Apartment Wrestling Match No. 74 Sasha versus Yuki

This match is the seventy-fourth in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in San Francisco in advance of the Tisha versus Anushka tournament fight.  The participants are:

Sasha (5’7 126 pounds 23 y/o) lives outside of Moscow.  Sasha is the young mistress of a wealthy oil executive.  She lives a jet setting lifestyle and travels the globe.  She works out regularly and keeps in tip top condition.  Recently the oil executive decided he wanted Sasha to dominate the Club scene.  She has spent a good amount of time practicing wrestling and boxing techniques in preparation for fighting in the Club.  Sasha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My love wants to see me dominate other women physically.  It is a huge excitement for me to do that as well.  The idea of another woman powerless against me is amazing.  I will crush my opponents and be the one everyone adores.”  Sasha has lost fights against both Analise and Sara.

Sasha Entering the Room Before the Fight

Yuki (5’3 110 pounds 26 y/o) lives outside of Tokyo.  Yuki is a software engineer at a manufacturing company.  In her spare time, Yuki takes courses in self-defense and plays video games.  Yuki is finds the idea of moving from fighting games to fighting other women to be incredibly exciting.  Yuki’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “The fighting game is an exciting one and I am dedicated to mastering it.  I have studied the sport and can apply my precision skill to making sure I am the one that wins the fights.”  Yuki has lost fights against both Bao and Charlotte.

Yuki Entering the Room Before the Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Yuki changes into a red and gray bikini outfight.  The colors compliment her skin tones and she looks great in her fight gear.  The Japanese sponsorship group has continued to talk about the unacceptable performances of both Yuki and Hiyoki.  Yuki knows that a loss tonight could be the end of her support from her home country and possibly the end of her Apartment Wrestling career.  Yuki works to block those thoughts from her mind as she prepares for her fight.  She spends a few minutes stretching and then a considerable period of time meditating quietly.  “She hasn’t won yet so my chances are good.  She is bigger than me, but that doesn’t bother me.  I have been working on my strategy for tonight and will use it well to defeat the Russian girl.  I will make sure she is the loser tonight.”

Sasha immediately heads to her changing room when she arrives at the fight location.  She quickly dresses in a blue and white print bandeau bikini.  Sasha spends a considerable amount of time stretching and preparing herself for the fight.  She has been working out hard as usual and is in very good physical shape.  Sasha has yet to win a fight in the Club and plans for tonight to be her night to shine.  She is especially convinced of this considering her size advantage over Yuki.  “I’m better than how my fights have ended.  I will win.  This poor girl tonight is my victim.  Tonight I show my toughness.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Yuki and Sasha.  “Someone gets their first win tonight.  That’s very exciting.  I think both these girls have the potential to succeed in the AWC.  I look for Sasha to win out because of her size advantage.” The second commentator begins “I agree.  Fights like this one are intense and exciting.  Both girls want that win and have faced some really tough opponents.  One girl gets her career going the right direction and the other goes home with all the regrets.  I think Yuki will make it a competitive fight, but in the end Sasha will get the win.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter. The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules. “The club is using a new set of rules for this match-up tonight. For the first 15 minutes of the fight, either fighter may submit a fall. After a fall, will be a short 15 second break and the match will resume. If one fighter gets to 3 falls in the first fifteen minutes the match ends. If not, once the fight reaches the 15 minute mark, the last fall will be a complete submission. The fight will end as normal tradition when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue. No punching or kicking to the face, but all other moves are fine. If you don’t win 3 falls in the 15 minutes, your wins won’t matter if you lose the final fall. So finish your opponent quick or just finish her after the 15 minute mark. What matters is who is left standing at the end. Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

Sasha, wanting to show off a bit tonight considering her plan to defeat her smaller opponent, immediately begins to dance a bit as she shows off her body to the crowd.  “This girl is all mine tonight” hisses out Sasha as the crowd enjoys her show.  Yuki smiles at the larger blonde and points at her “You’ll be my victim bitch” snaps back the dark haired beauty.  The crowd cheers as Yuki fails to back down.  The officiator steps back and asks both fighters if they are ready to fight.  Each nods their agreement as their faces go blank and emotionless.  Each now focusing on their opponent intently as the battle is set to get underway.

