Apartment Wrestling Match No. 92 – Britta versus Keisha

Welcome to Night of the Champions! The first preliminary match features Britta and Keisha. They have both struggled in the AWC. Each is looking to get a solid win to their name. Tonight one of them will get her first AWC win while the other is sent home disappointed. Which fighter turns things around at the expense of the other?

Britta (5’8 128 pounds 26 y/o) lives a few hours from Brisbane Australia on the coast.  Britta is a social worker working for a charitable organization.  She is a big surfer and outdoors fanatic.  She hikes, bikes, and gets her exercise outside.  Britta’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My conditioning is great.  I’m strong and athletic.  I won’t tolerate another woman thinking she is better than me.   I am a mean fighter and this won’t be the first time I have fought another woman to show who is dominant.”


Keisha (5’6 121lbs 22 y/o) lives in Washington, D.C.  She is newly married and a student at Georgetown studying political science.  She hopes to attend law school after wrapping up her undergraduate degree.  Keisha is an avid tennis player and stays in shape by playing tennis several times a week.   She and her husband enjoy outdoor activities and like to bike and hike whenever they have the time.  Keisha’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitor by nature.  I feed off of the competition and I love to crush other’s spirit when I win.  I’m mentally tough and that will make me a great fighter.  I don’t quit – ever!!!” 


Both fighters enter tonight’s match up focused on one goal — getting their first win in the AWC. With her pride on the line tonight, Britta represents the Pacific Club as Keisha comes into the match fighting for the East Coast Club. This first match at night of the champions may seem like a snoozer, but you can count on both these AWC fighters to come out and battle hard for that first win of their careers. This match looks to be pretty even on paper. I look for this one to be a competitive match where either of these fighters could get the win.

Let’s go to the apartment as the officiator has just finished introducing the fighters and presenting the two fighters with the rules.  Tonight’s first match will be a one fall fight with the first to submit to the other losing the fight.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that closed fist blows to the head will not be allowed and there will be no time limit.

Britta and Keisha are introduced to the rowdy crowd as they prepare to do battle on the championship undercard. Britta has sworn that she will defeat the American fighter tonight and claim victory. Keisha has made the same claim. With both fighters appearing ready, the officiator signals the start of the match.
Britta goes on the offensive in the opening moments of the match as she drives her body into Keisha planting her shoulder in the ebony beauty’s belly. The loud OOOOOOOFFFFFF sound resounds in the Apartment as the slender blonde takes her opponent to the floor with a textbook tackle.
The blonde Aussie attempts to mount her opponent, but Keisha will have none of it. The blonde is stopped cold in her tracks and Keisha uses her power to flip the slender blonde to the floor just as suddenly as she herself was tackled.
YYYAAAAHHHH screams out Keisha as she goes on the attack. The wild start to the fight continues as Keisha climbs atop Britta and begins to unload powerful punches into the blonde’s belly. OOOOMMMPPPP UNNNGGGHHHH grunts out Britta as she struggles to wrap up Keisha to bring the attack to a stop.
Keisha follows up on the advantage created by her series of powerful punches to Britta’s body. Before the blonde is able to fight free, Keisha drives herself atop the blonde and slams her ass into her chest repeatedly as she traps the blonde’s head between her legs. Britta lets out repeated gasps as Keisha continues to punish her opponent. “Surrender to me!!!!’ screams out Keisha as the blonde struggles underneath her failing to fight free.
With Britta failing to submit, Keisha grabs her by the hair and rolls off to the side yanking the blonde along with her. With cat like quickness, Keisha traps the Aussie in a nasty head scissor hold as she continues to punish her opponent. Britta weakly struggles to break free without success. After several moments of having her head crushed between Keisha’s powerful thighs, Britta taps her hands repeatedly on Keisha’s backside to surrender.
Another view of Keisha crushing Britta in a head scissor that forced the blonde to submit.
Keisha stands over the battered blonde to celebrate her victory.

Britta’s surrender of the match comes quickly as Keisha is able to turn the tables after Britta got off to a good start to the fight. The Australian blonde appeared overmatched tonight as Keisha dominated the match delivering a serious beatdown to the blonde. Britta’s tap out submission at the 4 minute and 40 second mark gives Keisha her first win in the AWC.

After a short break we will return to the apartment for the next match at Night of the Champions featuring Lola and Luisa.