Apartment Wrestling Match No. 88 Alessandra versus Drury — Tourney Fight

This fight is the eighty-eighth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series.   This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Alessandra (5’8 135 pounds 24 y/o) lives near Madrid.  Alessandra works as a marketing consultant for an international business with offices around the world.  She frequently travels for work.  She is a former soccer player and spends a considerable amount of time in the gym working out, particularly when she travels.  Alessandra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Domination.  I have dominated opponents in sports and in my job.  I always play to win and refuse to lose.”  Alessandra is the current European Club Champion and has a record of 4-0.

0 -Alessandra Before the Fight
Alessandra before the fight.

Drury (5’2” 115 lbs 20 y/o) lives near Boston although she is originally from Virginia.  She works as a receptionist in a small medical office and as a waitress in a local bar.   She likes to party and hit the local nightclub scene whenever she has a bit of free time.  Drury went to college in Florida before dropping out and moving to Boston.  During her college time she mud and oil wrestled other girls at a frat parties and views herself as a real “ass kicker” that loves a good scrap.  Drury’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m tough as hell.  I don’t take any shit and I back up whatever I say.  Nothing beats getting to kick some girls ass and getting paid for it.”  Drury’s currently undefeated with a record of 6-0 and she comes into this fight after a strong performance in her win over Bailey.

0 - Drury Before the Fight Large
Drury before the fight.

Both girls arrive at the fight location to begin their preparations for this big fight.  Upon arrival they are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, a copy of her previous fights, and a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Alessandra appears ready to go and with it being her first fight since she is the European Club Champion, she is fresh and confident of her ability to get a win tonight.  Alessandra has chosen a snakeskin style print bikini for tonight’s fight.   In the weeks leading up to the fight, Alessandra has had to answer questions about whether the European Club is as tough a group of fighters as the other clubs.   She has grown more irritable because of those comments.  She appears to have prepared hard for the match and looks to be in great shape.  “I’m tired of all these questions about the weakness of European fighters.  I will show the world tonight when I take this blonde apart.  Drury has been running her mouth too which makes me even more angry about these insults!!”

Drury arrives at the Apartment to get prepared for the fight.  Drury has been in a number of fights in the AWC and she is fully prepared for tonight.  Drury has chose a black and red bikini for the fight and she looks toned and fit in the bikini she has picked out to wear for the battle.  “This bitch is nothing.  I’m going to make quick work of her tonight and move another step closer to my title.  This Euro Trash will be taken out to the the dump tonight.  When I finish she will know just how much better I am.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Alessandra  and Drury.  “Tonight is a big night for Alessandra.  She has been listening to all the talk about how poorly the European Club has done.  I know she is upset and looking to show the world — and Drury — that is all talk.  I think though she is going to find out how tough Drury is as a fighter.  This has nothing to do with what Club is better to me.  Drury is the better fighter and she will win.”   The second commentator begins “I don’t know.  I think Drury is a little better, but we don’t really know what Alessandra can do against a good fighter.  I know she is upset and sometimes that extra motivation is what carries a fighter over the top.  Just ask Callie about a motivated and angry fighter.  So this is a tough one to predict for me.  I think it will be a good fight no matter who walks off the rug at the end as the winner.”  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

After the interview and video watching both fighters are taken into the main arena room where the fight will be held. The room is large and has several couches along the outer walls of the room holding the large gathering of spectators.  Just like the other championship tournament fights, the crowd for the fight tonight is particularly large as the championship tournament matches are generating lots of excitement.  The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  We expect the rules to be followed.  The match will start when I say so and will end after thirty minutes.  The fighter that wins the most falls during that thirty minutes will win the match.  The only exception to that is if one of you says you are done early or ends up rendered unconscious and unable to continue.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue.  No punching or kicking to the face but all other moves are fine.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.”

As the two stand across from one another waiting for the signal to begin the fight, the crowd begins to get louder and show support for their favorite fighter.  Drury smiles and dances in a circle which stirs the crowd up even further.  Alessandra repeats her move getting an equally loud cheer from the fans in attendance.  As the officiator prepares to start the match, Alessandra dances nervously from foot to foot as she watches Drury intently.  The blonde winks at her as she starts to move towards her.

0 -Both Face Off Before the Fight Large
The two fighters standing near one another as the introductions are made before the match.

