Apartment Wrestling Match No. 84 Nissa versus Suzette – Tourney Fight

This fight is the eighty-fourth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Houston.  This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Nissa (5’2 110 lbs 21 y/o) lives near Lima.  She works as a teacher in a local school.  She is a fitness instructor at a health club as her second job.  A wealthy business owner is sponsoring her in hopes of making her a star in the Apartment Wrestling Club.  Nissa has always been into fitness and outdoor activities.  She is a former equestrian star in the local area.  Nissa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I never give up at anything I do.  Being the best is important to me and I have always been the best at what I participate in.  This will be no different.”  Nissa is currently undefeated with wins over Annie, Britta, Emma, Charlotte, and Sara.

0 -NIssa Before the Fight
Nissa Before the Fight

Suzette (5’6 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives in the Dallas area.  She used to be a dancer on a local dance team before meeting her current boyfriend (a married executive at a local company).  She does not work at the present time and views Apartment Wrestling as another fun diversion.  Suzette’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “These legs are deadly.  I work out regularly and I will dominate my opponents.  Look at me.  I AM the complete package.”  Suzette has had an impressive career in the Club so far beating both Hailey and Belinda on her way to an appearance in the West Coast title fight where she lost to Callie.  She then lost to Sierra badly before bouncing back and defeating Tisha in the East-West challenge series.

0 - Suzette Before the Fight
Suzette Before the Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Nissa arrives in her changing room to prepare for the fight tonight.  She feels confident and ready for her match with Suzette.  She has trained hard to get ready for tonight and she has won all of her fights and in fact dominating most of her opponents in the AWC to date.  Nissa dresses in a striped multi-color bikini as she prepares for the fight.  All of Nissa’s hard work shows as her tight and firm body is well-toned and well-conditioned.  Once she is dressed, Nissa begins to stretch and gets herself warmed up.  “I defeat each fighter the AWC asks of me.  Tonight will be no different.  This American girl will be my next victim.  I will abuse and humiliate her like I did the others.  I saw her say she was going to whoop me tonight.  I don’t see that happening.  She will beg me for mercy.”

Suzette arrives early at the fight venue to be able to avoid the majority of the crowd as it comes into the home.  She quietly goes to her changing room and unpacks her bag taking plenty of time to relax and mentally prepare for her fight tonight.  For tonight’s fight, Suzette is wearing a red and black bikini.  She has worked hard to get into great shape for tonight’s fight.  Her strong dancer’s body looks ready as she beings to stretch and warm-up for the upcoming battle.  “I’m ready to go for tonight.  This girl thinks she is all that.  She even had the nerve to post some crap about running me over like a speed bump.  I’m going to fix her little undefeated streak and whip her ass good.  This arrogant bitch is going to get broken and will be begging me before the night comes to an end.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Nissa and Suzette.  “All of the tourney fights are just freaking awesome.  I couldn’t ask for anything more tonight.  Two fighters that just like to fight it out on the rug.  Both these girls are tough as hell.  I expect this to be a rough fight.  It’s a toss-up to me.  I’m taking Nissa because she is on a roll and confidence always helps in the Apartment.” The second commentator begins “You’re dead on with that call.  This is sure to be hot.  I think it will be a short fight tonight.  Not because one kills the other, but simply because it’s gonna be rough.  It will all come down to who makes a mistake and can’t recover from it.  Suzette has been around and been in some tough fights in her time fighting in the AWC.  I think she will get the win thanks to that experience.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you loses two falls or says you are done or ends up rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.  Again, this is a best out of three falls match.”

0 - Prefight
The Fighters Just Before the Match Gets Underway

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Nissa turns and moves closer to Suzette as the two fighters move right next to one another.  Suzette stands her ground as each of the two try to intimidate the other.  “You’re getting your ass whipped” snaps Nissa in a hateful tone and then continues “by the better woman tonight.”  Suzette stares back and cocks her head to the side slightly and hisses back at Nissa.  “You’re gonna find out who’s the better woman and I’m sending you home wishing you never showed your ugly face tonight.  The crowd cheers as both girls continue standing chest to chest and snapping insults at one another.

The tension in the air is thick as neither fighter backs down from the other.  The officiator allows them to stand facing off as the crowd enjoys the pre-fight exchange.  The officiator steps close and announces “the fight will begin shortly so prepare yourself for my command to start.”  Rather than send the girls back to their opposite sides of the room, the officiator simply calls out “You may begin the fight . . . the first fall is now underway”.  The crowd lets out a cheer, the officiator calls out loudly “FIGHT!!!”  The officiator slips way and the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

1 - Pre-Fight Face Off
Nissa and Suzette Face to Face Before the Start of the Battle
1 - Pre-Fight Face Off View 2
Nissa and Suzette Face to Face Before the Start of the Battle View 2

As soon as the command to fight is given, both fighters quickly go on the attack.  Each launches her hands at her opponent trying to grab for hair or slap her opponent.  A wild melee breaks out as the slapping and grabbing becomes wild and fast.  As each tries to inflict pain on the other, they leave themselves defenseless and both absorb a number of slaps as the battle rages across the rug.  The crowd is on its feet and cheering loudly in what appears to be an almost evenly divided room.

