Apartment Wrestling Match No. 71 Dena versus Zarah

This match is the seventy-first in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in Los Angeles and features two new girls looking to make it in the AWC.  The participants are:

Dena (5’5 120 lbs 26 y/o) lives near Fresno.  She is a bartender in a local night spot, works as a hairdresser and occasionally works as a model in the area.  Dena recently dropped out of college, and completed beauty school.  Her goal is to own her own salon.  She views Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to make that happen.  Dena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “Most of those girls are pampered little princess types.  I have worked for everything in my life.  My toughness and hard work will help me succeed.  I will kick ass!!!”

Dena getting ready to fight!!!

Zarah (5’4 110 lbs  23 y/o) lives near San Francisco.  She is self-employed as the COO of a small technology start-up in Silicon Valley.  Her family is originally from India and they are quite wealthy.  This wealth has enabled Zarah to get a business degree from NYU and not to pursue her career as a young entrepreneur.  She stays remarkably fit and does some modeling on a part-time basis.  She thinks her focus and discipline makes her a star in the making in the apartment fighting realm.  Zarah’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’ve got the best trainers, the best resume, and the best looks of all the fighters at the Club.  This is just one more challenge for me to overcome, and I always break down and overcome anything that challenges me.  The other women in the Club would do best to stay out of my way.  I’m destined to be a champion.”

Zarah before the fight.

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Dena is shown to her room to prepare for the match.  She is excited about her opportunity and has spent a considerable amount of time watching and re-watching the video of Zarah.  Tonight is going to be a big night for her and she can barely contain her nervousness as she moves around the room trying to get ready for the fight.  She has chosen a very small bikini that barely covers her generous assets.  The bikini is a nice bright blue color and it shows off her beautifully tanned skin nicely.  As she dresses and moves about, the nervousness begins to wear off and she goes through a couple of stretches just as she is called to leave the room.  In her pre-fight interview, Dena says “I’m busting this bitch up tonight.  Her video made me want to puke.  She thinks she is all that just because she has money.  Well fucking money won’t save her from a beatdown.”

Zarah arrives and immediately heads to her changing room.  She is completely focused on her goals for the night.  As she prepares for the fight, she changes into a skimpy, but adequate print outfit.  She knows her well-toned body will look good in just about anything she wears so her focus is really on the pre-fight routine.  She has spent some extra time in the gym and has gotten some lessons from a private trainer and feels ready to go tonight.  After completing her elaborate pre-fight routine, Zarah heads out to be interviewed.  “This girl is a loser deluxe.  Tonight I’ll take the trash out and do the AWC a favor.  This isn’t the kind of girl they want.  She thinks she is tough, but talking trash and backing it up are two different things.  No way she can match up with me tonight.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Zarah and Dena.  “The fight tonight will be interesting as the Club tries out some new rules.  Combine that experiment with matching a princess against a hellcat and it promises to be wild.  I’m going all Dena all night long.”  The second commentator begins “I don’t see what you see.  Dena might be a scrapper, but Zarah looks tough to me.  I think you’re in for a surprise.  I’m putting my bet down on Zarah to own poor Dena.”    The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “The club is using a new set of rules for this match-up tonight.  For the first 15 minutes of the fight, either fighter may submit a fall.  After a fall, will be a short 15 second break and the match will resume.  If one fighter gets to 3 falls in the first fifteen minutes the match ends.  If not, once the fight reaches the 15 minute mark, the last fall will be a complete submission.  The fight will end as normal tradition when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face, but all other moves are fine.  If you don’t win 3 falls in the 15 minutes, your wins won’t matter if you lose the final fall.  So finish your opponent quick or just finish her after the 15 minute mark.  What matters is who is left standing at the end.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go and understand the rules.  Zarah nods intently as she locks her eyes of Dena.  “I’m ready!!” she snaps out.  Dena bounces up and down so that her large breasts bounce in her top.  She clearly is playing to the crowd and hoping to put on a impressive showing in the pre-fight for the AWC organizers.  “Let’s finish this bitch off and have some fun!!!” she calls out.  The officiator steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

As the fight begins, Zarah moves forward with her hands out in front of her as she eyes an approaching Dena.  Dena comes slowly forward with her fists raised in a sort of boxer looking stance.  Zarah, expecting Dena to make a mad rush at her in a wild and crazy attack, is a little perplexed by Dena’s calm and slow pace.  This isn’t quite what Zarah expected out of Dena as the fight opens and she hesitates as she moves forward looking for an opportunity to lunge in and overpower the blonde.