At the signal to begin, both fighters move across the room towards the other.  Neither fighter hesitates as they close into range.  Both fighters make a sudden lunge toward the other and they collide.  Pressed body to body the sound of grunts quickly comes from the battle as they lock hands and struggle against the other.

The Fighters Lock Up at the Start

Sasha, hoping to use her size advantage, presses hard into Yuki as she tries to overpower her opponent.  Yuki gives ground, but uses quick footwork to avoid being overwhelmed by Sasha.  Frustrated a bit by her inability to simply woman handle Yuki, Sasha grunts and twists as she continues with her efforts to unbalance her opponent.

Yuki, having none of that, matches Sasha’s efforts as she maintains her footing and tries to trip the bigger girl.  Sasha avoids the simple attempt to get her off balance and the two continue to struggle across the carpet in a swirl of activity.  Taking advantage of Yuki’s movements, Sasha manages to lift a knee and jam it into Yuki’s groin.  Yuki lets out a moan as the blow lands solidly on her body.

Sasha Puts a Knee Into Yuki’s Crotch

The force of the blow causes Yuki to involuntarily bend at the waist as her hands drop from Sasha’s.  Taking advantage of Yuki being momentarily stunned, Sasha grips her by the hair and prepares to drive a punch to her body.  Yuki lets out another moaning sound as she tries to wrap her arm around Sasha’s body.

“I’ll crush your puny tits!!!” yells out Sasha as she swings her arm and drives a fist into Yuki’s chest.  The Japanese fighter lets out a yelp as the blow mashes into her unprotected chest.  The crowd cheers as Sasha delivers her hard shot to Yuki.  The crowd seeming to be heavily in favor of the blonde as the smaller contingent of Yuki fans are drowned out.

Sasha Lands a Hard Punch on Yuki’s Breast

Before Sasha can pull her arm back and deliver another punch, Yuki pushes forward and wraps her arms around the Russian’s upper body.  The move purely a defensive effort to prevent any further punches as Yuki tries to regroup and find a way to turn things around.

Sasha growls out angrily as Yuki tries to wrap her arms around the blonde.  Sasha tries to punch through the Yuki’s grabbing attack, but is unable to throw an effective punch at her opponent.  The punch attempts keep Yuki from being able to fully wrap up her opponent and Yuki grunts out as she tries to push in closer to wrap Sasha up.

Yuki Tries to Tie Sasha Up to Prevent More Punches to Her Body

“Get off me” growls out Sasha as the Japanese girl stubbornly works herself in closer to Sasha’s body eliminating the opportunity for the Russian to land further punches.  Sasha switches tactics at this point and lets Yuki in close and then wraps her arms around Yuki’s body.  With a loud grunt, Sasha hoists Yuki off the floor and squeezes her in a tight bear hug.

OOOOHHHNNNNN moans out Yuki as Sasha squeezes her ribs and chest tightly in her grasp.  Yuki tries to wrap her arms around Sasha’s head and squeeze in return as she gasps for breath.  Sasha digs her fist into Yuki’s backbone as she tucks her head down and into Yuki’s chest to avoid having her face attacked.

Yuki, desperate to get free, unwraps her arms and tries to use Sasha’s hair to pull her head back to force her way free of the hold.  Sasha lets out another loud growl as she squeezes down even tighter on the bear hug.  Yuki moans out loudly and decides to surrender the fall rather than continue to try and fight free of Sasha’s crushing bear hug.

Yuki Gets Trapped in a Bear Hug and is Forced to Submit the First Fall

“No more!!” gasps out Yuki.  “Give!!!” she continues.  The officiator steps forward calling out “That’s a submission” in a loud voice.  The crowd cheers for Sasha as she opens her arms and drops Yuki allowing her to fall free of her grasp.  Yuki is quick enough to catch herself on her feet as she staggers away from Sasha.

Sasha raises her arm over her head and pumps her fist a couple times as her fans in the crowd celebrate her winning a fall from Yuki.  Yuki staggers away from Sasha and rubs at her back as she takes deep breathes before the next fall.  The officiator calls out “The winner of our first fall at 2 minutes into the match – Sasha.  We now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is Sasha 1 and Yuki 0.”