“Fuck you bitch” yells out Suzette as they each grab for the other’s hair and yank.  Nissa growls back at Suzette “Slut!!!” as the crowd spurs each of them on.  The sounds of open handed slaps landing on bodies resonates throughout the room as WHACK sounds are punctuated with grunts and groans of the fighters as the deliver and absorb punishment.

After several moments battling, Nissa shifts her objective and balls her fist up and jabs several rapid punches at Suzette’s body.  The Latin fighter receives an open handed slap to the face for each jab she manages to deliver to Suzette’s body.  The body shots take a toll on Suzette as she begins to gasp for air from the body shots landing on her with a dull THUMP sound.

2 - The Fight Begins
Nissa and Suzette Go Right After Each Other
2 - The Fight Begins View 2
Nissa and Suzette Go Right After Each Other View 2

“Not talking now huh puta!!!” grunts out Nissa as the body blows have silenced any talk coming from Suzette at this juncture.  The Nissa fans in the crowd cheer loudly as their fighter appears to be getting the better of the fight at this stage.  Suzette’s gasps are followed by her ceasing the slapping attack and instead grabbing hold of Nissa with both hands.

The strategy being employed by Suzette becomes readily apparent as she pulls Nissa closer to her.  The blows to her body no longer possible thanks to the angle of their bodies, Suzette holds on tight and works to recover her breath.  Nissa continues trying to deliver punches to her opponent’s body, but is no longer able to land her fist effectively on Suzette’s body.

“Come on bitch!!!” screams out Nissa as she tries to shove her body forward into Suzette’s to create space between them.  With Nissa pushing forward, both fighters press their bodies together forcing each to concentrate on overpowering the other.  Suzette takes advantage of her opportunity to catch her breath and drops her body slightly lower as she presses forward into Nissa.

3 - Continuing to Struggle
The Struggle Continues as Neither Can Gain an Advantage
3 - Continuing to Struggle View 2
The Struggle Continues as Neither Can Gain an Advantage View 2

Suzette takes advantage of the fact that Nissa is no longer able to effectively land any further punches to her body as she catches her breath.  Nissa’s continued effort to land punches as Suzette closes in on her causes the Peruvian fighter to be slightly off balance and Suzette makes her pay.  With Nissa unable to get her full power into the struggle, Suzette is able to force her to give ground as she drives Nissa back towards the edge of the room.

“Fuck you whore!!!” growls Suzette as she picks up more momentum forcing Nissa to give ground more rapidly.  The crowd continues to cheer out loudly in support of their favorite.  With the crowd seemingly evenly split the crowds struggle for control is as intense as the struggle between Nissa and Suzette.  As Nissa gives ground, Suzette drives her back towards the sofa along the one wall.  Before Nissa can recover her footing, she is driven back and trips onto the sofa with a THUD.

Suzette continues to drive forward and pounces on Nissa trying to follow-up on her sudden advantage.  Nissa groans out as she is driven onto the couch with Suzette following her.  Suzette presses her advantage as she shoves Nissa’s head back and twists her to the side.  The dark-haired beauty cries out as her neck is wrenched violently to the side.

“I’ll break your ass!!!” screams out Suzette as she follows up by driving several punches into Nissa’s chest and upper ribcage.  Each punch forces a grunt of pain from Nissa as she tries to pull Suzette’s arm free from her chin.  The crowd cheers wildly as Suzette now begins to pummel Nissa.  The dark-haired fighter struggles to get free of the wild attack as she is pressed back into the sofa.

4 - Suzette Drives Nissa Onto the Couch
Suzette Drives Nissa Back and Onto the Couch
4 - Suzette Drives Nissa Onto the Couch View 2
Suzette Drives Nissa Back and Onto the Couch View 2

“FUCK!!!” yells out Nissa loudly as Suzette’s assault has her frustrated and on the defensive.  Nissa pulls at Suzette’s arm trying to break it free from her chin as Suzette continues to press Nissa’s head back and to the side.  “Finish her!!!” screams out a Suzette fan from the side of the room and is loudly followed by more shouts of encouragement for both Nissa and Suzette.

With Suzette pressing forward, Nissa quickly pushes her left leg up and presses it against Suzette’s hip as she struggles to get free of Suzette’s relentless attack.   Suzette continues to press Nissa’s head back and drive punches at her upper body.  The crowd’s cheers of encouragement spur Suzette on as she tries to overwhelm the Peruvian fighter.

