Apartment Wrestling Match No. 91 — Sierra versus Suzette

This fight is the ninety-first match in the Apartment Wrestling Club series. This match-up is a tournament match in the AWC World title tournament.  The winner will advance to participate in the championship match and the loser will be eliminated.  The participants are:

Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) lives near Miami.  She currently works as a yoga instructor for a local studio.  She hopes to one day pursue an acting career.  One of her thoughts is that getting into the Club might help her further her career.  In her high school and college days she participated in field hockey and spent some time on the ice as a figure skater.  Sierra remains in great shape and works out several times a week as well as her yoga instructor position.  Sierra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m the perfect mix to be an Apartment fighter.  I love to compete and I love winning even more.  Combine my athleticism, gracefulness, fierceness, and sexy femininity and you have the perfect apartment wrestler.  I love kicking ass and looking good doing it.  This is my world!!”  Sierra is currently undefeated with a record of 6-0. 


Suzette (5’6 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives in the Dallas area.  She used to be a dancer on a local dance team before meeting her current boyfriend (a married executive at a local company).  She does not work at the present time and views Apartment Wrestling as another fun diversion.  Suzette’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “These legs are deadly.  I work out regularly and I will dominate my opponents.  Look at me.  I AM the complete package.”  Suzette’s current record is 5-2.


Sierra arrives well in advance of the fight and is placed in her room.  She carefully unpacks her clothing and prepares for the fight.  Being a veteran fighter, Sierra takes her time and slowly stretches her body and prepares to dress for the upcoming battle. She changes into her red and black trimmed bikini and relaxes for a few minutes prior to being interviewed. Sierra calmly motions for the interview crew and gives her thoughts prior to heading to the apartment arena. “I know this whole rematch thing has really sparked a lot of speculation and comments in advance of tonight. Just think back to our first meeting. I remember dominating Suzette. Now I don’t expect that to be the case tonight because she will be more prepared for me and more focused with such high stakes. She underestimated me last time and that won’t happen again tonight. It won’t really matter though because it will end the same way as it did last time. I will walk off the rug the winner and she will need help to get back to her dressing room when it is all over.”

Suzette, in her nearby dressing room, changes into a leopard print outfit as she paces the room nervously. Suzette is anxious to get the match started and is full of nervous energy as she waits to be interviewed. “Oh not again. She got me last time. I’m ready and I want my revenge tonight. She is tough and it won’t be easy, but so am I. Tonight is my night to shine and I will celebrate at her expense. The championship is going to be mine and it will be even sweeter when I get my revenge on Sierra to get there.”

Immediately following the interviews and before the fighters enter the arena a large TV screen on the wall broadcasts a short video segment of the Apartment Wrestling Internet Show featuring two of the hosts talking about the upcoming match between Suzette and Sierra.  “Suzette has been on quite a run here in the tournament and has proven to be a fierce competitor. I don’t know if that will continue tonight, but it is going to be fun watching to find out. This is going to be a great fight and I don’t know who is going to win it.”  The second commentator begins “I think Sierra is going to be too much for Suzette again. She was able to beat her once before and I think she will get it done again tonight.” The screen goes dark as the fighters come out of the dressing rooms to the main room.

Both fighters now enter the main arena room where the fight will be held.  The room layout consists of a wide open space for the fighters with a series of seats along 3 of the four walls.  The crowd is buzzing with excitement and energy as they wait for the fighters to appear.

The officiator of the match calls out for everyone’s attention and introduces both fighter.  The girls are brought out to the center of the room together and given a quick summary of the rules.  “You have both done this before.  There are no rules for tonight’s fight.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends I will call for a break and we will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  The match will start when I say so and will not end until we have a submission.”

Sierra and Suzette before the match.

With both fighters standing by and ready, the officiator calls out “Ladies you may now fight!!!” Upon the instruction to fight, neither fighter rushes to engage the other. The two slowly begin to circle one another, watching the other carefully as they each push their hands forward and back testing the others reactions. The crowd buzzes with excitement as the tension begins to build with the slow start.