Yuki turns to face Sasha as the time for the rest period runs down.  At the same time, Sasha walks in a circle celebrating and showing off to the cheers of her fans in the crowd.  Yuki continues to clutch at her ribs with a pained expression on her face.  As the rest period expires, the officiator calls out “Round 2 – FIGHT!!!”

Sasha turns away from her celebrating and faces Yuki who continues to look as if she is still feeling the effects of the bear hug.  With a smug and confident look on her face, Sasha struts across the floor towards her smaller opponent.  The Sasha fans continue to cheer her on and one cries out “Finish it – Crush her!”

“You want to quit now bitch!!!” yells out Sasha as she closes in on Yuki.  Since the knee to the crotch worked so effectively in the last fall, Sasha steps in close reaching out for Yuki’s hair and at the same time pivoting slightly to bring her knee up towards Yuki.

With a quick movement that surprises Sasha and the crowd, Yuki shoots her hands out and pivots her body as she hooks the big blonde’s leg.  YAAAAAAHHH yells out Yuki as she lifts up on Sasha’s leg causing the blonde to cry out in surprise as suddenly she is faced with being toppled to the floor.  The overconfidence costing Sasha as it becomes clear that Yuki was baiting her into the reckless attack she just attempted.

Sasha Tries to Repeat the Knee Attack at the Start of the Second Fall But Yuki is Ready

Sasha attempts to maintain her balance on one leg, but Yuki lifts her captured leg higher and pushes in towards Sasha.  In an instant Sasha is toppled over and crashes to the floor on her back.  She moans out loudly from the hard impact as Yuki looms over her.  The once loud crowd now goes fairly quiet as the Sasha fans are as stunned as their fighter.

Sasha’s mind tells her to lash out with a kick to drive Yuki back, but her body won’t respond.  Yuki takes advantage of Sasha’s predicament and goes to work on her opponent’s long legs.  Lashing out with ferocity, the smaller girl lands several quick stomps on Sasha’s thighs as the blonde writhes on the carpet trying to recover enough to get back in the fight.

Yuki drops down to the floor and shoves a knee into Sasha’s ribs generating a loud moan and cry of pain from the blonde.  The Yuki fans in the crowd now become more vocal as they cheer on their fighter.  Yuki, now executing on her plan beautifully, rolls Sasha slightly to get her onto her side as she grinds her knee into her opponent’s back.

“You pay now arrogant whore!!” hisses out Yuki as she grabs hold of the leg she stomped several times and yanks it up into her grasp.  Pulling the leg up and back, Yuki twists and bends the leg as Sasha cries out in pain.

Sasha struggles to roll her body to try and escape Yuki’s hold, but the Japanese fighter is one step ahead of the blonde.  Reaching down with her other hand, Yuki snags Sasha’s left arm as she now grips both the left arm and left leg.  Using the arm and leg, Yuki bends Sasha around her knee as she twists the leg and arm causing Sasha pain across her entire body.

“You suffer now” snarls Yuki as Sasha cries out in pain.  With Yuki bending and twisting her body, Sasha recognizes she needs to submit the fall to avoid being worn down further.  Rather than prolong the hold, Sasha gasps out “Quit – I quit” as the Yuki fans in the crowd cheer on their fighter.  The officiator steps close and calls out “that’s a submission release the hold.”

Yuki Takes Sasha to the Floor and Bends Her Like a Pretzel to Force Sasha to Submit the Second Fall

Yuki drops the arm and the leg roughly forcing Sasha to involuntarily roll onto her stomach.  With the blonde’s ass pointing exposed to view, Yuki reaches down and slaps her on the ass as she rises off the carpet.  Taking advantage of the opportunity Yuki shoves her foot down on the blonde’s back and poses over her downed opponent as the crowd cheers in support of her win of the second fall.

“Get the fuck off me!!!!” screams out Sasha in a pained and frustrated voice.  Yuki smiles as she knows her showing off at Sasha’s expense has had its intended impact.  “Enough” calls out the officiator as Yuki steps back and away from Sasha.  The officiator announces “the winner of the second fall at 4 minutes and 35 seconds into the match – Yuki.  We will now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is now Sasha 1 and Yuki 1.”

