Apartment Wrestling Match No. 85 Jenny versus Sierra – Tourney Fight

This fight is the eighty-fifth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.  This fight is being held in Tampa.  This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) is from a very small farming community in the midwest.  She currently lives a few hours from Chicago.  Jenny works in a small bank and is recently married.  Her and her husband are both excited about seeing how she competes.  Jenny has fought a number of times in her life and claims to have won them all.  She grew up on a farm and is strong.  Jenny’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a country girl and we all know country girls kick ass!!! Ain’t no bitch from the city gonna be able to stand up to me.”  So far Jenny has gotten a reputation for doing about anything need to win.  In her fights she has shown a tendency to engage in any dirty tactic necessary to come out on top.  At this point Jenny is 5-3.  She has beaten Monique, Molly, Bailey, Shayla and Selena while losing to Denise, Molly and Rebecca.  Jenny is the former East Coast Club Champion.

0 - Jenny PreFight Final
Jenny Before the Fight

Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) lives near Miami.  She currently works as a yoga instructor for a local studio.  She hopes to one day pursue an acting career.  One of her thoughts is that getting into the Club might help her further her career.  In her high school and college days she participated in field hockey and spent some time on the ice as a figure skater.  Sierra remains in great shape and works out several times a week as well as her yoga instructor position.  Sierra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m the perfect mix to be an Apartment fighter.  I love to compete and I love winning even more.  Combine my athleticism, gracefulness, fierceness, and sexy femininity and you have the perfect apartment wrestler.  I love kicking ass and looking good doing it.  This is my world!!”  Sierra is currently undefeated with a record of 4-0.  So far, Sierra has defeated Suzette, Tisha, Sofia and Emma.

0 - Sierra Pre-Fight
Sierra Before The Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location well in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of any previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

After arriving at the fight location, Jenny heads directly to her dressing room to make her final preparations for the fight tonight with Sierra.  After winning her last couple fights, Jenny is feeling confident again.  Jenny has worked hard on her conditioning knowing it might be a longer fight against Sierra.  Jenny begins her preparations with a series of stretching exercises to loosen her body up for the fight.  Afterwards, she changes into her black string thong and pink bikini top.  With her preparations complete, Jenny heads down the hall to give her comments and enter the main fighting area.  “Sierra hasn’t lost yet.  That will make it that much sweeter when I whip her tonight.  I remember how it felt to lose the first time in the AWC.  I can’t wait to hear Sierra begging me to end the match tonight.  I can handle anything she can bring tonight.  I don’t think she has fought against someone as strong as I am.  That will be my advantage and is why I will win tonight.  Selena couldn’t match my power and tonight Sierra will learn the same lesson the hard way.  Tonight takes me one more step closer to the world title.”

Sierra arrives shortly after Jenny and makes her way to her dressing room.  Sierra, however, takes a few moments to greet her fans that arrived early for the fight.  With the stakes being so high, AWC fans are crawling all over the venue as they wait for the evening’s event to begin.  Sierra takes her time as she unpacks her materials and changes clothing.  Sierra slips into her tiny red bikini.  As usual, Sierra’s choice of bikini puts her well-toned figure on display.  With plenty of time before the fight, Sierra continues through her usual pre-fight routine to prepare herself mentally and physically for the match.  Prior to heading into the main room, Sierra is asked to comment on her opponent and the upcoming fight.  “I’m looking forward to getting this fight started.  I don’t really have anything to say to Jenny.  I’ll do my talking on the rug when I win.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Jenny and Sierra.  “Here we go with the last of this round of tourney fights.  This one is going to bring us two of the stronger fighter in the round.  Sierra has won all of her fights and beaten good fighters.  Jenny has too.  Sierra seems to be a bit more techinically skilled and Jenny is just a powerful brawler.  It’s anyone’s guess how it all ends up.  I’m taking Jenny because she seems pretty confident after winning her last couple fights.”  The second commentator begins “I agree that this one is going to be hard to call and a great fight for the fans.  If Jenny can make this a short fight she has a good shot at the win.  I don’t think she has the stamina to keep up with Sierra if it goes long.  Plus I think there is something to be said for a skilled fighter beating a brawler.  This might even turn into a rout if Sierra gets off to a good start with Jenny.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighters.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end when one of you loses two falls or says you are done or ends up rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.  Again, this is a best out of three falls match.”

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Sierra turns and waves to the fans in attendance and smiles for the crowd.  Jenny doesn’t seem amused with Sierra playing to the crowd and raises her middle finger towards Sierra.  “You’re gonna see how it feels to get your first loss tonight bitch!!!” calls out Jenny from across the room as the crowd gets excited by the pre-fight posturing.  Sierra smirks and loudly calls out “Like I said before, I’ll do my talking after you submit to me!!”

The officiator announces “the fight will begin shortly so prepare yourself for my command to start.”  The girls each wait on their side of the room for the command to begin.  The crowd continues to get louder as the start of the fight is imminent.  The officiator simply calls out “You may begin the fight . . . the first fall is now underway”.  The crowd lets out a cheer, the officiator calls out loudly “FIGHT!!!”  The officiator slips away and the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.

With the command to fight, both girls slowly approach one another.  The crowd on its feet anticipating the coming collision between these two top ranked fighters.  As the two approach, they each launch forward colliding with the other.  The two immediately begin the struggle for control as they each try to overpower their opponent.

