Apartment Wrestling Match No. 89 Bao versus Sierra – Tourney Fight

This fight is the eighty-ninth match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series. This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the next round of the tournament and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Bao (5’3 109 pounds 25 y/o) lives near Hong Kong.  Bao is a former gymnast and currently is the wife of a Chinese government official.  She loves to compete still and works out regularly in her studio.  She is extremely strong and well-conditioned.  Bao’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My body is just as strong now as it ever was.  I work hard at staying flexible and powerful.  I will crush opponents in a fight like I crushed opponents in competitions when I was younger.”  Bao is currently 4-0 and has defeated Glenna, Yuki, Anushka and Charlotte.  Bao is the current Pacific Club Champion.


Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) lives near Miami.  She currently works as a yoga instructor for a local studio.  She hopes to one day pursue an acting career.  One of her thoughts is that getting into the Club might help her further her career.  In her high school and college days she participated in field hockey and spent some time on the ice as a figure skater.  Sierra remains in great shape and works out several times a week as well as her yoga instructor position.  Sierra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m the perfect mix to be an Apartment fighter.  I love to compete and I love winning even more.  Combine my athleticism, gracefulness, fierceness, and sexy femininity and you have the perfect apartment wrestler.  I love kicking ass and looking good doing it.  This is my world!!”  Sierra is currently undefeated with a record of 5-0.  So far, Sierra has defeated Suzette, Tisha, Sofia, Emma and Jenny.


Both girls boasting undefeated records arrive at the fight location in advance of the fight and are shown to their respective dressing room areas.  They are both using a bedroom suite on the property as their changing area.  Each are presented with a short pre-made video showing their opponent’s measurements as well as their opponent going through a short series of stretches, the opponent’s prior fights along with a short verbal response to why they believe they will be able to win an Apartment Fight.

Sierra arrives well in advance of the fight and is placed in her room.  She carefully unpacks her clothing and prepares for the fight.  She changes into her favorite red and black trimmed bikini and begins to prepare herself mentally and physically for the battle ahead.  When asked for her thoughts on the fight she smiles makes the camera crew wait and extra few minutes before obliging the request.  “Bao is tougher than she looks and has made a habit out of beating bigger girls. Just not smarter ones. They underestimated her, I wont. I’ll be collecting her unbeaten streak along with her bikini when it’s over.”

Bao, in her nearby dressing room, changes into her favorite green bikini which shows off her full breasts.  Bao has trained hard in advance of the fight.  She has worked hard to get herself into great fighting condition.  She stretches and loosens up to get ready for her match up with Sierra.  “This should be fun.  Another big girl for me to humble.  That is all I seem to get in my fights.  I will be in the final of the tournament and claim the title that is rightfully mine.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Bao and Sierra.  “Bao seems to do really well against bigger fighters.  I don’t know if that will continue tonight or not, but I am super-excited to find out.  I am going with Bao tonight in what should be a close and hard fought match.”  The second commentator begins “I think Sierra will be to much for Bao tonight.  She won’t make the same mistake of underestimating Bao and that means trouble for the smaller fighter.  Her run of luck against larger fighters will end painfully tonight.  The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout consists of a wide open space for the fighters with a series of seats along 3 of the four walls.  The crowd is buzzing with excitement and energy as they wait for the fighters to appear.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight other than when a fall ends there will be a one minute rest period.  The match will start when I say so and will end at the thirty minute mark with the winner being the one with the most falls scored at that point.  It can also end early if one of you is not able to finish,  says you are done for the night, or is rendered unconscious and unable to surrender.  The winner must be satisfied that the loser has surrendered to them appropriately.  I won’t stop things until the winner says so unless I see an injury issue or the situation is prolonged too far after a fall that occurs before the end of the fight.  Remember, if you don’t stick to the rules I can disqualify you.

0 - Pre-Fight
The fighters face off as they are introduced to the crowd.
0 - Pre-Fight Bao
Bao standing ready for the fight to begin.
0 - Pre-Fight Sierra
Sierra showing off to the crowd as she waits for the fight to start.

After the announcements the officiator asks if they are ready to go.  Both fighters face each other casting glances up and down their opponent.  Neither fighter is particularly talkative as they both stare intently at their opponent.  The crowd cheers as both fighters begin dancing in place getting ready to start the fight.  

