Apartment Wrestling Match No. 77 Nissa versus Sara

This fight is the seventy-seventh match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Houston.  This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Nissa (5’2 110 lbs 21 y/o) lives near Lima.  She works as a teacher in a local school.  She is a fitness instructor at a health club as her second job.  A wealthy business owner is sponsoring her in hopes of making her a star in the Apartment Wrestling Club.  Nissa has always been into fitness and outdoor activities.  She is a former equestrian star in the local area.  Nissa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I never give up at anything I do.  Being the best is important to me and I have always been the best at what I participate in.  This will be no different.”  Nissa is currently undefeated with wins over Annie, Britta, Emma and Charlotte.

NIssa Before the Fight

Sara (5’6 118 lbs 24 y/o) lives in Romania on the Black Sea coast.  Sara works for her family’s business in an office job and sometimes works from home.  She usually finds time to work out almost every day and enjoys spending time with friends at the clubs in town.  Sara loves to win at everything she does and doesn’t intend to allow anyone to embarrass her.  She knows that is she works hard in everything she does, the rewards will come.  She has a very competitive attitude that helps her focus on achieving what she wants in life.  Sara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a really competitive person!  I am quick and in good shape, and I keep getting better all the time.  I am like a great win.  Nobody in the AWC has more stamina or heart than I do.  I will train hard every day and make my opponents admit in the end that I’m the better woman.  I love making an opponent cry.”  Sara has wins over Sofia, Sasha and Belinda with her only loss at the hands of Analise.

Sara Getting Ready to Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight.  Nissa arrives wearing a pair of jeans that appear to be painted on to her phenomenal figure along with a loose fitting tank top over a white sports bra.  Nissa’s casual attire causes her to stand out from the well-dressed members of the audience.  Sara, on the other hand, is wearing a cute white dress with a matching white purse and heels.  The attire of the fighters presents a stark contrast.  After spending a few minutes mingling with the guests that have already arrived for the match, the two are shown to their respective dressing room areas.

Just before the two are to be shown to their dressing rooms, Sara manages to catch Nissa’s eye and they lock eye contact.  Nissa’s face remains unchanging and she appears emotionless as she simply glares at Sara from across the distance.  Sara takes advantage of the opportunity and winks at her opponent.  The wink having no real effect on Nissa as she continues to glare so Sara takes things a step further as she smiles wide and waves at Nissa.  The crowd members in attendance become quiet as they notice the fighters engaging in some sort of pre-fight incident.

After several moments, the fighters move on and continue to mingle with members of the crowd.  With time for the fight drawing near, the fighters are shown to their changing rooms.  On the way to the dressing room, the two groups come into contact with one another.  Nissa, now showing a bit more emotion tries to approach Sara in the hallway.  Before she is able to get close, several AWC staff members step between the girls.  Another staff member grips Sara by the arm to prevent a fight in the hallway.  A voice calls out from behind the fighters “SAVE IT FOR THE MATCH LADIES!!!!”

Sara decides to take advantage of this opportunity to try and get in Nissa’s head.  “Hi there Nissa or should I say Miss Overrated!!!”  Nissa glares at Sara as the Romania fighter smiles at her calmly hoping to upset her before the fight.  “What did you just say bitch!!!” snarls Nissa as the people separating the two crowd in even tighter.

“Overrated?  Me?  I’ll show you overrated bitch when I kick your ass tonight!!!  I’ll embarrass you puta!!!” snarls out Nissa as she continues.  An AWC staff member tries to move Sara towards her changing room, but she resists wanting to continue to stir up trouble before the fight.

Sara laughs out loud “Oh that’s a good one.  You are funny!!!  Admit it now – you have no chance tonight!!!  You’re goig to suffer and scream your submission to me!!!”  Nissa continues to bristle as Sara pokes at her with her pre-fight insults.  The AWC staff members struggle to make sure the two girls cannot get to one another as Sara continues.

“Then I’m going to show everyone your naked ass before I spank you for being such a bad little slut!!!”  By this point, Nissa is clearly angry and emotional.  If Sara’s goal was to make her opponent bad before the fight, she has clearly succeeded.

“FUCK YOU!!!  You stupid lesbian whore!!! You’re gonna pay for what you just said!!!” screams out a visibly upset Nissa.  The AWC staff members quickly force Nissa into her changing room while Sara stands in the hallway with a smile on her face.  One of the staff members comments “I hope you know what you are doing” as Sara is led into her changing room as well.

