top and instead suddenly lunges lashing out at Camilla.  Anushka’s surprise attack allows her to land a very heavy handed slap to Camilla’s face with a loud WHACK sound of flesh on flesh.

The sudden attack and hard slap turns Camilla’s head to the side sharply and staggers her as she cries out in pain from the slap.  Camilla puts her hands up towards her face as Anushka steps in close to her hip.  Camilla’s reaction is in the wrong direction as Anushka’s next attack is a slicing punch cutting around Camilla’s body and landing with a THUMP on her belly button.

OOOHHHHHH gasps out Camilla as her opponent forces her to gasp for air from the hard punch to the body.  Anushka continues to press her advantage grabbing hold of Camilla’s hair with her other hand and holding her bent at the middle as she pivots and shoots a knee up into Camilla’s bare chest.

Camilla defenses are completely inadequate as an overly aggressive Anushka lands several knees on her opponent’s body.  Camilla grunts with each blow as she struggles to recover from Anushka’s powerful attacks.  The crowd cheering wildly for Anushka as she dominates the first few minutes of the fight.

After taking several painful blows, Camilla manages to wrap her arms around Anushka and grab hold of her to prevent any further knees or punches.  Camilla’s mouth is open wide as she gasps for breath after the wild start and punishment she has taken.  “Get into the fight” calls out Camilla’s sponsor from the crowd.

Anushka struggles against Camilla’s grasp as she works to fight free of the clinching hold put on her by Camilla.  She recognizes that Camilla needs the hold to catch her breath and slow down the pace of the fight.  Not wanting to give her opponent any rest, Anushka pushes her feet hard carrying the two fighters into the large window overlooking the city below.

Both fighters grunt as they come into contact with the wall and each other.  Camilla grunts out and loses her grip on Anushka which allows her opponent to resume throwing slaps and punches her direction.  Camilla, left with no choice but to wildly fight back, begins throwing slaps and punches back at Anushka.

The two fighters exchange wild blows for several moments as they stand toe to toe grunting and gasping as they each take and land shots.  Neither fighter spending any real effort at defending themselves as they simply concentrate on hurting their opponent as much as possible.

Camilla’s initial focus in the exchange is to land slaps hear the head and face of Anushka.  None of the slaps land with much authority due to the wild nature of the exchange; however, even the slaps with less force have an impact as Anushka squeals out in pain with the ones that land on her face.  Anushka concentrates her initial focus on Camilla’s body hoping to follow-up on her early success in winding her opponent.  Anushka lands several stinging slaps to Camilla’s ribs which generate yelps of pain from her blonde opponent and leave red hand prints on her body.  Fortunately for Camilla, the handful of punches to the belly thrown by Anushka fail to hit their mark with any force.

After several moments of wild fighting, Anushka steps back and breaks off the battle with Camilla who is only too happy to allow this phase of the fight to end.  The crowd cheers on both fighters and shows their appreciation for the hard fighting that has taken place so far.  Both girls show the signs of the battle so far with Camilla appearing significantly winded at this stage of the fight.

“You want to quit” hisses out Anushka as she circles her opponent and takes a moment to catch her breath after the wild fighting.  Camilla ignores Anushka’s comment as she knows she needs to conserve her energy and recover as much as possible.  The early stages of the fight having gone against her, Camilla is a smart enough fighter to know she needs to land a big blow on her opponent to get back into contention.  The crowd continues to shout encouragement to their favorite as both fighters have supporters in the room.

Anushka suddenly stops her circling motion and lashes out with a snap kick at Camilla’s body.  Camilla reacts pushing her hands to deflect the kick, but she is late responding.  Anushka’s foot lands with a THUD on Camilla’s ribcage causing the blonde to stagger several steps to her right from the force of the blow.  Fortunately, Anushka has to regain her footing after putting heavy force into the kick which gives Camilla a chance to stabilize her footing before Anushka can resume her attack.

“Not hearing your mouth now bitch” taunts Anushka as Camilla’s breathing appears labored and she is favoring her ribs and belly after Anushka’s repeated attacks to her body throughout the fight.  Rather than respond verbally, Camilla leaps forward and throws a hard punch into Anushka’s chest landing the shot squarely on her left breast.  The force of the blow causes her to let out a grunt as her breast is mashed flat under Camilla’s fist.

Anushka puts her hands up to grab hold of Camilla as her opponent lunges into her.  Rather than allow Anushka to grab hold of her, Camilla shoves at Anushka’s body and pushes back to create separation.  Anushka staggers back a few steps after the shove and gets her footing back under her.