“You ready to surrender to me again” teases Sierra as the sparring continues for several long moments. Suzette ignores the comment, but then feints to her left before darting to the right. The sudden move catches Sierra by surprise allowing Suzette to slip behind her opponent. After a short struggle, Suzette manages to get a partial grip on Sierra as she tries to wrap her up from behind.

In the early moments of the 1st round Suzette is able to slip behind Sierra and bends her back as they struggle.

“We’ll see about that!!!” hisses Suzette as her mouth is near Sierra’s ear. Suzette’s advantage is short-lived as Sierra quickly powers her way free of Suzette’s grip and spins back around to face Suzette. The crowd lets out a cheer as the action begins to heat up in the center of the room. Suzette lunges forward trying to maintain her advantage, but Sierra is ready for her as their bodies collide.

Sierra quickly catches Suzette by the arm as Suzette reaches out to grab hold of Sierra. UHHHH grunts out Suzette as Sierra manages to get a grip on her hair and yank her head back. Suzette struggles to maintain her balance as Sierra presses forward trying to overpower Suzette. Taking advantage of Suzette struggling to maintain her footing, Sierra begins to slip her way past her opponent.

Before Suzette can react effectively, Sierra is able to slip behind her and tries to wrap her up. Suzette struggles to break free of Sierra’s grasp as Sierra tries to wrap her up in what appears to be an attempt to apply a bearhug hold on Suzette. The officiator calls out “2 minutes have expired” as the fighters again battle for control of the round.

Sierra breaks free and reverses things catching Suzette’s arm and going after her hair trying to pull her opponent off balance.
Sierra moves behind her opponent and tries to catch her in a bear hug as they continue to struggle for control of the first round.

Suzette manages to avoid Sierra’s clutches as the crowd cheers on their favorite fighter loudly. Sierra’s attempt to capture Suzette in a bearhug leaves her exposed and vulnerable to Suzette’s counter attack and the talented Texan quickly captures Sierra in a headlock.

“Oh no you don’t bitch!!!” hisses out Suzette as she clutches Sierra tightly working her arm under her opponent’s chin forcing a pained grunt from Sierra. ACCCCKKK gasps out Sierra as Suzette manages to slightly impair Sierra’s ability to effectively breath. Sierra pushes forward grabbing at Suzette’s body as she tries to slip free of her opponent’s grasp.

After several moments of pushing and moving around the center of the room, Suzette manages to lock the headlock in even tighter on Sierra. Over the course of several moments of yanking and twisting on Sierra, Suzette manages to force her down to her knees as she grinds away on her with the headlock.

Suzette avoids the bear hug and manages to trap Sierra in a combination headlock and chokehold.
Maintaining control of the battle now, Suzette takes Sierra to the floor on her knees as she continues to twist her head in the headlock and apply a rudimentary chokehold on Sierra.

“You wanna quit!!!” taunts Suzette as she continues to throttle Sierra with the tight combination headlock and chokehold. UHNNNNNN groans out Sierra as she clenches her teeth and continues trying to power her way out of the hold. The Sierra fans call out their support to her and encourage her to break free as their fighter has been surprisingly controlled by Suzette’s hold for quite some time. “One minute remaining” chirps the officiator.

YAAAAAHHHHH yells out Suzette as she breaks the sort of deadlock on their knees by yanking and twisting Sierra’s neck and body with a sudden move. AAAIIIIEEEEE cries out Sierra as she is suddenly yanked to the side and tossed to the floor on her side by Suzette. Maintaining her grip and control over the fight, Suzette presses her body down atop Sierra as she continues to choke and twist on Sierra’s neck and head.

“Give the fuck up!!!” growls out Suzette as she grinds away on her opponent. Her demand is met with “GET OFF ME BITCH!!!” as Sierra tries to pull Suzette’s arm off her neck. Suzette continues to twist and clutch Sierra in the hold as Sierra gasps and groans. “TIME!!!!” yells out the officiator “Release the hold!!!” The crowd cheers loudly as Suzette releases the hold and before climbing to her feet she hisses “you’re just damn lucky the timer saved you!!” Suzette climbs to her feet and stands quietly over her downed opponent as she listens to the fans calling out support and encouragement for the next round.

