Apartment Wrestling Match No. 75 Anushka versus Tisha

This fight is the seventy-fifth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in San Francisco.  This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Tisha (5’2 122 pounds 20 y/o) is from the Atlanta area.  She recently quit school and works as a waitress to make ends meet.  She is drawn to Apartment Wrestling by the promise of fame/money in the hopes it will help her obtain a career in modeling someday.  Tisha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I need to win.  I want to win more than any other girl you will find.  That’s why I can’t be beaten!” So far Tisha has easily beaten Melinda and Wendy and lost to Sierra, Bailey and Suzette.  In her last match, Tisha beat Raine in the first round of the tournament in a hard fight.

Tisha Flexing Before the Fight Begins

Anushka (5’9 133 pounds 29 y/o) lives in Mumbai India.  Anushka is an actress and professional dancer in India.  When she isn’t busy performing, she spends time traveling.  She works out on a regular basis to stay fit and ready for performing.  Anushka’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a tigress.  I don’t take no for an answer and I have never met another woman that was better than me at anything.  I will rule Apartment Wrestling like I rule everything else in my life.”  Anushka won her first fight against Glenna and her second match with Hiyoko.  While the fight with Glenna was hard fought, Anushka dominated Hiyoko in her last fight.  Anushka lost to Bao and then dominated Camilla in the first round of the tournament.



Anushka Calling Out Tisha Before the Fight


Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Tisha changes into her pink bottoms and black bikini top as she prepares for tonight’s fight.  Once dressed, Tisha stretches and warms her body up for the fight.  So far her greatest strength on the rug has been her ability to outlast opponents.  She has worked hard to try and be in good physical condition with the limited time she has available to hi the gym.  “I need to keep winning.  This tournament is a chance for me to show my ability to be a top contender in the Apartment.  I’m ready for tonight.  I want this more than she does and I will be the winner when it’s all over with.  This girl doesn’t have the ability to stay in hard fights and that’s what she is going to get tonight.”

Anushka arrives and immediately heads to her changing room.  She unpacks her bag and lays out her bikini on the bed in the room.  She quickly undresses and works through a warm-up routine completely nude.  Before getting dressed in her bikini, she applies a light coat of oil to her body as she readies herself mentally and physically.  After her final preparations are completed, she pulls on her light blue green bikini with block spots.  The color is a great choice as it stands out and highlights her dark skin and dark features.  She has been working out hard as usual and is in very good physical shape.  “I destroyed the last girl they brought me.  Tonight I will destroy another.  The title is mine and I will claim it.  I am the tiger and there is no chance for this American to stand up to me.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Anushka and Tisha.  “This fight is going to be awesome.  Tisha is a battler with huge heart.  Anushka is a fearless and vicious fighter.  Sadly only one of them gets to continue on in the tournament.  I think Anushka is going to be too much for Tisha.  Look for the Indian Tiger to maul Tisha.” The second commentator begins “I love this match-up.  Anushka is a tough competitor and can really take the fight to her opponent.  Tisha never quits.  She has battled through adversity to win.  With elimination on the line it will be intense.  I think Tisha gets the win in the end.  I look for a little bit longer of a fight which favors Tisha’s style and abilities.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”


The Fighters Face Off Before the Tourney Fight Begins

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Tisha, with an intense stare on her face simply nods her head.  Anushka returns the stare as neither fighter shows any emotion at all as the fight is about to begin.  The crowd noise begins to grow as the excitement in the room continues to grow in these last few minutes before the start of the fight.  The intensity of both fighters starting to rub off on the divided room as each girls fans begin to call out support for their favorite.

The officiator sends the girls to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

At the signal to begin, both fighters move across the room towards the other.  As they close on one another each of them slows their progress and pushes their hands out in front as they prepare to engage the other.  The two circle a bit as they look for an opening.  Each taking turns feinting towards the other as the two cautiously prepare to lock up.  The crowd evenly split as each fighter has a strong contingent of fans in the room.