“Give the fuck up!!!” screams out Suzette angrily as she tries to finish off the first fall.  “Get off me!!!” screams out Nissa in response.  With her leg holding Suzette partly at bay, Nissa prepares herself for a push to move Suzette back.  Nissa flexes her leg and allows Suzette to press forward slightly further before recoiling her leg and thrusting outward.  HUUUNNHHHHH cries out Nissa from the effort.

5 - Nissa Shoves Free
Nissa Kicks Free Forcing Suzette Back
5 - Nissa Shoves Free View 2
Nissa Kicks Free Forcing Suzette Back View 2

Nissa is rewarded for her effort as her thrust drives Suzette back forcing her to stumble and stagger a number of steps across the floor.  With the momentary breathing room, Nissa is able to scramble off the sofa and get to her feet.  As Nissa comes up off the couch, Suzette lets out an attack cry and charges toward opponent with a loud YYYAAAAHHHH.  The crowd quiets as the intensity of the yell causes them to pause and carefully watch the fight.

Suzette charges the several steps separating the two fighters and launch a brutal punch for Nissa’s chest.  Nissa is ready for the attack and steps to the side to dodge the charging Suzette.  Unable to react or change her path, Suzette charges right into the waiting Nissa who grabs a handful of Suzette’s hair and plants her other hand in the center of her opponent’s back.  WAAAAAAAAA cries out Suzette in surprise as her attack is thwarted by Nissa.

“You’re MINE NOW!!!!” yells out Nissa as she twists her body and shoves Suzette towards the sofa.  Suzette is unable to catch herself and is tossed onto the couch face first.  Nissa now feeling confident she has Suzette in trouble goes on the offensive herself as she presses forward onto to the sofa as well and works to yank and tug to position Suzette for her attack.  The Nissa fans now cheer out loudly as their fighter seems to be taking control of the battle at this point.

6 - Suzette Attacks and Misses
Suzette Rushes Nissa Trying to Land a Punch
6 - Suzette Attacks and Misses View 2
Suzette Rushes Nissa Trying to Land a Punch View 2

With Suzette off balance and pushed onto the sofa, Nissa slides in behind her yanking back on her hair. Suzette lets out a loud grunt from the pain of having her hair yanked and her head pulled back sharply.  In response, Suzette tries to slip her arm up and over Nissa’s shoulder to thwart her attack.  “Crush that bitch” yells out a Nissa fan as Nissa winds up with her right arm.

Before Suzette can effectively defend herself, Nissa swings her right arm in a hooking fashion around Suzette’s body and lands a nasty punch on her opponent’s chest.  UNNNHHHH groans out Suzette as the blow takes her breath.

“Submit to me puta!!!” yells out Nissa angrily as she continues her attack.  The loud gasping sound spurs Nissa to continue her attack as she lands several more looping blows on Suzette’s chest and upper belly.  With each blow, Suzette grunts out in pain as she works to loop her arm around her opponent.   “NO” grunts out Suzette as the crowd cheers loudly with fans of both fighters spurring them on.  The Nissa fans calling loudly for her to finish Suzette, and the Suzette fans crying out for her to get free.

7 - Fighting Hard on the Couch
Nissa Pursues Suzette and Lands Hard Punches to Her Body
7 - Fighting Hard on the CouchView 2
Nissa Pursues Suzette and Lands Hard Punches to Her Body View 2

Suzette yells out loudly YYAAAAHHHHH as she finishes pulling her arm down and around Nissa’s neck.  While Nissa was focusing on landing blows on Suzette’s chest area, Suzette was working her arm into position to secure a headlock on Nissa.  As Suzette tightens her arm around Nissa’s head and pulls her off balance, Nissa tries to quickly grab for Suzette’s body and arm to try and prevent Suzette from acquiring the hold.

After a very brief struggle, Suzette twists and pulls Nissa across her hip and leans into the hold.  Nissa gasps and chokes as Suzette slips her arm under her chin and locks on a tight choke hold with the headlock position.  Before Nissa can fight free, Suzette is able to drag her onto her stomach and dangling off the couch.  The positioning helps to prevent Nissa from being able to find enough leverage to pull free.

“I’ll choke you out now!!!” growls Suzette angrily as she continues to work the choke hold and pulls at Nissa’s hair with her left arm.  Nissa gasps and coughs as Suzette applies the pressure.   Nissa continues to pull at the arm across her throat with very little leverage as her arm is trapped under her own body as she tries to peel Suzette off of her.

Nissa continues to struggle to break free as she tries to avoid submitting to the choke hold.  Suzette taunts her by tugging her hair and calling out “submit to me and I’ll show you mercy” as she continues to cut off her air supply.   Suzette’s goal is to prolong the hold to wear down Nissa for the next fall knowing she isn’t likely to allow herself to be choked out in the first fall.   The crowd is fully on its feet watching intently and cheering on Suzette as she appears close to finishing the first fall.

