Apartment Wrestling Match No. 66 Selena versus Lola

This match is the sixty-sixth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in New York where the winner advances to the next round of the championship tournament and the loser is eliminated.  The participants are:

Selena (5’5″ 112 lbs 24 y/o) lives near Mexico City.  She works as an administrative assistant to a wealthy business owner.  She is a frequent participant in the local night life and wants to eventually relocate to Los Angeles and pursue a career as a model.  She became interested in fighting in the Club through her boss who hopes to promote her to a championship career.  Selena’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am in excellent shape.  I work out hard and I play hard.  I am always the prettiest girl in the room.  I have had to fight for everything I have gotten in life and I’m ready to kick another girl’s ass to get where I want to go.”  Selena won her first fight with Hannah and then lost a tough fight with Belinda.  In her third Club fight she dominated Wendy.


Lola (5’4 124 lbs 18 y/o) lives in a small community outside Portland.  She is currently a student at Portland State taking her basic general education requirements.  When she isn’t in class, she works a part-time job as a hostess at a local restaurant.  She loves outdoor activities and ran track in high school.  She is in great shape and hopes to make some extra money for college by fighting in the Club.  In high school, Lola dated a member of the wrestling team and they used to spar for fun.  Lola’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m pretty tough.  I wrestled a lot with my boyfriend and I had some fights in high school.  I didn’t lose so that has to count for something.  If you cross me I will beat your ass.  I have a dominant personality and I love new adventures.”  In her only club fight so far she defeated Annie in convincing fashion.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a large private penthouse in Manhattan.  The fight is part of a multi-fight weekend event.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in bedrooms off of the main living area where the fight is set to take place.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Selena arrive at the fight location accompanied by her sponsor.  She spends very little time before moving directly to her changing room.  She is focused and ready to fight knowing this is her opportunity to make a name for herself in the Apartment Wrestling Club.  She quickly unpacks her small bikini from its carrying case and lays it out carefully on the bed.  She takes a few moments to slip carefully out of her clothing as she prepares to dress for the upcoming battle.  First, she pulls her silky black hair up into a pony tail to get her hair out of the way.  She then slips on her gold bikini with the crocheted pattern on the material.  She has always received compliments when wearing this bikini and she continues to favor it for her AWC fighting career.  After dressing, Selena begins her pre-match stretching routine as she goes through warming up her entire body in advance of the upcoming fight.  Before heading to the fight arena she provides her pre-fight comments.  “I have worked hard to be ready tonight.  No one stands in my way.  I have only lost once and only because I allowed her to defeat me with my mistake.  Tonight this puta gets her ass kicked.  She thinks she is tough, but I only see her defeat a weak girl.”

Lola arrives shortly after Selena.  She takes several minutes to mingle with the small crowd before heading back to her room to prepare.  She unpacks her bag and pulls out her bikini laying it out on the bed.  As before her last fight, Lola undresses and works through a light yoga session in the nude to warm up and prepare for the fight.  She pulls her hair back and tucks it into a ponytail low on the back of her head in preparation for the fight.  After loosening up and getting her hair ready, Lola picks up her pink Ed Hardy style bikini and slowly pulls it into place.  The bikini top fits snugly against her full breasts and she adjusts the fabric to make sure every part of her body is in its place.  Lola has continued to work out in preparation for tonight and she looks to be in great shape with a nicely toned and ready body.  Upon being called to the fight arena, Lola stops and provides a short comment before the fight.  “My opponent has no real skill on the rug.  She is a street fighter.  I will use my wrestling skills to tie her up and crush the fight from her.  She will regret coming tonight.  When I finish with her I’ll make her beg.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Lola and Selena.  “This tournament is awesome and tonight’s fight is going to be great.  Both these fighters have what it takes to win.  They are very different so it will be a battle of contrasts.  I look for this to be a long fight and think Lola will use her wrestling abilities to frustrate and defeat Selena.”  The second commentator begins  “I don’t know about all that.  If Lola wants to win, she needs a long drawn out fight she controls.  I don’t see Selena letting her dictate the fight like that.  Lola has only fought once so we don’t really know what she can do.  Selena has looked pretty darn dominating and has only lost because of her own ego.  I think Selena puts Lola away and does it convincingly.  Look for her to pound Lola.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides a large open space with massive full length windows on two of the surrounding walls for the fight area.  The room is setup so that the fighters are in a lower area with a six foot high wall surrounding the other two sides of the area.  Above those walls are sitting areas for the spectators to look down into the fight area.