After making it into her changing room, Nissa slams her bag down on the bed and paces the room for a good five minutes as she struggles to regain control over her emotions.  After some time, she is able to calm herself and resume her preparations for the fight.  She knows Sara is just trying to get in her head, but she struggles to remain calm.  Nissa dresses in a striped multi-color bikini as she prepares for the fight.  She is well-prepared for tonight’s match.  She has worked hard at the gym and her body is well-toned and well-conditioned.  After dressing in her bikini, she stretches and gets herself warmed up.  As she is interviewed before the fight it is apparent that Nissa is still upset following her pre-fight encounter with Sara.  “I am undefeated and she gives me no respect.  I will show her tonight – she will respect me – even fear me when we are done.  I am angry and I will make the lesbian suffer.  She doesn’t know who she is messing with.  Maybe I will give her some of what she things she will hand out to me.  That will make me happy to hear her beg me.”

Sara slips into her changing room and laughs out loud.  So far she has managed to accomplish her goal of angering her opponent.  Now she knows she needs to be able to take advantage of the situation when the match starts.  Sara beings to dress for the fight and slips on her black bikini.  The bottoms have a tie side and the top pushes up her breasts showing them off.  Sara has been working out as much as she and might be in the best shape of her life.  She feels good about her conditioning and thinks her workout schedule will help her win tonight.  “I don’t think she is nearly as good as she thinks.  Her undefeated record ends tonight.  I’ve watched her matches and she had easy opponents.  I know how to beat her and I will.  She is just one more girl to beat as I move on to the greater things I know I deserve.  When I finish her tonight I’m going to give her the Sara special treatment as her reward.  Tonight I will enjoy it even more than the other’s I have defeated.  I deserve to be the AWC champion and I take my next step to being the champion tonight.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Nissa and Sara.  “Here we go with another great matchup.  This fight could go either way.  I think Sara is probably the better wrestler of the two, but Nissa is the scrappier fighter.  It will all come down to which style controls during this one.  If Sara can trap her in a hold she might force a submission.  Nissa won’t just allow that so Sara better bet careful or she might just get roughed up.  I’m going with Sara.  I think she will bend Nissa up and force a submission tonight.” The second commentator begins “You know I think you are getting better at this as we see more matches.  I agree with the clash of the two styles tonight.  Nissa will be tested by Sara.  She has had some easier opponents, but don’t let that fool you.  As far as Sara, she has struggled with fighters that like to rough you up.  She will have to outlast Nissa and I think that isn’t likely.  I look for Nissa to wear Sara down with constant punishing blows until Sara has no choice but to surrender.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighters.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  Nissa appears angry and shifts from foot to foot all throughout the introductions.  Sara on the other hand looks relaxed and smiles a lot as the officiator goes through the routine.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves will be fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Nissa immediately barks out “I’ll kick your ass you big mouth PUTA!!!” The hostility of her tone sends a series of whispers and murmurs throughout the crowd.  Sara smiles at the comment and pauses before saying “We’ll see how that attitude works out for you Miss Overrated!!!”  The crowd noise begins to grow as the excitement in the room continues to grow in these last few minutes before the start of the fight.

The officiator sends the girls to their sides of the room and both fighters move quickly and quietly to their position.  The crowd once buzzing with excitement goes quiet with expectation as the match is about to begin.  The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

Nissa and Sara Before the Fight

With the command to begin given, Nissa heads quickly across the room towards Sara.  At the same time, Sara slides sideways and begins to move across the room in a circling motion rather than on a direct head on path towards Nissa.  A fan in the crowd calls out “GET HER!!!” as the girls prepare to engage for the first time in the fight.

“You’re done for puta” hisses out Nissa as they close in on one another.  Sara tries to circle Nissa rather than directly engage with her, but Nissa has other ideas.  As Sara slides sideways, Nissa pushes straight at her and begins throwing punches at Sara’s chest and upper body.  Wanting to turn things into a wrestling match as quickly as possible, Sara tries to wade into Nissa and grab ahold of her hair and head to prevent the match becoming a fist fight.

Sara’s attempt to lock on to Nissa costs her as Nissa lands several punches on Sara’s chest as Nissa fades backwards to avoid being fully grappled by Sara.  The hard punches cause Sara to grunt out in pain as her breast and chest area take the brunt of the shots.  Nissa’s approach works for several blows, but Sara is able to close on Nissa and attempts to wrap her arms around Nissa’s head.