Sasha climbs to her feet and angrily turns to the officiator.  “That’s unfair.  You let her continue after I submitted.  That’s cheating!!!” whines out Sasha.  Yuki smiles and holds her hands up innocently “You quit the match” she explains knowing full well that it was not a submission of the entire match but hoping to needle the blonde some more.  A fan yells out “quit crying and fight back then” as the officiator ignores the comment and calls out “the 3rd fall begins now – FIGHT!!!”

Sasha, still visibly angry from the end of the 2nd fall, turns towards Yuki and starts to move slowly across towards her.  Yuki waits for the blonde and puts her hands up and motions to Sasha with a let’s fight gesture.  As Sasha gets closer, she suddenly lunges forward towards Yuki reaching out for Yuki’s hair.  Yuki responds by driving a punch at Sasha’s ribs.

UNNNHHH grunts out Sasha as the punch lands on her body.  She ignores the impact as she grabs Yuki by the hair and yanks down on her head.  Yuki lands a second blow to Sasha’s body, but doesn’t get much force on the blow because of her body position as Sasha pulls her over.

With a quick pivot, Sasha turns and locks her arms around Yuki’s head as she applies a head lock.  Yuki grunts out and wraps her arms around the blonde as she tries to pull her opponent off balance to allow her to pull her head free.

Sasha Clamps on a Head Lock at the Start of the Third Fall

“Fuck you bitch” snaps out Sasha as she twists her body and pulls on Yuki’s head.  The Japanese girl is forced to follow along as Sasha pulls her around in a circle.  With each turn and pull Yuki tries to work her head free of the hold.  The Sasha fans in the crowed cheer as their fighter takes control of the fight again at the start of this fall.

Sasha, feeling her grip being loosened by Yuki’s efforts growls out loudly and twists her hip as she attempts to drag Yuki to the floor.  Yuki’s body is pulled off balance as her larger opponent uses her height advantage to accomplish her goal before Yuki can pull her head free.

“Fuck you bitch” snaps out Sasha as she twists her body and pulls on Yuki’s head.  The Japanese girl is forced to follow along as Sasha pulls her around in a circle.  With each turn and pull Yuki tries to work her head free of the hold.  The Sasha fans in the crowed cheer as their fighter takes control of the fight again at the start of this fall.

Sasha, feeling her grip being loosened by Yuki’s efforts growls out loudly and twists her hip as she attempts to drag Yuki to the floor.  Yuki’s body is pulled off balance as her larger opponent uses her height advantage to accomplish her goal before Yuki can pull her head free.

Using her size advantage, Sasha drags Yuki across her leg and takes her to the floor.  Sasha maintains her grip on Yuki’s head as they go to the floor.  Going to the floor gives Sasha the opportunity to tighten her grip on the head lock as she lays her upper body across the top of Yuki to maintain the hold.

Yuki wiggles her lower body as she struggles to find a way to pull herself free of Sasha’s grip.  She groans out as Sasha uses her weight to press down into Yuki’s chest.  Yuki first grabs hold of Sasha’s hand and tries to pull the arm off of her head, but is unable to work free.

Sasha Drags Yuki to the Floor in the Tight Head Lock

“Give up bitch or I’ll suffocate you” snarls Sasha as she tries to lean her chest towards Yuki’s face.  With Sasha’s large soft breast moving closer to her face, Yuki grunts out and shifts her approach.  Pushing a hand into Sasha’s blonde hair, Yuki grabs hold and pulls back.  The sudden grip on her hair forces Sasha to stop her effort to mash her breast into Yuki’s face.  NNNGGGHHH grunts out Sasha as her hair is pulled back.

“You bitch” grunts out Sasha as her neck is twisted and her head is forced back by the hairpull.  With her other hand, Yuki pushes into Sasha’s breast mashing down as she shoves against her opponent’s chest trying to force a separation.  Sasha attempts to maintain the head lock as Yuki pulls her head and pushes against her chest.