As the officiator gives the command to begin the fight, Drury continues to approach Alessandra.  The dark-haired fighter begins moving toward the blonde as they meet in the middle of the floor.  The carefully circle for a moment before both lunges into the other trying to wrap-up and overpower their opponent.

The sound of grunts and gasps come from both fighters as they push and pull at each other struggling to gain some early control of the fight.  “You aren’t getting me!!!” hisses out Alessandra as the blonde tries without success to trip her opponent.

1 - Fight is underway
The fight begins with both fighters grabbing hold of the other and trying to overpower their opponent.
1 - Fight is underway View 2
Another view of the opening moments of the fight.

The grappling and struggling continues for several moments as each fighter tries to take control of the other.  The crowd continues to cheer on their favorite fighter and the crowd seems to be somewhat evenly split.  After several long moments of struggling, Alessandra begins to assert some control as she appears to begin overpowering her blonde opponent.

Alessandra pushes Drury’s arms up over her head as she appears to potentially be stronger than Drury.  The blonde grunts and struggles to push back as their chests mash together smashing their breasts into one another.  The close body to body contact forces both fighters to grunt and strain as they battle.

2 - Struggling for Control
The fighters struggle to gain control of the fight in the early moments of the battle.  Alessandra appears to be gaining the upper hand as she pushes Drury’s arms high over her head.
2 - Struggling for Control View 2
Another view of the continuing struggle.

Slowly but steadily Drury is forced to give ground as she is pushed back and towards the wall and the sofa sitting next to it.  “You see you are not match for me!!!” grunts out Alessandra as she slowly but surely bends Drury backwards.  “Fuck you!!!” gasps out Drury as she struggles to avoid being overpowered and shoved to the floor.

Alessandra, seeing the couch right behind Drury, smirks as she pushes the blonde directly at the couch.  The crowd sees her actions and the noise level grows louder as the Alessandra fans anticipate Drury being pinned to the couch and mashed by their fighter.  The Drury fans now yelling out to push back harder as Alessandra continues to aggressively bear down on Drury.

3 - drury overpowered
Alessandra appears to use her size advantage to overpower Drury.   The blonde fighter shows her anger at being overpowered as she hisses and curses at the Spanish fighter.
3 - drury overpowered View 2
Another view of Drury being overpowered by Alessandra.

“Sit down little girl!!!” taunts Alessandra as she shoves into the blonde trying to force her back and onto the couch against her will.  Alessandra manages to trip Drury onto the couch and the blonde lets out a loud growl as she is overpowered by the Spanish fighter.  Alessandra continues to push ahead trying to follow-up on her advantage and quickly realizes her mistake.

Drury immediately twists and turns causing Alessandra to topple off balance as she comes onto the couch with Drury.  Before she can effectively respond, Drury quickly reverses the situation and traps Alessandra under her on the sofa.  The crowd goes wild as the fast and hard struggling on the couch plays out.

“Fuck” cries out Alessandra as she finds herself under her opponent and being overwhelmed by the blonde.  Drury tangles her body around Alessandra’s as she climbs all over the stunned raven-haired beauty.  OOOHHHNNN moans out Alessandra as Drury shoves her leg hard up between her legs making strong contact with Alessandra’s body.  The Spanish fighter lets out a deep moaning sound as the crowd cheers Drury on.

4 - Drury Catches Alessandra
Alessandra’s advantage is short-lived as the savvy blonde twists and flips the brunette onto the couch where Drury tangles her body around the surprised Spaniard.
4 - Drury Catches Alessandra View 2
Another view of Drury taking control of Alessandra on the couch.

The force of the thigh between her legs stuns Alessandra for a brief moment and Drury capitalizes as her opponent stops thrashing and struggling.  With a sudden yank on the arm and the hair Drury switches her position and moves Alessandra fully under her control.  The crowd cheers out as Drury slides Alessandra over the edge of the couch.

“Not so fucking fast!!!” screams out Drury as she positions the Spanish fighter on the floor and slides her legs around her opponent’s neck.  UNNNHHHHHH moans out Alessandra as she is roughly yanked into position between the blonde’s legs.  “Crush that whore!!!” yells out a fan from across the room.

Just as suddenly as Drury yanked Alessandra to the floor in front of her, the blonde snaps her powerful thighs around her neck and squeezes tightly letting out a loud growling sound.  GRRRRNNHHHHH!!!!!  The trapped raven-haired fighter cries out in pain as her head and neck is smashed between her opponent’s legs.