Sara Takes a Punch From Nissa as She Tries to Grab Hold of Nissa
Another View of Sara Taking a Punch

Nissa effectively avoids Sara’s attempt to wrap her arms around her head as she ducks out of Sara’s grasp.  Nissa continues her attack landing several more punches on Sara’s body as the Romanian fighter struggles to tie up her opponent.  The second series of punches pepper Sara’s ribcage and the solid THUMP sound of the blows landing sound out to the fans.

“I don’t hear your mouth now whore!!!” snarls Nissa as she lands the blows on Sara’s body.  Sara again lets out several gasps and groans as Nissa punishes her body as she tries to thwart Sara’s efforts.  The crowd is very vocal as calls of support for each fighter sound out from around the room.  The pace of the early fighting very up tempo as Nissa keeps things at a fist fight instead of a wrestling contest.

Nissa Moves in Close and Continues to Attack with Punches
Another View of Nissa Moving in Close and Continuing to Attack with Punches

After taking a number of punishing blows to the body, Sara finally manages to step in close to Nissa.  Nissa’s ability to continue punching away on Sara is brought to a stop due to the close proximity of their bodies.  Sara gasps and grunts as she tries to recover her breath after the body blows.

With Nissa’s arms trapped close around Sara’s mid-section, Sara takes advantage of the moment to wrap her arms around Nissa’s head.  The Romanian fighter digs her fingers into Nissa’s  hair as she grips her shoulder and pulls her in close.

Nissa grunts out as she is caught off-guard by Sara’s push forward.  Not wanting to change her attack strategy, Nissa tries to continue her pounding of Sara’s body.  Sara thwarts Nissa’seffort as she slides in close to her wrapping her up.  With their bodies pressed tightly together the two fighters struggle to overpower the other.

Sara Wraps Up Nissa
Another View of Sara Wrapping Up Nissa

The two stagger several steps across the floor with their bodies tightly pressed to the other.  Nissa grunts out in frustration as she is forced to abandon punching at Sara’s body and pull her hands up to grapple with her opponent.  Sara struggles to regain her breath after taking several blows to her body in the early stages of the battle.  While she isn’t making much progress with controlling Nissa, she did manage to stop the punches which is a serious plus for her.

“Get off me PUTA!!!” hisses out an irritated Nissa as she struggles with her lanky opponent.  The pace of the struggle intensifies as both try to overpower the other.  Sara tries to twist her body to pull Nissa into a side head lock hold as they struggle body to body.  Nissa quickly realizes what Sara is attempting to do and slides her body to prevent Sara from effectively turning into the hold.  The crowd now calling out encouragement to both fighters as the grunts and gasps pick up.

Sara’s attempt to apply a head lock to Nissa ends in failure and the fighters end up with their legs tangled with one another.  Just as suddenly as the two locked up together, they lose their balance and topple to the floor.  The two come down with Nissa landing more or less atop Sara as they hit the floor.  Both fighters let out gasps as the impact jars each of them.  Sara moans out softly as she takes the brunt of the impact from ending up beneath Nissa.  The sound of Sara struggling to catch her breath is noticeable as the crowd lets out a gasp at the loud THUD of the two hitting the floor.

Nissa tries to take advantage of being atop Sara as she slides herself up higher on her opponent.  Sara reacts quickly to prevent Nissa from being able to fully mount her body.  With a sudden yank of her lower body, Sara swings her legs up wrapping them around Nissa’s middle.  The hold more of a block or guard position than a body scissors as Sara’s legs rest on Nissa’s hips.  While the hold doesn’t seem to be causing Nissa any distress, it does effectively prevent her from sliding her body higher.

“Fuck you!!!” grunts out Sara as she is able to thwart Nissa’s effort.  The Peruvian girl lets out a grunt of frustration as her progress is stopped in its tracks.  Now stuck atop Sara and prevented from fully pinning her opponent, Nissa shifts directions and shoves her hand into Sara’s face and tries to apply a claw hold on her head.  Sara yelps out as Nissa digs her nails into her face and she starts to thrash around a bit to avoid the attack.

