Apartment Wrestling Match No. 72 Kelcie versus Rachel

This match is the seventy-second in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in Dallas and features a new girl looking to make it in the AWC as she takes on a fighter from the European Club.  The participants are:

Rachel (5’4 117 pounds 25 y/o) lives near London.  Rachel works as a teacher in a small private school catering to some of the wealthier citizens in the vicinity of London.  She teaches science courses and works as a coach for the gymnastics team.  In her younger days, Rachel was a competitive gymnast.  Rachel’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m here to win and be the best.  I want to be the Club’s champion here in Europe.  And I know I’m tougher than the Yank girls.”

Rachel Getting Ready to do Battle

Kelcie (5’3 126lbs 24 y/o) lives near Austin, TX.  She is newly married and works as a manager of a small coffee shop.  Her ambition is to own her own the shop and she sees Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to get the money to fulfill that goal.  She hits the gym a few times a week and mainly sticks to cardio related classes.  Kelcie’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I love the idea of dominating another athletic girl.  My husband will enjoy watching me show off on some other girl that thinks she is something.  I’m in great shape and I’m hot as hell.”


Kelcie Flexing Before the Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas. Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Kelcie is shown to her room to prepare for the match and her husband joins her as she prepares.  Both are looking forward to Kelcie’s first match.  Kelcie quickly gets dressed for the fight.  She has picked out a nice purple bikini that contrasts nicely against her dark complexion.  The bikini covers her assets nicely.  After dressing, Kelcie nervously stretches and tries to warm up.  Her husband spends a few minutes massaging her shoulders and giving her a pep talk.  The two try to calm their nerves as they wait for fight time.  In her pre-fight interview, Kelcie says “She is way beatable.  I couldn’t have picked a better opponent for my first match.  She has done this before, but she just isn’t very good.  I’m going to make her submit quickly and get this over with in no time.”

Rachel arrives and spends some time mingling with the crowd that has gathered early.  She knows it is important for her to do well tonight considering her lack of success so far.  She is focused on the goal of winning.  With Kelcie being a new girl, Rachel expects that lack of experience to play out in her favor.  She spends some time stretching and trying to get loose for the fight.  Even thought she has fought a few times before, she is still nervous considering she has not won yet.  Rachel changes into a black bikini with polka dots.  Rachel has spent some time in the gym trying to get ready for tonight and her body looks good in the mirror.  In her interview Rachel says “I’m bloody well going to win tonight.  This newbie is getting thrashed.  She looks too sweet to be a fighter.  I’m going to humiliate her in front of her hubby and make her quit apartment wrestling.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Rachel and Kelvin.  “This fight tonight is using the new Club test rules.  That probably favors Kelcie a bit and gives her a chance to get adjusted to an AWC match.  Rachel hasn’t done well, but taking on a rookie tonight might help with that.  I think it’s a good fight, and Rachel outlasts the new girl.” The second commentator begins “I don’t see it. Rachel has struggled and Kelcie is the one with a good draw.  She will start her AWC career with a big win.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter. The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules. “The club is using a new set of rules for this match-up tonight. For the first 15 minutes of the fight, either fighter may submit a fall. After a fall, will be a short 15 second break and the match will resume. If one fighter gets to 3 falls in the first fifteen minutes the match ends. If not, once the fight reaches the 15 minute mark, the last fall will be a complete submission. The fight will end as normal tradition when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue. No punching or kicking to the face, but all other moves are fine. If you don’t win 3 falls in the 15 minutes, your wins won’t matter if you lose the final fall. So finish your opponent quick or just finish her after the 15 minute mark. What matters is who is left standing at the end. Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go and understand the rules. Kelcie bounces from foot to foot as she nervously awaits the start. ‘I’m ready” she acknowledges firmly.  Rachel stands patiently waiting for the fight to start. She knows what to expect and is confident Kelcie’s lack of experience will allow her to dominate the fight. “Bring it on bitch” Rachel hisses in response.  The officiator steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

At the signal to begin both girls move across towards the other.  As they get close, Kelcie slows her progress and prepares to lock up with Rachel.  The Brit lashes out tying to slap Kelcie, but the blonde is far enough away she can easily dodge the slap attack.

With Rachel aggressively trying to hurt Kelcie and intimidate her, the blonde decides being aggressive in return is the solution to the issue.  On Rachel’s next lunge forward, Kelcie swings a powerful slap that lands directly on the side of Rachel’s face turning her head and staggering her opponent.