The officiator of the match seeing everyone is ready steps back and calls out for the fight to begin as the clock in the corner begins to time the fight.  The crowd cheers with excitement as the fight gets started.

Without any commentary the two fighters begin to circle and look for an opening to take control of the battle.  The fight starts off with both girls cautious and tentative as they try to feel the other out.  Bao fires a few slaps in Sierra’s direction which she deflects with her arms rather than allow Bao to land the blow.  Sierra responds in kind and her attempts are also met by Bao’s defenses to avoid the blows.

After several minutes of sparring, Sierra rushes the few steps to close the gap between her and Bao.  The Chinese fighter lashes out with a punch towards Sierra’s head, but her opponent moves in to quickly and the blow sails harmlessly over its target.  With Bao extented, Sierra grabs hold of her and attempts to overwhelm and wrestle her opponent to the floor.  Bao struggles to avoid that outcome as she tries to power free of Sierra’s grasp.

1 - Sierra Working to Overpower Bao
In the early moments of the first fall, Sierra tries to wrap up and take Bao to the floor.  Her smaller opponent struggles to avoid being overwhelmed by Sierra.
1 - Sierra Working to Overpower Bao View 2
Another view of Sierra struggling to take Bao to the floor.

The fighters struggle as they move around the floor in a circle locked together as each tries to gain control of the battle in the early moments.  Bao moves quickly as she deflects several of Sierra’s attempts to overpower and drag the smaller fighter to the floor.  The grunts become louder over the several minutes of furious struggling back and forth.

Bao works to slip past Sierra in an effort to use her quickness to trap her opponent from behind.  Sierra is able to block each of these attempts and keeps Bao in front of her as they continue to grapple one another.  The fans in attendance continue to get louder in support of their favorite as the intensity of the struggle continues to ratchet upward.

After several minutes of struggle Sierra manages to catch Bao and force her to the floor.  The smaller fighter struggles to escape Sierra’s grasp, but is overpowered by her opponent.  Sierra attempts to pin Bao to the floor on her back, but Bao squirms and slips away rolling over in the process.

2 - Bao trapped in a punishing arm lock
Sierra traps Bao on the floor and locks on a punish arm lock as she bends the smaller fighter’s arm in places it does not want to go.

What appeared to be an escape in progress by Bao turns into the first crucial moment of the battle as the smaller fighter leaves her back exposed to Sierra.  Not one to miss an opportunity, Sierra gets atop Bao’s back pinning her to the floor on her belly.  The Sierra fans in the crowd let out a loud series of cheers as their favorite takes control of the battle for the first time.

“Aggghhh” moans Bao as Sierra presses her body down atop her back forcing Bao to struggle from underneath.  The smaller fighter tries to push her way free of Sierra’s grip as she reaches out to push off the floor.  Seeing her opportunity, Sierra quickly snatches Bao’s arm and yanks it back.

“Got ya” hisses out Sierra as Bao lets out a cry of pain AAAIIIEEEEOOWWWW as her arm is yanked back.  The Chinese fighter attempts to yank her arm free, but Sierra has her arm gripped tightly and continues to pull and twist.  The crowd cheers louder now as Bao’s fans implore her to escape and Sierra’s fans spur her on to break Bao and get a submission.

The Chinese fighter struggles to break free from Sierra’s grasp, but her efforts get her nowhere as the larger fighter pins her to the floor and bends her without mercy.  Bao screams out in pain as Sierra smiles and yanks her opponents neck around by her hair.

“You are gonna submit to me” hisses out Sierra as she pushes her weight down into Bao forcing her opponent to bend and her body to contort with the hold.  With each push downward, Bao lets out a gasp of pain and the crowd cheers.  “My back!!!” moans out Bao as she is bent for what feels to her to be hours.

3 - Sierra Bending Bao
After softening up Bao with several moments of arm twisting and mauling, Sierra yanks her opponent back into a camel clutch and begins to twist her neck as Bao dangles over her larger opponents legs.  Bao is forced to surrender the first fall as Sierra has her firmly in her grasp.
3 - Sierra Bending Bao View 2
Another view of Sierra punishing Bao in a camel clutch hold.

After a long period trapped in the camel clutch hold, Bao finally relents and cries out a submission.  “STOP!!!! MY BACK!!!! I GIVE!!!” she moans out in pain.  Sierra pushes herself down one final time as she lets go of Bao’s upper body letting the Chinese fighter slump to the floor on her face.

