Apartment Wrestling Match No. 81 Hiyoko versus Shriya

This match is the eighty-first in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is taking place in Seoul.  The participants are:

Hiyoko (5’8 119 pounds 20 y/o) lives in Sapporo.  She is currently a student studying to be a pharmacist.  Hiyoko sees Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to make some money to help her complete her studies.  In her spare time, she likes to read and paint.  Hiyoko’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am dedicated and stubborn.  In a fight I will hurt my opponent until she can no longer continue.  I am creative and will find ways to win.”  Hiyoko has lost fights against Anushka, Summer and Peyat.

0 - Hiyoko Pre-Fight
Hiyoko Before the Fight

Shriya (5’6 128lbs 27 y/o) lives near New Delhi.  She works as a flight attendant and spends most of her time when she isn’t working travelling the world.  Her schedule puts her in hotel gyms on a regular basis  and she loves a good workout.  She also loves to dance and party and considers a long night at the club on the dance floor a good workout.  Shriya’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m mean and tough.  I won’t stop until whoever challenges me is battered and begging me for mercy.”


0 - Shriya Pre-Fight
Shriya Before the Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Hiyoko is preparing for the fight in a bedroom on one side of the home opposite of where Shriya is going to prepare.  Hiyoko has lost all three matches she has fought and knows that patience in Japanese fight club circles is wearing thin with her performances.  Tonight is a must win in her mind.  She changes into a small bikini with multiple colored stripes.  The skimpy nature of the bikini shows off her slender physique.  Hiyoko has worked out hard to prepare and feels ready to fight for a win.  On her way to the fight room, she comments:  “I am sure tonight is my night.  I will show all I am worthy of the honor of being in the AWC.  I am a better fighter and have more experience.  I will win and do it by dominating this new girl.”

Shriya arrives at the fight location along with her sponsor, the son of a wealthy businessman in India.  Once inside her changing room, she unpacks her small overnight bag and changes into her black bikini.  Her dark skin, dark hair and dark bikini make for an intimidating picture.  It is immediately obvious that Shriya is well-toned and ready to fight in the AWC.  Shriya has also watched videos of every AWC match and feels prepared for what is going to happen on the rug.  “This scrawny little Japanese bitch is a joke.  I’m not complaining about getting an easy match for my first one.  She will make me look good and I can start my championship quest with a great victory.  I already know who I want to fight next.  Look at me.  I will dominate the Pacific Club.  It is my Club.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Hiyoko and Shriya.  “It’s another exciting night as yet another new girl enters the AWC.  The word has been that the Pacific Club might have some girls that need to be replaced with better talent.  There are several girls looking for a spot in the AWC and Shriya is one of them.  Hiyoko has been hearing all about how she hasn’t won a fight yet from the local Japanese club supporters.  Tonight one of these girls gets her first win.  I think Shriya looks a bit much for Hiyoko.  The edge in experience isn’t going to be enough to overcome the size and power difference.” The second commentator begins “I think you have it right.  Hiyoko has a chance to win, but she will need to fight a great fight to do it.  Shriya might just make that mistake that allows the more experienced girl to defeat her.  I don’t see it, but you never know.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter. The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules. “For the first 15 minutes of the fight, either fighter may submit a fall. After a fall, will be a short 1 minute break and the match will resume. If one fighter gets to 3 falls in the first fifteen minutes the match ends. If not, once the fight reaches the 15 minute mark, the last fall will be a complete submission. The fight will end as normal tradition when one of you says you are done or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender. The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately. I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue. No punching or kicking to the face, but all other moves are fine. If you don’t win 3 falls in the 15 minutes, your wins won’t matter if you lose the final fall. So finish your opponent quick or just finish her after the 15 minute mark. What matters is who is left standing at the end. Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

0 - Both Girls Pre-Fight
The Fighters Prepare to do Battle

The fighters move back to their respective sides of the room and wait for the signal to begin.  Shriya bounces back and forth from foot to foot and watches the officiator for the signal to begin.  Hiyoko stands quietly waiting and intently stares at Shriya in an effort to intimidate her opponent.  The crowd cheers out their support for both fighters as the final moments before the start of the match evaporate.  The officiator signals for the fight to begin and the timer on the wall begins to keep track of the time.