Suzette twists Sierra to the floor as she manages to maintain the headlock/chokehold for a prolonged stretch of the later moments of the 1st round.
At the end of the 1st round, Sierra struggles to catch her breath as Suzette stands over her. The Suzette fans are excited and chattering as their fighter has Sierra in some trouble in the early moments of the fight.

With both fighters climbing to their feet, the officiator checks the timer for the remaining time in the rest period.  “There is 30 seconds left in the rest period.  As soon as that expires we will begin round 2 which will last four minutes.  Again, if anyone submits in this round the winner will be declared.”  With the timer on the rest period expiring, the officiator calls out “FIGHT!!!”

The second round starts off fast and furious as the two rush to meet one another in the center of the room. After a short grappling match, Sierra is able to pivot behind Sierra using her opponent’s hair to subdue her long enough to gain the advantage. Suzette lets out a loud UNNNNHHH as her head is pulled backwards and her neck is bent by Sierra’s rough hairpulling attack.

“I’ll show you lucky!!!” hisses out Sierra as she lifts a knee up and thumps it into Suzette’s ass as she pulls her around by the hair. Taking advantage of her position, Sierra lands an additional knee to Suzette’s firm ass. The knees not having much impact on Suzette, but the crowd roars out its appreciation of the knee attack to Suzette. While the physical nature of the attack has very little significance, than the psychological or emotional impact is yet to be seen.

The action in the second round begins quickly as Sierra manages to get behind Suzette and tear at her hair and drive a knee into her ass.

Suzette lets out a loud cry of irritation and frustration at Sierra’s attacks to start this round. With a sudden drop to her knees, Suzette breaks Sierra’s grip on her hair and allows Suzette to pull Sierra down onto her shoulder. UNNNHHHH moans out Sierra as Suzette drives her shoulder into her opponent’s belly.

Before Sierra can react to escape, Suzette pulls her opponent over her shoulder and deposits her on the floor with a loud THUD. NNNGGGHHHH moans out Sierra as the force of the impact appears to have left her a bit dazed. Suzette pauses a moment and then raises her middle finger before lunging atop Sierra. The crowd roars out its approval at Suzette’s communications skills as the Texan rips control of the match away from Sierra and takes command.

Suzette grabs hold of Sierra and surprises her by dropping down to her knees and dragging Sierra over her shoulder tossing her to the floor.

“I’m waiting for you to show me lucky girl!!!” taunts Suzette as she drives herself full length atop Suzette. Sierra lets out a sort of grunt/moan as Suzette drives her hip and lower belly down into Sierra’s chest and upper belly area. The crowd lets out cries to both fighters supporting their efforts and implore Sierra to escape and Suzette to finish her.

After positioning herself squarely atop Sierra, Suzette slides her legs around her opponent’s head and applies a head scissor. Sierra quickly grabs at Suzette’s thighs working to pull them apart as much as she can to avoid Suzette fully locking a tight scissor hold on her head. NNNNGGHHH groans out Sierra as Suzette squeezes and wiggles trying to position herself to fully lock in her hold. The officiator calls out “2 minutes have expired — 2 minutes remaining!!!”

As Suzette gets her legs locked onto Sierra, she fails to notice Sierra’s counterattack coming as her opponent snakes her legs up and applies an identical head scissor hold on Suzette. UNNHHHH groans out a surprised Suzette as she finds herself trapped by the same hold she is applying on Sierra. Both fighters squeeze the other as the mutual head scissor battle erupts with each trying to outlast the other.

With Sierra surprised and stunned after being tossed to the floor, Suzette slides over the top of her opponent and applies a reverse head scissor hold on Sierra.
Suzette is a little to aggressive and Sierra traps her in a head scissors as well. The two fighters squeeze one another’s heads as they apply the mutual head scissors.

As the two fighters squeeze one another, Sierra is able to twist and roll them onto their sides where each tries to crush the other. The battle for control is fierce as each have incredibly strong legs and are intent on squeezing the fight out of the other. After a prolonged mutual scissor hold, Sierra is able to slip her head free and force Suzette’s leg off of her. The crowd roars its approval as Sierra now tries to crush the fight from her opponent. The officiator calls out “3 minutes expired 1 minute remaining in the round!!!”