“That’s one!!!” chirps out Sierra as she holds her finger in the air and climbs to her feet as she towers over her downed opponent.  The crowd cheers for her showing her their support as the officiator steps forward.  “We have our first submission of this match at the 6 minute and 25 second mark as Sierra now leads one fall to zero over Bao.  Ladies we will take a short rest and then resume the match.”

Sierra walks slowly to her side of the room as the crowd cheers at her victory in the first fall.  She waits as Bao gathers her wits and climbs off the floor.  “Are you ready for number two!!” calls out Sierra and the crowd roars its approval at her confidence and taunting of Bao.

The officiator notes that the rest period is about to come to an end calls out “Ladies prepare to begin!!!”  After a short pause, the officiator calls out“Begin the 2nd fall!!!”  The crowd lets out a cheer as the two fighters close on one another.  Sierra reaches up to grapple Bao, but her opponent is ready and starts off this fall much differently than the first one.

HUNNHHHH groans out Sierra as Bao launches her left leg out and catches the American with a kick to the body.  The foot lands with a loud THUD sound as it catches an unprepared Sierra squarely in the abdomen.  Bao darts back quickly as Sierra tries to catch her breath and regroup.

With Sierra visibly struggling, Bao takes advantage of the moment and launches forward with another series of quick kicking attacks on her opponent.  Sierra is unable to react quickly enough as she takes several slashing kicks to her thigh and hip.  The larger fighter stumbles as she tries to push through and grapple her smaller opponent.

4 - Fighting Hard
Early in the second fall Bao tries a different approach as she lashes out with several kicks trying to force Sierra to keep her distance.

“You mine now!!” yells out Bao as she moves past Sierra who continues to struggle to gain her bearings after the rough attacks launched by Bao.  “GET HER!!!” yells out someone in the crowd as Bao makes her way behind Sierra.  Before Sierra is able to turn to face the Chinese fighter, Bao hooks her arm and yanks her off balance forcing Sierra to stagger and stumble.

Taking advantage of her off balance and potentially stunned opponent, Bao catches Sierra and hooks her neck forcing the taller fighter to bend awkwardly back.  UNHHHHH groans out Sierra as she now has her back under considerable pressure with Bao returning the favor.  The crowd continues to grow louder as Bao dominates the early parts of the 2nd fall.

5 - Bao Catches Sierra
Bao takes control of the battle early in the 2nd fall going to work on Sierra’s back as her larger opponent tries to fight free.
5 - Bao Catches Sierra 2
Another view of Bao punishing Sierra’s back.

Using the leverage of her position to control Sierra, Bao leans in and kicks a foot forward into the back of Sierra’s leg.  UHHHNNNNN grunts out Sierra as she stumbles slightly.  Bao shifts her position and forces Sierra to drop to the floor on her knees as she remains behind her larger opponent.

“You submit??” chirps out Bao as she pulls on Sierra’s hair bending her neck back to force her opponent to look up towards  her.  Not waiting for an answer to her question, Bao pivots slightly and drives her knee into Sierra’s back.  The blow lands with a thud as the pain registers on Sierra’s face.

AHHHHGGGGHHHH groans out Sierra as she takes two or three quick blows to her back.  With Sierra unable to defend herself effectively, Bao takes advantage of her opportunity to inflict some damage on her opponent.  With each of the quick blows, the Bao fans in the crowd let out a loud cheer to spur on their fighter.

6 - Bao Punishes Sierra
Bao forces her larger opponent down to her knees as she continues her attack.  With Sierra down on her knees, Bao drives several quick knee lifts into her struggling opponent.
6 - Bao Punishes Sierra View 2
Another view of Bao driving her knee into Sierra’s back.

Not hearing a surrender from Sierra, Bao shoves her opponent to to the floor on her belly as she quickly drops down onto her back.  Sierra attempts to roll to the side to avoid being trapped on her belly, but Bao moves too quickly for her tactic to succeed.

“Oh no you don’t bitch!!! hisses out Bao.  “Do you submit?” growls Bao as she grabs hold of Sierra and bends her backward.  Her efforts are met with a cry of pain from Sierra as her back is wrenched and bent by the Chinese fighter.  AIIIEEEYOOOOWWWW cries out Sierra as Bao wrenches and tugs at her body bending her even further.