After several moments, Tisha lunges forward and crashes into Anushka.  The two mash their bodies together and Tisha tries to shove Anushka off balance using her lower center of gravity.  At the same time, Anushka works to use her height to bear down on Tisha and try to force her backwards.  Now tangled together and pressed body to body both girls let out loud grunts of effort as they struggle for control.

The Fight Is Underway

The initial struggle resulting in a stalemate now as each fighter is unable to overpower or unbalance the other.  The crowd cheering loudly as they try to will their favorite into control of the match.  As the struggle goes nowhere, both fighters shift to the same tactic in the struggle.  The grunting reaching a louder and more pronounced level as the struggle intensifies.

“Bitch” hisses out Anushka as she slides her hands up going for her opponent’s hair.  Not to be outdone, Tisha growls back “Gonna kick your ass” as she slides her hands up and grabs at Anushka’s hair.  As each buries her hands in the other’s hair, they press their bodies close together and grunt out loudly.

Unable to Overpower the Other Both Fighters Resort to Hair Pulling to Try and Gain Control

The fighters stagger in a circle now as they yank and tug at their opponent’s hair.  The goal for both now shifts to inflicting pain on the other and trying to sling their opponent to the floor.  The grunts now intermingled with short yelps of pain as the scalps are getting worked over by the hair pulling.

After turning and twisting in unpredictable gyrations, Anushka is able to get Tisha turned and close to the wall.  With a sudden shove, Anushka drives Tisha up against the wall.  With the smaller brunette trapped against the wall, Anushka yanks on her hair and then swings a hooking punch around her body catching her in the belly.

Anushka Gains Control and Buries a Fist in Tisha’s Belly as She Presses Her Into the Wall

OOOOOFFFF gasps out Tisha as Anushka lands the blow.  The Anushka fans cheer loudly as their fighter appears to be taking control of the fight.  Tisha, maintaining her grip on Anushka’s hair, tugs sharply forward hoping to force the Indian girl to respond to the hair pulling rather than continue trying to punch at her body.

“You want more of that whore!!!” snarls Anushka as she ignores the hair pulling attempts and hooks another punch around Tisha’s body landing it on her opponent’s right breast.  The force of the punch causes Tisha to groan out in pain from the shot to her soft breast.  Wanting to find a way free, Tisha drops to her knees in an effort to slip out of Anushka’s grasp.

The Indian fighter hooks a hand under Tisha’s chin trying to pull her head back and wiggle her hand into a better spot to choke her opponent.  With a hand still buried in Anushka’s hair, Tisha reaches back and manages to loop her other arm around her opponent’s right leg and pulls it forward.  With a grimace on her face, Tisha struggles to pull Anushka over her body.  A voice in the crowd yells out “Choke her out” as Anushka’s grip closes in on getting a choke hold applied on Tisha.

Anushka Trying to Lock on a Hold as Tisha Goes to her Knees

HYYYAHHHH yells out Tisha as she swiftly yanks up on Anushka’s leg and yanks the hair.  These moves combined with thrusting her lower body upwards allows Tisha to drag an unsuspecting Anushka over her shoulder and to the floor in front of her.  Anushka groans out as she lands on her back in front of Tisha.  The move catching her by surprise as Tisha momentarily hovers over the top of the Indian fighter.

Taking advantage of Anushka being surprised, Tisha lunges forward and plops her body down across Anushka’s chest.  The THUD sound of Tisha land on Anushka’s body resonates through the room as Anushka lets out a groan after the impact.  UNNNHHHH.  Before Anushka has a chance to fight back, Tisha pins her to the floor.  The bad news for Tisha is a pin doesn’t count for much in the AWC.

“Got ya now!!” hisses out Tisha in her southern accent as she mashes down atop Anushka.  While the pin doesn’t count, it does have the effect of frustrating and embarrassing Anushka which allows Tisha to garner some benefit.  Anushka tries to twist and push free, but Tisha has her leg hooked with prevents her from getting much leverage to wiggle her way free of Tisha’s body now pressing down on her chest.

