Apartment Wrestling Match No. 99 – Lightweight World Title Match Bailey versus Zarah

Surprisingly dominant Zarah comes to the rug to take on a more experienced Bailey for the lightweight title. Can Zarah continue to dominate her opponents? Or will Bailey’s toughness and experience allow her to hand Zarah her first loss?

Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) lives in the Boston area.  She is currently a student at a major university in the area.  She plays on the lacrosse team and is majoring in exercise science.  Bailey loves the outdoors and in her free time volunteers at a local children’s hospital.  She is in great shape and works out daily to stay in shape for the team.  Bailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t know.  I guess we will find out what makes me good when I get into the arena with someone.  I play a pretty tough game and I don’t back down to anyone.”


Zarah (5’4 110 lbs  23 y/o) lives near San Francisco.  She is self-employed as the COO of a small technology start-up in Silicon Valley.  Her family is originally from India and they are quite wealthy.  This wealth has enabled Zarah to get a business degree from NYU and to pursue her career as a young entrepreneur.  She stays remarkably fit and does some modeling on a part-time basis.  She thinks her focus and discipline makes her a star in the making in the apartment fighting realm.  Zarah’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’ve got the best trainers, the best resume, and the best looks of all the fighters at the Club.  This is just one more challenge for me to overcome, and I always break down and overcome anything that challenges me.  The other women in the Club would do best to stay out of my way.  I’m destined to be a champion.”

Welcome back to Night of the Champions. This next match up features a battle for the AWC’s Lightweight World Championship. These two fighters have advanced to the final match of the tournament to crown the first ever AWC Lightweight Champion. Our first contender, Bailey, enters this match with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses while her opponent, Zarah, is undefeated with a record of 3 wins and no losses. Bailey has a clear advantage in the experience on the rug category, but Zarah has been a dominant force plowing through her opponent’s and battering them without mercy.

These lightweight fighters are both heavy on the talent and this promises to be a hell of a battle to determine the champion. This match can go either way tonight. Both fighters are used to winning their matches. Bailey will be challenged by Zarah’s all out fighting style and rough approach. At the same time, Zarah will be up against a very experienced fighter with strong skills on the rug. Zarah might find out that Bailey is not the type to just get run over by her opponent. We are going to have the answers to these questions in just a few moments as the fighters prepare to get this match undeway.

Let’s head to the apartment now as the officiator has just finished introducing the fighters and presenting the two fighters with the rules.  The match will consist of four 4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round.  The first one to force the other to submit is the winner.  When a round ends the officiator will call for a break and the match will resume after the short rest period.  After four rounds the fifth round will be untimed and will continue until someone submits to end the match.  This match will be a no holds barred fight with the exception that blows to the head will not be allowed.

Zarah and Bailey are introduced to the loud and rowdy crowed in the moments leading up to the match. Both want desperately to be the AWC’s first lightweight champion and one of them will leave the apartment tonight disappointed. As they prepare for the match, Zarah snarls “Just quit now and I can take the belt without you getting hurt tonight!!!” The officiator, sensing things could quickly get out of hand, calls out “The fight will begin NOW. FIGHT LADIES FIGHT!!!”
With the command to begin given, both fighters move quickly to the other and the action starts quickly as both fighters begin to throw slaps at their opponent’s head and punches at their body. Both absorb several blows causing them to grunt and groan with the impacts. THUMP THUD WHAP sounds throughout the apartment as the fight swirls across the floor. “Bitch!!!’ yells out Zarah as she throws a wild overhand punch that misses the target allowing Bailey to step under it and land a hard hammering shot to Zarah’s undefended belly. The blow brings an end to the wild action as Zarah doubles over and gasps from the punch.
“You want some of me!!!’ hisses out Bailey as she takes advantage of Zarah’s gasping to slide around and behind her. After gaining Zarah’s back side, Bailey slides her arms around Zarah’s neck trying to apply a choke hold. For several moments Zarah gasps for breath as she struggles to get free of the hold.
Zarah is able to break the choke hold and Bailey grabs her opponent by the hair in the ensuing scuffle yanking at Zarah’s head trying to pull her off balance. Zarah responds by delivering a hard elbow into Bailey’s body causing the blonde to let out a loud gasp as the fast paced action continues.
“You’re not going anywhere!!!” yells out Bailey as the crowd lets out loud cheers as both fighters seem to be scoring points in the first round. Bailey uses her grip on Zarah’s hair along with a couple well placed punches to her kidneys to regain control of her wildly struggling opponent. “Get off me!!!” grunts out Zarah loudly as Bailey drags her back.
Bailey drags Zarah to the floor as she again tries to lock her opponent in a choke hold. Zarah squirms and twists in Bailey’s grasp and the blonde struggles to get a good grip on her opponent. Zarah yanks Bailey’s hair forcing the blonde forward and then backward exposing Bailey to several slaps the head area from Zarah. Bailey struggles to maintain control as Zarah works to slip free prompting the crowd noise to continue its loud levels.
Zarah manages to avoid Bailey’s attempted choke hold as she fights free of the blonde’s grasp. After several moments of struggling Zarah is able to roll free and push herself atop her opponent. “Now you’re mine!!!” pants out Zarah as she works to trap Bailey in a headlock. The blonde thrashes wildly underneath her opponent as she tries to counter Zarah’s attack.
Zarah overpowers and mashes Bailey flat on her back as the crowd roars out loudly. MMMPPPHH gasps out Bailey as Zarah shoves her upper body down over the blonde’s face as she pins her arms over her head. Bailey kicks wildly as Zarah holds her immobilized on the floor. “1 — 2 —- 3 —- 4 —–5!!” counts out Zarah as the blonde struggles to free herself. MPPPHHHHHHH comes from under Zarah as she continues to trap Bailey. The officiator calls out “that is the end of the round release the hold!!!” as Zarah slowly rolls off the gasping and panting blonde.

