Apartment Wrestling Match No. 87 Callie versus Tisha — Tourney Fight


This fight is the eighty-seventh match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.   This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Callie (5’4 125 pounds 26 y/o) is from San Francisco.  She works as a middle school teacher and coaches the girls track team.  She has been a runner all her life and runs marathons as a hobby (26 miles).  One of her strengths appears to be her confidence in herself and her ability to compete in the Apartment Wrestling scene.  Callie’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I have great stamina.  I can outlast anyone I face.  I don’t lose.  I do whatever it takes to win.  I will be the winner.”  Callie is the current West Coast Club Champion and has a record of 4-0.

0 - Callie Before the Fight Large.png
Callie Before the Fight

Tisha (5’2 122 pounds 20 y/o) is from the Atlanta area.  She recently quit school and works as a waitress to make ends meet.  She is drawn to Apartment Wrestling by the promise of fame/money in the hopes it will help her obtain a career in modeling someday.  Tisha’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I need to win.  I want to win more than any other girl you will find.  That’s why I can’t be beaten!” Tisha’s current record is 5-3 and she comes into this fight after a strong performance in her win over Rebecca.

0 - Tisha Before the Fight Large
Tisha Before the Fight

Both girls arrive at the fight location to begin their preparations for this big fight.  Upon arrival they are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of her previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Callie is confident and ready for the match to get underway.  Due to her status as the West Coast Club Champion, Callie has not had to fight in any of the preliminary matches in the tournament.  With the waiting for her first match now over, Callie is excited for the opportunity to fight in the Apartment again.  Callie has chosen a black and print bikini for tonight’s fight.   Callie’s reputation for being a tough fighter is well-earned.  As she prepares for the match, she looks to be in great shape and ready for the match.  “I’m super-excited for tonight’s match.  Tisha is a tough fighter and I really do love the fact she was able to make Rebecca look bad.  No matter how happy I was with Tisha’s last match, tonight her winning streak in the tournament has to end.  The secret to beating Tisha is to stay on her and finish her when you get the chance.  My goal is to get repeated submissions from her and end the fight early!!”

Tisha arrives at the Apartment to get prepared for the fight.  Just like always, she carefully gets dressed and begins to warm up.  Tisha is an AWC veteran and wastes little time as she prepares for this important battle against Callie.  Tisha’s body looks ready in her black and pink bikini she has chose to wear for the battle.  “I’m ready to move on to the next round.  This is important for me and I am well-prepared for Callie.  I will win because I need to win.  I want this more and that championship is going to be mine.  Look for me to humiliate Callie tonight  I want her to know she is defeated when the 30 minutes is up.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Callie and Tisha.  “I can’t wait for this fight to start.  I love Callie.  Love Callie.  Tisha is going to try really hard and then she is going to lose the fight to Callie.  I don’t think Callie will give her a chance to use that heart and determination she brings to matches.  All Callie all night long.  The second commentator begins “Wow now that’s some one-sided commentary.  I like Callie too, but I know Tisha is a beast right now and people just can’t seem to finish her off.  I dunno how its going to end.  I think Callie gets a slight edge from me, but I’m not counting Tisha out for one minute.  If it’s close late she just might be the one to get the win.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout provides an open space for the fighters with seating along the outer edges of the room.  The crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end after thirty minutes.  The fighter that wins the most falls during that thirty minutes will win the match.  The only exception to that is if one of you says you are done early or ends up rendered unconscious and unable to continue.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

As the two stare across at one another, the crowd begins to get louder and show support for their favorite fighter.  The crowd is mixed at this early stage and each fighter has her own groups of supporters.  Callie’s face turns to a smirk as she calls out across the floor “nice job beating up on lame as Rebecca!!!”  Tisha smiles at her and responds “you know your next champ” in a sarcastic and disrespectful tone.  “Oh we’ll see how that works out for you.  I’m not a pushover like some of your other opponents!”  Rebecca laughs loudly “you will be pushing against my ass when I plant it on your face!!”  Callie snaps angrily as the comment irritates her “I’m gonna crush your ass whore!!!”

0 -Both Face Off Before the Fight Large
Tisha and Callie face off before the start of the fight.

The officiator recognizing the exchange between the fighters decide to start the fight rather than allow the verbal sparring continue.  “Ladies FIGHT — The first fall is now underway!!!!”  The crowd cheers out loudly and both fighters move quickly across the floor closing the distance towards their opponent.  Clearly both Callie and Tisha are anxious to get the battle started after the pre-fight exchange.

Callie goes straight on the attack with a wild and furious series of attempted punches and slaps.  Tisha responds defensively as she deflects and dodges the wild attacks.  The commentator turns to his partner “Wow I hope Callie doesn’t wear herself out quickly like that!!!  Tisha may have already gotten into her head!”

1 - Start of the Fight
Callie wastes no time as she immediately goes on the attack.  In an effort to follow through on her pre-match comments, Callie launches a furious assault trying to land blows anywhere she can on Tisha.  In response, Tisha fights defensively to avoid being hurt by Callie’s attacks.  The brunette fighter throws a few counter shots at Callie, but primarily does her best to avoid Callie’s wild blows.
1 - Start of the Fight View 2
Another view of Callie’s wild attack on Tisha.
2 - Early Struggle for Control Large
After several moments of wild striking attacks, Callie takes advantage of Tisha’s defensive fighting style and presses in close quickly.  Before Tisha can effectively prepare, Callie is on her grabbing a handful of her hair and tugging at her.  Tisha attempts to respond in kind, but can’t find a good grip on the blonde’s hair as they struggle for control.
2 - Struggling on their Feet
Another view of Tisha and Callie struggling for control of the fight.

Callie uses her grip on Tisha’s hair to pull her opponent off balance as they struggle.  The Callie fans in the room cheer loudly for their fighter as she seems to be in control of the action in the early moments of the fight.  Both fighters grunt and gasp out as she struggle in the middle of the room.  UHHHHNNNN GNNNNHHHH can be heard as they shuffle their feet and tug at one another.