The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  “Let’s go puta.  You got nothing for me slut!!!” hisses out Selena angrily as they stand near one another.  Lola steps closer and the officiator takes a position between the two fighters to make sure things don’t get out of control before the fight starts.  “I’ll send you crying back to your dirty home you whore!!!” growls Lola in return.  The crowd cheers with anticipation as the fighters appear to not like each other at all.  The officiator sends them to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and to their position with Selena making hand gestures at Lola from across the room.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to fight given, both fighters begin to move quickly for the other.  Lola, expecting her strength to be her wrestling abilities and slight size advantage tries to close in on Selena as quickly as possible to get her into a grappling battle.  Selena comes across the floor quickly readying her right hand to unload a hard slap to Lola’s face.  Selena’s sponsor shouts out from above “DESTROY HER!!!”

Selena launches a hard slap directly at Lola’s face, but the blonde is expecting her attack and avoids the impact.  Instead Lola captures Selena’s other arm as the right hand flashes past her head.  With a quick yank, Lola slips a wristlock on Selena and begins to push the wrist back to increase her leverage.

Selena lets out a short grunt and immediately drops to her knee in front of Lola.  The move instantly reduces the pressure on her wrist, but more importantly catches Lola by surprise.  In almost one continuous motion with dropping to a knee, Selena shoots her right fist in a hard jabbing punch directly onto the pink triangle of Lola’s bikini bottoms.

OOOOHHHH moans out Lola as the shock of the hard punch lands.  The crowd and the camera both capture the look of shock on Lola’s face as her mouth drops open in an O shape and her eyes blink open and closed several times.  The blow causes her to drop her grip on Selena’s left hand as she reaches down to put her hand over the impact spot of the punch.

Selena continues to move quickly as Lola begins to double over from the punch.  As Lola’s body tries to curl downward, Selena comes up and under her wrapping her arms around Lola’s waist and burying her shoulder in Lola’s exposed belly.  Another loud OOOOOOOFFFFFF sound comes from Lola as Selena drives into her belly.

In a swift and decisive move, Selena pushes her body upwards driving through Lola and lifting her into the air draped over her shoulder.  Lola reaches her arms down Selena’s backside looking for anything to grab as her feet come off the ground and she struggles to get a breath into her burning lungs.  Selena isn’t finished though as she continues upward and then flops her body backward sending Lola straight to the floor on her back with a thundering THUD sound.

The crowd lets out a collective groan as the blonde battler lands flat on her back on the floor with Selena crashing down atop her.  Lola tries to keep her arms wrapped around Selena, but the force of the impact causes the room to spin and her ears to ring.  As Selena rolls to the side off of Lola the camera catches the pained grimace on Lola’s face as she blinks her eyes trying to regain her focus.

“Wrestle that shit bitch!!!!” screams Selena as she rolls up to her knees next to Lola.  Lola gasps and blinks her eyes rapidly as she tries to recover from the devastating slam to the floor.  Selena, having learned from her earlier loss, wastes no time as she begins slamming her fist into Lola’s belly and chest.  She lands several thumping blows to Lola’s body before the dazed blonde can react to try and defend herself.

