Apartment Wrestling Match No. 96 – Pacific Club Title Fight Bao versus Peyat

Bao has solidly beaten every fighter in the Pacific Club she has faced. Her only loss came to a much larger Sierra in the tournament. Peyat’s fighting style is unlike anything Bao has faced before. This matchup features two Pacific Club lightweights battling for the Club title. Peyat turned down an opportunity to participate in the World lightweight tournament because this is the title she wanted to hold.

Bao (5’3 114 pounds 25 y/o) lives near Hong Kong.  Bao is a former gymnast and currently is the wife of a Chinese government official.  She loves to compete still and works out regularly in her studio.  She is extremely strong and well-conditioned.  Bao’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My body is just as strong now as it ever was.  I work hard at staying flexible and powerful.  I will crush opponents in a fight like I crushed opponents in competitions when I was younger.”


Peyat (5’2 112lbs 24 y/o) lives in Bangkok.  She works in a small grocery store during the day and in a bar at night.  The rumor is that she has been involved with an underground fighting club that  holds street style fights in various bars and clubs.  She is in very good shape and seems to train in some capacity.  Peyat sees the Club as a way to become a legitimate fighter.  Peyat’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am tough as hell.  I don’t take no bullshit from anyone or anytime.  I like to hurt other women that try to take what is mine.  I will dominate these soft girls.”


Welcome back to Night of the Champions. This next match up features a battle for the Pacific Club Championship. Bao has solidly beaten every fighter in the Pacific Club she has faced. Her only loss came to a much larger Sierra in the tournament. Peyat’s fighting style is unlike anything Bao has faced before. This matchup features two Pacific Club lightweights battling for the Club title. Peyat turned down an opportunity to participate in the World lightweight tournament because this is the title she wanted to hold. We will soon see if she is able to seize the opportunity and take the title away from Bao.

This should be a good fight. Bao has done well and defended her title against some larger opponents. Tonight she is going to be taking on another lightweight that can match her quickness and flexibility. Peyat is a tough fighter and really wanted this shot at the Pacific Club title. Peyat has a good shot at knocking off Bao and taking her title. Bao is the champion for a reason though. She isn’t going to just hand over the belt to Peyat. This promises to be a great battle and sorry to say it’s too close to call.

Let’s check in now as the officiator has just finished introducing the fighters and presenting the two fighters with the rules.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends the officiator will call for a break and the match will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed.

Bao and Peyat awaiting the start of the match.
As the command to begin is given, Bao and Peyat begin to circle and size up their opponent. The crowd starts to become louder as the two feint towards the other and continue to circle looking for an opening to take the early advantage.
The two moves across the floor circling one another as the crowd begins calling out encouragement to the fighters. After a few short moments feeling out their opponent, both Peyat and Bao begin the fight in earnest. Bao goes for Peyat’s hair, but her opponent unloads a hard blow to Bao’s exposed belly forcing a gasp from her opponent.
Bao shakes off the blow to her belly and tugs downward forcing Peyat to lean over at her middle. Bao tries to yank Peyat to the floor and her opponent grabs hold of her lower body as she tries to avoid being forced down. “Give it up” hisses out Peyat. “You will not beat me!!!”
Peyat forces her arms around Bao and manages to wrap her up in a quick bear hug. UNNNNHHHH grunts out Bao as her body is mashed by Peyat and she is lifted off the ground. Bao continues to yank back on Peyat’s head as she tries to force her way out of the bear hug. “Let go!!!” grunts out Peyat as she clenches her teeth and tries to battle through the pain of her hair being yanked back and her neck twisted by Bao.
YAAAAAHHHH!!!! yells out Peyat as she suddenly drops to her knees bringing Bao crashing to the floor. The attack catches Bao by surprise and she hits the floor with a loud crashing sound and begins to gasp for air as the wind is forced from her body by the impact. UNNNNNHHHH NNNNGGGHHHH!!!!
Peyat scrambles to mount Bao and the Chinese fighter throws her arm up to try and block her from being able to climb atop her body. “You’re done!!!” yells out Peyat as she tries to climb atop a struggling and gasping Bao. The crowd cheers wildly as Peyat appears to be potentially in a position to end the fight.
Bao manages to get her legs up to slow down Peyat as her opponent tries to finish the fight. Peyat recognizing that Bao is still able to resist switches her approach and stops trying to climb atop Bao and instead begins to land punches on Bao’s exposed belly. The Chinese fighter gasps out as Peyat lands several blows to her body. THUD THUMP THUD!!! OOOFFFFF UNNNHHH NGGGHHHH!!!!
Peyat turns her weakened opponent to her side and hooks her leg over her as she wraps an arm around her neck. Bao tries to crawl free to Peyat is all over her and captures her in a rudimentary chokehold. At the same time, Peyat swings her fist over the top of her opponent’s body and lands several more blows into Bao’s chest. ACCCCKCKKKKKK gasps out Bao as she is being roughed up and worked over by Peyat. “SUBMIT TO ME!!!” screams out Peyat as she continues to dominate her opponent in the latter stages of the round. Bao refuses to submit and before Peyat can shift her attack the officiator calls out “STOP!!! That is the end of round 1!!!”