“GOTCHA BITCH!!!” yells out Callie as she uses her hair pulling tactics to wrestle Tisha off balance and into a headlock.  Quickly wrapping her arms around Tisha’s head, Callie squeezes hard as she tries to begin the process of wearing down Tisha.  The brunette grunts and groans out as she struggles to find a way out of the hold.

3 - Callie Applies a Headlock
Callie manages to overcome Tisha’s defenses as she outwrestles her opponent and secures a headlock on Tisha. The brunette grunts and groans as she tugs at Callie’s arms working hard to find a way free of the blonde’s clutches.
3 - Callie Applies a Headlock View 2
Another view of Callie securing a headlock on Tisha.

Tisha gets her hand buried in Callie’s thick blonde hair and grabs hold and begins to tug.  She is immediately rewarded with a loud UNNHHHH as Callie feels the impact of the hair pulling almost immediately.  The Tisha fans grow louder as they encourage her to continue her efforts to break free.

“Bitch leggo!!!” hisses out Callie as she tries to fight through Tisha’s attack and retain control of the battle.  Tisha follows up by getting a grip on Callie’s leg as the blonde is distracted by the hair pulling attack.  As Callie struggles to keep her balance her grip on Tisha loosens.

4 - Tisha Struggling to Break Free Large.png
Tisha gets a handful of Callie’s hair and begun to pull Callie’s head back forcing her to groan out from the strain on her neck.  At the same time, Tisha hooks Callie’s leg as she worked to pull Callie off balance.
4 - Tisha Tries to Escape as Callie Squeezes Her View 2
Another view of Tisha trying to break free.

After several moments of struggling to retain her headlock, Callie loses control of Tisha and the brunette slips free of Callie’s grip.  Wasting no time, Tisha grabs Callie by the arm as she ends up behind her opponent and begins to twist the arm to control the blonde.

“Now what huh what what!!!” yells out Tisha as she pulls the blonde’s arm up into her back putting pressure on Callie’s shoulder.  Each push of the arm forces a groan of pain from Callie as Tisha works her arm.

5 - Tisha Breaks Free and Turns the Tables Large
Tisha slips free and captures Callie in an arm lock as she bends the blonde’s arm up her back.  Callie moans out in pain as Tisha takes control now.
5 - Tisha Escapes and Turns the Tables On Callie
Another view of Tisha twisting Callie’s arm.
5 - Tisha Escapes and Turns the Tables On Callie View 2
Another shot of the arm hold by Tisha.

Callie squirms and twists as she tries to slip free from the arm hold.  The pressure of the hold mounting on her shoulder as Tisha wrenches and pushes the arm up her back.  “Submit to me!!!” snaps out Tisha as she hears the groans come from Callie.

Tisha shifts her focus as Callie comes close to breaking the arm hold.  Rather than risk losing control, Tisha pushes into Callie’s back and shoves her forward the several feet to the wall.  Callie is unprepared for the attack and is mashed into the wall without any ability to protect herself from the impact.

UHHHNNNNN groans out Callie as Tisha follows up her attack and tries to force Callie to the floor.  The blonde battler is pressed into the wall and shoved downward as the Tisha’s fan base roars out its approval.  The contact with the wall forces more groans from Callie as she struggles to escape from Tisha’s grasp.

6 - Tisha Goes for a Choke
Tisha mashes Callie into the wall with a loud THUD.  The blonde is caught unprepared and takes the brunt of the impact on her body forcing her legs to buckle.  Tisha relentlessly attacks Callie trying to finish the first fall quickly.
6 - Tisha Goes for a Choke View 2
Another view of Tisha mashing Callie into the wall.
6 - Tisha Goes for a Choke View 3
Callie mashed into the wall.

Within a matter of moments, Tisha is able to trip Callie up and force her to her knees on the floor.  The Tisha fans in the crowd let out a loud cheer of approval as their fighter maintains control of the fight at this juncture.

“Submit to me!!!” hisses out Tisha as she tries to lock Callie up in a hold.  The blonde thrashes and struggles as she resists Tisha’s efforts.  “GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!” screams out Callie loudly as her opponent tries to lock her up.

7 - Tisha Struggling to Keep Control Large.png
Callie is forced to her knees and wildly struggles to avoid being captured yet again by Tisha.  The blonde struggles to slip free of Tisha’s grasp while Tisha tries to secure an arm hold to finish off the blonde.
7 - Tisha Trying to Keep Control of Callie
Another view of Callie struggling on her knees to break free.
7 - Tisha Trying to Keep Control of Callie View 3
Callie struggling to escape Tisha’s clutches.

After several moments of struggling, Callie is able to slip free of Tisha’s attempt to secure her arm and turns into her opponent.  A struggle for control erupts as the two grapple on the floor on their knees.  Callie pushes her head down a bit and drives forward trying to use her momentum to take Tisha down to the floor.

The intense struggle generates a series of grunts and curses from each of the fighters as they both want desperately to take control of the fight.  The crowd’s cheers spur them both on to fight even harder as neither can gain a quick advantage.

Finally, Callie is able to drive into Tisha forcing her to become unstable in her footing.  Seizing the advantage, Callie presses forward and topples Tisha off balance and onto the floor.  Callie quickly scrambles to climb atop Tisha as the dark-haired fighter struggles to avoid being pinned to the floor on her back.  “Got ya now!!!” hisses out Callie as the fans cheer on their favorite fighter.

8 - Battling for Control on their knees
Callie turns into Tisha and drives her body forward into her opponent as they grapple for control of the other fighter.  The action is intense and hard fought as each wants to gain the upper hand in the battle.
8 - Battling for Control on their knees View 2
Another view of the grappling action.
9 - Callie Taking Tisha to the Floor
Callie drives Tisha over backwards onto the floor and works to mount her struggling opponent.  Tisha struggles to avoid being pinned to the floor as the angry blonde tries to regain control of the fight at this point.
9 - Callie Taking Tisha to the Floor View 2
Another view of Callie trying to get firmly atop Tisha.
9 - Callie Taking Tisha to the Floor View 3
Another view of Callie trying to climb atop Tisha.