Kelcie Rocks Rachel with a Nasty Face Slap

“Bloody hell” yelps out Rachel as the slap causes her to stumble several steps.  The Brit swings her hands up to protect her face from any further slaps from Kelcie.  Her decision to defend her face is a good one as Kelcie unloads several more slaps intended for Rachel’s face.  The slaps fail to find their mark as Rachel is able to deflect them with her arms.

“Come on bitch!!” purrs out Kelcie in a thick Texas accent as she tries to land her wild slaps on Rachel’s head or face.  Kelcie, emboldened by the hard blow she landed continues to throw slaps at Rachel thinking she is going to just overwhelm her with the attack.  Rachel absorbs the barrage of slaps with her arms and then reaches out securing Kelcie’s right arm before she can continue her slapping.  The bigger blonde pants a bit and hesitates giving Rachel the opportunity to step her body closer and tie up the Texan as she engages in a wrestling match for control of the fight.

Rachel Recovers and Locks Up Kelcie in an Effort to Control the Rookie

Kelcie, caught by surprise by Rachel’s sudden movement into her, tries to grab hold and out muscle Rachel as they press against one another.  The bodies of the two fighters mash together and form into one as they struggle.  Rachel’s experience shows in this phase of the fight as she starts to position her body to allow her to trap Kelcie.

Before the blond realizes what Rachel is doing, it is too late.  Rachel pushes against Kelcie and then quickly shifts directions as she slips an arm over the top of Kelcie’s head and loops it over gripping her in a tight head lock.  UNNNHHHHGGGGG groans out Kelcie as her head is suddenly caught in what feels like a vice gripping her.  The pressure on the sides of her head suddenly intense as Rachel squeezes tightly and twists her opponent’s neck to the side a bit.

Rachel Shows Off Her Wrestling Skills as She Secures a Tight Head Lock on Kelcie

“Fucking slap me will you bitch!!!” hisses out Rachel loudly as Kelcie grunts and groans in the head lock.  Rachel moves her feet in a shuffle pulling Kelcie along with her as she goes.  The small steps keep the blonde off balance and help Rachel control her with the head lock.  Kelcie wraps  her arms around Rachel trying to grip her hands to break free of the head lock.  Kelcie’s efforts are thwarted by Rachel’s tight grip not to mention each time Kelcie starts to work her fingers around Rachel’s wrists, Rachel twists the neck roughly causing Kelcie to cry out in pain.

Another View of Rachel’s Crushing Head Lock

“Go ahead bitch – SUBMIT TO ME NOW!!!” yells out Rachel as she maintains the head lock.  The crowd cheering on their favorite as the Kelcie fans start to fear she will be forced to submit to the head lock.  “You got this babe!!” calls out a young man off to the left trying to encourage Kelcie to fight free of the hold.  “Crush her!!!  She’s no match for you!!!” calls out a Rachel fan loudly in response to the young man.

Kelcie’s muffled grunting and groaning can be heard throughout the room as she struggles in Rachel’s grasp.  The blonde’s slight size advantage now negated as Rachel has her bent over and trapped in the head lock hold.  The effort to pry Rachel’s hands apart having failed at this point causes Kelcie’s efforts to become a bit frantic as she appears to be getting desperate to shake free of the hold.

“That’s right bitch – just bloody tap and I’ll stop!!” hisses out Rachel as she senses the desperation mounting in Kelcie.  The blond drops slightly down and Rachel smiles as Kelcie seems to be dropping to a knee.  Rachel clearly views this as a sign that Kelcie is fading.  The purpose of Kelcie’s dip down becomes apparent as she slips her arms underneath Rachel’s ass and them pushes upwards using her leg strength to lift Rachel off the floor.

HUUUNNHHHHHGGGGG grunts out Kelcie as she lifts a surprised Rachel off the floor.  Rachel immediately breaks her grip and flails for balance in an attempt to get her feet back on the floor.  Rachel, expecting Kelcie to try and flip her over the shoulder backwards is in a bit of a panic as her arms and legs churn.


Kelcie Shows Off Her Power as She Rips Rachel Into the Air Breaking the Head Lock

Kelcie staggers a step or two backwards and then leans forward dropping Rachel down onto her feet in front of her.  The shift forward catches Rachel off guard and she has to struggle to maintain her footing to avoid falling to the floor in front of Kelcie.