AIIIEEOOOOWWWWW cries out Alessandra as Drury adds to her torment by yanking on her hair as she squeezes her head between her legs.  “SUBMIT TO ME!!!” yells out Drury as she bears down again with another powerful squeeze.  AAAAIIIEEEOOOOWWW cries out Alessandra again as she desperately pulls at the blonde’s legs to no avail.

5 - Alessandra Gets Trapped
Drury traps Alessandra in a devastating head scissor hold as the Spanish fighter is seated in front of the couch.
5 - Alessandra Gets Trapped View 2
Another view of Drury smashing Alessandra’s head between her strong legs.

After a short moment of being trapped in the scissor hold, Alessandra cries out yet again in pain.  “STOP STOP STOP!!!!”  Drury smirks as she gives her one more squeeze and shoves Alessandra forward.  The Spanish fighter crashes to the floor on her chest and lays still as Drury slowly climbs off the couch for effect.

“This is gonna be a long night for this bitch!!!” hisses out Drury as she climbs to her feet and flexes her arms over her downed opponent.  The crowd cheers for her showing her their support as the officiator steps forward.  “We have our first submission at the 3 minute and 45 second mark as Drury now leads one fall to zero over Alessandra.  After a short rest we will resume the match.”

6 - Drury Celebrates the Submission
Drury takes a quick lead in the match 1 fall to 0 as the brunette is dumped onto her face.

Drury stands patiently on her side of the room gesturing to the crowd and smiling as she Alessandra slowly climbs back up to her feet.  Alessandra wisely takes the full amount of rest she can get as she waits for the 2nd fall to begin.

“You should just give up now!!!” taunts Drury as the officiator looks ready to begin the 2nd fall of the match.  Before the officiator can announce the start of the fall, Alessandra begins moving towards Drury.  “We will see about that you cocky tramp!!” calls out Alessandra.  The officiator, recognizing the match is about to resume calls out “Begin the 2nd fall!!!”  The crowd lets out a cheer as the two fighters close on one another.

The two collide and quickly tangle up battling for control.  Each tries to gain a good grip on the other as they struggle to overcome their opponent.  After several moments of struggling, neither fighter is able to quickly overtake the other.  The tough grappling brings a cheer from the crowd as the fighters struggle.

“Got ya!!” yells out Alessandra as she shoves a hand into the blonde’s face and gets a solid grip on her hair.  Before Drury can counter, Alessandra twists and yanks the blonde off balance and tries to sling her opponent to the floor.  Drury struggles to maintain her footing as she is yanked forwards and back by her strong opponent.

7 - Tangling to Start 2nd Fall
The second fall gets started as the fighter’s grapple for control of the action.  Alessandra struggles against Drury in an effort to even things up.
8 - Alessandra Controlling Drury
Alessandra twists Drury to the side and yanks at her head trying to twist her opponent to the floor.  The blonde battles to keep her feet under her as Alessandra twists and tugs trying to unbalance her tough opponent.
8 - Alessandra Controlling Drury View 2
Another view of Drury being twisted  and yanked viciously from side to side by her opponent.  Alessandra struggles unsuccessfully to throw Drury to the floor.

Unable to accomplish her goal of throwing Drury to the floor, Alessandra yanks the blonde around enough to maneuver herself to the rear of her opponent.  Using the grip on Drury’s hair, Alessandra pulls the blonde towards her and works her arms around her head and neck.

AGGGGHHHH gasps out Drury as Alessandra slips her right arm around her neck and begins to cut off her access to air.  The smaller part of the crowd supporting Alessandra now becomes more vocal as their girl begins to take control of the second fall of the match.

“Now you will surrender to me!!!” yells out Alessandra as she works to maintain control of the squirming blonde.  Within seconds, Drury slips her body slightly to the side and jabs her elbow back into Alessandra.  THUMP THUMP THUMP sounds out as Drury hammers back three quick elbows into Alessandra before she can react.

OOOMPPPPPPP gasps out Alessandra as she releases her grip on the blonde just as suddenly as she acquired it.  Alessandra staggers several steps back as Drury quickly spins to face her gasping opponent.