“SUBMIT!!” yells out Sierra and Suzette responds with NNNGGGHHH. “I SAID SUBMI OOOFFFFF!!!!” flies from Sierra’s mouth as she tries to demand a surrender and her words are cut short. As Sierra demands a surrender, Suzette drives her fist into her belly. The blow catches Sierra by surprise and she gasps out loudly resulting in Suzette landing several more short choppy jabs. OOOFFFF OHHHH gasps out Sierra as she tries to keep her legs locked on Suzette’s head.

Suzette is finally able to push free of the scissor and forces Sierra to roll back some from the punches. The Texan rolls into her opponent landing several more punches and shoves a knee into Sierra’s chest as she forces Sierra to gasp and grunt to catch her breath.

Sierra rolls Suzette to her side and is able to slip her head free while she continues to squeeze away on Suzette’s head.
Sierra’s advantage is short-lived as the two battle away on their sides. Suzette drives a nasty punch into Sierra’s body after slipping her own head free of Sierra’s strong thighs.

Suzette follow up on her advantage and rolls Sierra to her back and straddles her opponent. Knowing that time is short, Suzette hooks Sierra’s leg and goes to work raking her nails across her opponent’s belly and chest area. The attack drives a gasping yelp from Sierra as she struggles to catch her breath and at the same time is tortured by Suzette’s dirty tactics.

Suzette pins Sierra to the floor and twists her leg as she punishes Sierra.

“Give it up!!!” growls out Suzette as she rips away at her opponent keeping Sierra pinned to the floor. Her demand is met with groans of pain as Sierra refuses to surrender the match. Suzette, knowing time is running short rakes her nails across Sierra’s belly and delivers a couple quick jabs to the belly button before the officiator can end the round. “TIME!!!!” yells out the officiator “STOP STOP NOW!!!” The crowd cheers loudly as Suzette drops Sierra’s legs and then sits back shoving her ass down into Sierra’s face. MPPPHHHHH comes from under Suzette as she slowly pushes up and climbs off her opponent.

“It’s only a matter of time” taunts Suzette as she walks slowly away from Sierra to the cheers of the fans. “Yet again — this bitch is lucky the timer saved her!!” yells out Suzette to the fans in the apartment as she enjoys their cheers.

Suzette stands over a gasping Sierra after the second round comes to an end.

With both fighters back on their feet and waiting for the 3rd round to begin, the officator calls out “we are almost to the start of the round. Round 3 will last four minutes.  If anyone submits in this round the winner will be declared.”  With the timer on the rest period expiring, the officiator calls out “FIGHT!!!”

The third round gets underway with Suzette moving quickly across the floor to launch at attack on Sierra. Sierra reaches out to grab hold of Suzette, but her opponent launches a quick punch to Sierra’s chest catching her off guard. Before Sierra can respond, Suzette grabs her by the hair and drives a knee into her midsection forcing a loud OOOOFFFFFF from Sierra. “Gonna finish it right here!!!” yells out Suzette as the fans in the room cheer on their fighter.

Suzette launches a quick attack on Sierra catching her with a knee to the belly as she tries to take charge of the 3rd round and punish Sierra.

“FUHHH YOU!!!” gasps out Sierra as she grabs hold of Suzette and tries to overpower her and put an end to the attack. Unable to continue trying to land a blow on Sierra, Suzette is forced to grab hold of Sierra in return and counter her attack. The two grunt and groan out as they struggle to overpower the other.

Suzette manages to force Sierra back into the wall and presses her back to the wall as she slides her body close to Sierra’s to pin her opponent. “You can’t beat me!!!” growls out Suzette as she tries to intimidate and mentally attack Sierra. Sierra grunts in response as she tries to shake Suzette’s head side to side. The officiator calls out “60 seconds have expired and we have 3 minutes remaining in the round!”

Suzette mashes Sierra into the wall as she puts pressure on her opponent’s neck with a hand under her chin.