Tisha Flips Anushka Over to the Floor and Dives Atop Her

Tisha and Anushka struggle for several moments as the crowd attempts to will their fighter into control of the battle.  The crowd more or less evenly divided in the room and everyone calling out loudly in support of their girl.  A chant of “tiger . . . tiger . . . tiger” starts to form as the Anushka fans get behind their fighter.

After several moments of struggling, Tisha manages to trap Anushka’s right arm with her legs and her left arm with her own left arm.  For the moment, Anushka is trapped under Tisha.  Using her free right arm, Tisha bangs her elbow back into Anushka’s exposed ribcage.  The blows don’t have a lot of force because of the angle, but they do the job as Anushka moans out in pain from each blow.

Tisha Secures Anushka’s Arms and Slams Several Elbows Into Anushka’s Ribs

“More like kitty cat” snaps Tisha as she keeps Anushka pinned to the floor.  With the angle preventing her from doing any serious damage, Tisha pushes up a bit and twists her upper body to position herself to be able to land some heavier blows on Anushka.  Her opponent though is ready for the move and takes advantage of Tisha exposing herself.

With Tisha more upright and leaning towards Anushka’s lower body, the timing is perfect for Anushka’s escape attempt.  The Indian fighter swings her legs up catching Tisha unprepared.  Before Tisha can react to avoid them, Anushka’s legs swing up and wrap around her upper body.  With a twist of her hips, Anushka uses her legs to drag a surprised Tisha forward and out of her solid pinning position.

Anushka Catches Tisha with Her Legs and Tries to Lock on a Scissor Hold

Anushka grunts as she tries to get her legs locked solidly around Tisha’s body.  Tisha tries to twist free, but Anushka’s legs are low enough on her body she is unable to get turned or get a hand into position to pry the legs apart.  The Anushka fans now become more vocal again as she has Tisha in a bit of a predicament again.  “Crush her . . . Finish her” can be heard from the crowd.

Tisha’s mind races as she looks for a way to prevent Anushka from being able to fully apply the scissor hold and capture her in a bad spot.  Realizing the position of their bodies, Tisha quickly slips a leg over the top of Anushka’s body before the Indian fighter can react.

Seeing an opportunity to either try to crawl free or apply a reverse head scissors, Tisha quickly ponders her course of action.  Anushka pushes her hands up and shoves them into Tisha’s ass.  She too sees the risk of Tisha lowering her ass and locking on a reverse scissors and she wants to prevent that at all costs.

Tisha Swings Her Lower Body Over Tisha as She Works to Avoid the Scissor

Feeling the hands shoving against her ass, Tisha realizes it will take time she doesn’t have to work her lower body into position to scissor Anushka and that she will be more or less locked in a scissor hold the entire time she is working on that hold.  Not wanting to risk being worn down by Anushka’s strong legs, Tisha uses the momentum of the shoving against her ass as she also shoves her body forward.

“What the . . .” barks out Anushka as Tisha suddenly scampers forward and is able to slide through her legs.  With Tisha separating from her, Anushka has no choice but to give up on the idea of holding onto the scissor hold.  Rather than try to pursue Tisha, Anushka rolls to her feet and prepares to re-engage with Tisha again.  Tisha scampers several feet away and moves to her feet as well.

Both girls looking satisfied with their efforts to get separation fires up the crowd and the rival contingents cheer loudly for their favorite fighter in the evenly divided room.  The body language and facial expressions of both Tisha and Anushka showing that each feels as if she was successful so far in the fight.  While both girls put off the impression they are winning the fight, only one will truly be the winner and the crowd’s cheering motivates a quick return to the fight by both.

Each girl readies herself to continue the fight as Tisha moves back in towards Anushka.  The raven-haired fighter cautiously awaits as she closes into range.  Anushka flicks her right hand up and Tisha recognizes the move as an attempt to launch a slap at her face.  Tisha responds by moving a hand up to defend face and pivots to allow her to use her other hand to snag the arm once she blocks the slap.

Unfortunately for Tisha, the expected slap never materializes.  Anushka’s move nothing more than a feint as she pivots and catches Tisha flat-footed and unable to react to the real attack.  Lashing out with her left leg, Anushka lands a solid kick on Tisha’s lower back with a THUMP sound.  Tisha lets out a loud cry of pain as the kick forces her to stagger several feet forward.

