Apartment Wrestling Match No. 67 Shayla versus Jenny

This match is the sixty-seventh in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Miami and continues the series of matches in the preliminary rounds of the world-wide tournament to crown a champion for the sport.  The participants are:

Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) is from a very small farming community in the midwest.  She currently lives a few hours from Chicago.  Jenny works in a small bank and is recently married.  Her and her husband are both excited about seeing how she competes.  Jenny has fought a number of times in her life and claims to have won them all.  She grew up on a farm and is strong.  Jenny’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a country girl and we all know country girls kick ass!!! Ain’t no bitch from the city gonna be able to stand up to me.”  So far Jenny has gotten a reputation for doing about anything need to win.  In her fights she has shown a tendency to engage in any dirty tactic necessary to come out on top.  At this point, she has beaten Monique, Molly and Bailey and lost to Denise, Molly and Rebecca.  Jenny is the former East Coast Club Champion.


Shayla (5’3 125 pounds 22 y/o) lives near Berlin.  Shayla is a student at University studying to be in the medical field.  She loves to party and have a good time.  She works out from time to time, but is not a big fan of the gym.  Growing up she liked to ski and ice skate.  Shayla’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I am a winner.  My legs are very powerful and will make my opponent suffer.  I will be mean to whoever fights me.”  Shayla won her first fight over Emma convincingly and then lost a tough fight to Alessandra.


The fight is scheduled to take place in a waterfront mansion in the Miami area.  Both girls arrive at the fight location in advance of the fights and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  The dressing areas are both in small bedrooms off of the main living area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements; their opponent going through a short series of stretches; a video of the previous fights for the opponent; and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Shayla prepares for the fight as evening begins to settle in.  Shayla wears the same simple tie sided orange bikini she wore for her other fights.  Her dark toned skin stands out perfectly against her the colors of her bikini top.  Her large, soft breasts are barely contained by her bikini top.  After getting dressed, Shayla goes through some light stretches as she tries to shake off the butterflies prior to the fight.  After losing her last fight, Shayla is determined not to let that happen again.  Just before finishing her preparations, Shayla pulls her blonde hair up into a simple pony tail.  “I’m ready to make up for my last loss to Alessandra.  The American girl is very confident and very loud.  I want to defeat her and end her chances in the tournament contest.  I am stronger and a better fighter than her.  I will show it when I sit on her face.”

Jenny is in a room nearby getting ready for the fight.  Her Apartment Wrestling career has taken a turn for the worse for her as she has lost several fights and her title.  She has heard the rumors that she was barely selected to participate in the tournament.  Knowing the importance of looking good tonight, Jenny has been working out as much as she can to get ready for tonight.  She changes into her lime green string bikini and thong.  Her red hair and freckled features stand out nicely with her color choices for her bikini.  The very small bikini highlights her features as her large breasts are barely contained by her top.  She pulls her hair up into a pony tail as she leaves the room for the fight.  “It has been hard lately.  I have a string of losses and that just doesn’t work.  I’m thankful to be chosen to participate in the tournament and I won’t let my fans down tonight.  I’ll make this girl beg for mercy.  I hear she is supposed to be an up and comer, but all I see is a girl with two fights behind her — one of them a beating from Alessandra.  I’m going to give her another one tonight.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Shayla and Rebecca.  “I have been waiting for this match-up tonight.  When I saw the list of match-ups this one really caught my eye.  These girls strike me as the same fighter.  I have no idea who wins it tonight.  Jenny seems a bit desperate in her tone.  That might just be a bad thing.  It could cost her the fight if she makes a mistake trying too hard.”  The second commentator begins “That’s funny.  This is one of my least favorite match-ups.  I have a pretty good idea of who Jenny is now that we have seen her fight six times.  Shayla is a bit of a mystery.  She dominated a much lesser fighter and then promptly got handled by the champion.  I think we get to see who she is in tonight’s battle.  Contender or pretender?  I think Shayla gets the better of Jenny, but it will be a close one.  I expect a good back and forth slugfest.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

The officiator introduces both fighters to the crowd and then begins to lay out the rules for the fight.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”

Shayla nods her head at the officiator and raises her arms over her head stretching her body out.  She flexes her leg muscles as she rises up and smiles and Jenny.  The crowd lets out a cheer in support of Shayla’s little show.  Jenny waves to the crowd and calls out “She’ll look pretty when she begs me to have mercy!!”  The crowd cheers after Jenny’s comments and Shayla shows Jenny the middle finger.  The officiator knows the fight is about to start as the crowd buzzes with excitement and energy With the fighters still standing several feet away from one another the officiator quickly steps back and says “Fight!”

Both girls move quickly towards the other as they quickly move out towards the center of the fight area.  Jenny goes for the first strike as she shoots her hand out in an open-handed slap towards Shayla’s face.  At the same time Shayla reaches out going for a grip on Jenny’s hair.  Just as Shayla’s hand comes close to making contact with Jenny’s hair, the slap lands solidly on Shayla’s face with a loud WHACK sound of flesh on flesh.  The slap turns her head sideways and Shayla cries out in pain.  Her hands instinctively come up to her face as she staggers from the hard blow.  Before she is able to respond, Jenny lands another slap with the other hand directly on the side of Shayla’s face and head directly over her ear.  Shayla lets out another cry and drops to one knee.

