Apartment Wrestling Match No. 76 Drury versus Peyat

This fight is the seventy-sixth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Philadelphia.  This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Drury (5’2” 115 lbs 20 y/o) lives near Boston although she is originally from Virginia.  She works as a receptionist in a small medical office and as a waitress in a local bar.   She likes to party and hit the local nightclub scene whenever she has a bit of free time.  Drury went to college in Florida before dropping out and moving to Boston.  During her college time she mud and oil wrestled other girls at a frat parties and views herself as a real “ass kicker” that loves a good scrap.  Drury’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m tough as hell.  I don’t take any shit and I back up whatever I say.  Nothing beats getting to kick some girls ass and getting paid for it.”  Drury has defeated Lisa and Melinda in competitive fights and then dominated Glenna and Sukara.

Drury Before the Fight

Peyat (5’2 112lbs 24 y/o) lives in Bangkok.  She works in a small grocery store during the day and in a bar at night.  The rumor is that she has been involved with an underground fighting club that  holds street style fights in various bars and clubs.  She is in very good shape and seems to train in some capacity.  Peyat sees the Club as a way to become a legitimate fighter.  Peyat’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am tough as hell.  I don’t take no bullshit from anyone or anytime.  I like to hurt other women that try to take what is mine.  I will dominate these soft girls.”  Peyat dominated Hiyoko and Analise in her fights prior to tonight.

Peyat Before the Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Drury arrives and makes her way to her changing room to prepare for the fight.  She is in a bit of a dark mood and looks very ready to fight.  She is undefeated and one of the top fighters in the AWC.  Drury wears a black bikini bottom with a black and multi-colored strappy bikini top.  The bikini shows off her awesome body.  She leaves her short hair free as she dresses for the fight.  Her body looks well-toned and muscular.  She is in great shape and ready to fight.  “I can’t wait to fuck this girl up.  Too much talk about how Peyat is tougher than me or gonna beat my ass.  I don’t play around.  She might be tough, but I’m tougher.  A hell of a lot tougher.  I’ve been hearing a lot of shit talking about me from some bitches in the AWC and I can’t wait to kick their asses too.”

Peyat arrives and she is shown to her private dressing area.  She prepares her green bikini on the bed.  In keeping with her earlier preparations, Peyat strips down completely naked and begins her warm-up routine.  After a long and thorough stretching and warm-up, Peyat pulls on her bikini.  It looks great on her incredible body.  It shows off her skin tone and curves.  Peyat checks her appearance in the mirror and makes her final adjustments.  Her body looks rock solid and ready to go for the fight.  Before leaving the room, Peyat spends another considerable period of time running through a whole series of strikes, kicks, and other moves to warm up for the fight.  Peyat’s routine displays great technique and skill.  “I am ready to go tonight.  I hear this girl is tough.  She has never faced a real fighter.  I know how to battle and have done so before.  Like I said before, my style is very physical and rough.  I plan to rough this blondie up and teach her what it’s like to battle a real fighter.  She will submit tonight and she will be happy to do so just to end the pain she will suffer.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Drury and Peyat.  “This might just be the fight of the year tonight.  I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since the matchups were set for the round.  It features two mean and vicious girls meeting up to see who is the meanest.  This fight is going to be incredible.  It should be a quick one considering how they fight.  I’m picking Drury just don’t ask me why.” The second commentator begins “Your assessment is right on target.  Drury hasn’t fought anyone like Peyat before.  This will be a real test of her abilities.  I don’t think she will survive against Peyat.  I see Peyat kicking her ass all over the room tonight.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Drury immediately barks out “This bitch is so done for!” and a murmur moves through the crowd.  The build up and hype for this match has rivaled the Club championship fights and the large crowd is excited.  Peyat maintains a glare on her face and calls out “overated blonde bitch!” and then draws her hand across her throat in a slashing motion.  The crowd noise begins to grow as the excitement in the room continues to grow in these last few minutes before the start of the fight.

The Fighters Face Off Before the Start of the Match

The officiator sends the girls to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

“Come on bitch – COME ON” calls out Drury as they move closer to one another.  Both girls obviously feeling confident and hyped up as the match is finally underway.  As they close on one another each of them slows their progress and puts their hands up with clenched fists as they begin to circle and look for an opening.