With the signal to begin, Hiyoko moves forward cautiously and pushes her hands up as she prepares to meet Shriya.  Shriya takes several slow steps forward and then launches forward in a sudden lunge towards Hiyoko.  The Japanese fighter throws her hands up to grapple with Shriya, but her opponent powers right through her defenses like a hot knife through butter.

“YYYYAAAHHHH!!!!” screams out Shriya as she drives her left knee upward and slams it into Hiyoko’s body as her defenses are brushed aside.  Hiyoko lets out a grunting sound as the hard knee lands on her body.  Just after launching the knee, Shriya lashes out with a hard punch aimed at Hiyoko’s chest area.  Shriya’s approach now clear as she simply appears to be trying to batter Hiyoko into submission.  The crowd lets out a cheer as Shriya’s follow-up punch to Hiyoko’s chest lands with a solid THUMP sound.

1 - Shriya Goes On The Attack
Shriya Launches an Aggressive Attack on Hiyoko
0 - Hiyoko Pre-Fight View 2
Shriya Launches an Aggressive Attack on Hiyoko View 2
0 - Hiyoko Pre-Fight View 3
Shriya Launches an Aggressive Attack on Hiyoko View 3

Hiyoko staggers back trying to retreat away from Shriya to recover and regroup.  The Japanese fighter tries to push her hands up to prevent Shriya from landing any further blows on her body.  Shriya ignores the Hiyoko’s efforts and aggressively pursues her opponent.  Shriya continues throwing punches at Hiyoko’s body landing her blows at will on Hiyoko’s arms and torso.  Hiyoko’s attempts to defend her body fail miserably as her lack of an offense only encourages Shriya to aggressively attack.

“I’ll destroy you!!!” yells out Shriya as Hiyoko shrieks out in pain from the repeated blows to her body.  Shriya temporarily shifts the focus of her attack from landing punches to swinging vicious slaps at Hiyoko’s head and face.  The Japanese girl tries to launch an attack of her own, but her punch glances off of Shriya’s shoulder without having much impact on the Indian fighter.

With Hiyoko’s attempt to counter attack thwarted, Shriya lands several hard slaps to Hiyoko’s face causing her opponent to scream out in pain.  Each slap forcing Hiyoko’s head to turn first one way and then the other as Shriya continues to land the hard slaps.  The sound of hand on flesh echoes throughout the room WHAP WHAP WHACK as Hiyoko is unable to match Shriya’s ferocity.

“AAAIIEOOOWWWW!!!” screams out Hiyoko as Shriya punishes her.  After a particularly hard slap, Hiyoko’s legs buckle and she drops to her knees in front of Shriya.  The Indian steps in close and grabs Hiyoko by the hair yanking her head back and exposing her chest allowing Shriya to resume pounding punches into Hiyoko’s body.  Hiyoko tries to punch back, but her position on her knees doesn’t allow her to land any blows with force on Shriya.

2 - Hiyoko Going to Her Knees
HIyoko Drops to A Knee As Shriya Continues Her Brutal Assault
2 - Hiyoko Going to Her Knees View 2
HIyoko Drops to A Knee As Shriya Continues Her Brutal Assault View 2

“YOU WILL SUBMIT TO ME!!!” screams out Shriya as she yanks Hiyoko by the hair.  Hiyoko screams out in pain as her neck is wrenched from side to side by Shriya.  The Shriya fans in the crowd continue to cheer her on as she dominates Hiyoko and fills the room with her cries of pain.  Hiyoko pushes her left arm up between Shriya’s legs and lands a weak blow between the Indian girls’ legs.

Shriya grunts out from Hiyoko’s weak counter attack and growls out loudly as she yanks Hiyoko forward by her hair.  The Japanese fighter screams out as her is violently pulled and her scalp feels as if it is on fire.  The harsh hair pulling forces Hiyoko to her hands and knees as Hiyoko stands to her side.

“Stupid bitch!!” snarls Shriya as she drives several punches into Hiyoko’s exposed backside.  The blows land on her back with THUMPS and THUDS as the defenseless fighter continues to absorb punishment.  A loud cry of pain comes from Hiyoko and then she cries out “GET OFF ME!!!”  The crowd strongly in support of Shriya at this point as Hiyoko has yet to mount any sort of offensive.