“Fuck you bitch” screams Jenny as the slaps seem to have dazed Shayla.  Before the blonde can respond, Jenny grabs two handfuls of hair ripping Shayla’s hair instantly into disarray as she twists her head from side.  At the same time, Jenny shoots her knee up into Shayla’s chest mashing her large soft breast flat under the force of the blow.  UNNNHHHHH moans out Shayla as Jenny lets go of her hair allowing her to topple over to her back on the floor.

Jenny struts quickly around to the side of her opponent and tries to stomp her in the belly.  Fortunately for Shayla, she had started to roll the opposite way to escape Jenny and the stomp fails to land on its target.  Shayla continues to roll up her hands and knees, but Jenny isn’t about to just let her escape that easily.  Jenny darts forward in pursuit and grabs Shayla by the hair from the back of her head and yanks her upward.  The powerful tug on the hair generates a scream from Shayla as she is ripped to her feet from her hands and knees by the hair.

YAAAAHHH yells out Jenny as she yanks on the hair and then pivots in towards Shayla driving a nasty punch into Shayla’s belly button.  The loud sound of the Shayla letting out a breath of air as Jenny tries to knock the wind right out of her opponent.  Shayla doubles over the fist and reaches out grasping at Jenny trying to tie her up to prevent any more punches or knee strikes.  The crowd is cheering wildly at the fast and furious start to the fight.

Shayla is able to quickly grab and lean into Jenny which cuts off Jenny’s ability to do any further damage for the moment.  Gasping and panting from the impact of the punch, Shayla struggles to keep Jenny close.  Jenny recognizes what Shayla is trying to do and pushes against her trying to create separation to allow her to continue her assault.

“Get off me bitch” snarls Jenny as she struggles against Shayla.  As Jenny pushes Shayla away from her body, the blond manages to keep a grip on Jenny’s upper arm and pulls Jenny with her as she stumbles back.  The two end up in a tangle of arms and legs as both struggle with their balance.  After a short effort to remain upright, both girls lose the battle and tumble to the floor.  Shayla lands on her side with Jenny landing atop her as they go to the floor.

Both grunt loudly from the impact with the floor and each other.  Jenny pushes up off of Shayla and swings a punch into Shayla’s upper back that lands with a THUMP sound.  Shayla groans in pain, but at the same time she is looping her arm over Jenny’s head.  Absorbing the punch allows Shayla to pull Jenny’s head down into her own ribcage as she applies a headlock to her redheaded opponent.

Continuing her momentum, Shayla rolls slightly dragging Jenny across her body and forces her to her back as Shayla rolls atop maintaining the headlock as she lays across Jenny’s upper body.  Jenny grunts out in pain and displeasure at her situation as she slides her hands up grabbing Shayla by the hair and by the arm locked around her head.  Shayla ignores Jenny’s hands and continues to crank up the pressure on Jenny’s neck and breathing.

AAAHHHHHH flies from Jenny as Shayla’s efforts are rewarded with a cry of pain from Jenny.  As Jenny tugs at  her hair and her arm, Shayla tries to work the arm underneath Jenny’s chin to start choking her opponent.

“Fucking dirty bitch” hisses Shayla as she continues to pour the pressure into the headlock and wiggle her hands wanting to apply it as a chokehold.  Jenny’s efforts to pull the arm free fail to succeed, but they do manage to keep her from converting the headlock into a chokehold.

Shayla maintains her upper position with her headlock holding strong for the moment.  The crowd cheering on their favorite as they struggle on the carpet.  Jenny’s feet and legs thrash and push as she tries to wiggle out from under Shayla.  The blonde holding firm trying to grind Jenny down and wear her out.

Jenny continues to pull at Shayla’s hair from the bottom position and with each tug forces a grunt of pain from Shayla.  Jenny is forced to keep her other hand glued to Shayla’s arm to prevent her from slipping her grip into an outright choke hold.  Jenny digs her nails into Shayla’s arm as she holds the arm away from her neck.

Shayla hisses out in frustration and anger as Jenny’s steady tugging on her hair and clawing of her arm is starting to frustrate her.  Jenny equally frustrated as she can’t seem to work  her way out from under Shayla.  Tiring of the stalemate and of her neck being wrenched back by the constant hair pulling, Shayla suddenly releases the headlock and tries to slide her lower body atop Jenny to pin her to the floor.

Jenny reacts quickly to the release of the headlock and thrusts her lower body off the floor and twists to the side.  The two struggle wildly as they each try to gain the upper hand.  The sounds of grunting and growling fill the room.  After several moments of struggling Jenny manages to twist and roll Shayla to the side.

“Fucking bitch!!!” screams out Jenny as they roll to the side.  Jenny with one hand in Shayla’s hair and the other gripping her arm she tries to roll Shayla to her back.  Shayla, not giving a bit of ground, slips her free hand into Jenny’s hair and she returns the favor as she tugs away trying to do the same as Jenny.