With fists up and circling, both girls dip and shift forward and backward looking for an opportunity to lash out at their opponent.  Drury pushes a quick jab out towards Peyat’s upper body and the Thai fighter slips out of the way of the punch.  Peyat attempts to land a counter punch, but Drury recovers quickly from her jab and is able to deflect the attempt.  The crowd calls out encouragement to their favorite fighter with the louder group being those favoring Peyat.

Neither fighter able to land a blow in the early moments of the fight as they cautiously maneuver about looking for a chance.  Peyat shifts her feet and pushes her weight back onto her right leg as Drury circles closer.  Just as quickly as she shifted her weight, Peyat suddenly pivots her hips and lashes out with her left leg launching a kick at Drury.

The blonde, having noticed the shifting of Peyat’s weight is prepared for the kick attempt and slips sideways a bit before throwing an arm up to deflect the slashing kick.  The blow lands hard on Drury’s arm forcing an involuntary grimace as both girls grunt at the exchange.

Peyat Lashes Out With a Kick But Drury Blocks the Attempt

The crowd lets out a cheer as it appears Peyat has landed a hard shot on Drury with most of the fans not noticing the effective block by Drury.  With Peyat off balance and trying to recover from her kick attack, Drury immediately shifts forward looking to take advantage of the opportunity.

With her right arm throbbing from the impact of blocking the kick, Drury decides to use her left.  Stepping forward towards the recovering Peyat, Drury lashes out with a straight jab that lands solidly on Peyat’s chest.  The blow generates an UNNNNNFFFF sound as it drives Peyat’s upper body backwards.

Drury Hammers a Punch Into Peyat Before She Can Regain Her Balance After the Kick

The Thai girl staggers back several steps trying to maintain her balance as her breast is mashed to her body.  Drury’s punishing strike the consequence for Peyat not slipping her kick through her opponent’s defenses.  Peyat is surprised by Drury’s quickness and toughness as most girls she has fought have not withstood such hard attacks.

“How you like that bitch!!!” screams out Drury as she moves forward.  Drury, feeling confident as she drives Peyat back, pushes forward looking to capitalize on Peyat’s situation.  With the Thai girl reels from the blow, Drury has visions of this being the start of her dominating the fight with Peyat.

Drury moves forward quickly looking to pursue Peyat and take control of the fight.  The Drury fans in the crowd let out a cheer as Peyat reels from the blow.  Peyat staggers back and loads a fist as she back pedals away from Drury’s punch.  With Drury moving at her quickly, Peyat stops her backwards movement and pivots towards Drury as she throws a hard punch back at Drury’s chest.  The punch lands directly on Drury who is caught unprepared and recklessly going after Peyat.

Peyat Catches the Overly Aggressive Drury With a Hard Shot to the Chest

UNNNHHHH moans out Drury as the blow lands hard on her chest.  Drury’s premature thoughts of taking control are driven from her head by the impact of Peyat’s punch to her chest.  The loud Drury fans suddenly become less vocal as now Drury staggers from a hard blow.

Seeing Peyat coming at her with her fists clenched, Drury reaches out and grabs hold of Peyat.  After taking the kick on her arm and the punch to her chest, Drury decides she might be better off wrestling with Peyat than trading punches.  Particularly considering how well Peyat took the punch she hammered into her chest.

Drury Decides to Try and Tie Things Up and Wrestle Peyat Into Control

“Get off me blondie” hisses out Peyat as Drury tries to wrap her up in her arms.  The blonde grunts out as she tries to overpower her Thai opponent.  Peyat pushes her arms at Drury’s body in an attempt to create separation between them, but Drury is able to close in on her.  Drury tries to twist and drag Peyat off balance, but Peyat is ready for the attempt and holds her ground.  Peyat gives another push to create a little separation and this time Drury is forced back a step.

As soon as Drury slides back a bit, Peyat takes advantage of the slight separation before Drury can move forward.  Peyat lifts her right knee and drives it into Drury.  The blow lands solidly on Drury’s groin as the blonde is trying to push back in close to Peyat.  Drury lets out a loud moaning sound as her face contorts in pain from the knee.  The Peyat fans now become louder as their fighter appears to be putting Drury in some serious pain.