“That was sure a close call for Bao. If Peyat had another thirty seconds we might have gotten a submission there. Bao was clearly saved by the end of the round. Peyat is still standing over the champion having some words. That can work to her favor to break the champion’s spirit or it might make Bao angry. We will see when this next round gets started. These two seem to be very evenly matched. It may take a mistake by one of them to spell the end of the fight. Let’s go back to our officiator”

Peyat releases her hold and climbs to her feet standing over her downed opponent. “Lucky bitch!!! I’ll take your title in the next round!!!” Peyat slips back and catches her break while Bao struggles to sit up and catch her breath after the pummeling she took in the latter stages of the round.
As the fighters prepare to start the 2nd round, Peyat smirks and calls out “Come submit to me and give me my title!!!” The crowd lets out a cheer and Bao’s face turns to an angry growl. At the command to begin, the two fighters slam into one another with both yanking and tugging at the others body and hair trying to gain control of the fight. Both fighters grunt and growl at one another as the intense struggle rages for several moments with neither taking the advantage.
Bao yanks Peyat off balance and pulls her into a front face hold and manages to get an arm across her opponent’s throat as well. The hold forces Peyat to gasp for air as she struggles to push free of Bao’s grasp. ACCCCKKKKK gasps out Peyat and Bao releases one hand off her hold and lands a hard slap on Peyat’s back.
As Peyat pushes her head free, Bao is ready for the escape and quickly hooks Peyat’s arm and yanks back and up keeping her opponent bent over and off balance. “Get off me” grunts out Peyat as Bao pulls the arm up and turns Peyat’s head. “You want to fight rough little girl???” hisses out Bao as she quickly maneuvers Peyat’s head and upper body down and towards her own lower body.
With a sudden yank and twist, Bao pulls Peyat’s head between her legs and then yanks her body up as she drops to the floor. They land with a crash as Peyat’s head partially hits the floor and then she falls to her back as Bao shoves her body away from her own. “You think you tough bitch!!! Now you done for!!!” snaps out Bao as she goes on the attack against her stunned opponent.
Bao slides atop her immobile opponent and yanks her leg up holding her in place. After shoving her ass into Peyat’s chest a couple times to keep her pinned and off balance, Bao begins to land punches into Peyat’s belly and groin. “Oh God get off me!!!” cries out Peyat as Bao lands several blows on her opponent. “Give it up!!!” yells out Bao.
Peyat swings her legs up onto Bao’s back and tries to drag Bao out of her position sitting atop her. “Off” gasps out Peyat as she works to break free. Bao quickly forces herself slightly upright before sliding her hand between Peyat’s legs and digging her fingers into Peyat’s crotch area. AAAAIIIIEEE screams out Peyat as Bao claws into her exposed body.
The claw move allows Bao to easily slide free of Peyat’s legs and reposition herself alongside her struggling opponent. Peyat is winded and battered at this point and trying desperately to fight free from Bao to get to the end of the round. “You will surrender!!!” yells out Bao as she traps Peyat again and begins punching her to the chest and belly areas. UNNNNHHHH OOOHHHHH moans out Peyat as her limited resistance fails to help her escape Bao’s assault.
Peyat tries to roll free to slip away from Bao and the Chinese fighter pursues her winded and battered opponent. “You are not going anywhere!!” hisses Bao as she slides atop Peyat’s back and mashes her opponent to the floor. Quickly snaking her arms around Peyat’s neck, Bao applies a choke hold on her opponent and resumes her attack. Peyat gasps and gags as her air supply is cut off again by Bao. AAACCCCKKKK ARGGGGHHHH. Peyat attempts to push her way off the floor, but Bao leans into her and mashes her back down and maintains the choke hold on her opponent. After several moments struggling, Peyat taps the floor as she begins to fade towards being knocked out cold.
Bao drops Peyat to the floor and straddles over her defeated opponent. Peyat collapses onto her chest and heaves for air as Bao smiles broadly and pulls her arms into the air. “You are not good enough to beat me!!!” taunts Bao as she celebrates her victory and hears the officiator call out “The winner and still Pacific Club Champion — BAO!!!!”

“Oh ouch I really feel bad for Peyat. It looked like she had a good chance to take the title from Bao. She got caught with her head down and that pile driver from Bao was really the end of the fight. I will give Peyat credit here, being able to continue the fight for as long as she did after that slam to the floor says a lot about her toughness. Tonight Bao demonstrated that she is an incredibly tough champion to unseat. It may take her deciding to fight for a world title to give someone else in the Pacific Club a chance.”

After a short break we will return to the apartment for the next match at Night of the Champions.