The two powerful fighters mash their upper bodies tightly together as the crowd begins to cheer on their favorite.  With their bodies pressed into the other, each fighter struggles to push through their opponent and topple them to the floor.  It quickly becomes apparent that both girls are fairly evenly matched in terms of strength as neither is able to make much progress.

The loud grunts and groans continue to erupt from Jenny and Sierra as the struggle continues for several moments.  As the two mash into one another, they slide their arms around their opponent looking for a hand hold and some additional leverage to win the test of strength.  Each grinds her body into her opponent trying to utilize every part of her own body to inflict suffering on her opponent.

1 - The Fighters Tangle
The Fighters Clash to Start Things Off
1 - The Fighters Tangle View 2
The Fighters Clash to Start Things Off View 2

“You aren’t stronger than me bitch!!!” grunts out Jenny as the two fighters struggle taking  baby steps across the floor.  Sierra responds with loud HUUUNNHHHH sound as she presses forward against Jenny’s body.  The red headed fighter is ready for Sierra’s press forward as she turns her body slightly and wraps her arms around Sierra’s upper body.

For the first time in the opening minutes of the battle, one of the fighters seems to be getting a bit of an advantage as Sierra’s arms break contact and are no longer wrapped tightly around her opponent.  The crowd notices the slight shift and the Jenny fans let out their cries of approval.

“Got ya now!!!’ hisses out Jenny as she twists her body and starts to pull Sierra off balance and across the front of Jenny.  Sierra lets out a groan of pain or frustration as Jenny forces her to bend slightly at the waist.  Jenny growls out as she slowly overpowers and forces Sierra to lean further forward.  The red head slowly now trying to force Sierra down to the floor.

2 - Jenny Tries to Take Sierra Down
Jenny tries to overpower and force Sierra to the floor.
2 - Jenny Tries to Take Sierra Down View 2
Jenny tries to overpower and force Sierra to the floor view 2.

Sierra’s grunts and groans encourage Jenny as she begins to feel herself gaining control of her opponent.  As she slowly gains leverage over Sierra, Jenny leans her body into the effort and slowly forces Sierra down to one knee as she pushes Sierra downward towards the floor.  “Kick her ass Jenny !!!” yells out a loud voice from the back of the room.

“Now we know who’s stronger don’t we Sierra” teases Jenny in a mocking tone as she appears to be clearly overpowering Sierra.  Jenny’s view of Sierra’s actions is blocked by her position above Sierra and she fails to observe Sierra slipping her arms around Jenny’s left leg.  Sierra continues to grunt and groan as she holds her position on one knee long enough to get her arms wrapped around Jenny’s leg.

“YYYAHHHHHH” yells out Sierra as she suddenly pushes up off her bent knee and powers her body back up to a bent over position.  Jenny lets out a gasp of surprise as Sierra comes back up again only this time yanking Jenny’s left leg off of the floor.  Jenny’s plan to take Sierra to the floor now backfiring on her as she finds herself hopping slightly on her right leg trying to maintain her balance as Sierra pushes into her body.

3 - Sierra Works To Upend Jenny
Sierra gets a leg and tries to upend Jenny.
3 - Sierra Works To Upend Jenny View 2
Sierra gets a leg and tries to upend Jenny View 2

“Bitch!!!’ snaps Jenny as she struggles to keep her balance with Sierra lifting her leg leg and pressing forward into Jenny with her body.  It doesn’t take long for Sierra to completely unbalance Jenny as she hops a couple times trying to stay upright.  The crowd now resumes it’s loud cries of support for both fighters as the fight is clearly headed to the floor sooner rather than later.

“Going down on your ass” grunts out Sierra through gritted teeth as she makes a final hard push to topple Jenny off of her feet.  Sierra’s prediction becomes immediately true as she dumps Jenny to the floor.  With Jenny’s arms wrapped around her upper body, Sierra is also pulled down to the floor at the same time.  Jenny lands with a solid THUMP on her ass as Sierra comes down on both of her knees.

Lucky for Jenny at this point, she lands directly in front of the sofa against the wall.  The seat of the sofa prevents Sierra from being able to take Jenny directly onto her back as she lands on the floor.  A quick scramble for control breaks out as Sierra pushes her body forward with the idea of driving Jenny over onto her side against the seat of the sofa.  Jenny reacts quickly and slides her arms up towards Sierra’s head and attempts to lock on a headlock or a hair pull as the struggle intensifies again.

4 - Sierra Takes Jenny to the Floor
Sierra wins the struggle and takes Jenny to the floor.
4 - Sierra Takes Jenny to the Floor View 2
Sierra wins the struggle and takes Jenny to the floor view 2.

“UNHHHH!!!” Groans out Jenny as Sierra pushes her body directly into her as she attempts to push her over and onto her side.  Before Sierra is able to make any progress, Jenny gets a fistful of Sierra’s hair and pulls Sierra in a downward direction to prevent her from being able to topple her over and onto her side.

“Get off my hair” hisses out Sierra as they struggle on the floor.  “Come on SIerra get her” yells out a voice from the side of the room.  Sierra grabs for Jenny’s hand in her hair and tries to pull the hand free to allow herself to press her upper body across Jenny’s, but the red head is able to get her second arm looped around behind Sierra ato gain extra leverage as she pulls down on Sierra.