The Fight Goes to the Floor
Another View of the Fight Going to the Floor

Nissa struggles to stay atop Sara as her opponent begins to twist and thrash underneath her.  “Pin her down” yells out a fan in the crowd as they call out their support for Nissa.  The dark-haired fighter struggles to move through Sara’s scissors on her waist and is unable to push past the block.  In trying to push through, Nissa comes more upright and her body separates from Sara’s upper body.

AAHHHHHHHH growls out Sara as she twists her lower body in an attempt to dislodge Nissa.  With her body up and off of Sara’s upper body, Nissa is vulnerable to Sara’s effort and she is swiftly rolled to her side onto the floor.  Sara maintains her scissor hold as she is able to get herself side by side with Nissa on the floor.  The crowd cheers out as each tries to regain the upper position on the other.

The Fighters Struggle for Control
The Fighters Struggle for Control View 2
The Fighters Struggle for Control View 3

“Whore” grunts out Nissa as she struggles to get back atop Sara.  With her opponent on her side, Sara tries to slide her legs down to lock them on Nissa’s ribcage.  The position of the fighters on their sides prevents Sara from converting her hold to a full on scissor hold.  Realizing she isn’t in position to scissor Nissa, Sara grunts out again and roll hard to her side.

“Got ya!!!” hisses out Sara as she manages to roll herself atop Nissa.  The sudden change of position generates a chorus of cries of support for Sara as her fan group cheers her on.  With Nissa now underneath her, Sara slides her legs lower down her opponent’s body and tries to lock her legs onto Nissa’s legs to pin her down to the floor.

While she works her lower body into position to lock Nissa in place, Sara’s pushes her hips forward into Nissa midsection to press her opponent to the floor.  Before Nissa can get her hands into Sara’s hair, Sara is able to capture her hands and press Nissa’s arms to the floor.  As she leans forward, Sara presses her breasts forward and towards Nissa’s face.

“Special smothering for you now!!!” taunts Sara as she presses her chest closer and closer to Nissa’s face.  The Peruvian fighter struggles hard against Sara’s pin as Sara’s full breasts come closer to her face.  The pin not really physically hurting Nissa, but the idea of being potentially controlled and smothered by Nissa is driving her crazy at the thought of being humiliated by Sara after their pre-fight encounter.

Sara Pins Nissa and Shoves Her Breasts in Her Face
Sara Pins Nissa and Shoves Her Breasts in Her Face View 2
Sara Pins Nissa and Shoves Her Breasts in Her Face View 3

YYAAAAAHHHH yells out Nissa as she thrusts her lower body repeatedly and starts to bounce on the floor.  Sara struggles to maintain her positioning atop Nissa, but the wild bucking from Nissa is making it difficult to stay on top of Nissa.  The Nissa fans in the crowd start calling out their support as NIssa begins to toss Sara from side to side.

After several hard thrusts and twists, Nissa is able to roll Sara off to the side as she breaks free of the pin hold.  Sara is surprised by Nissa’s power as she fails to keep her pinned to the carpet.  Nissa’s effort forces Sara to her side on the carpet as the fighters again begin to struggle for control on the floor.  Nissa shoves her leg up trying to hook it over the top of Sara’s body and use it to pull herself atop her opponent.  Sara is able to slow her progress with her own leg, but is forced to shove her hand into Nissa’s leg to stop the effort.

With one of Sara’s hands engaged to prevent her from pulling a leg over the top, Nissa is free to shove her free hand into Sara’s chest.  Initially, Nissa tries to use the hand in the chest to force Sara onto her back.  With the hand ending up directly atop Sara’s breast, Nissa changes tactics and squeezes her fingers down on Sara’s breast forcing a scream from the Romanian.

Nissa Powering Out and Hurting Sara
Nissa Powering Out and Hurting Sara View 2
Nissa Powering Out and Hurting Sara View 3

“Put your tit in my face and I’ll rip it off you whore!!!” snarls Nissa as Sara cries out in pain.  The struggle for control now ends abruptly as Nissa is able to capitalize on her breast mauling hold to force Sara over and onto her back.  Sara now trying to defend herself as Nissa goes on the attack yet again.

Nissa shoves her left forearm up under Sara’s chin and shoves it into her opponent’s throat area cutting off air as she applies a very rudimentary yet effective choke on Sara.  The arm across the throat is followed by an immediate gagging sound from Sara as she feels the effects of the choke.  ACCCCKKKK ACCCKKKK coughs out Sara as she struggles to breathe.