Peyat Fights Through the Grapple Attempt and Pounds Drury

OHHHNNNN moans out Drury as Peyat starts to hammer on her body.  As Drury doubles over she tries to grab hold of Peyat to no avail.  The Thai girl jabs several punches into Drury’s body as the blonde struggles to wrap up Peyat to prevent the punching attack.  “Knock her out” screams out a loud Peyat fan in the crowd.

Drury is flailing away with her arms looking for a way to block the punches or secure a grip on Peyat.  The punches keep coming as Peyat starts to dominate the exchange.  Drury’s efforts fail to protect her as Peyat pulls her around and is able to land a number of punches on her body.  The crowd is now fully on its feet anticipating a potential end to the fight at the rate Peyat is landing blows on Drury.

Peyat Continues the Assault by Hammering Blows to Drury’s Body

“You all mine you bitch!!!” screams out Peyat as Drury groans and grunts from the punching attack.  Drury finally falls to the floor after a hard punch lands in her rib cage and drives her down.  Hitting the floor Drury tries to roll to protect herself as Peyat hovers menacingly overhead.

Peyat follows up on her advantage as she lashes out with a shoving style kick that lands directly on Drury’s chest.  The blow forces a moan from Drury as she is rolled to her back by the force of the kick.  The crowd cheers loudly now as Peyat is punishing Drury.  The blonde struggles to get her hands into position to protect herself as Peyat dominates the fight at this point.

Drury Collapses to the Carpet and Peyat Lands a Kick to Her Chest

With Drury on the floor, Peyat sees it as an opportunity to finish the fight.  She drops down to the floor and goes after Drury.  “Finish her” yells out a Peyat fan in the crowd.  Upon hitting the floor, Peyat lashes out with a hard slap to Drury’s face.  The slap lands with a loud WHACK sound as the blonde lashes out trying to kick a foot into Peyat.

Drury’s kick attempt fails as Peyat avoids her foot while slipping her body over the top of Drury.  The Thai girl quickly pushes atop Drury and pins her to the floor.  Drury grunts as she tries to wrap her arms around Peyat and roll her off.  The raven-haired fighter easily avoids Drury’s attempt and digs her fingers into Drury’s hair.  With a sudden yank forward and back, Peyat bounces Drury’s head off the floor.


Peyat Goes to the Ground Looking to Submit Drury

Drury lets out a moaning sound as Peyat follows up on her attack by raising up off the floor into more of a kneeling position.  The crowd continues shouting support to Peyat as the majority of the room seems to be clearly favoring Peyat in this fight.  “She’s done for!!” yells out a female voice in the crowd as Peyat moves herself into position to throttle the blonde.

“Get the fuck off” grunts out Drury in a frustrated and upset tone as Peyat moves in again.  The desperation in Drury’s voice emboldens Peyat as she goes for a finishing move.  Kneeling between Drury’s legs, Peyat reaches down and grips Drury’s throat and applies a choke hold.  Drury responds by grabbing two handfuls of Peyat’s hair as she leans down over the top of her.

Peyat Choking Drury

ACKKK gasps out Drury as Peyat squeezes on her throat cutting off her air supply.  With Peyat between her legs, Drury yanks her legs up and wraps them on her opponent’s hips and tries to work them higher towards Peyat’s ribs.  With the Thai girl trying to choke the life out her, Drury needs to break the hold as quickly as possible.  “Squeeze her” yells out a voice in the crowd.  At this point, it isn’t clear whether that encouragement is for Drury or Peyat.

Not making the progress she wants with her attempt at a scissors, Drury brings a foot up higher and gets her leg coiled up and her foot on the inside of Peyat’s hip.  Shoving her leg out as hard as she can, Drury thrusts Peyat back and is able to break the grip on her throat.  With her airway free, Drury sucks in air loudly as she tries to recover.

Peyat, now off balance and unable to maintain the grip on Drury’s throat, she twists her body to try and lunge back fully atop Drury.  As Peyat comes back down atop Drury, the blonde pushes off the floor and twists her hips.  NNNGGGHHHH grunts out Drury as she uses her strength to twist and roll Peyat off of her body forcing her to the floor as they tangle.