After several minutes of struggling against the front of the sofa, Jenny is able to drag Sierra further forward.  With Sierra being pulled down lower on her body, Jenny is able to quickly swing her right leg up and hook it over the back of Sierra’s shoulder and upper back.  The Jenny fans cheer loudly as she manages to catch the off balance Sierra and hook the beginnings of a potential head or body scissors on her opponent.

5 - Jenny Takes Control of Sierra
Jenny Drags Sierra Into a Bad Spot as She Gets Her Legs Around Sierra
5 - Jenny Takes Control of Sierra View 2
Jenny Drags Sierra Into a Bad Spot as She Gets Her Legs Around Sierra View 2

“Shit!!” grunts out Sierra as she quickly realizes the bad spot she is in at the moment.  Reaching down, SIerra pushes a hand at Jenny’s foot trying to block Jenny’s efforts to trap her in a scissor hold.  At the same time, Jenny pushes her one hand into Sierra’s underarm area and her other hand onto Sierra’s firm ass.  Using these two hand holds, Jenny works to shove Sierra further across her leg so she can get the scissor hold firmly across Sierra’s body.

Jenny’s claws dig into Sierra’s vulnerable armpit area forcing a gasp of pain from her lips.  The gasp of pain brings a smirk to Jenny’s face as she continues pushing at her opponent to force her into the teeth of the hold.  Sierra tries to push free knowing that if Jenny locks her legs it will be difficult to escape from the position of their bodies.

After several moments of struggling, Jenny is able to get her leg locked around Sierra’s body.  The impact is immediate as Sierra gasps out in pain and tries to breathe in against the pressure of the scissor hold.  With her upper body at an awkward angle, Sierra pushes up on her knees knowing her best chance to escape is to use her lower body to force her way free.  Sierra’s initial efforts generate some progress and her skills on the mat seem to be paying off on the rug as she tries to escape Jenny’s hold.

With Sierra’s lower body pushing up off the floor, Jenny struggles to keep a solid grip on the scissor hold.  The Sierra fans in the room become louder as they encourage their favorite to escape the hold.  Jenny, though, is equally well versed in the apartment wrestling world and she quickly moves to counter Sierra’s escape attempt.  Reaching down quickly with her left hand, Jenny rakes her nails across the back of Sierra’s thigh and then grabs hold of Sierra’s right ankle.

“You’re not going anywhere” hisses out Jenny as she yanks up on Sierra’s right leg.  The red head’s efforts pay off as she is able to hook and bend Sierra’s leg back eliminating her ability to try and force her way out of the scissor hold by using her legs.  Sierra’s body is now pressed forward and down as she loses her leverage.  The end result of Jenny’s quick thinking is that Sierra’s ribs and belly take the brunt of a quick series of hard squeezes of Jenny’s thighs.

6 - Jenny Catches Sierra in a Scissors
Jenny locks the scissor hold around Sierra’s ribs and catches Sierra’s leg and hair to add to the pain.
6 - Jenny Catches Sierra in a Scissors View 2
Jenny locks the scissor hold around Sierra’s ribs and catches Sierra’s leg and hair to add to the pain View 2.

“OHHHHHH” moans out Sierra loudly as Jenny crushes her between her powerful thighs.  With her leg trapped, Sierra is unable to find enough leverage to break free of the hold.  Jenny leans back against the couch with a hateful smirk on her face as she squeezes and relaxes in short bursts working to conserve her strength while grinding down Sierra.

“SUBMIT TO ME YOU OVERRATED WHORE” screams out Jenny as she maintains the body scissors on Sierra.  Knowing her opponent can’t hold out much longer, Jenny grabs her by the hair and pulls Sierra’s head back forcing her to look up and ahead.

“I want them to see your face as you give up to me” hisses out Jenny just before she squeezes down hard with her legs.  The crushing squeeze forces a hoarse scream from Sierra as she begins to frantically slap her hand on the floor to signal her surrender.  “I GIVE I GIVE” gasps out Sierra as Jenny forces her head back and mashes her body.

7 - End of the First Fall
Jenny releases the scissor hold and climbs to her feet to celebrate winning the first fall over Sierra.

Jenny releases the hold and shoves Sierra’s body off of her leg rolling her over onto her back on the floor.  The red head climbs to her feet and adjusts her bikini top as she gasps in a few breaths of air.  Jenny rolls onto her back and clutches at her ribs for a moment as she too sucks in some air.  The Sierra fans hang their head looking disappointed as Jenny forces their favorite to submit.  The Jenny fans cheer for their fighter as what once looked like a divided crowd now seems to be leaning towards a larger group of Jenny fans.  The officiator surveys the room and allows the crowd to quiet down slightly before making an announcement.

“Your winner of the first fall of the match at the 9 minute mark — Jenny.  Jenny leads the match 1 fall to 0. There will be a short break to allow the fighters to recover and prepare for the 2nd fall.”  As the rest period begins, Sierra takes her time and catches her  breath while she continues to remain flat on her back on the floor.  Jenny stands nearby and leans over slightly as she also works on getting a break after the long first fall of the fight.

With the first fall coming to an end, the screen comes on again as the fighters take a short break.  Sierra remains on the floor as she adjusts her bikini and catches her breath from the first fall.  The first commentator begins “Jenny is doing what I expected.  She is strong and a tough fighter.  Sierra may just get her first loss tonight.  Jenny looks confident and ready for the next fall and that can’t be good for Sierra.” The second commentator pauses and replies “I wouldn’t count Sierra out.  That fall was not a one-sided affair.  It frankly could have gone either way.  I still think the better fighter is Sierra and this fall she better prove me right. ”

With both fighters back on their feet, the short rest period slowly expires as the crowd continues to buzz about Jenny’s victory.  The fighters, now standing across the room from one another move forward in anticipation of the next round getting started.