“That was a close one for Bailey. Even though you can’t win this fight by a pin, you can sure smother your opponent into submission or out cold and Zarah really had her trapped there at the end of that round. Even though it was a tough finish to the round for Bailey, it was a good back and forth round with both fighters punishing their opponent. With the fast pace it will be hard to expect this fight to last a long time. Let’s go back to our officiator as the second round is about to get underway.”

As the fighters face each other from across the room Zarah yells out loudly “Come on let’s get this going again so I can finish this weak bitch!!!” Bailey raises her hand and gives Zarah the finger as the crowd goes wild at the prospects of the start of the 2nd round. The officiator calls out “ROUND 2 . . . . FIGHT!!!” At the command to fight the two lunge at one another and their bodies slap together as they begin to grapple and strain against their opponent to seize control. “Fuck YOU!” snarls Bailey as they battle face to face.
Bailey manages to out grapple Zarah and capture her left arm. The blonde bends and twists Zarah forcing her to lean forward to avoid the pressure on her shoulder and arm. “Get off me” grunts out Zarah as the crowd begins to cheer on Bailey and her early success here in the 2nd round.
“Ok sounds fair to me!!!” taunts Bailey as she suddenly pivots her body around Zarah’s allowing her to left several hard and quick knees into Zarah’s exposed belly. OOOOOHHHH UHHHNNNNNN OOOOOFFFFF gasps out Zarah as Bailey’s lands multiple hard and quick knees to her body. The blows force Zarah to drop to her knees as she gasps for air as the 2nd round takes a sudden and sharp turn for the worst for Zarah.
Bailey follows her opponent to the floor kneeling behind Zarah trapping her foe’s arm while going for a choke hold. Zarah struggles to escape, but Bailey has her wrapped up tightly in her grasp. “I’ll choke you out bitch!!! SUBMIT TO ME!!!!” growls out Bailey as she wears down her opponent.
Bailey drives Zarah forward to the floor and mounts her back as she keeps the pressure on her weakened opponent. Zarah gasps and moans out as the crowd cheers loudly for Bailey to finish her off. With Zarah trapped face down, Bailey continues to apply the choke hold as she pulls back on the struggling Zarah. ACCCCKKK UNNNNHHHH gasps out Zarah as Bailey continues to dominate the round.
After a long period of being choked and controlled by Bailey, Zarah manages to twist and push up enough to topple the blonde off of her back. Zarah tries to roll atop the blonde as they struggle on the floor for position. Bailey, unwilling to simply let Zarah get back in the fight that easily, works to force Zarah back into her control. “You’re not getting away from me!!!” hisses out Bailey.
Bailey jabs a couple punches into Zarah’s belly which has the immediate effect of slowing down her opponent’s attempt to get atop the blonde. Zarah is rolled to her back as Bailey pushes up off the floor and works to mount Zarah. “No. Get off me!!!” groans out Zarah as she pushes back against the blonde preventing her from climbing atop her.
Unable to climb atop her opponent, Bailey’s experience shows as she transitions her attack and yanks Zarah between her legs. The unsuspecting raven haired fighter is quickly trapped in a body scissors. With Bailey’s legs around her midsection, Zarah reaches down to try and push Bailey’s legs free of her body. Her inexperience shows again as the blonde is able to quickly snake her arms around Zarah’s neck allowing her to crush Zarah’s middle and choke her at the same time.
Zarah grabs Bailey’s arm as she gasps for air and yanks hard pulling the blonde’s arm off of her neck allowing her to get some limited air even though she is trapped in the body scissors hold. “Give up before I break your damn ribs!!!” screams out Bailey as she attempts to intimidate Zarah into surrendering. AAAGGGHHHHH cries out Zarah as Bailey puts additional pressure on the scissor hold mashing down on Zarah. “You don’t have me slut!!!” gasps out Zarah in response to Bailey’s demands of a surrender. At that moment the officiator yells out “Release her that is the end of the round!!!”
After releasing the hold, Bailey kneels and hovers over the downed Zarah. Her words can’t be made out, but she appears to be taunting the gasping and panting Zarah who’s face is curled into a snarl as she hisses out some response to the blonde. The crowd noise makes the exchange between the fighters almost impossible to hear, but the looks on their faces tell the story in full.