“SAY IT!!!” grunts out Bao as she forces more gasps and cries of pain from Sierra who stubbornly has resisted submitting.  UNNGGGHH groans out Sierra as she grimaces in pain from being bent back by her opponent.

“Tell them” hisses out Bao “or I will break you!!!” “I give” groans out a hurting Sierra as she realizes she isn’t going to break free from Bao’s grip.  With the submission, the officiator moves in close to stop the battle.  The Bao fans in the crowd let out even more wild cheers of support as their fighter forces a submission from Sierra.  The Sierra fans look on quietly as their fighter is forced to give up the fall.

7 - Bao Forces Sierra to Submit
Bao forces Sierra to submit after enduring considerable punishment to her back.

“We have a submission at the 11 minute mark of this match.  The match is now all tied up at one fall each as we take a short break before continuing with the third fall of this match.” calls out the officiator as the Bao rises up and moves across the floor.

Sierra remains on the floor for several moments before slowly climbing to her feet and stretching her back as she tries to shake off the pain inflicted by Bao.  “Are you ready to continue?” calls out the officiator.  Both Sierra and Bao nod and take up a position ready to resume the battle.  Seeing both fighters ready, the officiator announces the start of the third fall.  “Ladies you may begin the third fall — FIGHT!!!”

As the fall begins, both Sierra and Bao move towards the other quickly.  With no hesitation they begin to grab for the other as they grapple for control of the action at the start of the fall.  Each grips the other and they move in a tight circle as loud grunts and groans come from the two of them.  The crowd gets louder as they call out support for their favorite fighter.

8 - Start of 3rd Fall
The fighters quickly engage at the start of the 3rd fall.

After several moments of struggling for control, Sierra tries to yank Bao in close for a headlock.  As she pulls the Chinese fighter in closer by her hair, Bao manages to slip free of Sierra’s grasp and pop around the American to get to her back side.  “GOT YA!!!” yells out Bao as she quickly grabs Sierra by the hair yanking her off balance.

Using the hair pulling to her advantage, Bao moves behind her opponent and wraps her arms around Sierra’s neck.  “Choke her out!!!” yells out a fan in the crowd.  Sierra struggles to keep Bao from locking the choke hold in as she knows she could be quickly rendered unconscious if Bao succeeds.

9 - Bao Tries to Choke Sierra
Bao slips behind Sierra and attempts to lock on a choke hold.

“You submit??” hisses out Bao as she snakes her arms around Sierra’s neck.  ACCCKKK gasps out Sierra as her opponent begins to cut off her air.  Sierra swings her elbows back trying to catch Bao with an elbow, but her opponent shifts her body side to side as she works to wear down Sierra.  With the elbows failing to land solidly on Bao, Sierra struggles to pull an arm off her neck.

“I have you trapped — GIVE UP!!!” commands Bao.  The Chinese fighter pulls back and tries to drag Sierra off balance and take her down.  The American is able to avoid that fate as she slides her feet and stays with her opponent.  Using Bao’s attempts to drag her down, Sierra twists her body slightly and finally lands a solid elbow in Bao’s belly forcing a loud gasp as the air rushes from Bao’s body.  HUUUNNHHFFFF

As Bao gasps for breath, Sierra is able to loosen her grip on her neck and hook one of Bao’s arms.  In a flash, Sierra yanks Bao off balance and onto her shoulders as she drops down and flings Bao to the floor with a loud crashing THUUUUDDDD!!!!

10 - Sierra Brings Bao Down
After dropping an elbow in Bao’s ribs, Sierra is able to escape and send Bao tumbling to the floor with a loud crash.

With Sierra taking a moment to get her bearings, Bao groans out from the impact with the floor.  Seeing Sierra in front of her, Bao shoves a foot into her opponent’s body forcing her to topple onto her ass before Sierra can go on the attack.  With the fight tied at one fall each, the crowd loudly cheers on their favorites as they battle for control.

Bao quickly pushes her legs around Sierra’s body and attempts to lock a scissor hold on Sierra before she can launch at attack.  Bao seems to be moving just a slight bit quicker than Sierra at this stage and the Chinese fighter is able to keep Sierra off balance with her constant pressure.

“I’ll crush you” hisses out Bao as she wraps her legs around Sierra.  The grip is not very secure and Sierra seems more or less unfazed by the legs wrapped around her middle.  Sierra slaps away at Bao’s thigh leaving red marks with each impact as she works to break free from Bao.