Nissa continues surging forward as she appears to be trying to mount Sara now that she has her on her back.  Sara responds by shoving her hand down against Nissa’s hip to try and force her back while at the same time trying to wrap her arm around and get a grip on Nissa’s hair.  The choke hold takes its toll on Sara now as she tries to twist and turn to find some breathing room.

With Sara trying to prevent her from moving higher, Nissa uses her free right arm to slam several punches into Sara’s upper ribcage and left breast.  The punches land before Sara is able to effectively defend herself from the attack.  The combination of the choking and punching is hurting Sara and the look on her face tell the crowd and the camera that Nissa’s attacks are slowly breaking down Sara.

Nissa Gets On Top as She Chokes and Punches Sara
Nissa Gets On Top as She Chokes and Punches Sara View 2
Nissa Gets On Top as She Chokes and Punches Sara View 3

“Not so mouthy now puta” grunts out Nissa as she works her lower body under her more solidly.  Sara feels the movement and tries to buck Nissa off knowing the Latin fighter is going to try and pin her to the floor.  “Get her off” cries out a fan sounding desperate for Sara to break free.  Nissa rides out Sara’s effort and maintains her position atop her opponent.

Nissa slides her right leg forward and manages to push her knee up and over Sara’s left arm in an attempt to apply a full blown school girl pin on Sara.  AAAAHHHHHHH gasps out Sara as she struggles under the dark-haired fighter.  Sara’s efforts appear to be slowing as her once wild struggles underneath Nissa have slowed considerably.

“Got you now!!!” snarls out Nissa as she reaches forward with her left arm while still choking Sara with her right hand.  The entire room knows what Nissa is trying to accomplish.  They also know that if Nissa gets both of Sara’s arms pinned helplessly to the rug the fight is over for Sara.  The fans on both sides now becoming even louder as they call out their support and encouragement.

Nissa Gets Atop Sara Pinning Her to the Rug and Choking Her
Nissa Gets Atop Sara Pinning Her to the Rug and Choking Her View 2
Nissa Gets Atop Sara Pinning Her to the Rug and Choking Her View 3

OOOHHHHH moans out Sara which emboldens Nissa to make her final effort to get Sara securely trapped in a schoolgirl pin position.  With Nissa about to get her left leg over the top of Sara’s right arm, Sara goes from slow moving bucking to immediate wild and desperate thrashing about under Nissa.

The Peruvian fighter is caught off guard by Sara’s renewed burst of energy as she assumed Sara was finished by her slowing resistance.  Sara’s desperation or wily tactic of playing dead works for her as Nissa is dislodged from Sara’s upper body.  Sara’s efforts allow her to force Nissa over the top of her head on her hands and knees.  Nissa continues forward and ends up more or less on her knees and her chest as she is surprised by Sara’s sudden movement.

Just as quickly as Sara bucked Nissa forward and off of her, the Romanian beauty twists and rolls herself to her hands and knees.  At the same time, Sara grabs hold of Nissa’s right leg and pulls it out from under the Peruvian.  The yank on the leg keeps Nissa off balance and on her chest on the rug rather than allowing her to come to her knees and turn to face Sara.  The Sara fans in the crowd let out loud cheers as Nissa’s fans go silent in surprise at the sudden change of control in the fight.

Sara is Able to Wiggle Free and Catch Nissa’s Leg as She Starts to Lock the Joint
Sara is Able to Wiggle Free and Catch Nissa’s Leg as She Starts to Lock the Joint View 2
Sara is Able to Wiggle Free and Catch Nissa’s Leg as She Starts to Lock the Joint View 3

Sara come up to her knees as she rises up off the floor dragging Nissa’s right leg along for the ride.  With the leg securely in her grasp, Sara begins to fold the leg over and twist the limb.  Sara’s efforts are reward with a cry of pain from Nissa as she feels the impact of the hold in her knee, hip and ankle area.  Sara’s continues to pant for air as she levers away on Nissa’s leg hoping to inflict as much damage to her opponent as possible.  Nissa’s hands push out on the rug as she tries to crawl free of the hold without success.

“Submit to me or I break it!!!” pants out Sara as she tries to end the fight.  Nissa grunts out a loud “NO” as she struggle to escape Sara’s clutches.  Sara starts to push off the floor to her feet to allow her to apply more leverage to the hold.  Sara also eyes the opportunity to start kicking Nissa’s lower body as well if she can get to her feet and maintain her hold.