“YOU WILL SUBMIT TO ME!!!” growls out Callie as she manages to stay more or less atop a struggling Tisha.  Even though she is able to stay atop of Tisha, the brunette’s struggles make it difficult for Callie to inflict any real pain on her opponent.

The struggle forces the girls to slide around on the floor various directions and angles as they attempt to overwhelm their opponent.  The grunts and gasps becoming even more louder as the action continues at a fast pace on the floor.  “You will” grunts out Callie as Tisha pushes against her trying to force her way free.

10 - Callie Pinning and Elbowing Tisha
Callie manages to keep Tisha pinned to the floor as they each struggle for a better position to gain control of their opponent.
10 - Callie Pinning and Elbowing Tisha View 2
Another view of the struggling on the floor.
10 - Callie Pinning and Elbowing Tisha View 3
Another angle of the fast and furious action on the floor.

As the fighters struggle on the floor Callie manages to maintain her position atop Tisha.  The brunette fighter twists and turns as she struggles mightily to push Callie off of her.  The crowd cheers wildly for their favorite as the long first fall continues with this fast and furious struggle on the floor.

During the course of the struggle on the floor, Callie’s attempt to apply a head lock on Tisha is thwarted by Tisha’s defensive efforts.  Tisha tries to slip her legs around Callie’s waist to force her from atop her body, but that effort also fails as the struggle continues.  With both fighters working hard to gain the edge, the crowd roars out its approval.  Callie maintains her upper position, but Tisha is able to avoid being trapped in a damaging position for the moment.

11 - Struggling for Control
Callie struggling to gain a position atop Tisha as they battle on the floor near the wall.  Neither fighter wants to lose control at this stage of the match as the long first fall is likely to be won by the person who next gains control of her opponent.
11 - Struggling for Control View 2
Another view of the wild action on the floor.
11 - Struggling for Control View 3
The action from another angle.
11 - Struggling for Control View 4
A close-up showing Tisha going for Callie’s left breast.

YAAAHHHHH yells out Callie as she launches another attempt to subdue Tisha as they struggle near the wall.  This time, the blonde is able to slide Tisha’s arm out of the way and break the deadlock as she slips a leg over the top of her opponent.

“Fuccckkkk!!!!” yells out Tisha as she is turned to the side slightly by Callie’s attack.  The blonde seizes the advantage as she quickly gets a hand on Tisha’s chin and twists her head while capturing her arm to avoid Tisha’s defenses.

12 - Callie Traps Tisha Large.png
After a hard struggle, Callie is able to seize the advantage over the struggling Tisha.  With Tisha turned to her side, Callie mounts her and goes for the kill.
12 - Callie Takes Control View 2
Another view of Callie sliding atop a struggling Tisha.
12 - Callie Takes Control View 3
Tisha trapped on the floor and now under Callie.

With her dark-haired foe struggling to escape her grasp, Callie goes on the attack hoping to lock in a finishing hold.  Tisha squirms and tries to twist free, but Callie as a firm grip on her chin and arm.  Callie yanks the brunette to the side and slips her legs around her head capturing her in a head scissors.

“I crush your fucking head!!!” screams out Callie as her supports go wild cheering her on.  Tisha cries out in pain as her head is smashed between Callie’s strong thighs.  The cries and moans pick up in intensity as Callie continues to add pressure to the hold.

After several painful moments of being squeezed between Callie’s thighs, Tisha screams out “STOPPPP!!!!”  “Tell me you submit to me bitch!!!” hisses Callie as she continues to torture her opponent.  The officiator moves in close as the crowd cheers loudly for Callie.  “STOP I SUBMIT!!!!” yells out Tisha as she can no longer take the pain of the crushing head scissors.  Callie gives Tisha one last squeeze before releasing her from the hold and rolling away to rise to her feet to the cheers of the crowd.

5 - Tisha Breaking Free Large
Tisha tries to slip free and finds herself instead pulled between Callie’s legs and locked in a vicious head scissor hold.  Unable to break free, Tisha is forced to surrender the first fall.
13 - Callie Gets a Scissors on Tisha View 3
Another view of Callie applying a brutal head scissors on Tisha.
13 - Callie Gets a Scissors on Tisha View 4
Callie squeezing a submission out of Tisha.

“Your winner of the first fall of the match at the 16 minute and 25 second mark — Callie.  Callie leads the match 1 fall to 0.  There will be a short break to allow the fighters to recover and prepare for the next fall.  Remember, the most submissions in thirty minutes wins the match and there is about 14 minutes remaining.”

As the officiator calls out the details, Tisha rolls over onto her belly and tries to catch her breath.  Callie stands close by and flexes her biceps as she shows off to the crowd.  With all of her showing off, the crowd goes wild cheering for Callie.  “This bitch is no match for me — I’m gonna crush the fight right out of her!!!” yells out Callie which causes even more cheers from the crowd.

Callie steps back away from Tisha and continues to celebrate her win of the fall as she walks along the edge of the crowd trying to fire them up to cheer even louder.  Callie knowing that Tisha is still hurting tries to use the crowd to mentally drain her as well.  “Come on let’s start the next fall!!!” taunts Callie as Tisha climbs to her feet.

14 - Callie Stands Over Tisha After the Submission
Callie celebrates her win of the hard fought first fall of the match.  After a long struggle, Callie forces Tisha to submit to her brutal head scissors hold and gets the lead 1 fall to 0.
14 - Callie Gets the Win View 2
Another view of Callie celebrating her win in the first fall.

With both fighters on their feet and ready, the officiator calls for the start of the 2nd fall.  The two fighters patiently circle the room eyeing their opponent as they plot a way to seize the advantage.  The fans let out cheers of support as both fighters begin to close towards the other.

“You ready to give me another submission??” hisses Callie as Tisha quietly moves towards her.  “Only submission coming will be yours!!!” growls out Tisha as they two fighters move into one another and lock hands to struggle. The intense glares and grunts from the fighters makes it quickly obvious that both want to seize control of this fall quickly.  The crowd begins to urge on their favorite as they grapple for control of the match.