“You’re nothing slut!!!” hisses out Jenny as she smiles and winks at Sierra hoping to intimidate her opponent after forcing a submission in the first fall.  Sierra’s facial expression shows the rage burning inside her as she silently glares at Jenny.

The officiator calls out “The second fall is now underway — FIGHT!!!”  The crowd cheers loudly at the resumption of the match.  Both fighters move forward quickly and and reach out for their opponent.  Jenny and Sierra instantly lock hands as they jockey for position and control of the fight.

8 - Locking up to start the 2nd fall
The second fall getting started.
8 - Locking up to start the 2nd fall View 2
The second fall getting started View 2.

Both Sierra and Jenny grunt as their hands move in circles as each presses against the other trying to overpower her opponent.  Just as their hands move through the air as they struggle, the fighters both move around one another in a circular fashion as neither is able to initially win control of the other.

“You’re not strong enough!!” grunts out Jenny as she growls out trying to overcome Sierra.  The red head clearly  believing she is the stronger of the two as she stiffens her entire body and tries to press forward into her opponent.

Sierra doesn’t respond as the factions in the crowd cheer on and try to encourage their favorite to gain control.  Sierra slides back slightly to ensure the two stay separated as she plots her attack to break the initial deadlock.  Jenny surges forward assuming the slide back is Sierra faltering and instead finds she miscalculated.

HUUUNNHHH grunts out Sierra as she lifts her knee off the floor springing into action with her attack.  Jenny’s surge forward impales her on Sierra’s knee as she buries it directly into Jenny’s midsection.  The blow forces a loud gasp from Jenny as the impact takes her breath.

9 - Sierra Lands a Knee.png
Sierra leans back and shoots her knee up and into Jenny’s belly.
9 - Sierra Lands a Knee View 2
Sierra leans back and shoots her knee up and into Jenny’s belly View 2.

The loud thump of the knee landing on Jenny’s body sounds throughout the apartment as she lets out a loud HUUUMMPPPP sounds from the impact.  The force of the blow seems to stun Jenny for a moment as she fails to respond to the pause created by Sierra dropping her leg back to the floor and getting herself re-situated.

Jenny lets out a wheezing sound as she sucks in air and Sierra grunts as she grabs at Jenny’s shoulder and balls up her fist.  With a twist of her lower body, Sierra pivots and drives a punch into Jenny’s upper belly forcing yet another HUUUMPPP sounds from Jenny.  The crowd cheers as Sierra appears to be seizing the upper hand.

The force of the punch causes Jenny to lean forward slightly and Sierra follows up her first punch with a series of two or three quick shots to Jenny’s body.  The force of the quick shots not nearly as hard as the initial shot since Sierra isn’t able to pivot her body for the extra power.  The thumping of the quick punches into Jenny’s body keeps the crowd excited and on its feet as Jenny grunts and gasps.

10 - Sierra Follows Up with More Body Shots
Sierra presses her advantage and buries her fist into Jenny’s body.
10 - Sierra Follows Up with More Body Shots View 2
Sierra presses her advantage and buries her fist into Jenny’s body View 2.

With Jenny unable to block the repeated attacks to her body, the big redhead is left gasping and wheezing for air as Sierra continues her assault of Jenny’s air supply.  The blows force Jenny to bend at her middle as she struggles to breath.

“Come on tough girl!!” hisses Sierra as she grabs hold of Jenny’s hair and tugs downward to prevent Jenny from being able to come back upright.  Sierra draws back her right arm and makes a fist as she lines up Jenny for her next attack.  With the redhead unable to catch her breath or force her way upright, Jenny has no chance to avoid what is to come.

YAAHHH!!! yells out Sierra as she slams her fist into Jenny’s upper back causing a loud hollow THUMP sound on impact.  UNNHHHHH groans out Jenny from the impact.  Without hesitation, Sierra yanks her arm back and repeats the blow landing several more thumping shots in the middle of Jenny’s exposed upper back.

11 - Sierra Drives Several Shots to Jenny's Back
Jenny doubles over and Sierra takes advantage of the opportunity to hammer several punches into her back.

“NOW WHAT!!! HUH NOW WHAT!!!” screams out Sierra as she thumps the punches into Jenny’s back.  The only response from Jenny is grunts of pain as she is driven from her feet down to her hands and knees on the floor.  The Sierra fans in the crowd cheer loudly as she continues to abuse Jenny.

Sierra steps forward and slides her legs alongside Jenny’s head on each side an applies a sort of standing head scissor hold to the redhead.  With Jenny trapped on her knees and not really fighting back, Sierra leans forward and begins swinging punches out wide and angling them into Jenny’s body.

THUMP THUMP THUMP rings out as Sierra drives her fists into Jenny’s exposed and vulnerable rib cage on both sides.  UNHHHH UNHHHHH grunts out Jenny with each blow that lands on her body.  Jenny tries to push forward to topple Sierra, but can’t muster enough of a push to escape.

12 - Sierra Pounds Hard Punches Into Jenny's Ribs
With Jenny trapped on her knees, Sierra continues to pound her defenseless opponent.