Sara pushes herself up off her knees and slowly rises to her feet with Nissa’s right leg in tow.  As she comes to her feet, Sara lifts the right leg up and twists on Nissa’s lower leg putting pressure on Nissa’s ankle and knee.  The effort generates a scream of pain from Nissa and cheers of approval from Sara’s fans.  Sara lifts her left foot and drives a fairly weak kick into the back of Nissa’s left leg as her opponent groans in pain into the carpet.

“Nice ass!!!” taunts Sara as she pulls Nissa’s leg higher in the air.  The lifting of the leg forces Nissa’s upper body to be pushed forward and her face is mashed into the rug.  Nissa recognizes the danger she is in with Sara working over her right leg and now trying to setup the opportunity to begin kicking her lower body.

Sara growls out as she lifts up on Nissa’s leg and the Latin fighter recognizes the opportunity to strike.  With both hands on the carpet, Nissa pushes up off the floor and at the same time lashes out with a thrusting kick backwards with her free left leg.  Sara’s body is directly in the path of Nissa’s foot as she shoves the kick back into Sara’s body.

Nissa Shoves Herself Off the Carpet and Drives a Kick Into Sara’s Exposed Belly
Nissa Shoves Herself Off the Carpet and Drives a Kick Into Sara’s Exposed Belly View 2
Nissa Shoves Herself Off the Carpet and Drives a Kick Into Sara’s Exposed Belly View 3

Just as Sara is about to launch another kick into Nissa’s lower body, Nissa’s foot comes slamming into her body.  Sara lets out a loud gasp for air as Nissa buries her foot into her midsection.  The kick catching Sara completely unprepared as it drives into her body and forces the air from her lungs in a loud WHOOSHING sound.

The impact of the kick forces Sara to release her grip on Nissa’s right leg as she is driven backwards.  Sara’s feet fly out from under her as the foot pushes through her body and sends her flying.  The crowd lets out a gasp at the sight of Nissa’s kick sending Sara flying through the air.

Everything seems to happen in slow motion for Sara as she suddenly feels a sharp inability to breath and then feels as if she is flying through the air for minutes.  In reality, the violent force of the kick slams into Sara and in an instant she hits the floor with a thunderous THUD sound as her back and head impact the floor violently.

Nissa’s Brutal Kick Sends Sara Flying Through the Air
Nissa’s Brutal Kick Sends Sara Flying Through the Air View 2
Nissa’s Brutal Kick Sends Sara Flying Through the Air View 3

The crowd goes quiet as the officiator moves closer to Sara to check on her well-being.  In the meantime, Nissa climbs to her feet and seems to slightly favor her right leg that Sara had been working over prior to the kick.  The officiator looks down at Sara and notes she is conscious and steps away to allow the battle to continue.

Sara is trying to gasp for air as she makes horrible breathing sounds.  The noises coming from Sara make it clear that she has had the wind knocked out of her by the kick and the impact with the floor.  Nissa slowly moves over towards Sara and puts her hand in the air to signify she has the fight won.

“Are you done SLUT!!!” screams out Nissa as Sara is laid out on the floor gasping for air.  Not getting an answer from Sara, Nissa doesn’t hesitate to attack.  The reality of the matter is Sara may have wanted to surrender the match, but with the wind knocked out of her was unable.  The AWC world will never know as Nissa doesn’t wait for Sara to be able to answer.

Nissa pulls her foot up and slams a kick into Sara’s ribcage as her opponent lies defenseless on the floor.  Following up on her advantage, Nissa places several more kicks into Sara’s body as she targets her opponent’s breasts.  Nissa’s attacks now clearly seem to show her desire to abuse and hurt Sara at this point of the fight.

Nissa Stomps on Her Defenseless Opponent
Nissa Stomps on Her Defenseless Opponent View 2
Nissa Stomps on Her Defenseless Opponent View 3

The kicks to the body force Sara to roll over to her belly as she tries to curl up and defend herself from the attacks.  Sara is now purely in a defensive mode as she tries to avoid further punishment from Nissa.  The sounds of her pained and laboring attempts to breath echo through the room as the crowd remains mostly silent at this juncture.  The violence of Nissa’s attacks at this juncture in the match have the crowd stunned.