With their arms tangled the two press closer to one another and their bodies come into contact with one another as the struggle continues to intensify.  The two grunt and hiss at one another as the crowd grows quieter so as not to miss any small detail of the battle.  The atmosphere in the room grows even  more tense as the struggle moves in a tight circle in the middle area of the room.

15 - Start of 2nd Fall Large
As the second fall gets underway, the fighters close on one another and a struggle for control erupts as the girls grapple in the middle of the floor.  The sounds of their grunting and hissing at one another can be heard throughout the apartment.
15 - Start of 2nd fall
Another view of the struggle for control as the second fall begins.

Just as suddenly as the two fighters tangled in the center of the room the prolonged stalemate is broken as Tisha pivots her body slightly back and rams her knee upward impaling Callie.  Callie is caught out of position by the sudden movement as she shifter her base wider to withstand the grappling battle and strong pushing coming from Tisha.  The blonde fighter lets out a loud moaning sound as Tisha’s knee solidly thumps into her body.

“YYYAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” screams out Tisha as she launches her knee attack and presses forward into a staggering and hurt Callie.  The quiet crowd now erupts again as the Tisha breaks the deadlock with the brutal knee to her blonde opponent’s body.  Callie pays for her lack of attention to protecting her body and being exposed to Tisha’s attack.  Tisha’s fight experience shows as she is able to quickly and effectively take advantage of Callie’s body position.

16 - Tisha Drive a Knee Home Large
Tisha takes advantage of Callie’s overconfidence as she drives her knee directly up between Callie’s open legs. Callie lets out a loud moan of pain as her body is jolted from the shock of the blow.
16 - Tisha Lands a Knee View 2
Another view of Callie taking a hard shot to her exposed groin.

“You’re mine now BITCH!!!!!” screams out Tisha as she pursues her staggering opponent across the floor.  Callie now reeling in pain as she tries to escape Tisha’s follow-up attacks with Tisha looking to continue her attack before Callie can create separation between them.  Callie tries to reach out to push Tisha back to avoid being overwhelmed as her opponent presses forward aggressively.  Callie’s defensive effort leaves her exposed yet again as this time Tisha comes over the top with a violent and hard slap to Callie’s face.  The shock of the blow sends Callie stumbling towards the sofa area as she cries out from the blow.

Tisha pursues a staggered Callie and lands several more slaps in quick succession as the blonde appears stunned by the vicious attacks from Tisha.  Callie ends up at the sofa trying to maintain her balance and avoid going to the floor as Tisha is hot on her heels and looking to follow-up on her advantage.

17 - Tisha Follows Up with a Hard Slap
Tisha unloads a vicious slap to Callie’s face stunning her and sending her reeling from the impact.
17 - Tisha Follows Up with a Hard Slap View 2
Another view of Tisha landing a hard slap on Callie.
17 - Tisha Follows Up with a Hard Slap View 3
Tisha is staggered by the vicious slap.

“Where do you think you are going???” taunts Tisha as she grabs Callie by the hair and pulls her back from the sofa.  Callie lets out a groan as her head is twisted by the tug at her hair.  The crowd cheers Tisha on as the Callie fans become quiet at the sight of their fighter being battered about by Tisha.  Callie appears dazed and weakened as Tisha continues to pummel her.

18 - Callie Trying to Recover Her Balance
Tisha grabs Callie by the hair and prevents her from making any progress towards safety.  The blonde is yanked by the hair as she struggles to regain her composure after the rough series of slaps delivered by Tisha.
18 - Callie Trying to Recover Her Balance View 2
Another view of Tisha grabbing Callie and preventing her escape.
18 - Callie Trying to Recover Her Balance View 3
Another angle of Tisha yanking on Callie’s hair.

“Come here bitch!!!” hisses out Tisha as she uses Callie’s long blonde hair to pull her into her body as she takes control from behind her opponent.  With Callie failing to mount much of a defense, Tisha pulls her in and locks her arm around her opponent’s throat to apply the start of either a sleeper hold or a rear choke.

ACCCCKKKK gasps out Callie as Tisha cuts off her air supply.  The crowd reacts with a loud roar of support for Tisha as the blonde is being throttled by her opponent.  “I’ll choke you the fuck out!!!” snarls Tisha as she yanks the blonde side to side to keep her off balance while she strangles her.

19 - Tisha Choking and Wearing Down Callie Large
Tisha gets behind her opponent and locks a choke hold on as she batters her dazed and struggling opponent.  The sound of Callie’s gasps for air cause the crowd to go wild in support of Tisha as she takes control of the 2nd fall.
19 - Tisha Going for a Choke 2
Another view of Tisha yanking and choking Callie.

YAAHHHH yells out Tisha as she yanks and twists suddenly slinging Callie across her leg and driving her to the floor with a THUD.  Callie lets out a loud moan as she tries to push herself out from under Tisha who follows her to the floor.  Before Callie can escape, Tisha slides herself firmly atop the blonde’s back and slips her arms around her opponent’s neck yet again.

“I’ll choke you out slut!!!” snaps out Tisha as she bends Callie back and locks a chokehold firmly on her opponent.  Callie gasps and gags trying to catch a breath as she flails her arms helplessly trying to find a way to force her way free of Tisha’s hold.  A number of spectators in the crows call out to Callie to break free.

20 - Tisha Controlling and Choking Callie Large
Tisha mounts Callie’s back and locks a chokehold on Callie as she continues to drive the fight from her blonde opponent.  Callie struggles to escape without success, but stubbornly refuses to submit to Tisha.
20 - Tisha Controlling and Choking Callie 2
Another view of Tisha mounting Callie’s back and choking the fight from her.

With Callie being weakened by the choke and camel clutch combination hold, Tisha shoves her down to the floor and rolls her over to her back before she can react.  Callie moans out in pain as her upper body is jolted by the impact with the floor.  The Tisha fans in the crowd continue to urge their fighter on to a win in this fall.