“Get off me!!!” grunts Sierra as each of the fighters struggles to gain control of their opponent near the wall. Suzette leans back slightly and then shoves forward banging Sierra into the wall from a short distance forcing out a groan from Sierra. NNGGGHHH!!! “Submit it you know you can’t last much longer!!!’ hisses out Suzette as the crowd cheers loudly encouraging their fighter.

Suzette shuffles back slightly again to repeat the bounce off the wall, but this time Sierra is ready for the repeat attempt. As Suzette starts to shift her momentum back towards Sierra, she slides slightly to the side and brings her knee up catching an unprepared Suzette with a surprise shot to her belly. Suzette’s momentum forward to try and bounce Sierra off the wall only adds to the impact as she lets out a loud OOOOOFFFF!!!!

Sierra uses Suzette’s momentum against her as she unwisely tries to repeat the prior attack resulting in Suzette taking a hard knee to the belly.

The crowd goes wild as Suzette’s legs buckle and she drops to her knees. Sierra grabs her by the hair and quickly spins her around as she secures a grip on her gasping opponent. The knee seems to have really hit Suzette hard as she gasps trying to catch her breath.

Sierra wastes no time as she traps Suzette in her grasp and thumps her left knee into Suzette’s low back with a THUDDD sound. Suzette grimaces in pain as she takes the blow to her unprotected back. As Suzette flails around trying to shake Sierra off of her backside, Sierra grabs her chin and yanks back on Suzette to keep her trapped. The officiator calls out “2 minutes have expired and we have 2 minutes remaining in the round!”

Sierra follows up her knee to the belly with a couple knees to the low back as she has Suzette out of sorts and on the defensive.

“Now who is all finished!!!” hisses out Sierra as she drops to the floor yanking Suzette down onto her ass. The Texan moans out as Sierra continues to punish her at this point. Sierra yanks Suzette’s head back by the hair and shakes her neck roughly side to side to keep her off balance and on the defensive. Suzette cries out in pain as she is roughly yanked around.

Using the distraction of the hair pulling, Sierra finishes her attack by slipping her legs around her trapped opponent’s midsection and applies a crushing body scissors. OOOOHHHHH gasps out Suzette as she suddenly feels the intense pressure of Sierra’s legs on her body. “Break free!!!’ yells out a worried Suzette fan.

“Give it up!!! You know my legs are too strong for you!!!” taunts Sierra as she continues to apply the pressure to Suzette. UUUNNHHHH moans out Suzette as she pulls at Sierra’s legs and claws at her calf trying to force her way free. “NNN!!! Nooooo!!!” groans out Suzette in response to the surrender demand. Suzette’s struggles maybe loosen the hold slightly, but Sierra continues to pour on the pressure as she controls Suzette and squeezes her.

Sierra locks her legs around Suzette’s ribs from behind and squeezes with all her strength.

After spending what seemed like an eternity in the scissor hold, Suzette is able to finally slip free of the hold. The officiator calls out “30 seconds remain!!” Suzette tries to spin around to face Sierra, but her movements are sluggish and Sierra prevents her from turning.

Suzette escapes the scissor hold after a prolonged crushing of her body.

Sierra quickly pivots and slings Suzette to the floor trying to drive her to her back. “Let’s see if you can survive this!!!” snaps out Sierra as she starts to mount her downed opponent. Suzette grabs at Sierra and slows her movement to prevent her from climbing atop her. Sierra struggles to slip past Suzette’s leg knowing she only has a few seconds to work with. Just as Sierra slides the leg out her way, the officiator calls out “BREAK — BREAK IT UP!!!” as the round comes to a close.

Sierra takes Suzette to the floor and starts to mount her in an attempt to end the fight in the third round. Her attack fails to end the match as time expires on her efforts.

As the rest break comes to a close and the fighters both ready, the officiator announces “the rest period is about to expire.” The officiator continues Round 4 will last four minutes.  If anyone submits in this round the winner will be declared.”  As the rest period ends, the officiator calls out “FIGHT!!!”

The fourth round begins with both girls moving purposefully towards the other. As they come together they simply grab one another and begin to struggle to overpower the other. The fatigue factor seems to be setting in as both fighters gasp and grunt as they struggle to overcome their opponent.