3 - Shirya Punishing Hiyoko
A Gasping Hiyoko is Mercilessly Pummeled by Shriya
3 - Shirya Punishing Hiyoko View 2
A Gasping Hiyoko is Mercilessly Pummeled by Shriya View 2

Shriya enjoys the crowd cheering for her as she dominates Hiyoko.  The Japanese fighter clearly outmatched by Shriya as the Indian girl begins to drag her by the hair in the direction of the nearby couch.  “Kick her ass!!!” yells out a Shriya supporter from across the room.  Hiyoko’s fans remain mostly quiet as they look on in stunned silence as the rookie continues to demolish the more experienced fighter.

With Shriya tugging Hiyoko along by the hair, the defenseless Japanese girl is forced to partly crawl and to partly be drug the 8 or 10 feet to the couch.  Shriya pulls Hiyoko to the edge of the couch and drapes her body partly over the front-edge of the couch and partly over the arm of the couch.  Hiyoko moans out as she shows the impact of the beating being imposed by Shriya.

“If the rest of the Club fighters look like you bitch I’ll own the place” snaps out Shriya as she straddles Hiyoko from behind.  Hiyoko tries to push her body up and off the couch, but finds herself quickly pressed down and mashed into the couch.  The officiator steps in close in anticipation of what Shriya might do next.  Hiyoko has taken a lot of punishment and the officiator is concerned for her well-being at this point.

Instead of continuing the punching attack, Shriya slides her arm around Hiyoko’s neck and begins to choke her opponent.  The effort is met with and instant gasping and gagging sound coming from Hiyoko as her air supply is suddenly cut off by Shriya.  The Indian girl smiles for the camera as she throttles her slender opponent.  The crowd lets out a cheer as they come to their feet in anticipation of Hiyoko being choked out.

4 - Shriya Choking Hiyoko
Shriya Choking the Fight Out of Hiyoko
4 - Shriya Choking Hiyoko View 2
Shriya Choking the Fight Out of Hiyoko View 2
4 - Shriya Choking Hiyoko View 3
Shriya Choking the Fight Out of Hiyoko View 3

The sounds of Hiyoko gagging and gasping get louder as Shriya prolongs the choke hold.  The Japanese fighter struggles to break free, but Shriya’s straddle and use of the couch has Hiyoko trapped and unable to fight her way free.  A Hiyoko fan cries out “Let her go . . . You’re killing her!!!”

Shriya realizes she isn’t going to get a submission if she chokes Hiyoko unconscious and suddenly releases the choke hold she is applying so expertly.  With a sudden swing of her leg, Shriya moves from straddling Hiyoko to standing beside her opponent.  Using Hiyoko’s hair as a grip, Shriya yanks her opponent off of the couch where she is laid out and drags her on her back about five feet out into the floor.

“Please let me go!!!!” screams out a distraught Hiyoko in a raspy and breathless voice.  Before the officiator can decide Hiyoko is surrendering, Shriya drops to the floor and yanks Hiyoko’s head between her thighs.  With a loud and angry sounding growl, Shriya flexes her thighs and begins to crush Hiyoko’s head.  The gasping and moaning sounds immediately get louder as Hiyoko is again in distress.

“Submit to me you whore!!!” demands Shriya as she squeezes Hiyoko’s head between her powerful thighs.  The Japanese fighter cries out in pain and immediately screams with what voice she has left “I submit . . . please no more!!”   The Shriya fans roar their approval as Shriya forces a submission from a battered and beaten Hiyoko.

5 - Shriya Scissoring Hiyoko
Shriya Yanks Hiyoko Back and Locks on a Powerful Scissor Hold
5 - Shriya Scissoring Hiyoko View 2
Shriya Yanks Hiyoko Back and Locks on a Powerful Scissor Hold View 2

Before the officiator can make any move at all, Shriya squeezes down again with all her strength and forces a loud wailing scream from Hiyoko.  The officiator yells out loudly “THAT’S A SUBMISSION – LET HER GO!!!”  Shriya opens her legs and roughly shoves away from Hiyoko allowing the Japanese fighters head to bounce off the floor.

The officiator calls out “your winner of the first fall at the 5 minute and 45 second mark – Shriya.  With the match now 1 fall Shriya and no falls for Hiyoko we will take our rest period.”  While the officiator announces the outcome, Shriya climbs to her feet and moves away from a moaning and gasping Hiyoko.  The Japanese fighter looks as if she has been hit by a truck as she lays on the floor in pain trying to recover in time for the next fall.