The fans in the crowd call out encouragement to their favorite as they start to circle one another warily.  Dena flicks a jab out towards Zarah and the raven haired beauty pushes a hand up to deflect the blow and pivots forward with her opposite leg looking to move in and snag Dena by the head and get her into control.  As Zarah begins her movement she suddenly realizes that Dena’s jab was nothing but a feint.

Now caught in the middle of stepping in to what turns out to be a prepared Dena, Zarah attempts to slip her body to her right to try and move in close.  Dena though launches a knee towards Zarah’s lower body.   The knee lands solidly on Zarah’s upper thigh with a loud THUD sound.  Zarah gasps out in pain as the blow drives her off balance and backwards.  While the blow hurt, Zarah is lucky the knee landed off center.  Had Zarah not been sliding to her right, the knee would have landed directly on her crotch area and may have ended the fight.  The crowd lets out a roar as the blow lands and Zarah is staggered.

Dena lands the first major blow of the fight!!!

Dena continues forward pressing her attack as Zarah tries to recover from the nasty shot to her thigh.  Stepping in close to her off balance opponent, Dena quickly reaches around Zarah’s head hooking her and pulling her closer as she starts to unload quick and powerful short arm punches directly into Zarah’s chest.

“What now bitch HUH what now!!!” yells out Dena as she takes the attack to Zarah.  OOOONNNNHHHH UNNNHHHHHH grunts and gasps Zarah as she desperately tries to get her hand between Dena’s punches and her body.  Before Zarah can protect herself, Dena lands three or four hammering punches to Zarah’s upper chest as Dena tries to overwhelm her opponent.

Dena’s street fighter style is too much early on as Zarah is on the receiving end of some brutal punches.

The pressure of Dena pressing forward combined with the punches forces Zarah off balance even more and she goes down to the floor on her back with Dena falling down atop her in the process.  The two crash to the floor with Zarah taking the brunt of the fall.  Zarah lets out a loud OOOOOFFFF sound as she hits the floor with Dena atop her.

A stunned Zarah tries to force Dena off of her, but the bigger blond takes advantage of her size and mashes a gasping and wheezing Zarah to her back in short order.  After a very quick struggle Dena pins Zarah to the floor and raises her body up and drops her weight back atop her smaller opponent.  OOOFFFFFF groans out Zarah as she is trapped underneath Dena.  The crowd noise becomes very loud as the fans of each fighter call out their support.  The room seems almost evenly divided as the cries to finish her are met with an equal number of cries of get out of it.

“Not so fucking tough now are you bitch!!!” screams out Dena as she loops her hands up and secure Zarah’s head as she forces her body fully atop Zarah.  Using Zarah’s hair, Dena pulls her face into her chest as she presses down effectively smothering an already winded Zarah.  The raven-haired beauty thrashes and struggles underneath Dena in an attempt to find a way out.

Dena is all over Zarah as she smothers her with her large breasts.

After several moments of struggling, mashing and smothering Zarah, Dena quickly pushes to her knees and drops her ass down atop Zarah’s chest.  ONNNNHHHHHH gasps out Zarah as the blonde crashes down atop her body driving her firm ass into her body.  Dena pants a bit from the fast pace of the first fall as she slides her body higher up on Zarah.

Zarah squirms and tries to avoid the full on pin, but her body betrays her mind as she is unable to muster enough strength quickly enough to stop Dena.  The Dena fans yell out loudly and cheer on their girl as she slides up and smiles for the crowd.

“Go ahead princess . . . go ahead and say it!!” smirks Dena as she slides her crotch even closer to Zarah’s chin.  The prospect of being face sat after the smothering sends a chill through Zarah as the blonde slides the triangle of her bikini closer to her face.  “I give!!! I give!!!” calls out Zarah knowing that a fall isn’t the end of the world, but being smothered into a KO would be the end.


Dena pushes up and applies a face sitting hold to force Zarah to surrender the first fall.

The officiator steps in and calls out “The winner of our first fall at 4 minutes into the match – Dena.  We now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is Dena 1 and Zarah 0.”  Dena steps back and puts her hand up and struts a bit to the side of the room while Zarah rolls over and climbs to her feet.

“Nicely done.  Now that you’ve had your fun, it’s time for me to have mine . . . “ snipes out Zarah loudly as she gets to her feet.  Dena smiles from the other side of the room and raises her middle finger.  The banter causes the crowd to get into the action as the evenly split room becomes loud in support of their fighter as the second fall is set to begin.