“WHORE!!!” hisses out Shayla as she pushes hard trying to get back on top of Jenny.  The legs of the two intertwine as they mash their bodies together struggling desperately for control of the fight with every muscle in their body.  The grunts and gasps intensify as neither girl is able to overpower the other.  The struggle continues for what seems like an eternity as the two powerful fighters match strength against strength.

The officiator moves  back and forth watching closely knowing the potential for an illegal blow to the face is high considering the tightness of the battle and the increasing frustration of the two fighters.  The  crowd is deafening as the rival groups of fans try to out shout the other just as their fighter tries to overpower her opponent.

As the struggle continues on the floor, the fighters end up sliding several feet moving to within a few feet of the wall.  Jenny’s grip on Shayla’s hair turns into an arm looped around Shayla’s neck as she clamps down tightly on her opponent.  Shayla’s arm is wrapped around Jenny as she squeezes her opponent in return.  The movements of the two slow as they remain mashed together first one on top and then the other.

After what seems like forever, the fighters end up pressed close the wall.  Jenny manages to roll atop Shayla and gets her leg planted in position to prevent Shayla from rolling her back the other way.  With the wall on one side and Jenny’s leg holding the position on the other, Shayla is trapped in a bad position with Jenny now on top of her.  The fighters remain mashed together in a heap on the floor as Jenny’s weight now bears down on Shayla adding to her discomfort.

Jenny presses down with her upper body and pushes Shayla’s right arm over her head pinning it to the floor with her left hand.  Their other arms tangled together next to the wall as Jenny maintains her pin.  Shayla groans out from the effort of resisting having her arm pinned to the floor.  Taking advantage of the situation, Jenny slides her chest a little higher trying to make it even more difficult for Shayla to freely breath by crowding the area around her face.  While not a smother hold, Jenny is able to make it more difficult for Shayla to get plenty of oxygen.

YAHHHHHH cries out Shayla as she shoves up hard trying to buck Jenny off of her, but the wall and Jenny’s size advantage prevents Shayla from being successful.  As Shayla’s bucking effort subsides, Jenny raises up slightly and drops her weight back down onto Shayla forcing a moan out of her opponent.  Jenny turns her head to the side and the look on her face shows she is tiring and breathing hard as she manages to keep Shayla pinned to the carpet.

“GET OFF ME!!!” yells out Shayla.  The frustration and anguish clear in the tone of her voice.  The crowd now quieter than any point in the fight as they intently watch the primal struggle happening on the floor.  A voice in the crowd yells out “You’re done Shayla give it up!!”

With her face next to Shayla’s ear, Jenny hisses “I got ya now” directly into Shayla’s ear.  Shayla’s body shudders from the feel of Jenny’s hot breath on her ear and neck.  Or maybe the tensing is in anticipation of the end nearing.  Either way, Shayla’s reaction emboldens Jenny to become more aggressive.

Jenny pulls her arm next to the wall off of Shayla’s arm and pushes the hand up into position to shove several slapping mace mashing type motions in the limited space between their bodies and the wall.  None of the blows have much force, but Shayla is forced to take the slaps to her face because her arm is pinned between the wall and their bodies.  With each slap and mashing movement Shayla cries out in pain.

“I can keep this up all night bitch!!! Can you???” snarls Jenny as she repeats the slap and pressing motion to Shayla’s face.  Shayla lets out a loud cry of pain and frustration as Jenny continues to control her body keeping her trapped.  Shayla continues to try and buck Jenny off of her, but the efforts are now much more feeble as Shayla is clearly wearing out.  Jenny is an experienced fighter and she knows exactly what those weakening moves mean to the fight.  Shayla is in trouble and if she can hang onto her controlling position the fight will end soon.

Jenny continues to ride atop Shayla as her thrashing and resisting slows.  All that can be heard from Shayla are gasps and cries of pain as Jenny keeps her body pressed down atop the blonde.  The fight now drained from her body and the inevitable surrender coming.  Her body trapped against the wall and underneath Jenny, Shayla moans out “Give” in a throaty submission.

Jenny finishing off Shayla.

With Shayla’s resistance slowing to a stop, Jenny pushes her body upright over her foe.  Hearing the sounds of the gasped out surrender, Jenny pushes to a seated position atop Shayla’s chest trapping one arm under her leg and grabbing the other.  Shayla moans out again “I give up” as Jenny sits down on Shayla’s breasts mashing them down and smashing her weight into the blonde.  A deep moan comes from Shayla UNNHHHHHH as she is crushed under Jenny.

Another view of Jenny finishing Shayla.

“Say it again bitch!!!!  I want everyone to know you are done in this tournament!!” yells out Jenny as she holds the German girl helpless in her grasp.  Jenny is panting for air as well as her well-endowed chest heaves up and down with her breathing.

“I’m done” pants out Shayla.  “You win, no more” gasps Shayla.  Jenny raises and lowers her ass several times bouncing on Shayla’s chest.  Each time generating a loud gasp from her opponent.  Knowing she is tired as well, Jenny simply stands up and raises her arms over her head as she enjoys the cheers of the crowd.  After several moments, Jenny struts from the room leaving a gasping and panting Shayla flat on the floor.