Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 10 Selena versus Wendy

This story is the tenth private fight.  This particular club fight is taking place in Jacksonville.  The participants for this fight are:

Wendy (5’3 104 pounds 22 y/o) is originally from South Carolina and now lives in Jacksonville.  A recent graduate she works as a marketing assistant in a large company in the area.  Wendy was big in theatre before going to college and hopes to re-enter the acting realm someday again.  Wendy’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “It’s the size of the fight in the dawg not the size of the dawg that makes the difference.  I can’t wait to own my opponent.”  Wendy lost her first fight with Melinda and then lost a private fight with Sadie and was dominated by Tisha.  She really needs to get a win to get back some confidence.


Selena (5’5″ 112 lbs 24 y/o) lives near Mexico City.  She works as an administrative assistant to a wealthy business owner.  She is a frequent participant in the local night life and wants to eventually relocate to Los Angeles and pursue a career as a model.  She became interested in fighting in the Club through her boss who hopes to promote her to a championship career.  Selena’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am in excellent shape.  I work out hard and I play hard.  I am always the prettiest girl in the room.  I have had to fight for everything I have gotten in life and I’m ready to kick another girl’s ass to get where I want to go.”  Selena won her first fight with Hannah and then lost a tough fight with Belinda.  During the Belinda fight, Selena didn’t show good focus to finishing off her opponent and it cost her.  Tonight’s fight will show whether she learned a lesson from that battle.


The fight is scheduled to take place in the home of a wealthy sponsor of Apartment fights.  The fight was originally setup as part of a business relationship between Wendy’s employer and the company run by Selena’s sponsor and was supposed to be Selena versus Sadie.  As you might recall, Sadie obtained an internship with Wendy’s employer after defeating her in a private fight a few months back.  After the fight was scheduled, Sadie’s class schedule and assignments required her to bow out of the fight.  So rather than cancel the fight, Wendy was substituted for Sadie.

The fighters are both provided with a spacious bedroom to prepare for the fight and the fight is set to take place in a large open room in the home without any furniture.  The crowd for the fight is rather large for a private fight as most of Jacksonville and Northern Florida’s elite are in attendance.

Wendy is getting set for the fight and knows she needs to perform well tonight as her future as an Apartment Wrestler could be in jeopardy.  Having already lost favor in her own home town thanks to Sadie, the last thing she needs is to lose to a business rival of her company.  With the feeling that tonight’s stakes are incredibly high, Wendy is visibly nervous.   She pulls her brown hair up into a simple pony tail and applies some very light makeup.  Her goal is to look as appealing as possible so even if she fails to win she can still catch the eye of the Club’s membership.  She changes into her green bikini top with a floral trim that barely covers her small breasts and then slips into her floral bikini bottoms with green trim to match her bikini top.  After some light stretching she proceeds to be interviewed in advance of the fight.  “Hopefully I can use her arrogance against her tonight.  She likes to strut around and carry on when she should be fighting.  If she tries that tonight, I’ll kick her ass fast.  I know I haven’t done well lately, but I really am a tough fighter.  I can beat her.”

In her room in another area of the home, Selena is preparing for the fight.  After losing her last fight to Belinda, Selena has a point to prove.  She changes into her gold bikini with the crocheted pattern on the material.  Her skin tones and the bikini work almost perfectly together.  She pulls her silky black hair back into a pony tail high up on her head as she finalizes her preparations for the fight.  When she finishes getting dressed, she checks her look in the full length mirror near the bed and is pleased.  She begins a detailed stretching process designed to loosen up the muscles throughout her body.  Tonight’s match is important to Selena to prove what happened with Belinda was a fluke.  As she head to the fight she stops to provide some comments.  “This little girl will pay the price tonight.  I will destroy her in short time.  I feel badly for her.  I would have destroyed the Sadie girl too.  She is afraid to face me and sends this girl instead.  What a joke.”

The officiator assistant stands in the middle of the room as both girls enter the fight area.  The minute they approach the center of the floor Selena raises her middle finger to Wendy without saying a single word.  The crowd begins to buzz a bit at the apparent anger in Selena’s mannerisms.

The officiator introduces both fighters to the crowd and then begins to lay out the rules for the fight.  “I will be the referee for tonight’s fight.  The rules are very simple.  There are no punches above the chest allowed.  No kicking whatsoever.  The fight continues until one fighter submits.  I can stop the fight if there is a clear winner and someone is unable to submit.  Once the fight ends by submission, you have both agreed the match ends only once the winner is satisfied with the conclusion.  This means you will be subject to being humiliated if you decide to submit.  Do you both understand the rules?”  Wendy nods with a blank expression on her face not showing any emotion.  Selena simply nods her head and then slowly smiles.  “This is gonna be fun” she hisses.  The officiator sends the girls back to their sides of the room and then backs away and puts a hand up in the air.  The officiator pauses and then pulls the hand down and says “Fight!”

Both fighters move quickly towards the center of the room and as they close to within striking range Wendy shoots a hand out slapping Selena in the face.  Seeing the slap coming, Selena does nothing to defend herself, instead she loads up her fist and shoots a hard punch right at Wendy’s belly.

Both blows land in close proximity to the other.  WHAP sounds out as Wendy’s hand makes contact with Selena’s cheek turning her head.  OOOOOMMMMPPP flies from Wendy’s mouth as Selena’s fist buries itself in Wendy’s midsection.

Wendy immediately collapses to her knees with both hands going to her belly.  She gasps for air and makes a horrible wheezing sound as the wind was practically driven from her body.  The painful wheezing and gasping sound fills the room as Selena calmly grabs Wendy by the hair.