“Oh I don’t think so you stuck up bitch!!!” hisses out Dena loudly as the break time expires.  The officiator calls out “FIGHT” loudly and Dena reacts immediately.  Lunging towards Zarah, a confident Dena lashes out with a punch for Zarah’s upper body.  Zarah is ready for her and ducks the wild swing.


Dena misses with a wild punch as Zarah ducks under and hooks her body.

With Dena overextended, Zarah darts in under the punch and wraps her arms around Dena’s body.  Zarah’s left hand slips around Dena’s upper body and with her right, Zarah reaches under and hooks Dena’s leg.  The blonde, caught off balance, has no choice but to grab hold of Zarah to avoid being dumped to the floor.

The two stagger a bit as Zarah keeps her body pressed tightly in against Dena.  The larger blonde at a bit of a disadvantage from her failed strike tries to recover her balance as Zarah uses her advantage to push the blonde around trying to unbalance her enough to take her down to the floor.  The crowd gets louder now cheering on their favorite.  “PUNCH HER PUNCH — THAT SNOTTY BITCH!!!” yells out one fan loudly.

The fighters grunt and grasp as the intensity of the battle increases.  Zarah struggling to unbalance and topple Dena while Dena battles to stay on her feet and break Zarah’s grip on her body.  After several moments of staggering and struggling Dena lets out a loud groaning sound as Zarah tries to lift her leg out from under her.

YYYAHHHHHH!!! yells out Zarah as she pauses and then relaunches her effort to take Dena to the floor.  The blonde struggles for a moment before her leg is pulled out from under her and she is driven to the floor.  Landing on her back, Dena lets out a loud OOOMMMPPHHH sound as she comes down with Zarah atop her.

After a brief struggle, Zarah dumps Dena onto her back and scissors her leg as she slides an arm across her neck to choke her.

“Fuck . . . me!!!” gasps out Dena as she gasps for breath and tries to recover.  Zarah immediately shifts her body position and slides her legs around Dena’s right leg.  Before Dena can respond, Zarah tightly scissors her leg in place to help  herself atop and Dena.  “Get her Zarah — Get her!!!” someone in the crowd calls out as the dark-haired beauty solidifies her position.

As Dena thrashes under her, Zarah slides her arm up across her opponent’s neck and begins to choke Dena.  ACCCKKKK gags out Dena as her already short on oxygen body feels the impact of the choke immediately.  Dena reaches up and tries to grab at Zarah’s face, but her opponent is too quick as she secures Dena’s left hand and quickly presses it to the floor.


Another view of Zarah throttling Dena.

Dena pushes her right hand up and grabs hold of Zarah’s hair trying to force her opponent off of her.  At the same time, she pushes and twists and tries to use her free leg to buck Zarah out of position.  Her gasping and wheezing sounds fill the room as Zarah continues to pin her to the floor and choke her.  The arm across her neck not the most effective choke hold, but considering Dena’s labored breathing it is working just fine for Zarah.

“Now who’s having fun?” smirks Zarah as she glares down into Dena’s face from above.  “Finish her” yells out a fan in the crowd.  Zarah looks up and smiles for the crowd and camera and that slight moment of distraction cost her as Dena slips her left hand free and punches Zarah in the ribcage.  With a grunt, Zarah reacts rolling slightly to her left which allows Dena to slip free of the choke hold.

Now free from some of Zarah’s grip, Dena rolls over to her belly and tries to push free and separate from Zarah.  Before she can make any progress at all, Zarah drives her body forward and into Dena’s back mashing her to the carpet.  Zarah shoves both hands into Dena’s shoulders and head area mashing the blonde to the carpet.

Dena pays for the mistake as Zarah reaches out and quickly grabs both of Dena’s arms.  After a very brief struggle, Zarah secures her grip and yanks Dena’s arms back pulling her up into a camel clutch hold.  Dena moans out in pain as her back is bent by the yanking on the arms and by Zarah’s ass pressing down into her lower back.

Zarah catches Dena again as she works to apply a camel clutch.

“My back  . . . oh my back” moans out Dena as Zarah settles firmly atop her opponent.  Zarah smiles as she presses her ass down harder into the blonde’s back as she pulls her arms further back.  Dena feels the pain in her back and shoulders as Zarah grinds down atop her.