The fourth round gets underway with both fighters grabbing hold of the other and trying to overpower their opponent. The fighters grunt and gasp out as they struggle briefly. Sierra seems to be overpowering Suzette, but the Texan tries to hold her own.

As Suzette begins to sense Sierra is starting to overpower her, she tries to twist and yank Sierra by the hair to pull her off balance. Sierra shifts her feet and slides slightly with the momentum and Suzette fails to achieve her goal of unbalancing her. “Bitch!!!” hisses out Sierra as her hair is yanked and pulled in the effort.

With Suzette now out of position from her effort, Sierra plows hard into her and sends her stumbling and toppling over. Suzette lands on her ass on the sofa behind her which helps her avoid the harsh fall to the floor. “Fuhhhh . . .” grunts out Suzette, but before she can finish her phrase Sierra plans a foot right in her chest and kicks her. OOOOOOHHHHHH moans out Suzette as the foot solidly thumps into her body.

Sierra forces Suzette to tumble onto her ass on the sofa before planting a hard shot to her chest.

Suzette topples to her side as she clutches her chest and cries out in pain from the attack. The crowd cheers loudly as Sierra takes control of the action in the early stages of the round. Not wasting any time, Sierra grabs hold of Suzette and flips her sideways. Using her arm and leg, Sierra bends Suzette and shoves a hard knee into her back for added leverage.

“I’ll break you if you don’t give up!!!” snaps out Sierra. Suzette lets out a loud moan and forces out “Nooooooo” as Sierra continues to bend her back and stretch her out across her knee. Sierra leans back and pulls hard shifting Suzette towards the edge of the sofa.

Sierra grabs a flailing Suzette and flips her to her side as she bends her leg and drives a knee into her back.

With another hard tug that forces a scream of AAAEIIIIIIIIEEEOOOWWW from Suzette, Sierra yanks her opponent over the edge of the sofa and Suzette ends up half on and half off the sofa. “Have it your way!!” hisses out Suzette as she drags Suzette fully onto her knees and spread onto the couch.

With Suzette trapped between her legs, Sierra grabs Suzette by the hair and leans forward. “See how this works for you!!!” taunts Sierra as she presses her weight forward and mashes Suzette’s face into the cushion of the sofa. MMMPPPHHH MPPPHHHHH comes from Suzette as her air supply is suddenly cut off as she is smothered in the soft cushion of the sofa.

Sierra drags Suzette onto her face and mounts her opponent mashing her face into the cushions depriving her of air.

After several moments of smother Suzette, Sierra yanks her opponent off the sofa and flings her to the floor in front of her. UNNNNHHHH moans out Suzette as she lays there on her back not showing much of a sign of trying to fight back now. Her chest heaves up and down as she tries to desperately catch her breath after the smothering on the sofa.

Sierra drops down and pins her to the floor immobilizing Suzette in case she had any thoughts of trying to resist. “Give it up!!!” hisses Sierra as she grabs Suzette by the arm and yanks it back holding Suzette exposed to her next attack. When Suzette is silent, Sierra thumps two quick punches into Suzette ‘s right breast mashing it flat twice in rapid succession. Suzette screams out in pain from the attack in a hoarse voice from lack of air in her body.

“NOW!!!” snaps out Sierra as she reaches down and taps the same breast “or I destroy it!!!” Suzette cries out “NO MORE!!! NO MORE!!! I SUBMIT!!!!” The crowd cheers loudly as Sierra releases Suzette’s arm and leans down and whispers something to Suzette before sliding off of Suzette.

Sierra pins Suzette to the floor and drives several punches into Suzette’s breast forcing her to submit the match.

The officiator calls out “with a submission at 2 minutes and 40 seconds in the fourth round your winner — SIERRA!!!” Sierra raises her arms as she tiredly celebrates her win over Suzette as the battered Texan lies on the floor in front of her.

Sierra celebrates her win over a dejected and hurting Suzette.

Sierra rises to her feet to work her way slowly through the crowd to celebrate her victory. Suzette is tended to and quietly removed to her bedroom as Sierra receives the congratulations of the crowd. Sierra is now set to face Callie for the AWC World Championship at Night of the Champions.