“I’ll choke you out you pathetic bitch!!!” snarls out Tisha as she fully presses her body down atop Callie.  “Noooo!!” moans out Callie as she feels her entire body mashed to the floor underneath her opponent.  Tisha’s powerful frame swallows up Callie as she pins the weakened blonde underneath her on the floor.  Callie thrashes and gasps for breath as she struggles under her opponent.  The second fall of the match not having gone as expected leaving Callie on the verge of being choked unconscious has her fans quiet as they watch intently for Callie to break free.

21 - Forcing a Submission Large
Tisha presses her body down atop Callie as she grinds her forearm across her opponent’s throat.  The gasping and choking sounds coming from Callie clearly spell out the seriousness of the situation the blonde finds herself in at this juncture.  She weakly flails away trying to escape.
21 - Tisha Choking Callie
Another view of Tisha applying a devastating choke hold on Callie.
21 - Tisha Choking Callie View 2
Another view of the choke  hold as Tisha presses her body down atop her weakened opponent.

Callie begins to tap Tisha frantically on her ass as she knows failing to surrender now could result in being choked unconscious and unable to continue the fight.  The officiator moves in quickly “THAT’S IT!!! CALLIE SUBMITS!!”

Hearing the officiator, Tisha knows she has limited time to work with and quickly releases the choke.  Taking advantage of Callie’s condition, Tisha slides up quickly and shoves her crotch directly into Callie’s face smothering the blonde under her.

“That’s right bitch and I will be right back here in just a few minutes.  It’s gonna be a long rest of this fight for you whore!!!” taunts Tisha as she grinds herself over the top of Callie working to humiliate and break her will to continue the fight.  The crowd cheers wildly as Tisha slides back and forth over Callie’s face before sliding to her feet and strutting to the side of the room leaving the blonde flattened and on the floor.

22 - Tisha Face Sitting Callie
Tisha celebrates her win as she grinds her crotch into Callie’s face to add to the humiliation of being totally dominated in the 2nd fall of the fight.
22 - Tisha Face Sitting Callie View 2
Another view of Tisha sitting on Callie’s face.

“Your winner of the second fall of the match at the 21 minute and 30 second mark — Tisha.  This match is now tied up at one fall apiece and has approximately 8 1/2 minutes remaining.  There will be a short break to allow the fighters to recover and prepare for the next fall.  Remember, the most submissions in thirty minutes wins the match and there is just over 8 minutes remaining.”

As the officiator calls out the details, Callie slowly sits up as she tries to clear her head and catch her breath.  Her appearance now completely disheveled after taking a serious thrashing from Tisha during the second fall of the fight.  Tisha stands nearby smiling and gesturing to members of the crowd as she flexes and shows off at Callie’s expense.  The crowd cheers loudly for Tisha as she enjoys the short break while waiting on Callie to resume the fight.  “I guess I’m more of a match for you than you think!!” taunts Tisha as she waits for the signal to resume the fight.  “Get up and fight me!!” snarls Tisha as Callie tries to recover.

23 - Between Falls
Tisha stands ready for the start of the third fall as Callie struggles to catch her breath on the floor.  Callie is stunned after being dominated by Tisha during the second fall of the match.  With the score tied at one fall each the stakes for the next fall go through the roof.
23 - Between Falls View 2
Another view of Callie trying to catch her breath as Tisha taunts her.

Callie climbs to her feet as the officiator announces “FIGHT — The third fall is now underway!!!”  Upon receiving the signal to begin, Tisha moves forward quickly and the two collide as each struggles to overpower the other.  Callie tries to wrap up Tisha, but the brunette quickly presses forward and shoves her hand up into the blonde’s face driving her head back as Tisha tries to overwhelm Callie.

UNNHHH grunts out Callie as she is quickly being overpowered by Tisha at the start of the fall.  The blonde is forced to give ground as Tisha pushes forward.  “You are the one that’s no match” grunts out Tisha.  The Tisha fans in the crowd cheer loudly as she appears to be taking charge again here in the 3rd fall.

24 - Start of the 3rd Fall
Tisha drives forward and shoves her hand into Callie’s face as she forces the blonde off balance.  Callie struggles to wrap up her opponent not wanting to let her gain control of the fight at the start of the new fall.
24 - Start of the 3rd Fall View 2
Another view of Tisha forcing Callie off balance.

HUUUUHHHYYAAAA growls out Tisha as she presses forward driving herself lower and using her strength to overwhelm the blonde.  Callie is forced back quickly as she cries out in frustration and being shoved off balance and overwhelmed by Tisha.

After a few short steps backpedaling, Callie is smashed into the wall with a THUD as Tisha drives forward pressing Callie back and trapping her against the wall.  Using her body as a weapon, Tisha drives forward and slams herself into Callie as she presses her opponent’s arms outward and pins them to the wall.

UNNNFFF UHHHHNNNN gaps out Callie as Tisha bangs her body into her in an attempt to knock the wind out of her.  “Get off” grunts out Callie as she is pinned to the wall by Tisha. “Fucking make me then” growls Tisha as she pins the blonde to the wall and frustrates her attempts to escape.

25 - Tisha Pins Callie to the Wall Large
Tisha drives Callie back against the wall and traps her.  The veteran uses her entire body to attack Callie as she shoves her body into Callie’s forcing air from her opponent’s body.  With each slam into Callie, the blonde lets out a HUUNNHHH sound as she battles to escape her predicament.
25 - Tisha Forces Callie Against the Wall
Another view of Tisha pinning Callie to the wall.

After several moments of being punished against the wall, Callie groans out and appears to slump.  Tisha lets her slide down the wall to her knees and quickly wraps her arms around her opponent’s neck in a front face lock type of hold.  Using Callie’s hair to control her, Tisha tries to choke Callie as she continues the attack on Callie’s air supply.

“Fuck” gasps out Callie as she wraps her arms around Tisha and tries to push her way free of the hold.  The crowd lets out a loud cheer for Tisha as she now appears to thoroughly have control of the match.  Callie’s fans watch in silence just as stunned and dazed as their favorite fighter.