“I’m sure you don’t mind me taking a seat here . . . Not as comfy as the thrones I’m used to, but it’ll do while I figure out how else to punish you” hisses out Zarah as she hears the sounds of Dena suffering underneath her.  The crowd is on its feet and cheering loudly.  Even though Dena is in real trouble at this point, her fans in the crowd continue to encourage her to escape and to hang on.  Zarah smirks knowing the more Dena holds out the more worn down she will be for later.

“Get off me” groans out Dena as she kicks her legs against the floor trying to find any way possible to force Zarah off her back.  In response, Zarah yanks the arms back and presses her ass down in a renewed effort to bend the blonde backwards.  The effort is met with even more moaning in pain as Dena suffers at Zarah’s hands.

“There’s an easy way out of this, you know.  Proclaim your fealty to me.  Go on.  Do it before you’re too broken to speak” teases Zarah as she keeps the blonde trapped underneath her body. NNNGGHHH “Noooo” groans out Dena too proud to surrender to Zarah.  The refusal frustrates Zarah for a moment and then she tosses her head back and laughs before hissing “Oh silly me you probably don’t understand such hard words.”

“Let me help you make the right decision!!!” snarls Zarah.  With a sudden release, Zarah shoves Dena’s arms down over her legs and shifts her hands to Dena’s head and face.  Grabbing Dena by the hair with one hand, she takes her other hand and digs her nails into Dena’s face.  The shift in attack generates a loud scream from Dena as her arms hang limply over Zarah’s knees.

After bending Dena’s back, Zarah goes for her hair and rakes her nails across her face to force a stubborn Dena to submit.

“STOP STOP I GIVE UP!!!” screams out Dena as Zarah digs her claws into her face.  The crowd roars its approval at Zarah’s sudden nasty move to force the helpless Dena to finally submit.  Zarah roughly shoves Dena’s arms off her legs causing her to crash down face first on the rug underneath her.  Pressing down on Dena’s back, Zarah raises an arm in a signal of victory as the crowd cheers for her win of the fall.

The officiator steps in and calls out “the winner of our second fall at 10 minutes and 30 seconds into the match – Zarah.  We now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is Dena 1 and Zarah 1.  Remember once we reach the fifteen minute mark and announcement will be made and any submission after that point is a complete submission of the match.”

Zarah celebrates winning the 2nd fall and evening the match at one fall each.

Zarah roughly pushes up off of Dena and climbs to her feet.  Still standing over the top of Dena, Zarah adjusts her bikini top before finally stepping away from her opponent.  The crowd continues to clap and cheer for Zarah as she shows a bitchy streak at the end of the fall.  Dena pushes to her feet slowly looking a bit out of sorts and worn.

“That was a good girl Dena.  Go ahead and assume the role we both know you’re best at — the groveling, weak little jobber who’s in over her head” chides Zarah from a distance.  Each of the comments strategically intended to break down Dena’s mental state.  Zarah hopes the comments either force Dena to attack recklessly or to simply give up the fight.  Either way, Zarah gets what she wants – A WIN.

The officiator calls out “FIGHT” as the short rest period expires.  Dena starts to slowly circle as the fall begins.  Zarah decides to continue with her mental attacks as she smiles and waves her hands at Dena to come on.  “You know — if you can’t handle a little camel clutch, how could you possibly run your own business?  What a sham that hair salon will be if you can’t take a little strain.”

“Shut the hell up” Dena snaps out angrily, but she doesn’t launch an attack.  Dena seems content to let things get off to a slow start as she tries to catch her breath and recover from the long painful holds of the 2nd fall.

Zarah leaps forward and grabs Dena by the hair causing the crowd to leap to its feet and cheer as the fighting resumes.  Dena swings a slap at Zarah’s face, but the yanking on her hair causes her slap to fly off target and instead catch Zarah in the shoulder.  The sound of the slap resonates through the room as Zarah cringes from its impact.  WHACK!!!!!!

Using her solid grip on Dena’s hair, Zarah yanks her forward and off balance forcing Dena to bend over at the waist as she is forced downward.  Dena reaches out trying to push Zarah back, but the raven-haired fighter steps through the weak pushing attempt and drags Dena into a face lock.  With her arms wrapped around Dena’s head and neck, Zarah wiggles her grip into more of a choke as Dena gasps for air in the hold.

Zarah locks on a face lock with a choke hold in the opening moments of the 3rd fall.