With Jenny trying to push her way forward, Sierra growls out “NO WAY OUT BITCH!!!”  Giving another hard blow to the middle of Jenny’s upper back, Sierra drives her opponent to the floor in a heap as she collapses from her hands and knees onto her belly.

Sierra follows Jenny down by dropping to her knees as she continues to straddle over the top of Jenny’s head keeping her opponent trapped and at her mercy.  Jenny moans and groans out in pain as Sierra grabs her by the ass and holds her tightly and at her mercy.

Sierra continues to use her left hand to swing punches into Jenny’s exposed and vulnerable ribs.  THUMP THUMP THUMP echoes through the room as Sierra keeps up the ruthless attack.  Jenny continues to cry out in pain as she thrashes underneath Sierra unable to find a way free of Sierra’s grasp.

13 - Jenny Goes to the Floor and Sierra Continues to Pound Her
Jenny drops to the floor and Sierra follows her down to continue the brutal assault on her body.
13 - Jenny Goes to the Floor and Sierra Continues to Pound Her View 2
Jenny drops to the floor and Sierra follows her down to continue the brutal assault on her body View 2.

With Jenny moaning and groaning out in pain underneath her, Sierra pauses her punching attack and presses both hands down on Jenny’s back pressing her hard to the floor to make sure she is not able to move free.  Sierra feels very little resistance as Jenny tries to weakly wiggle to the side under the pressure.

“Don’t give up on me now bitch!!!” hisses an angry sounding Sierra as she slowly slides her body backwards pushing her legs out behind her and widening them out to make sure she has good leverage for the transition she is beginning.  The crowd continues cheering in support of Sierra as Jenny is held to the floor unable to roll over or escape.

Sierra nimbly slides her body back and positions herself over the top of Jenny’s shoulders allowing her to snake her arms around her opponent.  The quick transition doesn’t allow the battered and beaten down Jenny the opportunity to make a move to avoid what Sierra has planned for next.  Sliding her arms around Jenny, Sierra slips on a tight choke hold that immediately generates ACCCCCKKKK sounds from underneath her upper body.

14 - Sierra Applies a Choke
Sierra slides back and wraps her arms around Jenny’s neck and begins to choke the life from her opponent.
14 - Sierra Applies a Choke View 2
Sierra slides back and wraps her arms around Jenny’s neck and begins to choke the life from her opponent View 2.

After securing the tight choke hold on Jenny, Sierra slips her right hand down her opponent’s side and begins to dig her fingers into the side of Jenny’s breast.  After the first fall, Sierra’s anger is showing as she does the little things to cause Jenny as much pain and agony as possible.  With her air supply cut off by the choke hold, Jenny is unable to scream out in pain from the attack.

Jenny’s legs weakly push against the floor as she tries to find a way free of the hold, but Sierra has her locked down tightly and maintains the prolonged choke on Jenny.  The hold clearly taking its toll on Jenny as her struggles to escape drop off dramatically.  The crowd sensing the end of the fall is on its feet and cheering on their favorite.  The contingent of Jenny fans now more or less quiet as she clearly is moments away from being forced to submit the fall.

“Come on big mouth I want to hear from you!!!” hisses out Sierra in an evil sounding tone as she rotates herself atop Jenny now as opposed to applying a face lock style choke hold.  As Sierra releases the face lock style choke, Jenny’s head slumps to the floor appearing almost motionless.  The officiator moves in to take a look, but Sierra quickly completes her rotation and slides her grip back onto Jenny’s neck.

“She isn’t done yet” snaps Sierra angrily as she pull her head up off the floor in yet another choke hold.  Jenny’s arms come up off the floor as she reflexively tries to defend herself which is enough to satisfy the officiator that she is still conscious.  As soon as Sierra has Jenny’s head pulled up and off the floor she begins landing hard slaps to her face with the opposite hand.  Each slap landing with a loud WHAP sound as Sierra brutalizes Jenny.  With no signal of a surrender, the officiator stands by monitoring and lets the fight continue.

15 - Sierra Choking and Slapping Jenny
Sierra maintains a prolonged choke hold on Jenny as she drains every ounce of fight left in her opponent.
15 - Sierra Choking and Slapping Jenny View 2
Sierra maintains a prolonged choke hold on Jenny as she drains every ounce of fight left in her opponent View 2.

Sierra sits upright further pulling up harder on Jenny’s head as she lands several more hard face slaps.  Jenny’s arms flail a bit, but don’t seem to be doing much in the way of defending her face from the relentless slapping attack.  Sierra, surprised that Jenny hasn’t cried out a submission, knows she has limited time to inflict more damage on Jenny to help ensure a victory in the third fall.

With Jenny not resisting much at all, Sierra climbs up slightly and uses the long red hair to roll Jenny over to her back.  The tug causes Jenny to flop over onto her back and moan out again.  As soon as Jenny flops to her back, Sierra drives her ass down into her opponent forcing a groan of air to come from Jenny’s body.

“Done for now bitch . . . Submit to ME!!!!” snarls out Sierra as she shoves the red head’s arms down above her  head and again goes back to choking Jenny.  The officiator sensing Jenny is unable to fight back and unable to surrender steps in closely and yells out “THAT’S ENOUGH!!! JENNY SUBMITS THE 2ND FALL!!!”  Sierra ignores the officiator’s instruction waiting for Jenny to signal a surrender, but the officiator wastes no time in ending the fall.