The officiator continues “there will now be a one minute rest break before the match continues.”  The tv screen on the wall comes back on and the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show hosts come back on the screen.  The first commentator starts off “Oh my.  Hiyoko just got beat like a drum in that fall.  I hope she has better luck in the next fall or Shriya might just end her AWC career.”  The second commentator responds “This has turned into a one-sided beating.  Hiyoko is just plain outmatched by Shriya.  I’m impressed with her brawling skills.  Shriya looks like she might have had some boxing training of some sort.  They might need to just end this one now.  WOW!!!”

Throughout the rest period, Shriya smiles and waves to the crowd as murmurs Hiyoko remains down on the floor.  The Japanese fighter doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get back to her feet.  As the rest period is about to expire, Hiyoko manages to get to a seated position.  As the break time expires, the officiator steps forward and calls out “the rest period is now expired.  The second fall is underway – FIGHT!!”

6 - Start of Fall No. 2
The Start of the 2nd Fall
6 - Start of Fall No. 2 View 2
The Start of the 2nd Fall The Start of the 2nd Fall View 2

Shriya stands watching Hiyoko as her opponent remains seated on the floor.  Hiyoko has both hands on her head clutching at herself as Shriya begins to move forward.  Shriya is cautious not sure if Hiyoko is playing possum or if she is actually hurt too badly to get up.  “Finish her!!!” yells out a fan in the crowd.

As Shriya gets closer she can see Hiyoko’s labored breathing and the look in her eye of defeat.  Hiyoko moans out and pushes her hands forward as Shriya approaches.  With Hiyoko not appearing to be ready to fight, Shriya raises her foot and pushes it forward into Hiyoko’s chest as she shoves her opponent with her foot.  Hiyoko immediately falls over onto her back and continues to moan and gasp.

7 - Hiyoko Still Down to Start 2nd Fall
Shriya Shoves Hiyoko to Her Back
7 - Hiyoko Still Down to Start 2nd Fall View 2
Shriya Shoves Hiyoko to Her Back View 2

“You pathetic slut!!!!” hisses out Shriya as she drives Hiyoko onto her back.  Shriya slowly moves around the side of her opponent and lashes out stomping down on Hiyoko’s thigh and hip area.  Shriya appears to be angry that Hiyoko is not getting up to continue the fight and her most recent attack seems to be solely designed to make Hiyoko suffer.  With each of the kicks to her thigh and hip area, Hiyoko shudders and moans out loudly “please no please!!!”

The officiator moves in close and calls out “Are you submitting???”  Shriya quickly steps the rest of the way around Hiyoko’s prone body and then steps over the top of her to straddle her upper body.  Shriya wiggles her hips side to side and then rotates her hips as she gyrates for the crowd.  Her efforts are met with loud cheers of support.

After putting on a little show, Shriya lowers her body down and plops down atop Hiyoko’s chest.  Shriya slides her legs up and over Hiyoko’s arms pinning her helplessly under her.  With a slight shift forward, Shriya is able to push her crotch right up next to Hiyoko’s chin.  Shriya reaches down and grabs Hiyoko by the hair and pulls her face up and into the triangle of her bikini bottoms.

“Say it!!!” snaps out Shriya.  The officiator stands close by and calls out quietly “she’s done” as Shriya waits for Hiyoko to respond.  The Japanese girl croaks out “you win” as she submits again.  Shriya smiles and yanks her by the hair into her crotch again as Hiyoko moans out.

“Submit the entire match or I will hurt you badly!!!” demands Shriya.  Without hesitation Hiyoko moans out “I’m done  . . . It’s over!”  The officiator steps in as Shriya raises her arms over her head to celebrate her victory.  The officiator calls out “with a final submission your winner  — SHRIYA!!!!”  The crowd cheers out from Shriya as Hiyoko gives up the entire fight.  The clock now reading 7 minutes and 15 seconds.

Shriya climbs to her feet and shows off for the crowd as she walks in a circle around Hiyoko’s battered and immobilized body.  “Bring me the next bitch in this Club.  And make it someone that can actually fight!!!!”  The crowd lets out a cheer as Shriya lays down a challenge to the other members of the Pacific Club.  After spending several minutes enjoying her victory, Shriya stalks from the room leaving the crowd to talk about her absolute destruction of Hiyoko.

8 - Shriya Facesitting Finish
Shriya Face Sits A Devastated Hiyoko