“Fuck off” snaps Camilla trying to intimidate Anushka “I’m not done yet!!”  The crowd cheers its approval at Camilla’s defiance.  Anushka smiles at Camilla and puts her hands up as she continues to circle again.

“I will show you how a real woman fights” hisses out Anushka as her smile turns to an angry expression.  Anushka now fully expecting to win the fight as she sees Camilla’s ragged breathing works quickly as she puts together a plan of attack.

Camilla takes advantage of the short break in the action and remains ready to fight with her hands out in front of her and circling along with Anushka.  Being in trouble during an Apartment Wrestling Club match is a new concept for Camilla as she tries to figure out a way to avoid losing the fight to Anushka.  Trying to conserve energy now, Camilla waits for Anushka fully intent on trying to catch her with a counter attack if Anushka comes at her.

Camilla doesn’t have to wait long as Anushka continues to be aggressive.  She launches forward pushing both hands out in front of her trying to grab hold of Camilla.  Camilla pushes  her hands out and they lock hands as their bodies press together tightly.   Both fighters now digging in with their feet as they mash upper bodies together straining against one another.

Anushka slowly gains ground as she overpowers Camilla forcing her back several steps and then against the wall.  After some brief struggling, Anushka pins both of Camilla’s arms to the wall as she leans in mashing her body against her opponent.  The lucky spectators along that wall are able to look down on the fighters as they struggle just below them.

Anushka knows her current hold is not physically painful, but she keeps Camilla pinned to the wall anyway.  Camilla struggles against Anushka, but Anushka has the leverage and the strength to keep her trapped.  Anushka knows that Camilla’s struggling against the hold is slowly draining her strength.  Anushka also knows that being trapped and controlled is taking its toll on Camilla’s emotional state as well.

Camilla lets out painful sounding grunts as she leans her head back and looks up.  Her eyes not focused on any particular fan above her staring down.  Her mouth opening and closing as she gasps and pants.  Anushka pushes her face in tight against the side of Camilla’s head so that Camilla can feel her breath on her ear and neck.

“You’re my little bitch now” Anushka hisses in her ear.  Camilla’s face crunches into a look of agony as she also knows she is in trouble.  At this point, Camilla has stopped resisting hoping to conserve her energy for a final push once Anushka tries to shift her attack.  The crowd above sensing the drama of the moment cheers out encouraging Camilla to escape while others urge on Anushka to finish her.

Anushka, feeling Camilla’s resistance fade, decides the time is right to finish the fight.  With a sudden pivot, Anushka drops her right hand off of Camilla’s left arm and pivots her lower body.  As soon as she does, Camilla reaches for Anushka’s hair trying to grab hold and drag her off balance.  Just as Camilla begins her  yank on Anushka’s hair, Anushka finishes her move driving her right fist into Camilla’s belly.

OOOHHHHFFFFF gasps out Camilla as the hard punch slams into her exposed belly.  Camilla’s mouth opens as she gasps out for air and her attempted hair yank ends without impact on Anushka.  The Indian girl yanks her fist back and delivers another shot to the belly to make sure her opponent is prepared for what she has planned next.  And again the slender blonde gasps out with a loud OOOOOHHHH sound as Anushka allows her to double over and clutch her belly.

Anushka grabs Camilla by her long blonde hair and pulls her several steps forward and then spins her around.  The sudden yanking on her hair forces out a cry of pain from Camilla as she tries to grab hold of Anushka’s arms to ease the pain in her scalp.  Anushka continues on with her motion as she uses Camilla’s hair to sling her into the wall with a loud THUD sound as she hits her head and upper body on the wall.

Camilla’s legs buckle and she crumples to a seated position against the wall as Anushka stands over her gripping her by the hair.  The officiator watches carefully to make sure Camilla is still conscious and confirms the same.

“Get up little girl!!” screams Anushka as she wraps her hand tightly into Camilla’s hair and rips her up off the floor forcing a loud scream as pieces of blonde hair are ripped free of Camilla’s head.  Anushka rag dolls the blonde’s head from side to side as her lanky opponent’s arms and legs flail wildly as a result.  With each side to side yank Anushka makes Camilla screams out in pain and more of her long blonde hair is ripped free of her scalp.

After several yanks and screams of pain, Anushka pulls Camilla’s head in close and spins her body applying a side head lock style hold.  Anushka takes several steps pulling a stumbling Camilla along with her out into a more central location on the fighting area floor.

