Apartment Wrestling Match No. 80 – Keisha versus Hannah

This match is the eightieth in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in Atlanta.  The participants are:

Keisha (5’6 121lbs 22 y/o) lives in Washington, D.C.  She is newly married and a student at Georgetown studying political science.  She hopes to attend law school after wrapping up her undergraduate degree.  Keisha is an avid tennis player and stays in shape by playing tennis several times a week.   She and her husband enjoy outdoor activities and like to bike and hike whenever they have the time.  Keisha’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitor by nature.  I feed off of the competition and I love to crush other’s spirit when I win.  I’m mentally tough and that will make me a great fighter.  I don’t quit – ever!!!”  This is Keisha’s first match in the AWC.

0 - Keisha Before the Fight
Keisha Preparing for the Fight

Hannah (5’4 115 pounds 20 y/o) lives in Alabama.  She is currently a student with hopes to become a doctor someday.  When she isn’t studying, Hannah works at a local gym where she teaches classes and does some personal training.  She is in great physical shape.  Hannah’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m super fit and strong for my size.  I can run circles around these girls.  They have nothing I can’t handle.”  Hannah has lost fights against Molly, Bailey, Selena, and Hailey and has gotten a win over Erica.

0 - Hannah Before the Fight
Hannah Preparing for the Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Hannah arrives well in advance of the match’s start time and prepares for the fight.  She is methodical in her efforts to prepare herself physically and mentally.  She takes off her street clothes and changes into her bikini for the fight.  She has chosen a black and silver bikini for the fight tonight.  She pulls her hair up into a bun high on the back of her head.  With tonight’s match being against a rookie, Hannah is confident that she will be able to get the win.  As the time for the match draws closer, Hannah goes through a series of warm-up stretches and exercises to loosen up her body.  “I’m ready for tonight.  I know I am a good fighter and my record doesn’t show what I can really do.  No way I let some new girl that has never had a match before beat me.  My experience and toughness are going to be more than enough for me to win.  She doesn’t stand a chance.”

Keisha arrives closer to the start time for the match.  She is show to her dressing room to prepare for the match.  She has been trying to work out hard and get into the best shape she can before tonight.  She is confident that she is ready for what is to come.  After watching videos of other matches, to include those of Hannah, Keisha views her match tonight as the start of a great career in the apartment.  After reflecting on her thoughts for a bit, Keisha pulls her white bikini out of her bag and changes clothes.  The bikini contrasts beautifully against her dark skin as it accentuates her curves.  Keisha knows it is important to look great on the rug and she has that part of her fight game ready to go tonight.  “Hannah won’t be ready for my strength.  My power is deceptive.  She will probably underestimate me.  I also think she has looked very vulnerable in her prior matches and I plan to take advantage of her lack of skills in the apartment.  I might not have experience, but Hannah’s experience is mostly losing.  I plan to give her some more of that experience tonight.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Hannah and Keisha.  “All the new girls think they are ready for the AWC and want to win their first match.  At the same time, these existing fighters want to show them they aren’t all that.  I think Keisha has a great body for the AWC, but Hannah has all that experience.  I know I was wrong last time, but I’m sticking with experience and going with Hannah.” The second commentator begins “Experience is important, but it isn’t everything.  Hannah has had some solid moments on the rug and I think she is a better fighter than her win/loss record.  Keisha has a hard body, but I’m just not sure she has a hard mental game.  I think Hannah will outdo the rookie tonight.  I think Keisha has a chance to be a good AWC fighter, but she needs a few fights to get there.  So tonight she takes her lumps.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter. The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules. “The club is using a new set of rules for this match-up tonight. For the first 15 minutes of the fight, either fighter may submit a fall. After a fall, will be a short 1 minute break and the match will resume. If one fighter gets to 3 falls in the first fifteen minutes the match ends. If not, once the fight reaches the 15 minute mark, the last fall will be a complete submission. The fight will end as normal tradition when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue. No punching or kicking to the face, but all other moves are fine. If you don’t win 3 falls in the 15 minutes, your wins won’t matter if you lose the final fall. So finish your opponent quick or just finish her after the 15 minute mark. What matters is who is left standing at the end. Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

0 - Before the Figtht
Both Fighters Preparing For the Fight

Hannah moves to her side of the room and dances from side to side on her feet as she causes her breasts to bounce and sway in her bikini top.  Being a veteran of the Apartment, Hannah knows how to get a crowd on your side early and that is exactly what she plans to do.  Just as Hannah expected, her efforts are rewarded by approving cheers from the crowd.  Keisha moves to her side of the room and awaits the start of the fight quietly.  She is visibly nervous and unsure of herself as she waits for the signal to begin.  The cheers for Hannah seem to cause Keisha to become even more uncomfortable as she waits.