After a brief struggle, Sasha is forced back far enough that Yuki is able to swing her right leg up and quickly loop it around and in front of Sasha’s body.  The leg coming across forces Sasha to release the grip as her upper body is pulled even further back from Yuki.  The blonde struggles to force her way back down atop Yuki, receives a punch to the chest as Yuki creates enough separation to land the blow.

Yuki Struggling to Break Free

The punch to the chest breaks the last bit of resistance from Sasha as she is toppled over backwards by Yuki’s leg draped across her body.  Sasha crashes to the floor as Yuki is able to wrap her legs around her body putting Sasha into a body scissors.

Yuki takes advantage of Sasha’s hitting the floor with a THUD as the blonde is stunned for a short moment.  During that short moment, Yuki is able to swivel her body slightly to get her body scissors locked squarely onto Sasha’s midsection.  With a hard squeeze of her legs, Yuki is able to generate an immediate impact as the blonde gasps out.

OOHHHHHNNNNNN comes from Sasha as Yuki ratchets up the pressure on her midsection.  Sasha pushes a hand over Yuki’s leg and tries to create a small amount of separation to allow her to catch her breath.  At the same time, Sasha reaches up towards Yuki’s upper body trying to grab at Yuki’s hair or chest area to try and force her way free.

“No no blondie!!!” teases Yuki as she grabs Sasha by the wrist trapping her hand before she can find a sensitive area to latch onto.  At the same time, Yuki tenses up her leg muscles and applies more pressure to Sasha’s body.  The Sasha fans again falling silent as the Japanese girl outwrestles Sasha and traps her in what seems to be a devastating hold.

OOOHHHHHHHHH yells out Sasha as her body is crushed yet again by Yuki’s legs.  Sasha’s attempts to pull the leg off of her body going nowhere as she moans and gasps.  Rather than continue to take more punishment Sasha taps her hand on Yuki’s leg.  The Japanese fighter ignores the tap and squeezes down again forcing a loud AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHGGGGGHHHHH from Sasha.

“Give Give” gasps out Sasha as she pleads to surrender the fall.  The officiator hearing the surrender steps in close and calls out “That’s a submission release the hold!!”  Yuki opens her legs and places her foot on Sasha’s should and shoves the blonde roughly off of her bottom leg.  The force of the shove causes Sasha to flop over her stomach and lie face down.

Yuki Crushing Sasha’s Ribs with Her Scissors to Force Sasha to Submit the Third Fall
Another View of Yuki’s Devastating Body Scissor Hold

Yuki rolls to her feet and steps over the top of Sasha and again puts her foot on the blonde and flexes her bicep for the crowd.  “Get off now or you are disqualified” snaps the officiator causing Yuki to quickly step back from her downed victim.  Sasha pushes herself up off the floor with an angry look on her face.

The officiator announces “the winner of the third fall at 8 minutes and 45 seconds into the match – Yuki.  We will now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is now Yuki 2 and Sasha 1.  One more fall for Yuki will end the match.”  Throughout the short break, both fighters end up on their feet facing one another.  Yuki, now feeling confident after winning two straight falls, looks eager to go after Sasha to start the fourth fall.  After the short rest period expires, the officiator calls out “the 4th fall begins now – FIGHT!!!”

Sasha slowly moves forward as she warily approaches Yuki.  After having lost the last two falls in a row she doesn’t want to allow Yuki a chance to end the fight.  The crowd calls out support for their fighter and now the Yuki supporters seem to be a bit more vocal or a few of the Sasha fans have switched their allegiance.  Yuki confidently moves forward as she studies Sasha carefully looking for an opening to allow her to continue her control of the fight.

Yuki darts in towards Sasha and shoots out a quick slap towards Sasha’s face.  The blonde pushes a hand up and deflects Yuki’s slap away from her face and takes the force of the slap on her forearm.  The sound of flesh against flesh resounds throughout the room.  Sasha, not wanting to be caught by another counterattack from Yuki steps back to create some separation rather than attack the Japanese fighter.

Before Sasha can get her defenses up properly, Yuki grabs hold of her left arm and shoves it out and back moving it away from their bodies.  Sasha attempts to step in and reach for Yuki’s hair with her right hand, but before she can land her attack Yuki shoves her backward.  Along with the shove backward, Yuki manages to slide her right leg behind Sasha’s without the Russian fighter detecting the attack.