Nissa drops down onto her knees behind Sara and grabs hold of her right arm.  Using her grip on the right arm, Nissa is able to rotate Sara’s upper body in her direction which exposes her chest and belly to the camera and to Nissa’s next potential attack.  A sadistic smiles comes onto Nissa’s face as she holds Sara in position.

“Now we see who begs slut” snarls out Nissa as she reaches down with her free hand and grabs hold of Sara’s right breast.  Nissa digs her fingers into the soft flesh as she mashes the breast in a tight grip.  Sara hoarsely cries out with what little breath she has left in her at this point.  The pain registering on her face as well as Nissa goes to work.  Nissa curls her fingers and slowly pulls away from Sara’s body as she tortures Sara’s breast.

Nissa Traps Sara’s Arms and Goes to Work Torturing Her Body
Nissa Traps Sara’s Arms and Goes to Work Torturing Her Body view 2

With a violent yank Sara’s bikini top, Nissa rips it from her body exposing her breasts to the crowd.  Sara lets out a muted cry of pain as some of her flesh is also ripped away along with her top.  Nissa tosses the bikini aside and lets out a growl as she prepares to continue her offensive on Sara.

Nissa drops down onto her ass on the floor as she repositions herself to trap Sara in her clutches. Nissa holds down Sara’s left arm as she extends her leg out and over the top of the arm pinning it firmly to the floor.  At the same time, Nissa swings her other leg up and over Sara’s hip to prevent her from being able to roll her body over to her belly.

“You want me lesbian you got me!!!” hisses out Nissa in a menacing tone as she slowly works her fingers under Sara’s chin and digs her nails into Sara’s face.  Nissa pulls back on Sara’s chin as she holds her in place with her chest and belly exposed.  Sara’s other arm is trapped behind her body by Nissa’s arm as she arches a punch over the top of Sara’s body.

UNNHHHGGGGG groans out Sara as Nissa starts to deliver punches to her chest and upper belly area.  Fortunately for Sara, the angle at which Nissa attempts to deliver the punches isn’t very good so the blows land without a lot of force.  The bad news for Sara is that in her weakened state the punches feel as if they are being delivered by a jack hammer on her chest and belly.

After Ripping Sara’s Top Free Nissa Begins Driving Punches to Her Chest and Belly as She Traps Her Helpless Foe
After Ripping Sara’s Top Free Nissa Begins Driving Punches to Her Chest and Belly as She Traps Her Helpless Foe View 2
After Ripping Sara’s Top Free Nissa Begins Driving Punches to Her Chest and Belly as She Traps Her Helpless Foe View 3

“No more” moans out Sara weakly as Nissa tortures her body.  The officiator hears the weak surrender and moves closer to the action as Nissa ceases the punching attack.  Nissa uses her leg over the top of Sara’s hip to slowly rotate her opponent more to her backside as Sara ceases all resistance.

“Oh no – not that easy PUTA!!!  You need to beg!!” snarls out Nissa.  With a surrender from Sara in place, Nissa shifts her focus to less destructive attacks as she now shifts towards humiliating and torturing Sara.  Nissa uncoils her right fist and slides her hand down and over Sara’s belly button.  Nissa gives Sara a light pat on her belly before she digs her nails into Sara’s flesh.  As the sharp nails dig into her flesh, Sara lets out a cry of pain.  The Nissa fans in the crowd now begin to celebrate and cheer on their fighter.

“Please” gasps out Sara as she feels Nissa’s fingers digging into the flesh of her battered belly.  The cruelty of the Latin fighter now showing as she works her nails and fingers across Sara’s body.  The torturous attacks a combination of a belly claw at times and plain raking of her nails across the skin at other times.  “Let her go she’s had enough” cries out a fan from the crowd.

“Surrenders are overrated whore” snarls out Nissa as she ties her punishment to Sara’s pre-match comments.  The look on Nissa’s face is a combination between evil and joy as she pins Sara’s head to her leg with her arm and slides the hand down onto Sara’s breast.  Nissa opens her hand over the top of Sara’s belly button and simply pats Sara’s belly.  At the same time, she uses her other hand to grip Sara’s nipple and roll it between her fingers gently.

“Oh my oh my – the little lesbian is going to like my treatment” hisses out Nissa.  Sara moans out a plea for mercy “stop oh please stop” she gasps as tears start to emerge from under Nissa’s arm.  The dark-haired fighter smiles as the officiator watches to make sure no permanent physical harm is being done to Sara at this stage of the battle.