The Fighters Battle on the Floor

Each fighter wraps their arms around the other and Peyat anticipates overpowering Drury and getting back to ending the fight.  Drury’s breathing is labored as they struggle with one another.  Peyat slowly appears to be getting the upper hand as Drury’s face shows her concern with the situation.  “Get her” yells out a fan as the girls struggle.

“Weak ass bitch!!!” snarls out Peyat as she begins to roll her opponent onto her back yet again.  Before she can trap the blonde, Drury pushes a knee up and into Peyat’s exposed groin area.  The dark haired fighter’s face immediately registers the impact of Drury’s desperate attack.

Peyat lets out a whimper of pain as Drury continues to grind her knee into her crotch area.  Drury uses the opportunity to roll Peyat to her back trapping her between herself and the corner created by the two couches.   Now able to power her way into control, Drury raises up off the floor over the top of Peyat and continues to grind her knee into her opponent.

“Fuck you” snarls out Drury as she takes advantage of her opportunity and goes on the attack.  Drury grabs hold of Peyat’s bikini top and yanks it up exposing her chest to the crowd and the camera.  Peyat tries to push her way out of the bad spot along the couches, but she is unable to get any real leverage to slide free.

Drury brings a hard slap down landing it directly on Peyat’s undefended face and the Thai girl lets out a yelp of pain.  Drury follows the slap by shoving her hand down into Peyat’s face and digging her nails into her opponent’s scalp and face area.  Peyat struggles under Drury and lets out a whimper of pain as her flesh is raked by Drury’s sharp nails.

Drury Rolls Peyat Off and Goes on the Attack

The crowd cheers out loudly as fans for both girls continue to call out support for their favorite.  The Peyat fans in the crowd seeming to outnumber the Drury fans as they call for the Thai girl to fight free of her predicament.  Peyat pushes both hands up at Drury and shoves hard against her to try and force her off of her.  Drury ignores Peyat’s efforts and continues to try and dig her nails into Peyat’s flesh as she tries to bear down on her opponent.

“Get off me!!!” yells out a frustrated Peyat as she struggles to try and reverse the situation with Drury.  The fact she was so close to finishing the blonde off in the early part of the match has Peyat upset at herself and fighting desperately to get back in control of the battle.  She knows if she can inflict a little more damage on Drury that she just might be able to break her will to continue the fight.  She was so close earlier and knows she can get things back to that place with her dominating Drury again.

Finally, Peyat is able to get her foot into Drury’s hip and shove her back and away.  With enough space now to break free, Peyat is forced to roll to her right since she was trapped with her back to the couches on two sides of her.  The crowd cheers out as Peyat finds some breathing room.  The Thai girl rolls over to her hands and knees and pushes upward trying to get back to her feet.

Meanwhile, Drury is pushed back several feet and forced to a knee to maintain her balance after the shove from Peyat.  Seeing Peyat roll her direction and try to get up, Drury knows she wants Peyat on the ground as long as possible since she has been having success fighting on the floor with her.  Before Peyat can get off her hands and knees, Drury launches herself forward and closes the few feet to Peyat in an instant.

YAAAAAHHHH yells out Drury as she slams into Peyat from behind.  Quickly grabbing Peyat by the hair, Drury shoves her forward half onto the couch and half on the floor.  Peyat is quickly mashed to the couch before she has a chance to defend herself effectively.  “Kick her ass” yells a fan from in the crowd as Drury gets back into a controlling position.

Now on Peyat’s backside, Drury quickly goes to work punishing the Thai girl as much as she can as quickly as she can.  Using her grip on Peyat’s hair along with the leverage of being behind and above Peyat, Drury mashes her face into the sofa cushion which has the effect of putting a very rudimentary smother hold on Peyat.

Not content with that, Drury begins swinging punches into Peyat’s kidney and rib area as Peyat tries to push up and off the floor.  Peyat reaches out and grabs for the arm rest of the couch as she plans to use it as a solid object to push off of to get Drury off her back.

