Apartment Wrestling Match No. 98 – East Coast Title Match Molly versus Drury

Molly was upset at her loss to Suzette and returns to the rug to defend the East Coast Club Title. Drury was equally upset by her loss to Callie. This match will see one of them rebound and the other start a losing streak. These fighters are not the losing types.

Molly (5’10 138 pounds 19 y/o) is from a small town in Indiana.  She is going to college in the Chicago area and plays volleyball.  Her friends convinced her to participate in a fundraiser oil wrestling match and she caught the bug.  Her competitive nature drives her to be a winner.  Molly’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Look at me!  I’m in great shape.  I’m strong from my legs to my core to my arms.  I will dominate the Apartment scene!”


Drury (5’2” 115 lbs 20 y/o) lives near Boston although she is originally from Virginia.  She works as a receptionist in a small medical office and as a waitress in a local bar.   She likes to party and hit the local nightclub scene whenever she has a bit of free time.  Drury went to college in Florida before dropping out and moving to Boston.  During her college time she mud and oil wrestled other girls at a frat parties and views herself as a real “ass kicker” that loves a good scrap.  Drury’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m tough as hell.  I don’t take any shit and I back up whatever I say.  Nothing beats getting to kick some girls ass and getting paid for it.”


Welcome back to Night of the Champions. This next match up features a battle for the East Coast Club Championship. The reigning champion comes into tonight’s battle after suffering a hard loss to Suzette in the World Championship tournament. While her opponent Drury, last a bit longer in the World Championship tournament, she too suffered a tough loss to send her home. Drury enters this match tonight after being defeated by Callie in the semifinal match. Tonight will see one of them rebound and the other start a losing streak something very foreign to these two top tier fighters. These fighters are not the losing types so expect this one to be a real war tonight.

This battle is really anyone’s fight to win. Both fighters have strong records and neither have been on the losing end much. The real question is where are these two mentally. Anything could happen tonight. This might be a hard fought and long battle between two top fighters. It could just as easily be a one-sided domination if one of these two is still suffering from the lingering effects of their previous losses. This one has the potential to be one of the top matches in AWC history. We are about to find out.

Let’s head to the apartment now as the officiator has just finished introducing the fighters and presenting the two fighters with the rules.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends the officiator will call for a break and the match will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed.