26 - Tisha Gets a Facelock on Calliel Large
Tisha locks on a face lock hold and begins to choke Callie.  Tisha continues her strategy of working on Callie’s air supply and stamina as she yet again applies a type of choke hold to her opponent.
26 - Tisha Tries to Choke Callie View 2
Another view of Tisha choking Callie.

Callie pushes forward using the wall to anchor her effort and is able to unbalance Tisha and force her to fall off balance to the floor.  Tisha, however, maintains her grip on Callie and yanks the blonde atop her as they go to the floor.  Before Callie is able to complete her escape Tisha wraps her up again and continues to apply the choke hold to the blonde.

ACCCKKKK sounds now come from Callie as Tisha finds her throat and gets the hold lock on even more effectively than before.  The blonde pushes her hands into Tisha looking for any way to force Tisha to release the hold on her throat.  The Callie fans continue to watch in stunned silence as their fighter continues to be completely dominated now by Tisha.  “Finish her” yells out a Tisha fan as the brunette continues to throttle Callie.

27 - Struggling on the Floor Large
The situation for Callie becomes even more dire as she pushes free only to be trapped in an even more effective choke hold by Tisha.  The blonde seems to have no answer for Tisha’s attacks at this point in the fight.
27 - The Fight Goes to The Floor View 2
Another view of Tisha choking Callie.

After several moments of working her hands into Tisha’s body, Callie is able to shove her head free of Tisha’s hold and pop upright.  As Callie comes upright her face is red and her hair is disheveled.  She clearly appears as if she is getting the worst of this fight at this juncture.  Needing to get out of Tisha’s clutches, Callie decides a good attack is a great defense.

Quickly shoving a hand in Tisha’s face, Callie tries to slide her body atop the brunette to pin her to the floor.  Tisha reacts immediately grabbing Callie by the hair and shoving a hand into her body to prevent her from moving atop her.  Callie groans out and pushes her right hand atop Tisha’s chest and works to squeeze her breast as she fights to get atop her opponent.

28 - Struggling for Control on the Floor
Callie struggling to slide atop Tisha as the two struggle for control.
28 - Struggling for Control on the Floor View 2
Another view of Callie struggling to get atop Tisha.

Tisha yanks Callie by the hair and twists the blonde’s body to the side as Callie tries to get atop Tisha.  “Get your ass back in here!!!” hisses out Tisha as she pulls the struggling Callie back down and into her clutches.  Using her grip on Callie’s hair, Tisha is able to pull and twist Callie around into a better position for her attack.

Working hard to retain and consolidate her control, Tisha overpowers and maneuvers Callie as she twists her around and slides her legs around Callie’s body.  “Let go!!!” grunts out Callie as she suddenly finds herself trapped between Tisha’s legs.   Locking her legs around Callie’s midsection allows Tisha to grip and control Callie’s right arm and get a chinlock hold on Callie.

With Tisha’s legs closing down on her ribs, Callie moans out loudly from the pain of the scissor hold.  OHHHHNNNNN!!!  The crowd lets out more cheers of support for Tisha as she resumes her punishment of Callie.  “Submit to me!!!” hisses out Tisha as she uses her body scissors in an attempt to grind the fight right out of Callie.

29 - Tisha Scissoring Callie Large
Tisha positions Callie and applies a crushing body scissors on Callie.  The pain quickly registers on Callie’s face as she is caught by Tisha in her tight grip.
29 - Callie Caught in a Scissor Hold View 2
Another view of Tisha applying a crushing body scissors on Callie.
29 - Callie Caught in a Scissor Hold View 3
Another view of Tisha flexing her strong leg muscles as she crushes a weakening Callie.

With Callie trapped between her legs, Tisha pulses her leg muscles alternating between clenching them and mashing Callie and relax them for a brief moment before repeating the process.  At each squeeze, Callie moans out loudly from the pain in her midsection.  The officiator moves in close anticipating a possible submission as Tisha is crushing the life out of the blonde.

“You will submit to me!!!” snarls out Tisha as she twists her body and rolls Callie to her stomach as she continues to apply the crushing body scissors.  “NOOO!!” moans out Callie either rejecting the submission request or simply moaning out in pain.  The officiator leans down and calls out “Do you submit Callie???”  In response, Callie moans out UHNNNNN NOOOOOO

30 - Tisha Crushing the Fight out of Callie Large
Tisha rolls to the side positioning Callie to better get her legs across Callie’s undefended midsection.  The brunette smirks as she continues to crush the moaning and gasping blonde between her legs.  Callie continues to refuse to submit to Tisha as she absorbs more punishment at the hands of the brunette.
30 - Tisha Continues to Squeeze Callie View 2
Another view of Tisha crushing Callie in a nasty body scissors.
30 - Tisha Continues to Squeeze Callie View 3
Callie trapped in Tisha’s body scissors as the brunette crushes her foe.

Unable to force a submission with her body scissors, Tisha untangles her legs and slides atop Callie’s back.  “You stupid bitch!!!” yells out Tisha as she positions herself atop the blonde.  “Break her for good!!!” yells out a Tisha fan as the brunette grabs Callie by the hair and pulls her upper body off the floor twisting her neck.

AGGHHHHH cries out Callie as she feels the pain in her neck from having her head pulled back.  “Just say it!!!” growls Tisha as she leans back slightly pulling Callie’s upper body off the floor and bending her backwards.  “Or I’ll snap you in half!!” continues Tisha as she works over the blonde’s back.

Sliding an arm under Callie’s chin, Tisha continues her strategy of depriving Callie of air as much as possible.  With Tisha wiggling her arm across Callie’s throat, the blonde tries to wiggle free of the hold to avoid being choked again.  ACCCCKKK ACCCKKKK gasps out Callie as Tisha slowly sinks her arm into position to cut off Callie’s air supply again.