Dena pushes her body forward trying to push Zarah off balance, but her opponent has a solid grip and her lower body positioned well to thwart Dena’s efforts.  After the initial push, Zarah twists her body and yanks Dena to the side disrupting her balance to reduce her ability to push free.  The sounds of muffled gasping for breath can be heard coming from underneath Dena as she struggles in the hold.

Pulling her arms up, Dena tries to pry Zarah’s grip from her head and neck.  Zarah grimaces slightly as Dena digs her nails into her forearms in an attempt to force her way free of the hold.  “Bitch don’t even try it!!!” hisses out Zarah as she yanks Dena left to right in the hold before using her upper position and leverage to lower Dena towards the carpet.  The effort forces Dena to drop to one knee as Zarah pushes down on her while maintaining the choke hold.

With a sudden twist, Zarah drops to the floor on her ass as she drags Dena forward in the hold.  Before Dena can respond with anything effective, Zarah slips her legs forward and wraps them around Dena’s ribcage as she applies a scissor hold.  The crowd cheers out loudly as Zarah ratchets up the pain on Dena.  “Squeeze the life out of her” comes from one side of the room.

“Fourteen minutes!!!” calls out the officiator as the battle nears the fifteen minute mark.  The crowd cheers at the call knowing the fight is entering its late stages.  The sounds of pain wracked gasping and wheezing can be heard from Dena as Zarah crushes the breath from her body.

“Go ahead you know what to do” smirks Zarah as Dena’s struggles slow in the hold.  Dena, hearing the time called out knows she has no choice, but to submit now before the fight goes to a final submission stage.  With no way out of the hold she taps her hand frantically on Zarah’s body.

Zarah, feeling the tap, suddenly flexes her leg muscles to tighten the hold and give Dena one more hard squeeze before the officiator can step in.  Dena lets out a loud gasp of pain as Zarah’s legs tighten up around her body.  The officiator steps in “RELEASE THE HOLD DENA SUBMITS” is called out loudly.  Zarah opens her legs and lets go of Dena’s neck allowing her to slump forward moaning in pain.  Zarah puts her hand in the air in a show of victory as she adjusts her bikini top and bottoms.


Zarah takes Dena to the floor and adds a crushing body scissors to force Dena to submit the 3rd fall.

The officiator calls out “the winner of our second fall at 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the match – Zarah.  We now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is Zarah 2 and Dena 1.  Since the fifteen minute mark is coming right up, the next fall will be the final fall and the one submitting will be submitting the entire match.”

With Dena still down on her hands and knees on the floor, Zarah stands over her with a smug look on her face.  Her contempt for Dena showing clearly as she waits for the final fall to begin.  The crowd on its feet now waiting for the announcement.  In the moment of quiet, a Dena fan calls out “Get up Dena . . . Hurry Get UP!!!”

As the short rest period comes to an end, the officiator steps back and yells out “FIGHT!!!”  At the command to resume, Dena is still down on her hands and knees on the floor panting and gasping for breath.  Zarah smiles for the crowd and takes a few skipping steps in her direction causing Dena to try to push up off the floor to her feet the best she can.

With the fifteen minute mark arriving at the end of the 3rd fall, the fighters prepare to start the final and deciding fall. Dena is struggling to get to her feet.

Before she is able to get to her feet, Zarah lashes out with an over the top slap that connects with the side of Dena’s face.  The force of the blow knocks Dena back to all fours on the carpet as the sound of the slap echoes in the room WHHHACCKKKK!!!!  A few of the members of the audience cringe at the sound of the impact of the slap.  Dena cries out in pain as she pulls her hand up to her face to protect from a second blow if Zarah launched another slap.

“Did you like that?” hisses out Zarah as she moves around her opponent.  The second slap expected by Dena never comes as Zarah slips around the side of the downed blonde and reaches out snagging her by the hair from behind.  Yanking the battered blond upright on her knees,  Zarah reaches out and slaps her in the side of the face yet again as she rips at her hair bending her neck back.  Dena cries out from the blow and throws her hands up to defend herself from further slaps to the head.

Zarah is ready as Dena’s arms come up to protect her head and she quickly grabs hold of both arms.  Dena is powerless to stop Zarah as she yanks the arms across her body to the opposite sides and begins to choke Dena with her own arms.  Dena gasps out for breath as her airways are party obstructed by her own arms.  ACCKKKK.


Zarah goes on the attack and wraps Dena up with her own arms as she continues to choke her opponent.