“No fucking way!!!!” screams out Drury as she sees what Peyat is trying to accomplish.  While continuing to drive punches into Peyat’s kidney and rib area, Drury drops the hair grip and yanks her right arm up and slams it down elbow first into Peyat’s arm.

Drury is Relentless as Peyat Tries to Slip Free
Another View of Drury Punishing Peyat as She is Trapped on the Sofa

Peyat screams out in pain as her arm is caught by the arm of the sofa as Drury slams her elbow down into her.  The impact of the blow causes Peyat’s arm to drop to the sofa as the officiator watches with concern about the potential for an injury to the arm.

Drury takes advantage of her opportunities and begins swinging hooking punches around Peyat’s body from behind.  The punches land on Peyat’s ribs and lower body forcing gasps and grunts from Peyat.  The crowd cheers for their favorite as voices can be heard encouraging Drury to destroy Peyat while at the same time others called out their encouragement to Peyat to escape her current predicament.

“You give?” hisses out Drury as she pauses momentarily.  The numerous blows to Peyat’s body haven taken a toll on the Thai fighter to this point, but the question is whether they have been enough to force her to surrender the fight.  The crowd isn’t required to wait long as Peyat gasps out an emphatic “fuck you” in the direction of Drury.

The flippant response irritates Drury as displayed by the angry expression on her face at the response.  Peyat continues to moan and gasp which spurs Drury to continue the pace of the punishment.  Drury is panting from the effort of the fight and the effects of the earlier punishment inflicted on her by Peyat.  Drury launches a series of punches at Peyat’s lower back and rib cage.  After taking repeated punches, Peyat is able to fight her way onto her back on the sofa.

Drury is forced back a step or two by the Peyat’s escape and she pauses a brief moment as she takes in a deep breath.  Peyat, on her back on the couch, is gasping and panting for breath.  Her top is pushed above her chest showing off her breasts as the top rubs against her neck area.

With a sudden lunge towards Peyat, Drury launches yet another attack on her opponent.  This attack, however, is met by Peyat’s foot instead of a helpless victim to pummel.  The foot slams directly into Drury’s chest and sends her flying back several feet across the rug.  Unable to maintain her balance, Drury topples over backwards and goes straight down onto her ass on the floor.

Peyat Kicks Drury Off of Her

Peyat pushes up and off the couch and she winces as she moves upright.  The expression on her face gives away that despite her defiance when asked to submit she is feeling a considerable amount of pain.  A voice calls out “You got this Peyat . . .  Hang Tough!!!”  Seeing she has a moment, Peyat peels her bikini top over her head and tosses it aside.

Several feet across the room, Drury pushes up off of her ass and gets to her feet.  She too is showing the wear and tear of the punishment and up tempo pace of the fight.  Like Peyat, Drury’s reactions don’t hide the fact that she is hurting.  For the first time in her career in the AWC, Drury is in danger of potentially losing a match.  She quickly banishes the thought from her mind and resolves to finish off her stubborn opponent.

“Give up or I hurt you” growls out Peyat from across the carpet as she stands ready to continue the fight.  She knows it isn’t likely that Drury will surrender, but it is worth asking.  Drury snarls back at her from across the carpet “You’re welcome to submit to me if you want” as the two prepare for what is likely to be the final moments of the match.  At this point, each of them hurting but confident they will be able to finish off the other.

With neither submitting to the other, Peyat launches herself across the rug looking to overwhelm Drury with a sudden and violent attack.  As she closes in on Drury, the blonde braces herself and prepares her own attack.  Peyat swings an overhand shot towards Drury’s head.  In keeping with the rules, Peyat opens her hand intent on landing a devastating slap to Drury’s face.

Drury dips down slightly as Peyat closes in on her and shoots a punch towards the front of Peyat’s bikini bottoms.  The blows land almost at the same time as the two fighters close in on the other.  Peyat’s blow overshoots the target as Drury ducks her head down slightly.  Rather than a devastating face slap, the blow converts into Peyat’s forearm smacking into the side of Drury’s head.  On the flip side, Drury’s fist lands square on Peyat as they meet.

