Apartment Wrestling Match No. 95 – European Title Fight Alessandra versus Sara

Alessandra enters this title defense after being thoroughly dominated and beaten by Drury in their tournament match. Sara has been on a winning streak and looks at this as her long overdue opportunity to take the European Championship.

Alessandra (5’8 135 pounds 24 y/o) lives near Madrid.  Alessandra works as a marketing consultant for an international business with offices around the world.  She frequently travels for work.  She is a former soccer player and spends a considerable amount of time in the gym working out, particularly when she travels.  Alessandra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Domination.  I have dominated opponents in sports and in my job.  I always play to win and refuse to lose.”


Sara (5’6 120 lbs 23 y/o) lives in Romania on the Black Sea coast.  Sara is a part-time student and is about to complete her education.  She sometimes helps out in her family’s business.  She usually finds time to work out almost every day and enjoys spending time with friends at the clubs in town.  Sara loves to win at everything she does and doesn’t intend to allow anyone to embarrass her.  Sara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitive person!  I am quick and in good shape.  I will train hard and make my opponents admit in the end that I’m the better woman.”


Welcome back to Night of the Champions. This next match up features a battle for the European Club Championship. Alessandra enters this title defense after being thoroughly dominated and beaten by Drury in their tournament match. Sara has been on a winning streak and looks at this as her long overdue opportunity to take the European Championship. These two have exchanged some very ugly words through social media leading up to this fight. Both these fighters have something to prove in this match.

These two have been chomping at the bit to get into the Apartment and get this fight started. This should be a heck of a good fight. Alessandra had overpowered her European opponents and looked like a strong contender in the AWC until she met Drury. She absolutely got whipped in her last match by Drury. Tonight she is looking to bounce back. Sometimes a loss like that can be hard to shake. Sara on the other hand comes in on the heels of a strong win. Sara has experienced a couple losses, but she is confident coming into this match. It’s a hard fight to predict. If Alessandra hadn’t been thrashed by Drury I think she would be a strong pick tonight. You just never know how a loss like that last one can throw off the mental game. For that reason, this one is too close to call.

Let’s check in now as the officiator has just finished introducing the fighters and presenting the two fighters with the rules.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends the officiator will call for a break and the match will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed.

Alessandra and Sara awaiting the start of the match. Sara glances over at Alessandra and smirks prompting the Spanish fighter to call out “What’s your problem bitch??” Sara continues to smirk and then responds “You embarrassed us by letting Drury dominate you!! Tonight I’m stripping you of three things!!” hisses out Sara. “Fuck you you can’t count that high you dumb bitch!” snarls Alessandra as Sara continues. “First your bikini, then your pride, then your title!!! I will take them all!!!” As the fighters appear ready to begin whether the matches is underway or not, the officiator steps away and calls out “Ladies you may now begin — FIGHT!!!”
The two move quickly across the room and immediately go straight for their opponent’s hair as they try to seize control of this fight in the early moments. “I’ll kick your ass!!!” hisses out Alessandra as she tries to pull Sara off balance. Sara quickly retaliates with hard yanking of her own as she snaps back “I’ll rip you apart bitch!!!” The crowd roars out its approval as the fight quickly escalates.
Alessandra yanks Sara off balance and takes advantage of her opportunity to land a hard slap to Sara’s chest. The slap forces a yelp of pain from Sara and the crowd cheers wildly as Alessandra appears to be taking control of the fight in the earlier moments. “You are going to pay for all your insults bitch!!!” yells out Alessandra and she raises her arm and prepares to slap Sara again. “You will beg me tonight you mouthy whore!!!” yells out Alessandra.
Sara battles back and forces Alessandra to lean back under Sara’s counterattack. “Get off my hair!!!” yells out Sara as she shoves her hand into Alessandra’s face and claws at her opponent. Alessandra swings a wild slap at Sara’s face that connects with a loud flesh on flesh WHHHAAPPP sound. “Get your hand out of my face!!!” snarls Alessandra as the fighting intensifies.
The back and forth fighting continues as the fighters continue to recklessly throw punches and slaps at one another. Sara ducks under one of Alessandra’s high punches and lands a hard shot on her opponent’s exposed belly forcing a loud OOOOOOFFFF from Alessandra.
Moments later in the battle, Alessandra leans back and manages to catch an unprepared Sara with a quick kick to her exposed belly. Sara’s attempt to block the kick comes late and only manages to absorb some of the force before Alessandra’s foot landed on her belly.
After hard back and forth fighting, Sara is able to catch Alessandra’s leg forcing her opponent to struggle to maintain her balance. With Alessandra on the defensive Sara lands several damaging blows to her opponent ranging from punches into Alessandra’s low back and kidneys as well as a sharp knee to the groin area. Alessandra cries out in pain from the shots. Sara repeated several times “I’ll beat you until you are a wreck!!”
Alessandra drops her knees gasping from the attacks on her body by Sara. The crowd cheers out its approval as Sara continues to punish her downed opponent. “You embarrass us!! Now I humiliate you!!!” yells out Sara as she circles her opponent before landing a hard kick into her back. “SUBMIT TO ME!!!” screams out Sara as her opponent groans out in pain.
NNNNOOOO!!! groans out Alessandra in response to Sara’s demands. With no submission forthcoming, Sara quickly drops down and hooks her opponent’s chin allowing her to bend Alessandra back onto her knees. UNNNNHHH moans out Alessandra as her back is painfully stretched over her opponent’s knees. “How about it bitch!!!” hisses out Sara as she renews her demands for Alessandra to surrender the fight.
With Alessandra refusing to submit the match, Sara rotates back and grabs her opponent by the hair. UNNNHHHH moans out Alessandra as she is drug back between Sara’s legs. Moving quickly and decisively, Sara snaps her legs around Alessandra’s neck and locks her ankle under her knee. OOOOOOHHHHH moans out Alessandra as Sara begins to bear down. “Now who is the weak bitch!!!!” hisses out Sara as she tries to force a surrender from Alessandra in the latter stages of the match. The officiator calls out “TIME HAS EXPIRED IN THE ROUND RELEASE THE HOLD”