Back on Their Feet Facing Off and Anushka Lands a Big Kick to Tisha’s Back

“OHHH FUCK!!!” moans out Tisha as the impact of the kick has her visibly hurting.  Before Tisha can recover from the attack, Anushka regains her balance and then launches forward into Tisha from the side.  Tisha pushes an arm down trying to push Anushka away, but it is way too late to have any effect at all as Anushka presses her advantage.

Intent on punishing Tisha now that she has the opportunity, Anushka wraps her right arm around Tisha’s body to hold her in place.  With a loud grunt, Anushka ball her left hand into a fist and shoots an uppercut style punch between Tisha’s legs from behind.  The uppercut lands squarely on Tisha’s crotch area and she lets out a loud gasp of pain in response to Anushka’s dirty tactics.

Anushka Presses Her Advantage and Lands a Below the Belt Shot on Tisha

“I’ll show you kitty cat” hisses Anushka as Tisha groans out loudly and instinctively brings her hands down between her legs to clutch at herself.  Anushka raises up and steps in close to Tisha shooting her arm out and hooking it around Tisha’s right arm.  The positioning allows Anushka to hold Tisha in place and prevent her from dropping down or sliding forward to escape.  “Cheater” yells out someone from the crowd as Anushka’s fans cheer her on.

Before Tisha can slip away or defend herself Anushka pivots slightly and slams her left fist into Tisha’s back.  The blow lands on Tisha’s exposed back with a THUMP sound and Anushka hammers home in rapid succession several more quick punches to Tisha’s back.  The blows force an involuntary cry of pain from Tisha as her face shows the pain caused by the punches.  The strong punches causes Tisha’s knees to buckle as she wavers under Anushka’s attack.

Anushka Hooks an Arm and Drives Several Punches to Tisha’s Back

Sensing an opportunity to potentially finish off Tisha, Anushka spins her around and quickly snakes her arm around Tisha’s head and applies a front face lock hold with her right arm.  “Finish her now” yells out an Anushka fan as they also sense an opportunity for their girl to win the fight.  Tisha groans out and pushes against Anushka’s body with her hands as she tries to force some separation.

“Surrender to me” calls out Anushka as she twists on Tisha’s head trying to throttle Tisha and persuade her to end the fight.  When Tisha refuses to surrender quickly, Anushka pulls her left arm off of the face lock and swings her fist out in a wide arc to land a punch into Tisha’s exposed ribcage.  The punch generates another muffled cry of pain from Tisha.

Tisha realizes she is at a critical juncture of the fight and needs to find a way free immediately.  Her hands press against Anushka’s strong abdomen with no success in pushing the Indian fighter back.  Knowing that tactic isn’t going to work, Tisha shifts approaches.  In a bit of desperation, Tisha lashes out with a punch to Anushka’s groin area.  The punch lands solidly on Anushka generating a cry of pain.


Anushka Goes For a Face Lock and Attempts to Continue Punching Tisha in the Body

OHHHHHHH gasps out Anushka as the blow lands on her body.  The shock of the punch to the groin ends Anushka’s interest in continuing her punches to Tisha’s body.  She immediately pulls away and downward on Tisha.  Anushka’s reaction forces the two to go to the floor where a scramble for control breaks out between the two.  Anushka, now looking a bit more frazzled after taking the punch to the groin is struggling to control Tisha.  Both fighters are panting and appear to be out of breath from the prolonged fight.

After a few moments of wrestling, Tisha ends up underneath Anushka on her back as the Indian fighter tries to slide herself into position to apply a cross body pin.  Tisha shoves her hands against Anushka trying to push her out of position to prevent the pin.  The evenly divided crowd calling out support for their favorite as the battle rages.  Tisha’s effort succeeds as she forces Anushka back some and manages to sit herself upright while Anushka kneels over her lower body.