The crowd lets out a cheer as Kelcie escapes from the head lock.  Rachel staggers forwards a couple steps and starts to turn knowing that Kelcie is behind her.  Before she is able to turn, Kelcie hits her with a punch right between her shoulder blades.  UNNNHHHHHH groans out Rachel as she staggers forward a step involuntarily.

“You bi——“ hisses out Rachel just as Kelcie wraps her arms around her from behind and traps the Brit in a bear hug from behind.  The sudden squeeze across her chest cuts off Rachel’s voice before she can finish.  OOOOHHHHH gasps Rachel as the pressure across her chest and back is intense.

“Whatcha got to say now hun!!!” growls out Kelcie as she has Rachel lifted off the floor and caught in her vice like grip.  With her arms trapped against her body and inside of the bear hug, Rachel’s only option for escape is to kick her legs to force her way free.  The crowd cheers for Kelcie as she Rachel’s face turns several shades of red from the pressure of the bear hug.

Rachel flails with her legs in an attempt to either force Kelcie off balance or even to land a kick on Kelcie’s body.  “Finish her” calls out the same man from earlier as Kelcie buries her head in the middle of Rachel’s back to prevent Rachel from shoving her own head back into Kelcie’s face.

“You know what to do bitch!!!” snaps out Kelcie as Rachel gasps, groans and moans out in pain.  Unable to escape Kelcie’s grip, Rachel knows she has no choice at this point and she moans out “Give . . . I give” the best she can while being squeezed.

The Strong Blonde Crushes Rachel in a Powerful Bear Hug Forcing a Submission to Take the First Fall

The officiator steps in close and calls out “let her go Kelcie” as the Texan gives her one last squeeze before opening her arms and dropping Rachel.  Rachel lands on her feet and staggers forward and away from Kelcie as she tries to catch her breath.  The crowd lets out a cheer for Kelcie as she raises her arm in the air and struts to the side of the room away from Rachel.

The officiator calls out “The winner of our first fall at 6 minutes into the match – Kelcie.  We now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is Kelcie 1 and Rachel 0.”  Rachel turns back to face Kelcie and shakes her head muttering under her breath as she gets ready for the second fall.

“What’s that loser!!!” calls out Kelcie from the opposite side of the room as she notices Rachel muttering quietly.  Rachel’s face takes on an unpleasant snarl as she starts to move towards Kelcie.  “You got bloody lucky!!” yells out Rachel in return.  A murmur moves through the crowd as the officiator steps back calling out “FIGHT” to get the second fall under way.

The crowd immediately starts calling out in support of their favorite fighter and it is pretty clear that Kelcie has quite a bit more supporters in the crowd.  As the two fighters slowly move across the room and begin to circle Kelcie raises a hand in a wave motion to acknowledge the crowd’s cheers.  Rachel’s face turns to a nasty snarl as she sees Kelcie playing to the crowd.

“Better pay attention to the fight slut” snarls Rachel as she leaps forward and grabs for Kelcie’s hair.  The crowd’s support of Kelcie seeming to frustrate her.  Kelcie shoves her hands out and blocks Rachel’s attempt to get her by the hair and the two grapple hand in hand as their bodies move in closer to one another.  Pressing closer together each fighter grunts and gasps out a bit as each tries to overpower the other.  The two move in a small circle with their feet taking choppy steps as they work to unbalance their opponent.

After several moments of struggling back and forth, Rachel works her left hand free and goes for Kelcie’s hair again intending to use it to drag her off balance.  Kelcie goes a different direction as she balls up her hand in a fist and jabs her right hand into Rachel’s ribs.  The punch lands with a light THUD sound causing Rachel to groan out in pain.  Fortunately for Rachel, the closeness of their bodies doesn’t allow Kelcie to get much force behind the punch.

Early in the Second Fall Kelcie Goes Right Back to Work on Rachel’s Body as She Hammers in Some Rib Shots

“Bitch” gasps out Rachel as she reacts to being punched.  She quickly abandons her hair pulling attempt and drops her arm down to try and prevent any further punches to her ribs.  Before she can get Kelcie’s arm contained, the Texan lands another punch to the same spot on Rachel’s ribs getting another groaning sound out of Rachel.