31 -- Tisha Applying a Nasty Chinlock Large
Tisha continues to dominate the third fall as she mounts Callie’s back and bends and twists her body in a back breaker hold.  Tisha adds a choke hold to the move to further punish and wear down Callie in another attempt to force a submission from her stubborn opponent.
31 - Tisha Trying to Submit Callie with Chin Lock View 2
Another view of Tisha applying the combo back breaker and choke hold on Callie.
31 - Tisha Trying to Submit Callie with Chin Lock View 3
Another angle of the action as Tisha continues to punish Callie.

“Fine then bitch — if you don’t want to submit I’ll just knock you out!!!” snarls out Tisha as she shoves the weakened Callie’s back face down on the floor.  Sliding off of the blonde, Tisha pushes her over to her back and Callie flops over and continues to gasp for air as she desperately tries to recover enough to fight back.  The crowd continues to cheer on Tisha as she punishes Callie mercilessly.

With Callie rolled over onto her back, Tisha slides her body atop the blonde and positions herself with her ass facing Callie’s head.  Slowly wiggling her ass and sliding it towards Callie’s face, Tisha calls out “last chance loser!!!” causing Callie to pull her hands up and put them between her face and Tisha’s ass.

The officiator looks up and calls out “The time limit has been reached!!  The next fall will decide this match since it is tied at one fall each.  The match will continue until there is a winner.”  Several Callie fans call out their support for her and encourage her to break free while the Tisha fans in the room loudly show their appreciation for her face sit on Callie.  Tisha wiggles her ass from side to side as she tries to smother Callie out and humiliate her at the same time.

32 -- Tisha Facesitting Callie Large
Tisha rolls Callie over to her back and slides over the top of her pushing her ass towards the blonde’s face.  Unable to force a verbal submission from the blonde battler, Tisha positions herself to smother her opponent out and end the fight by knockout instead.
32 - Tisha Facesitting Callie
Another angle of the action as Tisha gets into position to apply a smothering reverse face sit on Callie
32 - Tisha Facesitting Callie View 2
Another view of Tisha sliding into place to apply a reverse face sit on Callie.


32 - Tisha Facesitting Callie View 3
Another view of Tisha sliding her ass atop the blonde’s face in an attempt to smother her out.

MMPPPMMMMPPPP MPPPMMMHHHH comes from under Tisha as Callie’s face vanishes under the brunette’s ass.  The crowd cheers out as Callie is being demolished by the brunette.  Tisha smiles and raises her arms waving to the crowd as Callie’s legs thrash around on the floor looking for a way to buck Tisha off of her face.

After a few moments, Callie swings her legs up and catches a celebrating Tisha completely by surprise.  Tisha’s failure to see Callie’s legs coming is caught before she can react and Callie tightens her legs around the brunette’s upper body and uses her legs to leverage the brunette off her by driving her forward and into the floor with a loud crashing sound.

Tisha lets out a loud groan as her body is slammed into the floor and her midsection is caught between Callie’s legs.  The room goes quiet as the fans in attendance all watch intently.  The sudden reversal of control stuns the crowd about as much as Tisha is stunned.  Callie takes advantage of the situation to pour on the pressure with her legs as she mashes Tisha in a vicious body scissors.

Tisha struggles to push herself off the floor to get her position reversed and just as she comes up off the floor slightly Callie extends her legs and drives her back down face first with a loud thud sound.  This process repeats itself several times as Callie continues to keep Tisha trapped in an awkward and increasing desperate position.

After several moments trapped in the body scissors and after being slammed to the floor several times, Tisha finally moans out “I submit!!!”  The Callie fans erupt in celebration as their fighter somehow manages to reverse the situation and force Tisha to submit the match after looking like their was no way Callie would win.

33 -- Callie Makes a Sudden Reversal Large
Callie catches a celebrating Tisha with her legs and then drives her face down into the floor before applying a vicious body scissors.  The sudden reversal of fortune has Tisha and her fans stunned and unsure of what is going to happen next.
33 - Callie Hooks Tisha View 3
Another view of Callie squeezing Tisha between her legs.
33 - Callie Hooks Tisha View 4
Tisha slaps the floor as she surrenders the 3rd fall.

The officiator steps in quickly and calls out to Callie “Release the hold that is a submission.”  Callie tiredly slides off and sits on the floor next to Tisha as she lays there on her stomach trying to recover from the sudden reversal.  The officiator continues “With a submission in the third fall, Callie is your winner 2 falls to 1!!!  Callie will advance to the next round and Tisha is now eliminated”

34 -- Callie Ends Up With the Win Large
Callie sits next to a gasping and struggling Tisha after the surrender.  The crowd is stunned at the sudden turn of events that handed Callie the match.  Callie is equally stunned that she was able to find her way out and ultimately win the fight.
34 - Callie Pulls out a Win
Another view of the fighters after the submission that ended the match with Callie pulling out a shocking come from behind win.

Callie climbs to her feet and adjusts her bikini bottoms and top.  She looks like she has been through hell at this juncture.  Looking more like the loser than the winner, Callie tries to readjust and fix herself up for the post-fight celebration.  With a room full of her fans, Callie intends to make the rounds of the fans.

Tisha climbs to her feet and is visibly upset by the sudden reversal. “You’re not the winner you cheating bitch!!!”  The room goes quiet as the two fighters have a confrontation about the outcome of the fight.  “It’s over — you gave up!!” responds Callie as the officiator steps close.  “THIS FIGHT IS OVER” calls out the officiator.

“I don’t care about the match I want to show the world who is the better fighter!!!” screams out a visibly upset Tisha.  The crowd starts to chant FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! as the two fighters continue to exchange verbal jabs.  The officiator steps back “you may continue your post-match activity if you would like but the outcome of the match will not change!!!  Callie will advance and Tisha is eliminated.”

Tisha reaches out and shoves Callie with both hands.  “You heard that — Let’s finish this shit bitch!!!”  Callie slides back adding space between her and Tisha as she ponders how to respond to the angry brunette.  The crowd continues to chant FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and Callie realizes there is no other option but to continue the fight with Tisha.

35 -- Post-Fight Confrontation Large
Tisha shoves Callie as they engage in a verbal spat after the end of the match.  Callie appeared to be trying to avoid a continuation of the fight, but Tisha and the crowd goaded her into continuing the fight.
35 - Post Fight Confrontation
Another view of the confrontation.

