Apartment Wrestling Match No. 73 Britta versus Luisa

This match is the seventy-third in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in Caracas and features a new girl looking to make it in the AWC taking on a girl from the Pacific Club.  The participants are:

Britta (5’8 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives a few hours from Brisbane Australia on the coast.  Britta is a social worker working for a charitable organization.  She is a big surfer and outdoors fanatic.  She hikes, bikes, and gets her exercise outside.  Britta’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My conditioning is great.  I’m strong and athletic.  I won’t tolerate another woman thinking she is better than me.   I am a mean fighter and this won’t be the first time I have fought another woman to show who is dominant.”

Britta Before a Fight

Luisa (5’6 119 lbs 25 y/o) lives near Caracas, Venezuela.  She is somewhat of a local celebrity and the mistress of a reputed drug lord.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym and in the clubs partying.  She has had her fair share of fights in order to defend her turf and social status.  Luisa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am a nasty, mean, spiteful, dominating bitch.  I take what I want and leave people in my way in ruins.  Fighting is part of life.  None of these weak sluts are tough enough to take me on!”


Luisa Before a Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Showing her experience, Britta spends a little time mingling with the guests in attendance for the fight.  Britta has learned that key decision makers in the Apartment Wrestling Club attend the fights and the pre-fight time period is a good time to leave a positive impression with them.  After spending about 30 minutes working the crowd, Britta heads to her room to prepare for the match.  Britta changes into her  pastel colored floral monokini suit for tonight’s fight.  After dressing, Britta works through a warm-up routine designed to stretch out her muscles and get her loose and prepared for the fight.  While she is working hard not to show her nervousness, Britta’s impression after watching the video materials of Luisa is that she might be a nasty and dirty fighter.  With the fight being on her home turf, Britta doesn’t quite know what to expect tonight.  In her pre-fight interview, Britta says “I think she is going to be at a disadvantage against me.  I have done this before and know what to expect.  This will be her first fight and I plan to take advantage of her lack of experience and beat her ass in front of her home crowd.”

Luisa arrives to a lot of murmuring and whispering in the crowd.  Her reputation locally is that of a fierce and cruel fighter.  Luisa wastes no time in heading for the bedroom where she gets dressed.  She pulls on a bright yellow bikini which contrasts with her dark complexion and dark hair.  She looks gorgeous in her skimpy bikini.  Luisa paces the room several times back and forth as she appears to be working herself up into an angry state.  She spends very little time stretching and trying to get loose.  Instead she seems intently focused on the mental preparation In her interview Luisa is brief and to the point.  She says “Britta is weak.  I don’t play games.  I will kick her ass and send her back to where she came from in shame.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Britta and Luisa.  “This fight tonight is using the new Club test rules.  It isn’t really going to matter.  I have heard some stories about how nasty of an opponent Luisa will be for Britta.  I think Britta is going to get her mauled.” The second commentator begins “Britta is focused tonight and she really wants to win badly.  This might be her night.  Luisa might be mean, but it doesn’t do a lot of good if Britta has her tied up in knots.  With that said, I think Luisa wins out in the end.  I just see Britta giving her a hell of a fight first.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter. The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules. “The club is using a new set of rules for this match-up tonight. For the first 15 minutes of the fight, either fighter may submit a fall. After a fall, will be a short 15 second break and the match will resume. If one fighter gets to 3 falls in the first fifteen minutes the match ends. If not, once the fight reaches the 15 minute mark, the last fall will be a complete submission. The fight will end as normal tradition when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue. No punching or kicking to the face, but all other moves are fine. If you don’t win 3 falls in the 15 minutes, your wins won’t matter if you lose the final fall. So finish your opponent quick or just finish her after the 15 minute mark. What matters is who is left standing at the end. Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go and understand the rules. Luisa, with an ugly sneer on her face hisses “Si!!!” loudly as she awaits the signal to start the fight.  Britta, now turning serious, stares back at Luisa with an empty look on her face.  “You don’t scare me bitch!!!” snaps out Britta as she locks her stare on her opponent.  Sensing the girls are ready to fight, the officiator steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

At the signal, Britta starts off cautiously as she takes up a fighting stance.  Luisa moves across the floor intent on getting the fight off to a quick start.  Britta reaches out to grab hold of Luisa as she starts to close into range of the blonde.  Just before getting into range of Britta’s reach, Luisa stops her progress forward and pivots her weight to her back leg.