Yuki Goes For a Trip to Start the 4th Fall

Sasha staggers over Yuki’s leg and struggles to maintain her balance before tumbling back onto her ass on the carpet.  Yuki comes right down with her as the grip on her arm pulls her along as well.  Yuki moves quickly as they go to the floor and shoves Sasha from her ass directly to her back on the floor.

The blonde lets out a moan of pain as she lands on her back with a THUD sound.  Expecting the blonde to be stunned, Yuki spins her body around and plops down on Sasha’s chest with her ass facing the blonde’s face.  The crowd cheers as Yuki appears to be getting ready to reverse face sit her opponent.

“She’s done now!!!” calls out Yuki as Sasha groans out from the impact of Yuki’s ass dropping down on her midsection.  With Yuki’s ass looming in front of her face, Sasha recognizes she is going to be in real trouble if she doesn’t act quickly.  Sasha hands are free and she reaches out and pushes one hand against Yuki’s lower back and with the other she reaches up towards Yuki’s hair.

Yuki’s progress of shoving her ass back into Sasha’s face is interrupted by Sasha’s hand shoving forward on her low back.  Realizing she didn’t soften the blonde up enough, Yuki shoves a fist down into Sasha’s belly causing the blonde to let out a loud UUUMMMPHHH sound after the impact.  The crowd cheers Yuki on sensing she might be about to finish off Sasha.

Gasping for breath from the attacks on her belly, Sasha finds Yuki’s hair and yanks back on it sharply.  The yank on the hair causes Yuki to cry out and involuntarily lean backward.  With Yuki’s facesit attempt blocked for the moment, Sasha uses her other hand to reach around and grab for the Japanese girl’s chest.  She lands her claws directly on Yuki’s left breast and immediately squeezes down.

Yuki Struggling to Get a Reverse Face Sit on Sasha
Another View of the Struggle on the Ground

Yuki cries out in pain as her body is attacked from multiple directions.  She reacts to the attacks by trying to twist free and lean forward to get her body out of reach of Sasha’s hair pulling and breast mauling.  While her instinct helped Yuki slip somewhat out of harm’s way, she didn’t realize it put her in the path of even greater danger.

“YAAAHHHH!!!!” cries out Sasha as she takes advantage of Yuki’s mistake by bringing her legs up and suddenly snapping them shut on Yuki’s upper body.  Using her strong legs, Sasha thrusts forward and pulls down on Yuki.  Before Yuki can react she is slammed down face first to the floor with Sasha’s legs wrapped around her body.

The Sasha fans in the crowd immediately being cheering loudly for Sasha as their fighter reverses the control of the fight.  Yuki moans out weakly as she is stunned from the impact with the floor.  Sasha uses her legs to apply pressure to Yuki’s body and at the same time begins to slap her hands down on Yuki ass giving her a spanking.

“Now who’s done!!!” yells out Sasha as she tries to humiliate and punish Yuki.  The officiator watches closely as Yuki cries out in pain from the multiple attacks being applied by Sasha.  Yuki knows there is no escape from this predicament and she quickly cries out “I give I give!!!”

Sasha Using a Scissor Hold to Force Yuki to Submit the Fourth Fall

The officiator hearing the surrender steps in calls out “She gave release her!”  Sasha digs her claws into Yuki’s ass and rakes her nails on her exposed flesh before she opens her legs and releases the hold.  Yuki cries out in pain from the clawing and the crowd cheers for Sasha’s win in the fall and her extra little attack after the submission.

Sasha slides free of Yuki and climbs to her feet moving back towards the edge of the room.  She leans over at the waist and breathes deeply trying to recover from the fast pace of the fight.  Yuki slowly climbs to her feet looking a bit worn herself.  The crowd continues to call out their support for their favorite fighter as they try to recover and prepare for the final fall.

The officiator announces “the winner of the fourth fall at 13 minutes and 25 seconds into the match – Sasha.  We will now have a 15 second rest break before the next round will begin.  The score is now Yuki 2 and Sasha 2.  At this point, the winner of the next fall wins the match.  The next submission is the final submission of the fight.”  After the short rest period expires, the officiator calls out “the 5th and final fall begins now – FIGHT!!!”