Peyat Tries to Mount an Attack Only to Meet a Fist to the Body

The impact of the forearm to the head area causes Drury to stagger slightly to her right as she manages to avoid being knocked to the floor.  The effect of the blow not nearly what Peyat had intended, but still enough to cause a short pause on Drury’s part.  Drury’s punch, however, landed with great effect as Peyat cries out in agony from the impact.

Peyat takes a staggering step forward and then bends over at the waist as her hand involuntarily goes to her lower body and clutches at herself.  The Peyat fans in the crowd let out a groan as their fighter absorbs an obviously painful blow.  After a slight pause to recover her balance, in which Drury is surprised that Peyat hadn’t already continued her attack, Drury recognizes the impact of her blow on Peyat.

“Stupid whore!!” hisses out Drury as she gains a bit of confidence now that Peyat is moaning and gasping out in agony.  Drury steps up to Peyat quickly and Peyat leans into her as a means of keeping her balance as she is bent over.  Drury loops her right arm over Peyat and holds her in place just long enough to swing her left elbow up into the air and bring it crashing down into Peyat’s back right in the middle of her shoulder blades.

The elbow lands with a resounding THUD sound as it crashes into Peyat’s back.  The impact of the elbow is instantaneous as Peyat crashes to the floor face down with a loud CRASH sound.  The Peyat fans are in shock as Drury brutally assaults their fighter.  Even the Drury fans are more or less quiet as the turn of events stuns them as well.

With Peyat Doubled Over Drury Slams an Elbow to the Back of the Neck

With Peyat face down on the floor the officiator moves closer to get a look to ensure she is still conscious.  That question is answered promptly as Peyat moans out and tries to push her legs under her lower body to get up.  Drury moves back to get a better angle and then smiles to the camera.  Drury clearly intended to show the crowd an evil look, but her exhaustion displays right through her attempt to appear unaffected by the fight to this point.

“You should’ve quit when I told you to” growls out Drury as she sizes up Peyat.  All Drury gets in return is a low moan of pain from Peyat as she struggles to get back to her feet.  Before she can make any progress at all, Drury puts a foot on her back and shoves her back down flat to the floor.  With Peyat flat on the floor again, Drury lashes out and pushes a hard kick into her upper ribcage right near Peyat’s breast.  The foot lands with a loud THUMP sound and a groan of pain comes from Peyat.

Peyat Goes Down Hard and Takes a Kick to the Ribs

The crowd lets out a collective groan as even the most excited of Drury fans at the turn of events recognize the harsh punishment being delivered by Drury at this juncture.  Peyat continues to moan in pain as Drury leans over and grabs her by the hair with her right hand.  Using the grip on Peyat’s hair, Drury pulls her up to her knees.  Peyat’s face is a mask of pain as she reaches up and tries to pull at Drury’s right wrist.

“Get the fuck up tough girl!!!” screams out Drury as she pulls Peyat forcibly to her feet by her hair.  Peyat lets out a loud scream as her scalp is tortured by the brutal hair pulling being delivered by Drury.  With Peyat coming to her feet, Drury shoves forward dragging Peyat forward to the counter top directly in front of them.  The Thai girl follows along in a staggering step as she is yanked along by Drury.

Without a hesitation, Drury uses her grip on Peyat’s hair to smash her face first into the counter top.  The THUD sound of Peyat’s head meeting the surface of the counter sounds across the room.  Drury keeps Peyat’s face pinned to the counter as she shoots her left hand in and up between Peyat’s legs.  Drury, now clearly intending to destroy Peyat’s ability to fight back, slams another blow into Peyat’s battered crotch area.

“I’m gonna break you now!!!” hisses out Drury as she sucks in air looking a little out of breath.  After her punch to the crotch area, Drury rotates her hand and grabs hold of Peyat in a clawing motion.  Peyat, with her face buried in the counter top, lets out a muffled cry of pain as Drury continues to punish her.  The Drury fans encourage their favorite as they cheer her on.

Drury Drags Peyat to Her Feet to Smash Her Into the Bar and Maul Her Crotch

Drury yanks on Peyat’s hair bringing her up off the counter top and standing her up.  With a harsh yank, she spins Peyat around to face her.  Peyat’s face is contorted in pain as Drury whips her around by the hair.  Just as quickly as she spun Peyat around, Drury shoves her back into the counter top as she bends the dark haired fighter back onto the counter.

