Apartment Wrestling Match No. 93 – Lola versus Luisa

Luisa believes she deserves a shot at the AWC Title. So she was invited to the Night of the Champions to see what she can do. Some say she hasn’t faced a solid opponent yet. Well Lola will give her that opportunity. The blonde is still upset about her loss to Raine which may have cost her a chance to fight for the West Coast title.

Lola (5’4 124 lbs 18 y/o) lives in a small community outside Portland.  She is currently a student at Portland State taking her basic general education requirements.  When she isn’t in class, she works a part-time job as a hostess at a local restaurant.  She loves outdoor activities and ran track in high school.  She is in great shape and hopes to make some extra money for college by fighting in the Club.  In high school, Lola dated a member of the wrestling team and they used to spar for fun.  Lola’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m pretty tough.  I wrestled a lot with my boyfriend and I had some fights in high school.  I didn’t lose so that has to count for something.  If you cross me I will beat your ass.  I have a dominant personality and I love new adventures.”


Luisa (5’6 130 lbs 25 y/o) lives near Caracas, Venezuela.  She is somewhat of a local celebrity and the mistress of a reputed drug lord.  She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym and in the clubs partying.  She has had her fair share of fights in order to defend her turf and social status.  Luisa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am a nasty, mean, spiteful, dominating bitch.  I take what I want and leave people in my way in ruins.  Fighting is part of life.  None of these weak sluts are tough enough to take me on!”


Welcome back to Night of the Champions. This next match up should be intriguing. Luisa comes into this match undefeated with a 3-0 record. She has been very vocal about being excluded from the AWC Championship series and her goal tonight is to steamroll Lola and state her claim for a title shot. Obviously Lola has other ideas. Lola enters tonight’s match at 2-2 after suffering a very bad loss at Raine’s hands. A win tonight reinserts Lola into title consideration in the West Coast Club. Tempers have flared with both fighters calling out the other on social media and at every opportunity in the pre-fight events leading up to the Night of the Champions.

Let’s check in now as the officiator has just finished introducing the fighters and presenting the two fighters with the rules.  This match will be a one fall fight with the first to submit to the other losing the fight.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed and there will be no time limit.

Lola and Luisa are introduced to the crowd as they await the start of their match. “I’m gonna kick your ass and destroy you!!” yells out Luisa from across the room. Her threat fuels a round of loud cheering and yelling from the crowd. Lola waits for the crowd to settle a bit and then yells back “you go ahead and try bitch!!!” The officiator seeing everyone is ready gives the command “FIGHT!!”
Both fighters rush at the other and they slam into one another with a loud THUMP!!! Each fighter buries her hands in her opponent and they immediately struggle to gain control of the other. Grunts and groans come from the fighters as they move in a tight circle on the floor struggling to gain an advantage over their opponent. “Come on bitch!!!” hisses out Lola as they struggle.
“Fuck you!!!” growls out Luisa just as Lola yanks her off balance. With both hands in Luisa’s hair, Lola is able to pull herself free and yanks her opponent by the hair attempting to throw her off balance and to the floor. “You’re done for!!!” yells out Lola as she twists and yanks Luisa’s hair. UNNNNGGGGHHH groans out Luisa as her neck is twisted violently.
Lola fails to drag Luisa off her feet and the Latin hellcat breaks free of Lola’s grasp. Before the blonde can regrip Luisa’s hair, Luisa deflects her arms up and away from her hair as she drives the blonde backwards. ‘Not this time puta!!” hisses out Luisa.
“Get back down there!!” yells out Lola as she wins the struggle and yanks Luisa off balance by her hair. “I’m gonna rip your hair out and make you beg for mercy!!” screams out Lola as she attempts to intimidate her opponent.
After a brief struggle, Luisa hooks Lola’s leg and yanks her up and off balance while the blonde continues to yank at her opponent’s hair as she suddenly struggles to keep her balance. “Now who is the boss!!!” yells out Luisa as she drives Lola back keeping her off balance.
Luisa drives Lola back and bangs her into the wall with a THUMP. The blonde quickly tries to push free as Luisa leans into her and captures her arms. The two struggle for control again as neither wants to be controlled by the other. The loud grunts and groans of the two fighters resounds throughout the apartment.
Lola manages to hook Luisa’s head and drag her into a face lock style hold as the two continue to struggle for control. The blonde adds to her attack by landing several hooking punches into Luisa’s exposed ribs forcing her to grunt out in pain.
Lola forces Luisa to her knees in front of her as she tries to follow-up on her advantage. Her opponent is quick to respond as she unloads several quick punches into Lola’s belly before the blonde can secure a good hold on her. The blows force grunts of pain from Lola as the battle seesaws back and forth.
Lola absorbs the series of punches to her belly and retaliates by bringing her knee up and slamming it directly into Luisa’s chest. The dark-haired fighter is caught completely by surprise by the blow and flops back onto the floor gasping for breath from the hard shot to her chest. “Fuck you bitch!!!” yells out Lola as she suddenly is standing over her fallen opponent.
With Luisa stunned and splayed out on her back in front of Lola, the blonde seizes the opportunity and yanks Luisa’s foot up into her grasp. Stepping forward Lola unloads several stomping like kicks into Luisa’s chest and belly. OOOOHHHH UUNNNNHHH OOOOFFFFF comes from Luisa as she is pummeled by Lola. “Not so tough now huh!!!” yells out Lola!
Lola drops the leg and steps over the top of her opponent before driving a knee into her belly as she comes to the floor. Pinning Luisa’s arms and controlling her opponent, Lola puts the latin in a bad spot. The crowd cheers loudly as Lola begins to unload punches to Luisa’s chest causing cries of pain from the helpless latin. “You’re done for!!!” taunts Lola as she begins to shift her body.
Dropping to the floor, Lola grabs her gasping and moaning opponent by the hair and yanks her head between her legs applying a tight head scissors. In a matter of moments, Luisa begins to tap out her surrender on the blonde’s leg. Lola holds her just a moment longer before opening her legs and rolling free of her battered opponent.
Lola stand over a battered Luisa and claims her victory to the cheers of the fans in the apartment. “Guess you weren’t as tough as you thought PUTA!!!” taunts Lola as she celebrates her win.

What a match!!! That one seemed like it could have gone either way until Lola took control and just battered Luisa. There was no coming back from that series of knees, kicks, and punches. Lola sure demonstrated that she is a contender in the West Coast Club. Luisa will have to get back in the apartment and get some wins before staking a claim to a title fight after this one. I’m sure she is disappointed. The official surrender came at the 11 minute and 20 second mark as Lola gets the win.

After a short break we will return to the apartment for the next match at Night of the Champions featuring Tracy and Wendy.