“Stupid bitch!!!” hisses out Selena just before she draws back her hand and unleashes a hard slap to Wendy’s face.  WHAP sounds out from the slap, but Wendy is unable to turn her head as Selena’s tight grip on her hair holds her in place.  Selena repeats the slap several more times as the gasping and wheezing Wendy can do nothing but take the slaps to the face.

Selena releases Wendy’s hair and unloads yet another slap to her face which causes Wendy to fall over sideways to the floor and roll to her belly on the rug.  Selena smiles and raises her arm waving to the crowd as she struts around Wendy’s downed body.  The gagging and wheezing sounds dying down now as Wendy seems to be getting her breath back.

Selena watches Wendy as she pushes up on her hands and knees and then steps up to her ass and lashes out with her foot shoving Wendy forward onto her face on the floor.  “Stay down bitch!!!” snaps out Selena as the follows up with a stomp to Wendy’s back.  UNNNHHHHH moans out Wendy as the foot smashes down into her body.

Working her way around Wendy’s downed body, Selena circles around and drops down on her knees just above Wendy’s head.  Placing a knee on Wendy’s neck she mashes down on Wendy to hold her still and then grabs both arms scooping them up and bending them back as she pins Wendy to the floor.

AIIIEEEOOWWWWWW screams out Wendy from the pain in her upper back and shoulders resulting from her arms being twisted back.   Selena grinds her knee into Wendy’s neck and shoulder area as she continues stretching and bending Wendy’s arms back knowing her smaller opponent is suffering.  The moans and cries of pain continue from Wendy as Selena smiles for the crowd and the camera’s benefit.

“You’re going to beg me you little slut!!!!” snaps out Selena as she drops the arms to the floor.  With Selena’s knee on the back of her neck, Wendy is forced to lay still on the floor under Selena.  Her arms burning and tingling as she struggles to figure out a way free of her position.  She doesn’t have to think for long as Selena shifts her body around spinning atop Wendy’s upper back and straddling her opponent.

Grabbing Wendy by the hair, Selena pulls her head up off the carpet stretching her neck, upper and lower back as she peels Wendy’s upper body off the floor displaying her chest and face to the crowd.  Wendy lets out a cry of pain as she is pulled back by the hair into a sort of camel clutch hold.

“Look at her Sadie!!!” snarls out Selena as the camera comes closer in to capture the hold as well as Selena as she comments.  Selena gives Sadie a quick yank forcing her to scream out with a loud wail.

“LOOK AT HER!!!” screams out Selena a second time as she continues to tug and rip at Wendy’s hair bending her back.  Wendy screams and tears become visible as she begins to cry from the pain being inflicted by Selena.

Seeing the tears starting to run down Wendy’s face, Selena releases the hold allowing Wendy to collapse back to a face down position on the carpet.  Selena leans forward and grabs the hair again except this time she uses the hair to grind Wendy’s face into the carpet.  Wendy yelps out in pain again as Selena’s efforts generate enough heat to burn Wendy’s forehead and cheek.

Selena yanks the hair again this time pulling Wendy’s head off the rug and bending her back again so the camera can focus on her face.  The red marks of the carpet burn visible as well as the tears now streaming down her face.

“Are you ready to beg me for mercy???” snarls out Selena as she displays Wendy.  As expected, Wendy cries out in a pained voice “yes oh yes oh please” as Selena smiles cruelly for the camera.  With that Selena shoves her head back forward and climbs to her feet and moves around to Wendy’s feet.

“That’s what I thought” hisses Selena as she looks up and locates the CEO of Wendy’s company.  Leaning down, Selena grabs both feet and begins dragging Wendy in that direction.  Wendy begins screaming in pain as her skin from her belly to her neck begins to feel the heat of the friction from her body being pulled across the carpet.

“Oh yes Sadie listen to her scream” laughs out Selena as she tortures Wendy by dragging her the ten feet or so over to the CEO.  Selena drops her feet leaving her flat on the rug as she turns to face the CEO.

“This is all you could find to fight me in your town!! This girl is nothing!!!” demands Selena before turning back to Wendy.  She steps over and yanks her by the hair to a position seated on her ass in front of her.  Wendy now facing the direction of the CEO.

“Tell them what you need to say!!!” hisses Selena.  Wendy immediately gasps out and begins in a hesitant and stammering type voice “She” uhhh “is too much”  oooohhh “please make” uhhhh “her stop.”  Selena laughs as Wendy tries her hardest to control her voice to spit out her submission.

Leaning down, Selena whispers into Wendy’s ear before raising back up.  “Where is Sadie??” Selena chirps.  Wendy gasps and answers quickly “She is scared and hiding.  She is no match for you.”  Again Selena laughs and then turns to the CEO.

“Your fighter is scared and hiding and you send this weak girl to fight me.  Is this a joke???”  Selena drops Wendy’s hair and shoves her to the floor.  Leaning down she quickly yanks the bikini top off of Wendy and throws it to the CEO.

“She is done.  I feel badly for her” snaps Selena as she raises her arms over her head and struts in a circle to the quiet claps of the crowd.  The CEO, holding Wendy’s top, is red-faced and visibly angered by Selena’s actions.

After several minutes of strutting around the room, Selena heads out of the room.  She turns and calls out “good thing you stayed home Sadie” and then exits the room.  The officiator moves over and quietly tends to Wendy as she is still lying in a heap on the rug near the CEO’s chair.