Britta sees Luisa’s adjustment and starts to move her hands down in anticipation of the kick that is sure to come.  In a flash, Luisa’s foot lashes out and slams into the inside of Britta’s left knee area.  The force of the kick drives Britta’s foot out from under her causing her to lose her balance as her base is knocked from under her.  Britta cries out in pain and the crowd cheers as Luisa lands a telling blow in the initial exchange.

Luisa Lands a Powerful Kick Knocking Britta’s Leg Out From Under Her

Britta staggers several steps trying not to topple over and fall to the floor.  Luisa momentarily pauses as she gathers her feet under her and regains her balance after landing the vicious kick on Britta’s leg.  As Britta staggers, Luisa launches forward and lands a hard slap on Britta’s face.  Luisa knows the slap isn’t nearly as effective as striking Britta in the body, but she gambles on a face slap as a means to intimidate Britta and inflict some mental punishment.

Crying out in pain, Britta tries to get her balance and bring her hands up to defend her face from further attack.  The crowd cheers out as the WHACK sound of flesh on flesh from the face slap echoes through the room.  Luisa continues her attack keeping the pressure on a reeling Britta.  Luisa grabs the blonde by the hair yanking her head back before she is able to pull away and get some separation.

Ripping Britta Back by Her Hair, Luisa Lands Several Face Slaps

“PUTA!!!!” screams out Luisa wildly as she yanks the blonde backwards and lands several more slaps to her face as she pulls her off balance.  Each of Luisa’s yanks and tugs on Britta’s hair twists her neck from side to side causing her to let out yelps of pain.  Britta flails against Luisa as she tries desperately to recover her footing and fight back.

Before Britta is able to mount any sort of defense, Luisa yanks and twists her off balance and drags her down to the floor.  Britta catches herself landing on her hands and knees on the floor as Luisa hovers above her.  Luisa maintains her grip on Britta’s hair and yanks the blonde’s head back again causing her neck to be violently wrenched back.

Letting out another cry of pain, Britta screams out “Get off my bloody hair!!!” as she continues to take abuse at Luisa’s hands.  The demand more out of frustration than anything else as Britta so far is unable to do anything against her hellcat opponent.

“Fight me!!!” screams out Luisa as she drives home the point that Britta so far has done nothing but get drug all over the room and pushed around by Luisa.  The crowd cheers as Luisa taunts a defenseless Britta.  A male voice calls out “finish her” as Luisa seems to be on the verge of showing off rather than fighting.

Before Britta can follow Luisa’s direction, the Venezuelan pivots in towards Britta and drives her knee directly into Britta’s exposed ribcage.  The reminder from the crowd doing its job as Luisa resumes her focus on battering the blonde.  The knee lands with a loud THUD sound and has an immediate impact as Britta is flipped off of her knees and over to her back on the floor. Britta, now making gasping and moaning sounds, feels the impact of the knee to her ribs as she struggles to catch her breath.

Luisa Drives a Knee Into Britta’s Ribs Sending Her Crashing to the Floor on Her Back.

Britta’s gasps and moans encourage Luisa to keep up the pressure on her down opponent.  With several quick strides Luisa moves in next to Britta and stands over the top of her.  Britta shows no signs of getting to her feet or fighting back at this point as she is struggling to simply breathe.

“Now what puta . . . NOW WHAT!!!” screams out Luisa as she prepares to continue her offensive.  Britta so far has not surrendered the first fall and Luisa is more than happy for the fight to continue.  With Britta defenseless on the floor underneath her, Luisa drives a hard stomping foot down into Britta’s exposed belly.  The stomp causes Britta to let out a loud gasp OOOMMMPPHHHH as the air is driven from her body.

Knowing that Britta is on the verge of either passing out or giving up, Luisa lands a second stomp on Britta’s chest out of spite.  Luisa snarls as she lands the foot on Britta’s soft breast mashing it under her foot.  Britta moans again as her body takes a beating.

“Stop no more!!” gasps out Britta before Luisa can continue her attack.  The officiator quickly steps ino between the fighters and calls out “STOP” before Luisa can land another attack on Britta.  The crowd lets out a cheer as Luisa raises her arm in the air and waves her hand.  Luisa stands a few feet from the officiator as she waits for the action to resume.

Luisa Stomps a Submission Out of Britta

The officiator calls out “The winner of our first fall at 2 minutes into the match – Luisa.  We now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is Luisa 1 and Britta 0.”  Britta remains flat on her back on the floor as Luisa waits nearby.  The officiator stays positioned between the fighters to make sure Luisa doesn’t attack Britta before the second fall begins.