“You like that bitch” hisses out Kelcie as she tries to slide her body back slightly to provide more room for her punches.  Rachel takes advantage of the shift back and separates her right arm from Kelcie and pivots slightly to her left.  Kelcie pulls her right arm back further to allow her to generate more force for her punch and swings forward to deliver yet another blow to Rachel’s ribs.

This time the punch fails to land as Rachel gets her arm into position to protect her ribs.  With the extra space now, Rachel is able to finish her pivot to her left and she hooks Kelcie’s arm with both her hands.  Kelcie is taken by surprise by Rachel’s counter attack and she tries to step to the side to avoid having her arm captured.


Rachel Manages to Out Wrestle the Rookie as She Secures an Arm Lock

Rachel is too quick though and she manages to capture Kelcie’s arm and twist it around behind her back.  Kelcie groans out as she feels the pressure in her arm and shoulder as Rachel moves the arm around her body.  Rachel slides her feet a little closer to Kelcie knowing that the blonde is likely to try and move away and turn with the arm hold to try and escape.

Kelcie tries to reach in with her other arm in an attempt to grab at Rachel’s body.  Kelcie’s lack of experience showing now as she struggles in Rachel’s grasp in her uncertainty as to how to get free of the simple arm hold being applied by Rachel.  The Rachel fans in the crowd now calling out support for their fighter as she takes control of Kelcie.

“Hurts doesn’t it” snaps out Rachel as she keeps Kelcie in position to keep the pressure on her arm and shoulder.  Kelcie lets out little moans and gasps of pain as she struggles to find a way free.  After a few moments of trying to use her other arm unsuccessfully, Kelcie tries to step to her right and turn her body in the direction of the arm hold to ease the pressure.

“Where you going?” teases Rachel as she simply mirrors Kelcie’s steps keeping the pressure on the arm.  Rachel, now putting out the bait for Kelcie to pick up the pace of her efforts to move in that direction, continues to pressure the arm as she taunts her opponent.

“MY ARM —  YOU’RE BREAKING IT!!!” screams out Kelcie in pain and frustration as Rachel continues to control her with the hold.  In her desperation to break free, Kelcie tries to move more quickly and this time Rachel is waiting for her.  Rather than move with her, Rachel stands her ground.  As soon as Kelcie tries to slip her body towards Rachel, Rachel shoots her knee up landing a direct shot into Kelcie’s exposed belly.  OOOHHHHMMMPPP gasps out Kelcie as the knee hammers her hard.


Rachel Softens Kelcie’s Defenses with a Knee to the Belly While Keeping the Arm Hold

Kelcie doubles over in Rachel’s grasp as she clutches at her belly with her free hand.  Rachel continues to twist Kelcie’s arm behind her back as she ratchets up the intensity of the arm hold.  Kelcie’s gasps for air take on some additional sounds of pain as she struggles for air.  The Rachel fans now becoming more vocal as their fighter has Kelcie in real trouble.

“SAY IT BITCH!!! SAY IT NOW OR I’LL RIP YOUR ARM OFF!!!” snarls out Rachel in a loud and angry voice.  Kelcie moans and gasps as her knees buckle slightly.  She manages to avoid dropping to her knees, but she is clearly hurting and in trouble.  “Give” gasps out Kelcie as Rachel steps closer and prepares to drive another knee to her body.  Before the officiator can step in, Rachel shoots her knee up and hammers another shot into Kelcie.  This time landing her knee on Kelcie’s dangling breasts.

Gasping for Breath and Her Arm Being Mauled is Enough to Convince Kelcie to Submit the Second Fall

“STOP — STOP RIGHT NOW” yells the officiator.  “That’s a submission – let her go!!!” Rachel pulls her hands back letting go of Kelcie as the blonde drops to her knees on the rug clutching her chest and her arm.  The officiator steps between the girls and calls out “the winner of our second fall at 12 minutes and 50 seconds into the match – Rachel.  We will now have a 30 second rest break before the next round will begin.  I am allowing Kelcie an additional moment to recover from the knee that came after the submission.  Any further actions like that will lead to a forfeiture of the fight.  The score is now Rachel 1 and Kelcie 1.  Remember once we reach the fifteen minute mark an announcement will be made and any submission after that point is a complete submission of the match.”