11 - Bao Scissors Sierra
Bao tries to wrap her opponent up and trap her between her powerful legs with a body scissors.
11 - Bao Scissors Sierra View 2
Another View of Bao trying to get a good scissor hold on Sierra.

After a few brief moments Sierra is able to roll to her side and force Bao onto her back.  Demonstrating her power and showing a true strength advantage over the smaller Chinese fighter, Sierra quickly overpowers Bao and takes  control of the battle.  UNNNHHHH  grunts out Bao as she struggles to keep her larger opponent at bay.

“You bitch!!!” hisses out Sierra angrily as she works to get free of Bao’s legs.  Bao wisely keeps her legs on Sierra’s hips and uses them to hold off her opponent as she struggles to slide free of Sierra’s grasp.  The fans suddenly get loud as they call out support for their favorite fighter noticing that an intense struggle for control of the pivotal third fall is happening at this point.

After several moments of struggling, Sierra gets her hands full into Bao’s hair and jams her head back bouncing it off the floor.  THUMP sounds out as Bao immediately moans out from the impact of the blow.  Before Bao can respond, Sierra pulls her head up and jams it back down for a second impact with the floor as another THUMP sounds out throughout the room.

12 - Sierra Breaking Free
Bao keeps her legs wrapped around Sierra’s hips as she works to keep her opponent from mounting her.  Sierra, however, overpowers her smaller opponent and bangs her head off the floor potentially stunning Bao.

The second impact with the floor appears to stun Bao as her legs drop off of Sierra’s  hips allowing her opponent to slide her body full over the top of her.  “Got ya!!”  hisses out Sierra angrily as she slides over the top of Bao’s hips.  Now fully atop her opponent, Sierra shoves her body off the floor and drops her weight down on her prone opponent.  NNNNHHHHUUUUHHHHHH groans out Bao as Sierra tries to knock the wind from her body.

Following up on her advantage, Sierra wraps her arms around Bao’s head and lays out prone atop her opponent’s body.  Moving with speed and purpose, Sierra slips her legs into Bao’s and captures them as she grapevines her opponent.  UNNNHHH grunts out Bao as she tries to resist, but finding that Sierra may be an immovable object at this point.

“SUBMIT TO ME!!!”hisses out Sierra as she pulls Bao’s head firmly into her chest and wraps her up tightly applying a nasty breast smother hold to Bao.  MMPPPHHH UNNHHHHHMFFFPPPP sounds come from under Sierra as she securely traps Bao’s face against her chest.  The crowd sensing Bao is in real trouble at this juncture begins getting even louder as they anticipate a possible submission.

13 - Sierra Pinning and Smothering Bao
Sierra drops atop a tired and fading Bao and begins to smother her.

Bao’s resistance fades as she runs low on air.  Rather than be knocked out cold, Bao begins to tap frantically at Sierra’s hip to signal a submission.  The officiator moves in quickly calling out “that’s it . . . that’s it . . . Release the hold” as Bao continues tapping on Sierra.  Releasing Bao’s head from her grasp, Sierra sits upright and raises her arms to signal her win of the fall.

The officiator calls out “That is a submission at the 20 minute mark!  Sierra now leads by a count of two falls to one with about 10 minutes remaining in the match.”  Sierra slowly rises off of Bao and circles the room to the cheers of the crowd as she catches her breath and gets herself prepared for the fourth fall.

Bao remains flat on her back for most of the rest period between falls before slowly rising to her feet to await the start of the fourth fall.  “The rest period is expiring.  Are you ready?” calls out the officiator.  Both Sierra and Bao nod and take up a position ready to resume the battle.  Seeing both fighters ready, the officiator announces the start of the fourth fall.  “You may now begin the fourth fall with 10 minutes remaining in the match — FIGHT!!!”

14 - Sierra FaceSitting Bao

Sierra pins Bao firmly to the floor and forces a submission as she smothers her opponent almost to the point of unconsciousness.As the fourth fall begins, the fighters cautiously circle.  The fight has been long and hard for both and they show the effects of the battle.  The crowd senses the fighters becoming tired and starts to get louder as they call out support for their favorite fighter.

Sierra and Bao being to move closer to one another as they each prepare to make their attempts to gain control in this critical fall.  Bao knows very clearly that without a win in the next ten minutes she loses the fight.  Sierra equally appreciating that another submission from Bao will effectively end the fight in her favor.