The crowd continues to cheer and congratulate Luisa after her quick win in the first fall of the fight.  As the rest period is about to expire, Britta manages to sit upright as she begins to get to her feet.  The officiator steps back after waiting for the rest period to expire and calls out “FIGHT” to get the second fall under way.

With Britta still not fully to her feet yet, Luisa launches forward with cat-like quickness.  Before Britta can get up, Luisa is on top of her and gives her a quick shove putting her back down on her ass.  Britta tries to reach up to grab Luisa, but Luisa buries her hand in the blonde’s thick mane before she is able to react.

Luisa yanks Britta’s head from one side to the other causing her to scream out in pain as her neck is twisted and her scalp tortured.  Before Britta can respond, Luisa lands repeated slaps on Britta’s exposed face.  The sounds of flesh on flesh echo through the Apartment as Britta’s face is slapped over and over by Luisa.

Luisa Rips Britta’s Head Around By Her Hair and Brutally Slaps Her Repeatedly

“Let’s go PUTA!!! You wanted to take what is mine!!!” Luisa screams out as Britta has no answer for the brutal assault.   “Oh god” cries out Britta as her face is hammered by the repeated slaps.  The crowd cheers wildly as Luisa dominates Britta.

Luisa steps back and yanks Britta by the hair forcing another scream from the blonde.  With a hard yank on the hair, Luisa flips Britta to the floor and rolls her to her stomach.  Once Britta hits the floor, Luisa releases the hair and steps forward jamming her foot into the middle of Britta’s upper back.  The stomp to the back generates a loud moan of pain from Britta.

With a nasty look on her face, Luisa steps forward and drops down onto Britta.  She slides her hips over the top of Britta’s shoulder area and reaches back pulling the blonde’s head up off the floor.  The pained look on Britta’s face tells the story as she moans out at Luisa’s attack.  Offering up almost no resistance, Britta looks thoroughly beaten at this point.  The crowd’s cheering for Luisa continues as she continues her domination of the fight.

“Such a loser” hisses out Luisa as she slides her legs along both sides of Britta’s head.  The blonde moans out as she Luisa locks her legs on Britta’s head applying a tight head scissors.  Moving quickly, Luisa leans out and pulls Britta’s leg up bending it awkwardly as she uses her grip to not only bend the leg but to also slide it outward.

The officiator moves in close to see if Britta is still conscious or trying to submit.  “Finish her” calls out a loud male voice from the crowd as Luisa poses atop the blonde’s prone body.  Luisa clamps her legs down a bit as her thigh muscles flex and ripple showing off her power.  Luisa pulls the leg out to the side a bit further and with a sudden slapping motion brings her free hand arcing across and into Britta’s ass or exposed crotch area.

The hard slap forces a cry from Britta, but Luisa is nowhere near finished with her attack.  Before Britta can submit the fall, Luisa curls her fingers into a clawing position and digs into Britta’s soft flesh between her legs and along her inner thighs.  As soon as the fingers curl inward, Britta screams in agony.

Luisa Ties Britta Up and Begins to Maul Her Exposed Crotch

“Submit submit . . . I give!!!” screams out Britta as Luisa claws into her crotch area and the soft skin of her inner thigh.  Luisa gives her head another squeeze as the officiator swoops in.  “LET HER GO!!! LET HER GO!!!” yells out the officiator.  Luisa smiles and releases Britta’s leg and pulls her hand out from between her legs.  As Luisa slides back to finishing climbing off the blonde, she takes the opportunity to get one last squeeze of the Britta’s head with the head scissor hold before letting go fully.

Another View of Luisa Ripping at Britta’s Soft Skin and Private Parts to Force a Submission.

“BREAK THE HOLD!!!” yells the officiator.  “That’s a submission!!” Luisa releases the hold and slowly climbs to her feet as she stands directly over Britta.  The officiator steps in close and announces “the winner of the second fall at 4 minutes and 45 seconds into the match – Luisa.  We will now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is now Luisa 2 and Britta 0.  Remember if Luisa forces another submission the match will end with a complete submission of the match by Britta.”

Luisa steps back with a smirk on her face watching as Britta struggles to recover on the carpet.  “This is too easy” she hisses out as the crowd cheers and call out congratulations on her success so far.  Britta moans and pushes her knees up underneath her body as she struggles to get back up to continue the fight.  As Luisa watches Britta struggle the short rest period ticks away.