“We need to show you off to the fans” taunts Drury as she shoves down on Peyat’s upper body pinning her to the counter top.  The position puts pressure on Peyat’s back as the hard surface bites into her body.  Peyat lets out a low moan of pain as she struggles to push an arm at Drury to resist.  The Peyat fans now quiet as it appears their fighter is destined to lose the fight.

The slight bit of resistance from Peyat invites another rough assault as Drury slaps her hand onto Peyat’s crotch area from the front.  The slap causes Peyat to cringe as Drury positions her hand for what is surely to come.  Just as Peyat anticipated, Drury digs her fingers in and claws into Peyat.  The clawing is met with a loud cry of pain again as Peyat howls out in pain.

Drury Uses the Bar to Punish Peyat as She Digs Her Claws In

“Oh god” moans out Peyat as she is violated again by Drury.  The blonde has a sadistic look on her face as she hears the moans of agony from Peyat.  After suffering a near quick defeat at Peyat’s hands, Drury is intent on repaying her for the pain and the potential humiliation of losing the fight.  Even the Drury fans have quieted down for the most part as Peyat’s moans and cries of pain echo through the apartment.

Peyat fails to offer a submission at this stage of the fight and Drury is content to continue the punishment.  With Peyat unwilling to blurt out a submission, Drury is equally uninterested in demanding the surrender from her battered opponent.  Drury releases the claw hold and yanks her fist back and begins to pepper Peyat’s exposed body with punches.

Drury Landing Blow After Blow to Peyat’s Body

The punches land with THUMPS and THUDS as Drury pounds a helpless and defenseless Peyat.  The officiator moves in closer to get a good view to ensure Peyat is still conscious.  Peyat lets out moans and gasps as she simply takes the beating.

After what seems like an eternity, Drury stops her punches and yanks Peyat forward by her hair pulling her body off the counter ledge.  Peyat’s legs give way and she goes down to her knees as they only thing keeping Peyat upright is Drury’s grip on her hair.  Rather than hold her opponent upright, Drury tosses her to the floor on her back.

Peyat Screams a Tearful Submission

“Now we can hear that submission” hisses out Drury to the crowd as she readjusts her bikini top before standing over the top of the downed Peyat.  Drury slowly lowers her body down to a seated position atop Peyat’s belly.  The Thai girl lies flat on her back with her arms and legs splayed out no fight left in her body.

“Say it” commands Drury as she sits there waiting for Peyat to admit defeat.  Peyat quietly gasps out “Give” as the officiator stands close by waiting for the end of the fight.  Drury frowns and leans forward placing both hands atop of Peyat’s bare chest.

“Louder so they can all hear you” growls Drury as she suddenly clamps her fingers down clawing into both of Peyat’s bare breasts.  Peyat lets out a hoarse scream of pain “I GIVE!!!” she then proclaims as loudly as she can.  Drury smiles as the crowd begins to clap.

“Tell them you are my bitch” commands Drury “or I rip your tits off your body!!!”  Peyat complies with the direction rather than risk angering Drury.  “I am your bitch.  You own me” gasps out Peyat as Drury hovers above her menacingly.  The response immediately pleases Drury and she releases her grip on Peyat.

Drury climbs to her feet and stands over Peyat.  The officiator moves in and Drury motions to wait.  She leans down and grabs Peyat by the hair and pulls her up to a seated position.  The officiator steps forward and calls out loudly “Your WINNER and moving on to the next round of the tournament — DRURY!!!”

The announcement triggers a round of cheers for Drury as she holds Peyat upright on display while flexing in a victory pose.  The look of triumph on Drury’s face is also mixed with one of exhaustion.  Whether Drury would admit it or not, she could just as easily have been the one being forced to cry out a submission tonight.

Drury lets go of Peyat and allows her to slip to the floor as she turns and makes her way slowly towards the changing room.  The slow and deliberate pace highlighting the pain Drury is still feeling in her body after the early fight pounding she took from Peyat.  As Drury departs, the officiator tends to a battered and destroyed Peyat lying on her back in the center of the room.

Drury Puts Her Defeated Opponent on Display