YYYYAAAAHHHHH cries out Drury as she suddenly launches forward on the attack.  With lighting quickness, Drury begins to land punches on Alessandra’s belly and chest area as her opponent staggers and attempts to protect herself.  Each successive blow is followed by gasps and cries from Alessandra as she absorbs multiple punches to her body.

The series of blows drive Alessandra to her knees as she slumps to the floor crying out in pain from the brutal assault delivered  by Drury.  The blonde continues to hammer away at her faltering opponent as the crowd cheers loudly in her support.  “Want more of this. . . HUH… DO YA!!!” yells out Drury.

9 - Drury Lands an Elbow
Alessandra twists Drury around and gets to her back struggling to apply a choke hold on the blonde.  Before the Spanish fighter can get a good hold secured, Drury jams her elbow directly into her opponent’s belly forcing a loud HHHUNNFFFF as the air is driven from Alessandra.
9 - Drury Lands an Elbow View 2
Another view of Drury planting a series of hard elbows into Alessandra’s belly.
10 - drury Attacks
With Alessandra staggered by the series of quick elbows, Drury spins and goes on the attack  hammering the Spaniard with repeated blows to her soft breasts and belly.
10 - Drury Attacks View 2
Another view of Drury going on the attack.
11 - Drury Pummels Alessandra
Alessandra is driven to her knees as Drury continues her brutal assault pounding away at the struggling brunette.
11 - Drury Pummels Alessandra View 2
Another view of Drury continuing her attack.

The blows force Alessandra to slump to her hands and knees as Drury stands over her menacingly.  Moaning and gasping sounds come from Alessandra and she tries to catch her breath.  Drury smirks and slides around her battered opponent like a lioness stalking her prey.

“Are you ready to surrender again??” teases the blonde as she steps over the top of Alessandra and straddles her gasping and panting opponent.  Grabbing hold of Alessandra’s thick hair, Drury pulls her opponent up off of her hands forcing a gasp of pain from her opponent.

“Tell them” hisses out Drury as she grabs an arm and starts to twist Alessandra’s head to the side.  Before Alessandra can respond, Drury hisses out “before I have to really hurt you sweety!!!”  The crowd cheers as Drury taunts her battered opponent and she is powerless to respond.

“I submit . . . I SUBMIT!!! cries out Alessandra as the officiator moves in close to stop the battle.  The crowd lets out even more wild cheers of support as the officiator steps forward to halt the fight again.  Drury holds Alessandra by the hair as she flexes behind her following the submission.

“We have a submission at the 6 minute and 15 second mark as Drury now leads two falls to zero over Alessandra.  Alessandra are you able to continue?” asks the officiator as she appears dazed and battered.  After a brief pause, Alessandra murmurs out “I can still beat her . . . I will continue.”

The officiator separates the two as Alessandra struggles to recover before the start of the next fall.  The officiator announces a short rest break before the match will resume.  Drury uses the rest period to visit with a few of her fans in the room as the crowd noise stays high following the submission.

12 - Drury Bends Alessandra
Drury yanks Alessandra off her hands and knees by using her hair as a handle.  As she pulls the battered Spaniard up, she twists her neck and demands a surrender which her opponent quickly provides to bring the punishment to a halt.
12 - Drury Bends Alessandra Vuew 2
Another view of Drury mounting Alessandra’s back and forcing a screaming submission.
13 - Alessandra Submits
Drury poses over Alessandra as she takes a 2 falls to 0 lead in the match.

Alessandra climbs to her feet appearing unsteady and hurting as the crowd begins to quiet down.  “Are you able to continue?” calls out the officiator.  Alessandra nods her head slowly and the officiator announces the start of the third fall.  “Ladies you may begin the third fall — FIGHT!!!”

“Come on bitch fight me!!” hisses out Drury as she waits for Alessandra to make a move to start the fall.  The Spanish fighter hangs back and seems unwilling to engage in the fight so Drury moves closer and appears to be readying to throw a slap at Alessandra’s face.  Alessandra pulls her hands up slowly to protect her head as Drury pivots her body.

YYYAAAAHHHH yells out Drury as she pivots and unleashes a hard kick into the right side of Alessandra’s body.  The blow lands with a THUD sound as it catches Alessandra solidly in her ribcage.  AAAAAIIIEEEEOOWWW screams out Alessandra as she drops to the floor in a heap.