YAHHHHHHH yells out Anushka as she pivots her hips and twists her core to the side.  With the scream and sudden movement, Anushka drags Camilla over her hip with the head lock hold and flips her tall blonde opponent into the air and to the floor.  With her opponent in the air, Anushka kicks her own feet out from under herself and crashes down with Camilla.

THUUUUDDDDD echoes through the room as the crowd quiets down.  A number of attendees wince at the force of the impact as Camilla hits the floor hard on her back followed by Anushka driving down atop her chest as she hits the floor.  HUUUNNNHHHHHH flies from Camilla as she lays more or less still under Anushka.

The officiator starts to move to check on Camilla, but before he gets close Camilla’s leg pushes up and down signifying to all in attendance she is still conscious.  Anushka releases the head lock and slides her body over Camilla to straddle her as she sits upright on her body.  Camilla’s arms lay on the floor as she fails to resist Anushka.

UNNNHHHHHH moans out Camilla as Anushka raises her arms over her head for the benefit of the crowd.  The Anushka fans in the crowd let out a cheer as Anushka appears to have finished off her opponent with her last crushing move.  Camilla continues to moan in pain under Anushka as her feet slowly push on the floor getting no real grip as she tries to thrash about either in pain or as a means to continue the fight.

Anushka turns her attention back to her opponent as she slides her body forward pushing both knees alongside Camilla’s head.  Anushka stops short of fully sliding her body up over Camilla’s face and reaches down pushing Camilla’s matted and sweaty hair to both sides of her face.  Camilla’s face is red and her mouth continues to hang open as she moans and gasps trying to breath under Anushka.

“This is how a woman fights little girl!!!  Do you want to beg me for mercy now???” Anushka snarls loudly for Camilla and the entire room to hear.  Camilla gasps out something weakly that only Anushka can hear.  The Indian fighter smiles and purrs back at Camilla.  “Say it for them all to hear” she purrs.

“Please you are better.  Have mercy no more!!!” gasps out Camilla as Anushka smiles broadly.  Camilla knowing she has no chance now pleads for mercy hoping to avoid any further punishment at the hands of Anushka.

“Yes that is good.  But there is still this how to fight like a woman thing” Anushka smoothly purrs out.  The crowd cheers upon hearing Anushka’s response knowing that Camilla is not going to simply be able to give up without suffering a bit more at the hands of Anushka.

A number of Anushka fans begin to chant out TIGER TIGER TIGER as Anushka smiles a slowly slides forward pressing her boy shorts right up and over Camilla’s face.  With a slight thrust and pull back of her hips, Anushka drags herself over the top of Camilla’s face burying her nose under her ass.

OOOHMMMM moans out Camilla from underneath Anushka as the Indian girl gyrates at the hips directly over the face of Camilla.  The move not designed to cause any pain, but simply to humiliate and embarrass Camilla.  Anushka lets out a playful fake moan as she rubs the loss literally and figuratively directly into Camilla’s face.

“THIS IS A WOMAN!!!” yells out Anushka as she shows off to the crowd.  The crowd continues to chant TIGER TIGER TIGER and cheer on the mean and spiteful Anushka.  After several more moments of tormenting Camilla, Anushka pushes off the floor and comes to her feet standing over the top of Camilla.

The beaten blonde lies on the floor not moving other than for her chest to heave up and down as she clearly is sobbing.  Her matted and wet hair is in a shambles and her tears flow down her face mixing with the sweat and streaked makeup.

Anushka steps off of her and grabs her by the hair yanking Camilla to her knees in front of her.  The blonde is forced to follow the forceful directions of Anushka as she has her way with Camilla in front of the crowded penthouse.

“Tell them who is the QUEEN!!!” Anushka snarls at her beaten and broken foe.  Without hesitation, Camilla groans out as loudly as her battered body can muster “YOU ARE THE QUEEN!!”  Anushka smiles again and shoves Camilla forcefully to the floor causing her to crumple into a heap as she lies face down and curled into a ball.

The officiator steps forward and raises Anushka’s arm over her head.  “YOUR WINNER AND MOVING TO THE NEXT ROUND — ANUSHKA!!!!”  The crowd cheers in support of Anushka as she struts proudly around the room receiving congratulations from the crowd before finally slipping off to her changing room.

Camilla’s sponsor, unnoticed by the celebrating crowd, slips to the floor and helps Camilla to her feet as she slips out of the room quietly to her own changing room.  The blonde is clearly battered and humiliated by a dominating Anushka.