Rachel moves back several feet and waits for the start of the fall.  She bounces from one foot to the other looking confident.  “Come on get up bitch!!!  I’m ready to hurt you some more!!!” she hisses out as Kelcie gets to her feet and turns to face her.  Kelcie says nothing, but the glare she gives Rachel says more than 1000 words.  The crowd begins to stir and shout encouragement to their favorite as the start of the 3rd fall is rapidly approaching.  The officiator checks the time and calls out “FIGHT” as the crowd calls out support to the girls.

“You can’t beat me – you’re a loser!!!” taunts Rachel as the girls circle each other.  Rachel reaches out with a slapping type move and tries to grab Kelcie by the arm.  The blonde avoids her attempt by darting back a step and they continue to circle.  “Cheating bitch  — you’ll pay for that now!!” hisses out Kelcie as each girl tries to get in the other’s head.

Rachel darts in towards Kelcie and goes for her hair.  The blonde stands her ground and the two collide with one another.  Each shoots her hands to the others body looking for a place to get a grip.  With bodies pressed tightly together, each grips the others hands and they struggle for control.  The two push hard into one another as they move their feet as well looking to find a way to overpower and seize control of the 3rd fall.

Grunting and hissing at each other as they struggle, both girls are intent on getting the opponent in her grasp to force a submission.  The crowd spurs them on as the sounds of the fans calling out their names drives both Rachel and Kelcie to fight even harder.  After several moments of grappling the girls are at a stalemate with neither able to effectively overcome the other.

With Kelcie exposed and vulnerable, Rachel shoves forward grabbing her by the left arm as she catches the blonde off balance.  Rachel yanks the arm pulling Kelcie forward keeping her off balance as she grabs her by the back.  Kelcie’s body is turned and moved forward giving Rachel an opportunity to move behind her.  Instead of slipping behind Kelcie, Rachel continues slinging Kelcie forward in an attempt to propel her into the wall.


Rachel Outwrestles Kelcie and Slings Her Towards the Wall

“Eat wall whore!!” screams out Rachel as Kelcie is propelled towards the wall.  Fortunately for Kelcie, there is enough space between where the two were grappling and the wall to allow Kelcie to brace herself and avoid crashing into the wall with full force.  After flinging Kelcie towards the wall, Rachel goes in pursuit with the intention of trying to keep the momentum going her way and get a quick submission.

“FIFTEEN MINUTES HAVE EXPIRED – NEXT FALL WINS THE MATCH” calls out the officiator loudly as Rachel closes in on Kelcie who is now against the wall with her hands stopping her from colliding with the hard surface.  Rachel lashes out with a kick to the back of Kelcie’s leg catching her just behind her right knee.  The sound of flesh of flesh resounds through the room as Rachel makes contact.

Rachel lands a kick on Kelcie.

The kick to the back of the leg forces Kelcie’s right leg to buckle under her.  The force of the kick causes her to drop to her knees on the floor as Rachel steps in close to her.  “Get up . . . Get up” a man in the crowd calls out to Kelcie as Rachel appears to have her in real trouble.

“Bitch you’re done” screams out Rachel as she attacks.  With Kelcie down on a knee, Rachel steps in close to her back and quickly grabs a handful of Kelcie’s hair.  With the prospect of having her face smashed into the wall looming, Kelcie throws her left elbow back trying to hammer a shot into Rachel’s body as she feels her close in behind her.

“Don’t you dare” hisses out Rachel as she blocks the attempted elbow to her body.  While Kelcie’s blow fails to land on its intended target, the need to deflect the elbow forces Rachel to lean back and divert her attention.  The momentary distraction buys Kelcie more time before Rachel is free to try and slam her face to the hard surface of the wall.

Rachel attempts to slam Kelcie’s head into the wall.

Rachel resumes her effort to shove Kelcie face first into the wall, but the slight skirmish with the attempted elbow allowed Kelcie to move her body slightly back from the wall.  As Rachel shoves her head forward, Kelcie is able to pivot a bit and dip towards her left.  Rachel seeing she isn’t going to be able to bounce Kelcie off the wall is forced to pull back to avoid being toppled over Kelcie’s shoulder and running into the wall herself.

With Rachel pulling back slightly to avoid toppling over Kelcie, it allows Kelcie to rotate her body to face Rachel.  Rachel seeing Kelcie on both knees in front of her steps forward looking to shove her knee into Kelcie’s chest to drive her back to the wall again.  Before Rachel can bring the knee up, Kelcie lunges forward and wraps her arms around Rachel’s lower body.

Kelcie gets turned and wraps up Rachel.