Molly and Drury are introduced to the crowd and the fans loudly support both fighters. These two have a broad fan base in the AWC and the fans are letting them know it tonight. With the East Coast Club title at stake this match should be a great one to watch.
At the command to begin, Molly and Drury immediately go at one another. Molly uses her height and reach advantage to get a grip on her opponent’s hair and pull her forward while at the same time keeping the blonde from capturing a grip on her. Drury grunts out in pain as she feels her hair pulled and her neck twisted by Molly’s strong grip.
“Get off my hair” growls out Drury as she pushes in close to Molly. The two continue to tug at one another’s hair as they struggle to gain control of their opponent. Both fighters grunt and groan as they struggle. The crowd begins to loudly cheer on their favored fighter driving the noise level in the apartment up dramatically.
“How bout this then!!!” hisses out Molly as she yanks her opponent off balance and pivots her around enough to hook her arm and being bending and twisting Drury’s arm to apply pressure. “Aggghhhh my arm . . . ahhhhhh” cries out Drury as Molly steps closer and uses her height advantage to add more pressure to the hold.
“Submit to me!!!” yells out Molly as the pressure of the arm hold forces Drury to her knees in front of Molly. Sliding her hands down Drury’s arm, Molly grips her hand and tries to bend her hand back at the wrist as she continues to punish her blonde opponent.
“Let’s end this quick!!! Just submit to me!!!” hisses Molly as she tries to bend Drury’s wrist back and force a submission. Drury grunts out and uses her other hand to hook Molly’s leg yanking her foot off the ground. Molly loses her balance and is forced to release her arm hold as she tries to stay on her feet. Drury, now able to fully hook her leg with both hands yanks even harder as she forces Molly to topple to the floor with a THUMP.
Molly pulls her legs up to stop Drury as the blonde first attempts to mount her downed opponent. “Come on bitch!!!” yells out Drury as she tries to fight past Molly’s blocking attempt. Unable to mount her opponent, Drury switches her approach and swings an overhand slap directly into Molly’s face catching her unsuspecting opponent by surprise. The hard slap echoes through the apartment and Drury takes advantage of Molly being stunned by the slap to unleash a barrage of slaps to her chest and head as Molly tries to cover up to defend herself.
With Molly on the defensive, Drury is able to roll her opponent to her belly and hook her leg. “Give it up!!” demands Drury as Molly moans out in pain from her leg and ankle being twisted and bent back by the blonde. Fortunately for Molly, the officiator steps in calling out “Time Time Break the hold. The first fall is now over!!!” The time limit forcing a break as Molly gets to her feet favoring her leg a bit.
As the officiator calls out “FIGHT!!” both Molly and Drury lunge into their opponent and wrap there arms around and get solid grips in their opponent’s hair. The two fighters struggle and stumble around the floor a bit as neither seem able to gain control of the other in the opening stages of the second round.
“Come here bitch!!!” hisses out Molly as she finally is able to gain a solid hold on Drury. UNNNHHHH moans out the blonde as she is tugged by the hair into a tight headlock. Molly steps around in a circle pulling Drury with her as she works to keep the blonde as off balance as possible while trying to wear her down with the headlock.
“Get off me!!!” grunts out Drury as she slips her way out of the headlock and tries to stagger free of her opponent. Molly moves quickly before the blonde can make her escape and secures her arm yanking Drury into an armlock. UNNNNHHHH groans out Drury as Molly continues to apply pressure to the blonde in the second round. “Submit before I break it!!!” hisses Molly.
Unable to force a submission, Molly releases the arm and uses Drury’s hair to yank the blonde into a chokehold. “I’ll choke you out bitch!!!” snarls Molly as she maintains control of the round and tries a different approach to force a submission. Drury throws a couple wild elbows back trying to force Molly to release the hold.
OOOHHHNNNN moans out Molly as Drury catches her in the belly area a couple times with her elbows. Forced to release her hold, Molly steps back to separate from Drury, however, the blonde spins and drops to her knees scooping up Molly’s leg in her grasp. “No you dont!!!” snaps out the blonde as she yanks up on Molly’s leg trying to knock the brunette off balance.
THUUUUDDDD resounds throughout the apartment as Drury yanks Molly off balance and upends her causing her to crash to the floor on her back. OOOOOHHHH moans out a stunned and potentially hurt Molly. Maintaining her grip on Molly’s leg, the blonde grabs Molly by the hair and rolls her opponent over and begins to bend her legs up into her grasp. Molly puts up very little resistance as she tries to recover from her hard fall to the floor.
Drury takes advantage of her opportunity to pull Molly’s legs up and secure them tightly as she applies a Boston Crab style hold on Molly. NNNGGHGGHHHH moans out Molly as Drury applies the pressure to her opponent’s back. “You got nowhere to go now . . . Submit to me!!!!” snaps Drury as she slowly leans back.
Pulling Molly’s legs even higher, Drury locks in her hold as she tries to force a submission from her trapped and hurting opponent. Molly slaps her hands on the floor and cries out in pain as Drury leans back and ratchets up the pressure on her back. “NOOOOOOOOO” moans out Molly as Drury again demands her surrender.
At Molly’s refusal, Drury twists her body and hooks her hand under Molly’s chin. Yanking Molly’s body into a C from two directions, the blonde increases the pressure. Molly cries out as Drury demands her surrender again. “Give it to me now or I will break your back!!!” snaps out Drury. After several more moments, Molly cries out “I give I give STOPPPP!!!!”
Another view of Drury forcing Molly to utter her submission.
Drury stands atop her beaten opponent and raises her hands in celebration as the officiator announces her as the winner and new East Coast Club Champion.

“This is going to be a tough one for Molly. Just look at Drury celebrating her win and becoming the new East Coast Club Champion. It’s been a rough couple of matches for Molly. She just isn’t accustomed to losing in the AWC and she is now in the midst of a losing streak. Props to Drury tonight and just twisting and bending her taller opponent into a pretzel to give her no choice but to relinquish the title.”

We are going to head back to the command center as we have another short break before the Lightweight Title fight her in the apartment at Night of the Champions.