“LET GO OR FORFEIT THE MATCH!!!” yells out the officiator.  Sierra is forced to release the choke hold and sit up atop her prone and motionless opponent.  The crowd cheers loudly as Sierra raises a hand over her head while staring down at Jenny.

16 - Jenny Pinned and Choked
Sierra rolls Jenny over and pins her to the floor as she continues to choke her defenseless opponent.
16 - Jenny Pinned and Choked View 2
Sierra rolls Jenny over and pins her to the floor as she continues to choke her defenseless opponent View 2.

The officiator calls out “the winner of the second fall at 15 minutes and 15 seconds — SIERRA!!!  The match is now tied at one fall each.  The winner of the next fall will be the winner of the match.”  The officiator finishes up by announcing “there will now be a one minute rest break before the match continues.”

As the officiator calls out the outcome of the second fall, Sierra climbs to her feet and celebrates her victory.  Placing her foot on a prone and barely moving Jenny, Sierra raises her hands over her head and presses her foot down on Jenny’s belly.  The crowd continues to cheer wildly with excitement as Sierra evens the bout at one fall each.

“Just think — only one minute until I continue this beating on you!!!” hisses out Sierra as Jenny seems to be out of it.  Whether unconscious or just dazed and stunned, Jenny’s lack of a response may require the match be stopped at this point.  The crowd starts to quiet down as all eyes are on the downed Jenny at the moment.

17 - Sierra Celebrates on a Downed Jenny
Sierra celebrating her dominating victory in the second fall of the match.

As the second fall comes to an end, the screen comes on again during the short break. The first commentator begins “That didn’t look good for Jenny.  The promise of a quick Jenny victory just got trashed as badly as Jenny.  I hope she can get up for the 3rd fall.” The second commentator pauses and replies “I told you not to count Sierra out.  If you want to talk about one-sided, that fall we just watched was seriously one-sided.  Sierra just showed everyone that she is the better fighter and if a third fall happens you can count on it being a short one.”

With the rest period coming to a close, the fighters prepare to engage for the final fall of the match.  Jenny slowly gets to her feet and tries to compose herself as Sierra patiently waits for the fall to begin.  Jenny puts hands up as she prepares for the command to fight to be given.

“The third and final fall is about to begin” calls out the officiator.  “The winner of this fall will be the winner of the match!!”  The crowd begins to stir in anticipation of the command to begin being given.  The officiator checks the time and calls out “LADIES YOU MAY FIGHT!!!”

The fighters prepare for the third fall.
18 - The Start of the Final Fall View 2
The fighters prepare for the third fall View 2.

With the command to fight, the crowd lets out a cheer as the fans eagerly await the action in the final fall of the match.  Jenny stands flat footed trying to catch her breath and recover from the action in the second fall.  Sierra smiles as she sees a passive Jenny waiting for  her to take some action and she pulls her hands up in front of her and slides forward towards her opponent.

Jenny quietly waits for Sierra as she quickly closes the gap between the two fighters.  Sierra comes directly at Jenny without hesitation as she senses Jenny might be unable to really fight back much.  The red head hisses at Sierra as she closes in on her trying to slow down Sierra and buy some additional time.

“You’re all mine now!!!” snaps out Sierra as she closes the final steps and reaches out grabbing hold of Jenny’s hands as the red head pushes her hands upward to defend herself.  With their hands locked together, Sierra quickly shoves toward Jenny working to drive her back or off balance.

19 - Tangling Up to Start the 3rd Fall
Sierra goes on the offensive to start the 3rd fall as she keeps the pressure on Jenny.
19 - Tangling Up to Start the 3rd Fall View 2
Sierra goes on the offensive to start the 3rd fall as she keeps the pressure on Jenny View 2.

UNNHHHH groans out Jenny as Sierra pushes into her and forces her to take several steps backward in the process.  The red head struggles to prevent Sierra from overpowering her and capturing her in a hold of some sort.  The crowd now getting louder as Jenny’s fans implore her to fight back.

Sierra is able to quickly shove Jenny’s hands aside as she powers through her fading opponent’s defenses.  With a sudden move, Sierra shoots her right hand into Jenny’s hair and captures a handful before Jenny can react to prevent the grip.  Jenny lets out a gasp, either to take in some air or in pain from the sharp tug on her hair.

The hair tug pulls Jenny slightly off  balance and Jenny reacts by trying to use her right hand to shove Sierra’s grip from her hair.  Sierra quickly follows up with Jenny exposing the right side of her body and lands several quick jabs into Jenny’s right ribcage area just below her breast.  OOOOHHNNN!!!  OOOMMPPP!!! grunts out Jenny as she tries to push Sierra’s grip off her hair to escape her clutches!!

20 - Sierra gets Jenny off balance and starts landing shots on her body
Jenny struggles to maintain her footing as Sierra quickly overpowers her and then begins to drive punches into her body.
20 - Sierra gets Jenny off balance and starts landing shots on her body View 2
Jenny struggles to maintain her footing as Sierra quickly overpowers her and then begins to drive punches into her body View 2.

“You’re done for!!!” hisses out Sierra loudly as she continues her attack on Jenny’s exposed body.  The red head staggers to her left trying to slide free of Sierra’s attacks, but Sierra keeps a tight grip on her hair and follows her as she tries to slip away.  “KICK HER ASS!!!” yells out a person in the crowd as Jenny’s grunts and gasps echo across the room.