“Wow that round was pretty much all Bailey all the way. Zarah definitely showed her toughness by being able to hold on throughout that round as she just got woman handled by Bailey. Hopefully the blonde won’t regret not finishing off Zarah in that round when she had her unable to escape her multiple holds. We will see if that round took too much out of Zarah to allow her to be able to put up a good fight here in the 3rd round. Let’s go back to our officiator as it looks like the fighters are getting an early start to the third round!”

Zarah pushes up off the floors to her knees and lashes out at Bailey with a wild slap that the blonde barely avoids. “You want some of me bitch!!!” yells out Bailey as she grabs Zarah by the hair and yanks her forward. The move allows Bailey to snake her arms around Zarah’s neck. As the fighters start the round without the officiator, the crowd yells out loudly and the officiator takes notice of the action and calls out “FIGHT—The round is underway!!! FIGHT!!!!” Zarah struggles to push free, but Bailey is able to maintain her hold for several moments as she begins to yet again choke off the air to Zarah.
Zarah pushes forward and struggles to escape the front face lock hold. After several moments, Zarah is able to pull herself free of Bailey’s grasp and raise herself upright. Bailey is waiting for her to pop fully up and lands a hard slap to Zarah’s face turning her head sharply. WHAAAAPPPP resounds throughout the apartment as the slap stuns Zarah. Bailey grabs hold of Zarah and pull her towards her body as she falls backward bringing both knees up and into her opponent. OOOOOHHHHFFFFFF gasps out Zarah as she is impaled on Bailey’s knees before being flipped the side forcing her to crash down to the floor face first. THHHHUMMPPPP. Zarah moans out in pain from the hard impact of the floor.
“Now you’re all done bitch!!!” snarls out Bailey as she slides to the side and wraps her legs around her opponent’s body yet again and begins to squeeze. Zarah is trapped face down and Bailey grabs her by the hair and bangs her head on the floor again with a loud THUUUDDD sound. “I’ve got you now and there is nowhere to go. SUBMIT TO ME NOW!!!” yells out Bailey as Zarah moans and gasps trying to breath. Zarah tries to get her hand on Bailey’s foot and the blonde bangs her head on the floor again before applying a sort of headlock to immobilize Zarah. After several moments trapped in Bailey’s grasp Zarah moans out “I give up.”
Bailey releases the hold on Zarah and rolls up atop her back where she sits down on her opponent and flexes for the cameras and the crowd. “That’s right!!! I’m the champion. East Coast baby!!!” taunts Bailey as Zarah lies flat on her stomach underneath Bailey.

“Oh my what a dominating finish to this match!!!. Bailey just absolutely took control of this fight in the second round and wore Zarah down until she had no choice but to give up the match. Bailey shattered Zarah’s undefeated streak and crushed the fight out of her in this one. Plus it looks like Bailey has been seeing some of the back and forth about the east versus west tension while she was waiting for her fight to get underway tonight. The next one up will feature another east versus west fight for the AWC World Title. I guess we will see if this theme continues.”

We are going to head back to the command center as we have another short break before the AWC World Title fight here in the apartment at Night of the Champions.