At the signal to begin, both fighters move across the room towards the other.  Neither fighter hesitates as they close into range.  Both fighters make a sudden lunge toward the other and immediately begin throwing slaps at the other fighter’s body.  Both land several hard slaps as they stand in close and exchange slaps with one another.

Hannah grunts out letting out a growling sound as she tries to intimidate Keisha.  The rookie fighter ignores Hannah’s sound effects and continues to throw slaps back at the blonde.  The sound of hands on flesh echoes through the apartment as both girls give as good as they get.  WHACKKKK!!!! WHAPPPP!!! SLAPPPP!!!!

1 - Fight is Underway
Hannah and Keisha Trade Blows
1 - Fight is Underway Veiw 2
Hannah and Keisha Trade Blows View 2

The crowd cheers out in support of their favorite as the fighter’s battle for the early advantage.  The two stagger around in circles as they trade slaps with neither being able to take control of the other.  The grunts and growls turn to yelps of pain as their flesh takes a pounding from the others repeated slaps.  Even with their skin burning, neither fighter is willing to give ground.

“Bitch!!!” yelps out Hannah as Keisha lands a slap on her face turning her head to the side.  With the slaps not doing the trick, Hannah curls her hand into a fist and jabs a punch into Keisha’s abdomen.  The blow landing forces an OOOMMPPPP sound from Keisha as the blow catches her off guard.  Not to be outdone by Hannah escalating the fight to punching, Keisha balls her hand into a fist and starts jabbing shots back at Hannah’s body.

The pace of the fight continues to be fast as the slaps turn to punches and the fighter’s stumble and step around one another as they trade punches.  Neither fighter does a particularly good job of defending herself as each seems focused on hurting the other.  The crowd loudly calls out support for their favorite as the girls start to become winded.

2 - Both Landing Shots
The Action Escalates as Both Start Landing Punches on the Other’s Body
2 - Both Landing Shots View 2
The Action Escalates as Both Start Landing Punches on the Other’s Body View 2

“I’ll break you!!!” snarls out Hannah as she tries to get a grip on Keisha’s hair while continuing to throw punches into her opponent’s body.  The sound of the blows landing on Keisha ring out with THUMP sounds and with each thump comes a HUNNFFFF sound from Keisha as the blows continue to knock little bits of breath from Keisha’s body.

“You’re mine!!!!” replies Keisha as she gives Hannah back just as good as she is getting.  Hannah takes several punches to her body causing her to grunt and gasp as the breath is being knocked from her as well.  “Crush her” yells out someone in the crowd.  At this point, it is unclear whether that support is meant for Keisha or Hannah.

With the battle raging, Keisha decides to go for a blow to finish off Hannah.  Keisha stops punching and pivots her body sharply to her right as she suddenly brings her left knee up off the floor.  Before Hannah can respond, Keisha’s knee thumps into her body with a dull THUD sound.  Hannah gasps out loudly as the air rushes from her body.

3 - Kiesha Lands a Knee
Keisha Gets a Knee Into Hannah’s Body
3 - Kiesha Lands a Knee View 2
Keisha Gets a Knee Into Hannah’s Body View 2

The force of the impact causes Hannah to groan out as she starts to lean forward just a bit from the impact.  Hannah’s attempts to continue throwing body blows at Keisha stops as she tries to catch her wind again.  “Finish the slut!!!” yells out someone in the crowd, clearly a Keisha fan.

Keisha recovers her balance after landing the knee and takes a brief moment to get both hands buried in Hannah’s hair.  As the blonde gasps for air and tries to grab hold of her opponent, Keisha slides her body slightly to the side and pulls Hannah a step or two with her by her hair.