The officiator calls out “FIGHT” as the rest period expires.  Luisa looks over with a puzzled look on her face.  “Is she done???” and the officiator motions no and for the fight to continue.  Britta, on the floor her chest rising and falling dramatically, breathes deeply while trying to gather the strength to continue the fight.  Luisa shrugs her shoulders and moves towards Britta.

Britta is Still Down as the Start of the 3rd Fall Approaches

“Get up whore!!!” snarls out Luisa as she steps close and reaches down to her prone opponent.  Luisa buries her hand deep in Britta’s hair as the blonde moans in pain.  With a sharp yank of her hair, Luisa pulls her opponent to her hands and knees.

“I said — GET UP!!!” Luisa yells out at her helpless opponent as she violently rips her off the floor and brings her up to her feet.  Britta screams out in pain as she Luisa tortures her battered body.  The crowd cheers wildly as Luisa mauls the helpless blonde.  The home crowd excited at the sight of their local fighter demolishing the foreigner.

Luisa Grabs Britta by the Hair and Roughly Yanks Her Off the Floor



With Britta now more or less on her feet, Luisa shakes her head side to side using her hair like a handle.  Britta cries out in pain as the crowd cheers for Luisa.  “Finish HER!!!” someone cries out from the crowd.  Luisa clearly in control as Britta fails to mount any resistance at all to Luisa’s efforts.

Rather than demand a submission from her opponent, Luisa walks Britta several steps forward as she drags the compliant blonde along by her hair.  With a sudden turn and yank Luisa propels Britta forward and slams her front first into the wall.  Britta collides with the wall with a loud THUD sound as she goes into the surface face first.

The officiator moves close to check if Britta is still conscious as Luisa holds her by the hair and allows her to sink to both knees as she leans against the wall.  Britta tries to pull an arm up to protect her face from any further contact with the wall and the officiator watches closely for a surrender now that Britta has confirmed she is still awake.

Luisa Slams Britta Into the Wall

You done yet!!!” hisses out Luisa as she holds Britta on her knees against the wall.  The blonde moans out, but does not submit to Luisa.  Or at least does not appear to submit to Luisa.  Britta’s stubbornness or lack of awareness costs her dearly as Luisa brings her other hand down in a chopping slap straight into the blonde’s face.

“I’ll break you PUTA!!!” yells out Luisa as she interprets Britta’s actions as a refusal to submit.  With her hand still resting over Britta’s face following the slap, Luisa claws her fingers into the tender facial flesh as she brings a knee into Britta’s back.  The knee lands with a loud thud forcing more moans of pain from the blonde.  The crowd now quieting down as Luisa appears to be brutalizing a helpless opponent.

Luisa’s Face Mauling and a Knee to the Back Drives Britta Closer to Surrender

The officiator continues to hover close by waiting for any sign of a surrender or a knockout as Britta continues to absorb punishment.  Luisa rips Britta back from the wall by the hair and slings the blonde to the carpet on her back.  Britta lands with a THUD and moans out loudly.  The crowd remains quiet as they fix their stares on Luisa standing over Britta.

“You done!!!!” growls out Luisa as she hovers menacingly over Britta waiting for a response.  Britta tries to push a hand up towards Luisa’s leg to continue to fight back.  The officiator watches closely as Luisa smiles nonchalantly at her battered opponent.

“Just give up” yells out a voice from the crowd trying to encourage Britta to end the fight.  The outcome of the fight not in question at this point, the only question remaining is how much more punishment would Luisa need to deliver to force Britta to submit.   Luisa steps forward and plants her foot directly on Britta’s chest and drives her flat to her back on the floor as she mashes down.

Luisa Throws Britta to the Floor and Stomps on Her Chest

“Give” moans out Britta as she finally reaches the end of her ability to continue absorbing pain.  The officiator steps in at the 7 minute and 45 second mark and quickly calls out “YOUR WINNER – LUISA!!!”  Luisa raises her arms over her head as she stands near Britta and takes in the cheers of the crowd.  She enjoys being in the spotlight and she enjoys winning.  Luisa’s body tingles with excitement as all eyes are fixed on her.  She already can’t wait for her next match.

While Luisa stands in the room drinking in the crowd’s love, Britta lays on the floor unmoving except for her chest moving up and down as she takes deep breaths.  Her body ravaged by pain she begins to quietly cry on the floor.  Her career as an apartment wrestler nothing like she hoped it would be as she is battered and defeated.

Luisa Celebrates Her Dominating Win Over Britta