“Fuck!!!” screams out Lola suddenly surprising the crowd as she tries to roll her body away from Selena.  Surprised by Lola’s sudden attempt to escape, Selena launches herself at Lola before she can escape.  Selena lands with her upper body across Lola’s lower back pushing the blonde to the floor on her belly before she can roll.

Before Selena can consolidate her position, Lola twists back towards her and slings her arm back managing to catch Selena’s head.  Lola quickly loops the arm around Selena’s neck and applies a head lock albeit one from a very poor angle as her body is pushed to the floor more or less on her belly.

“Bitch!!” snarls out Selena as she reacts to Lola’s attempt to secure a solid head lock.  With her left arm near Lola’s upper body, Selena slides her hand straight up and grabs hold of Lola’s hair and yanks back on her hair wrenching her neck back forcing a cry of pain from Lola.  Ignoring the pain in her scalp and neck, Lola keeps working her hands to get a more solid head lock on Selena.

Grunting with the exertion and surprised by Lola’s stubborn continuation of the head lock attempt, Selena continues the hair pulling with her left hand and slips her right hand over the top of Lola’s hip.  As Lola works her hips around to get her body more on her side to be able to apply the head lock more effective, Selena brings her hand around and down over the top of Lola’s bikini triangle.

Just as Lola begins to feel like she might be getting into the right position to effectively secure the head lock, Selena slides her right hand in place and curls her fingers digging into Lola’s bikini bottoms and flesh.  The clawing and ripping attack has an immediate impact as Lola screams out in agony.  Lola releases her grip on Selena’s head as she involuntarily rolls to her back and tries to close her legs to protect herself from Selena’s clawing fingers.

Just as suddenly as she dug her fingers into Lola’s bikini bottoms, Selena releases the grip.  With Lola rolled to her back, Selena maintains her grip on her hair with her left hand and swings her entire body over the top of Lola driving down atop her with her body weight.

UNNNHHHHH groans out Lola as Selena comes down atop her body.  Lola moves her hands up into position to try and grab hold of Selena’s body, but the brunette continues in motion as she immediately pushes up into a straddle position atop Lola.  Before Lola can defend herself, Selena slashes a hard slap with her right hand into Lola’s face which generates a cry of pain from the blonde.

“I’ll fucking destroy you!!!” screams Selena as she bounces her ass down atop Lola’s belly while at the same time swinging yet another hard slap into Lola’s unprotected face.  The sound of Lola gasping out as Selena smashes her firm ass into her body can be heard throughout the room as the crowd intently watches Selena continue to exert firm control over the fight.

With Selena landing slaps on her head and face area as well as grinding her ass into her chest and belly area, Lola thrashes and kicks trying to free herself from Selena’s attack.  The grunts and groans from Lola mixing with the sounds of Selena’s open-handed slaps landing on her exposed skin fill the room.  The Lola fans in the crowd begin to call out encouragement as she kicks and twists and works to free herself.

After several moments, Lola is able to kick her leg up and knock Selena off balance.  Selena is pushed forward and puts both hands out to catch herself to avoid being thrown completely over the top of Lola’s head.  Before Selena can resume her firm straddle atop Lola, the blonde kicks and twists yet again which allows her to slip out from under Selena’s attempt to continue the straddle.

Lola rolls up to her knees as Selena crawls forward and raises up as she turns to face Lola on her knees.  Unable to launch an attack at Selena while she is still turned away, Lola moves into Selena as she turns to face her.  The two fighters immediately lock hands and press their bodies together and begin to grunt and strain against the other.  Lola is gasping and grunting as the flow of the match so far has taken a toll on her body.

“Fuck you” pants out Lola as she fights to keep Selena from overpowering her from this position.  Selena growls out loudly and shoves her body forward mashing her body tightly to Lola’s fully expecting to overpower her opponent.  Lola grunts out in return as both fighters faces contort from the effort of the struggle as Lola prevents Selena from achieving her goal.