The Fight Goes to the Ground Now as Both Fighters Are Hurting

“Bitch” grunts out Anushka as she struggle to shove Tisha back to the floor again.  “Fuck” you gasps out Tisha as she yanks hard on Anushka’s hair.  The tired fighters appearing angry and frustrated as neither has been able to take solid control of the fight.  “You got this Tisha” yells out a fan in the crowd as they struggle for control.

Anushka slips a hand underneath Tisha’s leg and yanks up as she pushes her body into her opponent.  Using the leverage of the leg and her fully body weight, Anushka is able to force Tisha back down on the floor on her back as she positions herself atop her stubborn opponent.

Taking advantage of the moment, Anushka lands a slap on Tisha’s exposed face as she tries to mount Tisha.  The slap causes Tisha to yelp out in pain and she returns the favor by shoving a fist into Anushka’s ribs forcing the Indian fighter to audibly grunt from the blow.  The actions of both at this point are slow and deliberate as the punishment they have taken and the physical toll of the long fight set in on their bodies.

The Battle Continues on the Ground

Tisha lands a second punch on Anushka’s ribs and the Indian fighter slides back in an attempt to disengage from Tisha.  Her ribs aching, Anushka wants to avoid any further punches and is willing to give up a potential opportunity to continue slapping her opponent in the face.  The ribs now sore and throbbing from Tisha’s various attacks throughout the fight.  Tisha is more than happy to let Anushka slip away from her and rolls up to her knees.

Anushka gets to her knees with a few feet of separation between the two of them.  Both are taking deep breathes as they try to suck in enough oxygen to fuel them through the final part of the fight.  Tisha runs a hand up and pushes her hair back away from her face as she prepares to engage with Anushka again. The Indian fighter glares at Tisha and winces as she turns her body slightly.  It is clear to everyone in the room that she is feeling the effects of the repeated attacks to her ribs.

After composing themselves, both fighters slide forward and smash together.  Anushka lets out a loud AAAIIIEEEEAAAA growling sound as she tries to intimidate Tisha.  Her opponent lets out a similar grunting or growling sound AAAUNNHHHHH as they struggle in the center of the room.

Back on Their Knees Fighting Hard for Control

Hands working to find grips on one another, the two struggle body to body on their knees.  Neither willing to surrender the fight and neither able to overpower the other.  Tisha pushes a foot under her and starts to rise off the floor.  Anushka matches her movements and they both push up from their knees with their bodies locked together.

“Give up to me” hisses Anushka.  “You know you are beaten” she continues as they come fully to their feet.  With their bodies pressed tightly together each grunts and strains against the other.  “No chance” grunts back Tisha as she flexes her knees and lowers her body and shoves hard into Anushka.  RRRRAAAHHHGGGGG grunts out Tisha loudly as she tries to unbalance Anushka.

Pushing Up From Their Knees the Struggle Continues on Their Feet

Tisha effort pays off as Anushka stumbles a bit and then tries to dig her feet in to avoid being pushed backwards.  “Get her” yells out a Tisha fan.  As Anushka digs her feet in, Tisha shoves again causing her opponent to lean back as she is put out of balance again.  Using her hand hold on Anushka’s hair, Tisha pulls down and Anushka cries out as she loses her balance and is forced to drop to her knees to avoid being thrown to the floor.

The Tisha fans in the crowd let out a loud cheer as Tisha slides herself around her downed opponent.  Unable to react to Tisha’s movement, Anushka is left with no choice but to try and fight from her knees as Tisha slips around behind her back.  With Tisha sliding up close behind her, Anushka grabs at both of Tisha’s legs.

Before Anushka can do anything further, Tisha’s right hand swings out and around Anushka’s body and lands a brutal slap directly on Anushka’s unprotected face.  The Indian fighter cries out in pain as the harsh shot leaves her stunned.  The crowd cheers loudly at the WHACK sound of flesh on flesh rings out.

Tisha Gets Behind Anushka

“You’re done now bitch” snaps out Tisha as she drops to her ass behind Anushka and pulls her opponent to a seated position in front of her.  Tisha shoots her legs forward around her opponent’s body as she works them into position to lock on a scissor hold.  Snapping her legs shut around Anushka’s middle, Tisha applies the body scissors to her seated opponent.