Drury paces over to her downed body and quickly grabs her by the hair yanking her up to her knees.  “Here we go!” yells out Drury as she begins punching away at Alessandra’s chest and belly.  While not very creative, the punching attacks have effectively beaten all resistance out of Alessandra and Drury goes right back to what has worked so far.

“STOP STOP” screams out Alessandra after only a few seconds of Drury pounding away on her chest and belly.  The officiator moves in and stops the battle again which brings loud cheers from the crowd.  Drury allows Alessandara to drop forward and hunch over as she holds her battered body.

“We have a submission at the 8 minute and 20 second mark.  Drury now leads three falls to zero over Alessandra.  There will be a short rest period before we start the next fall and there is approximately 21 minutes remaining in this fight.”  Drury stalks around the edges of the room and continues to engage with the crows as Alessandra remains on the floor clutching at her body.

14 - Start of the third Fall
At the start of the third fall, Drury goes on the attack quickly.  Alessandra is still dazed and slowed from the prior falls and is unable to defend herself from Drury’s onslaught.
14 - Start of the third Fall View 2
Another view of Drury slamming a kick into Alessandra’s ribs.
15 - Drury Hammers Alessandra
Alessandra is driven to her knees from the brutal kick and Drury goes after her again raining blows into her body as she struggles to defend herself.
15 - Drury Hammers Alessandra View 2
Another view of Drury pounding on Alessandra.  After a quick pounding in the fall, Alessandra cries out another surrender. 

After the one minute rest period comes to a close, Alessandra is still down on the floor clutching her body and breathing in ragged breaths.  The officiator calls out “the rest period is expiring.  Do you wish to continue Alessandra?”  The dark-haired fighter does not respond and Drury quickly approaches and grabs her by the hair pulling her upright.

“Well are you done or not bitch!!” growls Drury as she holds Alessandra up.  “Fuck you!” groans out Alessandra as Drury continues pulling on her hair to keep her upright.  At the remark, Drury yanks Alessandra up to her feet by her hair forcing a gasping screaming and moaning sound from Alessandra as she is pivoted by the force of the yanking.  Drury quickly wraps her arms around Alessandra’s head and neck.

After securing her opponent, Drury twists and pivots to apply a headlock hold around her opponent’s neck.  With Alessandra facing upward, Drury uses the hold to choke her opponent and drag her around the floor a bit showing her off to the crowd.  “This is the best Europe has to offer . . . what a joke!!!” taunts Drury as she shows off her victim.

With a sudden movement, Drury shoves her ass back and twists her body dragging Alessandra off of her feet and over the top of Drury as she hip tosses and slams Alessandra face down to the floor with a loud crashing noise.  Maintaining her hold, Drury continues to choke Alessandra as she lays there not resisting.

The officiator steps in and quickly calls out “That is the end.  I am stopping this fight.  Alessandra can no longer defend herself or continue.  At the 10 minute mark Drury wins this fight four falls to zero as Alessandra cannot continue.”  Drury releases Alessandra and rolls to her feet to the applause of the crowd.  Drury poses over her demolished opponent before mingling with the crowd to enjoy her victory.

16 - Alessandra Submits Another Fall
 Drury stands over her and taunts her as she clutches at her chest and ribs.  
17 - Grappling to Start the 4th Fall
Drury yanks Alessandra to her feet by her hair and wraps her arms around her neck in a sort of choke hold.  Alessandra is defenseless as Drury drags her into position.
18 - Drury Takes Alessandra Down Hard
Drury pivots and applies a choking headlock style hold from behind as she drags Alessandra across the floor.  The helpless Spaniard has no answer for Drury’s attack and is unable to defend herself.  After choking Alessandra for a few moments, Drury drives a hip into her opponent’s back and twists her body flinging Alessandra to the floor with a thundering crash.
18 - Drury Takes Alessandra Down Hard View 2
Another view of Drury throttling Alessandra and then throwing her to the floor
19 - Drury Finishing Alessandra
Drury chokes a dazed and battered Alessandra after violently tossing her to the floor.  The officiator is forced to stop the fight as Alessandra is defenseless and at risk of a serious injury at the hands of a dominating Drury. 
19 - Drury Finishing Alessandra View 2
Another view of Drury choking a helpless Alessandra.
20 - Drury Celebrates Her Win
Drury celebrates her dominating win over Alessandra.
20 - Drury Celebrates Her Win View 2
Another view of Drury posing over a battered and broken Alessandra.