YAAAAHHH yells out Selena as she pushes again with all her effort trying to continue her domination of the fight.  Selena fully expecting to continue her domination of Lola becomes a bit reckless in her attack.  Lola, on hearing the yell, twists to the side expecting the hard shove into her and uses Selena’s momentum to twist and roll Selena to the side and down to the floor on her back.  Lola is able to come down atop Selena, but is unable to maintain a position atop her opponent as the force of the momentum causes her to roll over the top of Selena ending up beside her on the floor.

Selena lets out a grunt as she hits the floor and Lola rolls over the top of her chest.  The two begin to immediately wrestle for control as they lay on their sides with hands clenched together.  Lola quickly slides a leg over the top of Selena’s keeping her opponent trapped on her side and unable to roll atop Lola.

“Get off me bitch!!!” hisses out Selena as Lola’s leg frustrates her effort to quickly roll atop her opponent.  Lola grunts out in return saying nothing but struggling against Selena’s attempts to overpower her.  Lola slowly slides her lower body over the top of Selena’s as they struggle on the floor.  Her wrestling skills now showing as she starts to win the grappling match currently underway.

“Make me!!” pants out Lola as she manages to pull her upper body atop Selena’s and pin her to the floor.  Lola’s advantage not really causing much physical damage to Selena, but Lola hopes she is emotionally and mentally draining Selena by forcing her to her back and pinning her to the floor.  Plus Lola needs to buy some time to catch her breath to be able to get back into the fight.

“Weak ass bitch!!!” taunts Lola as she tries to continue to rachet up the pressure on Selena who is squirming and twisting under her in an effort to break free of the pin being applied by Lola.  Lola, wanting to generate a more effective hold, slides her body slightly to the side of Selena and then rolls off her opponent pulling her towards her as she rolls over.

Selena rolls with Lola as she scrambles to get atop Lola.  As the two roll over and switch positions, Lola slides her legs up and locks them shut in a scissor hold on Selena’s ribs.  Realizing too late that the roll was actually planned, Selena is trapped between Lola’s legs as she kneels between her opponent’s legs holding Lola’s arms to the floor.

Grunting in pain, Selena rocks herself back lowering her ass to the tops of her feet as she sits between Lola’s legs.  Releasing Lola’s hands, Selena pushes her hands down on Lola’s thighs trying to ease the pressure of the scissor hold.  For the first time in the fight Lola has managed to get the advantage and inflict some pain on Selena.  Lola groans with the effort of squeezing her thighs tightly together and she lifts her upper body off the floor reaching out to grab for Selena’s hair.

Selena, seeing Lola coming off the floor, reacts with a blistering slap to Lola’s face as she sits up.  The blow lands with a loud WHAP sound and the fans cringe at the force of the slap as Lola’s head is turned sharply and she is knocked back to the floor.  With her legs still around Selena, Lola tries to continue crushing her opponent’s ribs.

“Submit to me” Lola grunts out as she lays back and squeezes.  Selena grunts out her rejection with a gruff “Fuck you!!” as she struggles to find a way free of Lola’s thighs.  With Lola laying back to avoid another slap, she is forced to arch her back to keep the scissors effective.  Selena takes advantage of Lola’s upraised belly and shoves both hands down into Lola’s midsection and digs her claws into her skin in an attempt to force her to release her hold.

YAAAIIIEEE screams out Lola as her flesh is mauled by Selena’s sharp talons.  Without hesitation, Lola opens her legs and tries to push free of Selena’s clawing attack.  As soon as Lola opens her legs to release the scissors, Selena pushes herself up out of her kneeling position and stands up.  Lola pulls her legs free of Selena and rolls away trying to scramble off the floor to her feet.  Selena lashes out kicking Lola in the back of her leg as she moves to escape.

Coming to her feet, a tiring and battered Lola staggers and stumbles from the impact of the kick to the leg delivered by Selena.  Immediately launching herself into pursuit, Selena goes after Lola while she still has her back turned.  As soon as Lola staggers to a stop, and before she can turn to meet Selena, the Mexican fighter lashes out with another hard kick catching Lola in the lower back with a THUD sound.