“Oh my that was a tough finish to that first fall for Alessandra. She really took some nasty punishment and seemed to be saved by the end of the round. Sara is looking very confident after almost forcing a surrender in the first round. Alessandra needs to get off to a good start in the second round or she could be facing another bitter loss. Sara needs to be careful that she doesn’t underestimate her opponent after she gets this short break to catch her breath. Let’s go back to our officiator”

Sara climbs to her feet and confidently stands over her downed opponent. “Lucky bitch!!! The timer saved you from be forced to beg me for mercy!!! You are all washed up!!! The championship will be mine shortly!!!” Alessandra catches her breath and ignores her opponent’s taunts as the crowd is loud with cheers and conversation about what happened in the first fall and what is coming next. The officiator calls out for the fighters to get ready for the start of the second fall. Once the fighters are ready, the officiator calls out “ROUND 2 — FIGHT!!!”
As the second fall gets underway Alessandra manages to overpower Sara and yank her off balance. “You’re gonna pay for running your mouth bitch!!!” yells out Alessandra as she grips her opponent by the hair and drags her bent over. Alessandra quickly hooks Sara’s right arm and twists it back behind her causing Sara to cry out in pain. “Let go of me!!!” hisses out Sara as Alessandra tries to add to the pressure on her arm.
Sara is able to slip free of Alessandra’s hold and quickly pops upright and slams her body into an unprepared Alessandra. OOOOHHHNNN moans out Alessandra as Sara puts her shoulder directly into her exposed chest and belly. “I’ll demolish you!!!” cries out Sara as she goes on the attack. The hard blow to the body drives Alessandra staggering back and Sara pursues her opponent trying to capture her before she can recover.
With Alessandra gasping for breath, Sara hooks her arms around her and traps her in a face lock. “Give up or I choke you to death!!!” snarls out Sara. Alessandra pushes at her opponent trying to pull free of the hold as sounds of her laboring to breath fill the apartment. Sara tightens her grip on Alessandra’s throat as she continues to keep her short of air. ACCCKKK AGGHHHH NGGGGGHHHHH NOOOOOO! gasps and grunts out Alessandra.
After pushing and struggling for several moments, Alessandra manages to pop her head free and comes upright. “YOU” gasp “BITCH!!!” pants out Alessandra as she raises upright. Her comments are met with several hard stinging slaps to her face as she is unprepared after slipping out of the hold. WHAAAP WHAPPPP WHAPPPP resounds through the apartment as Alessandra appears stunned by the slapping attack to her face.
Sara continues her assault on Alessandra as the Spanish fighter absorbs multiple stunning slaps to the face and chest. Alessandra throws her arms up and tries to defend herself, but Sara blasts through her defenses to continue the punishment. “You’re finished bitch!!!” yells out Sara as Alessandra cries out in pain. Sara follows up her attack with a hard knee to the groin catching Alessandra unable to defend herself. UNNNNHHHHH moans out Alessandra as her legs buckle and she starts to double over.
“We are just getting started finishing you bitch!!!!” yells out Sara as she rips her opponent’s bikini top from her body. “I promised to humiliate you and now you will beg me!!!!” growls out Sara as she grabs Alessandra by her breast and yanks on it causing a loud scream of pain from Alessandra. AAAIIIIEEEEEE echoes through the Apartment and Alessandra drops to her knees. “NOOOOO” cries out Alessandra as she tries to suffer through the punishment.