“What’s wrong tough girl?  Having a hard time breathing?” teases Zarah.  Dena gasps and grunts Zarah’s grip as she tries to thrash about.  With her arms pulled across her body, she is helpless to escape.  Zarah continues to pull on her arms and then relax slightly to allow Dena a chance to catch a short bit of air before tightening the grip back down again.  The

After a prolonged period of holding Dena at her mercy and torturing her Zarah lets go of her arms and shoves her roughly forward.  Dena collapses to the floor in front of Zarah in a heap.  The blonde’s body moves up and down as she desparately tries to get her breath.  The Zarah fans cheer her on as she kneels over the beaten blonde.

“Not so talkative now.  Looks like the trash is being dumped isn’t it!!” snarls Zarah as she moves the couple feet up to Dena.  Dena face down with her lower body up higher moans out as Zarah put her hand on her back.  Rather than surrender, Dena tries to push herself up off the floor.  Zarah laughs out loudly “not smart enough to know when to just stay down are you” she quips as she leans over Dena.

Zarah curls her left hand into a fist and slams a punch down into the center of Dena’s back.  The punch lands with a loud THUD sound and Dena groans out loudly.  With Dena’s ass up in the air and her legs open, Zarah sees and opening to hook a punch from her right fist up through Dena’s legs and into her lower belly.  The second punch causes Dena to let out an OOOOOOOFFFFF sound as what little air she has in her body is driven out.  Zarah repeats the left then right several more times as Dena is simply a punching bag.


Dena collapses face first and Zarah returns some earlier punishment as she punches Dena in the back and the belly as she punches Dena through her legs underneath.

The officiator moves in close to check on Dena with the concern that she might have been knocked unconscious by the vicious choking and pounding on her body being inflicted by Zarah.  “She’s fine” hisses out Zarah trying to keep the fight going for a bit longer.  Zarah pulls a collapsed Dena up by her hair to show the officiator her face.  As she pulls Dena’s flopping head off the rug, Dena’s eyes open and close in pain.  The crowd cheers for Zarah as she nears the end of her complete devastation of Dena.

“Ok just a bit longer – do you want to submit Dena” calls out the officiator.  Zarah pulls the hair roughly “oh so you think groveling is going to work for you now?”  Dena moans out “STOP” as Zarah holds her in place.  “I’m not done yet!!!” growls Zarah before continuing “Is this embarassing for you bitch?  You want this to end?”  Zarah punctuates her questions with a yank left and right on the hair.  Dena screams out with what breath she can find as the officiator watches closely.  Since Zarah has stopped brutalizing Dena, the officiator is letting her continue.

Zarah pulls a helpless and devastated Dena off the rug by her hair forcing her to submit to the camera and the crowd as she humiliates the hairdresser.

Zarah uses Dena’s hair to roll her to the side causing her to flop over to her back from her belly.  Dena lies flat on her back staring up at Zarah.  Dena is motionless other than her chest heaving up and down as she tries to suck in air.  Zarah slides her knee over the top of Dena and straddles her prone opponent.

“Life tip for you bimbo . . . if you don’t want to suffer like this, don’t put yourself in the position for it to happen to you. “  Zarah shoves Dena’s face down and reaches over gripping Dena by the bikini top.  With a sharp yank, Zarah rips the bikini top free of Dena’s body.

“No please . . . .” whimpers out Dena as Zarah pulls her top up and holds it for the crowd and camera to view.  Dena’s bare chest now exposed for all to see as the crowd cheers loudly for Zarah.  Zarah smiles for the crowd as they cheer her on.

“Maybe I should autograph this for you” giggles Zarah.  I may be cruel but I’m not totally heartless.  Maybe you could sell it when I’m big and you’re nothing.  It might even pay for you to have a nail stand at the mall.”  The crowd laughs as Zarah makes fun of a meek and submissive Dena.

The officiator steps forward and calls out “YOUR WINNER – ZARAH!!!”  The announcement a means to suggest to Zarah the match is over.  Zarah takes the hint from the officiator and climbs to her feet.  She struts around the room carrying the bikini top waving it around in circles to the crowds cheering.  Dena lays still on the floor as she tries to regain her breath.  Tears run down her cheeks as she watches Zara strut around the room.  Before exiting the room, Zarah turns back and throws the bikini top towards Dena.  “Here loser . . . you can have your cheap bikini top back!!!”

In her final act of humiliating Dena, Zarah strips her of her top leaving her bare chested in full view of the crowd and the camera.