Jenny tries to shove a hand into Sierra’s chest as either a counter-attack or even simply a means to push Sierra back to prevent her continued attacks.  Sierra is too powerful for the weak attempt to shove her back and she ignores the hand on her chest area as she maintains a secure grip on Jenny’s hair.

Shifting her attack slightly, Sierra shoots her right foot and delivers a slashing style kick into the side of Jenny’s left knee.   AEEIIIIIIOOWWWW screams out Jenny as her knee instantly buckles forcing her to drop to one knee on the floor in front of Sierra.

“FUCK!!!” screams out Jenny as Sierra continues her relentless and up tempo assault on the red head.  Gripping Jenny’s hair tightly, Sierra pulls her head back far enough to allow for a series of hard slaps with her right hand directly into Jenny’s exposed face.  Each slap results in a cry of pain as Jenny pushes her right hand weakly against Sierra’s hip desperate to force Sierra back.

21 - Sierra delivers brutal strikes to Jenny's face
Jenny drops to her knees and Sierra continues her attack landing hard slaps to Jenny’s exposed and undefended face.
21 - Sierra Deliver a Brutal Strike to Jenny's Face View 2
Jenny drops to her knees and Sierra continues her attack landing hard slaps to Jenny’s exposed and undefended face View 2.

Sierra lands several more slaps on Jenny’s face as she yanks her head back using her firm grip in her thick red hair.  The sound of flesh on flesh echoes through the room WHHHACCCKKK WHAAAPPPP highlighting the force being applied by Sierra with each slap to Jenny’s face.

UUUNNNNHHH moans out Jenny as she appears dazed and confused.  Fighting on instinct alone, Jenny tries to push her way off her knee and climb to her feet as Sierra presses in towards her.  With a sudden yank to the hair and a final hard slap, Sierra knocks Jenny off balance and onto her ass.

With the red head sitting in front of her, Sierra pauses and smiles to the camera and the crowd.  Someone yells “GET UP!!!” sounding as desperate as the situation for Jenny appears.  Not wanting to allow Jenny any time to recover, Sierra presses forward and lifts a foot off the ground.

“STAY DOWN BITCH!!!!” yells out Sierra as she draws her foot back and shoves it forward landing the force of her stomping motion directly in the center of Jenny’s chest.  Jenny lets out a loud HUUUUUNNNFFFF sound as Sierra shoves the foot forward driving it through Jenny’s sitting frame.

22 - Sierra Kicks Jenny in the Chest
Sierra steps back and drives a foot into Jenny’s chest.
22 - Sierra Kicks Jenny in the Chest View 2
Sierra steps back and drives a foot into Jenny’s chest. Sierra steps back and drives a foot into Jenny’s chest View 2.

UNNHHHHHHH groans out Jenny as she is driven backwards from her seated position by the forceful kick to the chest.  Jenny slams back to the hard surface landing flat on her back with a loud THUD sound.  The red head pulls her hand across her chest to cover up the impact spot from Sierra’s kick.

“I don’t hear you talking shit now bitch!!!” snarls out Sierra as Jenny is reduced to moaning and gasping as she lays flat on her back on the floor.  The once cocky red head now struggles to stay in the fight as Sierra has firmly gained control of the final fall.  The Sierra fans in the crowd continue to cheer her on while the Jenny fans remain quiet.

Sierra steps up between Jenny’s open legs and lashes out with yet another kick at her downed opponent.  With her arm up and across her chest, Jenny is powerless to avoid Sierra’s stomp.  Landing her foot directly on Jenny’s unprotected belly, Sierra shoves her foot down hard forcing a gasp from Jenny followed by Jenny making a series of wheezing sounds.

23 - Sierra Stomps on a Downed Jenny
Sierra continues her attack as she drives a stomp into Jenny’s unprotected belly.
23 - Sierra Stomps on a Downed Jenny View 2
Sierra continues her attack as she drives a stomp into Jenny’s unprotected belly View 2.

Sierra steps over a gasping and wheezing Jenny as the crowd cheers loudly encouraging Sierra to finish her off.  Standing in a straddling position over Jenny, Sierra points down at her and smiles at the camera.  Jenny tries to lift a leg up to kick at Sierra, but Sierra quickly swats the leg aside.

“You just don’t know when to quit do you???” teases Sierra.  With a sudden movement, Sierra drops down atop Jenny smashing her ass down into Jenny’s belly area.  OOOHHNNNNN groans out Jenny as what little wind she has left in her body is forced from her.

Sierra slides her left forearm down across Jenny’s chest and neck area and forces the red head flat onto the floor underneath her.  The arm slides up and across Jenny’s throat area enough to cause her difficulty breathing.  ACCCCKKKK comes from Jenny as she weakly kicks her feet trying to dislodge her tormentor.

Sierra balls her right hand into a fist and draws it back slowly for the benefit of the crowd and the camera as her fans continue to cheer her on.  Jenny sees the fist and tries to pull both her hands up to protect her face from being pounded by Sierra.  Sierra drives several punches down into Jenny’s unprotected chest avoiding her defenses.

26 - Sierra Pounding on Jenny
Sierra drops down atop Jenny and begins to pummel her with punches to the chest and open handed palm strikes to the head.
26 - Sierra Pounding on Jenny View 2
Sierra drops down atop Jenny and begins to pummel her with punches to the chest and open handed palm strikes to the head View 2.