“Submit to me you weak ass slut!!!” yells out Keisha loudly as the blonde is tugged along a couple steps.  With Hannah struggling to wrap her arms around Keisha’s body, the fight slows down just a bit.  Even though Keisha is in charge of the fight at that this moment, her mouth hangs open as she sucks in air.

The rookie pulls Hannah several more steps towards the wall and then twists her body in an attempt to fling the blonde into the wall.  Hannah’s arm is wrapped around Keisha’s body which prevents Keisha from being able to throw the blonde into the wall.  Hannah lets out a cry of pain as her hair is viciously yanked since she held her body in place using Keisha’s.

4 - Kiesha Tries to Sling Hannah Into the Wall
Keisha Attempting to Sling Hannah Into the Wall
4 - Kiesha Tries to Sling Hannah Into the Wall View 2
Keisha Attempting to Sling Hannah Into the Wall View 2

“Stupid bitch” hisses out Keisha angrily as she fails to pull Hannah across her body and slam her into the wall.  With her first effort thwarted by Hannah gripping her around the waist, Keisha gives Hannah’s hair another yank in an attempt to yank the blonde’s arm off of her body.  Hannah lets out a yelp of pain at the hair pulling, but she manages to keep her arm hooked around Keisha.

Knowing she can’t maintain her grip much longer in the face of the strong hair pulling, Hannah yells out loudly YYYAAAAAHHHHH as she drops her arm off of Keisha’s body.  The crowd’s initial reaction to her scream is to yell out in support of Keisha as it appears Hannah is crying out in pain.   The Keisha fans begin cheering for their girl loudly.

As soon as the yell finishes echoing off the walls, Keisha’s mouth opens wide as her face scrunches up into a grimace of pain.  A cry of agony flies from Keisha as the true purpose of Hannah’s cry becomes apparent.  Before Keisha, or the crowd, can react to the change in circumstances, Hannah lands several more vicious punches to Keisha’s low back and kidneys.

5 - Hannah Puts a Fist in Keishas Back View 2
Hannah Lands a Blow on Keisha’s Kidneys
5 - Hannah Puts a Fist in Keishas Back View 3
Hannah Lands a Blow on Keisha’s Kidneys View 2

The blows force Keisha’s knees to buckle as she takes several hard shots into her kidney area.  Each of the punches lands with a THUMP sound as is followed by moans and cries of pain from Keisha.  After taking several hard shots to the body, Keisha drops to her knees in front of Hannah.  The blonde’s fans begin calling out their support as Hannah seizes control of the battle.

“Now who’s the weak ass slut!!!!” screams out Hannah as she grips Keisha by the hair and shakes her head violently from side to side.  Keisha cries out in pain as her upper body is rag dolled by Hannah.  AAAAAIIIEEEEE screams out Keisha as Hannah violently abuses her scalp and neck with her attack.

With Keisha trapped on her knees in front of her, Hannah slides her arm down and around her opponent’s neck as she drops to the floor behind Keisha.  Keisha puts up little resistance as Hannah secures her neck and twists her body around to the side slightly.  NNNHHHHHH moans out Keisha as her body is twisted to the side.

Keisha reaches up with her right hand and grabs for Hannah’s hair in an attempt to pull her way free of Hannah’s clutches.  Her efforts are met with a nasty snarl and a hard punch to her exposed ribcage.  The blow lands on Keisha’s exposed ribs with a THUD sound as the blonde punishes Keisha for her attempt to fight back.

6 - Hannah Traps and Pounds Keisha
Hannah Hooks Keisha’s Neck and Drives Hard Shots Into Her Exposed Body
6 - Hannah Traps and Pounds Keisha View 2
Hannah Hooks Keisha’s Neck and Drives Hard Shots Into Her Exposed Body View 2

Keisha lets out a loud gasping sound as Hannah drives her fist into her body.  Hannah immediately follows up on her advantage and drives several more punches into her exposed midsection as Keisha moans and cries out in pain.  “Beat her ass” yells out a fan from the crowd as Hannah takes advantage of Keisha’s inability to prevent the punches to her body.