Nissa slides her hand down from Sara’s belly and grips her bikini bottoms and pulls on them sharply.  The fabric of Sara’s bottoms stretches and slides up her body cutting into her from both the front and the back as Nissa applies the pressure.  Sara moans out in pain and maybe even a bit of pleasure as Nissa slides her hand left and right dragging the bikini wedgie from side to side.  “No more” gasps out Sara as Nissa continues the torture.

“Stop moaning like whore – this isn’t for your pleasure” teases Nissa as she slowly closes her fingers down over Sara’s breast.  The hold clamps down and pressures Sara’s soft flesh as Nissa also begins to dig her nails into Sara’s flesh.  The pain again mounts as Sara’s tears become a full bodied sobbing.  “Please have mercy please no more” cries out Sara as she begs Nissa to stop the abuse.

Nissa Mauling Sara and Forcing Her to Beg for Mercy
Nissa Mauling Sara and Forcing Her to Beg for Mercy View 2
Nissa Mauling Sara and Forcing Her to Beg for Mercy View 3

Nissa releases her grip on Sara as she seems content with the pleas for mercy and having forced Sara into becoming a sobbing mess.  Nissa rolls Sara over to her belly and uses her grip on the bikini with one hand and her other on Sara’s hip she slides her ass into the air and puts Sara on her knees as she straddles her body.  With a slight shove, Nissa pushes Sara face down as she gets her ass up and into the air.

“Now a slut gets spanked like someone promised” hisses out Nissa as she hovers menacingly over Sara.  “No” cries out Sara from underneath Nissa as the crowd cheers Nissa on.  Nissa waves her hand around in the air as she shows off the upcoming spanking.

“Oh wait a minute – this bikini needs to come off” teases Nissa a she gives the flimsy bikini bottoms a yank.  The ties on both sides of the bikini rip free as Nissa yanks Sara’s bikini bottom off of her body leaving her bare ass showing to the crowd.  Nissa’s effort is met with a round of cheers from the crowd as Sara’s body is put on display.

Nissa Rips Sara’s Bikini Bottoms Off Her Body
Nissa Rips Sara’s Bikini Bottoms Off Her Body View 2

With the bikini bottoms ripped free, Nissa drops it at her side as she secures both of Sara’s hands behind her back.  Nissa reaches down and rubs her hand on Sara’s bare ass and gently taps her opponent’s firm bottom.  “Please no” begs Sara as Nissa teases her with what is to come.

“Bad little slut!!!” yells out Nissa as she arches her hand up and then quickly back down landing her hand on Sara’s bare bottom.  The WHACK resonates through the room as does Sara’s scream of pain.  “Please stop” Sara cries out.

“Not so mouthy now are you PUTA!!!” snaps out Nissa as she continues to land slaps on Sara’s bare ass.  The color of her flesh now turning bright red as Nissa lands slap after slap.  With each slap Sara cries out in pain and sobs wrack her body.  The officiator moves closer to indicate to Nissa she might be getting carried away with the post-match punishment.

“Quiet down” hisses Nissa as she grabs the bikini bottoms and shoves them into Sara’s mouth.  The screams of pain now become muffled as Sara is forced to eat her own bikini bottoms.  Nissa lands several more slaps before stopping and pushing herself off of Sara and climbing to her feet.

The officiator moves in and raises Nissa’s arm over her head and calls out “YOUR WINNER and ADVANCING TO THE NEXT ROUND OF THE TOURNAMENT — NISSA!!!!!”  The crowd lets out loud cheers for Nissa as she raises her arms and signals her victory over Sara.  Nissa spends several minutes moving through the crowd mingling with the spectators before she finally leaves to change clothing.

Meanwhile, Sara is left lying on the floor while Nissa enjoys her victory.  Her body fully on display for the crowd as she spits her bikini bottoms out and buries her face into the carpet.  From the movements of her body, it is clear that Sara is sobbing uncontrollably following her brutal beating and humiliation at the hands of Nissa.  Sara’s pre-match strategy failing miserably as Nissa uses each of her comments or actions to punish her during the fight.

Nissa Delivers a Brutal Spanking to Sara After Her Tearful Submission
Nissa Delivers a Brutal Spanking to Sara After Her Tearful Submission View 2