“Come here!!!’ growls out Sara as she wraps her arm around Alessandra resuming her choking attack. Alessandra gaps for air and flails weakly as Sara throttles her. AGGGGHHHH gasps out Alessandra as her chest heaves up and down again trying to desperately pull air into her body. “You ready to give me the title yet???” taunts Sara as she pulls her opponent backwards.
Sara drops to the floor and pulls Alessandra into her grip as she scissors and traps her arms. “Now I can see your pretty little submissive face!!!” teases Sara as she forces Alessandra to look her in the eyes. Sara reaches down and tweaks Alessandra’s nipple forcing her to cry out in pain. YOOOOWWWW “Leave me alone!!!” pants out Alessandra. Sara yanks her head side to side using her hair. “That’s not begging me to have mercy!!!” snaps Sara angrily. The officiator calls out “90 seconds remaining!” “I want to hear you say it now!!!” snarls out Sara as she yanks and tugs at Alessandra’s hair causing her neck to twist and forcing screams of pain from her opponent. AAAIIIEEEOOOWWWWW sounds throughout the Apartment.
“Please!!!” moans out Alessandra as Sara begins to shift positions. Disengaging herself from Alessandra, Sara yanks her opponent down onto her back. “Please what???” teases Sara as she slides her body atop her gasping and moaning opponent. Before Alessandra can reply, Sara drops her ass onto Alessandra’s face. MMMMPPPHHHH spits out Alessandra as her ability to communicate is temporarily shut off by Sara’s firm ass. “I know you want to give me that title!!!” hisses out Sara as she slides one hand down and claws her fingers into Alessandra’s bikini bottom while using her other hand to grip and lightly squeeze her opponent’s naked breast. MMMPPPPPHHHH becomes even more frantic as Sara tortures her battered opponent causing her to tap her hand on her backside. The officiator seeing the tapping calls out “THAT’S IT!!! WE HAVE A SUBMISSION!!!”
Sara slides her ass up off of Alessandra’s face and looks down over her body at her disheveled hair and red face. “I want to hear you tell us who won and who is the champion!!! Convince me to release you!!!” Alessandra moans out as the crowd cheers in support of Sara and her win. “You win — I submit — Please no more please!!!” pants and gasps Alessandra as Sara raises her arms and smirks at her beaten opponent. “Who is the Champion???” demands Sara as the officiator steps in closer. “Sara is the champion” moans out Alessandra as Sara continues to raise her arms and flex as she sits atop her beaten opponent. The officiator calls out “YOUR WINNER AND NEW EUROPEAN CLUB CHAMPION — SARA!!!!!”

As Sara rises off of her opponent and begins to circulate through the room accepting the praise of the crowd, the audio faces out to the announcers. That was a tough loss for Alessandra. My gosh it went the wrong direction for her and Sara went after her with no mercy giving the former champion no chance to get back into the fight. Sara has got to be super happy with that win tonight. I know she really prefers to humiliate her opponents and Alessandra sure did have her fired up, but the officiator was only giving her so much room to work. I bet the rest of the fighters in the European Club are looking at this and trying to get in line for their shot at the belt. Alessandra had been a pretty dominant champion, but that is all over now. Now it remains to be seen if Sara is on her way to the same kind of reign or if the next challenger gives her the same treatment she just gave Alessandra.

After a short break we will return to the apartment for the Pacific Club title fight at Night of the Champions. So far not a good start for the champions.