8 - Nissa Gets Trapped
Suzette Secures a Headlock and Traps Nissa
8 - Nissa Gets Trapped View 2
Suzette Secures a Headlock and Traps Nissa View 2

”I wanna hear you beg me!!!” hisses out Suzette as she suddenly releases the choke hold so she can continue to punish Nissa.  Suzette, now thinking fully about the 2nd fall, positions herself to continue the punishment as she hopes Nissa won’t submit quickly.   With the hold released a gasping Nissa pushes up off the seat of the sofa with her mouth gaping open as she tries to catch her breath.

Suzette is waiting patiently for Nissa to pop up off the cushion of the sofa and when Nissa does, Suzette slams a punch directly into her chest.   The punch lands with a loud THUMP sound and drives a gasping Nissa backwards toppling over the arm rest of the sofa.  The Nissa fans suddenly go quiet as their fighter sprawls out across the arm of the sofa with her head dangling towards the floor.

“Oops I bet that hurt” teases Suzette as she catches Nissa legs leaving her trapped and dangling over the arm rest.  Nissa lets out a low moaning sound as she hangs limply off of the sofa.  Suzette slides forward and pushes her lower body over Nissa’s right leg and slides out over the arm rest slightly.  With her left leg extended, Suzette shoves it down and across Nissa’s neck pinning her body as it dangle over the edge of the sofa.

“You know what to say” continues Suzette as she draws back and jams a hard punch into Nissa’s outstretched belly.  OOOOOFFFFF gasps out Nissa as what little air she has in her lungs is immediately chased out by Suzette.  “GGGGG” begins to moan out Nissa and Suzette quickly jabs another shot right into her belly to stop her from finishing the word.  OOOOOFFFFFF flies from Nissa as the officiator moves in quickly.

“Give” spits out Nissa as Suzette jabs a third punch to her belly.  OOOOOFFFFF again gushes out of Nissa’s mouth.  The officiator steps up and calls out loudly “That’s a submission!!! Release her immediately!!!”  The Suzette fans, already cheering on their fighter, let out a loud roar of approval as Nissa submits the first fall of the fight.

9 - Nissa Forced to Submit
Suzette Forces a Submission From Nissa By Dangling Her Awkwardly Over the Arm of the Sofa
9 - Nissa Forced to Submit View 2
Suzette Forces a Submission From Nissa By Dangling Her Awkwardly Over the Arm of the Sofa View 2

Suzette releases the hold allowing Nissa to fall to the floor next to the sofa with a CRASH sound as she flops onto her back.  Nissa continues to moan in pain as the officiator moves in close to check on her.  The officiator pauses and then stands upright and surveys the room.

“Your winner of the first fall of the match at the 8 minute and 20 second mark — Suzette.  Suzette leads the match 1 fall to 0.  There will be a short break to allow the fighters to recover and prepare for the 2nd fall.”  Nissa continues to remain flat on her back on the floor as a cocky Suzette sits smiling and watching the crowd and officiator’s reaction to the submission.

The officiator returns to Nissa’s side to check her condition.  The Peruvian fighter appears to be favoring her back and could be injured by Suzette’s use of the sofa’s arm rest to punish her back and midsection.  The Nissa fans in the room, now whispering quietly to one another in concern for Nissa’s ability to finish the match, continue to stare at their downed fighter.

10 - Suzette Enjoying Nissa's Submission
Suzette Drops Nissa to the Floor and Plops Down Smiling

With the first fall coming to an end, the screen comes on again as the fighters take a short break.  Nissa remains on the floor in pain as the discussion begins.  The first commentator begins “What a great back and forth fall.  Either could have gotten the win at various points.  I sure hope Nissa isn’t injured.  That would cut short what is a great battle.” The second commentator pauses and replies “I hate to say it, but I think this one might just be over with.  That fall over the arm of the sofa and the follow-up hold by Suzette may have put Nissa out of the fight.  It looks like she is going to continue the match, but if she is hurt Suzette is going to destroy her.”

After spending most of the rest period on the floor trying to recover, Nissa slowly climbs to her feet.  The path from the floor to upright takes a bit of time and Nissa is clearly favoring her back as she gets to her feet.  Nissa reaches around and puts her hand over her low back trying to find a way to stop the apparent pain from her awkward crash over the sofa arm.

Suzette laughs and points across the room as Nissa.  “This bitch doesn’t look so tough now does she!!!”  Suzette calls out as she laughs loudly at Nissa’s apparent predicament.  The Suzette fans in the room cheer out their support as Suzette cockily calls out Nissa.  “You want to just quit now!!!” chirps Suzette as the rest period is about to expire.