As Hannah slams the punches into her body, Keisha’s free arm flails back and forth as she tries to block Hannah’s punches.  Keisha’s efforts fail her as Hannah nimbly avoids the flailing arm to drive the punches into Keisha.  After landing a number of hard shots on Keisha, Hannah shoves her opponent forward driving her to the floor on her face.

Keisha lets out a loud moan as Hannah hovers over her body.  Before Keisha can roll free, Hannah pushes down atop her and mashes her to the floor.  The crowd continues to call out support for Hannah now that she is clearly in control of the fight.  The Keisha fans are now very quiet as their fighter is in serious trouble.

“Submit to me” snaps Hannah as she grabs Keisha by the hair and pulls her head off the carpet before mashing her face first back to the floor.  Keisha lets out a loud moan as she weakly tries to push her legs under her in an effort to force Hannah off of her back.

“Don’t even try it!!!” growls Hannah as she reaches back and delivers a stinging slap to Keisha lower back.  Keisha lets out a yelp of pain as Hannah’s slap causes her significant pain.  Before Keisha can respond, Hannah slips an arm around Keisha’s neck and begins choking her opponent.  Keshia lets out several gasps and choking sounds as she is unable to force her way free of Hannah’s attack.

“Give” croaks out Keisha as she starts to fear being choked unconscious by her blonde opponent.  The crowd responds with a loud cheer of support for Hannah as she forces a submission out of Keisha.  The officiator quickly steps in close and calls out “LET HER GO” as Hannah responds to the submission by shoving Keisha’s face into the floor as she releases the choke hold.

7 - Hannah Forces a Submission
Hannah Forces a Submission Out of a Battered and Winded Keisha
7 - Hannah Forces a Submission View 2
Hannah Forces a Submission Out of a Battered and Winded Keisha View 2

After forcing the submission, Hannah climbs to her feet and stands over the top of Keisha who remains flat on the floor on her belly with her face down on the carpet.  Keisha’s body heaves up and down as she sucks in air trying to recover from Hannah’s brutal punching and choking attacks.  The officiator calls out “the winner of the first fall at 7 minutes and 10 seconds and now leading 1 fall to none — Hannah!!!”  Hannah’s fans respond with loud cheers of support as Hannah celebrates her win in the first fall.

“There will now be a one minute rest break before the match continues” calls out the officiator.  The tv screen on the wall comes back on and the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show hosts come back on the screen.  The first commentator starts off “I thought for a second that Keisha might just take it to Hannah, but that didn’t last long.  Things are playing out like I expected.  Hannah will probably continue to control and abuse Keisha.”  The second commentator responds “Keisha is looking worn down quite a bit.  All those body shots and choking looks to have really hurt her stamina.  She needs to inflict some punishment on Hannah or its gonna be a long night for her.”

Hannah stands waiting for the start of the 2nd fall as she smiles and waves to the crowd.  Keisha uses almost the full rest period to catch her breath before finally climbing to her feet and facing Hannah.  As the break time expires, the officiator steps forward and calls out “the rest period is now expired.  The second fall is underway – FIGHT!!”

Upon the command to fight, both fighters approach one another slowly.  Neither appears to be in a big hurry as they both bring their fists up to a ready position and circle one another.  As they circle, Hannah hisses out “you should save yourself some pain – give up now.”  Keisha continues to circle warily eying her opponent and calls out “Fuck off bimbo” in a defiant tone.  The crowd members call out support for both girls as they get ready to engage and Keisha’s fans let out an extra wave of cheers at her response to Hannah’s verbal taunting.

8 - Start of 2nd Fall
The Fighters Square Off at the Start of the 2nd Fall
8 - Start of 2nd Fall View 2
The Fighters Square Off at the Start of the 2nd Fall View 2
8 - Start of 2nd Fall View 3
The Fighters Square Off at the Start of the 2nd Fall View 3

After several moments of cautiously circling one another, Keisha lashes out throwing a punch at Hannah’s upper body.  Hannah is able to deflect the blow with her hand and tries to land a counter shot on Keisha as she has her slightly off balance from her missed punch.  Keisha is able to twist her body out of the path of Hannah’s return shot as the two continue to circle and feint punches toward the other.