OHHHNNNNNN moans out Anushka as Tisha closes her legs down and begins to squeeze Anushka’s ribs.  With her mouth open and pained moans coming out, Anushka grasps at Tisha’s legs in an attempt to pull them apart to ease the pressure on her body.  The Tisha fans in the crowd calling out their support now loudly as Tisha takes charge of the fight.  Anushka’s fans fall more or less silent with the exception of a supporter calling out “Fight free – Get out of there!!!”

“Give UP!!!” demands Tisha as she continues to crush Anushka’s ribs in an attempt to convince her to surrender the fight.  Anushka moans out in pain and continues to try and use her hands to create some space between Tisha’s legs.  With Anushka refusing to surrender, Tisha reaches around and grabs hold of Anushka’s neck and adds a choke hold to Anushka’s painful predicament.

Tisha Manages to Get a Body Scissors and a Choke Hold Locked on Anushka
Another View of Tisha Choking and Scissoring Anushka

ACCKKKK gags out Anushka as her already strained ability to breath suddenly got worse with the addition of the choke hold to the scissors.  Anushka’s attempts to wiggle free are dramatically slowing as Tisha is choking and squeezing the last of the ability to continue from her body.  Tisha increases the pressure of her scissors as she knows Anushka is running out of steam.

“Submit” orders Tisha and Anushka gasps out a simple “no” to her command.  With Anushka now fully under her control, Tisha grabs hold of her hair and rolls her body back.  In a sudden movement, Tisha opens her legs and yanks Anushka back with her and shifts her scissors from a body scissors to a head scissors.

Anushka lets out a loud cry of pain as Tisha’s strong legs close down around her head and begin to crush her.  The Anushka fans in the crowd become silent now as it becomes painfully obvious that Tisha is going to finish off their fighter.  The camera zooms in on Anushka’s face and it is turning a bright shade of red as Tisha’s powerful thighs crush down on her.  She lets out a whimpering sound as she struggles to avoid surrendering.

“GIVE UP NOW!!!” yells out Tisha in a harsh voice.  When Anushka doesn’t immediately respond, Tisha growls out loudly and squeezes down with her legs as hard as she can.  Anushka screams out in pain and then yells “STOP STOP” in an anguished voice.  The officiator moves close to the action now that Anushka has submitted.  Tisha eases up the pressure of the scissor hold and grips Anushka by the hair.

Tisha Pulls a Weakened Anushka Back and Moves the Scissor Hold Up and Around Her Head

“Tell them you’re my kitty cat” hisses Tisha as she holds Anushka in place between her legs.  The Indian girl doesn’t respond and Tisha reaches up and slaps her in the head.  “TELL THEM NOW!!!” Tisha demands.  Anushka whimpers out loudly and spits out “I am your kitty” in a meek voice.  The Tisha fans cheer as she forces a whimpering submission from Anushka at the end of the long fight.

Tisha opens her legs releasing Anushka from the scissor hold.  As she rolls to her knees she looks a bit battered and tired.  She looks up at the cheering crowd and smiles before she slides her body over the top of a prone Anushka.  Tisha slides up into a sitting position atop Anushka’s chest and grabs two handfuls of her hair.

“That’s right bitch – you are my little kitty!!!” hisses out Tisha as she yanks with both hands pulling Anushka’s face directly upwards.  “You can meet my kitty you pathetic slut” snaps out Tisha as the crowd continues to cheer for her.  The officiator steps up close and calls out “Your WINNER and moving on to the next round of the tournament — TISHA”

The announcement sets off another round of cheering for Tisha as she drops Anushka’s head back to the rug and sits upright.  She tiredly raises a hand over her head and pumps a fist as all the members of the crowd clap and cheer in support of her win.  After several moments, Tisha climbs to her feet and slowly makes her way back to her changing room.  She accepts congratulations from several audience members along her path.  Anushka remains flat on her back in the middle of the room as the crowd makes its way to the after party area next door.

Tisha Facesits Anushka After Forcing a Surrender