11 - Start of 2nd fall
Nissa on her feet but favoring her back as the second fall is about to start.
11 - Start of 2nd fall View 2
Nissa on her feet but favoring her back as the second fall is about to start View 2..

As the time runs out on the rest period, the officiator steps back and calls out “FIGHT – the second fall is now underway!!”  The call to begin the next fall causes the Suzette fans in the crowd to erupt again as they expect a brutal and quick finish to the fight in favor of their girl.

With the command to begin give, Suzette pauses and calls out mockingly to Nissa “Last chance to give up slut!!!” which causes the crowd to cheer loudly.  Nissa says nothing, but shakes her head side to side signalling no to Suzette’s demand.

Suzette launches herself towards Nissa closing the distance between them quickly.  As she nears the latin fighter, Suzette lashes out with her right hand in a sweeping slap attempt aimed for Nissa’s head.  Nissa is able to push her left hand up quickly enough to deflect the brutal slap aimed for her head.

12 - Nissa Deflects Suzettes Attack
Nissa pushes her hand out to deflect Suzette’s opening attack of the 2nd fall.
12 - Nissa Deflects Suzettes Attack View 2
Nissa pushes her hand out to deflect Suzette’s opening attack of the 2nd fall View 2.

With her slap attempt pushed aside, Suzette’s body continues forward and she crashes into Nissa.  The two fighters grunt out as Suzette quickly overwhelms Nissa’s defenses.  The Peruvian fighter tries to push her opponent back to maintain separation, but Suzette quickly presses through her efforts as they end up body to body.

“Fucking mine!!” hisses out Suzette as the fighter’s battle for control.  Nissa groans out in pain as her back is on fire from the pressure being exerted by Suzette as they fight in close quarters.  After a brief moment of fighting in close, Nissa cries out in pain even though Suzette’s attack has not managed to land any blows or holds on the latin fighter.

Nissa contorted look of pain makes it clear that she is nowhere near her usual self as she tries to fight both Suzette and her hurting back.  Suzette’s reckless attack under normal circumstances would have led to her leaving an opening for Nissa to inflict serious damage on Suzette.  Tonight though, Nissa’s injured back leaves her no ability to launch a counterattack.

After a couple of moments of grappling, Suzette gets a firm grip on Nissa’s hair and body as her opponent flails wildly trying to fight Suzette off.  The Suzette fans in the crowd now ruling the apartment as numerous calls of support for Suzette fly from all quarters of the room.  “Beat her ass!!!” yells out a fan as the two mash together.

13 - The Fighters Slam Together
Suzette crashes into Nissa as she wildly attacks her hurting opponent.
13 - The Fighters Slam Together View 2
Suzette crashes into Nissa as she wildly attacks her hurting opponent View 2.

Nissa struggles to avoid being overcome as she tries to push her arms into Suzette.  The Texan raises a leg up shoving a knee into Nissa’s hip as she tries to envelope and overcome her opponent.  Nissa grunts as her face contorts from the pain of the jarring impact to her low back.

AAAGGGGGHHHHH moans out Nissa loudly as she feels the vibrations across her low back aggravating her battered back from the first fall.  The pain causes Nissa to hesitate as she continues to fight tentatively at the start of the 2nd fall.  Suzette feels Nissa’s hesitation and presses forward going for the kill.

HHHYYYAAAHHHH yells out Suzette as she leans into Nissa and wraps her arms around her body securing a tight bear hug on Nissa.  Suzette knows the only way out for Nissa is to attack her face so she ducks forward grinding her chin into Nissa’s soft breast as she protects her face by burying it in her opponent’s chest area.

Nissa tries to fight back, but the sensation of Suzette’s strong arms tightening around her lower back paralyzes her with pain.  The shooting pain from her low back courses through Nissa’s entire body forcing her to do everything in her power to concentrate.  AAIIIEEEEEEEEEE screams out Nissa from the pain shooting through her body.

14 - Suzette Applies a Bear Hug
Suzette goes after Nissa’s injured back as she applies a powerful bear hug to her injured opponent.
14 - Suzette Applies a Bear Hug View 2
Suzette goes after Nissa’s injured back as she applies a powerful bear hug to her injured opponent View 2.

Nissa screams of pain echo through the apartment as Suzette squeezes and shakes her opponent.  Suzette senses Nissa’s inability to fight back and smirks as she carries her opponent across the floor in her grasp.  As she takes each step, Suzette bounces Nissa up and down driving additional waves of pain through Nissa’s body.

“You’re all fucking mine!!!” hisses out Suzette to Nissa as she squeezes and bounces her in her grasp.  Nissa struggles to maintain her consciousness not wanting to lose the fight.  Her undefeated record now in grave danger and her ability to be the world champion fading, Nissa tries desperately to get a grip on Suzette’s hair.