“Come on bitch!!! Fight me!!!” taunts Hannah as the circling seems to last for several minutes.  Keisha is in no hurry to tangle up with Hannah and it is apparent to the spectators that Hannah is content to let her avoid contact.  “Get her” yells out several crowd members as they encourage the girls.  The officiator watches carefully knowing that at any moment a wild and reckless exchange of punches could occur.

YAAAAAHHHH yells out Keisha as she lunges forward wildly swinging punches at Hannah’s belly area.  As she comes forward, Hannah responds by reaching out to grab for her hair and at the same time throws a forearm towards Keisha’s chest.  This time around neither girl is interested in putting up any defense as they attack the other.

Keisha lands her fist in Hannah’s belly causing her to gasp out audibly, but before she can enjoy her success Hannah’s forearm blow lands directly on her chest causing her to grunt out loudly from the impact.  Neither fighter falters as Hannah wraps her left arm around Keisha gripping for her hair.  With her forearm pinned between their chests, Hannah is unable to effectively land another blow.  Keisha, on the other hand, is able to yank her fist back and hammer another shot or two into Hannah’s body as the blonde pushes herself into Keisha.

9 - Struggling In Close
Both Land Punishing Shots on the Other as They Battle for Control
9 - Struggling In Close View 2
Both Land Punishing Shots on the Other as They Battle for Control View 2

Hannah manages to push in close to Keisha mashing their bodies tightly together.  Both fighters abandon an attempt to land further punches on their opponent and simply grab hold the other fighter.  The grunts and groans pick up in intensity as the two struggle on their feet.  After several moments of pushing and grappling neither is able to gain an advantage over the other.

“You aren’t strong enough” grunts out Keisha as the two fighters stumble in a tight circle.  Each continues her effort to outwrestle the other and neither finds any real success as the fight comes to a stalemate.  The fans in the crowd continue to shout encouragement hoping to propel their favorite to victory in the 2nd fall.

After a long struggle on their feet, Hannah manages to tangle her legs up with Keisha and trips her up causing her to go down on the floor.  Hannah goes down with her and the struggle moves from standing to lying on the floor.  After several moments of struggling for an edge, Hannah is able to roll her body atop Keisha’s.

10 - Struggling on the Floor 1
The Fight Goes to the Floor and Hannah Gets Atop Keisha
10 - Struggling on the Floor 1 View 2
The Fight Goes to the Floor and Hannah Gets Atop Keisha View 2
10 - Struggling on the Floor 1 View3
The Fight Goes to the Floor and Hannah Gets Atop Keisha View 3

With Keisha underneath her body, Hannah tries to wiggle further up her opponent’s body to secure a solid pin.  Keisha thrashes wildly underneath her making the task incredibly difficult.    The fight stalemates as both struggle to gain the advantage.  Hannah leans into Keisha trying to use her body weight to help pin her opponent to the floor.  At the same time, Keisha pushes and thrusts with her legs and hips as she tries to roll Hannah from atop her.

“Get off me!!!” growls Keisha as she struggles to move the blonde off of her.  Hannah wraps her arm around Keisha’s neck and struggles to gain a grip on Keisha’s hair.  Keisha sinks her fingers into Hannah’s hair and pulls back on her hair bending her neck back.  Keisha’s hair pulling stops Hannah from making any further progress up her body.

The struggle on the floor goes on for several moments and both fighters grunt and groan with the effort of the battle.  With her efforts to push higher atop Keisha temporarily blocked, Hannah tries to wrap her legs around and under Keisha’s.  Keisha feels the effort to hook her legs and struggles to twist and turn to avoid being secured in Hannah’s grip.  “ROLL HER OFF!!!” yells out a loud voice in the crowd.

Just as suddenly as Hannah took her to the floor, Keisha is able to shove with her lower body and slide Hannah off to the side.  The blonde yells out in frustration as Keisha twists and dumps Hannah onto her side on the floor.  Keisha throws her leg over the top of Hannah’s and works to pull herself atop the struggling blonde.