“Fine!!” yells out Callie as she puts her hands up.  “Fuck yeah you are dead!!!” screams out Tisha as she launches forward aggressively attacking Callie.  The two swirl around the floor for a few short moments as they both throw slaps and punches at one another.  The pace of the action is too much for a weakened and worn down Callie as Tisha is finally able to drive a hard punch through Callie’s defenses.  Tisha is able to land a hard blow on Callie’s chest mashing her breast flat under her fist.

AIIEEEOOOWWW screams out Callie as she clutches her chest and tries to separate from Tisha.  The crowd cheers out and continue to chant FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!  Tisha goes right after Callie not wanting to give her any breathing room as she lands several slaps on Callie’s undefended body.  As Callie reels from the attacks, Tisha presses forward and lands several more punches on Callie’s ribs and chest as the blonde desperately tries to defend her body.

36 -- Post-Fight Action Begins Large
Tisha lands a hard shot on Callie’s chest mashing her breast flat under Tisha’s fist.

Tisha grabs Callie by the hair and spins her back around preventing her escape.  Pulling the moaning blond off balance and towards her, Tisha swings several more blows now into Callie’s body.  Each blow lands with a THUMP sound as Callie gasps out from the punches.  Tisha focuses her attention on Callie’s body as she drives the punches directly into Callie’s belly button.

OHHH SHIT!!! gasps out Callie as her arms drop to her side.  No longer putting up much resistance, Callie is at Tisha’s mercy as the brunette pummels the blonde.  The repeated blows to Callie’s body take their toll after the long fight as the blonde’s legs wobble as Tisha holds her in place and punches away.  “That’s right bitch you are all finished now!!!” hisses out Tisha.

37 -- Tisha Landing Punishing Shots on Callie Large
Tisha pulverizes Callie’s belly as she lands punch after punch to the blonde’s undefended body.  Callie’s decision to continue to fight now appearing very unwise as Tisha aggressively takes it to her.  The blonde now taking a serious beating in the after match action as Tisha continues to dominate Callie.  The Tisha fans in the crowd yell out taunts as Callie is brutally pounded by Tisha.
37 - Callie Taking Shots From Tisha
Another view of Tisha pounding away on Callie’s body.

Callie’s legs give out and the blonde drops to her knees in front of Tisha.  The brunette holds on tight to prevent Callie from falling all the way to the floor.  “Don’t go passing out now bitch!!!  I’m not done with you yet!!!”  taunts Tisha as she holds the blonde upright.  Grabbing Callie by the hair with both hands, Tisha spins the blonde around and pulls her onto her ass as the blonde goes to a seated position in front of Tisha.

38 -- Tisha Begins to Dominate Large
Tisha uses Callie’s hair to prevent her from falling all the way to the floor.  Tisha quickly spins the blond and forces her into a seated position in front of her on the floor.
38 - Tisha Taking Control of Callie
Another view of Tisha holding Callie up just before spinning her around.

“Let’s show you off whore!!” snarls out Tisha as she unties the blondes bikini top while holding her in place by using her hair.  “I think the fans have been waiting to see you topless” teases Tisha as she pulls the bikini top free and tosses it to the floor.

“Please no more!!!” cries out Callie as her breasts are exposed to the crowd.  “I want you to beg for mercy” snaps Tisha as she appears to be enjoying humiliating the blonde in the post-match fight.  The crowd cheers out loudly as Callie’s top is ripped free exposing her body.

Tisha resumes her earlier strategy of trying to choke the fight out of Callie as she locks on a choke hold.  Callie grabs at her arms and tries to pull Tisha’s arms away from her neck as she struggles to breath.  ACCCCKKKK gasps out Callie as she is yet again choked and throttled by Tisha.

39 -- Tisha Strips and Chokes Callie Large
Tisha goes back to choking Callie as she is seated in front of the brunette.  With her top removed, Callie is on full display for the crowd as she desperately reaches up and tries to pry Tisha’s arms from around her neck and throat area.

After several moments of being choked, Callie’s attempts to pull Tisha’s arms from her neck come to an end.  The officiator moves in close as Callie’s arms drop to her sides no longer fighting back against Tisha.  The nasty brunette fighter ignore the lack of resistance and continues to choke her helpless opponent.

40 -- Callie is Fading Quickly Large
Callie’s arms drop to her side as she stops resisting Tisha’s choke hold.  The officiator moves in quickly seeing a potential knockout.

“That’s enough Tisha it looks like she is all done!!!” calls out the officiator as the choke hold has Callie either unconscious or close to it.  Tisha releases her choke hold and slides back some pulling Callie down to the floor on her back.  “One more time you get to see my sexy ass!!” hisses out Tisha.  The crowd cheers Tisha on as they anticipate what she is about to do to Callie.

Sliding her body atop Callie’s, Tisha positions her ass over the top of Callie’s face and slowly lowers her ass down onto the blonde’s face.  Slowly twisting her hips, Tisha grinds her ass back and forth across Callie’s face.  The blonde completely wiped out at this point does nothing to resist as Tisha has her way.  After a couple of moments, the officiator pulls Tisha off of Callie and ends the post-match battle.

41 - Tisha Facesitting a Beaten Callie View 3.png
Tisha pulls the blonde onto her back and straddles her body as she pushes her ass directly into Callie’s face.  With the outcome of the match not an issue, Tisha now seeks to humiliate her opponent as she presses her ass down onto her face.
41 - Tisha Facesitting a Beaten Callie
Another view of Tisha applying a reverse face sit on Callie.

After being pulled off her opponent, Tisha gets her feet under her and turns back to face Callie who is laid out on the floor.  Knowing that Callie is likely to watch the video of the match, leans over toward the blonde and flips her the middle finger before turning and strutting out of the room.  The Tisha fans cheer on their fighter as she leaves the fighting area.

After several moments, the officiator is able to get Callie up off the floor and helps her to her own changing room.  Her plans of a post-match celebration totally wiped out by Tisha.