The weak pawing has no effect on Suzette as she closes on the couch.  Letting out another battle cry of YAAAAAHHHHHH, Suzette twists slightly and slams Nissa down onto the couch.  The Suzette fans continue to shout their encouragement as the Nissa fans fully acknowledge the imminent doom of their fighter.

15 - Suzette Slams Nissa
After squeezing Nissa mercilessly, Suzette carries her across the floor to the couch and slams her down hard.

Suzette stands over Nissa as she lies on her back on the couch with her arm draped back and dangling.  The pained expression on Nissa’s face obvious to the camera and the crowd in the room.  Suzette smirks at her handiwork and clearly seems to be enjoying the prospect of finishing the fight with a dominating win.

“You’re gonna be my bitch now!!!” snarls Suzette as she moves menacingly forward toward a prone Nissa.  Stepping up next to the couch, Suzette raises her left leg and shoves her knee down into the middle of Nissa’s belly.  Driving her weight down, Suzette jams her knee forcefully into Nissa’s belly.

OOOOOOFFFFF gasps out Nissa as Suzette grinds her knee down driving the wind from Nissa’s body.  Using her body weight to her advantage, Suzette wiggles her knee from side to side as she continues to press downward making it difficult for Nissa to breathe.  Nissa pushes her hands weakly against Suzette’s leg as she tries to free herself.

16 - Suzette Drops a Knee on Nissa
Suzette continues to dominate the 2nd fall as she drives her knee into Nissa’s exposed belly.
16 - Suzette Drops a Knee on Nissa View 2
Suzette continues to dominate the 2nd fall as she drives her knee into Nissa’s exposed belly View 2.

OOOHHHHHHHHNNNNN moans out Nissa as Suzette continues to bear down on her knee that she is driving into Nissa belly.  The force of the grinding on Nissa causes her to involuntarily raise her upper body off the couch as she gasps out in pain and breathlessness.  Suzette immediately takes advantage of Nissa’s movement by grabbing her by the hair.

“Where you think you’re going???” taunts Suzette as she uses  her grip on Nissa’s hair to pull her into a half seated position and loops her arm around Nissa’s neck to hold her upright.  Taking advantage of Nissa’s exposed position, Suzette slams several punches into Nissa’s left breast.

AAAAAHHHHHH cries out Nissa as her fleshy left breast is pummeled flat by Suzette’s fist.  “Fuck her up good!!!” yells out a Suzette fan as the Texan continues to dismantle and destroy Nissa.  Each cry of pain by Nissa spurs Suzette on to inflict further punishment on her opponent before she submits the match.

17 - Suzette Pounding on Nissa
Suzette lifts Nissa up and continues to brutally pummel her body as her opponent’s resistance is non-existent.
17 - Suzette Pounding on Nissa View 2
Suzette lifts Nissa up and continues to brutally pummel her body as her opponent’s resistance is non-existent View 2.

OOOHHHHHHHNNNN continues to moan out Nissa as she absorbs the continued punishment from Suzette.  With each punch to her chest, Nissa’s body tries to pull forward only to be held in place by Suzette’s arm around her head.  The officiator eyes things closely knowing that Nissa is likely injured and now taking a thrashing from Suzette.

“Let me see if I can flatten this speed bump!!” hisses out Suzette as she references Nissa’s social media postings referring to her as a speed bump.  “Now you see why you have to earn your trip to the tournament bitch!!!” continues Suzette as she turns her attention away from Nissa’s flattened and battered breast.

Yanking Nissa forward, Suzette spins her around and drops her to the floor on her knees in front of the couch.  Using Nissa’s hair, Suzette smashes her upper body back down onto the couch forcing her chest flat to the surface.  Slowly and methodically Suzette slides her body around Nissa’s and plants her knee on her opponent’s back and then pulls her head back by the hair eliciting a cry of pain from Nissa.

“How’s that back feeling!!!” taunts Suzette as she grinds her knee down into Nissa’s battered back.  Nissa trembles from the pain of the knee being shoved down and then Suzette draws back her fist and slams a punch into the middle of Nissa’s back.  YYYAAAAAIIIEEEE cries out Nissa as the pain reverberates through her body.

18 - Suzette Working Nissa Back
Suzette rolls Nissa off the couch and goes back to work on her aching and injured back.
18 - Suzette Working Nissa Back View 2
Suzette rolls Nissa off the couch and goes back to work on her aching and injured back View 2.

An evil smile crosses Suzette’s face as she continues to torture Nissa’s injured back.  With the latin fighter unwilling to submit the fall and the match, Suzette is left to continue punishing her stubborn opponent and she does so with glee.  Each grinding in of the knee or punch generates a cry of pain from Nissa.  The crowd continues to cheer on Suzette as she punishes Nissa.