UNNHHHHH gasps out Lola as the hard kidney blow takes its toll on the blonde.  The impact propels Lola into the wall below a large group of the spectators.  She hits the wall and moans out in pain as she struggles to keep her feet under her body.  The crowd cheers on their favorite as Lola’s fan base roots for her to fight back and Selena’s fans root for her to finish the blonde.

Selena quickly stalks to Lola and grabs her by the hair on the back of her head and yanks her upper body away from the wall.  The hard yank generates a scream of pain from Lola as her neck is wrenched and her scalp burns in agony from the hard hair pulling.  Selena reverses direction and smashes Lola’s head and face into the wall with a CRUNCH as the blonde whimpers and moans out.

“What you gonna do now huh huh what huh bitch!!!” screams out Selena as Lola’s legs buckle and she is pressed into the wall.  Selena yanks her around by her hair and smashes her head into the wall again this time banging the back of her head on the wall as Lola’s is shoved back first against the wall.

The blonde gasps and moans out now in pain.  The sounds coming from Lola no longer sound like defiant grunts and gasps of a struggle more moans and gasps of agony and exhaustion.  Before Lola has a chance to respond or do anything, Selena slams two hard punches in quick succession into her body.  The hard blows cause a loud OHHHHFFFF from Lola  but she is unable to double over as her head is pinned to the wall by her hair.

Lola’s eyes close and her mouth opens as her legs buckle and give way causing Lola to slide down the wall despite Selena’s grip on her hair to hold her upright.  Realizing she can’t keep Lola on her feet, Selena yanks her forward by the hair and sends her crashing to the floor on her face.  Lola moans out and doesn’t attempt to push up off the floor.

The officiator stands close by watching carefully as Lola appears to be about finished.  Selena puts a hand in the air waving at the crowd watching from above as she struts over to the face down Lola.  Selena shoves her foot in the middle of Lola’s back forcing a loud groan from her opponent as she roughly presses down mashing Lola to the floor.

“This all you got whore!!!” screams out Selena as she begins to stomp her foot down on Lola’s back and then jabs a kick into Lola’s ribs after several stomps on her back.  Each blow is met with groans and weak cries of pain.

“Submit” cries out Lola wanting desperately to end the abuse as Selena continues to brutalize her body.  The officiator steps close and Selena steps around and away from the officiator.  “Oh hell no!!! I’m not done yet” Selena yells out as the officiator seems positioned to stop her continued attacks.

Lola lies flat on her face sobbing now as Selena circles her with the officiator standing right there.  A visibly angry Selena stalks around grabbing Lola by the hair as she yanks the blonde off the floor under the watchful eye of the officiator.

“Who’s the whore now you piece of shit!!!” screams Selena as she yanks Lola’s head back forcing her to look up towards Selena and the crowd.  As soon as she yanks Lola’s head back, Selena rocks her with a hard slap to the face as she lets go of Lola’s hair.  The hard slap sends Lola toppling to the floor in a heap as she cries out.

“Please Im the whore!!! Please stop!!” cries out Lola.  Selena, knowing she doesn’t have much time left before the officiator stops her, reaches down and grabs Lola’s bikini top yanking hard on it as she rips it free of Lola’s body.  Selena raises her arm over her head swinging the bikini top in a circle as Lola’s bare chest is put on display for the crowd.  As to be expected, the crowd cheers wildly as Selena strips Lola’s top off.

“That’s right bitch!!!  The title is mine!!!  Fucking little princesses!!!” Selena screams out for the crowd and the cameras benefit.  Selena turns suddenly and flings Lola’s top down hitting Lola in the face.  Selena raises her arms in celebration and begins to walk slowly in a circle around the fight arena absorbing the cheers of the crowd as a battered Lola curls into a ball and covers herself up.