Each punch thumps into Jenny’s chest mashing her breast flat under Sierra’s knuckles forcing limited moans and grunts from an already winded Jenny.  Sierra’s arm across her neck continues to give Jenny difficulty in catching her breath as Sierra pummels and tortures the red head.

The officiator moves in close and carefully checks the situation to make sure Jenny is not being truly injured by Sierra’s vicious attacks.  Sierra, not wanting the fight stopped at this point, brings her punches to a halt and sits atop Jenny for a brief moment.  Smiling from ear to ear, Jenny reaches down and grabs hold of Jenny’s hair with both hands.

“Come on tough girl, let’s get you up!!!” hisses out Sierra as she slowly rises to her feet.  As Sierra comes to her feet and remains squatting over the top of Jenny, she drags the red head part of the way up and off the floor by her hair.  Jenny lets out a cry of pain now that she is able to catch her breath somewhat.  Jenny tries to grab hold of Sierra’s legs and push Sierra off of her, but she doesn’t have the strength at this point to get it done.

24 - Sierra Yanking Jenny Off the Floor
Sierra raises back to her feet and yanks Jenny upwards and off the floor.
24 - Sierra Yanking Jenny Off the Floor View 2
Sierra raises back to her feet and yanks Jenny upwards and off the floor View 2.

Sierra pulls one of her hands out of Jenny’s hair and shoots a hard slap to Jenny’s face.  Jenny cries out in pain as the slap echoes through the room forcing some members of the crowd to wince at the impact.  Sierra shakes Jenny by the hair as the red head pulls an arm up to try to prevent Sierra from landing another slap.

“SUBMIT TO ME!!!!” screams out Sierra as she shoves forward driving Jenny back to the floor on her back.  Using her position hovering over Jenny, Sierra drops her weight down again slamming her ass into Jenny’s chest and upper belly.  UNNNHHHHH moans out Jenny as Sierra drives her into the floor and mashes her under her body.

With both of Jenny’s arms pinned to the floor, Sierra pulls her by the hair raising her head up and then begins repeatedly slapping her with her left hand.  WHACK WHAP SLAP echoes through the room as Sierra pummels Jenny with repeated slaps.

25 - Sierra Pinning and Slapping Jenny
Sierra drops back down driving Jenny to the floor as she slides her knees over her arms pinning Jenny helplessly under her.

Sierra pauses her slapping attack yanks Jenny’s head up by the hair.  “Give it up bitch!!!” hisses out Sierra as she shakes Jenny’s head left to right.  Jenny moans and her legs thrash up and down on the floor as she fails to utter out a surrender.  The majority of the crowd now clearly supporting Sierra as she continues to batter Jenny.

“You avoided saying it last fall, but you will say it this time!!!” hisses out Sierra as she angrily shakes Jenny’s head by her hair.  Jenny moans out, but stubbornly refuses to submit to Sierra.  Jenny’s refusal to submit the match appears to irritate and already angered Sierra as she continues to try and force a surrender from the red head.

Sierra grabs both of Jenny’s arms and pins them over her head with her left hand as she slides her body back down her opponent to better position herself.  The officiator continues to stand close by noticing Sierra’s frustration with Jenny’s stubborn refusals.

Sierra draws back her right hand and opens it up shoving her palm forward.  The crowd now in a bit of a frenzy as Sierra appears to be preparing for an even rougher attack on Jenny.  With her palm open and wrist bent back, Sierra drives a powerful open palm shot directly into Jenny’s forehead.

“I’ll fucking knock you head off!!!!” screams out Sierra as she proceeds to land two or three more hard open palm strikes directly into Jenny’s undefended face.  Jenny no longer resisting at all as her legs flop back and forth.  The crowd roars out its approval as Sierra pummels Jenny.

27 - Sierra pounding Jenny into Submission
Sierra shifts her weight back and proceeds to drive open palm strikes into Jenny’s face.
27 - Sierra pounding Jenny into Submission View 2
Sierra shifts her weight back and proceeds to drive open palm strikes into Jenny’s face View 2.

After the first strike or two, the officiator lunges forward going after Sierra to prevent her from killing Jenny.  With Sierra appearing to flip out, the officiator screams out “THE FIGHT IS OVER!!!!”  Unsure if Sierra will stop her attack, the officiator lunges across grabbing Sierra by the arm and wrapping her up to drag her off of Jenny.

Sierra recognizes the officiator’s attempt to end the fight and allows herself to be drug off of her battered opponent.  The officiator climbs up to a standing position and calls out loudly.  “YOUR WINNER — SIERRA!!!!”

Sierra climbs to her feet and raises her arms over her head waving to the crowd as she celebrates her win.  With Jenny sprawled on the floor and not moving, Sierra steps over closer to her battered opponent and raises both arms up and flexes as she poses for the camera.

28 - Victorious Sierra
Sierra posing over a devastated and practically unconscious Jenny.
28 - Victorious Sierra View 2
Sierra posing over a devastated and practically unconscious Jenny View 2.

While Sierra enjoys her victory, the officiator calls out “MOVING ON TO THE NEXT ROUND IN THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE SIERRA!!!”  The crowd roars out its approval as Sierra begins to circle the room to accept congratulations from the fans in attendance.

Jenny remains sprawled out on the floor not moving as the officiator checks on her status.  The AWC physician comes out and begins to check Jenny as well.  After several moments, the red head begins to stir as she remains lying on the floor.