“You can beg for mercy any time your ready bitch!!!” hisses Suzette as she is clearly enjoying her dominance over Nissa.  “No No No!!!” cries out Nissa as she struggles to move Suzette off of her back.  “Submit to her” yells out a Nissa fan in a pleading voice “Don’t be stubborn!!!”  The officiator moves in close watching for any sign of surrender from the stubborn Peruvian.

“You want up!!!” yells out Suzette as she feels Nissa struggling to get free of her grasp.  Shifting her focus, Suzette grabs a solid handful of Nissa’s hair and raises up off of her opponent’s backside.  With a sharp tug, Suzette drags Nissa around in a circle and off of the couch.

As she drags Nissa from the couch, Suzette sinks her other hand into her bikini strap securing a solid grip on the back of Nissa’s bikini.  Using Nissa’s hair and bikini top, Suzette slings Nissa around and throws her face down on the hard floor with a loud THUD!!!!

19 - Suzette Throws Nissa to the Floor
Suzette grabs Nissa by the strap of her bikini top and by her hair and rips her from the couch slinging her to the floor.

In throwing Nissa to the floor, Suzette rips Nissa’s bikini top from her body.  With the crowd cheering at Suzette’s stripping of Nissa, the arrogant Texan swings the bikini top around in a circle over her own head.  After several rotations, Suzette lets out a yell and flings the bikini into the crowd causing a minor skirmish in the guests for possession of Nissa’s bikini top.

As Nissa hits the floor she lets out a loud groaning sound as her body flops down hard.  While Suzette shows off with Nissa’s bikini top, the Peruvian fighter lays flat on her belly moaning in pain.  Suzette turns her attention back to Nissa after throwing her top into the crowd and smirks as she stands over her battered opponent.

“You’re no match for me loser!!!” hisses out Suzette as she continues to show off at Nissa’s expense.  With Nissa flat on her stomach, Suzette drops down to her knees planting her right knee in the middle of her opponent’s back.  UNNNHHHHHH moans out Nissa as she feels the pressure of Suzette’s weight.

“Did you have something to say!!!” taunts Suzette as she grabs a handful of Nissa’s hair and slips her other hand around and hooks Nissa’s chin.  With a harsh yank, Suzette pulls Nissa’s upper body off the floor forcing yet another scream from her battered opponent.  Suzette snarls and slowly twists Nissa’s neck to the side as she mauls Nissa.

20 - Suzette Punishing Nissa's Back
Suzette strips Nissa of her top and continues to punish her back and her neck.
20 - Suzette Punishing Nissa's Back View 2
Suzette rolls Nissa off the couch and goes back to work on her aching and injured back View 2.

Nissa continues to cry out in pain, but refuses to submit the match.  Her fans continue to call out to her to submit the fight, but her pride doesn’t allow her to do so.  Suzette snarls as she grinds her knee into Nissa’s back and continues to twist her neck.  Nissa’s cries of pain echo through the apartment as she continues to suffer at Suzette’s hands.

“Let’s show you off whore!!!” hisses Suzette as she slides her knee off of Nissa’s back and rolls her opponent over to her back.  Quickly dropping to her ass, Suzette positions herself to trap Nissa between her legs.  Rather than apply a crushing scissor hold, Suzette simply drapes her legs over the top of both of Nissa’s arms to pin her helplessly to the floor.  Suzette is smart enough to know that a brutal scissors might just end the fight and frankly she is enjoying dominating and torturing Nissa.

With a tug on Nissa’s hair, Suzette locks her in place on the floor on her back.  Gripping Nissa’s chin, Suzette tugs her head back and slides her free hand down and begins to claw at Nissa’s exposed chest.  The attack extremely painful, but not enough to cause the officiator to stop the fight at this point.  Nissa wails out in pain as Suzette claws and her exposed breast.

21 - Suzette Torturing Nissa
Suzette rolls Nissa over and mauls her bare breast as she continues her destruction of Nissa.
21 - Suzette Torturing NissaView 2
Suzette rolls Nissa over and mauls her bare breast as she continues her destruction of Nissa View 2.

“What’s wrong whore — I thought you liked it when losers get treated like this!!!” hisses out Suzette as she tortures Nissa just like she has watched Nissa do in her prior matches.  Each rake and yank at Nissa’s chest generates a cry of pain from Nissa as she suffers in Suzette’s clutches.  “Come on let her go!!!” yells out a pleading Nissa fan as his favorite continues to cry out in anguish.

“Oh listen” teases Suzette as Nissa continues to suffer in her grasp.  “I think your fans are ready to hear you beg — PUTA!!!” finishes Suzette as she uses Nissa’s own terms now as she verbally torments her beaten foe.  Nissa moans out as Suzette digs her fingers into her soft breast causing her another wave of pain.