Rachel grunts out as she suddenly finds herself the target of an attempted tackle by Kelcie.  Rachel struggles to maintain her footing and pushes down with both hands on Kelcie’s shoulders in an attempt to break free of the tackle attempt.  Rachel, now thinking one move ahead, plans to bring her knee up as soon as she gets Kelcie off of her.

With her arms wrapping up Rachel’s lower body, Kelcie pushes forward as hard as she can with her feet.  The goal for Kelcie is to drag Rachel to the floor and use her size advantage to get control of the fight.  She is feeling a bit tired and knows she can’t let Rachel keep the advantage for much longer if she wants to win this fight.

“Goin down” grunts out Kelcie as she pushes her feet off the wall to add leverage to her tackle move.  Rachel groans out as her legs remain trapped and her body is slowing being rotated backwards.  Realizing she is going to be taken down now, Rachel tries to shift her grip to wrapping her arms around Kelcie.  Rachel’s attempt to regrip her opponent is too late and she topples backwards with a THUD as she hits the carpet on her back.

Rachel groans out in pain as she tries to shake off the effects of the impact with the floor.  Kelcie slides up her body and immediately starts driving punches into Rachel’s belly and rib area.  The crowd lets out a cheer as Kelcie begins to pummel Rachel.  The British fighter grunts and gasps as she tries to get her hands into position to defend herself from Kelcie’s strong attack of her already sore body.

Kelcie Takes Rachel Down and Goes to Work on Her Sore Ribs

Pushing her hands against Kelcie’s upper body, Rachel tries to prevent Kelcie from making any further progress in getting fully atop her.  The hard punches really hurting Rachel as she cries out at the pain being inflicted by Kelcie.  OHHHFFFFF!!!  OMMMMPPHHHHHH!!!!

Kelcie continues making progress as she slides her body further up Rachel’s prone frame.  The bigger blonde simply overwhelms Rachel with her repeated punches to the body to weaken her resistance.  Rachel tries to push Kelcie off, but can’t seem to find a way to move her.

“Bitch . . . You’re all mine now!!!” yells out Kelcie as she gets fully atop Rachel and continues to slam punches into her chest and belly area.  “Crush her . . .Finish it” yell out members of the crowd as Kelcie begins to dominate Rachel.

Kelcie Mounts Rachel and Continues Pounding Her Body

Rachel’s cries and gasps of pain echo throughout the room as Kelcie takes it to her at this point in the fight.  The pained and desperate expression on Rachel’s face is captured by the camera as nothing she seems to do is able to prevent Kelcie’s attacks.

Desperate to find her way free, Rachel pushes and twists her body trying to roll over and away from Kelcie.  Before Rachel is able to make any substantial progress, Kelcie is able to snag her arm and pull her back into her grasp.

“Where do you think you’re going slut!!!!” snarls out Kelcie as she stops Rachel’s attempt to escape.  After hooking Rachel’s arm, Kelcie returns to sending punches into Rachel’s body.  Looping her punches in a hooking fashion, Kelcie lands several more hard shots on Rachel’s body.

Rachel Tries to Escape But Kelcie Catches Her and Pummels Her Some More

“Oh God!!!” wails out Rachel as she continues to take Kelcie’s punishment.  Using Rachel’s arm, Kelcie drags her opponent back onto her back and swings a leg across her body moving into a straddling position over the top of Rachel.

“Give it up NOW!!!” demands Kelcie as she pushes her firm ass down into Rachel’s battered belly as she pins Rachel to the floor.  Rachel doesn’t respond quickly enough for Kelcie and the Texan begins to slap Rachel’s face in order to convince her to surrender the fight.

“STOP STOP!!!” screams out Rachel after taking two or three slaps to the face.  The officiator moves forward and calls out “YOUR WINNER – KELCIE!!!”  Kelcie stops slapping her opponent and slides forward as she pushes her legs along both sides of Rachel’s head.  Moving into a face sitting position, Kelcie raises her arm in victory as the crowd cheers wildly for her.

After sitting atop a moaning and sobbing Rachel for several moments, Kelcie climbs to her feet and adjusts her bikini top to fully cover her full breasts.  She smiles as the crowd continues to call out its support for her after the fight.  While Kelcie basks in the glory of her victory, Rachel lays on her back gasping and sobbing as she clutches her midsection.

Kelcie Face Sits a Submitting Rachel