“Fuck you bitch!!!” snarls Keisha.  The frustration of the fight now showing on both girls faces and through their body language as they desperately struggle for control.  Hannah shoves a hand into the side of Keisha’s head and tries to straighten her arm to force her opponent off balance.  At the same time, Keisha tries to get her leg over the top of Hannah’s wanting to use it to leverage her efforts to gain the upper position.

Hannah, knowing she is in danger of being pinned to the carpet, pushes her leg up hard into Keisha’s to prevent her opponent from getting the upper position.   The move blocks Keisha’s efforts and leads to a renewed round of grunting and gasping as the girls struggle to overpower their opponent.  The crowd calls out loudly in support of their favorite as they attempt to urge them into the dominant position.

11 - Keisha Rolling Hannah Over
After Struggling a Bit Keisha Manages to Roll Hannah Off
11 - Keisha Rolling Hannah Over View 2
After Struggling a Bit Keisha Manages to Roll Hannah Off View 2

HNNNGGGHH grunts out Keisha loudly as Hannah shoves a hand into her chest.  The shoving motion forces Keisha slightly to her right which gives Hannah some space to operate.  Keisha responds by trying to shove her upper body atop Hannah.  With her lower body out of the struggle, Keisha fails to appreciate the consequence of her attack.

The officiator calls out “we are at the fourteen minute mark of the fight” as the girls continue to struggle.  The length of the fight and the hard struggling has both fighters gasping and grunting with the effort.  Their bodies glisten with perspiration generated from the effort.

Hannah is now able to slide her leg over the top of Keisha’s and does so in an instant.  Keisha tries to react to Hannah’s lower body getting the upper position, but with the slight bit of separation in their upper bodies she is unable to leverage her strength enough to stop Hannah’s attack.  Within a matter of a few seconds, Hannah is able to force Keisha to her stomach and slide her body onto Keisha’s back.  The Hannah fans in the crowd cheer out loudly as she slides atop her opponent.

Keisha groans out as she feels Hannah’s body weight press into her back.  The pressure forces Keisha into the floor as the blonde grinds down atop her.  Hannah slides her left arm around Keisha’s body and traps her opponent’s arm at the same time she locks a sort of chin lock or choke hold on Keisha.

12 - Hannah Gets Keishas Back
Hannah Slips Free and Gets Atop Keisha’s Back
12 - Hannah Gets Keishas Back View 2
Hannah Slips Free and Gets Atop Keisha’s Back View 2
12 - Hannah Gets Keishas Back View 3
Hannah Slips Free and Gets Atop Keisha’s Back View 3

“Got ya now bitch!!!” hisses out Hannah as she presses down into Keisha’s back mashing her to the floor.  Keisha moans out loudly now as she struggles to push her body off the floor.  With her one arm trapped, Keisha reaches up with her free right arm and tries to grab for Hannah’s hair.

Hannah takes advantage of Keisha’s inexperience and quickly slips her own right arm around and hooks Keisha’s right arm.  At the same time, the blonde twists her body and rolls herself over to her back dragging the trapped Keisha with her.  “Finish her!!!” yells out an excited Hannah fan in the crowd.

The blonde moves quickly as she rolls over to her back and swings her legs up snapping them shut around Keisha’s body.  Keisha is completely unprepared for Hannah’s move and is drug over and snared in the body scissors before she can comprehend what is happening.  The officiator calls out “fifteen minutes – next submission ends the match” and the crowd cheers at the announcement.

“You’re done now slut!!!” snaps Hannah as she traps her opponent between her legs and at the same time maintains her grip on both of Keisha’s arms.  Keisha struggles to pull free of Hannah’s grip, but her arms are trapped over her head and are nowhere near strong enough to pull free of Hannah’s better positioning.  With Keisha unable to escape, Hannah wraps her arms tightly and works her hand into Keisha’s hair and her throat.