Tiring of toying with Nissa, Suzette grips her by the hair and rolls onto her back.  Using her handhold on Nissa’s hair, Suzette pulls her head between her legs and closes her thighs down around Nissa’s head.  Nissa lets out an audible gasp as she feels Suzette’s legs tighten around the sides of her head.

“Now we get to hear this bitch  beg!!!” yells out Suzette as she tightens her strong dancer’s legs around Nissa’s head.  Her opponent’s face immediately turns a shade of red as the pressure immediately mounts.  UNNNHHHH moans out Nissa as Suzette crushes her head between her rock hard thighs.

22 - Suzette Dominating with a Head Scissors
Suzette applying a crushing head scissors on her battered and abused opponent.
22 - Suzette Dominating with a Head Scissors View 2
Suzette applying a crushing head scissors on her battered and abused opponent View 2.

“STOP!!!” wails out Nissa as her head is savagely smashed between Suzette’s powerful thighs.  The officiator calls out “Let her go quickly as Nissa begins to whimper in pain.  Suzette opens her thighs and legs her opponent’s head fall back to the floor as she rolls back up to her knees.

“I’m not done yet.  This bitch is going to beg for mercy!!!  It’s not over until I say it’s over!!!” yells out Suzette fully intending to make Nissa plead for mercy.  Suzette slides forward planting her ass over the top of Nissa’s chest as she gestures to the crowd.  “Bring that camera over here” she commands.

“Please no more you win” gasps and cries out Nissa as Suzette sits atop her chest with her ass hovering several inches over Nissa’s face.  “Tell them who’s the better woman!!” demands Suzette as she moves her ass from side to side over the top of Nissa.  “You are better!!!  Suzette is better than me” pleads Nissa.

Now that she has submitted the fight, Nissa’s stubborn resistance is completely gone.  She continues to whimper and cry out as Suzette has finally broken her spirit.  “Who’s the loser??” snarls out Suzette and Nissa immediately responds crying out loudly “I am — I am a loser a pathetic loser!!!”

23 - Suzette Finishing Off Nissa
After the submission Suzette slides atop Nissa and shoves her ass into her opponent’s face.

Suzette, now satisfied with Nissa’s submission, reaches down and grips her opponent’s bikini bottoms and gives them a hard tug.  They stretch and hold firm forcing Suzette to give them several hard tugs.  Each tug forces a cry of pain from Nissa.  The officiator stands near by watching intently ensuring only humiliation is being heaped upon Nissa and not holds intended to inflict further physical harm.

“You’re bottoms are tougher than you are!!!” teases Suzette until she finally is able to rip the bottoms free of Nissa’s body.  With Nissa now fully exposed, Suzette toss the bottoms over her shoulder to the crowd.  Suzette’s stripping of Nissa causes a loud wave of cheers throughout the room.  The crowd is either excited by the prospect of Nissa nude or simply because they are excited to see Nissa get back some of what she has previously dished out to her beaten opponents.

Settling back atop Nissa’s face, Suzette smothers her opponent while at the same time hooking both legs and pulling them back.  The hold rolls Nissa’s body into a position where the camera and the crowd get a great view of her fully nude body.  The crowd continues to cheer for Suzette as she laughs at Nissa’s predicament.

24 - Suzette Exposing a Nude and Beaten Nissa
After ripping her bikini bottoms off, Suzette yanks Nissa’s legs up and exposes her body to full view for the crowd and the camera.
24 - Suzette Exposing a Nude and Beaten Nissa View 2
After ripping her bikini bottoms off, Suzette yanks Nissa’s legs up and exposes her body to full view for the crowd and the camera View 2.

“Okay that’s enough” says the officiator quietly.  “Let her go” continues the officiator as Suzette continues to laugh and play to the crowd.  Suzette releases her grip on Nissa and slowly rises up off the floor.  Coming to her feet, Suzette adjusts her bikini top and bottoms.

Nissa rolls to her side and curls up into a ball on the floor in the prone position.  Suzette glances down again and smirks as she pulls her arms up and flexes her muscles.  The officiator calls out “THE WINNER OF THE SECOND AND FINAL FALL OF THIS MATCH — SUZETTE!!!!”

25 - Suzette Sowing Off at Nissa's Expense
A victorious and dominating Suzette stands over her battered victim and raises her arms to accept her victory.

The crowd roars out its approval as Suzette soaks up the applause and the cheers.  While Suzette begins to circulate through the room accepting congratulations from the crowd, Nissa lies on the floor battered and beaten.

“Congratulations to Suzette as she moves on the round of 8!!!” calls out the officiator to more cheers from the crowd.  Suzette smiles “and going home a beaten and owned bitch — NISSA!!!” yells out Suzette.  The crowd again roars it approval as Suzette heaps even more humiliation onto her beaten opponent.