“AAAIIYYAAAAHHHH” yells out Sasha as she rushes towards Yuki and goes on the attack.  With Yuki being slammed to the floor in the last fall, Sasha wants to overwhelm her quickly and finish the fight.  She knows she is tiring and doesn’t want to prolong the fight any longer than necessary.  Yuki launches in the direction of Sasha as the crowd is on its feet cheering for the two.

Sasha reaches out to wrap up Yuki in a head lock type of hold, but her grasp finds only air.  Yuki ducks under the reach and immediately snags the blonde by the arm.  Before Sasha can recover, Yuki yanks Sasha by the arm and drags her over her hip and slams her to the floor.  Sasha lands on the floor with a thundering crash as the crowd lets out a collective groan on her behalf.

Sasha Ends Up Overextended and Being Drug Over Yuki’s Shoulder

Sasha cries out as she lands face down on the floor.  She lies still as Yuki pivots and drops to the floor atop the blonde.  Maintaining her grip on Sasha’s arm, Yuki slides her knees over the top of Sasha and mashes the blonde to the floor.  With a hard yank, Yuki pulls Sasha’s arm up between her legs and wrenches it backward.

“YYOOOOWWWW!!!!” screams out Sasha as the pain shoots through her arm and up into her shoulder.  All she can do is cry out in pain as Yuki has her trapped on the rug.  Her body aching and resisting her commands to push free.  The length of the fight and the brutal slam to the floor having pretty much knocked the last of the will to continue from the blonde.

Yuki Goes to Work on Sasha’s Arm as She Pins Her to the Floor
Another View of Yuki Working Over Sasha’s Arm

“Surrender!!!” screams out Yuki as the Sasha cries out in pain from the arm hold.  A loud voice in the crowd yells out “break it off” as Yuki waits for Sasha to submit.  The officiator, expecting a submission has moved in close to the action.  Sasha cries out in pain and responds “noooo” in a moaning voice.

“You stupid” hisses out Yuki as she gives the arm another tug upward which generates another scream of pain from Sasha.  The blonde, unwilling to surrender, is unable to work herself free of Yuki’s grasp.  Yuki continues to work on Sasha’s arm for the moment causing her to cry and wail in pain as she makes sure the blonde is helpless to resist.

After several minutes of torturing Sasha in the arm hold, Yuki rotates her body and straddles Sasha’s back.  With the arm now draped over her knee, Yuki reaches down and yanks Sasha’s bikini top up and off of her chest.  The crowd cheers in support as Yuki shows off the blonde’s full breasts to the crowd and the camera.

“You give or you pass out” hisses out Yuki as she pulls the bikini top up and around the blonde’s neck.  She immediately beings to strangle Sasha with her own bikini top forcing Sasha to gasp and choke in her grasp.  No longer fighting back, Sasha is simply being throttled and humiliated by Yuki.  Not hearing an immediate surrender, Yuki begins landing open handed slaps to the side of Sasha’s face while she chokes the breath from the blonde.

Sasha Pays the Price for Refusing to Surrender

“Give” croaks out Sasha as tears roll down her face.  The officiator, fearing for Sasha’s well-being, steps in quickly and calls out “that’s it the fight is over!!!”  Yuki untangles the bikini top from Sasha’s neck and lets her drop to the floor on her face.  Standing over Sasha, Yuki spins the top in her hand and then flings it into the cheering crowd.  What was once a crowd that seemed to be in support of Sasha is now full of Yuki fans.

Looking down at the blonde, Yuki leans over and pulls her up by her hair.  “They all get to see you now blondie!!!” hisses out a tired but happy Yuki.  Holding Sasha up by her hair, Yuki flexes her bicep for the crowd as she celebrates her victory over Sasha.  The officiator calls out “Your winner 3 falls to 2 — YUKI!!!!”

The crowd continues to cheer as Yuki releases Sasha’s hair and shoves her back to the floor.  The Russian lies face down on the floor as Yuki slowly struts out of the room to her changing room.  The officiator checks on Sasha as the crowd begins to filter out to the party next door.

Yuki Displays Sasha After Forcing Her to Submit