13 - Hannah Puts Keisha in Real Trouble
Keisha is in Real Trouble as Hannah Traps Her Arms and Applies a Choke and a Scissors
13 - Hannah Puts Keisha in Real Trouble View 2
Keisha is in Real Trouble as Hannah Traps Her Arms and Applies a Choke and a Scissors View 2
13 - Hannah Puts Keisha in Real Trouble Close Up
Keisha is in Real Trouble as Hannah Traps Her Arms and Applies a Choke and a Scissors Close Up View

Keisha gasps and groans as Hannah squeezes the air from her body.  The crowd cheers loudly for Hannah as she begins to put a serious hurting on Keisha.  Unable to get her arms free, Keisha is left with no options other than to press and thrash with her lower body.  As Hannah squeezes and chokes her, Keisha pushes and thrusts with her legs trying desperately to find a way free of her opponent.

“Nowhere to go now rookie” hisses out Hannah as Keisha’s resistance fades.   The blonde maintains her grip on Keisha’s hair as she constricts her arms and legs around her opponent.  With Keisha’s efforts to free herself slowing, Hannah slowly rolls her body to the side taking Keisha over with her.

The slow roll allows Hannah to work her legs directly across Keisha’s body as she maintains her grip on both of Keisha’s arms along with her hair and chin.  The officiator stands close by sensing Keisha might be just about finished.  The crowd, also sensing the end is near, is on its feet and some of Hannah’s fans begin chanting “HANNAH HANNAH HANNAH” as she crushes the fight out of Keisha.

“Say it BITCH!!!! – or I’ll crush the life out of you!!!!”  snarls Hannah as she holds Keisha helplessly between her legs.  “Noooo” gasps out Keisha as she lets her pride foolishly get in the way.  Hannah smiles at Keisha’s refusal knowing she will look particularly sexy as she crushes her ebony skinned opponent between her legs.

Hannah lets out a low growl as she squeezes her legs together using all of her strength.  Keisha reacts immediately as the hold places incredibly painful pressure on her ribs and abdomen.  AAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGG!!!! screams out Keisha as the pain quickly mounts.  The crowd cheers at her loud wail of pain knowing the submission is coming any second.

After holding out for what felt like an eternity, but only amounted to several seconds, Keisha wails out “STOOOPPP!!!!”  Hannah slowly eases the pressure on Keisha’s ribs as her opponent gasps and groans out in pain.  “Say you submit” snaps Hannah in a matter of fact command.  Keisha quickly gasps out “I submit – you win” knowing she didn’t want Hannah to resume squeezing her body.

14 - Hannah Finishing Keisha
Keisha is Fading as Hannah Rolls Her to the Side and Bears Down on the Brutal Body Scissors
14 - Hannah Finishing Keisha View 2
Keisha is Fading as Hannah Rolls Her to the Side and Bears Down on the Brutal Body Scissors View 2
14 - Hannah Finishing Keisha View 3
Keisha is Fading as Hannah Rolls Her to the Side and Bears Down on the Brutal Body Scissors View 3

The officiator steps close and calls out “its over Hannah” as the crowd gets even louder in showing its support for Hannah.  The officiator stands by waiting for Hannah to slowly untangle her legs from Keisha’s body and rises to her feet.  As Hannah gets to her feet, Keisha rolls over onto her belly and continues to moan and gasp as she lies face down on the rug.

The officiator announces “the winner of the two falls to zero at the 17 minute and 20 second mark of the fight – Hannah!!!!”  The crowd cheers out its approval as Hannah stands over the top of the battered and defeated Keisha.  Hannah smiles broadly for the crowd and the camera as she soaks in the cheers of the crowd.

“That’s right rookie.  The AWC is no joke.  Next time I’ll break your damn ribs!!!” hisses out Hannah as she stands over the top of Keisha.  Hannah’s comments cause a renewed wave of cheers and laughs at Keisha’s fate as the blonde embarrasses her opponent.

After standing several moments over the top of Keisha, Hannah turns and makes her way around the room accepting the congratulations from the crowd.   While Hannah is enjoying her win, Keisha remains face down on the floor in pain until finally rolls to a seated position and clutches her ribs.   The pain in her body enough to tell her she wasn’t as ready as she thought for the AWC.  With Hannah now in the other room, Keisha climbs to her feet and slips off to change and to avoid any further crowd attention.

15 - Hannah Posing Over Keisha
Hannah Celebrates Her Victory
15 - Hannah Posing Over Keisha View 2
Hannah Celebrates Her Victory View 2