Bao pivots and sets her weight on her left foot and lashes out with a sidekick attempting to catch Sierra unprepared.  The kick is aimed directly at Sierra’s belly as Bao launches the attack.  Unfortunately for Bao, Sierra is prepared for the attack and slips to the left as she deflects the kick out and away from her body.

15 - Start of 4th Fall
Bao starts the 4th fall off with a slashing kicking attack.

With Bao extended and off balance, Sierra continues her movement directly towards Bao as she steps inside the kick attempt.  Before Bao can recover her balance or prepare a defense, Sierra slams a hard punch directly into Bao’s belly.  UNNNFFFFFF flies out of Bao as she takes a brutal shot to the body.

“That what you wanted to see!!!” snarls Sierra as she continues forward driving several more quick and hard punches into Bao’s undefended body.  The Chinese fighter lets out loud painful gasps as she suddenly finds her breath driven from her body.  Already weakened from the breast smother in the prior fall, Bao struggles to catch her breath in the face of Sierra’s assault.  Before her opponent can effectively react, Sierra lands multiple blows to her belly.

16 - Bao Pays For Missed Kick
Sierra easily avoids Bao’s kick attempts and steps into her opponent with a nasty blow to her exposed belly.

Bao doubles over clutching at her body trying to block any further punches to her battered belly as Sierra shifts her attack focus.  Before her opponent can respond, Sierra slides to the side and grabs Bao by her hair with both hands.  OOOHHHHH gasps out Bao as she struggles to get air.

YYYAAAHHHH yells out Sierra as she yanks on Bao’s hair and brings her opponent upright before landing a hard knee into Bao’s low back.  The blow forces Bao to arch her back as the pain shoots through her body.  Using that reaction to her advantage, Sierra yanks Bao over backwards as she drops her body to one knee causing Bao to crash down hard onto Sierra’s waiting knee.  AAAAGGGGHHHHH groans out Bao as the crowd roars its approval.

“Your done!!!” hisses out Sierra as she follows up by pressing down on Bao’s neck and hips forcing her to remain bent and stretched over her knee.  Sierra gives several hard shoves downward each causing a moaning cry of pain from Bao.

17 - Sierra applying a back breaker
Sierra bends Bao over her knee as she stretches her back.

After several moments bending Bao over her knee, Sierra shoves Boa off her knee and onto her face on the floor.  UNNNHHH moans out Bao as she hits the floor with a loud THUMP.  “You’re finished and now you’re gonna submit to me!!!” snarls out Sierra as she slides her body around her downed opponent.

“No please” gasps out Bao as she tries to struggle up off the floor only to roughly pushed flat onto her stomach again by Sierra.  The crowd noise goes up as the fans anticipate Sierra finishing off this fight.  Sierra slides into position at Bao’s head and pulls her head between her legs as she kneels over her.  Bao is unable to defend herself as Sierra puts her into a sort of head scissors as she pulls the Chinese fighter off the floor.

Gripping both arms, Sierra pulls tight Bao moans out from the pain in her shoulders.  At teh same time, Sierra clamps her thighs down on Bao’s head.  While the positioning isn’t the best for the scissor hold, Bao’s weakened state makes it more effective than it might be in normal conditions.  NNNNNHHHHH moans out Bao as Sierra continues to apply the pressure.

18 - Sierra Bending Bao
Sierra traps Bao and squeezes her head while pressuring her back and shoulders.

Bao resists submitting for several moments as Sierra bends her arms and squeezes her head.  After holding on as long as she could, Bao screams out “I GIVE I GIVE!!!!”  Sierra drops her back to the floor releasing her hold as the officiator steps in.  “The winner of the fourth fall at the 28 minute mark is Sierra.  Sierra now leads 3 falls to 1.”  After pausing a brief moment, the officiator announces ” and with that lead at this point Sierra is the winner of the match”

Sierra raises her arm up as she poses over Bao who remains motionless on the floor.  The Chinese fighter clearly finished for the night causing the officiator to waive the last few minutes of the match.  Sierra stands over her beaten opponent as the fans start to cheer.  The AWC world now getting Suzette’s opponent for the other semi-final match presenting the AWC fans with a rematch of an earlier battle in which Suzette was soundly beaten by Sierra.

19 - Bao Finished
Sierra stands over a beaten Bao.